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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, July 20, 1859, Image 1

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' ' ' . KINGSTON, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, JtiLy':20;~·t~~.;·' ~\;•·i '' ' • f '1 ' • '! ' . • Ol' i ~I • J\Utg5ton 2\~ucrtistmrnts. ~ingston 2\butnismienh'l. I · · · ' :;-~iq:i\~' \ d • • • i .. , ;r~. !P;.;~ , P•,' ~:. lf.,J~,::-1 1 ~;~ .... s,\.M My iiEEK!I!AN· s . . . . . \V U~;.ddit•;; Gl;iiC ;.yi,f :ci. ---·d.·-: : ·tP· , ~-.. · 1 !\!'lll\ bpf~\~\ wii1Jl, J'?\'.\\!il ,/!wl>' Oyster and Confectionery Saloon. wmoDIT would call attention t~ tb: b:au· . . :I . :~~e ~!~~~:-V'!~r;~~re_ ' ; I' 1 .~~-tpe ~.be U{J.pe.rJAOS~ ~bJ.~~~~~p~.,tiJ.~~l VOLU)fE 1. ..J. ·_; \ltt}ronide ' . ' \' ' ' _..:.-.~-. ---- ·- - ·- - --- !>l l't:BLISIIED EVERY 'I.!OR:>IXG 1 [Sundays excepteu,] .\'t' Kl~GSTO:V, ULSTER'COUNTY, N. y, S. R. ItARLOW, Publisher & Proprietor. PuBLICATICJ'N OFFICE . tiful ~pecimens 'of the Photogra.phic Art Is~~ \. 0 ~rf~~tfrlJ~l!fi•tjttl!':~ ~r!!ls. . ltYI~ J.'l.~ f1)p,tj l!,qf.~~s ,~ut ~!. t,yl} 1 ~~e j\l,f.~~c S AM~iY BEEK:\fA~ returns his thanks to winch he daily turns ont at his GlJI)ery .. His y nl•\ .,,,. tll!ireepulgo;> · '\j'' tix~m ,onA- of thrrn~o n!lrthllurK · First tho~(~ who have thus far \() liberally pat pictures are .truly inimitable production~. They - F 31 \5 v~·,e1:p:J 11fY ~,;\j;r~ -,t!~.~o~nan \.s ~Jl~r' s • ~·-f i,nl~ ;r:u:.- . ,, fT .tiii ,;, \·. J nJ\e m ronized him, and begs to inform the pnhlic that cannot be ~urpassed in beauty by any otbet·Ar· ' ' ... I \ 0 ~rllW wee~!ng. - ~G\/'FJ enu~mn.e hJS ~>;e~~~'\~9J.lf' ~tPr ~,rrre h<: has remon!d to th~ builuinz formt:rlj' occu- tist in the co 1 mty. . Years pu\u\d--loa'it a illotbJrfwt'th.ltet.,ehHd,. '1 · i).ll es '·- t f. h ,_~.,,b,l . ' · ' 1 t j ib pled by tbe Jot• M\ M \'dt> '\\' \\ will \' \\'\'\ \\\'\\Jog '\'\\I \d ; 0 oL<;lriih g y ,. b. ·:'\' ~F{ l)l\'ll<'ir.~l, . J••'l' , , .l~;fi, I ' ·~ ,q ; <, t 0\ft, ~- C,. ,l.'l\1! 1J!'Y pleased to see all his ol(l1nends, aud a8 many a co;rrct lilrene~s of tbems 11 !ve,., eaii bli ilu\t~d nrs ~ou.,~~~e li c Yet ~ouy;b hertcal\li thitl .!lf% J6<rrf.rctly,~}~~~r .~~~~.t:i\P.§ljllV,IIpl:t; 1 ~p,tl No. :l Wall Street. next uoor to Bragg & J,m· scu 's Drug Store. 'l'li.ll1~13 OF SUBSCRIPTION. new on~~ :AS th•·y wtll bnng. at hts Gall.,ry. CJ.Il and see tor yourf!elf. AJI I · · · _ \'\ ~p~ ~n~Ju.sh,r;,,; · · · \l : .th .. ~ 1 \l.J ·\I · • l ··· :r' h.'·' :!l ··' He Will keep con~tantly on ha,ml a large as-' who may wioh to try, he wifl consider it 11 pleal : l~ft.~er.. ~i'\ 1 ;f, ~J\'\ vams~~?.-1 r,et~.~n~d: '' • l'l'loru.·,.1~r~P..~P 1 ? 8~ ,i!PIUj;·J~)! -;Jifbr~~\ ~ft! ~ortment of Conlectionary, lee Vream, <tnd tlte ure to wait upon them. . ; : .· ., ; .. · , .\'lamp hA 'd 8 .b§. ':.~ 1 ~ 1 ~foi'\ n~~r l\~- ' ' 1 ' O:XiB~tl.Xrl\,bke 1.11 .tnze. liS, ~.·ll.ll ~~ !:011',..,-- tl ·trot l\1 H 'II . 1.• ' ', •• ·f\·~ 51 1-i••e!fl' .. JTf.!ij~W ~w. ~rned- ' :Tf? ......... ., .• ~ .. , •• ll <!U'Il?<!J.•lu• '')'J· nes o ys e1~. c _ Y e.w' notletap1~turele~•e ui!l.~~ppl,Uil--,. . . t;:rief'smande'o~rli.er .. , \ · ' .\N ~t : .. ~~ tllin.,.)li!l.· .i a$·.Jt 1 Q · .!ldd .t 'i'TRACTIVE:sTOCK' W lu ll t lc~shtspatr.onsaresmted. Ptcturefwuhcases Int~:lt'!~fcru:ridber'Whoni-JhaiHeft' t'·., i • q;.,J .. '\'be. I/ ... Q:J .. rl?J .b ... 118 1 u:,, .a. lent inn \ Ibn <lob nWok :r w;:,.:&.:,; 1 \' 5<) \\ ~ '\' npw\'': .. . \ \-· , A;dl ,.,,,,::; \:\· ,.;,;,, ; . . '\ ., .. , · '\\•' · '· 00 ' ~g. ~'!1\h )PA~, IIR 1 J'\o )\ TEfDJS OF :\DVERTISING. received tuis week .. l'be summer Cassimeres; I DEL\LI.lt CoXT\ ~·~~· t'h,. 20 18\9 A daf.,amdmhaftedr rears, wpl utter l1 SO!!fld h~~ fhilt from a .. j;)all: of FUll I!TVE LINI!:S Olt LES~_. I FORSIX1'EttN LIYE~ onLE~S. h J , . d d .. .._, lU\' \ , V • n oun er yu1a- } · · · · · .• r .1 1 '~· i 0 J '' \ 0 n '' , ' \ mp\'yann '\'\ \\' ; <heohnJen n n nm u n , Jh . A · f· ' . \' . ho lnwo · but if hi> I u G\< m t<>uehed aod Dy ~b.iL $!a yettr; $2 for ~ix months; $1 t01•, th!'ee mouths. Jnmriably in advance. By Carrier, U cents per week. (Payable every w<>~k. SrxnLl' CoPIKS Z CE);TS, ne ay, _, Tnc ay ' \ a~ks, the tloor oil cloth ; the carpet8 :the mat- · ? ecr on· . . . . n tn .tnt r't aJ!d then n mal(!en flur- . ' . · ·Ill .. · ' ·;. ·· ;; Two n:\·s 4,0 wo Pays . 7.; tnl~ses. ~hera\' carpets anJ f'ea.t.herH: ·The Trot at: bittmg !Il' 1'\kPclers m Agust, A A_w•fe-a ~oth~r- . be IS brokell wintled, he will give ven-t to Four l>ap\ 7U FnUl'llaY8, l 20 ------ ----~ -~~~~_:___:;~TT -~ ~ •:_ Vi•rlrill an(} katrll a wagon lode--rite a\PV-- 'fUu. meta brother. a cry, hw>ky, short COU!!h ,· Ioili!\ to l,ll::l 'l'hre<·D\·< ;;;;lThreeDaYs, I ou ' T~w:'l·· M &C ·'- andMurdocksatswemustcomovertnlh~Ree·l ndthenaeluldlessw1dow•ndespair-- l . · · · . · · .. ' •. Five p,,;.,., s:; Ftve o,;Y\· 1 40 - \ A d ~ one \\'e~l<, 1 00 I One w.,~k, 1 ;;o JUE lmscureu his warts, and the only accoun- Befour yn startdont fale to stop at that C'\lebra-~ n thus we,\:\cet on earth and tints we p·tr!,. Jimb!l' in passino: JGIUr haud dow.n 'f 1 j:J Two\Veck 8 , 1 ~u\Two\Veeks, 2 50 tahlo•!Tl>eon whytheydisappenre1\ wusthe tctlplasetha cal '·Langworthy'~ Emporium,\ T'll •· lomeet,ohneverl . l · .' . \' ., . ' 'l'hree \\'eek 8 , ~ uu 'l'hree Weeks, X 2.i !'act of hi8 freqnPut visits to s~o that ~plendiu & l:J. in a stock of them •· Cork Killer Hooks'', 1 death beTh~l 1 ~• the •pirit lua,-e the he:<rt, Bi\'St 1fyou find uny '\}llllatlll':ll :vrotubur- 1 1 ' tb t i her t h 1 t N b dd ' o we forever ' , • ., llmo<h<, 3 ;o Two Moo<h•. ' ''\ LangwO<Jby'• Empodom. '\''\ \\\ kmd, '\'\'\ heM-·lhn nm KJJ. I • d ' ' . • ' One Month, 2 50 I Oue 1 onth, 3 511 '' l'olar .eirigemtor'' now on exhillition at a e ~ 0 ~u c a JOn · o o J wont. n~c' a nee, or puffiness or if in f11elinn fir8t otte Three ~l .. ntJts. 4 oo Tbr~e Months, 6 oo I . . . . _ le;·s i td yo-Dont fergette and i am yourn __ till BPBC'l'ACLEs.-Dr. J ohnaon CXF>l:esse<.l )e.g an then tue other, yo~. clit~COYcr any ~i~ l~~~t~s, ~ ~~ 1 1 ~~e~~e:t::s, i~ ~~ j d~th, _______ ·- . __ --· __ . _ EzEKIL Ruum :>. his surprise. that the inventor of :~pecta.- ddfer.ence between them, .Ja'leaso, rno1·e t>r Speelol > otloe• wlll boobMgoil •••· b•lf mm 1>1 nson •s pat en t 1<'ruit J al\ ''\ waa rog.,dod with indiffmnoe nnd I\'• \ P\\\t i be rna Y not be lorn•, J.n t than the altOV! rati'!S. WARn.A:>TED perfect wtthout the use of wax found DO biographer· to eelebi·at\\ ~·tsd,eeil\'. be i~ not. CIIJall upon 'his legll. rr, .h6 ill A\\ tl'an~ient a<lverti~emcnt~, to secure inser or Cement! For sale only at \\ o Hoo In .c;, '''\'· mu.t l\\''hly bo ~nom I ' I.ongwo,hy'• Emp.,Jum. Dued•, howow, th\e \'DODO to oelo broad oDd .full botweoD tho 'Y'~i ~o may '\:~;;:: .~\; :';,~:;;:;m'\''· Jo Jnou<e IO'e<ll .,, New store. New Goods P'' F.S!ORvii y~.;:-g;,.-i';;;;;,, ,;; ... M•· beat• ; bi• \'Y D•m• ;, doubtful, alld hi• be depon~ '\ •• \ ~' hw• .• r ~\i'il ··~·. ~hoaltl 'Jt: sent ill hefore 4 o'clock, l'. M. TO .. D.A. y ROll'S Patent Jar--Glass -Rcrew top anu hfe a Llank. His invention is his llist0ry tHid (\a paola of beiU~ trum~cl to l\lmost warranted verlcct in every re~pect. fer ~ale at and a ht'story •vlli.ch mer\Jts atte t' \ ' an\·thin£r. _H you wnnt n rmntle .' hllilrl'lc, ~\';; l'IU:\Tl:'i';; l:i' ALL l'l'S BRA~CHES. COJflliENCES THE SALE OF \ Langworthy's Emporium. ' n lOll H)f \ ~ • , =- . - · DRESS GOODS .. -- -----· the iuforrnation it ct~nve''S. th h 't. get cmo WJth .mo.t·o e.r ]e»s white :.tb(~ut J 0 iL-\.N~ ES BRUYN, I '-{El~llJ:\.;UJRITTA:!-IL<\. WAnE--a sp:cmlid .; ' oug l IS I . . . . . . . .. l't' ao.;ortrneot. incln<ling some heautiful 'l'ea now too late to conf.:l' holwr on th~: as»cUl· IIITI ;, m:!my suppn~o that ~he pal'U·CCJI.i.H'- Attornry and Counsellor at Lrw·,! At HctlllCC<l J?riccs. 1 ~eLLo--just opuned at blage of letters which form the '\ tl.~ eC. horses l.wlt,mgipg to ~ipmH•s, ~hlll~·s, :r .. •1n street Kingston '\ ,- 1 1 Lan&::worthy's Erllpori'um. ·• or · 1 \ I & l . 1 _\ ':_' ... - --'~----~'-·_ .L.- ~---1 LA n r:\~ \'(A rVD I -~··---- ~- - ... ~- - --- Salvino anll Spioa. A m•nk, name.·l R't· . 'C.,. UN .il(ll·f.!Cteu.fo_r. ibeir_ ·.oddity, bu ~ it ' .:.... &. >:) l.' S, ' l l I • va ta, I.n a l'lermon pre\ched a.t Florence .. . .. ··.c. \' v. . .. . .. oc.l .~. y auu ,g. a,n .. e- I A\\ ''fO\'T \'T EBBI'- ' r/) i B AREG ES I! C.ALl. AND SEE--The Celebrated\ CODlfUe•t 1 . u I\ 00 \C •onn•· of th\'tr d· I t .. .3 tl _., argc ot-11. I kinds of Dry Goous. Cook Stm·e,\ t.he best Cooking Stove ever \' . J . Atto1'118!JS and Counsell 0 i'S, '\\\d ;, thi• m~'\' .. in 1305, .. Y' tl<at •pootacl.. bod th~n ..... ; m faet, tno ~oro '\odly y~·\ w.,, t ~Ia;:onic ILtll Duiicling, Rondout, N.Y. CHALlA OELAIN, _________ !·~_g~·o~thy's Empori_u_m_:_ been known about twenty years· Thls horses, the bdtter you will pe treat~~ ill ·- ·-------· .. ------- Very fine, at 16 cents--former price 2ii cents; JIM sayR tbat Lauretta is 11 ''gosh hanged\ Wfl.uld place the invention in the , . ..,ar return. R. ll E it NARD, nice i!al, which is undoubtedly true. It iR \\ --..-..--- AltO riley and tonnsellor at J,aw,' AI\· \m\' O.od 10 oeol•. \'\\ eqnnlly trn• \'\\' \\'\ ..... \' F•ooy 1285, which eoinoid\ with the JlOriod Tuouuu·ro FROM TllE G- ...... - •s we I SUA \VLS AND l\IANTILLAS Geo<ls. HaBket~, Gigs, Cabs. carriages and Hoh when the reputed riYal~ \or the h\'no. r \\ \' o. :\lain Strcd, next door .te County Glerk's Ol!.ice, hy HorseR eyer exhihited in Ulster county arc \ l' \' KIXCSTON, ;-;. Y. I C!IEAl'ER THAN EVER, flourishe~ . now oa 8ale at • Lqngworthy'~ Emporium. may notice, evtn in a calm, by t~e incli· nation of a tree in n forest, from which ' ~ . . SINGULAR RECIPE FOR B&o~CHITIS.- side com~ the fiercest arid most fr\lqu!!nt Rev. F. L. B. Shaver,·President of the blasts of the storlll, s9 an att~n~,v~ obaer- Aiahama Conf~renGo of the :Methodist ver cf men may easily distinguish: ~be Prfltestant Church, in au ac 0 ount of his heaviest gales of passiGo.' II. C. IWSECRANSE, Barber dJ Hail' Dresser ' John street, Kingston, N. Y. t3W\Culu and w'l.rm !Jaths at all houn ADA~l HATTENBRUN, Slwmpooz:ng, Shaving and HAIR-Dl\ESSING SALOON. i At the New Store of J.H.J. VAN GAASBEEK • NO. H) WALL 8TREE'f', KINGSTON 1m3!! ·-- ·--~ WALL PA?ER, ~ W1NDOW PAPER, 11:) BORDERING, 00 · JJ'IR,FJBOARD PRINTS. 1\'! THE subscriber bas ju11t opened a fhe a,.,qrl- . ment of the above goods teceived rrom oue of the l;e>t factOJ\ie• in New Englanu,.and w-bicb 1i1r ;~·inter hn1r through. !:be ~istrhrl:; snys :~ .. · }3~\\~a-t~.wh~t,a. .~o_a~ o~ ~?r'lplitl.e~~S. ~nd beauty o~ patt~rn a~d-low prices surpass any evet' bclore offered m th1s market,. to which he invites the aUentiun of the pv.blic. · · • F. S. WYNKOOP, . ~!a in ~trePI, near E>tgle Hotel, King~ton. --- --- ·- _______ .. _____ _ ' Opjtosite the lJlstct· Cunmy Hank. Country l\lercb.mts supplied at N. Y. pric.es. l I srnoke a compotnhon of equni parts t>f. W0~ld.!.Y c:ar!;!l:l, II! ~~· aoul .o!, the 0\U'•~iJan !tawd ust, of fat ligbtwG<td 011 11 ground (){~en b;lfk.d ; :.nG\ how aoxiopsly $nd .per· coffee, for the benefit 6lf my throat; and setoringly he struggles to penetra~ ·.tlw t ha~t done me more good than anytbin()' mist, to return ai'tlin into the bright, clear I have tried for years. It is here give: lig~to~ heaven ! Yet, at other times, bow to all whn are affiicted with bronchial dis· .eaally, and by wllat trifling matters, we ease. 'l'ry it, and if it does not do you &uffer ourselves to lte led away frotn God ! any good, it will oe tba first failure, in .A m.ble persolil neods hut a plain gat'· my knowledge, after a good many trials.'' rnent t~ ~et it off; a beautiful piclrirchnt -- ---·· --------------- ------ THEODOH.E DELILLY, BarbCJ' and Hair Dresser, Wall ~treet, atljoining Ul~ter County Honse. I lair Cutting donE in a SupeJ'io1' Manner. I -- -- -~ ioHN-nno\vN~---- I Shrn:ing and Hair Dressing Saloon. I King-ton A v., near Amrrican Hotel, Kingston. CASPER LOWERHOUSE, Barber and flair Dresser, Corner Ferry and Canal streets, Rondout. VALLET'S Photograph and Amb1·otype G ALLERY, 72 North Front ~trcet, o;er Wit· son's Hat and Cap store. Photographs copied from Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes to a fmall size or largtJ as life, and finished in oil water colors. Famtly groups and children's likenesses beautifully taken for 50 cts. to $7. c 1 tf B ERRY has JUSt received direet from Dublin, Walton's Killing Trout Hook. He invites tile lovers of Trout Fi•hing to come and try them. None genuine unless sold by BERRY,at his great Fishing Tackle Depot, 81 North Front street. 1 c tf C HILDREN'S GIGS, Wagons, Hohhy Hor ses, Toys-every thing to please the chit dreu, cheap at BERRY,S Empire Fancy Store, 81 North Front street. L ADIES' and Cbildrens' Bows. Arrows, Tar· gets anu Quivers. A beautiful article for exercise or amusement, for Rale at LA.KGWORTAY'B Emporium. T he Polar Re:frigerator is the best thing m market. Look at them at LANGWORTHY'S Emporium, Sign of the Golde;;, Teakettle, North Front st. A LARGE assortment of Shawls of every des- cription at reduced prices at Mayer W eil 's. P ure Wines and Brandies for Medical pur· noses. for sale by BRAGG & J AO'iSEN. ·M' ·ASON'S Patent Screw Top PresRure Jnr · :,·The best and handiest article ever mad~ for putting up fruit or vegetables; warran l~d tight without tbe use of wax or cement. Sto'p and look at them at Manufacturers' Agency at. Langwortby'R Empo.Iiui:n, Sign of IIi g Sky Rocket, 76 North Front st. C O.MPt..ETl] Cpok Stoves at cost-a,lwp.st,'\iit l,angwolltbylt~ Empori\rri Si~n of qolden T.eakettle, 76 ~oith FJ,'ont st. All~- Y .\:\' KE8 DOODLE. 1.,.. e ~porting· men, g-ive ear to song In nu:ubcrs sweet and thrdlin~t, Fur you a Bard has tune<! his harp, And lend thine rar if willing. Chorus-Yankee Doollle is the ~ir, A faHorite in this n:~tion, '!'hen let its numbCJ'S sweetly flow, 'Vtth all their variation. None can excel our rilles fair 'Vithin this Yankee Hation; Ott his we arc prepared to ;;ive \fo aHa demonstration. Yankee Doodle, &c. Rare Guns and Pistols neatly made, \V\ have in brilliant order. That are not surpassed by :tny one 'Vithin the State or border. Yankee Dood\g, &c. Good Powuer, shot, and also Caps,] At prices fair we're selling; If we should tell their virtues all A volume we'd be swelling. Yankee Doodle, &c. And Locks arrd Keys we do rep~ir, And fit in order charming: Ple:tse call and sec at KuGLER's shq>, Both sport in.~ men, and farming. Yankee uoodle, &e. A. KeGLER yoa will find at home In fair and stormy weather ; Come then at once, Y\ that have neell. .But don't all come tor;etber. Yankee Doodle, &c. Kingston, June I, 1859. ----------------- ---·~- ~~---. 1 Q Q TUNS of Genuine Gt'HO just recclv· I and for sale by I ll!ontanye & RrynolJs .. ' i r•' YOU want Fresh GARDEN & FLOWER I SEEDS, malte your put•cb:tses one door east 1 of_lst Uef. Dutch Church, of . , MONTANYE & RB:YNOLDS. I coMPLETION of Irving's WaRbingt.on-~Tbe ' 5th and last volume of Irdng's Washing· ton just received at . WYNKOOP'S Bookstore. . BIRD CAGE~! BIRD CAGES ! !--A most beauWul lt)t just opened--new and rich patterns, and at greatly reduced prices at 26 Langworthy's Emporium. FLORIDA WATER--The most fraurant per• fume in the world-~for ~ale hy o tfl9 BRAGG & Jfu.~SEN. -- ~- co,nr;ress 'Vater, fresh from th~ springs, tor sale hy Bragg & Jansen. BERRY'S Fishing Tackle is now complete at 81 North Front street. c 2 t f MEE:tlSCHAUl\f Pipes ~nd ?igar Tul>es, and \tme_ new lot of genUllle rurkish Tobacco, together wtth the celebrated\ Orinoko Smoking Tobacco,\ just received and for gale at LANGWORTHY'• Emporium. A NEW BOOK. -- A NEW Book by the Author of \The Prince of tbe Hous.e of David \ T HEY went a fishing! Who? Why Jim, Jake, Joe, Pete and John! How far? Nothing short of Dry Brook, and what is better caught 1200 Trout! They must have had· excellent Tackle to have been so sucees~flll. Of courRe they had the hest the com'! try affords. Row so? Wby they procured it only at 1 THE PILLAR OF FIRE; I Or, Israel in Bondage. Just rec<\ived at the I Bookstore of I Kingston, Aprilll, 1859. F. S. WYYKOOP. THE ~APTIST CIIURCH Dlij.EOTORY.-A gmue to the dootrines and· diflCipH'ne of- ficers and ordinances, )Jrinciples a.nd practices of Baptist Churches. By Ed'wd T: Hiscox D.D, Just received at 26 · Langworthy's Emporium. WY!-.'lWOP's Bookstore •. ~-- --·•. ~-- a simple frame; a grea~ t4ought .is best The railroad folks are having their cars dre.s$ed in the simp! eat hinguage. -llut all constructed in a way not at all calculated these need ~spirit of unders~:mding tid be o give pleasure to ladies wh 6 adopt the appreciate«. · · . t s t expansive style of dress. We have no.ti· The cou~tenance 'is tbe title. p~e to ced in several cars receutly built, that- thtl the bomk &f the. soul\ and it may alsq be eat is divided by a low partition, so that regarded as the pref-ace-.-a portion of the he fattest man or most extravagant!] work we should by no means leave· un- dressed lady cannot occupy more room read. t ha.n he or she pays for. · A GooD TEsT.-Tbe.rule of the ,road A duel was recently fourht, in 6 ne of is a very goou test 9f tb:e difference be- be Uhinlry states, betweert Mr. Knott. tween a gentleman and a l,laekguard.- nd :Mr. Shott. The result was M 1 •• Whenever we ·meet a man 7 wheth-er in a Knott was sbst and. Shott was not. In carriage or with~· ox-team, who gives hat instance \V& would rather havo eeen us more tbaQ half tha ~r13ad,· we respect Shott than Knctt. him as.n gentleman. But whenever we t a t meet a yo.ung rnan whe drives rapidly &n, • 1 '' Q • Sl A printer at a dinner table. being asked without. giving au ioth of iihe Toad. wa f he would take seme ptuldini, replied : pity him as, a P\Or miserabie fe1le~.­ Owing to a crowd of other matter, I Tbo same teat maT be applied to pedes- m unable to make r&~om for it.' llis in· trians on tho pavements, wllJtr~ IAdie• are ~c was already full. frequently and rudely jostled· by well- dressed blackguards. d 0 ll JN all I think there was a score- They.ilid agree tbat they woul& go a fishing• BERRY rigged the entire party out'i\t hii great Fishing '1 1 aeklll e&tablisbmeut . . , · c 2 tf 81 Nortu l\w~t str~et.. . ' ' EROSENE O.f~,=a Bbls Pure W t- T rial of Aleohol. or a discourse on the Evils of ·lntemperrulCle; by Rev. Wm. G. Smith, pastor of. the 2nd M. E. Church of Kings- ton. .rtjst received ~t . . . · · . Wynk~op's Bo~~9re-. . ~- .. J .: '

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