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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, June 14, 1859, Image 3

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t ' ~ ............ .........--_,..__..............-~ ...-.... .... -.r.....-.....~~~\\\\\\\'~'\\' S11ring Importation, . PraiS.e ··i,s ij[rdutlittg. t sa 9. Its Supr~n~acy · ' THE'· .. tomblntd tapitai over $U~ij04h000. .ilrra;~gemem:s ro•· 1sus. X..XF:.:S .&'1,\T:D P.:J;::E:I.:S .lV.(or.ning Boat for New ~lrork. ' N S '(J R i N f} E A G E N (} Y' Landing at Poughkeepsie; Newburgh,. Milton, Grover lk: .Bek• Office Cor. Wall and John sts, New Ham burgh, Cornwall, Cold Spring, ., \Vest Point, Cozzens' & Caldwell's. 0\·~ Wynuoop's Bookstore,, Kingston, N. Y. \,.... C, S. CLAY, Agent. THE FAST AND ELEGANT iTE.AMEIJ' The lar\\e!!t stock of ENGLISH CARPETS ever offered ~t retail, imported exprc!sly for City 'l'rade, displaye~ in Ten Spacious Sales Rooms, at SEWING MAtJliiN 0. H. '*UiiBER'l', Surveyor. · Tb~ ~tentit>n oi the public iq respe(}l.fully call· ed to tMilondition of tbe various CQmpanics represent~ at this ,\\geney, as reported to the Comptroller o{ this State, January 1st, 1859. ASP OW.ELL, Hiram. Alt.d.e:rson's, 99 BOWERY, NEW YORK. 'rbe LARGEST and CJIE,\PEST Carpet E3tab1ish- ment in the United States. Hcimo Itnsu~am;g Company, Of the City of New Yom. Capital $1,000,000.- Surplus $300,000. OAP'f. a. J,. ANPERSON, Families visiting tho great Metropolisare in~ vited to cx1.1.miuc tlli~ immcnee ;;tiX.lk ot Fine Will leare Rondout every morning at 5~ o'clock arriving in New Yor~;: at 11 o'clock. Returning will leaveN ew York, frnm the fout of Ja.y street, every afternoon at a quarter b?f01·e 4 o'cloek.- Carpets. · Continental Insurance Company,· Ofthe City of New York. Capital $.JOU,OOO.\\\\: Surplus $300,000. · Weste1-n Mass. Insurance Company, OfPittsfield, Ma~s. Capital $150,000. Surplus $56,000. City Fire Insurance Company, Of Hartford, Conn. Capital $230,0u0. :::iurplus $50,000. Mutuall.tife Insurance Company, Of the City of New York. Accumulated C:~.pital $4,500,000. .Aetna Insurance Company, Of Hat'tford, Conn. Capital $1,000,000. Surplus $300,000. Phomiz Ins!trance Company, Of H:>.rtford, Conu. Capilal $20Cl,OOO· Surplu8 $119,000. . North America Insurance Company, Of Hartford, Conn. Capital $;{00,000. Surplus $54,000. Sp1·in_qjield F. & M. Insurance Company, Of Spri,.,e;field, l\la... Capital $150,000, Surpln• $300,000. New York Life Insurance Company, Oft he City of Xew Yt>rk. Accumulated capital $1,61\0,000· 1 §59 0 'J'HONIA§ i CORNELL'§ LINE. The subscriber in placing before the publie his arran<remenb for the season of 1859, WOI'.IId thank- fltlly \aclcnowled~e the libct•al patrnna11:e hereto- fore receh·ed by him, and would inform the pub· lie that during the pa•t winter I:Je has put the Steamer Manhattan in the vcrv best ord.er, hav- ing expended $15,000 to mal•c her in all respects a boat worthy of the countie~ she represents.- Her Boiler~ are new, &nd ht!r accnmmoda.tions .. ready enlarged and beautified. By this addi- tional e1fnrt to pleaoe the travelinf public. the subscl'iber hopes to receive a Iibera share of the pubhc patronag11 th\ comin1; •eaoon. Passage and Jl'reight Line .SETWEEN RO~DOUT, KINGSTON AND NEW YORK, Connectin,2; with the . Delhi and Ellenville Stages, And making the usual Landings. THE ·SPL:E.'~DID bTEAMER Fulton Inswrance Compauy, Ofthe cityofNewYork. Capital$150,uOO. Sur- 111i A N H A T T A N , j>lu• $80,000. 11.1 Homestead InswrancB Company, CAPT. DA.VID ABll:F:Y, JR., HATS! fiATS I HATS/ .nlcallo'a New Spring l!tylc, IS 59. MEALIO, HATTER, Of the city of New York. Capital $·150,000. I~surnnce a~ainst loss or damage by ftre elfe~t­ .,d 1n the above stock Fil·e Insurance Compames a!?;ai nst loss or damage by fire on Buildings and Personal Property, at reasonable rates. ~Yillleave Rondout every Monday, \V ednesday and Friday. at 5 o'cloclt P.M • Will Jcav1' New York, from foot of Murray street, evc•·y •ruesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 o'clock p, M. 4:16 B1·oadway, Comer of Canal11t, Earm Buildings and other unexposed property ln•urcrl for a term of years. No Premium Notes anJ no Assessments. Losses promptly adjusted 'j)@..For Passage or Freight apply to the Cap· tain on board, or of the Proprietor at Rondout. THOMAS ,CORNELL. and paid at this office. C. S. CLAY, Agent. Q, H. HTl'LBERT, Surveyor. Rondont,l\larch ], 1859. 659 ly 14 1 s 5 9. Kingston, May 2,1859. DENTISTRY. S VAN N AMEE woulu respeet- e fully inform bis friends, !Hid ....._.L..L..l.-l.J the public generally, that he still continues his Dentistry, at his rooms, above &Jrord & Kai!'s store, and will take pleasure in serving his patrons with his us111al promptness in all branche~ pertaining to Dentistry. ROitiER & TREltiPER'§ Steam Freight & Passage Line Between Rondout, Kingston &. New York, Landing at West Park, Elmore's, Pelham, Kelley's and Port Ewen. nm .LBOVI: LINE CONNECTs WITH TliE D.ELHI STJ.GE l'mcl's REDL'CED on continuous gum work un· Tha Elegant Steamer til this notice is discontinued. ~i~ Entire Satisfaction WARRANTED to all. References given at his rooms when tlcsired, ~ .. :·:i;=~~ to those using hi6 teeth in place ol those made ~ !Jv fthers in Kin>:ston. N o R T H A MER I c A ·Office No. 12 Wall street, Kingston. 20 tf J.IJ. ' CAPT. J. H. 'l'nEMPER, Lager Beer. Will iear11 Rnn,Jout, (from Romer k Tremper'• po;l~,) every Tue.d!I.J, 'r/l.l)pcJay ~Saturday, at A KUGLER has on draugh~ and for ~ale an .J o c.ock, P. nt. •• exeetlent quality of Uhle and Bertsche's Returning, lea\'C :'>cw York, (fr&m Murray •t. LHger Beer. 29 Pier.) e,·ery 1\louday, \Vednesday and Friday, at _ 5 n'clnek, P.M. T~OlJND-Saturday 28th in;t in this vill!l.ge ' Fc.r P\'\\l'c orF:·Pigl!t. apply .to the Captain f'1 ~ . < ' ' • •. ,., • '· 1. ~jon boord .. flr (o l~nmcr&.· rrernper, B;ondont . • '»- some art1cl~s o, ~~.Lady R D.es. • '!h!CJ.J tu~. I·ork. !>'Jsh, 1• lour, Cnar>e aud Fl!le Salt, &c., ,,,; ner can lmve uy calling at the residence or eOJ;stantlv un !land aud f<l!' s:de ):im.oi.h)' Kdchum in Fa1r strc\t. near lhe • WlLLIAl'II F. ROMER, •; Stou.e Cottage,\ proving property aud pay-. J;'\.t;QJi H. 'fRl!:MPER. iJ!' the cost of this advertisement. I March 10,1859 tiii8 K!ng-s~on, :May 31). 1859. 32.511 i -----· 1§59. DAY BOAT FOR 1859. llRY GOODS tiTGRE A'r MASONIC llALL. At 1\-Iayer Weil's store, JI ASON IC HALL, RONDOUT, A NEW stock of Dry Goods Is offered at pri- ces which cannot fail to av;akcn public at teptiiJn, Best and latest patterps of Merrimack Prints, of th~P richest and finest quality are sold here at 10 cents a yard. Lawn:s of the newest Mil finest styles, worth 15 c~nts, sold at 12t.- French Jaeonets, wortn Hl CCilts, sold at 15 Cllalli Delaines, rich nnd fine, Bit 12! c. ·:se).'ege D~laines at 10 and 12 c. All \fool Dela.ineri at 2 and 3 s. Ginghams at 10 an4 12 c. Beauti. ful and fl!.st Colored Prints at 6,,7, 8, !) and 10 c. Fine white Handkerchiefs at jj, cts each. One thousand yards of remnants, IDelaines, Plaids, etc., at 12~ centfl, worth 25. A. large and fine aF~ortmcnt of Hosier-y at from 6 to 31 cts. All other kinds and varieties of Goods at the very lowest price~. People would do well to call and examine my ~toe!!: befere purcba~ing elsewlilere. MAYER WElL. R.oHdout, May Zls2_1~._5_9_. ____ 2_5_l~y __ BLANK nooK~. 5tationery, Cold Pens, Steel Pencils, Lead Pencils, Paper Hangings, NEW .. JORK .& ALBANY, Yon!{ers, Po'keepsic LANDING AT West Point, Hhinebeck, Catskill, & Hudson. Newburgh, Bristol, Pare One Dollar. Passage to Bristol & Po'l;,eepsie 25 Cents. ·-- Tn~ F .vrr AliP Oo!ti:llomous STtA.::f:R ~· ~ ARNIENIA, Captain I. P. SMITH, LcaveB Rhinebeck Station for New Y Ol'k Every Tm'lsday, Thursday & Saturday. at lOi o'clock, A. :M. R~:turning will leave tJw aame place every 1,\!!p;:t~~y, W (lqnMI!iay &. Friilay, t'or Albany, at 12t o'clock, r.. M· The Fr:rry Boat !Utine connects with the Day Boats. .For fHrther pa.rti~ulars apply to onl 3m CliARLE5 CARTER, Agent. NEW YORK, R ESPECTFULLY informs his patrons and the pu~lic that his new Spring style Hat, a superb arttcle, graceful, elegant, and durable is now ready, and that his general assortmeni of Hats, Caps, French Felt Hats, Umb:rellaR Valise~, Carpet and Leather Bags, Canes, &c.' cannot be surpassed. Mealio's is one qf tl\e (lid: est Establishments in the city, ill •he Hat busi· ness, and as be man nfaqtqres himself. as well RS imports, you mny depend qpon getting a good article, whether you choose one of Domestic manufacture, or a French one of tha latest im· portatiou. Mealio's style is all the rage fn New York. <));JAs. W. VA.NKEGREN will be pleased to we his friendB from Ulster County. 3m l!'!RST PREMIUM Twenty·Fiii.Je Dollar SEWING MACHINE; A new style just introduced with new !\~4 valuable improvements, whi(!h IU~\e ~t UQSUl'- passed for general use, It runs without norse ; Is exceedingly simple in Us anangement; Is not lia.ble t9 get out of order; It has no complicated machinery ; 1t combines gre~.tt practical utility; It is adapted to all kinds of sewing ; Is perfeetly reliable in its operation ; Is acknowledged to be the best lor family uae It will do the work of i wei ve seamitresses; It is la'!.'ge, durable, ancl substantial; It is just what every family nce.iH; Is a valt~able member of the ho\i&eill'>td ; Is so easily managed tbi\t ~~ y!Jody oan use it; Its price lJrinp;S! it within the reach of all- Only Tweuty five Dollars, Including a hatidsome Table ; Can be sent to any part of the country by expreHB. \Yindow Papel', Looking Glasses, I,euer and Cap Paper, Note & Bill Paper, 1859. DAY BOAT FOR 1859. Jlrlelvdeon•, Violins, Banjos. Violin, Banjo and Guitar Strings, Perfamery, Wallets, At 18tf Osborn's Water Colors, Pocket Knives, WINTER BROTHERS, Rondout. H air Brushes.-A splendid assortm~nt of French and English fot• sale by · Bragg & Ja11Sen. IEW-Y9RK · &. ALBANY, LANDING A.'F Yonlrers, West Point, Po'kcepsic, Rhinebeck, Catskill and Hudson. :Newburgh, Bristol, Fare One Dollar. Passage to BristoZ & Po'keepsie 25 Oenfs: . ...... THill SlnlERIOR D4¥ STE4141Ul 'i'.\le s.nniveraar¥ and sunday scho~l music boa~, No. l, oontams 32 tuneundbymns. Frice a cents each, $2 per bundre~ ,.,, . . . As formerl:¥~ very best -and The annivet·sary and su.nuay school Diwdc book, No.2, contains 36 tunes and hymns.- go\ np.in the l&te!!t' Price 3 cents each, $2 per hundred. · the llloi!t·beantlful The anniversary and sunday schoQl mnsio &c. He also book, No. 3, contains 30 tunes and hymn!.. Prioe 1 '\!b:routds.and elegan$ b~~~~f~,p~~j 4 cent& each, $3 per hundf{ld, . '' &e. · ·. · · ·, · · ·~ The anniversary \ltl(\ sa,nfiay school music Kings~~?U 1 .Tune 4,, 1$9. · · book, combiuil1~ *os.l anll2, with several ad· · · - ' ditivn?.\ p,\e>ces; '~o.n~ains 75 tunes and bymb.!,- f\i~ll ~ c~rits eacb, $5 per hundred.. The revival penny music books, Nos. 1 and 2. No. 1 contains 18 tunes and hymns. Price ooe cent. No. 2 oont!fins 310 tunes ~+nQ.. ll:Vl&U~I;­ Pricc 3 cents each, $2 per. nu.ndl'oo •. l'u:staJle~ one cent each. . The sabbath llQQQO) heU eoHtbains l~~.t;;~~~:'£:J hymn!!, l'~l\l_.e ~~ cen~s each, $S Der ~!lh. l() ller ll,nndred. ....... . .., ~ 9(}n~e~i!l.ti011Al Singing : rtn eight p!Lgl! tt•a.et. Kit:1>gs~911 Fnoe ~ijQ, pe;r cl,ol!i., $I .?0 pe;r h\t:ndr~:d~

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