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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, June 14, 1859, Image 2

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. / ·~ . '. ~· ... . . ~ . . ,. 'ii~t Jllatlu ;,~_-,\!Ulf()Ui~~ (ocnl )l$6; D., .. , .. ,, p..,.. .... L ALMAN~·-~ THE a .... or THO w .. __ ;~·.:-'Dr. . Fa~UDS\'- P90T ()f., ........ Tbo :::tl~~~=~~~trrr~:~;: ~~~:~rlt ~ . . . ' }<; ~ne of the most ~urious and u,sefulin\\en~ B~ird, Wh@ is well acquaiutecf\vit~1 ·, . Post, olnce Pep~tm~nt e~q)re$ses . fea.t$ :.: Elll:T( il' . '.tl.: soii~lllden t. buns of the day' \ De4odok'• Perp<>tual ropean affiliro, writeS tO the New y or~· tl!at 1M djill46iiey )li th• ,.._.;., is .,.. fi!k · .. ;; _· · ;; . • < El_;iu• .. ~!/l:s, ~·I!~, lOth; 1859. Ahnnnno. T4is Is tho re•ult of the ioge· Observer as loll\\\ . · e.;looed hjl tlie ®utitedell iSsue :of P\'\ ::3t':'.=..::;::':jE===::::::===~,=== \lib· Eo«•• :'-A very Sorioue occident 0 mty of our follow towoswan, _l\[r. W m. \ Tbe real cause of the pr...,t war is t;fgO stamps 'Ona ·. the frauilul®t \llle of J'a,por Bullets. and one which will P'\\bably prove fatal,\ H. Dederiok. Two little drolos of popor to Oo found in the fact tbot the people \i!::> .. have b.., employed to pay pos- = ·-·· occurred in thio town. to a lad fifteoo or w<tb figo\' and !otters upon them ore so SO'dinia have da\'d to maintain; In the ta\\\ Tho ,.,s with Wbieh countor!eit ,..,_..:.., ~ \\\\ time ago • d h • · depre~\'lng !Wi'l'i'>' ,ll'l\ 9 naUtien. The nixteoo years of age, numod Eohie, if I arran go t nt they con be set for an ol· N srth weot of It•ly, one of tho - w·i.tAa., _leods to tho B\pp<>- pre•ii!N' goJlil!lloi q ~.ei!;Jillorlng ennetniO was rightly Informed. He ii a r\ldeol :n~··~ for ~y year, fO'O,m AL D. 17 00 to whieh <mn be found In sll lltiuo that they aro i...iced '9 AU m.....,. said on. arhlcle ....., • 11 b of the City of Now Y orli. He left his 2000 '~cl \\ve. They ore oold fur· tlu Europe; with n COOOtitution will> that extent, while th.,.e carl bo DO dnbbt but bart iiir us.,; k' ··-l, '' w~t\ enb 'ecckanse he home in the City l..toflum!oy, to visit his low P\~' of twenty·fivo cents. W etru.t Eogland, a Parliament of two mean• o£\\ acid wooh of tllo genufua era ap WI ~ a r1 . . . they w1ll have a d 1 f f d f · · · .,. Sl .d'i<.<~ 1!. , •• ·• ,,. , .. ' · ·sJ!\ter wbo IS m, ~.:x:~_.e~,,an_·.d:. re.sides in the • rea Y sa e. en Jre ree •m ID reh_g1on . .-slll that stamp, multitude!! of them are_ em. plo..,_ed 0 or 0~ . eoeoa-n\1~\ LeaviD• the - - . J L\f~ t' •.• d l r·· I . • . . 1':1 llfli~111:.h rm __ ' ',i'tof this 'town, at a place ---•-<>- eetant chttt•obes are spr1ngiog. up in T-u- to pay postaO'e two, three,· or more ·tinle's. pu~ • J~ ge 0 • the lioth of hiS state· ,- MAD Don Sao·r A v I bl d h n _u.t' · 3 .,.;, ~ · • ., · n as the G-l~soo Quat~ries. It ap- ·-:- a ua e an muc rin, Pigner0l, Genoa, Nice, Nevi, Alex- The stamps are now entrusted to 30,090.·. m~m 1!-nu ~uirsrgning lils'O to their tender prized dog belonging to SevtJryn B. Lin- d ( matcn!s Hi 'b\ 'u. tr. · f h\\- . • · thai ho t\\k a gua heavily leaded an ria with its 1mmo.,e fortiftcationo,) ana no ch oek can be _ k<pt . ~ .,a 1~s.o 1srhetorw, were- . 1 • b' d · de~;\r.nan was found Rundny suffering un- c 1 d tb 1 __,·. h B'bl · · cur'agahi:.e 0 th(t's'u'b~ . 't' b. Witu rr shot, and coming to a srmall tree d., 1 • par\'\'ysms wht'ch Jntl t\' the c\nclu- usa e. an o er Paces i an ~a. t e 1 e upon them, for there is no possiblity of . . :,rec , ecause we no- 1., • b' d' · · . \ \'\\ \' \ \' and r r · b k d t t · · · ticeithat two of · · a' . . , h · . ·uaVIng a 1r s nest m 1t, anxwus tG know . th 1.. ffi.\ . · e 1g10us oo s an rae s are c1rcp.- asce1'tamln.g how many. stamps are in the our e 1tors ave had a h . . L • ston at Lie was a 1cted w1th bvdrophe- 1 r · 11 d' t' l'b ....t ,.; 1 , · tilt'iit eil.cll o'th • , h\ h · w at 1t m1gwt cantall1, he at once reaolv!ld L· m h • a lli!g m a tree wns,- ~ eny oJ tr~e hands oU:he people, and the Department . er, m w 1c some . . . ~w. ae was t erefDre shot. A smaller d · 1.z :·· . . unnleasa'rit d' 't' h b . _. . to chmb the tree and, 1f posstble, aacer- d h\ h L. . press, an a m~rav e :;ystem of c6mmon can form no porntwe 1dea to what e:x:-tent r a JeC rves ave een mad:e H . 1 0g w tc was \'ttten by the other mam- sch 1 d t · 't · k' use 6-£'·: We d(J t . h't • · .. · avmg paced tho gao against the l' t\ . d' t' f h d h b? eo s, an grea actlVl Y m ma JOg the fraudulent stamps are used. The on- . no w1s o ment any h b 1eB mg m um tone o y up . o Jll was railroads n d d 1 · tb · . the teb~uk :;; .;..h· h', . tree, e E!gan to ascend. After having 1 h ' • n · eve IDpiHg mr resour!Jel:'l ly posrnble ~eans of getting rid of this eo·\ 1c are g1ven to t}iose who · t-. d · a 80 8 ot. of th k' d It · tb · thrust th . , . · I' ·. \' ,. '\ , , , \ ul1m,o up a abort distanae bo ronobad • mg om. \' e eo:~tsooo leak, \\''\' to be to abolish stamps and e1r n1sa · protuberances mto d \ ' . ' J; t · It 1\' d · · · ' ' other peop't· ,, , ·a{~· · B •·.~ · h . . own ond tnkmg bolO of the guo by the Oox•rr.as M~>Tn<o.-The Foarth of '\\ 0 900\'\\\\ m a.,, aa ooot>gu· resort to p•epaym .. t bythenseof stamp• e s a.u.a1rs. ut nevert eless 1 · h · . ous to the L 9 do V t' k' d 1 h' h · we feelit · 0 r dt. · · · fi .• · 'd ·b. h ' '\\\' o, as • was m the aat of d1·awmg July G<nerul Com mit lee meet• to-ni •ht om \' one .an ~ag om · envc opes, w \ should be guariled u .u Y as a r1en to o.t par· th h · · to of Austria th t · tb · · · th · h · J!. ' b • tieif' and. as adv · t·· r· th t · • gun up, I • tr~ggor, o• hamrnor at M .. ton'• Hotel W a hope every room- ' a \ 'occos10n, or • m t e monu>Ooture, y water marks m ' oca es 0 a proper de co· . 1' b d a· cause rather f th. , h rum wnic·h· .,htU\d . '1.. ' t • . h lU [\ Hn an !Schargod the bel' Will be present flS busiUiiS of impor• I I!) IS war. t 0 paper . ., I caarac enze t e utter- l 1 f . . . ' ances of the pr·ess t : k b h . w ]0 e c@ntents o the gun lD lus neek, tance IS to be transaoted. ----• .. o- , o as our rot er edl- t · 1 · . REDUCTION IN R..ULROAD FAREs.-Th\ Th L d Ad t• tor. to\'' k . • 1 · d , aa or> or Y P'\'\g through, erlneeratmg o e on on verwser otat,. that t 'd b too p~nmp es an not men, and io n very \riouo manner the wind pipe Tn• DaoT Cn.e<•RO.-Deddedly the 'ailroad war Is •till prosecuted with Yignr. Ke,.uth letsndod to quit England in 0 t. e a e pomts without 1'u1 n·· . ' b · The Bu~ral\ Republt' · \ th t h · H 0 ~· W . · pug mg and wouodmg the \\opha\u• and blood Ml mekers n•w w market, aro Bond'• \ • c m,orms\' n t ' e>ght \'ton dayn for ungary. He-· m CH es. e are aware that the nar·t . . . 0 '. G h B d . PerJnsylv\ni' 0 c'\llt .. al Oo\'P\ h fi . G tt k ·a . 11 ·u· . . . r Y vessels m 1ts counie, go 1 ba ~bhquelv and ra am, on 's B0stcm, nnd vVmg's Fa· •• \ \' • ........... ny eommen· on t e nst wetant, t9 anon, \\ith the a ac e WI usua y ff th · \' · d T d · · N Y bl h \b . i , , JUS ~ Y. \'ret~lO lo<lging in tho book part of 1he nock im- rma Oraolm•. W ohm triad thom no<i ee 000 ay mornmg', m cw ork, tho full eoncurrenoe of thelling of Sardinia w:'J \,~ b , e. p ea o~ self·d\fnuee. Bu l o>e'dlat~lf onder tho akin. He spit' oot know they oro \ tip-top.\ They aroso!O sale of tickets thro~gh to Chi?ag~ f., $12, nod the Emp:--•r N upo!Oon, and will fi . : ;. ' .eheve t~at the law of self-de- sbet showinu that the resophn•no by P. Dumoot. Give them a trial and and &om New y mk to Det,o<t, \'Cleve· then concert With Gon. lliapka and oth· enee reqrures us to · t' :. ~ 1 d f. $10 Th\ · 1 1 b n .. tb '. ' no, •• every. jJ.aO boon poneu·nto<. lie walked nonrly you will alway• uoo them. on • or . \\ I\ owest .faro er emineat Huogoriaa .ffi ..... who .... a~~ t' .·at IS fired at us. If WQ are,re- a qundcr of a mile till the quarry of his . - .... .-- ever made between the two points, waitimg to receive bill), measures for ' Y rue men and not mere pretendm·s-, \;lrothcr-incJaw and fell cempletel . We publish this morning an advertise- looks as if the Southern ruutes were de· throwing off tbe Austria» yeke ia their and our c d t · h · 1 Y ex t · d . . on uc \ W \' 1t ohonld bo, w~ h•Uoted from tho ]o\ of blood which had ment of tho Tru.tees of the Wlltwyck ermme to corry on tbe war in good <or· aati ve country, and for reotoring its inde- :~uot be hmt bythe ~lang with whJ<!b boon profuse .. Ho can opeak iu. 0 wbi•· Cemelory, <>ffering a reward of Five Dol- 0 \ 1 · • pendeooe. o Joolous ani] tho eovwus may attempt per, nnd his breatloing ;, vory hard nod lors for mformation leading to the di,..v· The Obieagn Demoorot of the some • to bl~eke~ our charaetors, An • gooe\'l lab<> rio... lii• rooovorv io appn,.otly ery ofthe pc,..on who pl uoked flow en; date, al•o notieen the reduction, via the Nero 2\bllcrfuienttni5. role sl,anders .against a man :well beyond a possibility. Whother hi• p•· from a eortoln gmvo in Wiltwyck Come· Fort. Wa!ne and Ohieago railroad (e<>n· ~- --~-~-~· ~~~ know~ '1' ~·m~umtr ore the loast ham· rent• are JiVing or obi 1 did not learn.- tory. W o hope the porpotrator of this neobug w1th the P eousylvania Central] of Tho\ Wlw wuk to Buy ths Bod 1\\'· when they are the most oevercly Jot If they ru:e il will be heart·•·ooding io- disgraoeful act will ba discovered. pasoenger fares to $14 for Dosl'>n, $12 C R A C K E R S alone. , Hence, while -~· :would ad vise telll!;ence to' tbeJD. f?r New York, $10 for Philadelphia, ~a!- Mod• in tho Uoitod \''\\ wU •• 1 , the p 1 deqdblar of personalities to forberu1, we · Yours in haflte, M. D. The steamer Armenia will leave Rhine- btlmOlh'e and Harm burgh, and $8 to P1tts· No. 3 Wall streer,~~~~:~~~se won e\eeh the parti\ attacked to beck doek for New York tUio foreeoen nrg . Hood'• G~l•om, t · h T C -rr t 101 1 W Bond's Boston, aud . rent W<t • oeutcmptnous silence the ep- HF. ONTlNENTAL • O<lALISTO.- The • > o'c ock: For frdght or pa90ogo · c gne\ the public can stand it if the . · Wlog'• c.toh;>t,., FutM Cnom.. 1thets which are hurled at them. · concerts given by' the Continental Vocal· apply to Charles Carter, agent, Rondout railroads can. ists at the Court Hot.'lse, on Saturday and -~ .. ~~ Five Dollars Reward. Th N · THE above reward will be paid by the Trus• A Monday evening•, are spoken of by thoso e orth America leaves Rondout A Booton paper, which moy not \\ . t••• .\'tho Wlllwyok!'•m<l..,- r,,;,r.,m~ CT.I.0....\1 FOR LIBEL AGAINST AN EDITOR l h c1 th . h h' h for Ne y f R & T t\' tt h l l't' l . bon Jeadmg to the d-etectnm ef the person whG A l 'b l 't w 10 ear em m t e 1g est terms.- w or , rom omcr remper's .., a ac sue 1 po I Jca unportnnce to plucl;;ed some flowers from tbti ... r~ve 0 · f the f:~t-h• - ' e '\' was tried at \be Greene • • • C Many who are good judges say that they dock, this afterno mat 5 o'clock. ·the ideu it broaches binbs colJ 0 quially at er. of Cap~- J. H;- Tremper. The pe11son wh.~eom· ~nnty Cirenit, last week, w hieh resulted m'\\\ \\ '\ \ ~ Pl'\''~ - m\ko omun<l about-. a_ 8 1 ·t should. 'The acti'on was br\'t the best singing troupe that has ever · a fact of real p~tlil ical ~i anifieance ..- the ·gra.ve, to have been a femal<>. ... A · · · r · h T \' · ' Persons are caution.cc! not ta mutilate grcves or by J_ohn Bogardus, of Catskill, agai\'t been heard In this plane. TheContinen- san en enee o W ·at inUu,h·y and hn\ \Comy and fdend w•ro qnaffinl< pl••kfl•w•N ;u Wlltwy•k Com•''\· ., th- w tals are truly vocalists of the highest perseverance i1l do, it may be stated their quotidian ale I '\Vhat will be tbe fr'\tllnd guiltyfofhdoilng so,,:m be dealt with to the M. H. Ro:>IEYN, Esq., editor of the h h · · \ u extento t e aw. »Y order of the:Boardof K · t grade of oxcellcnce. 'Their songij are the t at t e Ron. olon Borland and IIon.l, enJ of all this f~o~rmentation in Italy?' Trustees of\ViL_w:rck Certletery. 'tngs 011 JoutJ!!nal, for publishing in his J best pl'olluctions of our language, and they erre Clemens have risen, by successive saicl the latter. 'I suppose they mean till Fil'e Works Fh·e wo-.•ks pa.pe1·, sometime in the spring of '58, an · U • • t f h d are rendered in a tl'uly cffentive manner. sta_g_es, from _mted -S_tate<> s.cnators nnil ft_ll'llish tho Austrians with an Italian THE J:u·gest ~ud best se.lected dock_ of_Firo aecoun o t e eath of Bogardus'• wife M 1 W k - b f ffi d f 1 In wbieh he wae represenled ao havin~ We have never heard a \ baeso\ that '\\''\ Plem~ot?nll 01 'Y• \\''Ill\· y 1, ave I 0 '\'' ,' ouid Comv. ' C•n they do It?' .,~,;'; .. ~j\ :,-::;;:,,'::':,a:'.~', ',c':.~ii; treated her very ttnkl'ndly. Some \'f the could rq on! )l[r. Watson. Young Lewis, reached the nd•l•r>nl ehau. one! th cy '\'\ \\ d tho o thor. Corny oaid he th•ugh t Sky R\k\, . ; . . , . , v • t 1 · l l D .. Lan,.Woltl~y s Emponnm, as~e t' d · ns a violinbt, llfls no superior, except now ass.oCJa ec m 1 1e m_anagcmcnt of the t l(J>'U .r re_nuhrnen ut~uld, only they o8ed· · .. ·16 North I<'rnnt st. o r Ions rna e m that account wer~ not entirely correct; but :Mr. Romeyn, nfte>- amo\g lhD\e who deserve to tal<e ,·auk Memph\ (Tenn. l En~uuon. ,J ••~ thmr. 'Whot'o that!' inqulrod pR?l!: GR!MES w~ll iectnre aga.in~~ Mode~. h · with Ole Btall We bespe k £ · th C .... h1s fl'lenJ. Corny slowly emptied his . J 5 V 1 i 1 ,tua!I~m. ~n_(). Jtlu&~rate !;y. m~>.ktng wrt~ eanng that fact, published a retraction · a or e on· ID'lO 0 A . ttng, tq>p>ng ~tnd viSion:seeJngmerlnm••· at Mili- - tincnbls ·wh~N\VBl' they go the fulle•t '~' ,0 0 DDITIONAL PAm TO JoliN A. glass and sm1led grimly. • Malt-a' said t~rv Rail, 'i'U'ESD.A.Y & WEDNESDAY eve- ot the erroneous statements made then~in, ' ' u W \' th 8 ' mngs. d houtHJB ana 'the hi~>\h~si: mllrkfl of esteem. AilHl.t'!GTON.-..1! rom I! Bet•etary'!l re• bH. '' -..,--------'<.,......---:-.---- an . also offered l\Ir. Bogardus an oppor· o • h M V A c f w . A hand of ;nen who sing such pat\t'otl·c port m t e ount ernon Rec01•d, we ob· • • o»Y o ORDEN•lllOEK, (~w) Dntch tumty to publish iu the Journal whatso- u • 1 h • I 'l'b r .1 l . t\\ 1 and Rnr;lbh Ditltiona:ry;Zvols •• torliale by h d . h serve t 1at anot er 1nsta lment of ten thou- e e s n mot\ll m .,1s very persana · · · · WYNKOOP. ever statements were necessary to put songs as t ey o, Wit so much feeling, •t f Tb T Wh th mu.<t neoo.,a>ily oxor<i.e an infiuenee for '\\d dolla\ b\ been paid over by Mr. 'oa• rom o roy lg: \Th.re is BOLOGNA FIRE ORAC!tER:S! A newarti· e matter in it• true light. Coun\llo\ Rlggo, the Treosurer to Mr. W .,hlngton a girl residing with her paronts In the -\• '\\'' tO. \\ of • -· \\'\'\'' '-' King aud lfat to on, of Catskill, who, in good, w herem they _go. We cordially . ' • I r . . m•kmg'- \t•.t•oa lll$k.,-for sal~ -with b h .ecommeud them to the confidence of oil m payment for Mo\'t Vern on. Out of • wo>· part o the e~ty who \ 12 yean \\' \'\ ,.,....,.. \\'., Fl.no \\\'- e alf of Mr. Bogardus, had first called $200,000 purchase monfly, only b and. 4 )llOnths of age, and is mother of a and Fne Works at ve:ry low p:rices,whulesltle and Mr R • gnod potriot• ana In TOts of ••• a music. a out rotoil\' IouogWorthY'• ,..,.,. •• , · omeyn s atteotion to the axticle, on ~ $30,000 now remalll' to he paid. clnld ahnnt o mooth old. Its father is · · •tgu \'\\' \!lig Ro<k••·\ being apprised of hill w)lliugneso to recti- \D>n'NT MuN TO no >T.\- W, beg only in bia 16th year.\ No ona \\n de- ASSIGNEE'S SA;f<l~.-The lu.rge stock of fy all mistakes, refused to prosecute the pardon t~f Cempany B. for accusing them Th@ Shakers of Niskayunn have shaken ny them the character of rather pro\\res· Goods, &c., fQJ:'J;i:u~rly., of J11nl!en & MeJn .. matter a f th B B liio t;I\''e nonsisting of~Sto;Ves',lro~$teel, Lead,Tin. . ny ur er. ut ogardns, wi•h· of Sobbnth breaking Ia our paper of yeo· off Sl•tor 0 'Neil ned brothor Braham.- ,; •• juveuilos. Ho\'e ant1 Sblj> , C~'' ToO.,, oro.-! mg to run hio ehoncc for obtaining dam· 1otOny. ·All we\\\ oay, by wny of apol· Tbeoe mortnlo cou!J not shake off their and ClreWar· s.wo; ....,!< ko>l•\• l'ork>'·anil n gM, which bolaid at the •\\J mni[,.,,, ogy' io what the boy• uoed to '\y when mortality' n nd had growo too fond of each Thirty ·three Sta\ muot bo on the N •· Spoo.,, and• '\'\' otook of . sum of $5,000, obtained the services we went to schogl in order t0 anid a oth~r t-.,r Shaker use. tional J1\'lag fnnn and after the 4th of July · pqeket Cutlery, · L •• . . . . . BoebM other gooiln.,.,.ly k'!'Huolb.a\\' awyere Giveno, au a brought an action · bh·ehio•-\ we Gido't mean to dn it.\~ • • BCxt. 'l'h>S \ m eomplmuee w>th the '''\ ; a1>o tho •!Mk of Tool<nsM lnlhotx for libel before the Suprc;ne Court. Ao W .,h;uld have • said thnttbey paradod M•·. Dully, Behool Cuonmi,.loncr fo• ,c\et of Con green P'\'\ April, 1848, \''P· will '\old aqoblio Awtlo., on before stated the snit was tried and on Friday \!Veninrr. We weu1d not have Chemtmg CouRty, bas ueen found guilty which declares that, on the admissiou , TUESDA.Y, JUN~· 14 • lS~ll~ · _ ~ , , at the gtore formerly oe®Jlted by·;,:a.'Usen &,Me· minato<llaot week. '!\he c\'e on the part tho pu \olio infer that t1e mllitary of .King· of '\' ult a •d battory upon a yonng lady every new \tate ouestnr shall be added, In Dlv,'\\\' ot.,. R\\\out. · Solo tO .. ., •• of the defense was ably managed by the ston have adopted the very bad Parloion who wO' In bin ollioe for examination ,, nod that oach addition •ball take plaoo at 19 ° e!Ja~H~\.· · · II M h 4 h f J I v ~, Jr., Assignee. · on. arino Schoonmnk.,, of Kingston, bablt of parading oo Suuday. a toaeher. There wos a more seriouo on t e t o u yuoxt •ua<eading such 9; . . . · <Uf and D. K. Olney, Esq., of' Catskill. Af· qhat·g~ in the indictment, but up\u that admission. , THANKS.- We are under ebligntions to ter a full hearing of the eYidence, the ap· ~e was acquitted. • pealo of the advoeat\ and the ehorge of our friend P. J. Doloeo, of Ringoton, for A RAT s,·uax.-Tbe article geingtbc3f'~~ J\uJi;e Ilogoboom, <he Jn')' retired and a presoot of fineotrnw bord,.. Thoy •r• An 0 hio editor ank\ \ What coo be rounOo of \be preeHOIIp!<e,tlog' .t. he.nt·,avo•-l reiidered a verdict of ten dollan fo• Jlo- of tho Prioce Albert aP\cle• propagated more captivating than to \e a boantifnl !once ef rotn in certain potl:ious of Dliooie, gardns. By giving merely nominal dam· from planto brought from England bJ woman, ,ay about four feot eleven incbeo omooks strongly oUhe morv.llono. T);A,IJ~:A.f!()I\S at ieduecd prlc'~r:!\\\ ages, \be eoats, whlch worn om $tOO 00 Archibald Ru9Soll, Esq., of E'\pus. This high, oleven feet foor ineh<' in diameter, cording to the Blonmiogton aw~a!l'~aph,,l tc ·a species is very much admired by some of and thirty four feet in circumference pas· tL r · th. t · . ·, 't t b h l\lUK·J=AmiJLT:A$;;1a~~;;~~~;---'\\' eacH \ e, were thrown upon Bogardus, . . ' ao. tarmers ,. a vtOim y mns e av- .l.l\J: ana. Mr. l'tombyn's eonrse in reference to our best horiJe~ltur~sts. The garden of oi?g olong the aisleJnst ., divine wocship ing 0 jolly limo of it, for the - .,. \'id j(.\ ~i~:ii!~ ~~i~,~~~~ the affi_air was com_ p1etely' vindicated. W m. B. Astor, m Esopus, preducGs thir- commences!'' t b t . . . d t* 1 1 A . . hnsbels of tbio fruitevery year. They - • 0 mo., ers 10 .,,.,. ~ 0 •• por IOU ar Y d . 1 ~ fi t t .A gentleman in Washington who is per· fat and tame, a:bsolutely vts1tm~ the fnrm ri~(ij~riJ~~~iiml~~~~ · · rr· , . . . · re!l 1 y 11'81' twenty-· ve cen e par q . b \ .:1 •• k & & · · ·' _ Tui: ~ PB A>D . DOw•• OF; L!F .. ..,-G1lrl• leetly familiar with political signs and os· ouo~• .or unn • 0 ·•. .P ' bqt o~oa., ... I, bnldi,' t'b6\w Iilie-liaiied lead or ef the Ital· Pao.-os Ga~Mao, who drew out such peels preUiets that J off. Davis will be the ly hemg •!aught«~~. ~t\ho .~OW .r 1~~~~~~~~~ inc volunte;,.,; ifi\ thenrmy of Snrdinii;, erowded hoosos w ben giving a eo urge of Presidential nominee of the Charleston ~nd • day' on \- \ogle ~· II .J W35 oxi!~d from Italy In 184D,.and found le.ctorea on Phreoelogy, 1\[eBmOri•m, etc., Oonveution. _ .. ; \true the t'arnters ean O..U~ lll.·l-'1 .k_ e·tlaCllt•() ::..~~~~#;:~~~ ~~~i\'J refUge ;i, \bi\U nitcd Stai.>•. A W estsrn at. thi• villngo ,.vera! Y\'\\ ogo, bas agaiu • f .from the rat oklns than lrori> ~ ext')>•Og~- :sa yO t~nt ho kopt n ~offes beu;s eo me in town f•• the purpooe of giving Tho Supreme Court o! California, ln a lsr crops, since th? fer~•< ,... .. , . . . in'\\CiOiiDristi' · i\f~w ~et~rs ago, andre- ~iacouraeo agai\'t modern Splrltnnliam. eaoe belweeo a citizen of that State.and to demand for lad1ae' lad gle-. 01\e, .. ,.,_ tailed liquor by the.9rnm. lfe is now a He lectures on Tuesday and Wednes· .a Chinese Benevolent Company, has de-· ...... : .... ,,. Ge~ in the llordiuiau aerv~ee, com· day eveni•l!\· Those who hoard .. b!m oided that Idol wo..hip is not forbidden · so .. TmNG G Am<e.-Among. tl!e uWi9g, 1 j)!\f,Wt. ,\ll?us~nd meo, and to ' Wbsn he _wne hero bofore, n,..d enly to by lbe O.nstitl1tion· The Oelsstl•l• will huita ~the w•! In 1tallo 10• great~-,~~tL_~_91J!t~W1l&,fP.,.t~qq$\_p_ i~ 1 v.-~.,\'·\\ re~~_n~4 ~~at hi.' still ~i~s 1 au(i i& ~n pro}?ably soon begin t-0 erect pngatiftfl fJD t~~~. of l~~al1g;i()ao·lib~y in'l,~u~•~a'll:r....:. Blalet. ~:':b \' ; agaio. . . ' . ' Amariian soil. 1 . . . . - till~ .~iii 'el!,iilil ... G'Oill, •

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