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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, May 21, 1859, Image 4

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S ll!fiTH & WESSON'$ oei~br~ted R~pllfiter -a pistol that sbo&te 7 shott and weighs but 10 ounces. . · Also. R~~tn·gton's ~nd Colt's reYc_o~;':ers, Al~ len's 6 barreled do, and a grefl.t vahety of sin- gle ~rr<iJled pistols Bt very low pric'ru!'in com- p!tt'feon to what they have heretofore beeo. sqla in Kingston. Call rund t:~ll\e t\lem. at ' L.uW\Vfi11TIIY'!l Emp.orium. sign of the G-oloen Teakettle.· D OCT. A. S. P. SNYDER has removed \Office opposite the Eagie Hotel. iJl WtalQ street_, where be will be happy to wait on who wish to patronil'<c bim. Ue is prepared: to t'ntulsh customet•Q witfl lllg Yain Onrt-r.&o.; a.ll:'O I ndlan Root and b~'rb phyijic \loUd Blo<;>d P,rtrlfi- er, which if takell is sure to clell.tlse tho Blood.9 N EW BOOKS.-The Precious F<tones of tne Heavenly Foundation, with illustrati\e se- leGtiOilll in prose and verM. By Angustui! Browne Garrett The Power of Prayer; By Samuel I. Paine. TwG ways to Wedlock. Earths Explorations and Travels in Central Africa. Cheap edition. Livingston's. Travels in South Africa-cheap edition. Just received at WYNKOOP'S Rookstore. Opposite Ulstel' Co. Bank. W®[31J00 OO®illJ~~Q · · Hudson, N. T. T HE BAPTIST CHURCH DIRECTORY.- A guide to the doctrines and di~cipline, of- 1icers and {Jrdin~nces, p>·inciples ancl practices of Baptist Churches. By Etl'wd T. Hiscox D.D, Just received at ' WY'XKOOP's Bookstore. I ~ all I think there was a score- T HE UNDERSIGNED having purcha.s!!d and taken possession of the Badgley Hotel (for· merly the Hudson House,) it will be hereafter called the Worth Honse. Thtly dld agree thttt tlmy wpnld go a fisbring; BERRY rigged the- entire.,.party out al his great Fishing 'faekl.: estabJisbmeut,. _ .. c 2- tf :.- . \ 'S1:N'Wtl,r'Fron4: street. T he p~iar :Re:frigeratoris the nest thing m market. Look at tbem at LAN(}WOR'l'HY'S Emporium, Sign of the Golden Teakettle, North Front st. He will continue the Hotel business as here· tofore, and will be happy to receive a eontiu· uance of the patronage ~o liberally extended to him. Tbe House is delightfully and conveni- ently located, and affords ample and pleasant accommodations to botb travelers and boarders. LIVERY furnished at all times. A NEW BOOK by Charles Reade. 1 LOVE me LITTLE, LOVE me LONG. J U>Jt received at WYNKOOP'S Bo{)kstore. K EROSENE OIL.-2 Bbls Pure White.- For sale by BRAGG.-& JA~SEN. H OUSE Fun;.~rsmNG ArtTICLEs.-A splendid . variely, inclqding e:v~ry:,tb.i~g-- we¥~~ in kitchen economy fr-om a Ih.shng Pin to. a Cook stove, for sale at prices to suit the tijJl~S<)\-t LaNawonTnv's Emponmm_- sign of tM Golden Tealiettle,76 J;erth Froht s •. C ook ~toves, Cook Stoves, Uo\k Ste-ve~, Cook Stoves, Cheaper than ever, •~t LA~GWORTIIY'S £mporium, T EI01S OFTHF: ULSTEn COUNTY COURT, AND COURT OF Sf:SSlONS FOR 1859. , C. H MILLER. Hudson, May 6th, 1859. cl3 3m ULSTER COUNTY Agricu~~ura~ Warehouse A ND SEED\ STORE, corner Main and East 'Front streets,\Kingston Ulster Co., (oppo· site Schryver's Hotei.) Jl,lerchantl!J Farmers and dealers are most res- pectfully invited to call and examine our new and carefully· selected stock of Implements, Reeds, &c., all of which we will sell as low, if not lower than any other bouse in the trade. :MONTANYE & REYNOLDS . ~Remember the new stand. c 1 tl In pnrsnance Ol the Statute in such case ruhde .and provided, I do hereby appoint the second :\londay of March. the thit•d Munday of .June, the fir,t 1\Innday of September and the third Mon· ----------------- day of :\l'ov<>mber as the times for .holding the Peas. Peas 1 Peas: County Court and Cou•·t of Sessions in and for the County of Ulster, for the year 1859. A Petit Jury will be summoned for each Term, but a Gra.nd ,Jury will be summoned only for the September Term. Dated January 1, 1&)9. N. R. GRAHAM, County Judge. U LSTER COUNTY :i\JRROGATE'SOFFICE Notice i• hereby ~iveu that I will attend a1 the Snrrol!;ate's Oilice. in the ,,ill age of Kings1on in said County, on MO.SDA Y of each wee!•, to ex- gcute the powers and duties confet'l'ed on me, and that the Surrogate's Office will be at all times open for the transaction'llf business. I) a ted Janna tyl,l356 JESSE F. BOOKSTAVER, Surrogate. H OBBY HORSES. Gigs, Cabs Carriages l'f, V docipedes. wood & iron booplell, jump- ing ropes, a!ld all otb.er such traps selling at low prices at La,-<owoRTHY's Emporium, sign of tbe Golden Teakettle. lcM SECOND lit E. Cl!URCIL Corner East Front and Liberty ;~treeis. Rev. Wm C. Smith, Pastor. Sabbath services at 10 A. M and 7 1' M. , ;JEK'EifiiAH SUlTII, ::C..:X:'VE:E=l.Y ST.A.EIT .. p:, Wall street, between Pearl aud .l\1aiden Lane, Kingston, N •. Y. fl _.___ . FIRST B.A:P'TIST CHURCH. Crown street, between iNo~P·. • • _ , A -., _i streets. Rev. J C Harri· • .:.e.JJ 9, ra.o!or. bath services at 10 A. x, a:ili' f J!' K. :~ .. , ::.-r-tea ar.d Carriages to Let Ballo at, all h9urs~ . WM. ll, CONKLIN,. Archite.ct St Bmlier, Residence, Cr11wn St.,. neP.f Br~wn's Hotel, Kingston, N.Y. , . . ·- _

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