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Fulton County Republican. (Johnstown, N.Y.) 1870-1877, July 27, 1882, Image 2

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VICINITY NEWS. -~---· Miscellaneous. ~-- 1882. :-A stock compo.ny is hem~ forml\tl in Lil tlc F~!or the purpoae of mtroducing the eleclrle Ught. NEWS SUMMARY. -Arrangements a~ing made for n. pr;;. fcssional regatta nt 8arntoga on Auguat lOth. -The Cur b8B agtoln fixed the day bia coronatiOn. It 1s now set down for 188'2. The Wot?ld in Contribution. Treasures. -Fonda is taking steps toward tlu• m·rtalo· 11:<8tton of a fire dPpartmrnt Ed1tor Ash(' ltlile ''in• leader. .M:a.t•tsh.lle&llt as tile bun. Pure as the Dll:\l. -A former colored servant of Andrew Jackson is residing nt Oberlin, nt the age 109yenrs The Largest Stock! It can have no parallel Opposition impossible. ~ense. It stnnds alone n••nppi'<>ac!l~l.t< -Tho number of deaths 1eported bureau of vital statiStics last week WI>S :1,0•16. and of birtha 5!!0 BARNUM -Friday night, 460 cbildten sent out by Trillune Fresh Air fund, arrived in Troy their way home The Finest Assortment t Tbe Amusement l'o1;entaie, 3 G••n•ei'!Ltl• AND Crowned Iting of tile Realm. '--Judge Tolll'gee is smd to have cleared the comfortable sum os fOO•OOO from the sale of •·The Fool's Errand.' -IN- Barnum Owns but One Show. one among One TlllOiltsa.nd CLOTHING! LOOK OUT. AN ns...~Jation was organized Friday tn l stcro.uru New York under the tltle of • The Free Canal Union \ Its purpose is to furthct the adoption of the constitutional amendments ,,,.~,.,; ;,.,~ abOlishing canal lolls m this St>ttc BotlL w'r;;:.;,,.;-(i-~ parlites are sub:stantially comuutted to tlus c~fr~~~I~i~ proposition, but it lVIII be strenuously op· : -8oon nftcr Wllluun Van Ot:vcct ~ of sterdam, stmted for Cluc.tgo ou July 4th to seek u :ntuut10n. \onw of the g0$'!:1Jps &t.!rb .. -tl the report that he had eloped Wlth u Mi., I· nu~''\\ Hattie Stanlc'Y who }eft Am .. -;tctdam the same ttmt! l\l1:; Van Dcvecr \as so For Men's, Youths', Boys' and Children's Wear, EVER OFFERED IN FULTON C01Jl{TY! And Prices that will Please the Closest Buyer. Hats and Caps The Hat and Cap stock is complete. All tbe Novelties of tile season Men's, Boys' and ChUdren'l'i Goo(ls. THE DUNLAP BLOCK, JUST OUT. WE HAVE IT. Gents' Furnishing Goods. A. SI>lc <li<l Stock, conHtsting in I>nrt of tile following nrticles : Neck Scarfs, Flat Scarfs, Paris Half Teck, \obtaining I STRING TIES, BLACK AND COLORED, COLORED AND BLACK BOWS, SCARF PINS, SCARF RINGS, SILK AND LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, &c., &c., Whit~ and Colored Shirts, OVERALLS and JUMPERS. A nice line ot' 8am1•les in COLORED SHIRTINGS, In Cheviots, Percales and Cambrics. Leave your o:rcle:r•. A Fit G-ua:r•anteed. RAVELING BAGS. CHARLES F. EHLE, 93 Main Street, JOHNSTOWN. E. W. EDWARDS & SON. GRAND CENTRAL posed m loc Ihti<:S remote f10m the can tis - This association will seek, by every Jcgiti mate mode. to convince the elector~• that tJ1e future commerctal ~umemncJ of the 8tute depends upon the tt4lnpuon of tb1s propoHt•d amcndiilt:nt. The qUl't.Lmn \UJI fotm n lnul lug topic of dt8t:U&;Ion m the c.tu' as~. but is not hkcly. to an) C(ln~•det.lldc extt'nf, to effect the status uf ctth<:I p.trt.} ~·~:~~~~f;~ f:~~~,f!~i[~~· troubled O'iiCI Uw teilott th.tt she follo\U!(l nooHc ;-~ o· her husband to Clm:ag:o, but found tlwtcwa:.. away no truth in the \tmy Sht:' llwn tchunt'tl to -Thl1t~ fiveyi.!u.rt; c.~.go, l!aptain :Stone, of Amsterdam ::;old het nou>:~t\bvld ~r:wd.., ,md llonndvilll' W Y.t, concetvctl tlw Idea of Dn Cllods and caruet HstabfisllDIBilt ----- Tm; free. canal ngttatlon in tlm; btate IS creating 1nterest throughout Canada It is conceded 1f tbe tolls ate !lbobtobC(l on the Erie canal. the St Lawrence route '\Ill be :t:t great disudva:ntage m competing grain trade of the West Alt110ugh the tolls on the Wellnndand St LawrCDceetmals-..lere reduced Hixty five p~I cent. last lear, there was still u falling o:II of tmfiic compare~l with the D~e.YiOUS. £C8SOD, due, in SOIDC degree, ·the increMed :railiond faethUes and low rail road mtrs. It IS thought If the free c:mal amendm£nt IS ndopted by the people of New York, the Cnnndmn go\l ermncnt \ill bave t-o ~abo1ish all the tolls on the Welhmd uud 8t Lawrence canals. ---+-- EPEXETU~ IloWR, of Tompkms county, whom the greenbockws nommal<'d for gov- ernor nt.Albuy. ls thef.>llme m.m \hoheaded their ticket for-kooretnry of st«te n. year ngo, po11ing 16.000 v-ott.~. Xobody pmd any at tention to him in that canvass 1 .and no'\'\'' ST UlVING 1• AUIJ.IEt3 IN l\JTTSBUUG. PITTHHURG, July 21 -The famdmt~ of many 1.1borers at the Bout Sibe ~ltlls, thrown out of emplo) ment by the iron men's striltt•, are reported almost on the verge of stnrv- ntiOn 1 eJoin her husbanU a-t Cluc 3 go rm::;mg hu; own ruffin, <uu.I pltnted two ap plc ~Mds unu of \'!Inch ~proutcJland grew. -The....\.mstctd.un Rew1fltJ !!ltO:-i ~>·•c<llle6.·1 A short time ago the ttee was blown dow:nm dny, .tR lfr F V :ali lit r, of tlu:-;. v 1 n, 1 gc, wus a st01 m, cut mto lumber and :;;f!nt to a Pitts at work on the 'V c.st Slwrc ro u.l nt'nt the farm burg, Pa • firm. A coffin was made of the lumber and sent back to him, and 11c of Ben] P,l.ul Blood, he dug up part of an hnried m It at once. ol(l coatcontammgacouplc of bnttomnv1uch -Richmd K Fox, of the Polu-e Gazette. bore the Utlmbu '31 Tlw coat was found hnR 1s\ncd n challenge to .Jo]ln L Su11ivan about three nnd H. uulf fct•t below the sur in behalf of Tug \Vtlson, for another soft f It· 1 .. ll 1 1 to tukc place m New York ace. IS proua l e- tttt t m gmmc~t ''·l.S days, thewiUner to receive discarded b} some one of the Tory troops gate monex. In Older to about one humht•d y(.>ars •t•ru us~~ ls JOOJd ~~~~~~CC•~~~~~n must knock ·wilson out tufour that they cncamptdnear thnt ~lace the mg-ht ruugds M1. Fox states before the battle of Jolmsto\ 11 conte~t l e will llf'.P~ Wilson --=-lifs Charlotte .T L£•\VI~->, '' Ito lm!:i not lived WJtb. 4('r husband Abram F Le.vns, many yean.;, ,muue to Amsterdam f;ome months ogo to hvc \yit4 l)ct SIJJI, h.cr bus band rematning.in Fort Hunter DtJIIIJ.g Jwr absence the husbnmllmilt him. a shop aq.d but lnY wtfe, having a dm•<l to fight Sulhvnn wttb. b.uc 't.nnck)es Whence comes the unbounded popularity of pr•em.ise·s, has begun a suit, nt Port ,Ja.ok<on, eject him fwm the ptOJWlly, Chllintin:~·tllat. thcrclat10n of Iaudlonl .m<l tenant ,llJ,C'l~',K'S,' POflOI:\,'' pJ,A~,\ff ?, butwecn them The deft•lHlfl demt's the re· 1\ \ \ U~' (, 1' <~-nrJfhl <l'<{ '\111111 !U.!!\lll\<l on these ground' on has appeared m the mteuu1 tp•<tU..•u~.;;t!· shoultl \NY any uttentton to hun •y be evet M good n man m pE:rsc•na·tl Chamct.er. ~md bus1~ relations but biB tc total unfitn~..s for the humblest office m the -A strange crime occmrNt {JtJ t1 1 u 4:,, 01 u[ Pctc1 A :;tam mg. nmr Little FaH.-;, uu lli~l.1~~;::·~;r~ day of ]aJSt week. LtbhH.: .John~; .. m, ugeU. j •·t·wc•v«. seemed .t te\olv~..:1 .uul Un~;utuwd to Ill t\UU:'-t Uu ;'! lun ( prm ~rl tlmm:st h lltl> the Best Extmnnl Hcmmll C\ cr im tnted. They wiH cure ~\sllHu,,, ~~~4~) Puu,gh\ Rht•umnb!\lll. l'<04\ttnllgnt !ifllll\li!o )l)c>1tl llfJlfi'- gi[t of his fellow citizens Js sbuWJl We lun~ lt;t.:l..'l\t 1\ a hu...,( ~;tuck uf cboicut5t)l€!o.! ot PARASOLS and SUN UMBRELLAS, which , ... e U1 c otfm:m.g t.tt ai; I ;,l( '\'\'f.) PF#JPt> .p!~e tlnc!llt J!Jic or Dress Goods, Cashmeres. De Bege., Nun's Yeiliugs. Buntinbrs. C.tulet Blue Dress 'Flallllels and Ame1·iean nml Fo1·cign Black Sliks to be touml iD tile Count). We olfer a Special Bargain in Colored Silks at $1.25 per yd. le, 1'hursday, The First Anni:versary Celebration of the AND P. T. BARNUM, J. A. BAILEY and J. L. Tents are Twice as Large 7 Largest Shows on ELEPHANTS. . ' . ' ~ fflbe I•rllte of thJ' BritJsb JJeqrt:..' 1.r-JJ¥.1,JQ.tX*BWJ EI~EPUANT OR: ~IA8TODON,.-,.or whrttevr.rhe hi-IU or out of(la~tidty. ,... Ihs upUftet] trnnk rc~tche~ npwnrd 28 ;e~~?:! Dis weight is nenr 10 ton!!! llJs he1ght m beyond belu!!f: llit~ giant stride bJ OTerone rorl: .. J 1uu bo. tlw P1 t of R~n'tJ.lfY Jutubu, the Putlc of .!.mcncu Jnn1bo, tho Fnend of Chddren. l'>. tlllrubo .. Lettet He.td::; with h..is Picture Jumbo, in the lllustmted Pnpets Jtuubo, .tftcJ \~Whom thelf DUlllf Bu.b~es r: ,.JfUII]ll)o, 1 .; •Jsol than .my 2 Elupltaol.q,l'\ u•m•o, •hill tlll' llarnum Hippadt:yll{t. ' iJuilll.·h<>• .uul the (hnnts und Dwarl.8 yJ.!lUIIIJO, nntl the cunning Baby Elephf.»t, nud ull tlw Living Ourloslti~s. llltlll)<>, .u'ld g Cueuscs m 3 Rings. tnubo, and 2 Huge ?1-Ieuageries the Most Popular Brute Alive, 1 •!nd the B1ggest Show on Emtl\, IJctfLIJi!IJo, 'Vtthout N;s:tta ClttJTJiV, \J'U!1t~oo Parhcs fiOll! Everr NeimlJboJ..Jiooo ,Jnmh<l Exotw•lou• on .\11 Ratlroad~. 22 ELEPHANTS. ..\11 othershowstnf:lywhew cannot present 10 l:WI.It \'f.Y. TUfT I> CdH \J.l'F.~. l<'HOl\1 'fi{E S[:X...,i\U..fN'J:Ht, OLD B4BY Jt'O ,WHo A .!'.! Jo'OOT 1110NARCH • l· \\' 1 V J BABY ELEPHANT facli that he subscnbcs: to the e~•;:;;~~~~~~ i :ttdo_pted by thc.convtntion \\ lii~'h Andrew 'Vngnc1. ah.o aged twd~,:~ IJ,Qy l)ec.nne fligbtened .md r.m follow- ;~:~~i~~~~~~~~i;~;n~~~ril~;s!E~1~ l.J;) u'\e.gt» TIJC uu1u rdtow c1.m1(Jd tm :H \~'\ ·1 <ier a. plo.tfot Ul U:,t.;d ft,l. md!-:. l Ull!-i v. IIllO he E. W. J:GD'\V i\.RDS & SON Main Street, Johnstown. Kibbe, Block. ltim. TH& fnu.eral -ot~fi:\a- Lwco1u took plact! j~~~r~ii:~};~~j~~~J~!~lr~~}i,:~~ cuu:;ht h.) the ght nt.t ho.1S nt~.; 1 :l .. tnl Wednesday from the. Fllbt Pr·eolJytetiau I to lus face aml fin~ d. ~hooting him In churol!, at Spnngfield. Ill Thcre were muoy mouth. the balllotlgmg m solllt tnu l ot Jm; ..O.oraltribute.s from Chicago und 8t Louis- ba.ck. The gtrl ha.'> bc~.:n t.lkll.u mto • ut-.tody The pull bearets were 1 uttmute rf'iepd~; of tb.c tQ ;;.l(lfl.~t the letmlt of IH 1 ficmh:..h (lllllt The family. The body was embalmed, att.d lH!-!:1 bo,Ys CIJI:iC ~s !Jnt~f. Tbc \\oultl bl mmdN pta®dmtheqyptnexttohcrbusbandm Cl:l&iHJStl~l\\('}llly f'/IVl'(' t\!>IJ )'~lj!JJ}tf Natil>Dal Lincoln )lonument, lind llcrmeti· in the IJou'\' of Huh,g• c&Uy sealed ma mctahc case- y 1 s1tore from -Tumnlay. IJ)OrlUJlg ot J<t:;t w:cck, ~ny citim~attend<.-'d the funeral. 1I Verde, 1m entploye ou th' ~lc;tJIJ , annJ ____ _........... _ boat Johu II Taylor, wh1lu \:·illttULtug\ tl.t, THE completed report Jf Lhc Department boat at the fitst luck 'Hf>t •~t of ~culture for July shows. thew~~ au in met wtth an accldcnt :wlu.:Jtb} Ju~ creaaedarea. of potatoe~; m nearly ev.ery State '\V~ t~m.putated JUst ubuvt tht unkh• \ l:td.c and Tei'ritoey', 'amounting-to abont se-ven. per ato.od w;~ ~IN wmdlai\)::i on the b!~eamc1 uutl «a.t. The-eondthonishigh. averaging Ht.2 the rope, .lf.ftcJ f;t'ln,g <JlJ<:J..r h.c.d to the ... nulJ Tli~ acreage of tollacco 1s nearly the same as bmg post\ on UJL! ~tnY p~tti~. i1t't.'~tnu t:w t~h.ll ln 1881. Theconditum W bttrhm Keutueky about Vcrdlj :::.leg 8u grc~t.L Wil!a Uu ... p1t4-'>t#lt. Tennessee and NOrth CUrolin~, but below th~ the 1nnb '' ,1s cut cutitcl) m two, ttw tk:::h avera~ihtheoConnccticutvaUey.llJ;tryland 1~i~E~~=~~j,~jio~;~~ aml smews b~in.J tmn .md IDilllg'htllll .t .and Virginia Appltm und pears will be f:~t-U ·~ tcrnble manner ::Scbt•uudntly ph' !;tcmn::> ly alfundantt. ~'tnmrgct:J. off' the leg JIL';t lJt low th1 knee. Verde \Htf;l h.U~.:~w~w.mtl} t.11 .. , u 1o 1h• hOURt fllh H..'COVCIY h L~{lct tt1~ makes !he E~')-ptltUL gruuudof Englund, . Jqlferl:e.re m lite It HhQuld not have It bad no great the Snc< \\11111. and tbut. Job<;~ Jlrl~&lil ~-· Tn~< H l.t Ut K ~ l\OltOl ~ J>L \!-l.'rF.U • .,. au b 1:u f.;.'\\\\' tp,t mol 'llti< k tn < uu U.tUon~S that ll•t'-l.t ~ lfi-/Jf 111}} u Ht t tbt• nuh (,, nuin•• J•~tuHI.-1 f'l,l~' p;. SWAIM'S Celebrated Panacea. Wagons and Carriages I SPRING OPENING. \ OU ltt\C r#!(fJl'( tfuUy Ill\ Ill 1i l(t \ ll-1, 1/L~ I 1< l<fl \ IIIII I Ill'>} II 1 t l.fl.) v, l)l k Ill jng Ha,ingh:udm;t.n;'l )t':l.l-l'l-1 ~ ... Jl!l'liiH! 1ntlu JUillUtuctuls:of futllltlm~ nt C!Jnllll!UHJ, '\hi< h l'nuhlf lllf' tv p{ucme fl}t mnJkct at tlw lq\{st l'llOI.'<Ihh lnJcc,l f Ill th!; fltafl nwnt J;.lml 1 lHII turn out t \ £1hiC)UD ~t )Ol'lf 1 Ill JCI \thlllllllf\ f ot. IJH'lll Ill ! U lt>H f Uljllflt I :-.HALLJ\.LLI' tl:\ H \:\U \ 1.\IWE ~['\fllBlt f,U BUGGIES \!l.l up With th• tnll•t\1 m~ J of uhu \JiliUJ.I'l' , Brewster, and WbitJU.'l :>iHI<•-h,n·, 8alhlee's tr:JpJJle ttpriug, Monarch and Dextl.'l' Qtu•••n,\ Ellit>tic or end spring Buggies. I .. tatfor•ut :nul 3-st•ring Wa~:ons.. DELIVl~RY V{ AffON, n-uug on the pEXfER QUEE:N ~PRI~n '~hh It ft1r !JtuutJ. und u 10 cfulnc .. >!l ec)Jp.sesun 11 SR~~Y· An~ of tltl'nbo\t•, m nn} '-'t)lt ••f. wagtJn mnlll' to ordt•r. CD.n be purclw.~~a: BOTTOM M. DAIN, Johnsto-w-n. Bru~ta<t, tile N~••• al Uolinlt 1 tile 4 Leg:;ed Qtl'l, Clle llfaJ 1 , tiJe Cbillt:>e Reb.,llh\lu'l, ZtJIU !\lou, lllut4er~ a11jl :Rabies l<'a~ Bentltles ~I< , t II •· \ -.,'I I \'' ' , ' ., ,e e- on ~cu, • '' 1 ! Jl,llii Qf fiqlii!lO, pto, Most Elegant Pageant Heaven's Sun ever shone on :Mme lllld JJclttt Hnr><t'- D1.2.tll' tioJttlJllllblll.lll\ lhuli'ond £un; uud T .. tlt u d t \ \' ld ll .. ~>,. 1 n ... ecu.::;Jurgc E'f\~ ry 1 ut:~t <tULI ,\nuu tl .t lllnll ~ T \ • 1 \ m t dcmonstrat~s tln.•lliglit ,..t gmd<• ot' Ci\f ' ;o;~ to ~om pure un~ 11th' 1 t<l th1 .. ~.In!(\ttJJI~l 11 t ~h:unmutli and MURSI\ e ~~ 1 ., 1 1 P ection, m d j I ' m CIU J\~x n ~ltlon ~t:onmeh j lllJmM<I ' a .. to m1 f tl.• t,Lollult 1m .. lnw lua ~hado\\j monnbf'IUllF, s as BARNUM .Nc\cl ntht!ltl~t._,,thm~lu tJtlJ-.to]llt'-Utl. AhHn~und foiCH'l ku.!Jl>~)u \t.l '11 tlicml~ uud lm 1 hun Ht ~ 1 :\ luh1t ton 1 \' llgl \' \iJ1 hf th{' fir~t uJI tb\ ~ 1\1\ ufl • IC tmblic n.re , . .., ou, urnolhingma Wl\ttlLII:.t• II .. JlntiJIIL\1 f•l rn)UJiUJ! tlnt11r\41tthnm~ I flU• t: l om nuutinn of UIJflU'tll- Performances We c~n't afford it ' I . ' !

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