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aeBBgg£Ma^fi^^gl*^g^^£!^r> *~p >c-^l..< «efa=rsi*>-r^-^—p- ^*KSS6i*«fipSa^S^5>l=^ o» .-„,..•-r-iil^^lij^L-.i' * ^JJ^^^jg^^pjj^^^jg^^.-w-^^r^jj^^^ 1 -^ T-*-—\-„.'.•\.-. , :--*• f.5X~!-.-~:Si \: •^^^---.\-V^'TvC\;^^:\ ^5'J: ** ~^--'\-^'—-^'^'^~J'.t^^~^^ : ^ r7: \^'^^ ->- • . Larger Circulation in Eastern Monroe, Western Wayne and Northern Ontario Counties Combined Than Any Other Weekiy Newspaper -Vol.\ LI—No. s FAIRPORT, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, MARGKT14, 1923 * • Fairport's Pioneer Newspaper . .. -feoeaHNewj TstnraHtemF The Week's Events Given in Short Paragraphs Mrs. W. D. Park is visiting friends IflTGenvea. • , _.._MiaB Catherine McGarry, of Canan- daigua, spent Sunda> with her Bister, Mrs. Frank Lawler. The 0. E. S. card party which was to be held March 17th has been post- poned indefinitely. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Chase and daughter, Jeanne, of Rochester, visit- ed Sunday, at F. B. Mnlliner's. r —' Kohler & Wooden Hat Shop are ad- vertising their springsbowing of hats for FlJ_day_ ancL Saturday of this week. The Kentucky Derby, the greatest horse racing picture ever produced, is -tbe-feature-picture-afe-the-Rivojrthea^ ler March 21 and 22. April 9th 13 the date on which Fair- fort will vote on an appropriation of 4375,000 for a new High school and enlarged school facilities. Mrs. J. H. Snow, who has been spending several weeks at Grand Page seven of today's Herald haB an.interesting anouncement. Eleventh hour statements featured the village election yesterday. Mrs. Wayland Hare is confined to her home in East Church street by reason of a broken limb received in a fall on the ice. C. L. S. C. will meet Monday with Mrs. E. H, Gazley, 147 South Main street. Roil call, quotations from George Elliott. \The children of the primary depart- ment of the First Methodist Sunday school are to have a party in the pri- mary rooms on Saturday afternoon at 2:30. JRapids, Mich., with her son, Warren Snow and family, is expected home ihis week. ^William B. . Cobb, who had been serving as temporary rural mail car- rier from the Fairport poBtoffice t _waa appointed permanent carrier dating from March 1st. Fairport IB haying a plenty to en- gage public interest this spring. The village election is no more than over than we give consideration to the High school project. Certainly thingR do move. Invitations have been issued by Mrs. R. Sarachen, of 3 Lake View BrookB-Shepard Post of the Ameri- can Legiog. i wjlLJbave a special meet- ing tomorrow evening at eight o'clock. A county officer will be present and give an address. A straw vote was taken in the south side school yesterday, ail above the FRONT ELEVATION OF FAIRPORT'S PROPOSED NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDlNft IN WEST AVF.NIIK. third grade, on village president and the water question, with the following results: Tinney, 358, Bridges 145, Adams 76. For Ontario water, 313; against, 256. • Ampng._the _donors of win.dows-in the Lutheran church was A. W. Fett, not Mr. and Mrs A. W. Fett, as aD Park, Rochester, for the marriage of her niece. Miss Rose. Sklof, to Robert Sayles, of Fairport, on Sunday after- •oun, March 25, at 5 o'clock, with reception at 8 o'clock. pears in the article on the sixth page, through an error, as Mr. Fett is not a married man, Mrs. Henry 'G^awbarger is in the Homeopathic hopsital, suffering from an injury to her back received in a fall on the ice one day last week. It is believed no bones were broken, but As will be noted by the official call in another column, the people of Fair- port will vote April 9 on building a new High school building in Westav* enue and making an appropriation of $375,000 to cover it and changes in the-old-bdHuing-and-providing=tempos: ^tage=^2=feBt=wide-by^20-f«et-deeTF TOoriFWffiTpIete-the-sciencegrou rary quarters for grades during con- struction. It is planned to demolish the old Schummers house, as the cost of moving it to another site, nearly $7,000, is considered prohibitive. It is planed to build a new High\ school on the north end of the pres- ent tchool property fronting nn Waat ahe received a severe shaking up, and Department or Education. all her friends are hoping for a speedy avenue. The building will be of fire proof construction, with reinforced concrete floors and hollow tile walls faced witb brick. It •vill be J66 feet front by 135 feet deep. The class rooms grouped on an H shaped corri- dor will all be furnished with east or west light as required by the State the school board. Fire and smoke proof stairways lead to basement and second^floor. The auditorium with graded floor squares out the *front of the plan, making it comnact and economical. A will^be adequate for amateur prodjc tions. More and more are school buildings being used by the community and this auditorium will supply a muchj'nedeed meeting place for large public gatherings, seating as it wijl about 725. Entrance is gained from the first atory corridor,—the—balcony | nocessa opening off the corridor above. The projecton booth for the stereopticon wUI be designed in such a manner that a motion picture machine can be in- stalled at any time if desired 'The high school will occupy the second story containing the following rooms: Two study roOms, four home The first story contains offices for the Superintendent of Schoola, Princi- We received last week from Mace- don a letter giving several news items from West Walworth, but as no name was signed to the communication, it had to go into the waste basket. We are always glad to get news from all around, but we must know who sends -it in.- •--.— - ---; —\ Several Fairport people are prize winners in a contest recently conduct- ed by one of the Rochester papers, Mrs. Josephine Thayer winning $75.00, X Russell Sickels and A. E. Allison each $5.00, and smaller amounts going to H. M. Bentley and Howard Arnold. To some who contributed to the box •f 100 books sent by the W. C. T. U. to the Caney Creek Community Center at Pippa Pass, Ky., recently, it was a disappointment that the hoys failed to appear last Friday at the Fairport High school. But visitors as well as the pupils enjoyed the live singing of the assembled Bchool. Thelma Juanita Aldrich, daughter •f 'Mrs. Bessie Aldrich and the late Bacon Aldrich, formerly of Conquest, M. Y, died Friday at the home of her ancle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Moore, of 64 East Church street. Funeral services* were held at Nye's funeral parlor in Rocheter Monday and the remains were taken to Con- quest for interment. <~Tbe next dinner under the auspices •f the Fairport Community League will be given in the Congregational church next \Tueday evening at 7 •'clock. The speaker will be William F. C. NBIHUM, who 1M taking a tbeo- pal and general administration, libr- ary, eight rooms with wardrobes for recovery. : The very best pictures of the sea- son are being shown at the Rivoli the* ater,^oirm7bmnrpre8ented--hOTe-isv^ eighth-grades-toilet before shown in the leading theaters of Rochester. * 'The Pride of Palo- •r>\ *.i logical course in the University of Rochester, and is acting as assistant aaator of the Westminster Presbyter- ian church of Rochester. Mr,. Nelson has spoken before the Rochester Ad dub and other organizations, and Is said by Fairport people who have heard him to be a very interesting and entertaining speaker. The dinner ia- open to both men and worrie'n, and it is hoped there will be at least 200 who will bo in attendance. Little Herald classified ads work veritable wonders, Scarcely a week paseas but some patron calls our atten- tion to the very^ satisfactory return from a little want or for sale ad, but here is one that is somewhat ..out of the ordinary. Mrs. Clarence Kieinhenz found a child's ring in the snow early in January and advertised it in the Herald. Soon she' received an inquiry frorn a Herald subscriber at Indianap- -•liB,-and~the-rGault~waartHat the ring was positively identified as one that had been presented as a tritt to a child- .•f the Indianapolis family, who were mar,\ which played here three weeks ago, is being.advertisedby the East? man for next week, Mr.~anicjLi|ra\,George Oat*a^der,of Cli^fon Springs, have rented 1 therSrJr Robbins place .in West street, aud will move here the first of April, when ^Mr; and Mrs. C. H. Baker move into the Blythe house, which they have purchased. Mrs. Otrander was formerly Miss May Newman of Fair- port. Fairport grange will meet Saturday evening, March 17. A St. Patrick's frolic will follow the businees meet- ing. Each member be prepared to answer roll call with an Irish story or joke. Refreshments will be served. Members'are requested to bring fried cakes. All members try to be there, as a good time is in store for them. Announcement haB been made that Artisan Lodge, F. & A. M., of Am- sterdam, will celebrate the 100th an- niversary of its formation tomorrow, with an addresB at 9:30 in the even- ing by the grand master, Judge romp- kins, of Nyaj*k, .and by Theodore Roosevelt, assistant secretary of the navy. The address will be broadcast- ed by the General Electric Co^ WGY. and Masonic radio fans will be inter- ested in picking up the addresses. Attorney Ednor A. Marsh, of Roch- ester, a past district deputy grand master of the 33rd district, was the guest of honor at the meeting of Fair- port Lodge, No. 476, F. & A. Mv, rooms and two rest rooma with toilet and-individual wardrobes for men and women teachers. The men's room will be used as a. meeting place for rooms where pupils will report and also recite, two smaller rooms for re- Another room properly equipped will house the biology department. There will be a lecture room for recitations and demonstratons by the instructor. Fume hoods, cunboards, apparatus rooms and a small photographic dark A small room in a quiet and iso- lated location on the second floor will be used as a clinic and hospital. Here a pupil taken ill can be imme- diately treatedand under observation. This will help to obviate the danger of an epidemic by contagion. The on the first floor, thereby concentrat- ing the plumbing. In the basement there will be pro- vided rooms for commercial courses, manual training, and home making, a large lunch room and cafeteria con- nected with which will be a kitchen where cooking may he taught. —Be- citation purposes' only, a drawing room and a group of 3 rooms for In- struction in the sciences A labora- torT-witb-tabbjs-equippeil\ with a sink and water, gas, and electricity and cupboards and drawers tor apparatus will provide for individual experimen- tween the two wings projecting in the rear of this H shaped plan will be a gymnasium. Located in a court as it is with walls constructed on three sides, it is only necessary to excavate four feet deeper, build a wall on one end, to floor and roof it, thus making the entire cost of the gymnasium with its 40 by 70 foot floor very slight wings of the building will be seating for 480 spectators at basket batt games'. Stairways connect this span with the first story corridors and a(aa with the entrances on the rear so that in the ' evening, the remainder of tfce building may be entirely cut off if die- -Bired-during^fameT; Op^nin^lliflcl! off the gym are rooms for the physical instructors with a small examination room between. Locker, shower ana toilet rooms for both boys and gijfjjg and two small bcker rooms for visit- ing teams complete the physical train- ing system. The head of the Depart- ed of Phyoieal-EdntfaUon at Albany has approved this arrangement. Beside auditorium apd gymnasium, the building will contain 30 rooms, thereby furnishing facilities for a broaoer course of instruction than h now provided. The exterior of the school will he Gothic in Btyle. The two towers en • ——. • - >..f the front besides adding greatly to the attractiveness serve the very practical tation in chemistry and pbyBics. At the side of the floor and under the ::•/.' I purpose of admitting fresh air wbith is drawn down to the basement by fans- where it is heated and forced ta the varfoUB rooms. The plans prepared in the office j^ 0. W. Dryer, architect, of Roches- ter, have been approved at Albany ami. are fast nearing completion. waa made very happy in again naving it in her possession. The happy lit* tie girl is the daughter of-Mr| and lira. James Carmen ^ Monday evening, and gave a stirring address on Masonry. It was announced that at the next communication, March 26, the third degree will be conferred by the Fellowcraft team of Frank h Simes Lodge, of Rochester, all of whom are former service men The visitors will be entertained at dinner by the Fairport Lodge,, and a large attendance Is anticipated. H. Claude Hardy, superintendent^ schools, and. all his co-workers, as well as students and their friends -are much gratified that the best record ever obtained by the local school was made in examinations held for the first term's work this year, according to advices received from the Department of E_ducation at Albany. There .were 434 papers written, of which the local schools claimed 391. the balance be- ing written by pupils from outside schools Of the ttftl papers sent to Air any 389-wer^G , §epted by the de- partment, giving (he school a record of_over.99_per-cent_-_Tha-two-paper« returned, it is stated by Superintend aperid^p^ there~WM ^\nWunderstanding as to time requirements, and this would give Fairport schools a perfect record. The highest percentage ever, obtained here previous to this.was 94 per cent. ; - tbfe .animal'.meeting, of LoyALCircle of King^i)augta^ Mrs. L. M. Sherburne next Teusday' afternoon. Election of officers and annual reports. The president, Mrs Potter, a3ks a large attendance. The Fairport Public Library has re- ceived rrbm the Historical club $61.40 sa the club's gift to the library as the result of the recent lecture and enter- tainment given by Chinquilla, the In- dian maiden, brought heie by the club. Mrs. Florence Robbins Everill, of Geneva, waB in town the first of the week on business. Her brother, Willis, formerly of Geneva, is Bpnnd-* ing some time at the home of their brother, Edward, at Allen'a Creek. After the business meeting of Fair- port chapter, O. E. S, which will be called at 7 o'clock sharp, Tuesday evening, March 20, many of the mem- bers will visit Lea Court Chapter at East Rochester. Note change in hour. Owing, to an attack of the grippe, Rev. J. M. Henderson was unable to occupy the pulpit at the First Metho- dist church Sunday, and Rev. J. F. Leffler, of Rochester, preached at the morning service, the evening service being omitted. Frank G. Freer, who moved here from West Walworth a year ago onto the place ho purchased at the corner -of-the—Rochester 1 read and~Jefferson avenue, has purchased a farm near GeneBeo and expects to move there this spring. Accordingly, he is offer- ing his place here for sale. Geo. A. Slocuro has purchased a lot on the east Bide of Fourth avenue from O. H. Adams, and expects to build a home on it, thu« locating al- most directly across the street from hiB present-residence, which he has sold to H. L. Steffen and gives pos- tfei A loin tfie~first of7J u n e. Mrs. William Stoner, formerly of Fairport, died in a Rochester hospital March 6 aged 66 years. Ihe funeral was held at the home of her. nephew, Harry Davis, in the city, and inter- ment waB made at Mount Hope. She is survived by one daughter, Gertrude, of Rochester, and a sister, Mrs. Skel- ton, of Batavia. The heavy rain and melting snow of §unday caused a flood in cellars on the west side 7 of South Main street, probably by the backing up of tha «torm-watcr-Bcwers:-\~TTie-eellHrruf the Morey and Sn_owl,and^ Brajiier rising ^w^ter was ^fBcovafed' iu time to .permit removal of goods to higher levels. Fires were put.out and in gen* eral a very unpleasant situation de- veloped. --* Tinney IHRe^Elected •-- Ontario Water Defeated Community Nurse Carried HARRY T. TINNEY Re-elected Village President Appropriations Highway ,$4000 00 Police 3000.00 Fire . .$1000.00 Hose Co 100.00 Protective 100 00 Hook & Ladder. . 100.00 Rent of Rooms. . 350.00 1650.00 Health ^^ . . . 800.00 Salary.... 7.'. '. . . l^OOTOO\ Sewer . 1200.00 Light Fund 6625.00 Water Fund . . . ; 3790.00 Wdter Main Extension. ..'.. 2500.00 Bond 200.00 $24965 00 • FIXED CHARGES North Main st. pavement. . .$ 54.90 Special Sewer Bond, 1 bond. 1333.33 Special Sewer Bond Intereat--1366.65 Surface Drain Bond, 1 bond. 3000 00 Surface Drain Bond InterePt 1127.00 S. Main street Pavement, trolley to 4 corners.. . . 1526 42 S. Main street pavement, 4 corners to south line of village.... 1839 12 West Church stjeet.pavement 2379.74 West ave. surface drain. . .. 601 22 Special fire fund 1 Bond 1000.00 Special flre fund Interest. . . 517.50 Village President— Orlo H. AdamB, Dem 77 Thoa. J. Bridges, Rep 462 Harry T. Tinney, Ind . .513 Tinney'B Plurality, 51. Trustees— F. A. Terpening, Rep 460 Stewart S. Pierce, Dem. and Ind.451 Henry Steiger, Rep 438 R. L. Williams, Rep 422 Joshua B. Crouch, Ind . .390 Frank D. RuBling, Ind ' 369 Clarence Palmer, Dem.., 200 M. A. Russell, Dem 154 Terpening, Pierce and Steiger elected. Village Treasurer— John J. Finnegan, Dem 296 Wm. B. Saleno, Rep. and Ind 774 Saleno'fl majority, 478. Assessor;— L. N. Rich, Dem 291 F. B. Mulliner, Rep. and Ind 763 Mulliner's majority, 472. ToTfce Justice—^ ~ Andrew Worthing, Dem 272 Roscoe E. Havnes, Rep. and Ind. .795 Haynes' majority, .523. The complete vote on the six ques- tions submitted was BB follows: $75.00 for Memorial day—Yes, 438; no, 179; maj rity for, 259. $500.00 for band concerts—Yes, 305; no, 316; majority againBt, 11. $1500 00 for community nurse-- Yes, 410; no. \ ?07; majority for, 203_ $750.00 for skating rink — Yes, 146; no, 465; majority against. 319 Abolition of municipal cemmsision —Yes, 180; no, 464; majority against, 284. Ontario Water—Yes, 277; no, 383; majority against, 106. Total $39710.88 Fairport'a annual charter election, held yesterday waa easily .the most in- teresting ever held in the history of the village. The complete. % vote is $14745 881 given above. A total of 1117 persons -»-.«.. TJ^nve^Hn^oi^Ui^Horne^Bure^ Friday at 1:30. p. m. at the towtflttll when the lesson in colors will be given,.and the one-piece draft will be given to those who have not already secured It.\\\ —' •1 voted, including a large number of womenr v —It-was-past-l-:30-thiB-monp- im^^jy^^n^^o^^a^^eji known; • • * ( * -; '\•.'- Greatest interest centered in the water question and the village presi- dency. 'After the result on-the head of the ticket became known, a huge -, , r - v bouquet of flowers was presented to Mr. Tinney by friends, and later ia the evening some of the more enthu- siastic obtained tin pans and held a* impromptu celebration. Tha entir* eleclion passed off without unusual in- cident. No voter was challenged. About 6 per cent of the baliota were spoiled by defacing .or wronglj mark- ing or writing on them and had to he thrown out. The voting began at noon, and kept up briskly all the afternoon, sometim- es a line extending to the sidewalk outside being in waiting. The board of village trustees had charge of tbe voting, and each taxpayer was handed four separate billots, one containing the names of candidates, and each ol the other three containing the propo- sitions. Voters not taxpayers were handed the officer.* ballot only. There were Ave booths to which voters could go to mark their ballots, and the vot- ing averaged about 100 per hoar Some_people,_aBpecially—women— dH- not vote after having alood /in line • for a long time, and left the polling place. Automobiles were busy all af- ternoon carrying voters to the polls. When 7 o'clock arrived there waa a line of nearly 200 people waiting la vote, and it was past 8 o'clock whea the last ballots were cast. At that time the ballot boxes were sealed aad Trustees Crouch and French were left in charge, while President Tinney, Trustee Arms andXIerK Howard.woat to the hall above, where the annual appropriations were all voted, as* recommended by the board, though it will not be necessary to include in the tax levy $4,000 of the total amount for this reason. T. J. Bridges introduced a resolution that $4,000 of the general fund be transferred to the following funds: Highway,*$2,000.00 police $1000.00, fire $500.00.* sewer $500.00. This resolution was adopted unanimously. ' This leaves around $8000.00 in the general fund, which is believed to be ample, and in the course-of—the—year-there-wUl-coaio- into the funji from two toJhr^eJthquas JSiJE arising: from mortgage; bahkv- itiCftat*^' and other taxes. -~ The appropriation* appear In the fourth column. Subscribe for the Herald.

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