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The Fairport herald. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1873-1925, December 22, 1915, Image 8

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*7.-l 3* \.i Ndw« Pinigrajphi CUpped • from Empire ...» Nelabn-JLoweiJLof Mumfo?d di«3 on Tuesday after an illness of six weeks at,'tjjjeageof 78 years. ' For. many TBaw^Times- _ ^ .„._„. The' Rnssian Orthodwt-^Church jpf ^-Binghamtonjgj 11 bujjdjn edifice cost- ! ing $10,000. THE 'LITTLE FRPW v/as engaged T'in ,the. coal For thirty years heltjaught years he business, schoo.l. Henry VV; DeMars, 91 years of age, committed suicide in New York last week. by burning on the gas in bis John Tyfer. 103, colored and a for- mer slave, died at thd home of his Hpnghter ip qanastota last week. * —. • rt A I A^Invlna af'O Ther<Tare 34 beneficiaries ata.\-total| cost of $143.75 a week, under the ChildJiVeifar.e„.Law in Broome county. James Walsh disappeared from Syr- acusetwelv.e years ago andJiis brothv er and sJBter have started proceedings Iee!Hfdm 15rbTTBe~C0TT ^Saxa^Falls and wealthy. < ™-t' eon ard- J -E.- ..McCanri;„..._ 4 iiig^^BTi^from^^nns^^nr^Ka^^jU- rested last week in Albion on the' charge of intoxication, when atterapt- ~-4ngcJto^i«r)S^theJJirucJk; i: McCann pleaded guilty and was^fi\nTd^$lbr \^ The forty-fourth anniversary- of was ob- eorge Gayh^rT^^SPEy^n^pWaS accidenVaiTy^rshot^Jthfc HE Norwegian custom of preK paring a Christmas dinner for.* 'the' bird's uytyinjr tu 1 tlig toy'Of- a pole in the dooryard a large foil sheaf of grain Is now he>.^ \ —ing followed in many places In,. America, with variations. \ .. Instead of-the sheaf-4i Jlttie_ tree is dressed with bits of suet tScottsville Literary \Society served at the home of Judge and Mrs. SeldonS. Brown on Monday evening. An interesting program\ was carried out andLa social ti^ne^was^njoyed. - Rev. J. J. McGrath D. D7irector of the church of the Annunciation in Buffalo died on Thursday after an i 11- i^^^ess^taj^tojigji^ the best known Catholic priests in the -diocese .and nad often assisted in ser- vice at Le Roy. An entertainment was given in *Windom,HalLin.Scc^aYllIe i j^J^iiday -wvwnmg-iinHAr-thA-jftnflpirpR of the Vil lage Improvement Society. There was a program and dancing. Le Roy Kellogg, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Kellogg of Le Roy delighted—the au- dience with MB speciality dancinc. Philip Roiling of Penn'Yaji was driving along the highway in his au- tomobile one night, last week when his lights suddenly went out and his machine left the road, crashing into a pole. Mr. Reiling and four passen- gers whom he had with him were thrown, out and some of them were \\quite badly injured. elSmpalrtoTl^whl leFhunting^rabbit \Ern\ Jones, the well known^horse .trainer and driver of Canastota, has [.captured j$7 t 000 orJ>8,000 with horses during the -recent ra^h^~se\ason~witB horses he has driven. - Perhaps it-is not\ generally known that it iB unlawful to trap for rabbitB. They are . not considered fur-bearing animals and therefore cainot be pos- sessed by takinglin traps. Failing to end his life by gashing his throat with a knife at his home • in Wilson, Charles Markle filled the j^athtubjOTitksWaier^^^ into it arid held it there until he drowned. The Onondaga penitentiary \at Jamesville has increased its rates. -PrisOners-of-other^counUea^hayeuJjfigEu^'j entertained—at-the—institution_at-the^ rate of $2.10„per week. Here after H the charge will be $3 a week. H_> Farmers in the vicinity of. Weeds p^rVare~about^f5^organize-a vigilance committee. Repeated raids on farm productB.by thieves during the. past few weeks have stirred the residents of the rural.sections to this action. The Curtiss flying boats have made Lake Keuka famouB in the annals of aviation, and the Thomas flying boats bid fair to do likewise for Cayuga lake several are now being raanu- Him—iftrmtr— j -~i-m ; i rrni..,,. — ?^^m^^punda^n^d)jt.iLb;e^J| ; _^ '• pretty custom is supplemented -in. New Y^ by ^the children of a kindergarten near Central ^PBjfet^b^MraDje^^n^tj^un^ tiful Christmas, dinner for Ihe little., gray squlrrelsT\of=^tbat neighborhoods The affair i^so' .pretty that it bears-passing onV On the afternoon\ when school closes for the Christmas vaca- tion the children, form in process slon and each-carries- a little—} basket of nuts, crackers and sugar biscuit winding their wa,y over the, white asphalt-mtojhe ^^grove^wliere^e--tea8feTia^tftrJ^ spread. : = No detail is omitted. Even appropriate menus are supplied, Hfid no Orlando-ever-pinne^ yejgesJLo his Rosalind upon oaks and elms\ wilbTnTore enlthusialSi than the little people~^wb6~feer- their responsibility for provid- ing a merry Christmas for their, squirrel friends. ijK ~^ Boies\ where, several are now ite badly injured. \ , factmred-Un^a special order, at a cost ?? aji^ffoTt-to-flave-fee^life-ot-hi^ ^.^.^ gJ010(rgsettr - ••; • -,,..,w ft: Tfttre¥oh\ who huffl5e?fH^iy=ten?ne6V Sheehan Bishelaney of Olean, last week allowed twentyrfour inches of skin <to be taken from his body and grated upon the body of his son. The father refused to take an anesthetic although told thatthe operation would be a painful one. --Mrs. -Catherine Hill of Bradford, Pa., had not been seen by her neigh- bors for. a few days and on Wednes- day entrance to her house was forced. She was,found dead, sitting in a rock- ing chair 6y the stove in the kitchen. It was' thonght_ that she had died the „pxejioutl!^^^^l^v^^T^SlTFwas Livinig to^ttiVage o ^ff^lita^aH^th life, except for; a spent alone All about -thi^b^se¥~oirtiiS~ trees is spread a. generous quanv tity of nuts of every .sort and kind, and no hostess giving\\a dinner to honored,guests cquhi_ take greater pains to see that everything is daintily and'con-: veniently arranged for their needs. '• . -.\ When the little people triji away It Is with the conscious-- \nes8 \tKat'Mr\: \GraTy ^BqTilirferaiui; [nfflEs^&^rT'ln^pssessicaS^f> ^^•^^lul^^su\- a a cient to carry them well through the holiday vacation. 67-y eariof :.age, latter part of her few Weeks the past year, in her own house, where she cared for her own garden, chickens and cow, s is •. — .- .. -. th^jremarkable record of Miss Louisa /\||Q ,|V66p lOUr Lobmis, who died at Groton recently, ^»i . a stone's throw from the farm on. ,which sheiwas^bornjn..January, 1820. Two boys, aged 5 and 6, playing i\»with matches in a barn near Nichols, set fire to the. hay and they escaped by sliding,down the chute. They then hid in the woods nearby, afraid to go home., TJaeJiarn was burneB and the pj^nta^upposecLBieJboys nVd\ perjsjr then come here and buy them & r > ^ (fWV ^ /Mi. Ghristmas Gre^ — r.-# .if,- V'. M. Bring in the trailing forest moss, ^ Bring cedar, fir and pine, £|_ And green festoon and wreath and criciss Around the windows twine.r \\ I'v '•'•\. ' • ^ \ # A5aXnj^^the whiteness of the wall ^ J3oiilvJjng_vordu_re\.'aeenjj •• '•\ W It now appears that lose itHUrgan factory which was start- ed there some time ago. More capi- tal is needed and the. citizens of that village do not feel like patting up more money, while citizens of Patter- son, N. J., are willing to take $36, 000 worth of stock and this means .that .the_factory will go to that place. The Warsaw factory has been closed for several weeks. Fred Pullyblank, of Caledonia met with a bad accident one day last week; __when.onejrra was dr^wii^ntoa_power^ corn husker. After the machine was stopped it was half an hour before the injured man could be released. The muscles of the elbow had been badly cut and the whole forearm wrenched and bruised, while the shoulder joint was dislocated. At one time it was feared he might have to lose his.arm. It is said that there are a number of spurious $20 bills in circulation in many of the smaller towns. These bills are said to be $5 bills which ~Tiave\b~eeh fixed over, and very clever- ly at that. On the genuine $20 bank And keep your Christmas green. and went to ed until mustered their courage the house. James H. Pepper* of Jerusalem, a few years ago set out 100 apple trees along the sides of the roads running by his farm. He has just, sold the apples gathered from these trees this year, 416 barrels at $2.80 a barrel, amounting. to_$l, 164..80, _.besides t the drops and sorts.\ Walter Westbrook is in jail at Lockport with a sentence to the El- mira Reformatory hanging oyer him. « F. F-. Schuminers West Ave. Fairport, N. Y. {0yi •*: j i r .x.' \. •^ •-\ • • \. : * r-.-.x.- i' .\#.' •; • J r'-* s ;'* • ••-;• : . / \- ; • ... j!; • :' •; -.-.-.- • ••.•• ! ~3 •''_ ^ -•£.—\ W-:Ji ..a He-is-refused-admissLon to.the Refor- matory because cultures taken fi;ora his throat show diptheria. Physicians say he is riot ill with the disease, but is what is known SB a carrier of-l germs. The local police of Seneca Falls are looking for an elderly lady, who has' been swindling housewives there dur- ing the Burgess revival campaign. The woman asked for contributions to help defray the expenses of the meet- ings and had met with a very generous repsdnse. The 'executive committee of the campaign have issued a warn It'is hisdear memorial day Who broke earth's frozen sleep ''j. Arid who for her hope's.gladdening fey Forever bright will keep. % .» He gives all loveliness that grows, \•'•; \ The strong and graceful trees, :' The,.winter moss, the fresh June rose—>• ^JT.he .dearJLord, saves ,u_s^ these. ; ;_^_ Who saves us from the piteous wreck Of souls adrift in sin, So not alone the churches deck, But peaceful homes within— 1- '\'.' ~\S ive.' 7 f ly at that. Un tne genuine jp/su umm 0 f t he campaign nave isaueu u wmu- irotes^ytthe-port^^^-^ 11 ^\ Mrf,,u1 ' ^ng-to^uppor-tera-of-the—campaigJi-io. i««rrV. TnKiio thA rniHcd notes bear the m^a nn nnntrihntions to oersons not I jtagg.wfTJ'-M.'.ia i lough while the raised notes bear the picture of Benjamin Harrison. It is ~Wel1~forpeople who come into-posses* aion of $20 notes to make sure they ^are- genuinelbefore. accepting them. SOme residents of Medina are in fa- vor Of that., village becoming a city. A number of the business men favor it because it is said that by the change the municipality would save about $8, 000 annually. The present village is situated in both the towns of Ridge- way, and Shelby, and contributes one \half of the' entire expense-of-tho-town of Ridge way and one third to the town ~6f Shelby. \A committee-was appoint* ed to promote the project. • ' Mrs. William Barker of Albion dis- tipgearod-fromthat village a few days ; Merrm leTra he was going to visit his parents in I Made peaceful by h1s~iconBtant~Tove7~ Let thoughts of him abide. To\find us our lost home above He homeless lived and died. • We keep the bright home festival ' And, with a childlike cheer, X His angel ushered birthday call The merriest of the year. Yes, merry Christmas let it be, A day to love and give, Since every soul's best gift is he Who came that we might live. And all things beautiful are his, And his he- maketh burs, So bring each bud that bursting is, Seems to be the absorbing topic at present. Now we're not going to spring that old chestnut on you about f. Neckties, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Sweaters, \ej% Umbrellas, Gloves, Stockings, Shoes, Bed Spreads, Dresser ; Scarfs, Tray Cldihs ) make no contributions to persons known. : —Drrdohn-Brown of.Nunda, was call- ed. W.ednesjjav^to.,.restore_a_ man_ who had been found „ in ..the road near the Arthur Ganfield farm with' hiB hands and feet frozen. The doctor said his hands were frozen to the ground so that the flesh was pulled offwhen they were loosened. He proved to be Ed- ward Derter, 32 years old, whose home is in Fillmore and he started to .walk from Canaserga to Scipio. He was taken to the-Canfield.farm.housejjeax Nunda, where he is recovering.— -Darisville-Breeze. _ u £_ An extreme case of poverty was re- cently called to the attention of the Rome Board of Charities. In a shack' All Christmas blooming flowers, All blossoms that in windows shine, With—leavea-to-Hght-uhfurledr and a lot of other fof-de-rol, but wfe have them all, and In memory of that Flower Divine \Whose- 1 fragrance Ms tTio world. Be all old customs honored so That good to others mean, Bring cross and garland from the snow And keep your Christmas green. — ; Lucy Laroom., T Tl Saving For Christmas. .Any plan that induces almost half the population of a city of 10,000 peo-. pie to save in smaU amounts $175iO00 a year_is_worthy of study. The Oil City• TrusTcompany \of\OlPClty, fa.; has a Christmas Saving dub, which has grown greatly in-recent years. The object in starting the club was to en- that we can*t think of now, or yW'Sther,•;wnffl - 7Pir^et7^^M^ on them and/learn their prices, which are so ridiculously cheap - that you will say at once, \ No use fooling away iny time, I might just as well commence to buy right here. M • , & ':•{-• - I four children, fourteen hens, four.pigs flA WJ1H I^UIHH I U vioiw situ ui4»v»*-«' -*• I ^^-SaTTT^kVcrty^ \ ^e^ ^covered ~aTSairrake-CltyT»bcd.--and a box- When Merrill's father learned of the affair, .he. was so overcome-that he •^ppAdLdefld M- Harkar alleffcs | We are tern plete stqck of . / —..... \. -j - UUIKVL IH OU«*S HMQ *« w ^-«« - - r — — bcd,- : and a-box-ufled-aB a cfa41e-fbr-the baby, was standing against the pig pen, which was divided off in one cor* nerpfthe room. It was said that the that before his wife went away she drew $2,000 of his money from a Rochester aavinga,bank A ^.,_ ; , „_, _. Throe-young men of SilverJSprings found it rather' expensive business when they went over »into Allegany county last Sunday with a ferret to hunt rabbits. The County Game Pro- \tseU>f—landed—on—their—rtraii-r-and-l ( , brought them before Justice Piker^of j/ ' '-$26,16; iAdelberf Davis, one of the • rio waa able to pay his fine, and Les« or Davis and \Wm. Schroader, tne thef two, were given a little time to piga looked cleaner tHIJli ilia ctmtfrTm and the pentad not been cleaned in UOIUU min i u^MruwumtT7,rwT- | 1.1 ^f> •'-^J 1 ,••..'.V'ffr-*J1 paid to them,iwlth interest fwo Weeks icfore _jOhrlBtmas. Members may be- [^In^y jTaTInT^^e^lS^i^e^-lnlx Ing the amount by a cent each week until the fifty are up. This amounts to $12.75 per year. A. second class calls' -fnr n two cent saving the first week, adding the initial amoUnl eftt'h aueceed? nmeKie, some time. children werejialf nWed^a¥d'rw\efe^rakTefT*'tonho-Romo hospital. .. • •.' ' '\'•': ' *. \ Real Definition^ * v An applicant for a teacher's certl* flcato in Kentucky, answered an exam- Jnft»nn_miftHtlnn hv dnflnin^ \blunder' hiiBft»^ , Aa \kisainsg theo wrongg girl.\* ing week. This makes a total saving of $25.50 for the year.—Leslie's. .-,' \ \ '- •y- i m • r. i §\ • •• . busa' fis. \kissin th wron \girl. Dictionary or 5 no dictionary, we would i-—. ,- Tm^m^fr^tT^hnt^lrl^fl^rakeiagflreor^^\ tiflcate.—Houston Post, I h»m at unrlslmn m Keadt the Classified Ada. Pay Their Doctor at Christmas. As regards, J presents-at Chrlstmaa, the rule is, in primitive Spain, to. send a present' to 'the; cura (parish priest) and the doctor. Many Spaniards pay a Uxetl nnnual sum; t6 th^Fn&Bdicai^f man, and he attends til the family, itf 1 .'' ' * *.' w> ^ - North Main St, .X l',--^ htm-at OhrlSTimrerTWltlrthTrAddition-of- a' turkey, a cake or some fine sweet Meats! «!• N. . A<\ m • • mm \ •• — •!• •!•*•.•* • t * i i f r •t'** *• .Twt *rr: U*i^-^-\^( T 1^ tfc ~xr-'< if/ $l . >.* \--t i'Y *u^MimM\M^^ •tmjte?+?s«&-*\ty w— M^^KMii. \S^fe^r

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