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The Fairport herald. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1873-1925, December 22, 1915, Image 4

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Sullivai^-superint^entjOfvthe^F^ir pacrJrtnoidDa).J3lfafe eating reading to the people whovhelp pay f6r the street lightipg in the vil- lage bfr Fairport.— Undoubtedly a great many people have noticed- men -engaged in_vyojrking at the arc lights placed ; under^t^«m^^ man general on the conditio^that this; ^ ^ ^^ ,^ ^» were government at any time reserved,tue'7™Yj!^^^^^^aVho J *^ in the village of late and they have also notifcedtthe-muchcbetter Ifgh'tas ; government at : any ' fight to revoke} the permission Provid- ed the policy oftha.army, so command- ed ran In any Xvay counter t<« the,ideas of the United States. -;;1A \ O' Having dictated thls^lmpoftaut-idlar •rltorles extende'd''from^^geaj(.whajb.la ;-' ':C^ 'nowttiVbl^^ *Plnirn IIIIIII in ilini 'H\mi , ?'iTri''nith'hr ntntri r ,''-*•'^ patch, the' president hung up the re- ceiver \*~ sscaw:f aertafeins^>*Yes/air,\ -was the.answer, j^VV^^^^^^^?™^ vr inew; yety well what It wag under*; taJilpg—and. veTO-Vpliv'.^?*-/®-;^.^^ audiO-aye done It very welL'* \ that approached .or' wealth: • '.''=''-;'.*' ?r*;t'&^tfjf~'! -^^L<s'uitivare^.Yiour^Tal«yrJL_ One little talent on whlea, Jou; con: 3E sion what; to\ do'A^t-thVitr« T *t :: irgiit ing system as added arc lights haye he^eBsitatedlimprpv^ hot Yee^TsaWfaTiW^^ new hydrogen: 1 amps.Twhreb-are-a new thing in streetlighting,, the 1 difficulty has been solved and as a result we get more/light and the cost is less. Mr. Sullivan says: — -—liTheJAuhicipal,^C9.mmJ8sionL_ have been making some' changes, in the street lighting syBteni of the. Vijlage which seem to be quite an. improve* -men^over^the^ld^ty^e^of.^ncloied^Ec^ lamp formerly used.- Due to the use of additional lamps for lighting ,new streetB v in the Village the regulators and transformers, handling the* street lighting^system becam^lobB^lete^and inadequate. - v - VMarcb—=lst;-\19GRr—seventy—arc lamps^were—iiBod—4n—lighting-the Ma3or;^=hope\youvare^ota^ tie that Chinese questl6h : all rigliti ^Yqu don't need to be toojdero y'lej^ing? for ^l-ofiui^lroysraTe^ York Times. - — ,'•' ~^ i \— : -• • / ••• •-' j Readthe Classified Ads. tlcal purposes it Is easy to'••.\be toe highly endowed. One talent, with air it he,- fne^-ot^our-natuj^Bajk,o^it^ iwlll^ut you in a place where youy/il) not .ntied to vanvy-anyone^—— . r 1 -^^ - i-i-i^r ir-~. •;. U n Ited States. Losea Trade.- • ^ J, l^zftr'axpoHs^ !T^bbefiJbiLC§yyB^^ita^^temobile tlrea Ifrom/'Eulrolp^^^^ feat^at^j^u^^ ^e^cQnn.&&iloa4] m lr- ill toftenrlsta'tear\ jsn.brteried'TLengtn OT i_ahco. - v 7 -^ e ;^ r ^gj?! a[ °*Athe middle agea 7 Iwasapfroipu^e^ eht-day lance rarely J exceeds eleven •»-»'V*»a--«r-»)»- We Suggest Below a ; Feiiv, Suit afc/e Gpts: For Men •-. — *-- ?ATTHE^ Fairport Candy Kitchen Iri anticipation of our usual large Holiday . trade w } e .,'Kaye prepared a much larger as- sortmentdi good things than ever before. Fairport; people know well that tlhis store standsLtor_puaty:in; the • manufacture of 6andy : ^ii<i-Iee-Grearn,-and -wheh-^Y-e-uxgeu r r streets. Since then forty-two 100 c. p.. Mazda lamps and two arc lamps have been added to the system. \Neck-Srarfs....... v » « t * 80c. $1T00, $1.25, $1.50 \Installing metal hlamem^r-j^azda' lamps required close regulatioh'V which was, impossible\ to get - with; the old regulators, and any disturbance or cross .on the lines was almost sure to burn out all the metal filament lainps,- which* happened several times last summer. It was therefore hecesary ; n order to overcome this expensive con- dition to install new transformers and T^g^iffEbTBT^^hef^^^^ Suspenders • • • • ^^ c » ^^ c Sterling Dress Shirts i.. .$1.00 TV: j^-P K\d Cloves, lined and nnlinedv For Women ^^=••5 -•-'..•. I-IJ; - . ' at.......- .... v.......: .$1 25,, $1.50 Handkerchiefs........ ....... 10c, 15c, 25c~~ Smoking Sets.....;..» .$1.50, $2.00 Win. Perin/Cigars (25 in box)....... * .$1.00 \\ Table Iiineh Tray GlotnSi.. •-•-»-• ••••••. * • • • • •.• •. • •«• Napkins.-..-».....'••• .*. •. .>• .*...•«•.*••\••«-. .. -'•• Our new. stock, of Linen Towels are ex- '- cepti6naliy'.good, value at 25c, 30c,each:„j Fur~Trimmed - Felt House Slippers St ^ .......... ? .'.yvvVU ^$1.00, ilv25j ;$i,501 ,| A [nice assortment of .Nippon China; Dishes, prices from.... 25c to $2.00 each >fyouiy€has4naa^^^-^ ~^ giving the products of our candy kitchen, we assure you that the purchases bought \ here will be satisfactory in all respects. w on Christmas CandiesJn. bulk to Sunday schools, Organizations and school teachers who wish *to ^ give cancly at .Christmas-time. : \ r -•• yj£ Delicious Hpme-made Candies in bulk, by the ^t. - pound or inJFancy Christmas boxes. ^^ nut Meats,... Figs, -Grapes,. Bananas, Oranges, Salted or Shell Peanuts, . Fancy Candies and a lot of good things. ICECREAM • all flavors, delivered tb any part of the village fe without extra charger ^ ^-~-~^ __., ____ ^fc^a^^f\^e^uIatofs'\T:he i ^~1TmorT^TOri6TnR^^ system naturally arose/with the deci- sion that it would he economy\to in- stall the high efficiency hydrogen.gas- filled lamp^in place of the old type enclosed arc lamps, andjhe regulators were purchased' to -handle this type of laln\prr\The-Qld-enclosed-arc-lamps conaumed-500 watts of current ^ach, per hour. The new type of hydro- gen, lamp, .being used, consume, J258 watts of current each, per hour,- or about half the amount. . ;'.<£ \Instead of purchasing new street -fivtiirPR forJ^e^ae' lampsr: the oldl'arc^ lamps were .re-constructed so thejby- For the Chu<dreh ,We have Slippers, Gloves, Shoes,, Rubber Boots, Stockings, in fact many useful articles • r^ ^^^^gt^^jTristmas^f^n^Te^lso^er^^^ D CiiJL -Iwil DAMi. m liA* I To when preparing for the Christmas Dinner, for this is Be Sure and Remember Us wWe ^ e p can ^nish you with the virybestthkt money- will buy.' Honeysuckle brand of Canned Goods, Hein^ Mince Meat and Plum Pudding, Oranges, Grapes, English Walnuts, Mixed Nuts, Candies, Cranberries,- Canned Preserves, Olives, Pickles, Etc. Be surelojave^^ ,•:••• ' •'•'.• v-f •••; : - • ^-y*; ••'••m OUR HOT 11 ' 1 ' — ' and Lunches are prpyinfc very popular, you triedWem~yet ? Have r ~ _ - Men's Sweater Coai8,$W0 to $5X)0 Extra fine Ribbon Candy for Christmas^-15c per po^ ,..-. : ?•• • ' „ . :„ .. . • i/ . t. -x& •' ' : '-' m . -:.y>:i '•. '>-\ <:• - \ - ' *-'• • .*-••-. :1 Now is the time to finish filling your S. & H. Green Stamp Book and secure a fine premium for Christmas. \Jfc Trsrvr>«-HTi-^rv-ji.^=:?rj ^r=rp^='^Tr^ss3rzJC^^r^^z=^^a^^ ^.T-U-L-V^ zfc~ TSifport Candy Kitchen, South Main Street ^ George Varlan, Prop. 1% drogen lamp could be used ih~Jh¥^f$hie case and by using the.- same glpbeB. This was done at practically the? cost of the labor of making the change, as the old copper and brasB taken from the are'lamps paid for the material used for the hydrogen lamp. The new regulators are installed and most of thearc lamps replaced with the hydroj- gen^lamp.^bue^tg_a^charige_^bliflg necessary to the line work the lamps on Parker st. and East Church st. will not-be changed over-until.spring 1 \At the present time -*here are eighty-one 100 c. p. hydrogen lamps, fifty-one^ 400 c. p* hydrogen lampB, eight enclosed arc lamps and six 250 c. p. ornamental poBts used*in lighting the village streets.-' Soiith Mftih CWARRE ^^FslRPORn * C Let Your Bell Telephone THE - .,..• . . -,-.. HELPING THrl PRESIDENT. John Cheerfully Backecf McKinley In a i_ - •- Diplomatic Crisis. At the time of the Boxer rebellion President McKinley was taking a \fieeued-reanit his Home hrcantour O. The long distaut'e telephone was situ- ated betweeu two windows running to the floor of the room. Under one of V \m • Ring Out Greetings to Your Out- of-Town Friends From yeap to year-the -gladsome- custom^has- steadily:a.| grown of sending cards of Holiday greetings to all our friends and relatives near and far. ' : \ '••\;. ^JiasJt ever Occurcd to you how.much more personal,' fe^iKt^eheexycIEllci^f^keaj^^J^^ . ^vrittenc*aroT < ^^ ??¥::5 ^^ them, projecting from the foundation of the house, was a faucet of water to the lawn. One morning the president was called to the long distance, teje- phUffe :by \Secretaries Hay and -Roofc- lt\ni559ffgG\had been received. In-Wash- ington from the czar pf. allthe/Russias and the German emperor^ ^request ed that the president of the United States should-fllace \the Americari sol- diers under the command of- Count Waldersee, the German general, In or- der to insure harmony of action on the part of_the allied. armles. % .' . \\\TJief6\waa r some \paving going : on in \the street~6pT)osite~ the~hoiraeraiid~ \as the day was warm the' workmen be- came thirsty^ BO one of their, number was sent-for water. While the chief execuUvo \was consulting with his sec-1 , ^ retarles concerning, this important mat- ^ >C^^^ ', ^^°?A^i^^^^^pffi^gys ^4g Your Bell Telephone is the starting point from which ' your voice may travel to extend your gjelmnp^ttr^ your friends and relatives\ in'nearby places or far away cities. • L • •' *• • '• This Christmas try the Beirtelephone way of wishing^ everyone a \Merry Christmas and a ijappy New -Year^:—- turned on tlfp water. «,The wate^ run- -7s nlng Into the-pall made a great deal ~ Trade— \ F^p reign arid Domestic There is, at present, a great deal of cortirnent about our very impor- etant trade with other ' nations* as well as the improvement in our do- mestic commerce. -; alone carry more pas sengers~an^Tnure good \\\ aWuallv: tharj^l}:pf:the ships pf : the leading maritime nation of the world. _ The New York Central Lines are the greatjbbniTectirrg \\lmlrbetween the East —-an d-WestT\v4thlrequen t fast and safe train serv- long this great •^gsz*^^ -t.-»:—- -«,«. IfCotU But Little, So Let Your Bell Telephone Ring Out : Your-HAppy-ChrutmA*JG.reelingi. -^^—.^J ».-.^ .*. New York Telephone Gottipany mmm itmtmmm —••*••• [••wi-^— inn ^ ' wmwi »\•» *^'i»* n « mm wn •••••IM-I»«»IIW mmmmmmmmtmv^hmmJm^Smit^mmmm G. S. LORD, Local Agent bTn^^tt 5 ^^^^^^^!!^^^ the windows helng open. He asked his secretaries to wait a moment, and then, leaning forward and looking out -of thejwlnd6w,.8ftidL__ \John that water running In the pall makes a very disturbing noise, nnd I s. am busy talking over the long distance . v == l£fe]ffionftrTMe5^ r^^t moments. *. •> , \All rights major,\ replied J6hn^ and turning off .the water he filled his pipe and lighted it \and then, alttlng-dowri with ills back to the house; listened to the eonversatlon which the president was carrying 6^' • , Hi>rft was tho ruler of a hundred mil- *2§.- • lions'of peoplo ( engaged In the transac- tion. x>f m09t Important and serious $r<rV?oa-a-pomr ^-i J1 'faqbUc v bU8ll Ynen -and ^merch^ndisfe \f- move^fTomrplace place with assurance of Safel imfoii NEW YORK (ENTRAL ^ LINES J - -**. •IIIIIIIIfllHIIII linn V^rJA^^McS^^ce f ' '£,' iM^mi ••—::~zrrr-te~ r mm

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