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N&&£/«2! i#3ll Sir ^—- -.-•--, £\*\•\:» .-aPenAeld^jc, Jji^JsdJ|i^Bimple .gownjjf white crepe. de^cTTine, witiTS shower bouquet of bridal roses resting- on her arm, and, standing before^ a fire-place banked with green and fed, ElVen^tilliari=Harria_^ofJBenfield be< came the wife of Claire Countryman Bateman of Scottsburg. \A three, piece orchestra, consisting of violin, elarinet_and_piano poured forth the strains of both Mendelssohn and Lo- ; behgrin s aB-the-bride^and>gr43onuwendjL ed their way to the parlor, on Wednes« day, December 22, at exactly five o'clock, Juatjbefore the ceremony, •\'\• B. man. Laura Welkey, Win —NichqlB/J J. H. Ammon, Reba Nichols, pianist;... ^The^unday^ia^opJ^QJ4^ JAurch-will hold its Christmas supper and entertainment Thursday, evening; \ Dec. 30th. Supper 5vill\be served at. 6 o'clock, ; .'/i \\\John Shumway w and—wife^^axe=^tb, spend the holidays in. Lima. , . j.ysj Miss Kate Slafer will spend Christy mas with friends in Irondequoit. \ ,\ Penfield Center, Dec. 20—A Merry,. ^-?^^ could be expected. tf}$?& We had. our first local'trap shoot ^Satu^ay. LAjood number was pres- [^nt. Grange ;me^n^walTli\eld- Saturday- -^Ma-cedoTr^enteiv-Dec^^feE^ . ^. _._- •• -i *.~A D..U maa nioaBAnt-lv. surprised las -1 ,r- ,i^aga;£V c^fflr^gp- and officers were elected. WESTW^yORTH. . which-was performed, by Key^j^ C\61iKtTy^a^6f^ocheBterrH<3-Promi8e MA\ wqa beautifully rendered by iMi.Bs Elva Harris, Cousin of the brlde7 of Canandaigua. The ceremony which took place at the, home of .the bride's aunt, Mrs. Harriet \Bown Wan witnes Christmas and a Happy New Year to the editor and his staff, and to all the readers of-the Herlad. * ? \. ! 3_ \ iy'j ^\THf^Wa^hetrMiss^^eisr-^hd^hefc .pupils, will give a Christmas enter 1 -' Weat Walworth, Dec. 20-rThe. un deraighed will close their\ respective | pfaces of business at 6 p. m; every oight except Saturdays until further Uotice,^b_e^injiing_^c^^_ _ ^_^ « Carl H. Lotze. ChaB. A. .Stalker.'- tainmeht at thV school house Thursday evening. AlMnvited. • * .. A. number from this way attended FA^IINGTON. Hull _was pleasantly surprised Friday evening' by the membersof, the former Exqels|or class, who met at his homeland presented him with a fine- new-rocking-chair.- A bountiful supper waB -, served and ail' enjoyed a pleasant evening. About thirty rela- tives and friends were present/ l-=^r.^nd^Mrs?^eorge~Bradley^and Mr. and Mrs. CharleB. 7 Miller/enter- tained aEoat seventy of their-friends at National Hall .last Friday eyening. The first^ dance of * the season Was a very~Jenjoyjable pnW * '.-.> •>-. iZtli*^- K-~~ - '/Mr.t •>\• — M'J-'-' ' .1- : •\; ,- ' i - . i • .>:•' • t :p4^ . •• h :i •.'';&$$* : ~-^} -\sj!. __U-J.:V-^ zw\ JX^ i Farmington. Dec. ^0— The \y°™ Miss Pearl Armstrong ol^ochesfer ^ople^rclaBB-of-the-EriendB^Sab^ata | ^ th _^^^^^ Bg ^ eh: a_^ 0 ag-for- mnt. Mrs. Harriet Bown wa« wituuri ' graAg ' e a ^ Webster Saturday. ^It-wa^ ed by. seventy-five, guests. Some of j the election 0 f officers. :.. u • i -x. ™^ Q fmm Caledonia. RocheB- Mnrrell. Milton Van- S5JS& ^-J^-!-/- i-te^ =»;c.\ •» • ^^ whom were from Caledonia, Roches ter, Canandaigua, and Buffalo. After the ceremony a three course dinner was served under the direction of a JRochester cateress. The dining room was plainly but artistically decorated in red and green. Twelve were serv- ed at the_bride's table, the ten'mem- JewToF^^ serving. The~ brTd^^feB0tJtb^\ea6h ^fi^'n^ffi^^^Ahfe=Bapr4iu^aaa_wi ch^a silver spoon. Directly after ' dinner Mr. and Mrs. Claire Bateman left, amid the congratulations and .good Wegt Penfield D e C . 20~The sleigh- wishes of their many friends for a ing we had laat week Went off in?a western trip. The pre-nuptial events hurry and we are all on wheels again- consisted of a reciepe shower given —.. „ , t ^._ u . A .i^ by Mrs. Edgar Settle_of Rochester, a Earl and Glen Morrell. Milton Van derpool and Clarence Miller spent.at few days with friends near Spdus last WGGIC -* - \' * Mrs. Van Lone spent the week-end' Th Rochester with her son, Charles; Van Lone. ,- -; ,Will-Kuhnmunch_ and _wife spent lu^Ofr^^^^'^t Da ^ E ?M^ munch and famiTyT^\*\ \.'. : A WEST PENFIELD. school will give a Christmas eiit e r ; '^ h | ayB reQently> tainment• on Christmas eve ^t tne. ^ hur George wa a 0 n the-sick list ^burch,^ntiiaed_B.ethlehem. The ex r ^^^^^g^f , : ; __^^_ ercises will be represented by a scenic ^g,.^^ Br owneU spent a few background representing the scenety .^ £* th - paBt wee t with her par- -Of Bethlehem, and : the participan s ^ at ^ ittBford> ' • ^ - ; ,: will be attired in oriental costumes. Mifla AmeJia wiedrich of.Turk Hill It is expected .the program will ? e , viBitedrelativea in town last.,week, unique and interesting to alL • ... - -, . chic keh p ie Bupper will be. the Charles ..Kemp had the misfortune ^^ ^ rfay . or l rather evening, to lose a good horserlast week. Academy hairWedneBday, Dec. 29. Mrs. Albert Padgham was called hifl wU1 be held in place 0 f the usual ^Clydejaj^^ i411nesfl, J of^MaigBii : I^^^^!~I^u^ S.Allen, and sister, Mils Mary J. gnTOT^^^alhTo^^uTB^iB^BJHig^fo^ m mH% ,.• • • \- •••• •-• .y----x X [dinner party by Mrs. R. ,C. Klople of Rochester, a variety shower by Mrs.. J L Thistelwaite, a dinner and card .party by Mrs. Jule Shrieb, adinner I and theatre, party by..Mra._. Herbert Spe'rry of Rochester, adinner by Mrs. A^H^Bown-^and a- quiltin'g^beejy Mrs. Walter Scott. them. •. •-'• • Mrs. E. Jolin is suffering from the second attack , of- erysipelas. Mrs; Belle Servoss of Macedon is caring for George Smith, ^l 1 \^^S! ^o^i, Klau^ ^ family. :^ho ^T^e^^^HHext^^^nge—meating^li^e^ iield Jan. 8, .anja.irday BesBibn, \yitb- dinner at prompt noon and installation\ Ali e fresfimeirt'arid^eiBhtb-grade-o-f-- the Penfield -High School.gave a party \~Thl been confined to the house ^th T an-at- tack of bronchitis, is-cpnvaleBceht. \[' A Christmas entertainment will he given, by the pupjls in district nunir ber nine at the school house on TKiirs-; day-,afterndon, Dec. 23d, A Christ?: mas tree will be part of the programs the past year, moved to Jordan the firut of. the week. ExercJ8es by the pupils of the vil- lage pchopl will be held Friday \after- noon, atferl\ which a vacation-of one week will be given the. school. At\the^aBt :r grange^eetingj-^atur in the afternoon. MiBses Mary'and Doris Packard are home frotnrLima for the. holiday va- cation. v . Married, at Brighton, ; Dec. '9,. Mrs. Lucy Chappel ¥ndJWm. Hickox, both of this place. Congratulations are •till in order. hm%%£ 55». • '-• -' : W vW 5S' ' ; X : 'i- m- *T9^ • • _ P^V:t ;i WL- '-.•^- v I*-*-. -• •*. > fM ••:\• V^V ••'••'•/>> •.''it r i'f: • 1 ••' • ...;_|_^ LOU [Cliuciu i.. b - . in the halls of the school on Thursday evening of last week. All reported a very good time. / Mr. and Mrs. Elden McQuoid enter- tained the \Five Hundred club\ | Thursday evening. ~r .-The,_geheral .store of F. E. Ocken- i den is-very-aUractvie.JnVholiday, at- tire. / . \\ ^ -^ The teachers and pupils of the Un JHE \Uiyi?Ry4A CASL\. ^ A Clever Lawyer and the Raising of \A ^J^lsftjajjue^^.—,. v~~- •'•— Mr. and Mrs. telix urase un ouuu.j .. , , DfiriiitB were granted - ifc »t£a~S£ 5?23&CS^te -W**SS*-^- **•'>- sister, nice! Mrs. which does good work. Otto Knabel caught several ---.^ - ,.»,,. n large pickerel through'the.ice at Iron-] Henry Greene was dequoit bay last week. — •; ^-jnhnTScribn^f.^^^ farm at Walker and will take possea* sion April 1st. bre'lla case.\ A man was charged witU stealing a handsome umbrella, • and a number of witnesses went into the box.to testify to'the offense. The couri- AHhea Kyte DaviB. of Geneva^ sel for the defendant noted that each \•-\\ \•\\ Elected a member. ^ itness c,arried an umbrella (the:time of year was midsummer, which ex- Miss SadVL. Morse, and also !VM^- km zyyajawn f. V.',-fe S«B \IM ion school are preparing a Christmas ^ e wi8n the editor and his statt oi .program to be given Thursday after | noon,-after-which the-8chool-wilLclpse_ for the holiday vacation. Rev. Smock of Pennsylvania, a for- mer pastor of the Advent church, at- tended the conferences thejAdventis and remained in town a few days to visit friends assistants a Merry ChristmaB A linen shower, was* given at the home-of Miss Ruth Erhardt on Satur- day afternoon in honor of Miss Hazel Rothfuss^^ the . East Penfield. Dec. 20—There will ] be a ChriBtmas tree at the cKurch\.Frtr ; lday evening. A piece will be given entitled \The Clock on^Christmaa pf-the executive^ cjjmmittee to take, the^place-of Lewis F. Allen,recently, Ile^te'd^ma¥ferT =; ^ 1 Levi^Redfield^wa8 recommended for fire director. Gil- bert H. Padgham, financial secretary, gave his report for the past year and his re- ported for the executive committee ,U « Merry «„»•• , ^ ^a^Eejita^Jreasurer. gave W ' v vearlv report. 'Lewis F. Allen EAST PENFIELD. ^ =• * orte S for the executive commi $2. On Thursday December 30th~ Snuday school of the M. E. church will give a Christmas supper and.pro- gram at the church. Miss Carolyn Porter has returned from New York, where she bas beeTT j studying music to spend the holidays with her parents. Day,\ exercise to commence at 7:45.. All are cordially invited to attend. •'.\ Miss Sarah Butler went to the City Saturday to spend a few days with her sister, Rena. —^ ^i_ ~WarYeh~ \Reynolds -was-married^ in Rochester last Wednesday.' They will be at home after Jan. 1st. Mr. and Mrs. Harland Good are re that the total resources were. $2,336 .59. An oyster supper at the time of installation-of officers will be held on New Years eve at Grange hall. The installing officer will be Albert H. Stevenson, retiring master. \ >»• •—••^—^^—•—<—*^ WALWORTH. lifcfer.-—' mm m 1 1^ ••>;•. 7 £££i wm - -MIBB -Kathe^iBe^RjjcJj^pX^Fjjrport ia^ viBiting*ho'r-grandmoj^r/4Mr8..jChaii„ Rich. J; -~-^— | The C. # society of the Baptist church held a'business meeting and candy pull last Friday evening,' at the hbhie of MisB Leora Fahrer. Thursday- afternoon at three o'clock Mrs. F. Plant will entertain the W. GFTrU;v-v™~--Y~-— ttv^~~ Misa Lottie Kohler spent the fore part of the week with her aunt, Miss •Lottio-Portridge-at-Rocheater*__^__ Fred Onley and wife of East Roch- ester weie the .Sunday guests of Mr. and Mra. A. Kelley. m joicing over the arrival of a som I Lee Clonser expects to go to hid home in Pennsylvania thiB week to -Walworth, Dec.-20^Mr, and^Mrs,. E. K. Fredenburg ieft Friday to spend some time with their daughter, Mrs. Smith, of Harrisburg, Pa. Mft-Jand-iflrB. F- W.-Carmon and was r plains the necessity _for these 4mpedi-. -mehts). -,,- v,.-.-.. -. ^^s-a^mattei^of^aet^^the^Erisjoner^aj^ no defense to make. The barrlsterT thrown on his wits, exclaimed: \Gen- tlemen of the jury, did you^not notice that each of. the witnesses carried an umbrella into-the-bqx? -Why is-thisp gentlemen? It-is done in order to In feet your minds\ with the idea of an umbrella, to prejudice the prisoner in your eyes, to rals,e' 3 a false^lssue.' and I appeal to you to signify .your detes- • tatlon of this concerted action by- | bringing m a verdict of not guilty.\ The judge, who imagined that little attention would be paid to sufch a plea, took little time and less pains to sum up the case. The jury nevertheless •A*erdiet-4n^-aGCorda» ?£5& m mi} Pi p- !5& Z£i WL ...,,. r^ - • ^ -,'•* spend,thChol Way a^ MUa LUCV VanAlstine IB spending her vacation with her sister, MrsT'By ron Gifiord. ' v J.I. George has a new auto. . Mr. and Mrs. Henry. Cook and Mr^- and Mrs. Etigene Vane yiBited at'W.m. Wahl'a of Lincoln Sunday. ',, Mrs. Sophia Rath of Union Hill spent last .week -: with-her -daughter» Mrs. E. Vane. \ j Mrs. Carrie Sawyer spent Saturday at Rochester. ' Miss 'Louise Dinse^of Rochester is TPndliirs^eW-dayflwTth her parents \Broufllt hi a .v..v-.«.. — . wIth~th^resonrceful-barristeris-wlshegL.i and acquitted the guilty man.—London Telegraph. _A-M*nri Powell. Anefedote. Mr.\ and ^Mrai-ChaBT .Maud Powdll, the famous American violinist, is a firm-believer in constant practice,*no matter where she happens^ -to -be located... .The;„ famousjrecprd of mm mm 4=lNGOLN. Lincoln,.Dec. 20—Our new black- j smith,' Mr. Bleak moved one day last Dinse has.been ill for the,past week but is much*better now. ». , MisB Mary Ross is on the sick list. Glen Scott is confined to hiB bed with rheumatic fever. 7 Mr. v : and 'Mrs. T. B.-. -Yuker and familyi^:Gepr^e^Q.aterho^t.&'nJ <> faniily and L. W.' Iti|r and family wTlf spend .Christmas with L. Yuker of Port Gibson. * • -Commencing Jan. 2, revival .-meet* inga will be held. ,• Our community was shocked. TueB- j ner-pareniHf-i-[o-ue^ww»»c«----'*\- w »*^«^v~-r-^-f-----'--i--—• ^ inae ^Mr,4--PaderewBfesej^|en^urg, a day '?i&Mg£ it--\. m i~ ~i> i*u . M*. nionk moved one uay iaai uur w«ii«u»»v ;— the\home of MrsVT. J, Brown. Stop haviriK^a^ackBmith^once more an -^^r^o-\Reir liking— rA-0hrS6S§-«nterUinment.an(qrm ^35\™^'^..-^ wn» b ohe.d Friday avonlng at the ^^^ifiera^mcimwww^ ing from the; barn to the house he ilroppg^aoad^aat^ateido-the door^ His death was due to heart trouble, and cornea - as a great shock to hia practice—has -beenu-tb her an insptrd tion. MustcianV enjoy^XstorTahe tells on herself. She was staying in the summer at a country place. Every morning she went through her cus- tomary-exercises. Every morning a boy employed about the,place \doing chores'-'-BASBed^her; opeh window and heard her Working away\af sbniMhin'g: which in the course of a few days he learned to identify. When he heard 4it*i^la^ng4t^>y^uy-inomlhg for more than a week he could no longer, cdh- tain himself, • and 1 as he passed»the open \window he shouted, \Aw say* inrHrtfe3^Net^<>tteP^a r t mm w&mW- SiSfi J'?v m& &:im /-* ; Penfield grange me» in t«uuiOL 9V- •-- .. , I ana comes »» n «•»« —rrr- — — highly e8teenied. Mjf.. 1 I l>> M Attendance—Durlng-ihj_^ugual routine of busineBS, Ruth Erhardt waa 1 ^*\.._ k . a '1 9 — _1**M IUUUHUUI UMU ...-w_, — . elected lady assistant steward in place of*MatUe-,iCeyAl,^JSho_re8igned; It of our evaporators iare how closed.^ * Mrs. M. Church is recoverig from waa also decided W^^^X^^ |i tion of officora Saturday evening, Jan. lat, 1916. A Christmas program, which had been prepared by Mieaea Laura Welkley, Minnie Welkley and George Baker was in Lyons several, days last week. \ * ' •. * ' .The hard luck social Was held Fri- day night at the parsonage instead of A*.A. : «ii »*A»A/1 ' loaf •\ ' • ~^m L.aura yyeiMBjr, *\...»•>- \—---- . - Af \»u ft M E church : aa stated last ting home from Rochester mm his idhai known and Hall was 62 years of age and was born .on, the-.f ann^J^ejrejy^reslded^t his death. „H§_ieave8 to rfiqur/i hia loss his wife, Carrie Hall, and one daughter, c Grace,..also his. mohter, who is 87 years of age.' The funeral was' held at the residence Friday of IffaTWeekrRev. ErSr Beacom, pastor of the Methodist\ church,^ offlctftting, alflQ-KQV.IE^ E. Jones, of Oakfield,^a former pastorTof Mr.; Hall's, made some Very consoling remarks,• \Inter. . Woman's Crowning\ Qlory.: \ You riever saw a woman, with \a rep \itatl6fffoyiggog^kiRwl^ldnatHnoKr|s how to fix her halrr~renirirksr-Arthur-»- Aull. Make women clip their hdir like the men* and but out their soft,\ fllhiy costumes, their fluffy ruffles_and_ the r |ffreful mfthffer^f'racceniTialln^ the hips and bust and .you. would hear very Httle more about ^m,a|e beauty. Even ^ith^eyejry^ hairdressers ;few^w.omen jean .pass muster nS~3i\eautles;. £ No \amount of ircsslng and very few faces -and fig- ures Would be.enough.to offset the ef-* feet of a peeled onion do Up-on the halr.-rKansas City JournaW ~———-r- ; He inent at Marion cemetery. ., G. H.* Atkinson had the misfortune > Loaflna—Work—for 8bme. T Sometimes, In ourrieBB optimiBTiO' inbods, we wonder if a holiday isn't |n- %wttni-io^emind^s^pw^a8f-^orl- -r^ilwaukeb journal;; 'J~-Q. ZGAi

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