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il;.-, •,•-„•. ..._.-..;. ... i • ; .. ... .... C,- -. . • .' - - ' ; -.. J -^v •• r. •.. ;••;-.' ,.-\ ••:• it'. \ - a^s+^tag i£ THE EAIJ^p:^ PI /•-T^'\* \V.-. tLv-.-e*£ Ji L. Hopkio»pf Njmda^Choien to Hea<T • •• ..———Fairport School* _^—^—~ Prof. John Lee Hopkins Jr., A. B., your Church 'Doing* ' Jlecorded Jbero L It'» your Own,, Faults— are not ioolfwj|lgbj6?bo I'Sf^lT^paduate^f^Hem lege, '09,. and alsoastddent at the summer school of Columbia Universi* ty, in \which\ he sjuaied sclIDUl\ admirr* istration, has been elected to the pos- ition of principal of the Fairport schaoli-to fill the vacancy caused by Burton,\ _ ________ to^ The ChriBtmas exercijej^tjiej?irst I p ort schoolB after the Christmas yaca- ^-^^ w ^^^^__^..___ U Lr-i-_=_-__-l __g__. =_*= the\\_esignation of ProfesBor on Thursday evening, Dec. 23. ed by the Congregational Church to -_--^i- preach at their services until the com- ^sl_^Jng^-~the-neW3pa^ . Davies, of Chicago '\ The true spirit of Christmas will be\ exemplified at the exercises of the Raymond Baptist Sunday s c h o o 1, which will be held in the church Thursday evening^JDec. 23rd, when the older* children of tHe school will bring gifts which are. to be.given to the poor of the community instead of coming to the exercises to listen to ^^thB^rogram-and^to^receiyfl-gifts*^^ Rev. E. E. Sprague of Salamanca was the speaker at the union services at the First Baptist church Sunday ^-^.ev-eninjj^^tb^e^sjjbject of the sermon beingv^ v The luTerTTwdT\ *¥r? *~Sp-agUe very attentive third yearv there. Previous to his principalship^in Nunda, Mr. Hopkins Newark, N^w Jersey, for six years;\ He comes v«ry^highly^recommended, and it was only* after being assured that they could secure another man that the Nunda board of education would.release Mr. .Hopkins; this they did at a special meeting Saturday night, and immediately Mr. Hopkins telephoned Dr. G. S. Price, president of the local school board, to that effjc t^_\^ J ;____ Professor Hopkins' is\a7 y.oun^hian 29 years of age, is married, and- will doubt receive a warm welcome r\~ C. L. S. C. will meetwith.Mrs. L. M. Shaw next Monday ' at 3 p. ro Roll calirCbristmas greetings. ™~ r* The W. C. Ts^Ur^wi 11 ^ meet ^wi th Mm JS, A. Lee\ No. 62 South Main m The^iladies of the: vited. Ruth^Hoag jspent- Saturday \ and Sun day wltb^ei^'gr^h^ Mrs. Isaac Hbag. Mrr^anww^ f^^li^frsT^Bble^Dut-eT of MF.^aiid\Mr8i« Monroe^ Car m an^ThfeJ first of the,week. '>';...;.\ .J \ ^Bl ectfon^of^officero ~at -the-^-gcanga passed off quite rapidly_ Saturday af- ternoon, as nearly >-'ali-..o._7^^®~^^\P^* > - r fleers-were.'reHBleqted.-•-- The Jesuit of the election . was: D. E. Wiedricb, inaBter^oh^ Phil Packard,„lec^urerj^ Wesley ChapM a^efni^clOTSe^^M^ community .a. evening, meeting. This will be an i report ant Yearly rejiortswllV blrread -^,:*-v..-. * : :~* T?-~~4l; : S& I •\• ! ' I'I'•'•\•.-•~ ~i - ' ' ^-'- •• -- - -••• • -••:•: •• •- ••- •••• ' -'-• ----_••*• - - - IT -,--•\*-_* Slaga^i^ 20c OrapgesrFlgs. alVMiyds of Nuts, Oahdyy M. DeBONE Gigars and^ftD___KS West Avenue t _ II M l__-_^ „ ? Hkfc»Jg„._*_^_^- J .. 1 -_^-^--.' jm'an|.*>gbapl.aln; __._•: pm^r^e^Hneefe-Sattirday | ^tar^geo^fe;^k^;^RW| no lBa and he was listened to ly by the audience. here, when he comes to take charge rjfthe~Bchoolsr , which'have-been i so\ab <r ^err^forcefu^speake^ fessor Burton. Mr. Hopkins has engaged in athlet- ics to a considerable extent, specializ- ing in track while ; h Auburn High school 6ttd\iTT\bBsket~ i balHrrcofiegerj THE FRIENDS* ORTHODOX GHURCH •—-REUBEN J. PAYNE. PASTOR. Reaidence, Parraingtpn, N. Y. - Services, every Sunday at 10:30 a m., and Sunday school at noon. SOUTH PER1NTON M. E. CHURCH W. H. WHITE, Pastor Residence. Macedon Center Sunday school at 1:15 every Sunday and pre aching service at 2:15. w ^^^.T-URWS^PI^COPALT™ — Services every Sunday evening at 7:30-o'clock. 1-: I FIRST BAPTIST Regular services next Sunday morn- ing, Sunday school at noon, preaching services 4n the evening. Rev. C. A. MacAlpine will preach at both ser- vices, and has coached a number of teams in the schools where he has taught. At Nunda extensive efforts have been made during the past year to en- large the Nunda school district to take in the surrounding districts with- in a reasonable transportation distance and establish a community high school. During this past fall Mr. Hopkins.has WBde^speeches favoring=-this—projeefc TrraTf^TFfEe^n^is^^ Nunda, and this educational campaign has aroused a decided interest in the community for better and more pract- ical education. -- ' arid^^CUiriatmaB^rogsa^j^ieg^^^^hii grange serves -chicken dinner at the Osburn House tomorrow evening, corn-; .mencing at 6:30. .... The members'of vthe Congregational Sunday school will give a reception in honor of their superintendent, Mr. Burton, on Wednesday evening from 8 to 10 o'clock. All members of the church and congregation are cordially invited to be present. - Roz^lla^Rebekahflddgezsvfla^honored by a visit of : the degree team of Past Grands from Rochester, who initiated a class of candidates at the regular TOeeting-h_eldvT-hursday<^v_ming^^.The LpjE. e ^§^II^_lj_^X-l5-l-^^SP' Sljj. 6 ,; Odd Fellows and are Jto^woW^wTtlT them in the preparation for the \Old TimeV night, which will be held some time during the early part of ^extrmonttK~ : —> —:—— ^-r There was a large attendance of HoagrPomona; Mrs.. Stephen _iarri_- dale, _Fipra; Mrs. Wra. Miller, Qeres; MisV^lpyd;- Green,. L.5A.,S.;^-'Mre. 'T&t&'-r\* rr^-- l-aBBiatant* .secretary.. Qwing^tQ_-ihe fact that the next regular meeting comes on .Christmas - day, a special meeting will be held Saturday after- poori, Dec. 18th. Mr. 'and Mrs. Guy White \of Mace- don were pests • of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dillon Saturday and'Sunday. Miss Ella Doyle was on the sick list the past week. x ^Mrs^_%Ioyd T GreerFis^stilt^C-nfined to the house, and MrsT^eorge^Wied- rich is-under.the'doctor's care^\- was a members and visitors at the communi- cation of Fairport lodge, No. 476, F. &. A. M., Monday evening on the oc- casion -of the official visi.t of R. Wi John B. Mullan, district deputy grand master. ~ The third degree„was con- WASHINGTON MOST-WASTEFUL- ^-ij_!'V--i^ Leads All American Cities In Throwing Away Good Food. - '.. v The federal government conducts many kinds of investigations, but |-Washingtou—was—hardly—prepajed—to-f learn that;-United States agents had been-.digging\'into'''the garbage du,mps of the country? -' - - • As a result ; pftbis latest inquiry the department of' agriculture announces that'Washington is the most wasteful city in the United States. Careful ex- aminations of the contents of garbage cans were made with; a view to deter- mine what\ percentage of food prod- jnic?br-da_ly'=*thrown===atvay^__igh_='have j In__anticipation of olir usual large Holiday trade we have prepared a much larger as- sbrtrrrent^of-good things than-ever-beforer Fairport people know well' that this store stands for purity in the manufacture^ of Candy.„and Ice Cream and when wev-urge -you~~toWa_ce-a-por.tioii_Qf your Christmas, giving the prpducts of^urcand^kitcherir ; We assure ypiT thai the purchases bought. _ here will be satisfactory in all respects. T5T7 - \ IT: Special frices on Christmas Candies in bulk to Sunday schools, jft Organizations and \school teachers who to i/- f m. W. It ^CONGREGATIONAL Regular services next Sunday, with both sermons of the day preached by Mr. F. B. Igler of the Rochester The- ^ologicai^enoiriLary,. ^Suodjy^ school at School closes Friday afternoon of this week for the Christmas holidays, to reopens Monday, January 3rd. The High school basketball 'team plays the Macedon High team at Mac- edon Saturday evening of this week.\ Rhetoricals will be given Friday afternoon in the assembly hall. The progranTwill begin at 2. o'clock and 11 *b .__jnQO.n. „„„_ •__. 1— •-.-..Christmas exercises of the Sunday •' school will be~neid^Thursday eWnitigr Dfec. 23, at which time basketB for the poor will be brought to the church for distribution later. These baskets will be donated by the classes 6f the Sunday school and by individuals of the church. -RAYMOND BAPTIST. w- H. R. SAUNDERS. PASTOR Residence. No. 12 East Church St- Morning worship at 10:30. Sun- day school and Baraca class at 12 o'clock. Evening service at 7:30. This will be a short, lively, and we hope, an inspiring service. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30. A cordial invitation is exetnded to the public to join us in these services. will De a Christmas program. . T-I_«__ r. • *. *u The-gVad^nf-trP_4^th=Bid^^ willhave-their-Chriatmas-program-to- gether, V.e-x.ejr c i s es ...beginningjat 2 o'clock Friday afternoon; On the\ South side some of the grades com- bine, together for their (jhristmas ex- ercises, which will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. Thursday evening a reception was given in honor of Principal Burton at the High Bchbol by the faculty. Be- sides the teachers th^fe^weTei pi , e__nt i | former teachers of the community and their husbands. Mr.' Burton was presented with a pair of art bronze Indian bookholders by the. members piano^auiajiia^qujaitet sang, address of the evening was givei cities conducted more economi- ferred on one candidate in such a man ner as to bring from the diBtrict\_lep u ty^warTh \Wdrd_T)f -prai s effort he ch ar ^acteFxrftfre-wo_kr*~A^eHodgef4uncb^een^ut^to__^ was served and an hour passed pleas antly in a social way. A number of the members of Fairport lodge visited Tenfield~lodge-last~evening~and~wi.^ nessed the work of the third degree. More than 50 men gathered at the First Methodist church Friday evening on the occasion of the second in the series of six men's dinners given un- der the auspices of the -men of^the church,. The roast beef dinner was served by a committee from the La- dies' Aid society, and music was~fur- niBhed by Roy VanNorman with/the ^ give candy at Christmas-time. Delicious Home-made Candies in bulk, by the pound or in Fancy Christmas boxes^ ( . : T Christmas Baskets/ Mixed Nuts, Almonds, Wal- nut Meats, Figs, Grapes, Bananas, Oranges, Salted or Shell Peanuts, Fancy Candies and a lot of good things. • wives of the various their establishments cally. —A-complete-reporVon-thefederargov^\ \erriment's -investigation -Will be' pub- lished -soon, ^ all flavors, delivered to any part of the village • . * Uiiole'Eben. \Alius ^peak de truth,\ said Uncle Ehen,J^u^b_efpJ_you^^tahts_in,_make sure.dat de particular truth dat's on yqh mind happens to be any of ybh business.\ without ext ra^ ch a rge. OUR HOT DRINKS and Lunches are proving very popular. you tried them yet 7 . \ Have - m 0 FairportXandy Kitchen, .„ .South„Main_Stteet_ George Varlan, Prop. '^m^kj^i^^^M^^^^^^^^ •\s I- a - . il L— V _L I - i - •• • E FIRST METHODIST. J. W. SANDERSON, PASTOR, Residence. No. 16 Perin at. Regular services at the accustomed hours on Sunday, with sermons by the pastor morning and evening. Sunday school at noon qrid Epwnrth League at 6:30. \~ ••—— Theflrst quarterly conference of the year will be held nexT Monday .even- ing, with Dr. Ray Allen, district su- perintendent, presidyffe. V- Prayer meeting Wednesday even- ing at 7:30. We will continue our study of .the subject, \The Meaning of Prayer.\ Topic, \Unanswered Prayer.^ treasurer of of the faculty. VILLAGE BOARD Prot^Georg_-ErEddy^-9\Turl-6y^-Fe* ? lation to the present war.* Mr. \fjjddy was for two years a teacher in Roberts college, Constantinople, and had an excellent opportunity of studying the Turk at first hand. He gave a most interesting and instructive talk' tin the Turk as he is today ..and...gave the men-a^clear=_^view=of__.the__inariner8,, customs, and ideals of the inhabitants of that far-off land, thus enabling them to.better understand the, attitude of the_Turk. Mr. Eddy was given a hearty unanimous vote of thanks for jhis enlightening address, which was enjoyed thoroughly. m Wi desire^lhTr^very the church, no matter what he is treasurer-of, bring his books with all vouchers to tho church not later than next Sunday morning, or better, leave them at the home of C. P. Bancroft on Woodland avenue during this we'ek. A report of the auditing' committee ~w111 r be~called-for-Monday~ovoning:— Our Christmas c^fita^a will be giv- en at the morningy-eryice on the 28th, All who were there enjoyed the Proceeding* of Village Fathers at Their Recent Meetings. Regular adjourned meeting of the village board held in the rooms Fri- day, Dec. 10, 1915, at 7:30 o'clock p. m. President Dudley presiding. Present, Trustees Hollander, McCart- ney, Barnhart, Clifford. By. McCartney :__That_an_ocder_b.e. drawivon the treasurer in favor of the Traders' National Bank for $600.00 for claim assigned by W. L. Pfiefer, and charge the same to the—West Church street storm sewer. Carried. By Clifford: That an order be drawn on _the treasurer in favor of Wemes & Warn for $17.5.00 to. apply on sprinkling contract. Carried. —By—Hollander-:—That—we-adjournr Carried. R. L. Williams, Clerk. Theresa.SmitH - '\ Mrs. Theresa Smith,-wife of John Peter Smith, _a^d,75 years, died at her home in PenleTd Monday Decem- ber sixth. She leaves besides her husband, four daughters, Mrs. Arthur Post of Penfield, Mrs. Jerry Post of Brighton, Mrs. Fred Bruce of North Dakota and Mrs. Cornelius Holwerda of - Nor'th~Dak6ta7~awd BlxteBrrgrand-- children and one great grandchild. The funeral was held at the home of lifer daughter Thursday at 2 o'clock, burial in Brighton cemetery. That Will Worthily Represent You Among Your AT UNUSUALLY ATTRACTIVE PRICES ' Baptist Home News. - Dec. ; 7tK our missionary prayer meeting session was given over to Miss-Waugh.j who gave an outline and ^ I? tfV- •» - •. m dies of that division, and it was fof.i ter atreet8f an a Dec. 13, 1915, at 8 ^owod^y^n4ntenBel^nterftating--talk^ gto6k _^.. m ,, waB B et-ini^nr^trmrto- i 1 by Mr. Eddy. One of the indications of the way it was enjoyed was seen in theway the.fel lo\va gathered about in groups and spent an hour after the r dlnner in a social Way. \WOfTplafi^ ning for the next ohe^on Jan. 14. Special meeting of the village board held in the rooms Monday, Dec. 13, 1915, at 8 o'clock p. m., to hear alle- gations on Water and John street san- itary sewers. President Dudley pre- sicllng. -» Preseht,~Tfustee_\Barnhart Clifford, NeisB, Hollander. By Hollander: Whereas,, at' a meeting\ of the board held Nov. 29 t some details of her teaching and mis- sionary work among the colored people in Georgia and \North Carolina. Miss Waugh continued her noble work 50 years. The last 38 years she devoted particularly to missionary work in James Cjty and\ Newburn,-North Car* olina. Eternity alone can tell the ex- 1 13nt and results of \ner seif-a\acrificihg labors. * • During- the last thirty-five . years Miss \Waugh had as colleague Miss Perfumes An. extensive assort- ment 4o choose from. Finest^ perfumes from the best perfumers— dainty odors in attract- ive packages, all in Hoi- • iday attire. . Give per- fumes—they're always acceptable gifts. --Prices, 25c.to $1.25 Toilet Waters, _6c to $1.85 Br ushes - Mir r or s ._'. Hair Brushes in many styles, pure bristles set in natural wood backs. Large assortment for se- lection. Prices, 50c to $2.00. B i ' • P foi - I * t ... \NToCice AIT persons are ordered to remove the snow and ice from their sidewalks before nine o'clock n. m. or thosame will be done by the.Village and asses- sed against the^prpperty. • , By order of the Village Board. 37t2 R. L. Williams, Clerk. Have it printed in U. S. A. by Clrc-Herald Preaa, Fairport, N. Y. ' but spiailjdagiiolea. hear\ allegation's on the said sewer,\ said persons appeared in favor of .said sewer, W. H. Boy land* D. B. Fuller,' Frank Staldt, Joe Fiorenzo, Tony Petinaro, John Clifford, Camalio Pig : natio, \John Munson. None appeared againatahe-same.-—Seconded by.XJ.1 i t • ford. Barnhart yes, Clifford yes, Neiaa yes, Hollander yes. By Nei88: That we adjourn. Car- ried. - - R. L, Williams, Clerk., .„-. Oauseo by Overheating. Blowholes and pinholes in castings ure'catraed * ny^ftvorheating ith^frnnnai\ •while melting. Pinholes are nothing m We are expecting to hear at our next meeting Mh?s~WtlM-tn« lat a.fcOdiitt of her part in the work. w , Sunday, -Dec. 12th the expae'ted speaker could not come and Mrs. De ^Witt. ofJFairport gave a very inter- eating talk. -_^,._ _ No„ Arflimie.nt^Comina,,.^. ^ \Did you apeak to father about rob, Arthur?\ \Yes I did,-dear; and ho agreed with ; me heartily.' \Then ho aaid I might;marry you?\ \Why-^er^ n6. I didn't quite get to the x point of asklng-hlm-that-i; Just said-you wero^a.fine girl/'-^-Birmlngharir Age- Herald. ' ••• Hand Mirrors, ebony and natural wood backs, best plate mirrors-— 50c and up.,; * r . .- Miscellaneous The Small Gift At-a-Small Price is well represented on every Christmas list— . and after all, the real value of a gift.is not to be measured by its cost. \If you will stop for a. moment to glance at our window display you .will see a consider- able numberof \things that will suggest hoyr~ you may. easilv - settle\ ^iJxe_j^^stioh : ^^^nial^ gifts' at small\ pficesT But come inside the New and at- » tractive designs in writing papers and • correspon- dence cards Authoritative styles attractive- ly priced at \25cfb85c store, where these tew suggestions are . multi- plied, many, times. Xlreetings, Seals, PostCGafds \^\Dainty^ChTistrrras^^Folders-^- and Cards,\ timely verses pyprftsaing vour personal / wishes, 5c to 10c. • Post Cards, Seals and Tags, lc to Sc FLASHLIGHTS, many sizes shapes, $lTt)0-to-$i760^— VANITY BOXES,.25c . 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Tobaccos, in humidor jars, - 50c tp\90c . ; These are chummy thlnga to. give a man. PIPES , 25c RoV/ $1.60 • -.-;;> J^.,\ i: * & A.B. --\ ^JGeULat:Hupp!ft. FATRPORT,N t V> Save ihe Difference .•*. fr ,.;..{;'.;:,.';{; I *. «-^,. ;*> ^.Z^^SS^MX^i- .V ••^•y- f -',\^i'-'.' •i*K * ^*% *.? x )$t3tt&:$.t*&

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