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The Fairport herald. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1873-1925, August 09, 1911, Image 1

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I W i l i i W -• -t-i-V - —-- .—■—'tv . _■ 25 ^••■:'_±\-v r • -• FAIRPORT, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1.911 Whole Number 2055 dependence of Morocco must be mnln- talnedrbut-that France and Spainrbe-r c^gTHrthe—na t lona^ n e a rest^-at—band«- Bbould have police powers and see thnt the Moors kept order._and_. l>e- haved themselves. It also provided. or Implied, thnt tlie-relgnlng sultan should he kept on tbe throne. - Just to show how much respect they hadTor the honorable conference,. the .Moors hardly waited-for the seats of- the delegates to get cold before they chased this particular sultan off his throne and out of the country. They are a nervous bunch, these wild tribes­ men. having a. holy w a r or Borne other -WmL-of-ft—ahlmiy-ttboufc-ev^ry—fiffceen- mlnul ea,~ and - they.-wero -ln - the-acUoL driving, another sultan across the bor­ der when the .French' stepped’ lm. Spnln also got busy, taking n lot of choice towns—If anything ln Morocco can be-colled choloe-r-towus which, tbe French regarded as being ln their own Moroccan'Situation Most Serious, but. No War Likely to Come of It Seven Nations Fighting, and Seven Others May Become Involved maOfl-tlE'HEIfflHGIffES. rS. H Is - a r eti a o'n abl e - h o fi e t li a t - a u y _ w a r whatever may be averted Thus'/we are moving’toward peace, although we hava not yet arrived. V TE? Mor dtfcin SI t'u a tion. 7 in\120 Years the“ Center-Hat-M oved Only Nineteen Minutes In Latitudo and Nino and One-half Degrees- In Longitude—How It le Determined. Dissolution Will Tako Placo About Doc- 1—Shares In Minor Concerns to Bo Distributed . Ratably—Intricate Work For the Accountants. SAYINGS _ 0 F JESU S IN EXHUM E D W R IT IN G S Unoahonloal Gospel Discovered by — ,-ss^ri Egyptian Explorers. A new*uncanonlCal gospel of Christ containing many utterances of Jesus w h ich. are today 'unknown to the world is believed to have b ^ n dis­ covered—through\ tire—work—of- the' Egyptlad- Exploration fund, according to an .official announcement Issued from the Boston headquarters of the fund. Enough ancient writings .have been dug up to furbish material for twenty .large printed volumes. Professor Bernard P. Grenfell and Professor Arthur S.-Hunt are at pres­ ent engagednn^lherw o rk of t ran slat-. Ing the -mass of .uncovered-papyrus. Professor Whittemore went to Egypt several jnojH.hs ago on the atrengtiruf -7.T h oro Is - o n o - hop cf u I; 81 gii.--however,-? /These countries In which d h ere 13 nc*( ttjal lighting, Halt). Morocco, Turkey, . aro on ,lho outer fringe-of. civilization; > ih Mexico the trdublo'-ls nlmo9l over,' _ t n d •' In -Caba; It h a s . scarcely begun.. As forF ranco and &palu, they are only7\ ;.dotng polled J u t y in Morocco. ’Thqs'no Troany/ cl vTI Ued4cdm\t ry . noW- Jia 9 7wa r, • on a sealo .v/orth .mentioning. ..’For the ^ grcttt* nations' thero aro only, portents ■ o f Wuble.'* X)ne hundred- years ago a _ , ^ ^ I ; t e u r o p e a n !twnr would have In- .eVltAblir'ircsalted from such n sitnatlorr ~ a s that delating to Moroefco;' Now*there --------------------------------------------- H d W d llTtKb M f t H . : ----------------™ T r “You donife7knog_.cnoufih-to-‘atay-ln^ whbn i t rains,” dcrlslvety^&ald tii6'ca'n<T to tbp uipljrella.—‘ t, . \Look here,” retorted tho umbrella,' \such bluffs from a mere stick Uko you don't go with me. My motto is 'Put- up or shut up’ every time.” W edding AmioimeementaVUjthiS oflico th£t delating to Morocip, ‘’-I •*•.’ Printing a t Tho Herald Office Advertise Id thp Herald—it paye,

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