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/ East Rochester Sou t l r Pnr k-»8 a 'f Ami1 y7spenL=Suh? THE FAIRPOKT HERALD, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1911 * C h a s.- H. D erby /Bliimhihg and.Heating Contractor _n . i has occupied the-office.. for ,two \years and.as ha.has performed his duties pertaining to th a t office for that per­ iod, the authorities are we]) settled th a t his .-right toiThe^)ffice_ cannot, be- a ttacked on habeas corpus .or certi­ orari proceedings a fter a-conviction or rddm m Utm ent-dtherwise-than-regular;- M — Penfield,—JulyL3L—TThe—young- la- (lieV'of 'Miss Gertrude\ P la n t’s Sunday best display of Plumbing Goods in town bas been made by him. Everything new and up to date. All work guaranteed. Gardner Block. Commercial St. East. Regarding the allegation th a t the evidence, is insufficient to hold W arn­ er and Robinson, Justice Sutherland holds the opposite view,- in that they forcibly-resisted-and-attackeda-police Wm.~ S w ift and , . ... ... .. \* I The release of Brann is granted on beenvunt.ng w > t h - h . ^ a ^ r ^ M r s J the ground -th a t i t ;3 not argue(T that H.-R» Lucia and family. of-West-FiL-_ bert s t., the past two weeks, return­ ed to their home in Vermont on Wed­ nesday. Thos. Brokenshire moved on Mon­ day from B. J. F r y a tt's house on W est Filbert st. ? t o the house h<?re­ cently had built on East Commercial st. Miss Elsie Sweet visited in Fair- i -porfc-on-Sunday. he actually participated in an assault T- upon the officer and th a t there is no evidence that he aided or encouraged any assault that was actually commit­ ted. During the proceedings it was shown th a t Brann and Troxell and Killian, the two other men arrested in connection with the affair, had said to Officer Thompson, a t the boarding house where he made the arrest of Robinsonj 'M r/B row n of Penfield, who is em­ ployed in B.* J . F r y a tt’s store, moved into B. J. F r y a tt's .house on W est Filbert st. a - ^ r ‘ | the.:person making th e - r e m a r k waB 'day—with; -J r R: Lynch ^ns~ n tt rihn trri t n take him .out of here; we\will not leF y o u .\ Justice Sutherland holds that this does not constitute an offense on the part of Brann, as the identity of v-/- school class enjoyed a picnic at Sene­ ca\pafk last 'Wednesday Miss Grace Raymond , spent the week end as the guest of Mrs. George Vroom of Ogden Center. Miss Mary Lord has returned from Dr. Lee’s hospital? much improved in health. Mr 37=11 aymond-Oti a—i s -tlrs=gUc5 tfof Wig- . W alworth, July 31— G. nail is ill with pink eye. — Several of-our—young people spent- Sunday-at-W atkin6-Glen.— COAL —John Strong and family, who have been spending some tim e with his PRICES FOR THE MOilTH OF JULY bey\ sPgnd'ng »ome t . me with \i q a l — :— Q B A T J E jS 5 .2 5 .ia .y a E tl------------S T .Q Y B L S 5 J f lJ iL Yaifl.-- J 8 \ w a !»■»(. - H U T * > . n ii. y . i d Mr. and Mrs. Sodus Point. Sabin SchuiUmex.s at Mrs. C. C. Raymond ia-apejidin the week at Sodus as the guest of Mrs. Bruner Bown. C. J. Rogers has been engaged as principal of the Penfield high school for the coming y e a r ^ - M iss -E m m a Pearson has been' engaged as sixth and seventh grades teacher. Miss Mary Ready of Rochester is visiting friends and relatives in town. Mrs. Reeves and daughter, Laura, of East Rochester, are spending the weelTwith her m o ther? Mrs. J. Law­ rence. - — -- • — ------------ - — Rt5y~C<mirifr'and^wif^tai*rM^ird5yT^ 2oe more if delivered in village, 25c more if not cash on delivery BOTH PHONES J O t X X X X X X X X X X X X J i X X i O J W X X X X X J O i J C X J W i / 1 for a few \veek9 outing at_ Lake .On­ tario. ____ ‘...J _________ ; ______ Rev. and Mrs.. Joseph Morrow left __________ Saturday for their vacation,, p a r t s of Let-him -gOr—-You-cannot-’^yhich-will be-apentratrSilver Lake. E Mr.Pand Mrs. B e rt D iltz and fami- I th® 1tl? ^ e collectively . ^ _ N e ither is it proved, contineus the y 0 *fKeu’ U V a r \ f SPeiT * W*i8 court* ^hat after the rem ark wa9 tim e with her sister, M rsr J . A. Wil- , , — ..y. - j , ____________ Lmade an assault_was committed, ac- S0Io ^ a n • a cordingly the rem ark cannot be said ... JSast Rochester A. C. received its I s J . . ■ . . r .. ~ . to have aided or encouraged anyone fourth defeat of the season on Satur- . . . . , . . .. . XT „ ___ - else in m aking an assault upon the -dav/Agamfll^the-~strxmg^Newa-Boys A..L- . C.' o f Rochester. The Newsboys were - The Maple Leaves, defeated the W hite Caps of Rochester by a score of 18 to 5 Saturday. *’* - The Penfield grange will hold a field day Augu a t-12, .. o i l . wih&JE?cnfi'el d . hi gh: school— grounds:— The dance at the town hall in the evening. Miss M argaret Smith of Macedon has (seen visiting her sister, Mrs. C. L. H arris. ----- An airship, built by a number of Rochester men, and while it ia being tested in the lot east of Ora Welch- -allowed-to-^yorp 9 runs in the first M A M E MURDER. FARMINGTON. Farmington, July 31— Miss Lillii Nichols, who has been visiting friends zer^on^tben A tlan i ic^aY e ^ o atLhaa,~&t-1 ijL,PalmyraTor.?he^past few. weeks, tracted a considerable crowd -this pastraittfiTied home fast three innings, but were held for -no rnua after that. It was a very excit-j shooting Affray in Saloon and an Arre»t r ing'gameiaTid\the~final~score was*9 to-] f — ' 8 Irt .favor ;of tfil News Bo$ff.7 Rev. Mr. Metz of New York preach- Made. The efitire village has been much ia both morning and evening'in the I stirred since the ahootingaffray a t the M. ^E.\ church. His subjects were \ A Bungalow in the west part of the.vil- Happy L if e 1' and “ Our Future laSe Monday night, and as a result of G lory,”' and both wefelyery. forcible I 8 1'ght rem a rk-about a woman reach- sermons. I *n£ ears a man w^03e brain was Rev. Brandon Greenaway of the befogged with drink, -Abraham -M c- —. F ir s t Presbyterian church have Pherson, a car builder, is at Homeo- several weeks vacation after Sunday, pathi? hospital likely to die of a bullet q ' wound in the abdomen from a gun in ames -Baird of Manchester, N. Y., the hands of a fellow employee, Fred spent Saturday with his brother, Lee Knobloch, who • Is under arrest on a Baird HmTIamily, of W e st-Filbert.st.. P.bar6e first_dejg^ree. -..-O/ E. • Anderson opened up his fish Knobloch is a car repairer. He mnrkr-tJiLjil—Thursday in the_building came to E a s ? Rochester about -a year . , ‘ I o crh f r r t m ' M r t n t r o o l H a w n c t n h n v t » is3_BIanch\3_^.tterson has gone to W o lcott.to work at the telephone busr j ine3. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Mitchell and | their daughter and little son are visi­ ting relatives a t this place. The Sunday schools, will hold their annual picnic in Academy grove Wed­ nesday. . ^ .Miss Bessie Seeley ift home for her yacation.-^- Mr. and Mrs. little son, Motti W h ittleton and wbo have been spending their vacation at the Pacific, have re­ turned to E a s t Rochester. — Berxy_aeason. is..nearly over. ______ guest of Mr. B arker and family. Lillias Down3 is home from Roch­ ester. - . YOU CANT COUNT the uses, y o u ,c a n make of_r a -1 your home or place of business. w ^ ekr \wA few short flights have been made. ,_ M iss Nora Young and-M iaa—Edna Perry-of— R ochester were the guest's of Miss Carolyn Fellows Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Clara^Ernst of Pittsford jipent ^Tuesday with Miss Fanny Schermer- horn;— - it --------- — -------- : -------------------- The Vincent Bible class will have a lawn social on the M.- E. church lawn Saturday evening, August 18* A fine program will be rendered by the young people, followed-by lawn.gam-. es and contests. A penny supper will be served. .. • ■ Constellation chapter, O. E. S. will hold their annual picnic.at On­ tario Beach-Thursday of this week. All members and tnend9.,are mviteck It will run your errands. It will save steps .and time for you every day: -— .: — ’ Mrs. Mary Dillingham, who has been with her daughter, Mrs. Lula -BrowneHy^ o f — Buffalo,—fo r - t h e - p a st yearr-arfr both-^spending-a7—few days Your time is valuable—don’t waste it. ^ — a t the home of Mrs. Dillingham, who is much jjnproved in health. - Mr.*-and Mrs. Jam es Squires of in E a st Rochetser are nicely settled their new home, which they recently purchased of Henry Whipple of Cale­ donia. ■-• •• • :Tak& the Bell today. -Rates are Reasonable. formerly occupied by Mr. Squire as a I ^rom Montreal. He was to nave _ barber shop .on Commerclal-st. and is started'y^stei'day-iriurniT i^for-T e x a s ~ On Thursday a t“ his * home in this doing a very good business. with his fam ily and Fred Lockhart, a town, where he had lived for 43 years, Chas. Hapeman is erecting a dwell- friend in the shops, and his family, occurred .the death .of Andrew Mc- ing house on the lot he recently pur- Monday they went- to the city to Gowan at the age of 81 years. BeJ -chmted Oh Madison st: [-buy-their tiok«ts and, .wh ile-itJs said | aides his wife, .he leaves two...sons, The concrete work on the new Eyer they are ordinarily not drinking Dr. W. K. McGowan of Conesus and block is rapidly nearing c o m p l e t i o n . m e n * .they drank to the success of James R. MGcowan of Penfield; also Ghas. W est, who t.heir venture in Texas. one brotKerfand three sisters,_W illiam 1 pf Ttn ^ 1 ~In~ the -everiing - they/ re tur n ed to The | M6G6 Wan? regor- d^Ti ^ s ^ e r e ' pFe'seh t^fvoin- G1 ace^ 'T h e program of the next grange meeting on Saturday evening of this week will be in charge of Lewis T. Allen, who has secured T .-E. M artin, superintendent of the New York state experimental farm at Syracuse, who w ill give, an address..on...‘..’.Tile.Drain-. age.” His wife is also expected ,to give an address on ‘‘Home T o p ics.\ NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Padghma, ac­ companied b y 4 friends from Macedon and Newark, spent several days the first of the week at Lake Bluff at \ F o r my Friends\ cottage. The Allen family reunion was held on TuesdajT of this week, Aug. 1st, Mrs. E. G. A llen’s birthday. Rela- U^-e Electric Light Efficient, Clean, E c o n o m ical W e furnish unexcelled 24-hour service in Penfield, E a s t - R o c h e a t e r . - P i t t s f o r d - a n d i B r i g h t o n i i ^ E ^ where he has secure^ employment. _ Guy Sanford and family Rave mov­ ed to Butler, Pa., their former home. He had been employed by the M. D. T. Co. here since last summer. Bungalow hotel, of which—W illiam Mrs. Nancy Purdy of Canandaigua Winney is the proprietor,and were and Miss Lizzie McGowan of\RocKes- having a glass of beer at the bar when ter. The funeral* was held from the Knobloch heard McPherson, who was house Saturday-at—3- o^clock:— Inter- don, Vic tor- and Brocton,. Jtf.. Y* Mrs. Jennie Cline, who.has been visiting ...^w drinking with Robert W allace, make ment was made inOakwood cemetery. • Buildin~ b on the -boom nt-present what he considered'a derogatory re- Mr. McGowan was born in the r.orth Tn this vilTage, aTthere~~are~between ] mark about Lockhart's wife. He star-1 of Ireland in 1830 and came to this 20 and 30 houses in the course of con- -stru c t i o h .' “ -I— Mrs Nolan of Albany, .after spend- ing some tim e -w ith-her-sister,-M rs. -Joseph Kelly, returned home Iqst ted a quarrel which the proprietor country when, about 18 years of age. stopped by ordering him from the | They settled in Canandaigua and house,. friends in Lansing] Mich., returned home Thursday of.Jast week. Geo. Greene was able to resume his duties again as postal clerk and wer?t back to the road last week. 7 DISPATCH HEAT, LIGHT and POWER COMPANY EAST ROCHESTER, NEW YORK The Gardner family reunion be held this week Saturday at the%ome KiTUbinch-went tu theTooms-of-Mrsr Kershaw who survives him... ..Three LaDue and borrowed a 32- children were born to them, two of caliber revolver, a weapon with an whom survive, as above s tated? and W. D. Hewes has purchased a lot1 e ight-inch. barrel. Returning - h e re-1 he also leaves throe grandchildren. A —on T/estTvy- st. and hasTbegun tbe .ncwecI^tTie quarrel with MirPtTSrcon, rdiraghter, Mrs. W ales Dyer, diedrid in erection of a house on the property. I who hail gone into the street, pulled |T90(£ They\moved to Penfield in in 1855 he as married to Margaret* of Chas. H. Gardner. Several neigh- wdek. —Bown Bros, are having an addition the n and fired two shots, one en- 1868. For 43 years he was employ- LuUtT oTIfeir warehouse-on. W«^bing- | teri'ng\ McPherson’s abdomen. The | ed on one farm> first by Harvey Wha- ' . other \vas without effect. Ten,_and later by his sons*. He was -McPHcrson-sank^to-thc—curbr^was-)-a-Trran'of^trTct-hone5ty atid high -mor- bors will enjoy the day._witbL_them W illiam W hite of W illimantic, Conn., spent the week end with his wife at the home of her parents, Mr. a Mrs. Jas. T u ttle and_aC£Qmpan- TecTMT. and M rs:~ Les 1 ie Loomis of Victor to \Sonnenburg\ on Friday by^ auto. \Miss Lottie Ketchum 'is visiting _ ‘T fiTTicdrintCT ltre~hotcl~and—iaid'onrthrrhxhprinciphisr^and^wasriiighlY-rcspecfe' On Friday the* W estern Bloomer I b illiard table. They tried to staunch ed by all who knew him. He was Girls again make their appearance to I ^ le A°w of blood and had the man | the oldest of nine children, four of U ^ L pU tfi^garoe of ball- with - t h e E a s t ^ k®!Li2 G. •* - iH e .w a a—operatedaipOn,. iHlHQUghL-the.ljGragflr^Mra._Nancy.-Piirdy-anfl Willis. bullet did not enter .the stomach. This am McGowan of Canandaigua; and _ .Miss Lillie Nichols, who has been Yl5lttug~fri0TTds~in~PfflmyrH-for—the - weelcg^-retum ed^iom Trust Talks Xhg£e_arc mniiqns pf ways of .spending week. BROWNSVILLE — B ro w h syHT 31— T lie\- \wind v. . The merchants of the village have lunclly consented Uj'YlU^'UT^T~irtuTrirsTm^ f l t ng~bla-condLtion—is—reportod-aR-|.Miss-.Liz«io—MoGowan—of-Roehest-erv- at 5 p. m.. th a t their- employees may better, and he probably wIIT recover! Rev^ C._W. Park, psator of the Bap- all see the game. It well~~be Knobloch went to KtS home, in East tist church,-oflTciaTecTat the~funeral. - -\vorth-the-nrice—of-admission-and—all -Washington s t . , where he- w a a.arrest- A“ lawn social. will beriield at the I 9houl(Ttry and attend and encourage cd-by-Constable-Sehrbeder-and-laterThom e -of-M rs— Mary—Joyce—on—next- ouf boys ns w e T iave.n team .that we taken to the county jail „ Tuesday*Tevening. This J s to be a may well be proud of. ^ Knobloch*3 neighbors speak box social, each lady being requested =— Mrs. B. R. Erwin and~~chT!dren weJt ot him and- say t h a t ~ h e “ was a to flimiBh a box of lunch to be bought ’ Have~rktuiTed Trom a weeks^MsTt wfth Yjh^t,\ h a rd-w o rking' man. He has a b y th e - g e h tlem c n — ^-A*“ musical\prcr-- her father at W ebster/* ' Wife and'three children and is about gram is being'prepnred and a geiieral Pm f Rflvfipld nf W ehatpr 35 years of age. McPherson is about good time is assured. Come one nnd m i J n t J t t l f n o r S i n the same age Snduhm a rried. ------------- all. — ~ --------------- rT -’• Methodist church. This service J a i _ A ssistant D istrict Attorney James Miss Mary Salvin and Mrs. Anna secured by the Men’s Brotherhood a n d f s . Mann was reached a t his home in.| Matthews of Rochester “Have-been storm Monday night and Tuesday, * jiuw o ff-q-gre a tr n a n y - a pplcB;/ir educ­ ing the crop about one eighth. The m o s t of them are being - sold to dry louses and cidefTmIl5~'for tw e n ty and tw<mtyffiv5“cent3-a- hundred-lbs: i3 cordially invited. _________ I Brockport nt 1 o’clock yesterday mor- spending a week with their mother, Lohert Carlin, telegranh onerator 1 and' trrtmffdQtely7star|qd for the I Mrs. Anna Salvin.? •• if Y. Central “ station, wns nt scene of the shooHng in an a u to m b j— Jam es Brown Tmd'~fam7Ty are mov- Tuppcr Lake.n few dnys last week vnrHreturned—to-his—duties—Wcdn ■day>-hia,wiIe.^cybMreDJi££Qmpany^ ing hffri. • ' ^ t Q c tf-Shn n l z U pi »ol d . ^ _ bile. As a result of his investiga-1 ing to East' Rochester * this week, oheEt—Waliace, _the_w.ounded LwherAMr. -Brow n Js employed Jn_Fry m an’s friend, who-was-^rfC3ent d u r in g |aU ’8 store. .T h e y have rented their the quarrel preceding the shooting, place here. has been detained n s a m a terial jw i tr L l/T h e Sunday.LschooLa classes - ta u g h t -SSaTFl b v i M f a ^ C ^ B ^ o g e i ^ a n^RiBSrHolon down’ a 'd e c lalbn.jbibe certior- Urx - flrf proceedings entitled, \T h e people =Sx=fS1 -JWri-~G.^W&rh^-' ahd~A mlfc%v T f ^ ^ 'G ilid ttc, * Covihty Clerk “dnmcs I/.— %vening- ICnobloch~and-\Vallnco—havo j-fl|cd- Mbndiry htr^th^lroTYTC\~Qf l i t 9 3igY Hotchkiss and S. A. Shantz, police justice and also in the same proceed­ ings naming. George Brann as the :”77rcom p lninnntrin -which -he-denics—th a ^ien9t-took-an-antc*mortcra-8latemont ^ ~** * 1 ? iL A MaI A / S A A ^ T? »AA A r t I K A A/l \V4 a U a 4 4 I i A AA^ll 4 A 1 _rho ti on -Tor_the_-rblea3e^of/R o b inson and W arner nnd grants, tho motion ly 4,'*\for the discharge of B rann/ ............... - y Taking up the allegation contained j ^ i n the w rits, questioning the right of ^ /-P o ii c o /j u s t i c e - S h a n tz to -hold office, Justice-Sutherland say s ,- \ I t is clear th a t the respondent Shantz ‘ is a de facto officer. Some question is rais- cd'ns to the regularity of the election of the fncumbent, Shantz; but aTho 1 rcJr/TlSj'a fact 1 earned 'A_.resul t of the exam^ picnic a t Sea -Breeze, ;T7rrday??--y ination of witnesses wn9 that while * liaVd' nevuF' never been on friendly tehns. . Mrs. M n rgaret. K n att, on the Mr. Mann then went to tho city I Lake road, th e ' cauBe of death being and in company with Coroner Klein-1dropsy. Mr. Hodge was -born in from thfrwoundedman a t_theJtostdM ? r He also went and secured a .volun- tpry statem e n t from- “Knobloch at the ja i l . . Mr. Mann would not -divulge the contents of -either *Btatementf. - - Knobloch is:detained- on a first de­ g r e e - a s s a u lt-c h a r g e ,- w h ich'/w ill' be changed to murder if his victim dies. The date o f . hia ' arraignment, whlfeh will be before Justice Shantz, has not beeh'8*eL '• “ 7.' . / • W ebster ‘O^ y^ars” ago* and-rcsided -here-ali-his-jifoT—— ---- ——^ The. surviving relatives are .two brothers; BohJbWiY \and Jaffiea'Hodge' of.Penfield; one sister, Mrs: M argaret K n a tt of W ebster. The funeral wi bo •field from the~hom c of hia -sister; Mrs: / K halt?-]We]dnefiday,-r R6V.*“ M r. H a lf acre, pastoYr/of the Universal ist church of this-Village, officiating. '•* : ■ ilh u: .j.:.:.... . • • ' ;V lv-?~v -A i Lander & C raft are drying chopped apples. 1 . Frank Gillette, who ' has* been troubled'\w ith ~ h t3\ ' f601, f 6turned* to\ Rochester Monday' m o rning-and'w a s token to the General hospital, where Ke%hderweht an ‘oireration rim t h t r a f ­ ternoon, which was very successful. They drilled into the bone of- tho heel and let out the pus which had been forming for some tim e ’ and causing t he severe pain. It .will take some Y O i tim e for i t to fieal. - * \**• Miss—Edna— Dillman—and—Qm T le-J-spcnt-^und& y -^t-l^t-Rochcstciv W illiams drove out from Rochester lost- Sunday and spent tho day w ith Mr;-nnd-Mra.- Charle a. S c h tothr?? ? ^ 7 in g - a t--Lans ingr—M ich.-w itK T M ra » /MarquiSc rs^ F r a n l o ^ n l luprund'M rs^ Rochester Friday. ' ' SOUTHvPERINfONv' South-PerintoiV“ J u ly 31— During pastor of the M, E. church, who is spending-som e -tim e - a t;Silver Make,- Mr. J. S. ■Robc'Eta of Rochester will a ^ n lv ^ m i.^ u g iist 6, 'a n d - Rev. S. H. FecthaYnrftl8® of-Rochester, will .give the sermon on - A u g r l 3 $ r ^ ' i } j ^ 5-» ; » ? 1 Two good horseshoers a t Down’s. «% • » AdvQrti8e in Thio Herald—It'^aya money for things of doubtful benefit. fio slow. Put your money in a strong city bank, like a of your neigfitiora dufMrtdtnQwri When you-need it—with interest at 4% per annum. /Vyrlte us about it. RO GHESTf:R?NrY./ ^ ~ * ROSELAND - Roseland, July 31— Mi9s Nagle is entertaining company from Rochester: Minnie Wesley spent Sunday, in Palinyra-wiiK Ker m o ther? . Mrs. Eldredge and G. I. Eldredge Henry Leisten, wife and’daughter, Elsie,- attended the Leisten reunion a t dsy; n t / WolT»ortl?f^~ -A- a tudent? preac h e d - a t/ th o/Eu t Her- iu u chun;h, Sunda y . ^ , hcr’.two'si fltcra.^Mi ss^HdgRnTd^an M ^ V f ih B d i^M - B ld o h if id ld r Mr. and Mrs. Clow and daughter, M a rgarit, spent'Sunday w ith Mr.- and Mrs H y lcr’s people a t West.PeiYfleld. “* M rs? R aclr61 KrnviTtfdyri spend ing- Some-tim 0 -WI th-h e r-so n r-J,—B,—KenY fiedy. “ M r? StahlMftn'ris buBding-mi* addi­ tion to his house. f * * -•* ;r M r.'and Mrs. ' Anthony of Lincoln called a t J. B. Kenncdy’s.S u n d a y ^ —M r s r W h ite is again-confiriedrio-hcr bed by spmmer grip. * • \ Mr. and Mrs. George*Spink and son returned homo T hursday after .a weeks stay in Rochester.* .? < • • hdw . to be happy in boston Eat Beans, Read Emereon and Carry a .Green Bag. — EIow^^to“bcrriinppy'LthouBh--llvlng'-ln- Baaion or1 ltr^uburbs-lir'TJxoTiipllfled\ i3L-4-writeiL.ln thp.-Chrlstiaa-Reglatert— a Unitarian weekly. The things one ' W u s riiavoiinust flu and \Turret\ b c ra re*\ Uated below.In. p a r t:- hal lfti Sund a y^mor n i n g :?S e 1 ect~tl\o PurItans for-yourn\ncesr torC ^ H a v t r ^ a ^ h o ltored^yonth^and^bo?^^ 7?lIen^TEmn ~-0C£cjT j fxar- Havo, a profession or literary.'calF Speak low. • * Bo a conservative In politics .and a rilbbmHh-roilgion. ------------- =— ? Dron f o u r r ’s . ____ __ Bo fond of tho- antique. ;*. — Wear-gln88es ond bo fond of tomb- : • stones. ? . ' Cftrry.-your parcels In n* green bag. ’ j Bo a D. A* R., q Colonial Damo \a 8. “A7 R.\br !>cloifg tb th6 Mayflqw?r . 1 --------- :— — 7— -------- :------- Bo neighborly to the unmarried. Shudder at the w e st,.but go t’o*Eu- rope frequently. < ^ ' : • . . .. •' •. . : . * A. .*

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