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THE HERALD. FAIRPORT N.Y., FRIDAY. JULY 13, 1863. FROM PES FIELD, ME. EDITOR —The following unique it&ms \were written by one wlio is by prolession a quill driver—by incli- nation a Iruifc grower. If worthy of notice, complimentary or critical, the favor will be appreciated. We are having delightful weather, and all seem to enjoy it and go at work with more enthusiasm than for the past lew week Truly may it be said we have much to be thank- ful for The Baptist Sabbath School gave a concert last Sabbath evening which. gave the highest satisfaction to the audience—especially the tableau oi \Faith Hope and Charity.\ That was an addition to the fine singing which they always have, The Arion Club are making great preparations tor a pi'enic to the.Bay. The HERALD correspondent will be among the invited guests There is a commotion in the Pound school house district which was caused by an assault and battery suit. A query in West Penfield—does the HERALD correspondent ride with and atter Hud. Smith's §400 team to gather items for your paper. Mr J. W Jones is out once more, and shows how near he came to los- ing an eye m his enthusiasm to have the Fourth pass off well. All feel thankful it is no worse. There is an arrival m town from Chicago—little Miss May, an orphan niece ot Mrs John Fellows, Si- Mr A Raymond is slowly improv- ing, and will soon be brought home. Miss E Rich, the Baptist organist, has gone to Ocean G-rove. Horace Strowger, formerly of this place, is doing die carpenter work on Mr J Embury's new house It wnl be completed this week. The net in which many a politi- cian would like to be caught— CABI-NET. FROM WEST PES FIELD. EDITOR HERALD:—A pleasant so cial event occurred on Wednesday evening June 27tli, 1S83, in the mar- riage of Mr. Josiah Embury of this part of Penfield, and Ettie Howe, of Walworth. The wedding took place at the home of the bride The two families, with invited friends, com- posed the company of the nuptial occasion, the Rev Mr Wingette ot West Webster Free Methodist Chuich, officiating. The bride i<?> the daughter of Henry Howe, the groom is a son of the late Robert Embury The marriage ceremony was followed by a supper, which needs no 'description save that it was of that degree of excellence ior whien the bride's mother is so justly celebratod. The scribe extends con- gratulations and wishes them a happy future. The day we celebrate has come and gone; and many of us who in- habit this part went to Penfield, While others found enjoyment at the Bay. Strawberries have come and most gone. The yield was poor, and a high price has been icceived ioi tiiiem. Black raspberries have begun to ripen, but they are also poor They are having something that re sembles a blight -some say the wet weather the cause. This will pass for a w ot season Cherries are de caymg badly on the trees. Weeds are making rapid growth in our spi mg crops The hay Cx op will be a good one, and snme are beginning to cut clover bay, but wo want sun- shine—no more ram is needed now Corn is looking fine, and promises fair. Potatoes are growing finely, and the bugs in this immediate sec tion are not so plenty as m ioimcr years NATIVE Fairport School Matters. Last Thursday eveniug the school boaid held a meeting in Trustee Atwa- ters \office and then they audited a few bills find talked over the question of teicheis for the coming year. They had a y-eiy \fiee talking\ tone, but came to no conclusions—thinking It best to adjourn to Tuesday evening of this week and meanwhile think the important njat- ters under discussion over and thus be able to do what is for th e best inteiests of our school. On Tuesday evening they i cached an harmonious and unanimous conclusion in ie£3.rQ. to teacheis, and ifc was -voted to tender the following appointments—all of which will piobably be accepted as soon as the oleik has time to notify them: At a piovious meeting eaily in June they voted to hue Pi of. A. S. Downing', of Palmyra, as Principal, at $1,200 per year. The place of 1st Assistant is not yet .filled, but probably «oon will be at a salary of 512 30 pei we^k, oi $300 for a year of 40 weeks. IVIiss liillie Manlng is promoted! to the Intermediate department, at $11,23 per week, or $150 per year. Miss Dell Haul is p'omotecl to the Junior A Depaittnent, at §>10 pei week, or $J00 pei yeai. Miss Yiol.i Kood, of Broekpoit, is elio- aen for the Junior B DepaLtment at §S.75 per week, or S350 pei year. Miss Ida Snell retains the Piimary A Department, hut her salary ia ial«etl to $7.50 per week, oi $300 pei year. Ella Briffliam letains'lliG Primary B Depaitrnant at a small nvj in silaiy, now getting 87 per week, or S2S0per year. Tlie wiges of the Princfpil iemiin the same us the previous year, but about $200 per yeai is divided up among the other teacheis in such a mannei as the trustees thought best. Although this rise adcU to tlie cost of mining tlie school, we think. the wages of the lower grades are more fairly adjusted than heretofore, aud is only justice to all parties. The board has woiked eamcstlj- foi the good of the school. While some may not feel just exactly satisfied we think the results to be reached will pioye the good judgment o£ the bond. The school is in a goov.1 condition, and its proapect3 are all .that its most ardent tiiends could wish. The West Shore Eoad. A recent issue of the Rochester Post- JUxpi ess says: A trip oyer the line of the West Slioie \between this city and Syracuse showed that between heie and Lyons the grad- ins: is substantially completed. A few cnlyeits lemain to be iinisheO. Work- men vs ill commence laying steel on the giaded portions in a few days. By the time this is done the present gaps will , l)c filled up and tlicie will he a con- tinous line ojf lails flora K.oohestei t o Gedcles- _Vt this place and iiom there to Syracuse a huge amount of woik ia* mams to be done and it will be late In the Eall befoie the road bed is ready foi the lails- The heavy fills involve «ieat laboi, much time and the handling of en- ormous amomits ot mateiial. The sink holes on the line have heen piled and remains to b e demonstrated if they will stay in position and make a safe founda- tion upon which to run trains. In Gen- esee the work is progressing much faster than it is through Monroe county. If cars are ruiinTnj: through from Buffalo to Syracuse t>y the tirst of July, IS&t, the officers of the road and the contractors •will be entitled to much credit. If seems as if the road would be done sooner than that, bat the work is im- mense, and. requires time for its comple- tion.- But when completed it will be the mosfcj>erfeefc. The contracting firm of Brown, Hunt- ington & Od., has pushed their Mork through with remarkable vijjor. and it 13 now about done, except the culverts- ami abutments of the - bridges.^ ^But we shall soon have a railroad. Hurrah I A Losing- letter Bargain* in -in Em] Drew THJ for roiid.ej-ie« tlnf. Handsome- colored silk embroideries at $1. former price 2.5ft/ very elegant em- broideries at $2, Jormer price $5; ecru embroideries 50 c^fts, former price $1.25; do. at* 75 centyiorniftirly' $1.50; black silk embroider|/s at l£30 to S®\per\jard, reduced fromyfe to-ffi; Ham.bnrff.jem- bioldcrles for/wAsh dresses at greatly reduced price/at . *,„ ^ ~i4L~ 83 &ist£$&&» Bocheftet; N. T. FROM FATHER IIAMILTOX, THE KIND HEARTED PRIEST OF ANDERSONVILLE It will be remembered that at, the last Encampment of the Department of Maine a testimonial was voted to ITather Hamilton, the Catholic priest, who ministered so faithfully to the wants ot Union prisoners at Andersonville, and that it was pre- pared by P. P. C. Ilamlin, of Ban- gor, framed and forwarded to him by express at Mobile, where he is now stationed His letter acknowT 5, edging its receipt is as follows CATHEDRAL, MOBILE,. May 24, r 83 DEAR SIR I owe you an humble apology tor not having acknowl- edged the receipt ot your esteemed tavor ere this When your letter and the testimonial reached here I was quite sick at the Providence In- firmary in this city kept by the Sis ters ot Chanty, and though ono ol the good sisters offered to wnte you in my name, yet I preferred to wait for a short time, that I might per- sonally express with my own hand my gratitude and high appreciation of your great and noble conduct And as the present is the first mo ment that I am able to hold my pen, I avail myselt of ifc to offer you and your noble comrades my sincere and unfeigned thanks for your kind and considerate attention This compliment and memento that the soldiers of Maine have offered me ior the poor services that I was able to extend to the unfortu- nate prisoners at Andersonville has, I am happy to say, produced a most favorable impression on the minds of the people of this intensely South- ern, cxty, and indeed, all over the entire South They little expected that gratitude tor past favors should have a place in a State so thoroughly \Yanky\ as that ot Maine. \Can anything good come out of Nazar eth \ is as firmly believed to day by some of our people as it waft in the time of our blessed Lord, And hence your remembrance o f favois that were done to some of your com- lades nearly twenty yeais ago in that den o f infamy and tortme not only rebukes these people but has\ tended more than anything since the war to bring about, at least m Alabama, a better feeling ot kind- mm and respect towards tlie people -of the North There is not a cloud. but lias its silver lining; let us hope and pray that Andersoirville's silver lining may be found m that charity and forbearance which the North and South will mutually cultivate and cherish for each other. For\ my own part I can honestly confess that this was- my feeling during the eleren dreary months that I spent in that miserable place I asked no man his creed, nation- ality, or politics I saw nothing there but despair, suffering, and neglect, and being a man myself I naturally telt interested in every- thing that concerned humanity. When the Catholic asked for my priestly ministrations he got them, when the Protestant asked for relict and assistance from me as a man he got-it,, even when it was necessary, as sometimes happened, to give him my coat from my back or my stock- ings from my feet. This is the only e.enxfort that I now have when I look ])w\ upon AndersonYillo, wz,, that in all rny time there I treated eveiy man as a bi other, made by the same God. redeemed by the same precious blood, and intended for the same glorious destiny. You -will please, then, convey to your worthy comrades my warm and, sincere thanks for the beautiful testimonial o£ which they have made me the recipient, and assure them that as often as I look upon it I shall breathe a prayer to the good God tor their temporal and eternal welfare. Yours, in Christ, WM. JOHW HAMILTON. To ELIJAH M. SHAW, Commander Depfc. Maine, Gk A. R —S, Moiey's house is being .rapidly pushed ahead. —Mrs. GiUU, of Chioego, is viiitiU£ s\ith Mi. and Jits. R. Tanderhoof. —Houston & Peacock's store fiont has jubt been tieated with a ircsu eo^j; of paint, —Some money lias been found. The ownei c«.n g^t it by calling at this office and niovnifi propeity. —H. P. Wilbur H building seveial new liou«c? on Summit «tieelj and they aie all sold oi spoken for. •—Mis Fiank Dunbai, 01 Aunt Ilattie, has been quite ill the caily p'ut ot Lhi« week, but w is bettei at last accounts —Mi S Bnggs Ins built anew walk In fiont ot his piemise^ on South Minn «tieet. It 13 ot hue guide, and i\ a gieat iuipio\ement — A. la.ee p n v. is lost the 1 ist vreek o r fcchoo-l. somewhcie on tl'e Mauct-i of Rtiipoit. Will the finder please leave it at this office? —Master Clnrence Dobbin is build- ing a lint- canvas io\v and s.ul boat, it is smill in si?e, bi't ol good piopoi- tions, and bidfe fm t o be i success —The wiie fence now beinj: put up ,ilong the West Shoie load costs about $1 pei lod eveiylu!tii£ furnished and ill put up It 1= a good fence, aiid it is a cheap one. —The bams upon the old Stiong farm we'tof Fahpoit have been moved west, and neaiei the load, so a= to make 100m foi the new lailioad; and they aie beme much anpioved. —Eaily this week they had an infant daughtei added to the familv auhchome of Mi and His. John bclmlt, on JS.ist Chiuch stieet. This make' foni clanjrh- teis and an eqmal numbei of son* —This weeii tlieio h HO mateiial foi tlie new loau being unloaded in Pau- poit, and the gang of men who have been heie doing tlilt kind of bn«ine a s has gone to Eed Cieek to unload a lot ol uon —For some day* now P. McAulifle and family haive been occupying theii' house on West Ghnieii sfciepc The splendid new bam is no v about com- pleted, They have one of the' best places now in JFaiipoit —The new null of Dobbin & Mooic is now completed, and it is a fino one. Plenty of IOO»J and good miclnneiy to take the place of the old one which was burned. They aie m full blast now, and can fill all orders. —Mrs. Wm B. Bly and her daughter, Mis. M. J. Kellojrg, have gone for a visit of about two months with Mi3. II. A Speaie, of Nelson, STeb. She will be well lemcmbeied as the sister of Mis Kellogg- and the daughter of Mis Bl y We hope they wilHiave a pleasant vi*it. Conducted by the FAilU'OllT W. C. T. U- Directory. rrsu-ci TTeetire at tlio CiuT> Boom» every Sunday afternoon at 3 :<50 No Human 3Iind ConKI Gra«l> BY JOHN B GOUGD. It THE GREATEST Clearing Sale 1847 THE PENN MUTUAL ANGE COMPANY F PHILADELPHIA. is 83 ! o. 0. SCRIBNER'S 1° July, the Royal OTontli tor Bargains. Builce, FitzSimons, Hone & S?o. will commence, on Monday, t o reduce all summer goods. The general nfark down will commence in. tue cloajfand shawl rooms, jackets, manteli Jerseys, Haye- locks, dolman, Newmarkets, traveling wrays, dusters, eyemijs wraps, lace shawls, Shetland ^hawli, Kalso their en- tile stof Cndia, Chudcla, ^Paisley' and other inakes of shawls'. Tli\duty com July 2nd. We meefc/ee-quesfcayi square ly, and make the sacrifice now Cor. Maia/nd St. Paul strei Rochester, N, Y» —ISaily this week Mis. B.C. Dudley and hei two danghteis vvete in Beigeu vNit- ingfiiends. They will soon be in Fah- poit toi a_few days, after which they will go to Seneca Falls for a few daj s more. While theie they will be joined by Mr. Dudley for his summer vacation ot le=!S than a week. —J. Y. Paice, with his wife, daughter and one son, have 111 tved in Faupoit. He will remain only a slioit time, but the family will piobably stay until fall They aie all quite well. Mr. Paice thinks of taking ono or more short trips —peihaps one of them to the Thousand Islands, and after that be will return to his Flonda home again to business —It is decided to hold the temperance canip-mcetingr i n Blood's woods one mile noith-cast of Fanpoi t, on the lust day of August, fuither notice of which will be given heroaftor. Active prdpar- itions aie now being- m ide. and the gioiinds are beins put in readiness. The meeting- -s\ ill list a. week 01 moie, xncl now bids fm Lo be hugely attended, and to be a succor. —Two weeks oi moie ago C*is. Chin dull, ,\mi his sisli'i ]\fi=s S.uah Chin chill, went to Watcitown to ^ isifc wi th rolativos- mid irieutk After sey- er il chi^ = he 1 eiiii nod l o atcend to then lloun^bing giocciy business, while she remimccl foi n. lon^ei \1s1fc . She has spent some time camping afc Thous- and Island*, and has had a gloiiQus time genetaUy. She i<!expected home to-day. —Tins sunnmei the Gem Ehug Stoie has been greatly improved by the addi- tion of CLmte a laige 1001T1 in the lear. Tlus gives i\mi)Jcplace c for storing Herbs and othei simi ai merchandise which he foimeily Kept in the bacK room. By the hbei il use of paint the whole stoie is biightened up, and is now second to none This gi/es evidence of a glow- ing business, which all fnends of the proprietor aie glad to see. —On the evening of July ilh the two daughteis of Mr. John Katchberg weie riding Avith a young man named Tabor, of Ea=t Penfield, home fiom the cele- bration at Penfield village. \When diiv- ing down the hill of Lincoln's mill two wheels of the cania°e went OAer the bank and pitched the pai ty of three to (he ground. One of the young ladies had her backinjuied \ery seiionsly, and iL will he some time befoie it is well. —On \Wednesday a committee fiom the Hochestei W. C T. U visited the tlio lioaul of education In RoeliQStcrj ac- oompanicd. by IXxis E IT GufilLh, of Fanpoit, who is CQuespondinsf socie- tal y of the State W\. C T TJ, and sought to have temperance taught 111 public schools of the citv- They weie respectfully listened to by the board. and lequested to appear at a futiue meeting, when it was expected that all the committee on text hooks would he present. It is probable the desires of the ladies will be gratified Art Painting. itiss \Louisa Lota w| in oil a,rrdt* Wateii-colbr oiling ami drawinjjWf fy Pleasant stt^eft, wb« bleosetl to see yisltorsTa »rm8 call at Tier stadio.' 1 reeeiye papils> taintinor, Giay- \tr Studio.\ Ifo. slic will Ue any time. For —jSesit Monday the ''Geoigian Bis Club\' staits upon its 5th annual trip to Canada. This j*ear they will be gone only three week', which is a less time than usual. This change i s made be- cause its membeis find it hard t o get away from home ana b-usines- for a whole month'. The three from Fail port expect to go, also D. L. Johnson and Frank Hone, of Rochester. Mr, Hayes, an attorney and former student with Rowley & Johnston, and Mr. Kelly, of the House of Hefnge, aie also of tlie party. Also James Bnrlingame, for- meilyof Pittsfoid, but lecently 111 the Rochester post office, will make the eighth man. 'The trip 13 one of the most beneficial even discovcied, and About, as economical to go as to stay at home. The party has a better outfit, witli more comforts and pleasures In prospect than upon any pr$viouS;^trfg. .D.-L. John- ston lat captain, and Geo. G. BowiLput- aer- \The latter-^atentleoian made president at~rth*-last-; mettfng\. Httrtah for the ^eorglAii' 1 Bjiy Club; We shall have more to say about it, People tell us sometime? vre e*a tt gerate the evil of drunkeness 1 De lieve that God never created a *\* man being capable of gra^mg \\» extent the nature of this horrible evil. Bring it just once to your own home You. have a bo}', bugM and oeautiiul. As he bounds into the room in the morning you love fcne child; he clambers upon your knee, lays his soft cheek to your face- What would you do to save that child trom curvature of the spine? '' What 1 What ^vould I do» ^ n T thing! That child? See him mall his boyish beauty, with his ruby lip and rounded, rosy cheek, pearly teeth—to see that boy crawling on the floor of my hou&e a eiipple— what would I do to save him trom that 1 Anything'\ '' What would you give'\' \All I have m the world, and begin life again on a dollar'\ ''What would you sacri- fice?\ \Every luxury undei hea- ven 1\ I was a guest at a house one time m which was a child that had fallen out ot a swing backwards when it was four years old, and had never grown in the limbs since. The body had somewnat developed. The lit- tle creature was twenty-four years of age, crawling over the floor The cripple said to his mother one day; ' l Mamma, I shan't trouble you long.\ —\Trouble' darling, you are the light of our home, you are the joy ot our household, we are learning lessons of trust, and faith, and con- fidence, and loye lrom you every day. When God takes you it will be a gloomy day tor us. ' There is some comfort about the cripple child; there may be some light, some beauty, some glory, something that is lovable. Is there anything about the drunken son? Tell me! Is there any light,, except the light lurid from hell, gathered from around the drunken son, the son oi his mother? What would you give to save that child from epilepsy? \Oh that is worse than the other. Don't speak oi it i\ Many of you know by repu- tation Dr Wakely, ct New York, a Methodist minister. He has gone home now. When I was to his house a hoy there, twelve or fourteen yeai*s of age, was afflicted with epilepsy. While wo were conversing, we heard a noise in the corner, and saw this child twisting around on his heels, grinding with his teeth, you could see nothing but the whites ol his eyes, and flocks oi foam from his lips. The father dropped on his knees, and I never heard such a, prayer m my life; while the mother wont to the child. Says he, \Mr Gough, that is our boy. When I con- sider what that boy was only four years ago—at the head of his class, sxich hopes as 1 had m 3 ererence to the child! And to &eo him stand befoie mo with his fingeis stretched apart, and hear him say 'Papa, I can't think'' The boy is growing idiotic; it is breaking his mothei's heart; and yet, as I am a man, as I am a minister of tlio gospel, his mo- ther and lhad ratlior &oe that boy ju&t like that than to see him a drunkard V) So would you There not a father or mother that lo% es their child, that would dare say you would not rather the Almighty should smite him m his providence tuan that the Doy should smite Mm- selt and make himself the thm°- that a drunkard is m lug degradation. Oh 1 I tell you men and women when we analyze this thing, bring ourselves face to face With it, there is no doubt about the awful nature of the sm. 1 met Mr. Wakely on Broadway, one clay. I said, '' now is Harry«\ '' Harry is well/' '' j s Harry cured «*' \The Saviour loved that suffering child and took him home; and ono anticipation I have, Mr G-oiigh, is that by and by m that \land where there is no more sighing, no more crying no more dying I shall meet ITarry.\ Did you ever hear a father whose son died a drunkard say anything like that? J 6 He Repeals {he fiemark. M II2 U1}1CaSClP ^th(llreniark,M; Turning so as to look your iPnresontative sr^uelj m tUe face-, * be taad ox tlie li.ot.se of \Y<M sir, wan pi/asurc \£ , .,,„.„ ., i^' 18 \ 1 *!- My lemark was that-we consirlei GTAitKrrw'a £,.„ HOT called PAUKS TOL/H T Vf *\?' of its kind 111 th/mSl the * est ai U T last six monthX tie ^U?\ 1 ^ ^\V Bo llie q „csX. |^S2BTLS dispopua anil Uw m( f mx ^™^ uon to tue rac t assssrssss GISGEB Toxic wall \L „,,„ „ J^AllKBK t> We make tlus chage^ u»SSS2KS Ever Known in Rochester. $50,000 vportli of 2,185.44 iy doYlar he h(i9, paith with 4 per \lso having heen lnsmed for $6,000 Mil k Sur CMliE Tliat must l>e Sola witliiii 30 Days, Rcgarcllc^s of Cost at, tlie 10 WEST MAIN STREET. /• ~s The STRONGEST and BEST ! in 186% John A. Needles, Lsq . of Baltimore. Mfl.. took an Endowment Policy hi the rrx^r sruxuAh. Since then he has -.eceivcd Casli »lvlde»a.s from the Company ^ S91 ^ Q ftmonntins to - - \i \ 6 135.50 If he li^es TinUl Dootrmtapx 20th this -s cai, he -will 1>e paltl in C a«i ----- » WlncU sum Tt ill 1 ctmn Inm o^ oiy>B«aL ho Has paid amnx these 18 years, with a Casl» gain besi In 0LI101 wonlslie AMllbeietuineclm cent, eomtsoundiiitoiest ancl Si8l9.82 s dun. 1.11^:IS ye u& £or ilofl^LU?. . — ... Aqam. Compute ior yonrscli. Take tlie^ve flgmes of Casli -winch he wm u-cexve! ^ir.60 divide man br sj,«»o«J 1 thfl totafttuonnt be D^ paidm 18yeaiB,ana you -s\ ill see that\be«iclc= -liio msuxancolic w ill ha^e - ^1S5.SJ. Casli jeturiica^or cacli $100 paia. Tor, ic inaniable.cmmaKO jnai as «yoj/a nil investment intlic Penn Mutual-thUB pioieclins voui^uiiily uid wimfK/acoiiipolincy for your own old age. A.r c vou ixsoni^iiiiiN r mr; P*-:N:N siaTtTAL\ It not, tlo not iiul to apply ab once by leltci, or m peiaon, to EDWARD E. SILL, General Agent, 21 Arcade, Rochester, N. Y. Xo. 11 Nortli Main St, C HOICErannlY Groccnes and Pjoiivjr,)i of all knuli', iiesh and neiv, at 1 oust lia- ble puces. A.lso Biiltei, > £}£•, and s<n«kii„u otCountiy 1'iodnee, liiclnrhiig-l'oik, hacou etc., etc.. foi wlnth Cash v. ill be paid. Flour ancl Feed, Everything in tins line will he ltont mi,, stantly on liaud, ol the best <inaliiv, aim wananted. X>eli\^ex*y Wagon. <i. shaioof Ihe PnhliePatiOTiaaeJi Ifi].pc-1- txiiXv solicited. Good nccrm.iiio<l&.iio]i Ior teani=i. O. C..SCBIBN£it. i\ui noit. Oct.3, 1SS1. jrjf'CasU lijucl foi Ihitter.'anil Egsrs. '4^; OLD COAL YARD G G-ranite isBoHiil! —I am Soiling All Wool Suits. (t <i e: a Worlli $10 for $6 « 12 \ 7 16 ,: 12 VNB Oart-v^-riglit, MANUFAOTURETi OF AK\D DEALER IN Headstones, CEMETERY I e MINTS Enclosures, AND EVERY DESCRIP- TION OP CEME- TERY WORK. J. E. PRITClIAPiD keeps ennstanilj c,„ hand all giadeq ol lhuaand w>it, toai Salt, JPIaster, Water Lime, Akron Cement. and HIGH STREET, FAIRPORT, 11 The old stand of YnncJeihoof, VanNoi- man & Co. NEW LUMBER YARD. DOBBIN & M00B1 All ©x'der*! Promptly riilctl, and Saiisfaction Guaranteed. No. 12 West Street, Fairport, N. Y. a Ancl all other goods at equally low prices. Call at once ancl secure a bargain. Remember name and number. IH. CAMOLL ') 10 West Main Street, ROCHESTER, IN urchill & Son CARPETS. . w 0 A <8 W b() Pi o r-H Q CD h 0 a i—i i—i Q > t 4-J _ K* p-l «5 r-} > o 0) <D ^=1 O U o •s w f— 1 O 92 CO d o -to 2 si (-1 csS o ^-1 • *— < -4-= /—I t^ CD & 4J o CD o r-j -^> •i-H o-« ft c3 -*f> OJ i CD p3 op d -+^ m o ® fr m O m . ft c8 o eg m -,ii7> CS w •\ w. 0 o C5 >> P HAS BOUGHT OF O. T. HURLBUT THE Stock, of fine Family Groceries, No. 32, North Main Street, Fairport, N. Y. CALL A3ND T SEE THEM. H. A. & L. J. DeLand & Co. Fairport CHEMICAL WORKS, Manufaeturerers of Saleratiis, Soda, Sal Soda, Dealers in WHITE & NORWAY PISE, Hemlock, Sbiugles, lath, cedar posts, pickets, mouldings aiid a full assortment of DRESSED AND MATCHED LUMBER A.lso Sash, Doors, a ad Blinds. FAIRPORT, - TSJ-. y, July 16, 1880. CARPETS. o Buyers of carpets can Unci fit 101 mid 103 State st. 9 Rochester, an immense and carefully selected stock of every vaiiely of CARPETS manufactured; boujflit di- rectly from the makeis foi JSTET CASH, at bottom pi ices, Saving a model ate ptofl» for the BENEFIT OF GuSTOJir.ns. An expeiience of twenty-five yeais enables me, to select the choicest and most dur- able goods. Every economical buyer who desiie« the N\>:\VKsr A~XD liksi GOODS at XO>VEST PRICES, should not fail to examine my stock and find that the pi ices ot CARPETS are LOAVEK XII«{ BVEB BErOEE. PlllChakCli) will Jind every article strietly as lepie^ifqii • r. l/AK I Cilf, Stalest. Sochester, X*. \ST A AKD CHEMICAL BAKING POWDER. Our Baking Powderis sbsolutely pur«—and contains Bi Garb Soda and Giape CieamTar- IGv, and nothing else. [Pat up in 1, M, and M lb. cans only.] SHiono mo ^T THE S IN FAIRPORT You will And alull stock ofslicltandhcayy Haulw r aie, Pocket iud Tal)lc Cutleiv. Oai.- ponteis' Tool3 etc. fR «3 R 'the 11 ame of ginger; ami niKiedient, we dion tliP^? or 5? ,it * avori, » l t The, o « no ^anjl,^}?}^^ word - hands of dealeis, wux^f/emalniiur intlie me meiliemc if tlie Vji,' t0n tain. tno genti- Hiscox A, Co. is attSobn?fi nile » 81 K nu;t,xlc ? f wiappei. ° D °tt(»ia of the outsiae Also the latest and best OIL In the \World r ^\Oome and see tlieml^^^E They are a great saving in fu- el; and they are a great com- fort in hot weather. jg^Health and Comfort U® h VTOTICETOCUEDITORs ^ il oider of Johns Air».„\~ PuI1 ' 8 »«'« t t0 an Judge, and nctinc JtaifflS?' ^^ <**»* of ilonroe, notice iahS« 0t tl,e County sons having claims a\a\n«^ iven to a»A pr - Jencks. late of the t5^I^rfw ,e , estate of Ira County, state ot Nwr^2£ Y ebstep » Monroe \va* arao I ttio nnaorsignetl. cxSf,J ooc,,er s tUereoT, to mteHn* deceaent. at licr »*«?,?« ot ««! wnl of said 3»fch^ttyot6ctob« jn.4 1, » 0 ^ orb<jfot«lh« »at«4 April lotH,i$gf- Chas. H. DUNBAR! West Avemie, Weit Post Office) VaiiPOlt.July28Ui.lSS2 . 403-tf iiHtei, win, wm OR II \|\ I f^ A MM V DISCOVEEEB OF*DB. INf AKCaglSFS CATHOUCON, A POSITIVE CUBE FOB FEMMf COMPLAINTS. Tins Temedy -will net 111 tiar^!i<n.y ynth. the 'Fe- male system, at all times, And «Jiso immediately upon the abdominal and txt,»nne muscles, and re- store tliora to a healtby and strong condition. Dr. Marchisi'g Uterine Catholicoa will cure fall- ing: ot -the-womb, LeiicorrliGBa^CliTomoIjiflainma- tion and Ulceration of tlie Womb, Incidental Hemorrhage or ^Flooding, Pftinfnl, Suppressed *^i<l Irregular jVfen3txnation^ Kidney Complaint, IS* Tenness ondu eBpecually adapted to tlie cbange o£ Difa. Send-for pamphlet free. All letters of rnfquiryrfreely answered. Address as above. For sa.'e by all druggists. New size ^1 per bottle, Ol (I size $1.50, Be sore and ask for Dr. Mar- clm'3 Uterine Ca&olicon. Takinoottier* Sold by U. Tw. Estes, at Gem Drug Stove We Me It Ml. ft Risley-s Witch Hazel, Cmes Heaclaclie, Bums, Sprains, Cats, Vfonnds, Rheumatism, Tootbaebe, iaraehe. Blisteis, &c TTjieau-aled. m qriAlxty, at liall the price. 6oz 3octs. Pints SOcts. Qls. $1. Richard's Teetotal Tonic. The great Sum- mer A.petizer. $1.00. llave your tlLuggist oxtler. if he liaa not in stock, of GHAHLES F. BBLEV, NEW YOKK. [32w2C] ?n U 2e«on3 having claims Kjifahi8t w ^OBepfl. w„%.flett. 1-itoof tbecjty or ltocJie3i*i., ICbn- i' :?.?r?£T,»tV State of >Feiv Yoikr tfei e isetft t» f roa ConntV. state of >ew- loik Uei e isetfj t » ;«^oent the same -Willi the -vuucliciv tbearr,!, },. tlia unrtersiene<T. at liin i Okirtcncc m K-atr 1° » l \\„U« f%».. KT. Y.. on or btrfo. e tl.o^x^i 0 Administrating. Mete *• I TMs Space for Sale. , # •$ - \ t -Enquire atihe HEftAiJ) Office: Ciockeiy House of our city I3 the one we operate. t yye say it, not ooastinjrlv, but as a matter of pride, th-it courte- * DUS attention ii provitltti? our pat- rons. That our wares in tlioir several grades are the Y«ry beat that are to be had. That repre- sentation* as to tlie quality of our meieliaiicUse, are, and will T> e true to the letter. That no con. cern in Rochester, ha* the facili- ties enjoyed by us to obtain good* at as low rates. That no house in the city can display as vniied, ai extensive, as rich, rare and beautiful goods in the differ, ent line3 as our«elves. We cor- dially invite the readers of, this journal to visit ug. ana promise tliem tlie«amc kindly attention if U1C3 only come \To L«ok,» as if they buy. V, H. GLENNT & CO,, 85 East Main Street, George B. Catkins, Itanaser rryMBLLBM'iionnettj Kurt Over Greea & IteAulifro' Planing UiU. A Good Supply of Goods AI- •ways on Hand .~* «S»4 '8 HAIR BALSAM A beneficial dreurag preferred'to similar art- icles because ofi cs pari- ty and rich perfume. It JHstore* to Gray Hair- tt»ToitlfilColorA parents dandruff *nd falling of the hair. ~«a WcAtl.HI—oxfcC9.,X T: FL.ORE STON I Twrliitlny, irpoOorllSUt, lywptFLORMrl tdraccirtsAad^ COUOeiNE THIS FIRM IS SELLING GOAL Attbeii. old place of business on the Erie canal just east ot Main street, In the village ot Faii^Doit We also sell dliectfro»i Ihe 'M at the depot. All coal in jrood oon ditio) t &W*' fall weight; and at the lowest maiket iate. Junel, 18S2. »rwt all own •not taorsM, As a ••oeral'. OoaditionMed. icina it baa i__ •auaL Ask your YnVpom tmillhfBX, CUAJ8.M. CMTOBKMJ&y Sold*>yR. L. Efct$L»*Wgeet KEIffrfSDi:>« Vegetable Blocd PuTiger, LIVER AND IQDNIT COM?EAIltT* ¥, *n ..^CKLXBKMrBOTl TO*iv. All tlio above to calWl diaaasca rtii^faaic This ^^^luVS^^^SPSSSS' fCW or. pwsona nbo'liars na«d tSaTpVrlla.\ Otb«ra mlahtliare bein ••curtiir rmnmwt.. Xeattaw oniaUa. ^ OXTAKIO. K. T., Ka J hf-Tc used Kennady's Taca Purifier for-s:en«rsil d«biUQr trouble ana xlo Airhlrreeomn oue of tho best medicines MOW J ^ ' LTJTHli OKTAKTO. K. Y., Maii Xwisb toaay to thejiubHe that Kennedy's V #e ctable Blood Twi pepsU and ciencral debflity.Md it to be aTrerjr ezeaUamt n«illeia> Mss. MAMY ] I hare used XtlMdy's Blood valuable madlcta* asul.IT rrica.ti «tau s*«r ] T, IK*. a Blaod 11 to »e •LIT* M.iaas. •sedaTi ateau ^ Mu»tb*T«a«n M-fftlT\ aoaoi< -.\v* e->if- i' .-\ ] S '^± f „«_.^J M^*-''-'!

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