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inc.-: t atrocious. The 1 cxmBptraey whieli gwel to Brazil, had bet-n obliged to '.cave i Vienna on his leturn to Brazil without 'being able to accompli*!) I/is nission. The Romncy sailed from Plymouth // 14.— W lpnt 14.-*—»> e v express the En 2th. *K-h fc ave !ish !.> M - Rib.- aupierr* en his first audi- almnld be wnyejed^a J^^^ , fof Usboo i)M lhe ^ rf Aprilj . , a ,-,, lhe ed — I tachmenls. ence, and the tenour of which left no students resisted, m r doubt, in case of non compliance, of an with **£*~£ ^ d lirect \\n I The h* of France had ordered one investigation into the outrageous affair, of his ministers to express to the family of the- Duk,e de la Rochefoueault, his it >f Paris ceived I) of the I2th, whic announce lowing change v\ roinistiy : — Resignation of seven mini i «st re- papers i. lers. LU ; cr.t and character ulone. H» poti'iou uor.-- [ever, i- one of great difficulty, ile will have much to fight against, before he can , : . - bis power tranquilly. iJ T :t dw i i . ; try is with him ; and be will, we are eon . dent, soon ti ii mph cv« i the i .. armed interference by Russia On perusing the letter from Constan Mr. CBHNING is appointed PaEMiEB the characterless faction which Li • . in consequence thereof, the foiloming tiontotliepr nicrs ip may Le-exj, seven members of the Cabinet have re- Sl^Uf't The lord Chancellor Eldon, The dut;c Lord Si Lord Bathurst, of V\ ellington, mouth, m. son and humanity, the relief of Greece', reached Gravesend, and the whole new , wan is an immediate consequence; if he scheme may he commkred a complete Spam.— The following w an extract persist in his former determination to feilure » of • letter o. the 31st o. March, from f the; The Paris papers gives an official j Madrid: Lord Westmore Lord Besley, Mr. Peel. nd, prosecute an exterminating war strength of these Ciiristian powers, at I riie most complete harmo- i* Lord Lou ther, r also resigned as on treasury. <:n of loid e of the Loudale lords of ih. t! account of the defeat of Redsched Pa-iny prevails between the Portuguese ouse of coram ,n$, 5 o'clock \2th Wynn president of the In- iii ra v against him. Tfie change in the Biiti h Ministry, , of which we gave the details yesterday is a de< 'IMV\- triumph of popular opin ion. Mr. Canning is the idol oftlu day, and before his influence, the pre j judices oflbe aristocracy, and the ob- jections of the hierarchy of England, have alike been made to give way 1 ;iis is a great homage to talents, a- 1 veil as to the publics opinion. t >f those members oftheCabinet who have resigned, Mr. Peel only \\>: much missed. Theotbers, indeed be ex- March, that Kariascaki had met the I who was seeking to starve out the gar- singular circumstance is, that the Por- troops 'of Omcr Bey at a village named j risen of the Acropolis, that kai ing 1000 | tuguese royalists have a great number Turchosi. and gained a decisivt victory.; men to watch the citadel, Omer lost 600 men. The provisions,! tents, and ammunition, with a large new comers, number of horses, fell into the bandsI fought, and aided by a sortie under the ver) gates of Madrid. The con- of the Greeks. C'ariascaki had subse-J Colonel Fabvier, from the Acropolis, jsptrators are said to have been £ X) in q-ientiy succeeded in another brilliant thesmtrenchmenl of the Turkish camp fw-if—Mr. dia Board, moved that a writ of elec- \ P Lord bathurst. were : tion i?s:e to the borough of Newport, to elect a member in tiie room of Mr. (jpo. Canning, who had accepted the place of first h vd of tne treasury- — active Know station. Lord Bexley, betlei as Mr. Vaosittart, and 1 on; the citadel, he marched Iof anus of English manufacture. with &1I his remaing force to attack the | Mention is made of the discovery of A decisive battle was a conspiracy thai had been formed ai Gr«-at chpenngs from a'i . Wynn, il to \'-.:- 1st of t iie house.' Mi adjournment to afford time to Mr. Canning to frame Ti> ir.ev en moved an May, in order Ins new cabin* \VI. number, and 27 ol tin-m have been shot. savins that lime eno rt. ohjected iffair with a division of Redchid's forces, the particulars of which are not given. The Greek steam vessel Persever- ance had attacked the port of Pireus, were ranied,and their forces routed and slaughtered. The steamboat Persever- ance is said tt) have rendered theGreeks great assistance in the battle. The troubles in I piier Ci tal >nia, s :ys a lettei #otn Perpignan, continue and Increase : armed bund: scoui tha« part of tiie province, dragging at A letter of March I8th, from Fior- ; horse's tail, the portrait of Ferdinand \ II and crying '' Lous live Carlos !\ and compelled the enemy to retire.— ence, announces that the Egyptian cor- ; \ it This advantage is very important. Bsjrette which had sailed from Leghorn, The it opens a communication with the Ac has been captured by Lord Cochrane, to I motto on their colours is « D tutn »P ropoli The National Assem Lgina for Cranidi, as nn.re central for the deputies. erdinand \ II. Long live Carlos V At r erpignan Portugal. — There is nothing of par- land the Inquisition ! hly had quitted '; tic alar interest from this quarter. The 'the exportation of gunpowder has been being a place! rebels had no force of consequence, but, prohibited. At Barcelona affairs WOK • been ta- ken to form a ne * cabi • t, an i as it w;'s understood tint seven of tiie o!.i members had run atony and nobody knew when they would return, ii was not worth while to wait. i\\<- adjourn- ment, hoarever, was carried. It is impossible for us, a tance, to cor.jectuse who \\ Canning's associate s. I April I 1th saj s—that bavins refused r << a <_ i t ti: ue this d. I be Ml l'iiii'.s o Cam ing si 11 li OI Miau-I having divided themselves into maraud- a threatening aspect. At Figueiras in Prem ter unless with unrt strained author- iiv to form a Cabinet, had carried hi-- Sidmoutb, are too wedded to ancient systems, to participate with Mr. Can nine, Mr. Huskisson, and other like • • • t • men, m the progressive spirit ot.im- provement which characterizes the pres- ent age. The Duke of Wellington re tains liis < ffice of Commander in Chief, but resigns as Mister General ef the Ordnance, in winch capacity he was a member of the Cabinet. rhis change looks to B9 a little lite a formal separation of Lngtand horn the continental alliances or connexions in- to which Lord Castlereagh had forced her, and returned to that insular policy, if we may so describe it, which taught tier to act and think for h> rself,in mat- ters cf great morn* nt — on all questions involving not only bci own interests,but In lis had gone in the frigate \ Greece;' , mg paities, lliey weie rather annoying an insurrection, two or three persons \ po \ ni and was perfectly fri with some other vessels and four tire to the people. Of coorse, there is little ! were killed ships, to annoy the Turks in their con- j danger for the constitutional cause, and templated atta.k on Samoa. «\ is i, 'i ;, ' d t!,at ere ioa S> u ' lire tran \ France —The editors of the differ- ent journals in Paris, were admitted in the Chamber of Peers on the 29th to b« heard against the Law of the Press, on behalf of the interests with which ikey are connected. Mr. Caanacho, the Mexican minister, had arrived in Paris. It is believed that he will demand of Monsieur Villelle the reason why the Mexican lands aie ex- cluded from the official bulletins of the French Exchange. Portugal. —Several troops of roy- alists who had entered Spain had been promptly disarmed ; a proceed- rmillity will be restored. Letters fiom Gibraltar announce that the English soverntnent has siven or- Despatches to the 2~j'.h of Oct. from Bengal, state that the bullion forward- ed by the Burmese government for the payment of the second instalment of 25 lai s of rapees, bad been assayed and found to amount to more than that sum. In conseq faith, orders had been issued to the I way of Alletejo British troops to evacuate Rangoon] A Lyons immediate I v ei^n secretary, and Mr. S arlett as tli ders to put thai place in a state o de- j succssor of Uie , ord chancellor. tenre, and tiie governor had left his general principles. In this point of \i' v.- \w deem it important and of txood augury, for it cannot be d nied, that in Lord Granville, the British ambassa-i^he estimation of libera] minds, the dor at Paris, is mentioned I r the for- character of England has suffered by her connexion uith, and in some sense politicks subservience to, < nntinentai country residence*for that place Tiie stoc much aehntc ma hv on the 1 I in. T i u the Uattiohcks I of great moment—for. 1 rel mrl It IS the premier _ * . . r j T iiioc.il Hgiiniro o\ ine lepons concern «• g'tai WVIUCHI — u;, m mc jjiuma From the preparations made by I- er-; • t ,, r , f ormat i, jn l)f the ministry.— >f England, they have now a firm, elo- dmand on the frontiers of. Spain, there Consols opened at 33 I 2, and fell lo q»ent and eonstani friend. It is on iif; to qijotatn suose- his ground ofCntholick and anti Cath- ippoiutinent f Mr Can- °hck feeling, mainly, as we apprehend ; that Mi. Peel has left the ministrv—for appears to be but little doubt of his go- ' go Then ing to war with Portugal. Silveira and , an ^ n t * 0 H., I const foience of this pledge of good ; ChaveS have re-entered Portugal by the I ,:• „. * * - j nrng. tt is c. rtain thai U/. Cam evacuate Kangnon I A l^jroas j^aerml «Utes (wliat hardly r ices of the cordial support of the King, Canning,'both liberal, enlightened and A treaty had been con* jean be credited) that the Marquis de j and that fee resignations have been accept- ncw\ eluded with the king eif Spain, and the j Chaves had soid to the English his cor- • e • u ithoui I • i ;_:n. as \i perse illy, between himself and Mr. intelligence from India was altogether 1 respondence with the panu It : = sai«i Mr. C annin-r refused to ac- ii govern- . tl cept the pi u e ol prime minister ur.lc>s he 1' \'. :a lib< r'o. to fo m a cabinet a^ of the most satisfactory nature. J inent, and that Mr. Lamb, rtiili ttiese . The intelligence frJm the Peninsula, documents in bis i : ands, foe!, auth.ui/-;;,. ; .;: !n j s can-1 *e ordeal which they are chie ure which nad pot tiie apostolicals in h> of an unimportant and doubtful char- Jed to demand whatever he thinks tit, hiph dudCT«. 0 ii : a eter. Movements of the military in Letters from Madrid state that ; men,there could not but be harmony and g..'->d will. Never, probablj before have the just expectations of the Catho- iicks been so near btinj fulfilled : though to high dudgeon. Spain towards the frontiers of Portugal, Peru.—The editors of the Pbiladel-j and the simultaneous despatch ofconr- r.bia Gazette have received a supple- iera from Madrid to three of the lead- ment to the i: Peruano\ of the 30th \ig powers of Europe, would seen to December. I by a correspon active correspon tween Mr Cuba, am i • 3 V ives the jence is Kepi up i , governour genera Spanish secretary potion had been agreed to by the king. In j diead, the House of Peers, is still to be an the mean time conjecture is busy in specu- passed. If. however, the advocates of ie. latingonlbe formation of the riew adminis- tbe cause > m Ireiand cbscrve mo dera- ol of marine ; by which the Cabinet of Mad- t is exclusively occupied indicate a continuance of hostilities.— I rid have been informed that a powerful idence between the Sec- Lvery thing will depend on the course party in their favour exists among the retary of State for Foreign Aifiiis and which the French government shall M. Chaumette des Fosses, Inspector j finally determine to pursue. Ferdi- nand and his Apostoliques are of them- ''/> ','. : . „ i Ait- i I tion in their language and conduct,and t'.i tnis subject the Liverpool Albion has ,i • . ttefoUowing pertinent and sensible remarks. no «» ew or unreasonable pretensions be The appointment of Sir Canning to the ' brought forward, it may be- hoped, thai office of first lord of the treasurv lias met' even the Peers will dchi to the voice o. General of the French commerce in Peru.— Er!. Statesman selves too feeble to venture upon a war clergy and nobility in Mexico. Greece. —Tiie French papers of the 14th, assert that the Austrian and Prus- sian Ministers at Constantinople, have acceded to certain arrangements agreed upon some lime since at St. Petersburg, \ov settling the difference• between Tur- key and Greece, and that all the Euro- pean powers will now be united in de- v.iui tiV he genera] tpprobation of the conn- j justice & liberality, when backed bv the try. This event, foi which the pabhek mind | had been prepared before it wa 5 announced, has, however, produced oue of the most e\- ; The Peruvian authorities refused to with England and her ancient ally. receive M. des Posses, in his official ca-! The Greeks have gained a signal jiacity, because his commission was not I victory over lhe Turks at Athens, by signed by the king nor addressed to the' which that oppressed nation have taken government of the Peruvian ReoublickJ possession of the Pisens, the Acropolis, and because it was v, anting in other for- • and the renowned city of their ances- malities resided as equally essential. ! t\»\s. How are these accounts of con- In vain was it that M. des FossesI tinned hostilities to be reconciled with declared that it was the established cits- j the alleged interference of Russia and [thinking that its rights of sovereignty torn in France, for the Minister of For- : England ? If the arrangements were | are attacked by those propositions, re- See from prscmal considerations a!.,:;e; and! a j so j,ad eign affairs to tig* commissions for offi-1 at decisive, as reports have represented fuses them with boldness, considering cers of bis clsss ; in vain was it that he' them fo be, it is scarcely credible that j them a\: unacceptable ; and the Porte administration, and ratified, as it proba- bly wouid be, by a decisive vote c. the Commons. The arrival of the Dalbousie Castle, traordinary and unexpected cabinet revolu- tions that has ever taken place in the pohli-1 eal world. The appointment of t! e right furnishes us with Liverpool papers t i honourable gentleman to the premiership tin 17th ult. with Loudon dates of the was the signal for seven of his colleagues to i4 !n j., t i, e evening. send in their resignations to his maiestr.— 'ii,,,,., „ , ,~ , ; The cause of the agisters who have^wcit, . rhere appears to have iieen a gener- l-u. been insi. . icautly and em- \ «»«T» »• *• cabinet. Tne Coariei . , nMULvuij u«ignated, arc gircn elsewhere. ; °' l ' 10 l4| h says, that the Duke ot \\ el- It s said, however, in some Tbeonly resignation (brwhich tiie country lington has resigned not only the Ord manning the pacification of the latter 1 ^.STu^i^ ° , . ' ... unaticati. u country. dvices, thai theTuikish government, will ted regret is that of Mr. Peel. This I nance, but as Commander in Chief- Id gentleman is said to have throw n up bis of. t j HU severa J 0 f bi s Majesty's b secession from the ministry is described resigntd, namely nseno • !. produced a copy of the commission he the Turks would venture to continue had received when appointed Consul the straggle. in Prussia in 1811, exactly resembling I By the packet ship Henry Quatrr, that he now brought with him to Peru j from Havre, in the remarkably short in vain was it that he plead the ignor- j passage of 1<J days, Paris journals to ance of the French ministry as to the; the fourteenth April are received, con- title of the Government which mi»ht i tabling London dates let the 10th. exist in Peru at the lime of his arrival! A committee of the House of Coin- there ; in vain was it he declared that j U'ons, has recommended an appropria- an officer who had a similar commission,* t'on of /.oO.OOO, to facilitate the emi- had been received in Chili. These at-| gration to North America of 1200 fam- tempts at explanation only made mat- '. >hes, horn the distressed districts e-t ters worse. Peru was not bound to tread Lancashire, Yorkshire, Renfrew and in the footsteps of Chili; and the at-1 Lanark, tempt to instruct the Peruvian author | as bavingno conn* s.ion With the resignation of the noble ga •. whn nave deserted their I q ,lls ll !,! - i;: l \ ! I sovereign \at bis utmost need,\ and Montrose,Lord Chamberlain : th^ Ma; - lis son ; and the Duke seems to be persuaded, that notwith- I so?creif n u\ L; , ,, u ,„ >i , v ,j,-- aill i ata j of Dorset, master of the horse, standing their menacing tone, the Chris- period when the exigences of tLe country j The King is reported as having ex tian Cabinets will go no farther except | unperiously demanded tbe.r wisest counsels] pressed indignation at the attemnt of the, in worus. The following is important. The Journal of Rome, of29th March, an ' end their most devou i; srvicc • Of the motives which have induced the Tory and cumsoibe High Chi. aisf men to lake lhe extraordinary . which lias excited '. L ,c astonishment r - =, * e * cabinet to him r. party to cir- is prerogative, and to die- ambassadors of England, France, and the- premiership al sties m'tbe rules of diplomatick inter-' q course, and the customs of the French court, was regarded as a gross insult and resented accordingly. Portugal. —The accounts frogs this! a,l< * Russia have had any certain result. |obtained the post Ant uarter had been contradictory. It 1 T^* reunion of these diplomatick char-] selves, the most powerfu j's advancement toI ol| ck side of the cabinet. The King arlier period than be had appointed the Duke of Clarence as i-catholieki them- Lord Iligh Admiral; the whole board was said in some that \the rebels had characters lo procure pence has caused ol The ship Sapphire, Capt. Callender, which arrived at Boston on Wednesday, brought London papers to the 4th and Liverpool to the 6th ult. , „ .... On the 27«h March, Mr. Canning ! on the best terms, and France.no doubt, been victorious, and that it was evident tiiat lhe Jdtitish must send heavy rein- forcements, or that the troops they have there already would be beaten. The Indieateur of Bordeaux says that ap- pearances are more than ever for war. Spain and Portuguese revolutionists are laid on the table ( >f the house of com- j urges them on.\ ' Despatches had, how- mens the correspondence between the j ever, been received in London on the American and British governments rel-! 1 Oth, from Gen. Clinton, commamler of ative to the West India trade. the British forces in Portugal, which The distresses in Ireland are unparal- leled. In many of the counties the pop- represented things as being quiet. , . . . ,--,- A letter fiom Madrid, of March JI, ulat.on are entirely out of employ, and says—We are assured that an insunec- eterally Starving About 90 acres of, tional movement has taken place at land, near Thomastown,Clonmell, had Mora Novo, 15 leagues from Lisbon, a gre.-it deal of joy among the Greeks that inhabit Constantinople, Thef^eksbadprovisioiiedtheAc.., , s , : !i( ., ; , ,. : ropolis afresh, having driven the Seras- , ki Bg against this great statesman L tier a league from Athens. | pleti-ly faded, a-, all iniquitous combn The Turkish bulletin states their own I shouldshould rail. loss at Athens at 2,600 men. The Journal des Debats has a letter I- . ,,.., . j , J___ ,- ,. . -. ,,.,, ,- „, , , ,n f* 1 aoa uudgeon, simuitaneousiv sent m bom \ enice ol the 1'Jtli ol .March, that | their resignations, exclaiming, as they Qint- Ibrahira Pacha had received orelers from ted office \we will not have this man lo his father, the Viceroy of Egyht, to e- reign over us/i idmtralty (excepting Ld retaining their places. ol his colleagues ( iliier feared, or aftectcd to fear, that lie' would, if made their e! ief, use all the influ- ! ence of Ms iugfa station io carr the ques- iion triumphantly through parfamenf. Out| !° be the foreign Melville] It is said with re confidence that Lord Grenville is Secretary—Mr. Roe i ic ; inson, w ho is to be made a P eer, to i- have the Colonial office, vice Lord Ba- ns j tlmrst—and Loal Dadlev and Ward to fed. The king, following the voice be ar .i,* « r t__ „ al r,',' - '. ,.',', , of thecoutry, appointed Mr. Canning bis 'V \\ ^t » . L ' dl,ke ot l?uck \ prime minister; and seven of his colleaeues, ? and Mr * ,,n)ll gham are, it is vacnate the Mnrea as soon as possible, and to proceed to the island of Candia. Russia. —Peace is about to take place between Russia and Persia. With the exception of Mr. Peel, the con- duct of the ex-ministers has met with the indignant reprobation of the country.— Their attempt to intimidate, to overawe ibe king; m Ins own palace, and to dictate to him said, to be introduced into tiie Cabinet W e do not believe that Mr. Brougham and Mr. Canning can sit together. Mr. Canning is to become Chancellor of the Exchequer and remain a commoner. Greek Yomti. —Garafilia Mobalbay ,\i unfortunate Greek female, twelve China. —Accounts from China, to whou*hc should-appoint as bis first minister,! years of age, whose freedom was pui he last of Dec. state that an alarming' was most nndutiful, most nnconstitBtiooal.1 chased of the Turks, by a Bostonian

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