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% % ? % A V position, and gfoupes—such admirable tion of the whole proceedings. It came trodaccdmto either house. But committees CMfajjuij— f n [\y running mad, was a warm from the hear!: and will not be are busy in examining i:ito and preparing scene wortli all that it aist me. This forgotten by me. matters for consideration, which will proba- havin<T raawt I tu .o nnlprpil nnt «f o»i i ' e • i « - bly make U a busy and laborious session, navnig ceased I was ordered out of The last query of my Auburn cor- TJ(C Tj 8nknipt Bi| ,\ he French Spoliations , the waggon with a guaid at each arm, respondent, under existing circumstan- the present state of nor Commercial Kcla- &nd commanded to \repair to the place c^s, I am at a loss how to answer.— tions with Great Britain, and the Judiciary from whence I came.\ To this com- The trial of several persons at Canan- Hill are among the prominent subjects that mand I flatly demurred ; assuring them daidia foi the abduction of Caot. Mor- v/ill engage the attention of the two houses. I - ' ~ B - - ~ J 13 iii^iiiii.u \\J uc liin KlWXaWI • 1 UP II IL UC tney conducted me into the bar-room of lieve the declaration of James Ganson,! so, looks as if the latter gentleman did ait an adjoining building; here my keep- made a few days after he was carried eis refused giving their names to my off— <: That Morgan was where he ounsel. After a short period of'•time would remain out dGod railed for him?\ Sp nt in folly,\ I was againjordered into ^\—^***^*gg** ,MIM *^g tht 'aggon, and again ordered out, and ! ^§^0£t60Cjfo • again ordered in, surrounded at all; *?^5^ * times by my faithful guard. | ™PAY, JANtJARY 5, M. Finally, General French gave orders Congress. —But little business of impor- tance lias yet been done—the bankrupt bill to inquire into the expediency of building a light house at or De?r Portland Harbour. to march! but positively directed the Strictest observance of slow time, and to halt at the next tavern, thii'v rods distant, fur supper. My attentive coun- sel followed on foot, and when the car- riage stopped advised me to get out and pass towards home that be might .see who dared thus illegally detain me. I followed his directions, and pasted a I Tit _ T he'following is copied «r- few rods bv the starting point accom- j ,^ from % m fmod jn ^ ^j^ g panted by mv watchful guard, who at . , ,<• ,- , ,. . fc . ,. i watch case: this time rather declined tin- politeness of helping me at each arm—French, un being notified of this, ranked forward, and •etced me by the collar, signified a prompt military order, to the rigid a- bout fare! This order wu* obeyed by his impressed recruit. My counsel a- perhaps for the twentieth time regard the siluation of Secretary of fc'tate as certainly in the line of succession to the presidency, or at any rate that an interme- diate step is necessary in order to reach it at a time when there is so much shuffling in ranks. It is further reported that a distin- guished individual is to be brought into the cabinet from New York, to the end that the vote of that great state may be rendered less doubtful when the day of tribulation shall ! come. And since the late message of the seems to be the principal subject before eon- I Govemour of your State, be has become a grcss at this time. We observe flmt, on [arc di gi OMI favourite with the power* that motion of Mr. Garnscv, it was resolved that be, so much so, tlr t if Mr. Clay shall dcter- the committee on commerce be insfruc , C( i < mine to remain where he is, then it is said gain \ Cone the \ Shewmakcr ' ; to cleaning 50 cents R to repeairmjr 31 1-4 u Fcbuary IMG ** John accr\ We have received the first number of the Mr. Shade will be brought forward as the administration candidate for the Vice Presi- dency. So judicious a selection on the part of the administration, would go far, it is sup- posed, to secure the vote of Pennsylvania, unless she should unfortunately regard it as a yankee trie!:. Whether any or all of there rumours he well founded, time alone will show. 1 men- tion them as matters that are spoken of without any one being able to say how or upon what authority they have got into cir- culation. Political. —From an authentick source at Washington we leans that the Convention rton With others, have entertained, s- proved by the event.—JV. Y' Statesman. It is stated in the southern papers on what is deemed good authority, \ that, as a measure of retaliation, it is believed that congress will interdict the trade to the British possessions on the continent of North America, which are not closed by the lute Order in Council. ID Gen. Itootis appelated speaker of the house of assembly. i ries of the Christian church, differing in The following resolutions were passed at j creeds, but united in the faith given in a meeting in BloomAeld : the sermon on the mount, preach and And whereas, it appears to this meet- worship seem, ly almost in the same ing, that one or more subject of the king j ic \ • c '> ^reading the'ber.ign doctrines of Great Britain was paesent lor the|•/»«•sermon far and wide,increasing Gov. Troup's lfcsMge.—We have* read with considerable interest the re- cent message of Gov. Troop to the le- gislature of Georgia. The subjoined is one of the final paragraphs.— \ I cannot conclude this message without congratulating you on the bles- sings communicated to society by that universal toleration of religion fthe guaranty of our political constitution) by which the intolerant himself, as'veil as the believing and the unbelievifr? an? ns o exempt bom ail responsibility, be,t to j their maker, whilst the numerous secta- very purpose, of instigating, aiding, and abetting our own cileacus, in the afj'nre- said infraction of our laws, therefore Resolved, That it be recommended to the committee of vjgiilance to open a correspondence with the executive of this state, requesting him to take such measures as may bv him be deemed ex- pedient j requiring the authorities of Canada to deliver up all aforesaid ol- feneders, to the end, that they may be brought to trial and if found guiity, punished agreeably to our laws.. Diamond cut Diamond. —Thomas Todd of Ohio, having advertised his wife as leaving his bed and board, and warned the publirk from \trusting her ON HIS ACCOUNT,\' ilie lattet, Mrs. Ra chel Todd, follows suit, and asserts that m- their sacredness by precept and exa_ pie, and laying the prosperity of society in t!;e deep foundation of a pure mor- ality/' There is something strikingly felici- ous in every thing from the pen of the revered author of the declaration of In- dependence. The following reply Irum Mr. JEFKEKSON, addressed to the legis- lature of this state, in 1807-8, will ic- cal the interesting events of that peri- od, and the free support which the peo- ple of this state gave to the republican principles of the writer. Those prin- ciples are not overlooked in this re- ply. The letter was enclosed to gov. Tompkins, and by him laid before tljp, legislature .' am Ike Crise. 71 Trespass on theCase! Trespass un the Case ! re-echoed t;i\ counsel ! and you all thi-> rime treating m> chant »N the woist ot criminals; detaining nim for hours »ud horns from tiie Magistrate, contrary to nil my n - peated solicitation! Inasmuch as French had pronounced me liv \ lapsis lingua, if you please) no long r a criminal subject, I to< k tin- liberty of rhoosing m\ own c«»nvi v !!« patronage of ail those who wish (,) ob- tain a cheap vehicle of general intelligence. The legislator* of this s--.,t? ron-.rr.enccd <s session on Monday last—vVc bare -pceired the govcrnoOr's message, but ii came too l«te for publication in to-day's those of Maryland, Ji80,000; Virginia, $ r >20,000; Louhaaiu ^'50,000; Georgia, S.0,C!>'>. Alexandria $113,000; Maine, $t80,000; and Debtware, g7,*>00. From tlie same source we leai ri that, as a measure of ictaliili-jti, it is believed tea. congress will k«ter ict the Trade to tin Britieli passesdons oa the continent of North Gov. Clinton basgiren a faroura- J America, which are not closed bj the late !« notice of the proposed Great Central! order in Council— Bait.paper. anal from iahe Erio to the Hudson, thro ie MUtbern tier of counties—a From the Rochester Advertiser. A CONTRAST, great a fool, I know. I forewarn •Hf* Ba * ' would consent tube proposed a* persons in this community from trust g**° t0 'be publtch voice, on the expi- ing him on my acennnt, for I am deter- i rttimsufCT* present trim of office, mined not to pay any debts that are Entertaining, as I do, for the tfgtsla* BOW standing against him ; bis creditors \ , \ if ' of New-Yw k, those sentiments of amy look to him for their dees.\ j ''iah respect which would have prompt- r^rr? i ed an immediate answer, I was rertain Indian Education —Tiere nr- lifti/- nevertheless, tiny would approve i de- fAree Choctaw sfm/en/s surd 1 twenty J ^y which had for its Object to avoid a fcaife itwtfeuU nt the Choctaw Acuic ! prematme agitation nf the publkfc r<i if in henliula;, nil of which at a re- •»»«*d J *'» •'» subject sn iatercsttug as the nueriy m ruoosing mv own rtmvev lMe souinern iteroi coamics—a pamphlet TrnxTHicr ^^•••'^r.< r , , lu ,,j mmwcm at m re ] -,---- \•^v •» luicrcstiug as ine ance to Le Roj. and \invited bin to i a* this subject is now m press, at this office, ROCHESTER asiilaf — Ibnut theltt n,,f f r \ i>l ' :talir, ' ! y U«\ teiftence of a j electhm of a chief magistrate. get into the carriage With me if he foil ] and mh be pubhabed next week. of December, I01«, a eost'-'ofiiee was cstab- \ 5 , \\l' r \ rf ' } \ r2 ' f - T ^ Cree* '»* | ] lii:t l s!, ot;ld lay clow . toy charge any alarm (at the safety of m . person, j as= I lisbed in the first frame-house built m tins ! a \ r s ' n f^^jWwWM to send j at J |>*°P*' period, is as much a duty as This he refused, and made several ef- BAXKRTPT Bui—The audioes of the} place-—During the % loar tmomths which e- i** <*\20 of their children tmthe swmej , ° u ^ v * borne, it faithfully. If some Juris to seize and drag me out. peated ids attempt tn do this several times, daring which I beard Major (in.;- soii say, \Miller must not go in that earriagi•!'' Ii was a carriage churn red bv mv filetnis, wnrto o........ ban IK.- ,ninu co do with. About this tijin . mv counsel advised me u< dismount, .imJ walk on towards Le Roy. I did M. : lie «».j bill to establish a uniform system of bank-j lapsed between tli-.ii period and the lust o i Icy, (which was r&iue the order of the! April in the succeeding year, tie total re •. fr»r 'i'si.'sdav last) are given bv a corrcs- j ceiots of the establishment for letters, news undent of the if. Y. Evening Post, who j uaocrs, bv.. amounted to acarty three dal sis that the bill itself—•» Is strictly eon-1 '«r* andfifly cenzx. imed to eases nf commercial bankruptcy, on i Tlw mail was a mally carried by a man or u... ,.;.!•.;,>ir. .r ti»- lutw Bngiisii act. All horseback; bat when accidents occurred to that part of bet year's bdl which tprdics { him, bis whe ne to iavJtVecl debtors generally, oa their i v:i .'.\lieat ion. is now omitted, en i | school. 'J'hf-re ere sonic fUtmeithing missionary schools among the Choc- la us. termination to the services of the chief magistrate, be not fixed by the consti- tution or supplied by practice, his of- fice, nominally for years, will, in fart, A lVa.d<in<rlon letter-writer, puh I btt,mt ' ** Iii<J 5 Md history shows how _ fishtm i„ the N. V. Amiricmn, a sketch * a * i ^ ,hat d< Socrates into an mheri- >rmed the unties of h^ of- I \f t}ttt discussions in the canal cotircn- toB f e * . . riCl . \tic.nhcldat Washington rmrtm in thc\ Relieving that a representative gov- Itwasaot until March, t0l«, that a mad- aweaenl siosrf*, on the wUeri of the\ enment * f«P OM,w *« SB « ,rt Periods of ^i^i^i^i^H nanmmsssnaa ^^\ ,,-... Chesapeake and Ohio canal. The and with a numerous host of ft* iVa-':!;!;,{ iv^'\^ '\ \ CQn:: \ ei1 to \crchants j stn^eominrnred runningtothia piac ternity at my heels, passed on aimul • j' The'several m* cf\ bm*r*j* 9 ( M thev ! stages leave the' officVofO. AXSSTC\ ^ i(cr *\\'* thn ' \ lhc **««*• from mtb*, when per-easptory orders were an-1 are tcehnicaJh caUedinthe English Law\) «Mr« sad two other hues tri-weekly, for \*»«•»«•»«• hmd proposed result:- nounced Irmn head quarters that I must , w |«*?b ma; entitle a creditor tochnm a com- ; Canaudaigua, Lcwistoo, Ceccsscn, Albany, i tians tn rwrr» the canal no farther ! placed in a waggon, which was lUnw. i Now mission ofbanKrnptrv ;.c oumernterl an-I iletiP.cd : inst bwdebtor ;.re ! v rommenced H scene of evulms»ns] which beggars thp discri|H:on given by j »• con'tilntedooeof tliem. Capt. Riley on the discovery oj' his an- \ ')'!,f law is proposed to b fortunate crew by the Arabs of the ifo-J by a single s ;, .ri of Sahara ^<^ and m addition to : nt Batavia. (One of those which run through to Albans, is calicd the Pilot Line. •:.visf ot a formcT bill, a tt ippageof payment \ Two other lines of stapre h I Litie office than lake Erie, within the bounds oj their own state — taking from Ohio al : eoiiei.is'ioner in e.n r.,nx bju : !j Ir. r.;:;;itier! to these. Tost Coed dauTfic^S, nV< ' ll,0 ,V\ ion i ihr •**«**\£* of t** theme\ Tku dml* .0! ( aumuhugu. and Uata- Upwfc, ^ oppo$ed h y^ c > ier? • these. Tost Cor.e.hes an i-trt ot Sahara. Such racing—wheel- j o#ce, requiring professional learning and! frequently dcspatclicd in various directions nc—turning, and saenaeiag, by d»e' c,p f r * cnce *. The commissiooci isetnpow-j VVe were present at the Post office a fen aounted part of the cavaictde—now ; ' ri:] '''\ u:11 °* nt ^°^»mrms*ioners (or v:;ii- [ evenings since, when the eastern mail arri ' resolutions. 1 * After which, (ice mate the writer) \he went on to speak, of the propriety of the interference of enn- ui m noi-i- r insparposes. These and other details were I y ed bringing 403 newspapers aud 177 letters rear was in insnrn isse-' e.h.l W, . \!' •'^•^ r,!,cr ™ i:U ^«*b«ration and decum- I for residents of this victmty. This was an , was an unsurpassed Pshibuiun of jon mareryahfa committee, withthe aid unusual number, however. The averagere- . , , ** wc <wj°fmanysug^^kms,conimunkatedby-cv- ceiois of newspapers at the office thronrli unuedto Le Koy. Here French evi- eral distiugaiiaiod judges and jansts. Ii i« the week oauab, but rareJT exceeds, eight I expects d t« be warmly opposed in the Sen- 1 hundred. The bnsmesa of the. Post Office now yiekk a icvenue of about sixteen hundred dviiarg perauarUr —or, inroon MONTHS, twenty- U. riambert and ! \ i}C hundrhd and Uurly-thnc dollars, thirty. ' three cents, and a fraction ..herer.s, for four in front —then along side—mnv the savage and ludicrous. 1 tinned to Le Hoy. 11 ei dently intended to confine me u • i | ate, hut it is believed it will pass that bodv, er ljudge-Koom; but the alarm ha'-'ing]., ' , , -,, ', ,- ,- • ir ., . I thoorh eeruaps with material modtocatuns. goiv i... • ii that \Milter tens to ot \ ^H___ MorganizedP 1 called to ih< proteciio;; of the la'.v- a force th;.t intimhlati i! (hi hitherto daring vinlater.s ;—th<y all slunk away in Confusion and disgr.ice. except a few of the m >st fool bards : and French was literally pressed by lh< croud to the Justice's office; be •• a immediately on where to be fonud 1 saw on tiie Justice's docket an euteri as follows;—•• Daniel Johns vs. D C Miller and John Davids Wurrmmi on oath:' After a delay of about half an bow for the return of the prec< pt. the Ma gistrate discharged me. On my way to a Publick house, distant about rights rods, in company with my friends, French suddenly made his appearance, vociferating a— Rts;ue ! a Rescue! — and attempted to sf iz me several times The Canadian J dins now took a prom- inent part , aid, in the lienzy of he zeal, inquired—\is then nw a saaa here that dare aid the offeerr\ He was soon made \a know tint there were WEN then—Men too, wl w > would nei> ther sutler him, nor his Masonick tools •' Msfirnry. —ITenrv bark's tfowatt, it is ^aid, have been ec trted .u the court. ufOver U Ten • w-lfurk, ofn.-fair deal the Sou Pins Insurance Company, T! heir case was a very bad one r Ji Terminer at J s * 8 »* w * o/* 1312-13, as we bare seen, horn- ing with reference | ^ uct d 0,il . y ilv '\' dollarsmnda Ua'f. Some- ' thing of a change, this, in fourteen years, uiit th i mr>nin::.— The government of Berne. oftlie Hwh . cantons, deeming the prac- !Ce ores on his arrival at Bogota, as shall ! l.-ave no kind of doubt oftlie nature ol election, is tint which produces the greatest sum of happiness to mankind, 1 feel it a duty to do no act which shall essentially impair that principle ; :.r.d I should unwillingly be the person, who, disregarding the sound precedent set by an illustrious predecessor, should furnish the first example of prolongation beyond the second term of office. Truth also requires me In add. that I am sensible of that decline which ad- vancing years bring on; and feeling their physical, I ought mt to doubt their mental effect. Happy, if I am the first in perceive and to obey the ad- monition of nature, and to solicit a re- treat from cares too great for the weari- ed faculties of <;<ie. For the approbation which the Le- tt xvould have been next to impossible] P**\\ <d New-York has been pleased to complete any great national work \ , w «P««i ° r «* principles and mens With aUdeferance to the speaker and \ rt ? pursued in the management o reporter tm this occasion, we ask to be ! t!,t '' ; ' ; ,|iJ !'- i ' * m ««««*»* *MkW i informed where in the court it alio,, is I :' Rli s,l!iu:ld * bt \ so hn lonate as lo canry who, the writer adds. \ in the most an- iiaaicd stiile, deprecated the petty feeling:' of sectional advantage which evidently met masted some of the latter resolutions. 11 gress in ail internal iwptnvemente. lie thought it a wise provision nf the cc:i stitntiem Hod not the constitution lodg- ed the power in the bans of congress. k^TZa?L^l^J!L* rerjhaAi ^\ T, ,- mr' !=S= : # ° he f\\ nd *\«t « whe provision 11 i ,u, ° dement the approbation ami b^a^priffi biTK t'\ • hoiirar - ^eawa,: with impatience [which lodges in the hands ofcomgrcssl V°* \ i!l <>' » ; > J^h.w citizen, gener- ti.er than the proper ones ° UJ ° U * r wc \ mfor »»f 110 \ \<\ B.divar»s meas- I the power to to interfere, fond remdeA i,!, - v - i! ••\\ hp ^ Comfort of mv future lir..c r.., lie -.rr..- ,1 al 1» ._ __ I I: J. „._•./• \ . . . I A n .. I ...: 11 „1 . '- . lis fount course. In the mean time fsmoking tobacco injurious, in \itselfl WP ' irf ' gratified it! meeting with any in government t > the yowni men previous to ulmitbng them to conununion, anuUoact otbewise as may seem best for furthering the philauthropick project. ted Guayaquil, ISth September,\which we find in the Baltimore Gazette • \S According lo the nntire given by Mr. Strong, of New York, yesterday moved in the house of representatives, to postpone, all the orders of the. day preceding the bill to provide, for the support of common schools in the see eral states, in order to enter upon the consideration of that bill. This mo- »Si R —This day his excellency nets!** 0 * **» negatived by so decisive a oft* from this city for Quito, and he will \v f >tc, «W if may be considered con- such an interference proper) ;. ; rt „//! days, anil will close a service of forty • . » - • . ,-, ,' i years with the only reward it ev*r wish- internal improvements ?'— Argus. |- ,. • M-ITPPS-^V • ed. Ill : J £.1 i r_.K\MJA. December 10, 1807. Philadeipma stole a piece of doth, was our- I sued and arrested, tried and convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary fur three years and a day—all to the •pace of one 'hour. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I Ii id is doing busiucss oua high-pressure to iuHict further wounds and outran**. 1 u ^^ amta ' On our arrival at the Inn French made rmi- <J i .3*^ pother attempt to seize me, rfledginf MumSphn^^ f of that he had a new warrant ; but I was | meetmg of the Greek Committee, ,t was u- r-,„ .•,•„ ... . i continue, without stopping, kk mri». tn Erpcdifaon—A tew ,i avs agoafeflow in I j; 0(T - b ' ?ota. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The government will be already in- formed of the arts celebrated in the de- parimrnts of Asuay, Q.,i to , an ,i (Vuay- •nuil. H is excellency ha given orders that the administration should be con- ducted on the same mating and the s;»me principles anVAowf the sti»! ; ' V st alteration, and that every thing should passea into a carriage, and soon was nammously resolved, that supplies furmsbed l tnn, ' ll,ie « s 5t »•* bef, n hitherto aafe in my own d wr liing. ! the Greeks through them should br ra»rfw I ihe f slablishment of the Cn„~tH. ^^^^^^ing. ; \\ www mrougn mem SUOMW be confined Thus, in complin.ice with the request <0 7»\ w ™'»* and cfothin^, to the utter 2c/«- of mv Auburn friend, I have passed a *T °f ern 'y thm S connected unth warfare. second time thrmmfa the diseustma and r i \Z T^' ! 1,at a WMoh ^-» be ,. „ f , fe l '»r- uisgijsuug anu forthwith provided or the receDtionrttsi„.K jUsgracef,,! scene ; feat lllP subject> and arlides JJ* and ^^ lastly the narator of oppression—in and charitable may be disposed to contrib both cases a reluctant party. \ ute. It is due to the character of honour- since able feeling, and just men, belonging Extra ct of a letter to Pie Editor of the Phi- to the Masonick Order, to state, that ! ) ad ' J, P ,n f Gazette > d »ted Washington Dec several of them, while at Le Ko V . e - 7?' l826 ' , , ihe f slablishment of the Conrtiiutiamil System. His excellency has published the inclosed proclamation, which con- tains the sentiments of his excellency who is mo t anxious to arrive in the capital of the republick, to consecrate ar.t w his services to his country.\ The Bogota Constitutional expresses much confidence in the continuance of the genaral's attachment to ihe repub- lican order nf things; and it is need- less to add, that we should rejoice to find the misgivings which we in com- clusice of the question at the. presen t congress. —Nat Intel. Dec. 20. Old. Bachelors. —Mr. Keneau intro- duced a bill fin the legislature of Ten- nessee) by which it was made i|ie duty of the sheriff of each county, to make an annual return of vwry man who hall ' An American Lady—The follow- ing article from the Calcutta Govern- ment Gazette, gives some interest'-ng particulars respecting the very praise- worthy and useful services of Mrs. Jod- son;— \ In printing my last commimicntiers there was a trilling mistake made; it should have been Mrs. not Mr. J. as that lady eras the author of those elo- quent and forcible appeals to the Gov- ernment, which prepared them by de- grees for submission to terms of peace, never expected by any who knew the hauteur, and inflexible pride of the Dur- maa Court ; and while on this subject .i . , • » . . 'J ated, by the provisions oftlie bill,hi to he divided among such unmarried la- dies as have reached the age nf twenty- five. The bill further provides that if any old bachelor suffers h imseif to be returned three times, he shall thence- mutb be deemed incorrigible and ,he| to l)Ur w;mts? ai)(J co , ltri b U ted, in every male, who, though living at the distance ol two miles from cut prison without any means of conveyance, and \t:ry fee- ble in health, forgot he- own comfotc and infirmity, and almost every dav visited us, sought out and administered ax increased to fitty per cent. The I way to alleviate the burl hen of ourW bill passed with great unanimity H* cry. While we were all left, by the louse ot representatives, but the senate Government destitute of food, hef with S^ Na^,i:i tUC tMe fl,r3 V n \\^'^ P~i.ce obtained

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