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• \ CONTENTS (II TM K Journal of Education, hv MJYVILLE Chedp Store! Pui)li'-!ici \t Boston, Mass. T, B. W AIT, „v SON. Wuvvi'l.—NiMiun VIII. AUGUST, 1826. | If AVE just received turn New jlfiseeUmwu Articles. —Education of £J2. York, ami art* MOW otienisH* M Infants; Schools ia the eft of NewrVork; useu SIOtTE opposite J. Hovey's Ho Unirewft of Georgia; Jnlien's <***}\*» lei, an elegant and Utewnive assortment onGoacauoa; Proposed society of bauca- tkra Renew*.—President Humphrey's In- aajraral Address; Stric'::ro-; on '• Remarks on Greek Grammars. Intelligence. —Pros* rectos of the Londoo Gymaastie Society; Mr. Emerson's Pemale Seminary, Weth- ersnekt, Cons.; Mr. Thayer's School, llos- ton; The Teacher's Goide and Parent's Assistant; North American Review ; In- fant Schools in the City of New*York. .V<- gic< t. —Pike's Arithmetic ; Marshall's Snell- jng Book. BxAufur Children. —Harry a iid Lucy; Prank. Answers to Corrrs- yoN</(.'ir.v.^\™^tffftm^Bn^U^ffffffffffffffffi Subscriptions receired at flii* office. Ii. T. tamp, ojf co. • of CiilOLEKiES, Hardware, which ti«M[» ilit-r with tiit-ir foinier stork. renders their assortment complete— AMOIM VIKI ARE # olive \ XT' i Muyvide, August l v J, 1836. •d kersey-1 Black, blW, drab md stripe uteres ; mixed saitinciis ; tdark and I white dove ratios, satin levantiue, sin- i chews and lutestring, white and lilach j CHEAP JS'eic Oooih figured giodenap, btmiiet silks, Canton I era pes, l>! ick Nankin AT f I r ties, black. , pink press* u Plumbs Pit. rows& Co's \ r I10 are noo receiving from • v # partner in Ne« York, an ei tei vc iiiii el« g ml ass nine; i i U ii i bUiJ i) . v\ ttue ami green crape do. ladies lint n ami coium i:..k\is. blat K double liv.iiiiiin shawls and bandker chiefs, l] i<j. n.iini.ii Ha ,ku\ barceloaia, d«i ; i; 'it cravats and bail blocks, Webb's patent sjuspcuders, chintz, m a muslin. Take Notice. THE SUBSCRIBERS, JOEING sensible of the impractica- M 5 bilily of closing a long concern oi business immediately, without great sa- crifice on their part, have concluded, and do this day re-commence business under the fit SB of E. Mallory & Co. We conclude, however, that this a greeasent will not be so construed as to cause a remissness in settling old ac counts up lo this date. One of the firm is now absent to New-York, and i- soon expected to return with an assort- ment of GOODS, which will be sold on very reasonable terms for CASH, or approved rredit ELIAS MALLORY. JOSHUA TINKER, jr. N. B. Also, the Tanning and Shoe making harness will be carried on, we hope, to t'ne satisfaction of out custom •Is. /•; Mulhry, | Co. WesthVId, Jim.- 21, rt>26. f»ii calico, S*is styh* : A a,i : ir u s, !M>| floss a >d tiiri ad black lanibrit, :o,.\tn, iio ; i •• .\ n li.urn do. lor boO- ni !«*, L»l ick, w bite, green, pink and straa < I • i >i fillips : ii • a ( . I •! |/i ( 'll)L' di Crockery, Glassware, Dvewoods, • Groceries, Hardware Hollow- Ware, j Pain.ts, BOX urES AND COOKING STOVES, Wood's Cast Ploughs, and castings of all descriptions. See. They have also, provisions of most kinds, such as Flour, Pork, dry and pick led Fish, &c. Their present surmtv of GOODS, is ^iii'ii n> tu rendei rather difficult, th«* e-ii•*.:!• i ition of articles. The prices v. in ii found astiMtishingly low. fX/ 8 \ C \S||. and the higSiest pricf 9 ] aid ai a'l Limes i>r SALTS OF LYE, Pot and Pearl Ashes. haudkerchM i>, merino l.i' «•. ladies iiaskt't reti- w (nil- and green i*aitse i»od assoi tmt'iii i»l riboits, and! In east puis, \ ulentia, ami 1 »iliem ue \ i stings ; s ' : sted and Cotthu ho-. . « hue ind mix ed 'nil hose, ki'l aioi silM .. ves, cot- hmcords and daisv buttons,' utiuetts, <- g M l-.u \ ] > . r ;. I tmie cules, h .'i k. Vi li > ; , . ;;•• ; umbi ell is Mo M-dlt s , i Coopering, It . ;'(/> V 4. • done in a neat I F ~\h--%\ a,l( ' wotknianli ^SiHilJ' ni! V.\ ,er l) v thesi ike sciiber, at his shop L 0. Tl TTLE. Westfiehl. Augnst o, 18J<>. // nuttd Immediately, K jTK{\ HOOP POLKS—Also. •JOLr :i \ APPRENTICE to the Coopering bisiness. v Journeyman Cooper *\27^LL also fiml constant employ SUMMER GOODS. Lee & j)Jc Wlnrlcr, 3JAVE just receivi-d from .New 21 Vork, a very large and elegant assortment of MERCHANDIZE, which they are selling very low f.i (.ASH. Their assortnseui consists of ill articles usually kept In • countix • hue—such as g Groceries gj^K rockery, •u» C7.'r.?e mnnlihd, its influence is traced from tin minor indulgc/icies in crime in the. gmUumt. do to yon prsaosi rltc.re unfortunate aamaa lci)i«.s are nninurvdto tati$fy the (ijjvndtd ma* jes/y oj tin lawi ask of its nisermbht tciirintx the Cause that /(//•>• brought tlicm to theirpnstnt condition — and nine times mit of ten, either direct II/ or indirectly luUmpermnce ASM BWSJ t'ie agent. Auk C*e unfe why .she and her tender offspring are turned up(>n, the world destitute, obliged to reli/ up- a the cold hand of thmritu. for their daily bread ; pointing back to better days and brighter hopes, she will cite you to the fust indulgence in the ine- briating draught, as the origin of her misfortunes. Search the asulumg oj insanity, and the calendars oj pauper* ism. and the same prot/te agent will be discovered. Confined to no one class of tociety, it raise* its hydra head, not only in the pillage dram- shop, out within the domestic circle, the halts if legislation, the high pfa- ces oj our judii lory, and Jiads not mi' frequently a devotee not only among those who have been enrolled in the rhurch of Christ but in those who min- ister at the sacred altar. Jta evils are suficicntly realized and regretted, to supersede the necessity oj' a farther enumeration. Various expedients hare deeii adopted to check it* pro- gress* a trant of system in the philan- thropic exertions, however, may be cited as a principal cause for their '\ s to have, b'en g result of the, doors SOUtfa of the corners mi the May- j*e»< measuris of reform, that the phi- •\ * muum ^ ^™ lanthropic world, disheartened, seem to have retired from the conflict. — We hare only to take a retrospective view of the history of human society, Boots. Shoes. iSrc. ALSO ON HAM), \\ IFM rale rectified &3 WIHSkLY, .< r ,an A titV ot 1'OKK. WHKAT, wfcai.d KLOLR, which will be sold low for CASH, or on a short «redii. (r/> As usual, the highest price ill Cash paid for Black Salts, Pot and Pearl Ashes. Westfield, Ji\w 2, l 8 J<» in I * J C N 1 IVES notice to the public that he 'failure. Such appear J has on hand at his store, a lew [keen the discouraging ville n>ad, a general assortment ot uioazetts, cashmere, k< rs win n md ihintzshaals ; Irish linen and Walt- bain shirting, bruwu and black limn, plaids and stiiprs, Dorchestei tick, a- pron check, cotton yuri diid wkkibg. ALSO, Miiit&rp &oab$ 9 tVCU AS Swords, Epaulette^ GROCERIES. ^m\ Voi'Nt; ii \ n ment —August r '~l^^: made in the most fashionable and dura- ble manner, and will make to older, a- nv kind of Work that may be warned in his line, on short notice. Also, on hand, a geneial assortment of I.e. titer, to wit : L I) T'TTLL. K\VAU\s\\ So\e UUl\ V \>VCV \.V..VVU\A\, WAXED ir) ,, ,- cl . GRAIN ( CalfSkins 5 •y Plumes & Feathers. »j-\. w :,i.Ull • %• ' ro:SH { TON KAY SCHOOL i he »e< ond Perm TJ F Miss UARE1 > SCIKM I will w commence on 1 uesday, the J* 1 . nl >t piember, next CX. 15. \<J scholar n U be admitted 9 U.un bail the U i m. I< V \C OVK K-, I i'.W DEM I NO, Jo' \•« !! \N c \-^. ABR iH \ M DIXON m —(j Signrrtf P.. J kin • iea siM! it Holland H ;d l>a . mi r Port. MH II .... v; i..j,, ami i SKIN dv. £4 and Si Croix Hum. i • i Si mill and • \TJlwC \ t« A r arid I'.: e rut i'< <li \CA I ). i< • .•!» it and Scotch Snuff. ISii i. 1 -. I. • i i••'. a \\ ••, chocolate, P fort Potk, i'l' i mi 1 \\ and cassia * rSO, .' z 'Oil iihd whiskey. iss rtment r»f wmmm ' Hour Hardware and i mWw. RUSSIA and / / . > / J %'• SWEDHS I * #• \t/'f • English and American blister S'TEEL. Cast and German, do. Nails, [jlass, paints, oil, salt, leather. Willow Fans ; Wood's patent PLOUGHS, Cauldron Kettles, Hollow Ware, Sec. W$v0t%tt% J 1 3 OLDi;\- ^^^^^^^^ JB nt ^ia receive OXEN ii >m fowl tn si* }> us old i-'m<, : iately. uW^ and SU1 HERLAND o.\ lifcui ;, if delivered estfield, August 10, 1S2G. ,\M» (i\i\ss NVuve. ami almost every other article calculated for this market,all of which having been purchased for C \SH, and selected witb care, will be afforded cheaper than ever before offer- ed, for ready pay. Storage, Forwarding, .l.YI) Com mission Business, A r BLACK ROCK. HE subscriber as A- gent for the new, el- m**yjt^aZmt l '-' tiUi * an '* ! iSl founing STE \M BOAT, HENRY CLAY, and MBRCHANTS' LINE or CANAL BOATS, offers his services to the public is General Agent for the tratntportation of all descriptions of property, tu any part of the United States. Tliis line of BoatS U one of the most extensive 00 the Lite Canal, and has hert tore sustained a hipli reputation fn expedi- tion and s;ifctv. All property forwar- ded by tins line and consigned in the subscriber, will receive the most prompt attention. Advances made on proper- ly ordered sold j and all property de- livered according to order JAMES L. BARTON. Black Rock, May, 1826. 1 CASH PAID FOR Pot& Pearl Ashes. .1. r.. BARTON. Black Rock July 2\, 1026. to be obliged to acknowled o trie (!'re powerful agency of the Press, whether j cngai'f d in the ri formation of political abuses, or the correction oj popular error. Addressing itst If to the reason of mankind, and consulting their judg- ments, it has by a kind of mysterious agency, controlled not only public 11 Htiment, but individual actions Un- der a wise Provident e. to the influence of periodical publications, the world by the BARREL or GAL-1*« indebted for some of her best insti- LoN &c. \tutions , and greatest blessings, li'itli all of which will be sold VKIU LOW, for \lbese facts before us man wc'not in OX > s> PROMPT P\Y^^^^ He has also on hand FOR SALE First rate Waggons. Wanteds A N APPRENTICE, to the t, m - j\^ ning, currying, and skoemaking business. July --'• A. RUMSEY. Hear mv Voice, N D untie your rt I:SE, lest v««u hear ^ ^ a Constable savinjr. *' 1 summon ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mmu you forthwith.\ lot \ owi a great mui- a nd a sympathetic effort to excite the dulge tin hope, that it will prove a suc- cessful agent in the suppression of Intemperance, if properly directed t fie must bt allowed to anticipate the objection Wc shall he told that the silent monitot will not reach the hands of those against whose vice it is (liitci- td, and u ill therefore fail in produ- cing n formation. To this objection wv shall answer, such is not the edit* or's hopes: But rather by embodying tin moral exertions of tht b titvolent and good, to produce so far as his abilities will allow, a unity of action, titude which no man can number. A. RUMSLT. Wtdfield, June, 1826. H i to ii ii u ii ii u i. -1 .*> () 2 5 8 0 5 1-2 arte quantity of Lngiisli tfreat Bargains llo\den &c SalViet\and, (loth Dressing. T ill! subscriber would give notice that he will soon have all things in complete readiness for Dressing Cloth, , - . , the ensuing season. He labored under , 0 | i -p I be btglssst price will at ah times j ; , disadvantage the last si ason, by not be paid for >Salls of Lye. \ \ ^ I AV E just received a splendid as- M n. sortment ^i which they will sell h,r CASH, at pri- ces corresponding with the times, viz. Cost and Charges. Those wishing to purchase will call ( _ ami examine for themselves and be | satisfied. We*tfieM,JutM % \%l6. Stf AND Pot and Pearl Ashes, iu goods or rash. WJ1JVTED* BUSHELS of Timo- th\ SEED, for which be 1000 a liberal price will paid in ooons or UESTS. M ivvilh \ UfTIl ii 8. 1826. lOwd / book at This! TT^Il L subscriber informs his custom- _DL ers that he is about to LEAVE this place j and that if will therefore be- come m-cessary f.r all persons indent-1 1heu m ed to him, to call and settle their ac- counts without delay. Prompt atten- tion to this notice ivill be for the bene- fit of all concerned. 1). Wheeler, ,'1, i,f «n«rMH 10. |«26. Ot^b W VNTEU at fice.—July 8. Of- hummer Hoods! THE SUBSCRIBERS WW AVE just received a very heavy '* stock of JDCIU jfetttmmt Oooti^, comprising a (most every article usual Iy tailed for at country stores, and as re much in DSBI, they are compelled to offer their Goods at low er prices than can be found at almost any other store in the western part of this state. Their Goods were bought LOW, and their necessity cornptls them to sell the same at COST njssf CSJABOstS. r.CDLONO .V BABCOCK. Westfield, June 17, 1826; fM beine read v. Everv obstacle in the way of dressing cloth to the best advantage, will now be removed. In addition to Ids fbrsnei machinery, he\ has procured | another shearing machine, and now pledges himself, that cloth shall be as well dressed at his establishment, as at any other in the western country. Par- ticular attention will be paid to I INK CLOTH, and if any damages occur, tiny will be made good. \fj'' The terms oi payment will be easy. HIRAM COUCH. West/:eld, July K\ 1826 Gtf STOVES. OLDEN A SUTHERLAND, have just received an elegant as- sortment of STO\ ES, viz Box Starts, iVo. I to Aetna < >ri n. do Tin Plate, do Hall, do James' Cooking, do 2 Albany, do J franklin. Plain, I do Brass Trimmings, I Also. A Swedged and plain Stove Pipe & Elbows. The above Stoves will be sold at ihe New-York juices, adding transporta- tion, and a liberal credit Kjiven. West tield, June, 1826, Mt' PROPOSALS For publishing .t n- u- periodical teork to l>< entitled the Reformer ; /•„'. PI tsirrhi di r,,!i <l to tht gradual suppress- ion of l.YTf:.MPE!t.l.V( /', HI the use of Spirituous Uvttors. BY AMICUS SOBRIETAS. STRAY COW. /// presenting to the public, the Pro- spectus of a periodical publication un- der the abort' title, and devoted to the above named title, and devoted to the above named object, the editor deems .. i • • , , .• j/ /' ' Oil' I. I- \Hill. ».i»' it his duty, to give, so far as the am- \ r ,.,.,.; Vl . (l „ t . tl (;„„. relieious societies to a participation] j in the flood work : to reform <v* fa, as jjsosatmV the existing regulations of j i xrisi , whit h at present afford* so mm- \ny lamentable-facilities for thepreva- \ lence of intemperance : to enlist the friends of good order, against the influence of a common enemy, and to \propose and enforce Plans of procee- \fiim : in tlo business, which shall srtm bi st calculated to promote the object. To the suppression •>( this vice, l-^i.-;- lation has hitherto directed its efforts with title apparent success As a cause for this, it may be observed that mankind are averse to briny (triv- ia t> embrace virtue and forsake rift, while ai the sanu tour example irnd precept hand and hand, may mdtne him to abhor the ore, ami rh i ish the other, <;>• a matter of choice. That reformation »•/<:'</i mwy be produced by tht tt rrors of the luw, may continue during the injlit Hon < /' its p< n- altii t; but t\ he per.aunt nt. must be the re- sult of conviction. H'il/i Mn A si ntimenti nml such views, im- pelled /'.,' no other wuiSttH than a disposition to do good, the editor has been induced to give au outline of Ids plan to tht public; claiming to himself purity of intentions, should he burr misjudged at respects the practical agency of tlo proposed work, he vill ;U'i have n ason I\ regret, t w u should he fail i'i his end* trors. Independent of his ovm exertions, he has the assuraswe of con- trihutifas from individuals of talent; and he is uuluced I\ believe, that the character of the work itself, uilf draw to its columns a greater variety of talent, than is enjoyed by modperwdicatpublications tf tin day. TERMS. • The work will beprwtad oacood |wpw,«sd nn\ tvt i', to ivnlniii 8 oet.ivu page*. >*• Jl I\ 1 a \- Dttm, or for 11 numbers. It will be publwbetl du- rinj; the firsl week in e;irh Bontk, [1 i \. aers, posl jiaiil.diieciPil to lb* E.lyorof j the U I', oner. Lock]Mirt, Niwjuni co. N. V. will 1 A M E into the enclosure of the sub- scriber, a COW, which the own er can have by proving property and paying charges. LUTHER CROSBY. Portland, August 2, lb JO. fj ^lVh. Shillings per bushel will be allowed for wheal, delivered at ampbell's mills, in payment for news- papers. i its of this notice will )ieemit, a general ' j outline of the views which have indu ccd him to engage in this novel under- taking. The rapid increase of In- timperanee in the use of sjdritous Ii quors, is fast gaining ground in our i omitrn. I! is a melancholy fact, that while we are witnessing the gradual progress of religion, morality, si icrtcc. learning, anil various blessings that adorn, and are calculated to benefit the condition of mankind, Intem- perance unchecked in its progress, like the deadly Siroc, is man lung on in its work of destruction with giant strides. — blasting the hopes of families and neighborhoods, the prolific i 1\ BOOKS STATIONARY. V Small assortment ef Books and Stationary, for sale by the sub- scriber. II. NEWCOMB. Westfield, June 2, 1826, 1 I NTRODUCTORY RKMARis> of the Editois of the Bofialu Em poiiiiin, far sale at lids cilice. Thi i hoice work has already passed ihroagj _ two editions, and is now nearly out » source oj two thirds oj the evils which I pi int.

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