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2J -v^-i n/l &£$%*** w*^ ^ VOL. I.J ,., r.i.isiivn EV > svr.r.P-tv.i.v AT v., STUM O. r\V' \\'>' '' \^ \\*' Tovffla^nbseritH-rs,^ ,0._To office ondtnailsubs j*g «\• ^ To< ompamesoi !•>'•• \• ,, ir ,.•- v V office. £1,50. VlU kinds of couotn produce re ei- redinpayment, if deUvered in thear season. IPVEBTISEMENTS Nc4 exceeding a square, will bemserted <v ....,,.V.:> : >.i. Forevery subsequent | Westfieid, Saturday, August 19, 1826. [No. 11. you what \><-d.od I would take, wold allow my obponent even? idvan- IfaeTweeks. ;>>i. ' Forever, subsequent ^ ^ sil)!y obl ain, in minor u A- * n those who advertise P?» , j r _ _ .. , „„. :it . r; , lK)ll unon WEDNESDAY, VI <.l ST 16, 1826. FOB HIE iu-i ;i:\ - : K . SILVER »;•: W. lion. 1 would fix my attention upon the principal point, or mdits of tin 1 c .use—t'.if pi eat pin it on which the >• lc was i • turn. » would grasp it with a determination not to let go m\ - I •' • - A Lawyer's dealiufslwuU be just It fiur— j-J' ' ^ ^ ^ ^ ., n , ,, ear| , )tlli | llprogress of imprnveBsenl in the science tilJooC st> sbines with great advantage\ \^ ••• .!„.-:„.... :..., .1,,., ,, : ,,r.„v :I...1 .. : .n.:.] ( -j>rr. I had convinced ihem. My candor at I nmsmsssssssssssssmsssssssssmsssssssanmsig^^^^^^— n^sssmsssssssssmsssssssssmssssssmamssi Gentlemen of the bar, according lo] 6 **! •\•la be ojf service to me in the promise,! BOW offer a lew hints lor ;••* instance. ^Tere I employed to de- «<> :,;.,!ion. 1 hardly know ,ti \ 1 • «\•»•« si. and theevidence show of instruction, than narrow and partial views of what education may be expec- ted to produce. Intellectual attainments have In en too exclusively the object of attention. It is too common a thing to ! L-learlv that he was guilty, I would consider a man well educated, il he has \... i . i .IT . c ... - I.IMII.» •! nrniwr nsenl th e Ciimimin i.i- '•v • AT GUST, 1826 the materials of beauty and comfort. goiahed from thai recently salted. I: Wat. Journal. should,however, be remarked, that bet- - ••• = tcr thusenred dues not taste well till it \l£fe ,<r4+\>^i-i PIii-i** 4 ; P has stood a fortnight, or three weeks. Dr. Anderson remarks, that !)<• has found by experience, that »he above men- Itioned composition, not on'v preserves !• •• butter more effectually from an, ;.. . of recidity,but makes it also look t»< tter. taste s\\titter, richer, ami more marrowy, than it it had bten cured with common salt alone. When hotter is put into (iikifis, or other vessels, for preservation, it should I be so closely packed and crowded', that I DO air ran come in ce tract with it. The butter should I ». carefully cover- ,,,.... I ed with a piece of fine cloth previously Our old varieties have decayed, ac-jdipped in melted sweet butter. When cording to our doctrine in consequence [more is put iota the tub, ia!>\ tip the ^^^_ ,- . . , 0 f their havine been propagated ( K>r ev-cloth : and after that is well crowded in ,.!•.• li-li-f oi\ mades a proper use ol the coniin.M) id- Ul U \ M \ a>l,,w , ' », b ,. , t J .... , , , lonest oenei oi \»<»«« i > _ .- r and for aye,'or thereabouts, from the and leveled, put on the cloth again so ^^^_ , , . , . ciltties or the acquisition of learning: rr \ nM '. \ ' , i .i,.. : • , , , • n-, i, My defence should be to, l , , _ . i i 1I roots s whereas they ought now and then | nicely as to shot out the air. When the ni-dvin\ some remarks on eacn, i o<\ - , i.... l seixe . very cucunistai c< v , would think yourseh « neglected, Lontributinc incalcuhddy t > the dissem ination of knowledge anf taste. But education—a subject of t!.;- highest practical importance tu every school. every family, and everj individual hi the community—iow>-»ius unprovided with one of these pojid.rT and useful ve- hicles of information.' 11 The conductors of the Journal will make it their constant endeavor to aid . _ , .in diffusing enlarged and liberal view* hold. 1 would rivet theattention oi the \ n f e d uca tiom. Nothing,it seems to us, jury to the same object. » would ap- has had more influence in tetarding the From the New-England Farmer. POTATOES. v.. it to say to you; but as 1 was go- -^~^ || ^ .1 y m vilest belief oil made a proper use of the common fa A* .»f ovprv nroiession, and . J \. , , ., , cilities tor the acquisition of learning t J,e i. unds of every ; i unit tor the acquisition of learning: rr \ nu '.\J » , ,i,t.,. : • • •' i n-T i , , . . ' , , 1' ro ots: whereas they ought now and then nicely as to shot out the air. When the thouch the result may have been ob- 1UJ \' * , r , ,-,.,.._ L . .'',-., ,. ... ,... t po . . , ,-, • i i.i iitnke renewed from the seed ot tne ap- tub is filled in this manner, pour a little tamed at the expense of his health, and lw \* \ . , . . ,. ' . ,.,, I . .,i , k«lls mi' led butter IIVIT tie siii- ace to til nr • i t i | ss you in silence embarrassed, you know he had anon, bett i ; t out the best way be can.— !\ w. genii men, if I have wrong views * of you. or if I have formed an) :'..l>o .1 1 u.-ir 'is lOilIt . BBjnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^ssB] that ii* w . ; TZu to mitigate his punishment. But more w hh much neglect of that moral culture I pies or balls. i -r- -— ••••-\•-\. ~-r oi-ii : ' I ... . . i ,i In the New England Farmer, vol. iv. every vacuitv. before the top is pot on which is the surest foundation ol hap- \» \\; B •..,:... ..r .,. „ ' 26, we nave a description t>t an . i .pmess. In many plans ol .duca ion, Page : ,_.,:,,••,„„ ,„' , oOS f ro - inched butter over the surface to nil up BDUtoATXOW. We have received the first t i^ht nunt- piuevs. in main )t ins oi • .on mum, i-=> » ° . . - r,,.-. * .' n I snnrnvpH mode of raisins potatoes irom which are mother respects excellent, approvea naooeoi rawing | , , . .i I the seed The following from Hunters the fact seems to have been overlooked \»« seeo. ine r iverloeKeU: '\ v -* \ . . ^__ . (;f>,i\'cid Fssa vs. coes some what more t \«• if I have formed any false ncmw™™-« —*t , Klt m:m possesses an animal, ami a^'^'-f' 1 l - '•> »e , oi y™>° 1 \ 2 vouknow bersofthe \jJarmx/o/ Education,\ m( , ral , as tt ,., ils all intellectual ,,,„sii-,minutely into the process, wi h omeva- conclusionsofyourprofes S mn, y ouknow Hence the total neglect oftbe r«tio». from that demj.bedjsbefore voucann y you think soch an old puoinmeo , . .••„„„ r^. ,-- d» v »lniie- mentioned, which may be worth atten- 1,11111 '• »• . ii,],,.,,,, , .,,. i HI' not had time requisite provisions lor tne oeveiope- • m . I ,,., vnrlh answering. «>on. AlttlOi tl rt< uavi not nau urn l i to ., r(L .|, n (. nt <ii cierss, auu cuusianuj plowJ ogge. ;,l a., wcut, ^ ^ .henunberaanattenUvepern. -';!'\ ^corporeal sv,«e,„, an,I hef«J. ^ rf I ^ ^ ^ But I hope you will not take onence »» ^ .confirmation and improvement of health, HMW u no i n a dry rigid and exact bevood any thmg that is to ., ., ir „ su ,h su B >aons as arc dictated, nl, 3' '• \ :,il t!,e ^\^^ P ,an l)1 lhe the only foundation of mental as well as *»»\ P«V lto *; V\ 1 \j? ly.^Feoti '\' »»•* « «J »* ' - ' ; '-• ^' Jt «»\'y ;; ;' _ ,, I1V lhou irh not work we are highly pleased: and ue;, llluilv - .,. r . The moral department P»»«« dunngthe winter,nd »• ^ aames of strangers, but alsotbose oj ' t!;:r ' k \ V C \ ^ I f vour pro- ha. ,rd nothing in saying that it is con, Lf education has too commonly been re- -> «PJ^ ^ e ^JT^'Sd ' ci ,!?f^ T^ re ,^ ste ^ SU\J bya knowledge of your pro tax g y g , ^^^^i word '..r Daren . by washing the ; ap pies ... watc are ,,,, ,,, A , oli , p ., roi; „beioret),r Cfoux^n, Front tin .V. ). Stai 1 RENCH POLICE. In Parts, the Police Office, which is an immense estal lubment, giving employoaei t to :» regiment of clerks, and const ,-,,;. wilh painful emotions upon existing iH^T • •«!- .nd -inA snared |.!ants as lo tore directed, plant th.m out hm. ;i t noil'. i , , , nioial principle; and minus prepareo i . nr*i»M»d in such a directi Your whole career is as it were on the terns of education, encumbered as ^| fa »«&- iUta- in whatever may .»£ f JSSiJaZS!S^^\ • treof, >blicobservation. This cir- are with the «/«m6er «>/1mo faouaanrf te their department in the great bust-:™\ fa l>nt> A s thev adavnee is believe Hie cause wbvUeora\ It is gainful indeed, while we neat of acompHsbing the purposes ol ' I. . _i_ _ s '. my your t .^i possessing ambi ti >n' .vi'hii!' ; . r t .1 ; ;-> i nti r up- on your pi •.. The melancholy p •.ho '.'••• round the '.•• r during the • dons ol i m court» of justice, whil .- --• . ' i BSSSIBSSSI ,T , in Erowth. let thena receive one or two I viewthe rapidmarchof improvement buman existence Under these impres- ; • >uWr to lengthen the* 'ions, we shall eive to physical educa- eattnii ga 1 1 , . - i in-.i 11. i .. ; i. ai • ii . vi i v other science, tu find that oi isions.wesnatigivrto^j,..^. ™-v- - ^ . ^ lhooU tion that portion ol our attention which \••• \ l > '\ s seems due to its importance. Mora/ und _ ei S 1 .\ '. II hine moving with slow and sluggish 3 | M'CIIIS UUC Ol U S lllifuniBMvvi —- • — pace, at least cine hundred years in the education we shall consider as embra- - ___ \V« n ibice,however that a spi- ring whatever tends to foim the habitt . im ithe sten .' r o , I'I-IIKII ci:i i i' size, alto me .-oi LORD t CM HRANE. [The following is the Proclamation orA r festo, of I <ord < locbrane to ii;e Pacha a\ \..:\ j>t. all ided to in our last Your employing foreigners in vonr '.. nonsol .. coo. f • &uce, while rear. We rejosce, however that a spi-1 ring whatever lends to form the habitt J^Vj^J^ siie an d the s\em will be lhe ^ ci ,1 busiuess is transact, d h 3 ril of inq .iry is awakened on ibis rob- and stamp the etenm Hie mHo- ^ ^ ^ . ( ^ m olUi v ,,;,, . f f what I have said. j,.t r that pub icopink^Uu^^ But • n (Dfine myself to some par- a change, and that an unportan revolu-l %M .^'^ m lh( . formati( „ ofmo . luxunancy ^™Z£££Z*Z~- , .1 ,,.,;., ti... ,....,(.:,'!v discovei tion is about to take place in the Intel- n i (..u;..; In nn lipht do we contera- ner > ** *•\* , t ul k ti lita that generally discovei th . •. • • in oien of your business. 1 :.\( ueutlv noticed a kind of taci tion is about to take place in the intel- ral [,.,,,;,,. i n no light do we coutem- ner, b that flowers and app lectual as well 4s in the physical world, plate the progress of education with times produced. The folly ui immuring a boy for years]more satisfaction, than when we view ' :1 L.ancasliu - ! - • I O\. \.. il,r> .<r.-it o learn what Will be of no use to him it as ctevatingg andd purilying tne great [ wo ^ io bringinf them to full ,,... • , • . „ body of the community, and thus anora- J • ,.i, ove method of trans- „ the acme sJ*oes ol life, »begi„nmg, ^ ^ ^^ ^ 1 ,, 1( , lm , „xe By al n^ -*»«a rf to he seen. As the design of education 1^ |B€ p|easing a$8ora „ce, that his ef [>•«\«•• - ^ '^ l||di fuU ^ hl 0I1 , is to prepare men to fill some useful sta- i( , rts nvatla his children at home, will not \ P° tion in active life, it is becoming prac-ibe counteracted by contaminating ex -.- v '!'' is observabk that these seedings tical, as it ought to be. ample abroad. V ^l^Z produce potatoes of many different kind, T^ work In questmoU not confined -II he paid ••f^^^M '-' sometimes new sous are procured^^ ^ 1 .... , that which emanates from parental ana perceive any difference ... or be forced to abandon t „,besy.«ema^corgan,x«Uono schools fainily s fl C e ; nor sh* » ue neglect J'J^ ^«n«fe•-— ~ 12^ ^ in I but embraces every department ot edu- persunal education, or that which con-1 ak - d klIH , ,, bnotso when we J IavM ;ui(j lh(1 conMni ssion of cruelties rati,'.., from the nursery to mature age. ^sts in the voluntary formation ol • ai \l e t , i(i ^ wn kh invaiiably produces wl)ich \ t ., in tne character of man y< »r We would eainestlv recommend it to vidual character. I . same k - I1(1> sn bjects must inevitably continue barb; use attention of parents and guardians, i \\TbVsubiect of Female EducationI^Jj/SJ. frosnared potatoethnt is one which we deem unspeakably im cd in the vicinity oi white ;,i:casime, where the gardeners «»« satisfaction, than when we v..-w -•• -^^^ ^^ ^^ {Wy I r. ty in yo.j while such men as my-1 to learn what Will be of no use to him 1 »t «» elevatin an purify^mg the great _ i_ _ ;« hri^b-r them to fo ^BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSJ sell RI re talking on law subjects, as tbo you tiir. .: it ben< ath you to entei into the merits i I any '• gal question unless you wen li\uri:i\ before a court, or else you wished to reserve all youi ammu- nition till y< u had occashm to fire a heavy gun, before the court anil audi- • nee. A suitable reserve 1 think neces- sary ; but you ought not to give people reason to call it contempt or indifl r- ence—an abuse is easily forgotten, • contempt m ver. 1 can hardly ! r -e how two lawyer'- can form conclusions so different as yon frequently do, having the same hooks cases Hi cided, and precedents, unless i i< a failure in judgment in the applies ti .o ol tli< in. Nor can I see thenenes > sity, iu litigated causes, of tne two alto. neys opposing each other sostrenuoush duiin.; die tiial, on >'V( ry point whate- ver, and making a meat hlustt r to con- tradict some principle thai is as deal and plain to every man of common sense, a dm principle that a man cat take no advantage of his own wrong, < i that a party cannot be a witness in iii own cause, or that sell preservation is the fir-.t law of nature. I have frequently been to court for the pleasure of hear-[By pmiciooi CUUCMTUU «- «u«, ins you speak on some iaapavtnnt sub-1 character of Uastructinn to th< \>\ ti.is roangement the potatoes wm sssan in1111.ii~\ and naval service, the privilege live al a ( - • . - which you claim ami exercise ol bin! 1- itii! and equipping ships of war in ni u- tr.d states, and oi purchasing steal i- vessels, and hiring transports ;:. ' i neutral Hags, for hostile purposes, to transporto to slavery a people wl i i the Ottoman arms have nevei yet b( i i able to subdue, warrants a belief, (what- ever yoi i sentiments may be.) thai tl v civilized, educated, and liberal yo; of mankind will be gratified, that suc- cours, similar to those which you un- fortunately obtained hitherto from r states, are now about to be afforded I i the brave, the oppressed, and suffi Greeks; nor will the advantage deriv- ed be wholy theirs: for until you lUbjccts must inevitably continue 1 rl ot —;i st-.ite- from which it would b< a si un •* of great gratification to contribute tor them. It is true that the Christian world h out of late contended in arms x\ your faith, on points of religion ; they 1 ^> not, however, fallen into a state of a] • i :;T;..i ;•. • tu see uiilieoilcil the perrx '• ti m of those enormities which yoaare dadj i mittingontlieirChristian hull, i . tiiiu lit with whieh uo feeling of a - i- ; . , intfishers' prospectus, and shall conti- terna i in fl U ence is forming those impres- k \J' ' mhen propagated from sets timent with whidt no ehng nt : oe to make selections from the work, L ioaj w hkh eventually ......mate in ; of ^ . m . ,- linu i to towards •..•...- • • • a ^ , ,, , v . oor lima, will permit. mental and moral habits. But. ^ ^i]!, ( , 1S( . bearing ; for which reasonthey -ed > ^rt2amelv L i, too full ol important and jesting ae ^ back ( . Viry loin ,, Li; , ; ., • . „ ..,,.,„ ,,'- ; - u The spiJH of inquiry, which has of topic, to admittifd. » i ^\^1 ye ars to tlieir original . to w^e out ih. ;-;;;;;! ,v ,i...i ,. ,.,.rv thine rmi-lnc-ctos. There is no department ol »m } • _..,..„f ftf attention to this nr L ir u. of unteehmrlj ^ «•;• '-, r : „ thtyattainetl tl . '. j-J; in which vour n.- '' sway. Sure! , - ,1 \'> ' ^ „ „, b .„..

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