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Hmmtdm I \m jMqBperii&gs by Mis* ^ .. «.» , <r Monday, October 14, 1985 Bfonrier TiHfes^Page-9 Dugway United Methodist^ Ghur^, : se^«^^-ja<3Sife^|^ls : ^ Sunday\ '^^^lllfiMsJiiiife. Pi^hing^sch^ufeis CJeti 20 and 27, the Rev. Richard Pero. received a card and call from their diagfter^ lifts., Dirjoii- ^le^Qf 'llttoec#i^i^-Mrs^ Trumble of Hastings Sunday mght with a card and gift came at the Bethany and the meeting \Wpjij|nf:f;ra- Registrations •imzi?^ IO&ni;Toplcis £ '^'~1$brjd^ be^ in % 20 is World Order^Smiday oaring, ^Tuesday, October; 22, church conference will be held at the EJugway United Methodist Church with the Pastor Parish Relations Committee, at 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and conference following. The Parish Council met at the church house on Tuesday evening with representatives from all three churches present. To date* over $500 has been cleared from' the Harvest Supper ~ and^Sale held Saturday evening. Thanks to those who came for the supper, those who furnished and those who worked, it .i^greatiy appreciated. Final figures next week. - - / We woiild likert&^d up^ur* finandal ^letterdfdrive 5 aflsodn' im- possible. ^BRyM -m^cfioHi^ml your cdnlra^^o^y^^pl^l'-do^ so. To #Ws WLQ s Mve*coh- tributed, we thank ybu very much. Mrs. Betty Powers of Cortland spent from Monday through Wednesday with her niece and family, Mr. and Mrs. Nash. as Mr. Trumble had,to work ^Monday night, Monday evening all tibier^jppf^theifchUdren came and enjoyed a nice lunch. TOs included Mr. .a^gv-'Mrs^^ftej|:M4c%\MT. Mrs. Rbriald Priest, Mri and Mrs. -;idi?jard^ : ' Pliiists w«^>sUp^i:g^es^/of;I^r. and Mrs. James Priest. • Sundiy visitors of 3&.,^d-$4*s; • George Priest were Avis.' : LaGoe and David and Hope Bristol who came with cards alod $$te for this Priests* anniversary^\A- :spjxnak ^0b ypi£4d MK and li&is. Hdward Bristol of •0£$i<s%6': \ for th|ir kmdhess arid thoughtfulness for. the lovely song they had played on the radio. Randy Bennett and friend, Tim, visited the Priests on Sunday. Mrs. Andy [ R<>we ; and daughter, Stephanie, and Miss Jackie Bennett were in during the week. Nellie Leonard and William Howard ofrMaflciry, Mr. ; Priest's mere and nephew, spent Friday 3^Ui t% |^e^. Mrs; Virginia Ames-was a Thursday visitor and stayed for supper. ^$frf arid Mrs. 1 Priest said* : \We .-wish- to n., thank .:^t^}p\^a^ai grandchildren/ ; neiglbbrSj' and ^^^i^pr^iSaS^^^W us with gifts, flowers, calls and our lovely supper. May their blessings come f|/besf%tegth^^le fe fd4 SgMcy^nel tOB mdfe H $fW£,ol s ler. Birthdays: Oct. 18 Lisa Hibbard and Linda Bristol, Oct. 22 Linda Hibbard, Oct. 23 Ron Richards, Oct. 24 David Parker, Oct. 29 Dorothy Trout, and J.D. Howard, Oct. 31KateKrol. Energy Workshop Offered In ceremonies held on September 30, the Mexico Medical Center celebrated a year of providing health care services to the residents of the Mexico area. In addition to themarking of the anniversary, the. Center was renamed in memory of Hvin H. 'Tete\ Pietce^a local educator who was very active in the estabHshmlnt of the facility. The Rev^ Kenneth Lord, as past chairman of the Mexico Medical Center Seryje^Cornmittee, served as master of ceremonies. The Rev. Lord* stated *Tne E.H. Fierce Health Center will be a lasting ^bufi^I#^elte>Pier0es , service to the cdhmtunity as a school ad- ministrator\ -jm^ then district .pri^ple^^F^Sit of-#e North Country Lmrju^i Association and Presfto^ll^W Mexico Public Library Board, Pete^ was also a member of•:tneOswego County - Yottth^p&t arid served with great enthusiasm on the Mexico Medical Center Services Committee.\ According to Administrator Rob Flynn, also noted in the ceremonies were a plaque listing major con- tributors to the fund raising effort, Dr, Gerald Freund, and the grant received from the Grandma Brown Foundation for the purchase of a cardiac defibrillator and related medical equipment. Dr. Jay : Chapman said that the addition of '\\• a defibrillator to the Center's other equipment gives the fife saving capability that; the cpmmunity, requires. As the defibrillator is* portable* it can be moved with a patient in an ambulance to the hospital ' and Wallafcle for emergency tre^niehtenrouteJ , T^eE.H.*PierwHealtheenter, a division of the Northern Oswego County Health Services Inc. (NOCHSI) ,'jjbQ leased ar the ac- complishmfents of the fir st year of operation and is firm in a com- mitment to : provide affordable health^ caresJp area residents. If are |Ky contributors who to makeia donation in Mr. '»- hailfe tp r the He#th ve I and do-it-yourself jobs. If you're a new homeowner or live in an older home that is in need of attehtioni this Twili be a valuable two hours ;i foj-ypu. .,. . . ,5 : Call the Cooperative Extension i§ffk£.- at-.f<i$ff2«6;\ to find out • ^ about regutration: inforrhatidn. There is a small registration fee aad^<^id^al®iB|eri1p9reyer^^^ 'i^0Ai0i^^^pmt0^ —\' r •••'- ^ m ^^f^^m^MMmib^- 1» 'to ¥fe' we' hive 4^^fflil»iafe^Bn^ ; ample hand ' -out* materials Oswego County Extension's Home Program is helping hom^wn|ftr| celebrate. Xtoe Awareness Week WS5 by. .. r conducting \Do It Yourself Weatherization\ wori^o|^^Jn^||ir^^^'C^ counry-aiWeeJlv^i8Bat i ; **i? MMC Services Committee, Route Xh,. Listen <3 *&*. heating and ea^jrapi':'^'*''\\ - av *&> Cooperative Tuesday Study Owcgo residents can attend t Workshop at Oswego mfr School on 2 Buccaneer Boulevard in Oswego^ frbin 7 to 9 P .m^ on l^nday^^October 21: 5onstaiuia:: homeowners can attendjthe^same Cole Elementary School on Route 49, and Pulaski folks can go to the Pulaski High School on Route 11 We are pleased to nave our Linda Sturges\ dernonstira^g ; how to remedy -M^'-''^t0t§0:-bf caulkuil, ^wja^i^r^pM and sealing/ Ttiis wli w a **liaih#oh n workshop, so s?ear jjeans and sweatshirts and be prepared to roll up your sleeves. These are among die least expensive of energy savers tne Tuesday Stjidy* Chib will meet October 15 at the home of Nicole Dupentoup, Windcrest Drive, at 1:30 p.m. Q. Does the VA grant loans to start a business? A. No, the VA does not offer a business loan. \The VA loan can only be used to purchase a home, mobile home or condominium. \\St Q. I served in the Navy from April 30, 1975, to April 29, 1978. Am I considered a; Vietnam era Veteran? A. Yes. You are considered a Vietnam era Veteran because you served within the period from August 5, 1964 through May 7, 1975|the Vietnam eta. by Mildred Schenck The Mexico Historical Society changed their regularly scheduled monthly meetmgs from the second Thursday in each month to this Thursday (October 17)* <in order .to present a jpintiy sponsored special program with the MACS Parents' Club. Presidents of the respective groups, Jean Munger and Clara Iamb, haye announced; that their guest spefke%< y^ili be: the distmguishej teaching Professor of Theatre at \'SONY/;' Rosemary Nesbitt. Her^talk, \Things That Go Bump in the Night\ concerns local ghost^tbries.. Professor Nesbitt has published two historical novels about the local region, \The Great Rope\ and, \Colonel Meacham's Giant Cheese\ and is the recipient of the Jefferson Award given by this American Institute of Public. Service. She is also the founder, and Director of the' H.' Lee White Marine Museum in Oswego. The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. The public, including students, is urged to attend. Refreshments will be served. Auto recalls continue, the latest beingi/General Motors Cor- poration, which is recalling 44,000 1984 Corvettes.. The rear wheels may lock up, ahd 1,0001985 model Chevrolet and GMC medium-duty trucks for inspection of the fuel- return hoses. - ^fW. North America Inc., says it is recalling 11,000 1984-318 sedans that could accidently reV^up^ to 2,600 rpm's while in neutral. Return to ^our dealer, driving carefully on the way. Ahd, if you ever wondered how far the manufacturer of the radial tires you are buying think they should go, just multiply the first two digits on the grade number on the side of the tire by 3 and then add 3 zeroes. (Why doesn't the manufacturer just do all that heavy math, and print the result on the side of the tire?) If you are still bewildered about which long-distance telephone company you want to send you your bilk, write for a free guide to Consumer Information v Center, Dept 618N, Pueblo, Colpt 81009., Ask for \A Consumer's Guide to Telephone Service\. Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 15), will be the annual Open House at Mexico Academy and Central High School. Parents and the public are invited to attend bet- ween the hours of 7 and 9 p.m. As usual, the Spanish Club will be serving' dinner in the school cafeteria, beginning at 5:30. The menu consists of Spanish dishes, and tickets may be purchased in advance from any Spanish student, or at the door. As a Leo, my favorite metal is gold, but I usually settle for- brass, which has the habit of requiring frequent polishing to retain its brightness. I have found that after a brisk going over with a metal polish, if 1 apply a good quality car wax to the bare metal, it has worked so far in eliminating any more polishing. I have read that car wax will also rejuvenate the finish on plastic counter tops, but that is among the things I will try 'someday'. Last Tuesday, October 8, a joint meeting was held at the Oswego County B.O.C.E.S. of the Boards of Education of APW and MACS. The purpose was further discussion of the proposed merger of the two school systems. At the monthly board meeting held in Palermo last Thursday night, the Merger Subcommittee Reports were presented. A 'straw' vote is scheduled in the two communities in November. E ogle wood, Florida ^yieona Barnes In Englewood this weekend was a busy time. On Saturday, October 28, the ribbon cutting ceremony will be held for the opening of the Englewood Community Hospital. The hospital was to have opened the first of October but due to some problems, it may be November before it is open for patients. Friday, October 27, I had my chemotherapy, so have not been up to par for a few days. ^ I guess Hurricane Gloria did more damage up in the Eastern coastal area than anywhere else. Look at the trouble the earthquake caused in Mexico City. We all extend our sympathy to friends and relatives out in that area. Since Genevieve and John Priest are in Brook to Bay, they have had a busy time getting things in order. Jim Stephenson of WENG Radio Station was in Ohio for a couple of weeks. He is back on the station again this morning. The U.S. Weather Bureau ranks Great Falls, Montana, as the windiest city in the U.S. The average wind speed is 13.1 miles per hour. AMBROSE

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