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MM y spv <*- •« $y;'.'-'• '..vV'V'\ .\t - v • • t* ' r ^ . .•>•'• •' \ ' . c ^ t • v—• - ':*•£•)•'•'••\: ' -.» '4 ' t-. • . —• ' fw*M,«K-a • \ / *• \ $«. pW , r -.-»,» J>» 1 X„. \V , \> - I ' ^:'.:', i • / . *•—+., iV\ _i i u. y •v ;. .A -\ The North Greek E N T E R P R I S E su^.% : -Va : *$Uf^rml$/ •'•'• ,%ier.lM; i -l-- r '' '^fflf '••..;-\ v :^ - :! (• • , v .'*.' ' >—-» #** V tfOL. TWENTY-ONE, NO, 14 NOKTH CRKEE* N. Y„ WEDW2SD&X, APEIL a, 1944 e i j \ ~\ ~ Boy Scout Notes Thursday, April 6th, the regular waste paper drive will he.made, and Jn connection with\ this salvage campaign Tin. Cans will be collected Miss K.;i. Osborne, chairman of the salvage drive, reports thai a, car load of tin cans is going out of Glens Falls soon. To speedup this shipment. Everyone in this town Is urgently ^requested to put forth special effort in having ready every tin can, that is-avaiiable for this Shipment. There is a real critical • shortage in both, items that are be- fng collected. New Shows At The Northwood Theatre \Phantom of ih& Opera.\ A. cast of thousands; massed In matchless spectacle appears ' in \Phantom of fhe Opera*' which- is shovring at Korthwood on Wednes- and Thursday, April 5-6, \in. Tech- nicolor. There is all you ever want- ed in entertainment, in one superb show! Matchless story; -suspense- ful, ten^ying—thrillingly present-^ ed. * » r Your- Scrap-book' Our Community News of the Armed Farces -TVV— > C. R. Barton has delivered a \Rosie the Riveter\ quantity of tin cans to this drive— \ 'JThe Big Show** - cut, cleaned and pressed as, re-| On Friday and Saturday, April quired by government regulations. I7-8, a double feature will he pre- *n^- *r t **> » m All waste paper and tin cans are atored at the Town Building. There will be need of two trucks and a driver for collection Thurs- day* Any volunteers will be appre- ciated, and your cooperation! will help to speed up collection of these very critical war and home front riecessitieSjk CalFR. MS. Martin, Chairman of Boy Scout Troop No/36, - for in^ iformationn on volunteer service 1 -for these drives. We all have a real, v/ork to do. ~ . ~ ..-v„y ;•,- ; -- _;.,.jnd<7<'m. •h'.'': r :; * • \\ seated^ at Northwpod featuring Jane Frazee m \Rosie the Riveter^ and Gene Autry in \The Big Show\ Jane Frazee is America's most glamorous cut-up girl pinning Axis ears back with redrhot rivets. There is also smart dialogue, pretty 4 girls and hit \ tunes. \The Biff Show\ is.a tingling rhythmic adventure......,.with that favorite of millions Gene Autry.. Mohican Ciuncfi o* Boy Scoijia of America Banquet to--'$$» Hp\& Nf at Gleiriis Falls, &pra il The Mohican Council of Boy Scouts <>f America Bahgiiet will be held at the, QuSentlmry Hotel in Gl^ttSxi^srH|w^^orkit on- the: 3?i r \Riding High\ Paramount's rhythm rodeo in Teehtiieolor ,f R|dingWgh ? MS shoW^ i&g at l^brthwood ofi-Sun,day W& ^tonday^ Apil 0dO. It isaMhefc- of-color^-a«d^aLnci?ig-ahd ^% yv «he^r^%WrYM'IT aWI^ ^mghig •tiue .7- great times with Potty and the tang* HeapMp songs!, Heap bepisgraaws! Hfeap hep lau|htsi <(i Ths Iron Major'* *^Ghe : &drr MJ^ The. Hon. B:arry»A. Reouxi War- ren County Assemblyman, of \Wax- renshtirg,, transacted business in North Creek arid Minerva,* Satur-\ day, ^ . Mrs. Bert Ratigan,»who has been spending the past ''year in Ken- tucky, called on relatives in town Monday evening. She is spending the Easter vacation with her moth- er, Mrs. Addie> Raymond, Minerva*. Mrs. Edgar McLaughlin and in- fant son returned home from Moses-Luddington Hospital, Ticon- deroga,~1ftiday. , 21 Mr. and Mrs. John Grant have moved, to their home at Sodom. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tvaddell were callers at Wevertown Thursday evening. David Smith of Neweomb was admitted to Moses-Luddington hos- pital, Ticonderoga, Sunday. Darwin Whitney has been spend- ing a few days in Oneonta. Mr. Whitney recevy^d work March 2T that'bis 23-year-old brother had been reported missing - in action over Italy sin«e March T- - • , i&sv E&therin£ llalsifey has rer jturn^d to her \home\ at long I^ake 'aJHf Jspendini; several days as the \guest t&. Miss -- Promotion of William F» Mc- Naily, son of Mrs. Jennfe McNally ofOlmstedviile, from TechniciaiL 5th Grade to-Technician 4th Grade was \announcfed today <r at 96th Ia- ^N ^ Senate Majority Iieader \Benja* min Feinberg of Piattflburg^ ~%^& f vM be the jprincip^l speaker, tnd _ 4arran^Rients are being:wMfeJft 'acdomodate tWo hjjhdired pe*|»ns» Senator jfeinhergt is well-known, representing the ^3*13, Senatorial. iJistrlct at Albany, ^lewle^rki * - ,:.' . .. :• etid 'u ,, . -.• •• Fishing Season to Open tter^ • April;.SS • • ' : LSe^shirii feason fiTWarlen; wood on Tnesday'-.and We fi^-an^am: Brown. = 0&«, ' : AmahHills : of 'WevertoWn Wa# in tdWn \Wednesday. 'Ernest Persons was \* discharged from Glens iWHospita! Wednes- of ^tottgl^ fova\ble* fightMgAmem- .can ife^orEcank Cavto^gKi^dt &p. on.gt|Sjroa. ahct h^tlle|ield»« Jfis. ideeits K ^torioualy rerehacted snthe ing advetitare. X \ •I Basest and Hamilton Counties- will open on the third Saturday,,m April, and: nojfc on the fitftt of April Which applies to the major part of the state, reporfe the local Game harden, Mark S&wart. .• • -' Many local folks Were nnolod-m jsfe and jfe^\E^est ^.Allie and daujtter, l^lellhe, went ^e_fee% enorrasiQng ^rrandrMts7 Merria: Mm. Ana T^arbell, manager of the Northwdo'd T3ieatre t announces that $130.2.4 was collected at the theatre last week for the Red-Cross land, , |^- i ^tie11.^Jste^'^HBk; everyone V?hd> help^y to ni^e #.© drive a Ro^lee in SjehehectadV^ \flgu^-^&gn^riSm'&yan\ ,of tbrk has been vMthig hey parents, Mnund Mrg. CharleaStMymiu* -%fai&&Tg6^2T^^ his xe^ ^tarnedrh^m^-from Alhahy* - -_- - Mrs, Rae Ridding is spending a few days ih Schenectady. NOKTH WOOD-. ATRE f antry Division Headquarters . Tec 4 McNally is a member of Headquarters -Detachment, 321st Medical Battalion. —vW— ^ * AjS Hewlett E.' CornwaH has 4jeen transferred from ^Bainbridge Army Air Field, Baihbridge, Gav, to Maxwell Field, Ala., where he 3s taking pre-fiight\ training. „ A|S Cornwall's addressls: A|S| Hewlett E. Comwall,* 32^46940, Squadron K., Flight 2, Gbup 0, Class 44K, AA^PJ.S., (P), MaxweU Field, Alabama. Mrs., Cornwall who spent the past winter with her husband has ^returned, to the home of her par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Clarence Reed, North River. —vVv— Captain Kathryn S. Goodman, daughter of Mr.-and Mrs. James Goodman of Johnsburg, is now stationed in Corsica, r ' Cp£ James Burgey-is in ScMek General, Hospital with scarlet fever;. He vjas to have graduated from AJugustona College for Air Cadets the week of March 2t, but was taken to, the hospital Mar, 27, He will be there for'at least a WtttfBTBs address is: James Bur- gey,, SchickGeneral HoSpiital, Ward 203'East, Cpnton, Iowa. '-'._;..\ • .—yVv—~. l^eo MT^Allen, son of Mrs \^^ The following ifien-froni. th§ Ti* conderoga draf t feoai?d wSl TJepo^> for induction inte the armed foirc^. this mo&Uu' NeTS^oMh--'JoSeph, A* ^Spenari; Olmsfedvil .1 e—Easseft; Foster Palmer and Joseph 3S»?^ Thomas. —rVv--' New Addresses v . % Mrs. P. J. Allen, North Cre,ek, has been promoted to First Sergeant His address is: 1st Sgt lieo M. \ ASteh,; ;§3QtK Engineers .Co. 1UJP., Camp Beale California!. -r—-—:- - v.- —VW—^ -„.- - Pvt, John. McCauley, who has been stationed--a^-f50Ft- McClellen, Aial, has returned to. Ms after sp^dine* Pvt. Mj*ton Dalaha, Hq. Co.* 3rdBn. s 31<Jth TM antry. Camp Pickett, Virginia «—yVv-i- ' '\ George \W. Goodspeed,, S. l}c- Cjo A.A^. qo F.P.O. New^York, N, T^, ^ - U.S.MJavy415 —v?v— „ JolmlGk)odmari»|MM2|e U.S. S. Mink. C£oFleet PostOflic^ San Frandsco, C&lif. J — Pvt James Lindsey, 15S1SPC Co. D, 424th fcif,, A. P. O. 443» . . C]o Postmaster Camp Atterbury, Indl —qpVv—• CpL George I. h^cXsy, 3237070J \ 456 Sub'Depot, -A.PJ& -ffififflibTPM. :'u New Tork» N. ^ ^ —*V*— Pfc James O'Connor Battery % 6th C. A-, Fort Baker San JtanciscOj California. - ^ —:vVv— Pvt. Rudolph Goodspeed, ,31340941 tJnit H, 401^fe HepL Co., 9th Bn. • • APO 761, New Tork aty, N. Y. •—ncVv— CpL Herbert; H. FreBbern . ' . . • B^ry. B, 3JS2nd A, A. ^el*cSB^fir grandmothar, Mrs; Best McLangh^ day a^rlO P. M. in Glens Falls the Cohsexvation report last v/eek- itt which they said fishing: season i<» thei-jQaa|(^.pa±t of the^ states opened Ton April 1^ which ctoes not ?Hcliide fe^7%c^JaerTof Wsex; orHatnttoSr W the .jerit tie* \6f counties. Me ^ Malr'io AmerJcan Prisoners of _. 'War Mail rate to Beginning Tuesday, April 11* -.iefe vvill be a show every* night at Hdf thwood* There will he only one show «n Mondayy Tuesday, Wed- neggajy; Thursflay~andIFriday ^net' ty^o^sh^ws-olt^tut^day anatSunday Whit Can Yon Oot -y '•• -^-^yyV- -:••-:- --' -;- -.- you#;raES pa.€k ^m. h^t ^ „ ,. _ hiMlap or papjei* hags and send _ late very sorjcy if airy'imlstm^ ^toinf^teg^H^brVpas^p^^^ derst£mding_otthe^*ep6rt caused; ex^iohs. Our gdvernment needs ^^^'-^-'^ttiehcesHtt t>urreideJ|H m^^s^^^^&^-^^^l^ «^LB end -.:-:-:;rr:^:.jc- ; •.; ' ; sStfa^6h:&73fecoinMg;a^ula&_..; : t Kortai Creelc, N. >T* Sat &8w&%&&m t j& 9 P. M.. Mat2neaeiSun.at2:30 • Mon,»Wed., Thurs,, Fit. 1 show, 8: Canap I^vfe, North Carolina. •' *7- —vVv~ Bvt. Henry. H Fheebern, 4258881$ A-B,kM.TJS4-^t, ICno^'Kentuckr f '• & .. —— ^4- -is*. William S. Baroudi duties^ William 1ST. Baroudi,64, promia- a furlaugh with his' %nt local business man, died Mon- Mrs. Ana Tarbeil, maha^er of the Northwood Thea,tre, annouhees iMtheginnhigr-Sat^A^r!! 1, fee prices of a#niSSion. wiH he 50c and ^©^i3nea :: £^t3toierr---anav : vge^-red ——«—j^ .. frJS&Miers of war detaMedm enemy; couhtiies is now 6 centg perhaff --o«nce^OF^^aeTiori\ofP4 _ n^^ !UettersJ:p-prisoners-of-war in.|jc^lected-later; Germany should be handed to the postmaster or enclosed in an en- velope addressed jo the postmaster as no no postm^iris alloy^—oa- prisoner of w T ar mail to Germany. JAlso H noJitmailJettersjare_allowed. —< end i idrs. William Burto ? cnairman of --^-~=-*-=--T- sburg Red Gross War Fund drive, .wishes to thank Mrs. Tjarbell, Manager of the Korthwood Theatre, for her kind cooperation, and the.patrons k of the Jh -V *% i tions during the current War Fund 'Drive, $130.59 was collected ut the theatre. ».• i i. • H • end i •• Parents of * Sea j3& and Mrs. G^rlge^er&onare the parents.of a son, borla. fat t;30r -f»i;M; Saturday intfas *\ |2fe dc^feae te savfe w^te piper. 3* Save AEJLi waste fats.. IsfoiEEmount % toe small to save. One ta&l©- iddup td onfe a^moh^JMfeyottffat^ to VICTORY. EAGE-FOR v-V^v- tnyT^ami3ur7©iok—PaweHr~vlctor Moore-in-'^iding'B5gh T * in glorous Technicolor. Also Baby Puss and News. '— . ^.*NG:B ftaasfe \J £., —O—* ? *~ , _*_A Grsnge^BakcfiiwinjjeJheldJH- day evening, Aprja 7th, at IAO.F. :HMUat. Wevertown; - , 1__ >tn£ CONOBAT¥JXATION^I> -o- Dear Editors: Mr, and Mrs. Sawyer ^e enjoy the Enterprise more and more* and it proves the truth of the old Bd&£& that good things -movies f or their generous contribu^ ^c^inein-a-^ma3^r>at±age^We J ve?hadr •^ HoBpital. rnany a chuckle with FAJB. md. A. it. too. Where can they be! I might continue, hut-I guess HI quit asTm neilher a poet nor a wit 1 Just an appredatpre reader, * EQenT.^HfPiIsbn \ ' end \ '\ r ' '\\ Job printing costs safe Tow, com- pared to other W*r prices. ' Wed. and JHiutrs. Apr.^5-6— '•raWtom^of the Op^ra*' .with 2S^ son Sddy r Susanna Foster, Claude ^Sauss^Also ^Shor® lin. .. . ..*. __,_ -L^Vv— - Mr, and Mrs^ George Eingler, Sr. received a letter from^thjar son^ Sgt George.Ringler, ,f£ f tstating that he has arrived in Engi&d. -^•vTv—- N Mr. and Mrs. Mwin Monroe has received word from their son, Pvt. Fflwin Monroe, who is stalao^ed in Italy, that he lias been moved to another hospital* —vVv-~ IJuayie^Gorneil,,. who passed his ph^cal esamlnaMon recently in Alb^y* wsls notified Friday to re= port for mctueSon mto the Kavy on A^ril 1^> _<_S''\ —vfv— fidward FaSer^S^liCf^fho has M* ahl §at* Apr. 74-S I^uble Feature Au%y in '^The Blg^how\. £arw Jaisr^Franzee ^md>Frank ia* hereon lit ^'Rdsie jh<^ Biveter.\ ^j ot STTH antl Mrvmf Apr. 9^10^—Doro- oeen v^E^^h%»mother,M&s. 13lz- aheth Fuller, ^turned to his duties ^Monday* ,, \ i . —vVv— First \Li. Charles .W. Adams of WortiL Elver, N. T., a Thunderbolt in ^^^JSngr A^-Maha^ strom% F-47 Fighter group, las 4ec\iratcd ^th -a- third Oak Toes. and. Wed., Apr. 11-1Z^ Pat O'Brien in *Thfrlron Major* 1 . Also Shor^VHlt -Parade - of Gay 90's and Tropical Sportiand. ^\Thurs. andrFri^-Aprr-13-14~ ifAround The Wor1d!l_jgith Ka> gyser.^Joan Davfe y Mary^^uirej, \W^y : B^ra^nd4^y-Kys^r^l5antL: 1 Sat, Apr. 15—**Hey Rookie\. . Sun.. Mon^ and Tues. 'April 16- W-18—*The Fighting Seabed Starrihg John-Wayne, Susan Hay- ward and.I>ennis-0*Keefe. •• .' has heen visiting his parents, Mr. -andrdSSs. Henry Freehera, '— 25-2$—**A Guy Kamed April Joe\. Apr/30-May 1—\'Madame Gurie M Leaf Cluster previously awarded for \meritorious service* in aerial flight over enemy occupied Conti Hospital after a long fllness. He fe survived by Ms wife; two> danghters, the Misses Emma' satft t Edna Barouol of North Creek; two* sons, t£ Nicholas Baroudi r H. S^ , bristly,' and Joseph Baroudi of . North Creek; two sisters;\ Mrs» IJOUIS Carma, Glens Falls, and Jfisu. - Samuel Barotsdi of *. Brazil; fiver brothers, Gahra; George and Paul Barotadi of North. Cttvk, Sakiiier^ and Moses. Baaroudi of .Sierra. Funeral services were condttciedT ths afternoon from the Methodist Church. Burial was in\ the Hortk Creek Union Cemetery. 7 More for your Scrap-Bool: ~ . Miss Vera x Scamtt is eaiployedl by the Barton Mine Corporatioii.' - Miss Agnes Freehern,.who ^wa»- Wnpbyed in Nashua, .Nf. H, for sevetaS months has returned home- and is employed hy the National ^ i^^CcKb*ffiany_at^ ^fahawus.' _.. . ffaswell Severance, who ^as\ em-*^ Jested -in Scheneciady—several— imnUi Europe. il*ltas jioun^ed hyMajor (rgneial^llliam S. Kepner/ Commandiog Genneral of the 8tk Fighter Command. —vVv— — Cpl. Herbert Hi Freebern; who. js staMened at Camp IJavis, N. C. t •M£Z= /\ f. r< S\ > V ^«#v ^ ^ St K cT - ! v ^ „ __ -y —scvcra£- mqnthSp has returned^ to his home? here. ^ % \ Sirs, Marguerite Burto has re* r T * ieo4}oane trom Aibaay^-waer&- :She-sseBt-a-few days wiffi h<=>r s^n- in-lav/ and daughter, Dr. and Mis* Arthur .L Sullivan. \18Ers.EstelIa Swain is visiting im Troy. K • Pfcrl-eo Gr^aieneuv€rhas arriv; edsomewherejnthe Pacific His address is: PfcLeo G. vUleneuve, U.S.M.C. 523912, 45th Replacement .Bn., i3o.-E^^latoon-22^JCio FJeet Post Office^ San Francisco, CaBf.. RHD CB0SS SKOTIS —vVv— Mrg< William Burto, acting chair- man of the local Ifc& Cross Chap-, ter,\ announces' that-'-to date $1,861.87 has lieen collected. Thef .. .ipata-fnr the Tnisat-Mjaaiislg^g- ilssas-^dTO*—---- IBss Wihna Farrell of Indiaa Lake has he&n visiting her sister,, -BSss-'Hataerhae Faii &I1. > -JfcuandMrs. Carl ^inaaoa^ge*. *•& x*«*ir^ ^entlp visited: Mf.\ ahctlSrs: T^HSott, Hiasseltine at Bedford Hills. • The Mrss, <H f Gk Severance, Susies t Susie VUleneuve, Mrs. Melvin: ^Saldpon and Pauline VUleneuve?- were week-end gnests at the homer of Mrs. vmeseuve?<3 daughter, ancE family, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Christ- man of West Englewood, N.«X 3fc. and Mrs. Claude Pereau wer& gi Glens Falfe one day jtest wesk. • '•• end • \ ...». TsBtrz-- \ JgYOtTPQrrT 5EE IT hi the- paper il^s-yoar fatilt-HsisiJd ifc la. * •. - 4* \

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