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i c ' M ' i 7 ' 9r,0 NEW YORK SHAH'S lilS R A S Y A l b a n y , N » Y . NEW YORK STATE LIB R AR Y A l b a n y , N . Y . Y O U R N E W S P A P E R It reaches the ones w h o are able to p a y to kiTow w h a t’s w h a t about their friends and neighbors. p o m t n g C t m e s VOLUME LXXVII $2.50 P e r Y e a r W A R S A W , N . Y ., T H U R S D A Y , M A Y 25, 1950 N U M BER 21 Results o f Newspaper Poll F o r Governor Are Very Interesting Dewey, Hanley and Moore Lead on Republican Ticket -t— Fitzpatrick, Mead and Farley, Lead on Democratic Ticket — Roosevelt Name Has Lost It6 Magic Touch In This Area. [M emorial W ill Be Cooperate With the j “ Check Your Car” Campaign Right Away Warsaw automobile dealers par- O bserved ticipating in the May “Check Yourj Car” drive sponsored by the NeWj York Division of Safety warned to day that full public cooperation is} necessary if the drive is to be a success. ’ j Sixteen per cent of all accidents Procession Will Start from the Monument at 10 O’clock on Tuesday Morning “ Roads” Features Three Articles by Local Residents | The May issue of “Roads”, the official publication of the New York Good Roads Ass’n., of which Harold Peet of Pike is the pres­ ident, featured three articles by Wyoming County residents. “Western New York’s Canyon jWarsaw Clinches jTie for Baseball Co. Cham pionship The Rangers to Play [Two Sentenced I S J e ” on p * Momlay by “The Griffon Manor” soft hall Judge Conable, team of Niagara Falls will appear ________________ ' . j «... , , - at the Villagee Park Saturday even Defeated Attica 7-lon Monday . „ „ — ' . ing, May 27th at 8:15 p. m. The at Warsaw Diamond—Williams „ „ ___ . Niagara Falls team is one of the Turned Back Attica ■With Only Two Hits Memorial Day will be observ- Country” an excellent article on' are causied by faulty mechanical ed this year on Memorial Day, Letchworth State Park was writ-! ,best teams in the country. Every-} one should come out to the Park to see this game, the Rangers will This recent poll as' tabulated on I Gubanatorial candidates taken by the Wyoming County Combination of Newspapers, reflects certain trends in Wyoming County. In the Editor’s opinion, the Republican race would forecast the selection Legion Auxiliary is Making Preparations for Big “ Poppy Day” Frazer Admitted He Shot His ' Wife—Was Given indetermin­ ate Sentence at Attica Prison ' On his plea of guilty last Mon- A victory in either of their re- be greatly strengthened for this day to an indictment charging conditions in cars. Only by making Tuesday, May 30th at 10 a. m. The ten by Gordon W. Harvey, Exe- maining two games will give War- game. first degree assault, James S. Fraz- • certain by a check can they be procession to the cemetery will cutive secretary and resident en- saw Central undisputed possession Sunday the Rangers defeated >er. 45, of Creek Road, near Bliss, [stopped. jform at the Soldier’s Monument on gineer. * ’ of first place in the Cotinty League Dansville at Dansville 14 to 4. -was sentenced by Judge Barber B. | For this reason the following North Main* street as in years ‘“Highway Needs in Region 4” and earn them the right to enter, in the double header on Monday Conable to an indeterminate term !automobile dealers, Oram Motor past and the line up will be as slims up the many vital reasons the Rochester Sectional Tourna-] evening the Rangers won the first in Attica State Prison, of from [Sales, Inc., Tillner-Chevrolet, Inc., follows: ;for the construction of the famous ment which includes eleven coun- game from Culyerville 11 to 10, three to ten years. Frazier was. [Schwab Motor Sales and Warsaw( Colors and Color Guard j‘\fhruway” in this section, was, ties. . j but lost the night cap game to immediately transferred to Attica Motor Sales are offering their ser-j Commanders of the American written by Henry Ten Hagen, As-j If Warsaw should iOKe hnth of Wadsworth 12 to 5. .by officers from Sheriff Lewis vices in an effort to help reduce L jon and th Veterans Inc of sistant District engineer of the . remaining games a tie for' Tonight at the Park the Ridge SPring’s office from the Wyoming ItvTavi* mntm* ___ .. _ Va»i. c? 4 „ 4 ~ _ men i eincumng games a lie XOr ..... Thoughts about Poppies and of Governor Dewey as the most [plans for Poppy Day when Am-| Get your car checked right away popular candidate; however, in the: ericans will be wearing the little as there are not many days left event Mr. Dewey declines or with I red memorial flower are filling in this month. draws, there seems to be no doubt I Auxiliary minds throughout the, -------------- that our own Governor Hanley is;nation. We are getting closer to' .. the popular choice for the nomi-jthat day in May when we pay tri- G r O O d w i l l nation, heing without question the} bute to those men who have died _. _ strongest contender, possibly with for their country in the two World L * H l H C l l C S Goldstein as a running mate. Wars. , We hear considerable rumbling „ „ .. , , in the GOP ranks relative to re- /reparations for observance placing Mr. Hanley with a differ- °f Poppy ?ay are being made by \ t n r t Irtrtrt I A m n K i r t n n 1 n i t i A M A New York State’s appaling motor Warsaw win follQW the co] ac_ New York State Department of „ . ® B ^ .team composed largely ofof Mt. County Jail, which he had been vehicle accidents and death rate, 'rnnanied bv the Post Chaplains Public Works. s p c result which Morris piayers will battle compamed b , P « Chaplam,. ^ ^ .would atP8;15 p. m. : the Ran- The Legion Drum Corps. The Veteran Firing Squad. |a<;well illustrated article on All War I and War II Veterans ccpdition of Wyoming county’s 200 tjje' before the sectional tournament. Walt Williams turned back At- ; including Legionaires. bridges, which explains the story ticaJ orAthe s/ “ nd this year •T . ’ ........ on Monday of his week. He allow- The Rangers have many fine games booked for the future. Legion Auxiliary Sons of Veterans and Auxiliary I present ret. „r e n a c t i o n , ^ “ “ ' \ “ S t a t e M e e t i n g ill take close to 100 years to p°„ momenm as seven bases on £ Spring D rive ent candidate, even if Governor the local American Legion Auxi- Dewey does decide to make the l»ary under the leadersh.p of Mrs run, which in our opinion would PeubeTr Pfelfar' uait presldeat and weaken the ticket considerably Mhrs: Jam€s Prentice- umt Poppy Our poll shows that the citizens of c airman, this county are overwhelmingly Second Hand Clothing, Toys, Etc., Needed for this Non-Profit Organization Fire Departments, all companies ’s*iaply with the statement that at the ™‘\”y o\;;™ hit •“ >» T ple'O n T. B. H eld SchoolBand Vete.ans ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ of mfield arrors kept the bases VTdl Sea Scouts Boy Scouts Cub Scouts Girl Scouts School Children Place on Mound in Cemetery On South, Colors, Color Guard, Here is a suggestion for the Since 1924 Veterans in hospitals ladies in Warsaw doing their Sons of Veterans and Auxiliary, in support of Mr. Hanley for sec- all over America, have made a Spring house cleaning. Those dres Chaplains, Speaker,' Master of ond place on the ticket and for' living by making Poppies, making ses that Janie has outgrown, the Ceremonies, others taking part in first place, If Mr. Dewey elects to these poppies has helped to keep trousers that are too small for service. step out. j their minds and fingers occupied Johnnie this summer, the odds and On East. Firing Squad, World Mr. Moore also made a surpris-! causing the otherwise tedious ends of furniture that are in the | War I and ll Veterans, Legionaires. ingly good showing, as a possible month^ to pass quickly and that,way. the old toys that need paint-* West, Firemen, choice for first or second place at the same time furnishing the lag and repairing need not be on the ticket in the event of a men with a means of livelihood.1 packed in the attic. They can be fight for position. j The hours spent in hospitals are hauled out of closets and drawers On the Democratic side of the long and monotonous. In idleness and set aside for the Goodwill picture, it seems to be very con-} their minds are prone to dwell on[ collection. elusive that the voters want Mr. < the hardships of their families or Hundreds of aged and handicap- Fitzpatrick as the nominee since'their own disabilities, but for the|Ped men and women employed by he maintains a commanding lead* men whose fingers are busy with'Goodwill are waiting for those us- of two to one over any other pos- the bright red poppy petals the ed materials to come in. For sibility. The runner-up, Mr. James hours are shorter and freer from months to come they will he oc- Mead, proves that upstate voters, worry. These are the men who cupied with cleaning and repair- On North, Legion Drum Corps, Scout Troops. On East, Back .of Veterans, School Children. General Public. and Program at Grave First Stanza of America Ritual Sons of Veterans Sons of Veterans Auxiliary. Prayer by Legion Chaplain Placing of wreaths by both or­ ganizations are very definite in their choice make your poppies. It is they,ing them. This year, according toj Address by the Rev. George B of an upstate candidate for the! whom we help when we wear a the Managing jDirector of Good Scripture of the First Baptist flnvAmnr rlocicmntinn Tr» rmripur-^rumnv -f/ir tha nAnfrlhu-Kvill InflllStries. rlothin? stocks 8TP ark already over 50 years old, was „ . . written by an authority on the w occupied subject, Felix T. Ramsey, Wyo­ ming County Supt. of Highways. Legion Spring Carnival Eastman Entertainers will Bring Carnival to Warsaw Next Week Starting with Parade Tuesday Afternoon iLast W eek Warsaw was not strong at bat in this game and bases on balls followed by infield grounders with Warsaw runners beating the throw to the plate plus two or three cost ly errors by Attica netted most of Warsaw’s seven runs. The New York State was One \of Few States to Raise Its Quota for 1949 confined since commission of the assault last February 25th. Specifically, the indictment charged Frazier with shooting his wife, Berdine, in the back with a small caliber rifle last April 25th, the bullet lodging in the right lung. The indictment alleges that Mrs. Frazier was short while spend ing the night with a neighbor, Mrs. Laura Zeeches, after a quarrel with Frazier. Indicted on a third degree burg­ lary charge, Donald Pyne, 20, of Buffalo, on Monday entered a guil­ ty plea to reduced charge of un­ lawful entry, with permission of The annual business meeting of District Attorney Charlottee Small week’s idleness due to wet weath- the New York State Committee on wood, and Judge Conable suspend­ er seemed to affect the Warsaw Tuberculosis and Public Health ed sentence because Pyne is in the boys as they could not lay down a was held last week in the Hotel U. S. Navy. He appeared in court well placed bunt which has been' Commodore, New York City, in uniform. one of their strong offensive points' Those in attendance from Wyom- The indictment alleges that the all season. I ing County were Mrs. Walter defendant illegally entered a Java . I Peckham, Auditor of the Wyom- Lake cottage April 9th with Helen Jim Gallahan, fritz Eisenhard' Charles B. Smallwood, Executive Gleason of Buffalo, who was also and Lee Cass ^ stood out ^ on de- j jng County Committee and Mrs. indicted on third degree burglary The entire staff of the Walter *ense the Attica game with some (Secretary. At this time thq^ pro- charge. Judge Conable dismissed Klein Post, No. 532, American sParkling plays. Batzold, Grover, 'gram 0f work and the budgetary this charge against Miss Gleason, Legion and its Auxiliary are very R°ncone and Stubley all handled pleased to announce that they one or more difficult plays suc- have secured an early booking of cessfuily* All that Sam Carlino out thi Eastman Amusement Entlr-'in riSht fleld had to d° was. watch prise, which will be in Warsaw Same and rest up for his next allocations for the fiscal year be- who said that Pyne claimed to her ginning October, 1950 were pre-[that.he owned the cottage. Investi- sented and voted upon. | gation • showed the cottage was „ , , . . , 1 owned by Charles S..Madison of Tuberculosis receives the great- South Buffal0i according to Dep_. Governor designation. In review-, memorial poppy, for the contribq-jwill Industries, clothing stocks are ing the balance of the Democratic,lions.-dropped into thebhxes of the1,dwindling fast and-ihe need for vote, certain complications arise, volunteer workers are the prin- 1 new supplies is acute, which are difficult to diagnose. | cipal source of support of con-1 Not only does Goodwill, a non- It is interesting to note that the tinuous rehabilitation and child profit organization, employ hun- Roosevelt name, particularly in this area, if not in the entire upstate, has lost it magic vote ap­ peals As shown by the extremely poor first place showing made in the poll, and there does not seem to be any comulative interest in another Roosevelt, in the state at this time to top the ticket. Other possibilities, Farley and Ewing, however, have shown ex­ tremely good vote getting ability, considering the fact that Farley has, in the past elected to take vacations during crucial elections; and that Ewing’s Health Insur­ ance plan has extremely opposi­ tion by the medical profession in this area. The complete lack of any inter­ est for Pecora, Harriman, Froselle or others would seem to indicate that the voters are not familiar with these names and that the Democrats would have a difficult job on their hands if their conven­ tion includes them on any ticket, particularly upstate Welfare. |dreds of handicapped and aged in . . . , . |ts i workshops, but it also pro- May is the month of remembr-ivides liviPhc;od for the ho^ e. StahE? v r f ? bound invjlid. It furnishes a clean, disabled Veteran for whom the, ^ i * t * * wars are not yet over. safesupplyof clothmg for large families with small incomes. It re- May we remember always, as sponds to many emergency calls well as in May, the debt we owe,for victims of fire, sickness, acci- for the freedom we know. Senator Erwin to Ran Ae;ain for State Senator State Senator AustinW. Erwin of Geneseo, announced today his condidacy for Republican nomin­ ation to represent the 49th senator­ ial district including Livingston, Wyoming, Genesee and Allegany counties. ~ D iscu s s N u r s in g Senator Erwin who has compiled Service Plans for a record which has received con­ siderable recognition in Albany, was first elected to the Senate 111 a special election on February 15th, The Doll seems to he tvnical and ’ vauumj v.uuseu. uy the percentages seem torfand UD;the resi«natiorl of Joe R- Hanley during the entire tabulation, the|to' become Lieutenant-Governor, total participating represents about* Besides his chairman ship of the dent and prolonged poverty.* Goodwill will furnish you with a large bag for collecting items for the next pick-up. Just drop a postcard to Goodwill Industries, 153 North Division street, Buffalo, N. Y. or call Charlotte Smallwood. Warsaw, one of the Goodwill spon sors in this area. Tlie next Goodwill collection in Warsaw will be Thursday, June 15th. church jof Warsaw. ___ Eirst Stanza of the Star Spangl­ ed Banner Salute to the Dead Taps, Dismissed. BELFAST CHORUS TO SING AT THE UNITED CHURCH Concert to Be Held This Sunday at Eight P. M. Local Disaster A preliminary meeting of the Red Cross Nursing Service for lo- six per cent of the registered vot­ ers of the county and about 16 to 20 percent of the voters in the (Kindly turn to page 4) 1944, to fill a vancancy caused by cal disaster relief was held at the ------ Wyoming County Community hos pital on Thursday, May 18th at 1:- 30. Miss Grace Reeder, field rep­ resentative of the American Red Cross discussed the importance of a nursing service in event of a local disaster or emergency. The Master State Grange To Be at Varysburg Next Monday Evening Henry D. Sherwood of Pine Plains, Master of New York State Grange will speak at a County- wide meeting of Granges in the Varysburg Grange hall, Monday evening, May 29th at 8 o’clock. Other numbers on the program will be Dianne Hutton of Spen- cerport, who will exhibit baton twirling, a drill by the Attica drill team and special musical numbers. ■The officers of Varysburg Grange will conduct the meeting and re­ freshments will be served. Becomes Officer I n Coed Club Miss Mary Eileen Grover, daugh Senate Committee on Civil Service and Pensions, Senator Erwin Is a member of six other state commit­ tees, including Agriculture, Excise, Finance, Insurance, Judiciary and! following nurses were present: Penal Institutions. | Mrs. Harold Flanagan, R. N., He is also chairman of the New; ! el hf “ SpArings; R°bert York State Temporary Commission'?' !?’ 3i»na on Agriculture, which in a two year study developed the ten ten- E. Pfarner, P.H.N., Arcade; Mrs. Katherine Gavagan, R. N., Wyo- year program for imrovement of County Conunimity hospital town highways with state finan- cialaid, that became law this year. The Legislation for this program, one of the most important laws af- Miss May C. O’Brien, admission clerk, Wyoming County Commun- iity hospital; Miss True Wilson, R. N., school nurse, Warsaw; Mrs. fectaing rural areas that has been J Preatice* school nurse, enacted in many years, was per-jbetchw°rth ,c.entral scho°L Mrs. sonally sponsored by Senator Er-i?f?ris_ 31 *2. winfi who led the fight for its en- j Frances E actment over solid Democratic op­ position. Robert Bejitley Is Appointed To the Executive Committee The Young Lawyer’s Section, of the New York State Bar Associa- _______ ____ tion has announced the election of sing Service. The Belfast Young Men’s Chor al club will present a program of sacred music this coming Sunday, May 28th at 8:00 p. m. in the South sanctuary of the United church. This choral group is well known for the fine, inspirational concerts which its members pre­ sent under the direction of Rich­ ard Hale. The program this week will be different from previous appearances. The entire service will be given to their music. Every one is most cordially invited to attend. Part of the offering to be re­ ceived will go toward the expense of sending the junior high and senior high young people to camps and conferences this summer. The other part of the offering will be turned over to the Choral Club to cover their expenses and to help continue their programs in the near the parking lots west of Pitching assignment. He and Joe,est amount of interest and comes uty sheriff Herbert Shaw, the North Main street business Roncone bad *-be oniy extra base first on the list of projects on th^ Judge Conable deferred sentenc- seCtion from 2:00 on Tuesday, May ^or Warsaw. program. Co-operative efforts must ^ ajter Gage, when he plead- 30th and continue through Sat- ~ urday, June 3rd. * ‘Following the carnival parade A postponed game with Arcade on their diamond anda game with Letchworth at Warsaw on Thurs- be continued to achieve substan- ^ jU to the second count o£ tial eradication of this disease dur- indictmentf charging him with mg the ydar. Additional hues o f ^ ^ ^ g a car. He had work include venereal disease con* „ Mlr;„lie1„ „ j f ; Tuesday, the 30th whkh s t ^ s at da^ ° f tb« completes the th 2:00 d . m. sham the midwav will league schedule. £. with the American Heart As-' n0^ant to a charge of stealing the xion ine f r f ncau \ . .. i vehicle. Sentencing was deferred 2:00 p. m. sharp the midway will open. There will be numerous rides, concessions, etc. The Eastman Enterprise enjoys, a splendid reputation .for having a clean, moral and refined enter­ tainment. ■TENNIS CLUB ORGANIZED IN WARSAW sociation, mental health education,'unW ^ 2gth and continued school health edu­ cation. The 1949 Christmas Seal Sale was reported on and plans an- The Children’s matinee on Sat- urday, June 3rd will be from. lans _Are. Made for an Active its pledge of an increase over the i Second Annual Search For the nounced for the 1950 Sale an- Cutest Kiddie nounced. New York State fulfilled J 2:00 to 5:00 p. m. All members and friends de­ siring to assist in this project please report at the eating stand, Program This Summer The Warsaw Tennis club was of­ ficially organized at a meeting On Thursday, June 1st through Sale in 1948 though most of the courtesy of the VVyoming states did not do so. i£ouaty Newspapers, Gold Tone [Studios, nationally known photo- The new Director of the State graphers with studios in Roches- Committee, Dr. Henry S. Mustard ter, N. Y. will conduct its second May 30th between 1:30 to 6:30 p.m.'held last Wednesday evening, May j was honored at a luncheon on [annual search for the cutest kid- 17. An active program for the, Wednesday. Dr. Mustard gave a'die of the Warsaw area. All chil- coming summer was planned scholarly address dealing with dren up to ten years of age who which will include matches with work and hopes of the State Com-} are photographed on this date will [automatically be entered in this other communities, two toume- mittee in Health and Welfare. ments, continuous competition a- mong the club members, and social activities. Dues were decided up- ! contest. The Wyoming County Commit-, There wiu be no h for th tee hopes to have Dr. Mustard as sitUng£. and each entrant wm fae on and rules were set up regard- Dinner Meeting to beheld here given a complimentary 8x10 plat­ ing membership in the club. Thej ^ October. 111111,1 t0ne photograph without any Episcopal Minister Spoke at Kiwanis on Last Tuesday The Rev. Mervin Garland, pas­ tor of the Warsaw Episcopal church addressed the Kiwanis club - — — ------ ----- last Tuesday on his recent trip to'dues i ° r the year will be $2.QQ fori - _____ - Salt Lake City. Dr. Garland at-[ adult members and $1.00 for thosej tended an Episcopal convocation! in high school or younger. The Architect’s Survey as a Representative of the Dio-j money receive^ for dues will be f _ r JJosnilal Studv cese of Western New York. [used to promote a junior tourna- * The speaker told of visiting the! ment, to promote matches with famous Mormon Temple and lis-i outside teams, to erect a bulletin , i , . . j ah cauci Lrt ciicuiici'kuicu oiuuj ui prflDH 111 3 DC3L1X1I11.L temng to the choir which has been board at the courts, to purchase, possible hospital construction in and the second place heard on radio stations, coast to appropriate “T” shirts for those, Wvomine Countv was assured last Has Been Approved coast. He was especially impres­ sed’ by the sincerity and cour­ tesy of the Mormon bishops. Dr. Garland summed playing against outside teams. It was decided that only paid obligation whatsoever. Judging in this contest will be done by a com- petant board of studio judges. In addition to a beautiful en­ graved loving cup, the first place winner will be presented wih a 16x20 hand colored salon photo- An expe architectural study of graph in a beautiful pine frame winner will Wyoming County was assured last receive an oil colored 11x14 salon Wednesday night as the Board of photograph of equal quality. Supervisors, through its hospital, Remember the photographers llr. , memhprc ho entitioH t_ ‘committee, approved an agreement are looking for the “Cutest” local ur. oanana summed up his.^P members would be entitled to Uh ^ fl q£ Cannon, Thiele, I chfidren, not merely beautiful trip by making four observations.! Play m matches against outsideand Cannon o£ Niagara Falls.[ children! The child’s exnression at First, he was impressed by the ma-j teams. It was also decided that future. The concert is being spon-|teriai resources given to the Ami; only paid up members could take1 The agreement calls for preU m -j^ md^ M ba ^hethJr T h T n sored by the Youth Fellowship of J erican people. Second, he wasPart in the first tournament which inary sketches and cost estimates may ^ ;l' the United church. Nominating Committee Named By Oatka Yalley Home Bureau These members were appointed’ thing helpful to a world in need. erican p^upic. octuuu, uc was *■“*“ nf*Lrnt nronosals one based prize winner! Even a pouting child made to think of the greatness of will be held in both singles end of a“ erna‘« w S i can be “cute”* Becaase a child’s our heritage: that bulit up the doublesifrom June Uth to June, £ the savage af ^ p^ bleHP^ ? | mood can change quickly any- Westem United States Third, hiSj25th. It was decided for the first £al Warsaw a n n ^ e otoef con-! thing can happen before the cam- V“ J ? t emple re-! tournament that doubles t e a m s ^ Warsaw, and the ^ e^ co” J era That*s wh it*s fair and £un. minded him that religious groups would be formed by drawing t h e ^ ® Fromhe t one-hundred fifty- everywhere still have the right names of individual members and j o£nt Hospital and Medical Study eight entrants in last year’s con- al^of5 thUs \we ^houM^iffer some * * * * * “ T ? * * S T S S L S ? \ twelve £ ‘S E . t e t Ronald Baker of Varysburg, all of this, we should, offer some-, is made. Dues may be paid to !t„ Iwon first nrize. and .Tnhnnv Coon- a nominating committee to select Bud Catlin at Special honor was paid to Past Lyle Marchant. R. N., Warsaw; v — Breen, R. N., school nurse, Arcade; Mrs.* Gladys Daley R. N., Arcade; Mrs. Connie Wil­ son, R. N., Arcade; Miss Rita M. Zimmer, R. N., acting director ofiKarsteadt and Mrs. Minnie Bath-1 Award as the banner club in thej Nursing Service. Hospital; Miss! hick at the meeting held on Tues-110th Division of Kiwanis during Dorothy ~ .. .. > . School Ethelyn may the bank or to The first tourna- sion in its findings. The Cannon firm was chosen won first prize, and Johnny Coop­ er of 6 Cottage Court won second prize. This year an even larger the officers for the Oatka Valley,Pr®sident Milton Barlow, under ment will be under the direction from among many applicants he-|number o£ entrants is expected, sq Home Bureau unit for next year:’wh°se leadership the Warsaw of John D. TenHayden and cause °f its vast experience^ in pjan £o arrjve there early to avoid Mrs. Anna Spring, Mrs. Florence Club received the Achievement “Bisher’.’ Burlingham. .planning and supervising hospital the rush. The studio will be set up construction for more than two. In order to keep the compe-!decades- in the Warsaw Grange Hall on Hospital programs in Thursday, June 1st, between the hours of 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. Health Nurse, Perry; Miss Dorothy B. Swart, Public. Health Nurse, chairman Warsaw Red Cross Nur- 77 members in the unit this year.ness and Public affairs, and much, work was done with} Mrs. Lorraine Wright as chair-1. , , „ man. Mrs. Elizabeth Todd, leader Attended D o w ling - j — -------------------**““&** T, __ ___ . j , .. i— = “ *-* *—*~ uicui. mrs. juizaDem road, leaaer ----------------- fer of Mrs. Mary Bartholomew otj S i A1 so Present were Mrs. William1 of the Tea, divided the members Congress in Columbus Warsaw, has been elected treas- Executive Committee for thelcook, chairman, Child Health into groups, so each group had 8 urer of the Coed Journalists clubj“ lg“^ * ^ dicial Distnct^ represent- Committee, Wethersfield Springs; charge of some part in preparing Members of the Genesee Grill up and operate a “Ladder” by «Eial plantp at .powanda, Brooks which club members may chal- ^ emorial hospital expansion m lenge for match play those who Dunkirk and many others serving have rating above them. Bud Cat- ^ ™ mtles simllar to Wy0nUng lin and Larry Montgomery werei appointed as a committee to ar-j Andrew Reitschky of Portage. Social Security Manager Coming for the . Cook, chairman, Child Health into groups, so each group had *,•„«, th* n* * ah Committee, Wethersfield Springs; charge of some part in preparing lliaiwireB „*«■ tUi„- — — s i r .‘s Miss Grover, who was graduat­ ed from Warsaw Central High School in 1948, is a member of A representative of the Buffalo branih of the Social Security Board will be in Wyoming County on Wednesday, Jurte 7th for con- range for matches with other com- ville is chairman of the hospital j venience of the residents of the taraueus Chautauoua Frio r w I-’ a ~ very \ “ ““w \ \ “Lmunities and other tennis clubs, committee; other members afeic0lmty. see ^iagara Orleans' and Wvom t ^ i MrS' K Russe».I successful and a good meal of can- took part m the American Bowl- The president for the year is tbe George Hume of Stiver Springs,! He will be in Warsaw at the see, Niagara, Orleans and Wyom- Laboratory, Wyoming County, apes, sandwiches and cookies were uig Congress m Columbus, Ohio, Rev. Tholrtas E, .Frank Hanley of North Java and New York state Employment Ser- “■ jCommumty hospital; Robert A. An served. The table was- beautiful Sunday and Monday were: Ar- Clayton Gallett of Warsaw. vice office at 18 West Buffalo St ^ ^ UP0n dersoPi superintendent, Wyoming with silver, sparkling glass and a thur York, Elton* Carlson, Louis* Everyone is urged to pay their, The Board of Supervisors voted,from 2 to 3 in the afternoon and the Staking and French clubs and the Activities Committee by ap- County Community hospital; Fram bouquet of red roses and fruit Pattridge, Albert Lorenz, Donald dues right away so that the club 15 to 1 at its last meeting to ap-'at Perry at the Town’ Welfare of- Kappa Delta, social sorority, at the pointment, representing Western cis Kelly, chairman, Red Cross, blossoms. Miss Margaret McDon- Finnemore, Richard Brown and may have some funds available on propriate funds fob an architect’s fie large Colorado school New York. Warsaw Chapter. aid poured the tea. Henry Farnholz. which to operate. survey. I • fice from morning. 10:30 to 11:30 in the

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