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Wyoming County times. (Warsaw, N.Y.) 1876-197?, August 16, 1888, Image 3

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are in- 'ednesr to what IHirVsoon; be a p -: >n $^e improve G.- J. •, : ^ete:; tli©: ’ Jk W je^ldie^n ■ i& ^ L L /.L //- / ;'k:f./ ./\\- ig dwuedby #;/D. Purdy ■-■»•-~-MfSv; 1 Mouroe been rented to: rg ^ ^ ^ s l d b o n . , fbrid^e; is/b^ing built oyer i . s treet./ It; jntial siruotnre: like tlie kmfth- who jy&s seen to book oci the State lorth,' Of Ithe trestle return] the; same to this !giye himself trouble. ./ .;•’; \ J y 'Keteknm’s gray horse,- w ith. ( iached, took a short but lively esdajLmorning, independent front :^S ® ^ o n ,^jeai’ Main street. ~a: span : $fL ‘large mules to. ieers” : to Silver Lake On /was/ the' flags that were |ie hats worn ah d the songs t made this load so Weight of years. -^Avbn is to be supplied with pure • water from Gonesus Lake. Besides fur­ nishing water for domestic uses, 37 liy- drahfts will be placed in different parts of the pillage for fire protection. -'—-It''is rtimored that a company from Rochester, N. Y / hre to put in a.fifty thousand dollar dain across the river at ^surpassed. Yfe 1 * Lockport pro- rsday, opposite the Erie |ig remodeled. Julip Soap; give it have no.otker. f r merit, we are sure knock out all rivals {tte says Ed. Lyon $700 for his cele- leral Lyon.” lire meeting with ^importation of the from England. land children were in a field near im© Saturday. , A bster & Pittsburg >nto Siver Lake ton of Col. Geo.. riff, lias return- len up his posi- cret service at not like. riving a pony ^cently when |pd the pony Mr. ••• Cleve* sergen, was at >ole when he rire and was so fall to the )urcliased of 31’ buildidg Ith as a .plan-- $500. Mr. ajbion, id a Mr. Co- for James Orangeville, Iroof of tiae Ihoulder. and i sensible. - >lph, fired a her evening >all, missing xon in left le by a rib, lred. |oy, was in the bars in debt, iking with ithiag and I . ... eeting of House in th. ‘ The lidate for p; ' m., lay Bas- Qafttt Saturday, Aug. 11 Commissioner Joseph IK. Browih 01 Utica, aCoompahied^by assistant cpm- missioners P. J . Sutley,] of Castile, an f Mr, Perry, of Buffalo, visited the pheeiA factory of A. L. Tuller* of this .place, Jot the purpose of giving instruction in/HSft McPherson method of making cheese*; The experts who made the cheese after this method were Mr. Hall, of St. Law-/ rence, Ont., and Mr. Smith, of Herki­ mer. There was quite a goodly attend-: ance of cheese -makeis who were anxious; to see the method of making cheese after' the famous McPherson^ method. Also a number of citizens - who* wera interested in dairy products^ All'took a great dehl of iater 6 st in the process which appears to/ require much less labor than the method usually employed. ' Mr. c Sutley cabled the meeting to order and appoint­ ed B. F. Bristol, Jr.,salesman of Gaines­ ville factory chairman, and Joel Potter salesman of the Hermitage factory, sec­ retary. Upon Invitation Commissioner Brown made-some very interesting and instructive remarks upon the worK ac complishedby the Dairy Commissioner. He^&aiti the objeet of the->e conferences . Was to, if possible, introduce into the factories throughout the .State a uniform .method of making- a full cream cheese, so that cheese branded with the regis­ tered brand of the State might mean something which purchasers could, depend upon as regards uniformity. • Under the present system there are al­ most as many different kinds of cheese madeJn New York State as there are different < factories, hence'purchasers wishing to purchase New York cheese outside the large combination factories will not pay so large a price as for a uni-- form lot, and as the McPherson method, made at least as good a cheese, with less work, and entirely uniform, Mr. Brown hope 4 'the method would become a favor­ ite gst the cheese. ■ makers. Mr; noun bought tf late A.''E.- business.; rews,. i of AlberkAndrbw^i^ad)adly j 'si, large dog ; bielbn^ to E. tbchester, but at that time in [. D* Chase ;pn South Alain dog was immediately re- at Cornell jchester by express.. Under [care the lad is doing nicely. department df the 3 r & Pittsburg has just feusd a /arge ahd folder.. The ^Utside'. Is tastefully ornamented with '.views ptWyoming valley, • Silver Lake, the Kihzua Bridge, and the Aoke ovens ht Walston. The folder contains com- iplete -time tables' of the road and various ■|i^ras\of .infbrMatioh about the line. - \ : —P^bf.' E. J.^)Quigley, of Pike Semi- business visit to Warsaw on [::^EUesdfy..:; Prqf. Quigley is one of the 1 'bebt:. instrueto^ and under hiaefflcient management Pike ■ Shciinary is fh^^mbst prpSperous condK ^ iionj, fihamually, ahcl. otherwise. < Piye lundrel dqllars ahnnally has been made ayAhat institution for the past three or .ionir years. The standard of scholarship ^iS high and the .curriculum extended. ^O o i. McClure, of ^Yarsaw, made us /^leasaht call on Tuesday. He was in help appr^sa the loss susfcained ; :X3has./Gardner: in the burning ol E . : Uhurch building, which was' his property* The appraisers fixed the lose at $1*600; The building was (hwut^ed for $2^000, and Mr. Gardner '’i r i s i t was/worth .tluyn^iii^y; aud that nght pugdttlPm ^ ; knownin ' rEI 5 :™ ® ^5^hdiana.; a» as *^Iue;' p|ii^ ;|hatdb.©’: and K / -/fight ; 4 ' mock i^ ^ a g t u u s l i h e Poi’tageville, to act as, a reservoir, and fhrhish motive power for machinery. - ' ‘-^The;tButchers;'and Grocers Associa­ tion of Batavia has fitted up permanent quarters. Over 300 delinquent debtors have been posted and none of them can; now g e t ti-ust 'from any member of the associatipm :v m :./'/ —George Morris Penfold, aged eleven years, and son of Fqrenlau George P©n fold of the Union job department, fell into the mill race in Lockport and/was drowned MoUday. / :'; • /;<■ -^-James Johnson, a carpenter, fell from a scaffold on a building, in Lock­ port Monday , and sustained a fracture of his left arm and, collar-bone and severe internal injuries, George Ellsworth, an: other workman, was knocked senseless. : Bobert Shields, lost another sister in Bocheter last week. Mrs..;'Wheeler, widow of the late Amos Wheeler who died of Cancer. Two sisters and his mother have died since June 24th.—Nunda Mews. iretched _________________ ring the names,pi Lavicl B. Hill foi ^ ^ v erhor,f Benjamin Harrison for President, and Levi P r Morton for Yice-PresideUt. The Medina Press says it was put up ay “ the republicans and a few disappointed office-seekers.” . q ; —An exchange cautions the jt^iblic to be on the lookout for an importer who is traveling around the conntiT, going under various aliases, assumin? a new name in every township, who re presents himself as a special goverenm jnt pen­ sion agent, and claims to be abh to in­ crease the soldiers’ pension. He Eoalfes a ' pretended ©xaminatibh' and. fius the price for his work, gets the monpy and; decamps*. ;v/' : . _ Ilock: Glen is a growing t Village of neat buildings, all due erection there of; the Herr salt New buildings are going up and , stores have lately been opened] Eerjc company have just com new derrick and are to drill a he They are making constant additii improvements to tlieir alread works. Eewbmanufacturers erect] houses for the Use of their We are glad to /learn that b good and erders accumulate afi capacity of the Vs^orks. '• •Harry Ferreii is the pos: -Willie New, son of Mrs. Jacob New, Uhiversitv’ from. Franklin county, by Superintendent of Public Iu- struction Draper» has declined the ap­ pointment. ■ —Bread and crackers at B . B obeets & Co. -r-There\are three wpmen in this coun­ try who areitaot obliged to skip over to the post-office for a stamp every time they write a letter. ,Mrs. James K. Polk, Mrs. Garfield and Mrs. Grant are the fortunate three, the Government haying given them the franking privi- had c^r- the pup. of ; pug puppies, Monday he missed them,' an search concluded. that the/; ried them off. The mother ..... pies kept w’hiniDg about tt© cellar, Wh^re the puppies were afterwards found in; a basket, and/cared for by the hpuse c a t,; that had lost her kitten^ a few ays be­ fore. The cat was bound to have a fani- ily if she had to steal hj^.^-rBatavidn.' —‘*The wafers are ini blossom” at Sib ver Lake how, and you might as well fish iff your wife’s wa.di tub as in the lake; Waters are said to blossom, but really it is the weeds therein, and their ripening sends out a yellowish oil which affects the ‘ ‘finnies’’ about as ipecac does humans. layabout three weeks the waters will clear'themselves and then every fish in the lake which gets the op­ portunity will gjhb at anything you may toss to hiia.— Courier. ^ . Browir Slso stated that the McPherson cheese in Liverpool, market on ^account of ids uniformity, brings on an average of two cents per pound more than the United States cheese. At the conclusion of Mr. Brown’s remarks, Mr. Smith, one of the experts and formerly president of the Board of Trade of the Little Falls market threw iconsiderable light upon the subject of the quoted prices of that market by saying that the quoted prices of the Little Falls market were always from i to ^ below the selling price of cheese. It is to be hoped these confer­ ences will continue, as the dairyman re­ ceives, great benefit from the worjk of the commission. , j There was quite an exodus from this place to see the Blondin show at the Beach last Saturday. In our letter of last week either by our-own carelessness or by that of the compositor, 36 9 10 per cent, was made to read 369 per cent., a. greater income than even the rankest protectionist would expect. One of .the most severe electrical storms that ever visited this vicinity made us a sudden call\ on Wednesday last„-at about four o’cjpck p. m. The sumfwas shining brightly when without waraiUg heavy clouds rapidly came up from the west and rain and hail came down in almost a solid mass. The wind blew a perfect gale, any person appear-: ing from under cover was instantly wetted to the skin. The hail stones, were of such size and driven with such velocity by the wind that several window lights were broken and crops considera­ bly injured. Also several trees were? uprooted and fences blown down. Though the storm lasted perhaps less than fifteen minutes there is probably no person within the track of it but what, was entirely satisfied that it was. SUffi.-, .ci^Aduratiph^;. •/ ' /' /■ •/ ' ..Miss' Louie Goodborty has received the .appointment;from Oneicla ;(^untj% as a State student to Cornell tJhiversity: and will commence her studies at institution this —Two pound can beef for 18 cents at. . : B. H obebts & Co, - -4 ) n Eaturdiiyj August 25th, the Erie jiailway; will please the public .by. giving ; a,, low irate excursion to Niagara Falls. As this is the season when farmeis and all otliers hav 0 a little leisure time, the opportunity should be improved, at such low rates, for every one to take their families and visit the ‘‘Greatest of Na- tn're’s Wonders.” Special train will leave Warsaw at 9 :00 a* m. Fare round trip, only $1.00. ■ ' —Four pounds of crackers for 25ets. at ^ B . B obebts A C o . —Bradford Peterson is a colored resi­ dent of Friendship, who has weathered the storms of 22 summers. He is mar­ ried and lives across the creek. East Saturday his spouse desired to go berry­ ing, but he objected, being jealous. But she went all the same, and so did Brad­ ford. Whpn in the woods, -he drew a, revolver from his pocket and placing it to his tecdple fired; the .b a ll glanc­ ing passed around to the forehead, where .it~ lodged and now remains. ^Bradford will live to take anothefr shot at himself, ; Tulip Soap is practically the purest and. most efficaeipu^ soap made. Try it and be convinced. / > —A Warsa^ special to the New York’ Tribune on the salt industry and. stating positively tha^ our works generally will shut- down iff case’salt is put on the free 5 list, is bpj^g copied into many ex­ changes. ijre have no hesitancy, from pur own personal investigations; in p ro­ nouncing pure buncombe, and we cannot leark .that a. single well-heeled salt ccmpant in this region has the least intention of going out of the business, MUls bill or no Mills bill. Our salt pro- ducers have ,) since thp Mills bill was agreed uponi 'advanced the price tenif cents a barrel, and are far behind their' orders. Thef claim that Genesee county] salt not only surpasses any English salt in quality fmt brings its i>rice at retail, when sole’ il ' * ■ : N p r t l i JTaya. The famous law suit against Merritt Brown, came fore. L. S. Torrey last i?eek; plaintiff claimi n g for services rendered for taking care of a sicli horse. ’Defendant claimed damage that plaintiff paused the death of the horse by Ajbe use of carbolic acid,; failed to make the jury believe that v oz. of tmcture A ^pnlic^a^d in a half pan full pf water ivptii^;-}Jkkrm Vthel;': horse by swabing his throat |withabp.ve mixtUfc, and Hie jUry A?rpugkf in n^ye^iciof/^17 for services rendered by plaintiff. Quite a nun^ber pf pur citizens |opk in the excursion; to Ontario - Beacii: Iasi week and afirreport it good time, jra ^ in iier has thprbughly rejpaiied his cueteni . grist mill by putting in a new :bulk liead flume and wafer wheel, and by the time this reaches its numer­ ous readers mill bp in running order and ready for his customers. H. H. Charles & Co. have just com­ pleted an artesian well for Alvenus Torry. They had to go 53 feet for water but it flows up the six inch tube 27 feet. If \vas the thiid attempt on this farm, as the^ large boulders necessitate the use of a heavy steam drill and dynamite to force Ahe 1 way down among them, however . they have a first class well as a result of 4 ^thexr thorough knowledge of their Jbusi- sen, from |97iasawr~xx«pimqil ftock Gleu salt meai, Sunday the ageifoy „ lastb90^,‘‘M * o © « iV e^ for the towns of Gdnesvil^©^^'^(DHi^i»; and will soon commence a, vass. Mr. Ackerman has written several books of a character, which brings him before the-people a 3 one of the best authors of religious literature iu this country. His last book is just out, and is a work for every church member to read. Mr. Ackerman is too well known in this vicinity to need mentioning,'-be- ing pastor of the Warsaw M. E. church two years. r An examination of the book will convince you. Eagle Village. Fine rain. Harvesting the ripe golden grain is the order. Potato bugs are busy and Paris green is in good demand. Bev. Mills is absent from bis charge for two Sabbaths. Bev. E- M. Abell filled his appointments Sabbath last. ’ Mrs. H. M. Averill, of Bochester, is spending a few weeks among relatives and friends in this village. Mrs. Lucretia Fox and children from Bradford, Pa , are at her mother’s, Mrs. A. Eager. - ^ Mis. E. M. Lewis attended the Ladies’ Aid Society at her daughters, Mrs. Lam- bart H^ald, over in Centerville, last Friday. Otar Pioneer picnic on the 39, though sma’ler in attendance than on former oc­ casions, was a success. Bev. Yraden- burg, of Arcade, and M. E. Bartlett, of Warsaw, were the principal speakers. The game of ball between .the Java Lake nine and our nine was won by the Java boys, assisted by Boseoe Griswold, of our town. ■ A. W. Hubbard, M.D., of Portage, and his father-in-law. Mr. Crandell, ot Sandusky, spent Sabbath afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A, M. Yule. James, John, and David Agen, their sister Jennie, and their families, of Osage, Iowa, are visiting relatives and friends in this section. Their mother expects to accompany them on their re­ turn home. Baptismal services by Bey. L. A i Stearns occur at our beautiful Crystal Lake Tuesday afternoon. The Ladies’ Aid Society had a pleas-; ant gathering with Mrs, L. F. Olmstead Friday afternoon last. S. N. Narmore & Son have sold seven binders and one reaper in the last few days, and could have sold more could the company have furnished them. Frank says they could sell them at $30; less if the tariff were taken off. Well; Frank is there a tariff imposed on the McCormick reaper made: in Chicago, and sold to farmers down here in Eagle? McFarlane & Yule supplied an -order; of 26 campaign hats last Saturday. , 21 republicans and five democrats.\ ; Thlsf funeral of Mrs. Lee Jobes place at her residence on the county line Saturday last. Interment at Sandusky’,: Rev. Wescott of that place officiating. A husband, nine sons, and one daughter, the youngest grown to manhood, mourns the death of their dearest friend on earth, “mother.” A large circle of rela­ tives and friends were in attendance at the last sad rites. - , H u th/;and’: Grace.: Bucki YanDkhsen are in camp cluriffg tfi.e temperance meetings/;;, Qfiite a number of others will atteud ;ihe.sas- sembiy '' Mrs. Sullivan, mother of oiir popular landlord, is very lo w and is not expected to I ' t o w prig : ness coupled with considerable amount of pergeverance. Bichard Halligan, one of our oldest and most esteemed citizens, died on Wednesday last. He came here from Ireland when. a, young man . and has lived a useful and quiet life, raised a fine 1 arge family and accumulated' a good deal of property. His fnneral took place from St. Patrick’s churoh on Fri­ day last. . ^ The flag on the hickory pole hung at half-mast all last week in honor of Gen. Sheridan. Miss Maggie Kavanaugh, of Mt. Mor­ ris, is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Kef win. John C!»rk and his sister Mary, of Washingt©? ., D. C., are here on a visit to their numerous friends. - ■ k:5 : / . .East;-War saw / The funeral of Frederick Austen;Aiken who met his vdeath so suddenly oh the 7 th inst., was held from; the Baptist church at this place, Friday the . 10th; the Bev. G. L ^anscomb, of BlisSi Offi-; ciatipg; / The bearers were Harry JehkSi Bert Gage, Hari^ Bristol, Frank goihery, Jrohh Brady and WMter JPluker.: Th© remains were interred in : the Bush: cemetery, near Silver Sprihgs. The near friends and Class-mates of the •;departed pr-ocured inany beautiful flowers to strew upon his grave, a token of their remem- bfanCe and esteem., v- Being in : the junipr class at Butgers College,; N; j., he would have graduated in ’90,' hfiL donbtedly, With the: highest honors, y HO was ' loved and respected and Will; be mourned by all who knew him. His death has cast a gloom, over this com­ munity, such as it has not experienced before. It has removed from among us a young man in the morning of life; when everything looked bright and/the world seemed to beckon him on to hoble aspirations and noble deeds. But he is dead and we can only say that we are grieved and sorry. We cannot call him back, but knowing that he was a tiue Christian we have faith to believe that he has been called to a better world than this, where there is no more pain nor sorrow, to dwell with Jesus and the angels in that blessed City of the Re­ deemed! J U L Y A N D A U G U S T % i ■ i •’**' V- f'i.-v- : * r; proving the liveliest months of the year in the Dry Goods business. . ij/~ NOTE THE FOR THE COMING WEEK, Mu :-v 1,000 yards Eemnants of White Ind. Linens, worth from 20 to 30 cts. yard in piece at 5 cts. yard all round. a Barred and Stripe Nain­ sooks, at ,5c y d . Satteens Dress Patterns containing ,12 ' Yards Gobds, if-yard trim, , $ 1.00 YTorth $ 2.00 .. DM/. ‘att Better Patterns containing 12 ' :; yaMs; Gopds yffrd triin ^ /;/ y'; ;■ / ; k ;.v V t ains m- {Silver {Springs. Mrs. Will Post has returned from Hunts. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman, of Springville, are spending a few days with friends in town. Clate Hyde is Silver Lake. the new operator at Miss Maude Lamberson 4s camping with a party of Terry friends on the Pioneer grounds at the lake. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Augustine, Miss Ella Beardsley and Miss Fannie Fiester are at C »mp Wesley. Mr. and Mrs, John Duncan, , of Syra- ' ( ^ e . h a v ^ b ^ ^ f e ^ t s ol J . W. Dn Dr, W. W .' Yhn braska, areVisitin^ i, BJnck /://- 1 ^riihant$ 3 ns l i to; 6 half uiece briceta L: r Glovpi' bougbt from -■ Impoiter ^ who had used them for Sam­ ples, 8 1 jo 4.7' cts. pair, worth from 20 cts. ko $ 1 . 00 . ’ /St Still a few left of those Sample Hose advei*tised one week ago at the same rediculously r low prices. j jf£ a T a k e , t h e g o o d s a t o u r prk& — a t y o u r p r i c e 'o r a t o h l m i a k e t k e ' i

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