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Silver Creek local. (Silver Creek, N.Y.) 1877-????, December 05, 1889, Image 3

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i --.._,__. -· .A Matter of Buek.wbaal Cakes. Do you remember, re!\aer~ say thll'ty, .forty or fifty years ago, when you sat down to a breab:fast cornpcsed princtpaHv of buck· wheat cakes, homemade sausage and co tree? You were not Yery large then; just about the Slze ol ordinary k1ds of your age. Breakfast tasted g-ood. tbougb, didn't 1 t, and ,\ operat'ion removes al1 hght and heavy dirt, dust and fore1gn materials and fits the buck· wheat for the operatiOn of seouring or pol- IShing, wnich process 1s accompltsbed on tbe Cram·on buckwheat scouring, pohshing and separa.tmg machme, IJuilt also by Huntley, Cran~on & Hammond. Buckwheat, m the grain, iP not 1mooth Moaitor Scali}ing and Recei-ving S'l.oe. yom f':lp lCity, \veil. mildly ~peaking 1t surf tee but is rough \bavmg a brownish dirty wouJLI h we been dt:fficu1t to ove1 e8tlm 1te or dusty powO.erv rmbstaoce adhenng to 1t, 1t :> A.b! tllORe happy d!lyS O[ e.biJdbGOd and tt is r! tbe greatest Importance that 'rbey're gone, ancl w1th them ha~ gone yonr this be removed befnre convertJDg the 2:rain re!Jsh for a bre:1kfaRt of the tind mentioned into ft0ur, hence the employment of the rna- Of cours:e you Btlll take POITee. aJJd usuullv a chine wbic.h form-- the subje.r.t. of our third quite generous portwn of suus=tgP. but tb;se illustntion and which scours off thlS brown· buckwbPat cakes. wPll, there you would ish :powdery coating and leaves the shuck draw th.e hne very dbt.incll}' und markedly. or shell of the berry smooth clean and Why? The buckwhe11t flour of those UaJ s highly polished. and the buckwheat flour at these duys IS If tbe process of prenaration so far ont- dlfterent Tbut's all. The eu\kz« mnd.c f1 om ]meLl bns been uUJy followed we now have these t1.vo flours are totally unlike. and they 011r buct.._whettt thoroue::bly cleuned and are unhke becanse tbe flours rue m!!de IJy lrfgbly po 1 l<::bed ready to be ground, or re· entirely d1ffen·nt pl(lce:.-ses. duced, to flour Under old systems of man. D1d you know that buckwheat was, or is tJfncture, no matter bow thoroughly had as a rule, the dirtiest gnun that goes into u been tbe cles.mng, the :flour would alway mtll door? .i\:[ore thau ti..Jis; Did vou know tho.t even toUav the dcvicf>s for r1ddtng thi3 g1 :un of 1ts djrt und filth :u e, Ill a g1·e<~.t mnny mlils, o! the crudest and most tmper· feet character? These are meln.ncbo1y facts Of course, we don't int' nd to find fault with tbose who make ou1 buckwheu.t flour: but it may ne interesting t.o brtE\fiy dcscnoe .how the best buckwheat flour is made, in the best t>quipped mill~. As before stated buckwheat. is tbe dirtie11t grain that comes to the mill One would suppose tbnt some .means for separating the d1rt anU filth f1 Jm 1ar wHh tllem, but they are not The :first is known ns the Monito:r scalping and receiving shoe und:1s the simplest form of separator .k:oo\', n to the milling trade yet, while simple. 1t.1S a novelty 111 constructton and extraordinarily effeetwe in opern.tton. be dark and] blu!Sb, because pteces ot tbe shuck or shell oi the bern· would get into, and be ground up with, the flour. Our fourth Illustr.ttlon. the Crunson Dustless l~oller Buckwheat Shucker 1 entirely prevents this Tbe operatton is as follows: The grain is fed !from a garner to the :teed bop· per of the mach me, which hopper 18 pro. vided w1tb an automatic :teed, which IS set to any desired capacity by means or a tbumb-screw adjustment, ther~by securmg a parfE'ctly steady feed to the rolls, these r~mov1ng sbucks from meats; from here to It m!lkes a stmple separation of tbe filth, to end stlcks, straw<:, stones and dirt, la.rger than tbe berne<.~, from the buckwhe tt. It does not remove the du-..t \'.nd fine hgbt cln t. and therefore, while an eilecnve and valua- ole mach me. :.:o fnr us 1t goes, is not so good as the Monitor mi1hng separator bmlt oy the same 1:1rro, nnd which 1S the sulJject of our second i.llustrntion. Here we haves mach1ne which at o. sm!!le The S 1 lver 0 reek corn meal bolt nnd re~ finer, made by the. Shumaker :Mfg Co. lB to the eo~n meal muie 1 what t.he mHldhngs fi 1 s to the whelit miller. T1eated pun er d unon it the- meal IS fread trorn llgbt an u;zy 1 mpuri\.ies, and 1S a1so graded spuut. Such, m bnef. is the modern ana approT· ed process for the manufacture ot buck~ wheat flour, and where th1s process is :fol- lowed the resulr; IS a c1 eamr white :flour v-;b1ch comms.nd_s so. h1gll a pi;,tce in the market that many mills malang 1t S. BpeCHtltv· have a tr,tde extremely profitable anil exM tenchng all over the country. The ;snver cr.eek Corn neal Bolt and .Reflner-F.ront{IEnd. the degree of ::finene~s. so tho.t in cookmg, each part1cle is subJected to the same degree of be!l.b and no raw particles are found m the tootnaome hasty pudd.mg or johnny cake male from the meal whiuh hs.s passed over and through it. The ms.chme has the u-ver Creek pecuhuity of bemg ex.celle11.tly s m:aeu all pu.rt1cles of hu1ls, germs and large p 1 eces of the gram pas:t over the tatll wh1Ie the evenly g' aded and thoroughly punfied meal s1ft8 thruugh thet screen wto the hop- 11er.t'ld bottom of the machinP to be eonvev~d therefrom to a garner 01' other suitab1e rece_ptanle. ~ .. he !Dllowmg letters will serve STORY OF A QUEER ENCOUNTER AT THE MOLITH OF AN OLD MINE. A.n Unknown Man Bent on Murder Is Btmaelf Put Out of the Way b:l an Ac- cident-But R~fore tlte Victim Die!l He Asks Who Tt Was That Struck Him. \A man gets some queer 1rlea:o in Ius head ~ben he's out all alone in the mountains,\ sa1d John Sru1Uerson, arL old prOS[JBGtot who has his hearlqua1 ters at El Paso, but \'. ho makes several incursions to the m'ning dis tncts every yeru. \Tlle Mimbres moun tams lie In New l\:Ie~­ ico, dow 11 below old Fm t Tule Rosa, aud they must be fuil of gold somewl1ere, because the beds of the creeks that find their way down the s1des are so r.lCh lll pla.ce1 digglllgs that you can't pull up a sage br u::.Lr a1·ound there Without seemg b11ght specks amoug tl.Je 1 oots. What I wanted \\as to find the mother m111e '·I talked tho thmg up to Clm1ley Burl~e, anotbe1· p1 ospector and fnend of rome, until he agreed to put up balf the outfit and jom m the l:iea.rch~ We got a c>ouple of bm1 os, the necessary tools, and started early m the sprmg. TJIJto VISITOR. \To make a long story shOt t 1 we suruck s ledge one mornmg mth outc1oppiugs that crumbled under my pick and shm\ ed qna1 tz all streaked w1th yellow thi eads 'Clwxhe, 1 I yelled out, a.ll afire at once, 'we have struck 1tP \'But beforo we sunk a shaft we found some- thing else that sent our he,u ts to our mouths. It was an old shaft, back a little nays, and 1n a cla1m, pt operly staked out, that cov m eel that ve1yledge. 'There was a notifica-wn, according to la¥; 1 on one of tl1e posts, that Peter Sumner a.nd Joseph Klautzy had \taken posse...c:s1on of 1ibe 'Big So:: and done the legaJ assessment wo.r;k. \W 9 measured it, and 1t wa.s only dov:.-:n about half the reqmred distance, so \'e took possessiOn of the property, changed 1ts name to 'The Treasury' and went to work. \Vhat had become of the two ruen was a mystery. The_y l:tad left no ti ace, except tbe not1hcatton board and sba.ft, nnd it ga.\'\e roe the creeps now and then to tbinl~ that tbey nngbt be dead But we were not m a frame of mmd tb let sentiment mterfere w1th busmP.ss \I suppose we bad been thei e tor a couple of weeks when provisiOns began to tnn sLm t. We cndn't want to both leave tile ch.llrn at once, so it was finally arranged that Chru ley should go down the creek to a camp about firty miles away nnd bllug a supply He took both bur1 os and started off 11 ..A.t about noon :lf the second day after he 1ert I was stan led at\' hat I thought was a man crossmg a lrvtle gulc-h a half nnle away I only hnd a v1ew of It between two t ocJ...s, and, •vbatever 1t was, 1t passed so qrn~J .. ly tbatlwds not smo Honcvm,I waited a couple of hoUI s\ and then. seemg nothmg fm thet, concluded I w·as mist\lken. and \\ e11t down wto the sh.1.ft [filled the bueketnio:;h very heavy ore, chmbed up, and I.JaJ it .J.bom half raised when a nu.tn came '\' up the Cl cck bed toy; a1 d rne Then I knew T ''as business: a full mtnute I'll gtve you two tmn also are up and mcreasing their NEW .BRIGllTO!i, Pa. Shumaltet M:mufa.cturmg Co., S1lver CreeK, N. Y, Dear S1rs-Replymg- to sour Javor, reque~ting our opinion ol tho S1h·er Creek Corn Meal Bolt andRe- finer, :rocannly purchased from you, would S8.J th!l.t after a tthorough tast ha-. B no hBS1t.9.hon m saymg 1t will do the work for whtch 1t 15 designed completely It Il!l a device thllt when i:t bccomcs known, the :l.p- precia.tion of 1ts menl:.5 will be such that m1ll owners will 5&-S th.a1r oec&:JSLty a.nd wtU n;..t MHt:\te. ·~ ' 'l.'n·o Foxes m wno tho fle.1a body of the dog m his wagon and calmly obsen ed: ' 1 Here ts your dog '' \But lle 1s deadP 1 exc1auned the, owner. '\Yes\ ''Who or what 1.J.lie(c b1m? 11 \He was aut m the field and a rabb1t took after h1m and run lmn to dc[Lth I was afraid d.f 1t when you sent him out. If you wan1i me to take anothe1, you d better select an old dog--one wrth lots oE teeth and used to dodg- Ing ' nBut, greali Scott, maul what sort of ra.b- blts do you have. out ther e-.:: 1 \Not as 1mge us they ought to be, rts the locomotives keep 'em p1etty badly scared Run about the s1ze of yem hug bogs, I guess, and us fmmms have. to carry our te.volvcrs mto the field With us Expect, any day, when my cbildr en w1ll be cru:ned off and eaten alive JJ_Det,ojt 1t'1ee P1ess. They Wm e '' iLlL tbe Jut1ge. When Judge Haskell was new to tbe bench be was accosted drn:mg a term of court by a vene1able olcl fa1mer Jtuyman, wbo clcsue(t to show lu:. fr1endliness \Jedge 11 sa1d he. 1 ·I 1 m an old man and b.:Lve h 1d mme expen- ence 1n com t r....tatteTS than yon have I'm 7!. years old nnd have served on tbe jury mne: terms, and probnbly shall nevm serve agin. llvegot tblS much to say toyer JCt 1 :::;-..e We've kinder tal~.t:n nonce of h:rw yer managed thmgs, you bern' new to <1'-lS busmess, and we likeyer. All the JUrJ 1Jkeyer WevetaJked tbe thlllcr aver and we've \\nted to stand by ver N~\ d' any of them lawyers a 1 tempt io CI owd you any jerlge 1 :Jer JUst grve us the wa1 d and 1\-e 1 ll be Wlth _yel· every t1me. We 1 vetoJ .. cnan mteiestln yerand yercan depend on us That's nll, Jedg6 1 This was dehve1ed as seriously and honeslily as if n father bad been talh\\1Ugto his sen.-LeWiston All mfcctwns of the bH 10 ct are removed by .A.yer's Sarsaparilla. Sold by all drug- gtsts. J S a b1ood dtsease Unt1l the Po1son is .L -a.~pellecl from the system_, there can be no cure for tlus loathsome and dangerous malady. Tl1erefore, the only effective treatment is a tllorongh course of A~er's Sarsaparilla-the best of all blood pmitiers The sooner you begn1 the better ; delay is dangerous ' 1 I was ttanbled with catanl1 ior o1-er two J ems I tiJed • an(mS remedies, and \as trectted by a n11mber of :ph:; .sr- Cia.ns but recen·ed no benefit m1t1l I beg,m to tal,.e .l.~o..yer's Sar~aparJlla. -~ few bottles of this mechc1.ne cured me of tlns troublesome COID})laint a.ntl conl- -pleTeiJ lCRtOJcd JllJ lreal1Jl '-Jesse :i\L Boggs, Holm,.n s l\fills, N. C. \Wl1en A>el'S S.:us.oLpaulla-nas Iec- ommenclecl to me for catanh, I\' as m- clined to Uoubt Its efficacy Ra\'lng tned so mam .remec11es, \Ylt11 httle heu- efit, I bacl no ranh tbat anything would cure me I became cnmchttecl from loss of appetite aml 1mpaued. cllges110n I l1ad neatly lost the sense of smell, ancl m} s:,. stem was b.tdlJ deranged I \Yas about dJSCOlnaged, \hen a fneml m:ged me to trv .A.yer 's Sarsaparilla, and re- I en eel me to ]Jeltc>OllS 'Whom 1tltacl curell o£ catarrh Aftet takmg l1a1f a clozen bot~;les of tlns med1cme, I am co1ni:ucecl tl1ar. t11E~ onlJ snre \1 ay of t1 eatnw tlus obstmate disease lR tluonglt the blood.\ -ChaTles R ~ialoncY, lU Hh·el' st., Lowel1, :urass. Ayer's S arsaparilia, PHEP.\R£1) l>Y Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co, Lowell, Mass. Pnce $1, sr~ bortles, ~5 '\\-ortb. $5 a bottle. To send us 40 cents for one of our 8-in. FARM WRENCHES. L1ght, llancly n.nd Stt ong, wtll Onh~·<>ar and Out l,l..St t\\ o 01dmaJJ'\ \V1·enches YOU WANT AN ELLRICH Household S. D. Set. Tlus !';et cons1sts of a Rose>~ oocl lianclie snd four IttLeJ changeable blades (2 set ew-dtJV('l s ,md 2 chtse-ls) fittonz sa. me a.11 packed in a 11cat >mod hnx 'J'Ju::; tool ts Co~lstautlr 11seful E''\·er Y\ het'f' ftrnund thel1onse, at the oiiice in t11e c::hop, on tl1efa1m Seutftee on1ecexptof $1.60~ Ask Your Local Dealer f01 them. 1fhe llns not got tl1cm, he '~1l1 gPt tlwm fol \Otl. ot we \nll.se11d l\lthtl' en J c Cllpt. of l)llCt>, as above Sencl sta,np for ow illusl1 tLlecl cata 1ogue ELLRICH & CO., Plantsv1l!e, Conn. PHiLADElPHIA SINGER WARRANTED 5 YEARS. HIGH ARM, $28 FiFTEEN DAYS' TRIAL Jrl YOUR OWN HOUSE BEFORE YOU PAY ONE CENT. Htgh-Arm M~chmc has self-se~tinJ: needle, sclf·threntli~lg' shnttl~, rs nohu'!!e!ols and l!gh t-runuin~. b.f! the: fincstset of\aUach· xnent.~~ m a \el 1•ase. Dou't pay agents $55 0\ $6o but se.nd for Circular Remember, v;c gua!':lntcc our m~chme; equal to an] h1gh-pnced machine on rbc m~rkcl \adrc~s 'I'be C. A. \\\lroon CO.~ 1.'7 N.10th St., Phl.ladclphta, Pa... THE St:Sf WAY To ge.t a First-Class\\:Vntch is.in our Co-Oper,~ttveClul.ts. flN[ WATCHES \'\Tim LOWEST CASH PPIIC!S Only StOO a Week. Thousands of the be•t $38.00 Gold Watch ever nuldc arc sell- ing in our Co-operative Clnbs. Adam. ' mBidrmn and BUFFAlO, N. Y. The tic11e for Hobday Trading Is drawtng near Naturaliy you look to Buffalo, and the questiOn- anses: \Wil1 it pay to go to Buffalo \J •• \Ve ans\ver, \Cer- tarnlj 1t l'>Jli/ and here give our reasoos-sL1ppo'-'mg, of course, you wrll trade -wi[h us Th'.\! acttve competltwo m a large city l1kc Buffalo bnngs down pnces, and ours are always the lowest Our rule is to sell as cheap as we can, and eYer) thing is mat ked at a uniformly low pnce An Immense trade (both Jobbmg and retatl) warrants ns. jn carrying a a stock of merchandtse second to none m the countrv \Ve have branch offices m Lhe h~me and foreign markets, and our faCilities for pur- chasmg are unequalled Our store 1s a trade center-one that bas been steadily growmg for over 20 years, which speaks well for our melbods of doing busmess vY e can gr ve no deta1ls We sell all kinds of d1y goods, also carpets, drap- Ing and upbolstermg fabncs; fancy goods-1nclnding Cbnstmas novel- ties, toy~, dolls, games, etc- and books These are reasons enough for trad- mg wuh us, and 1t 1s clue to these abo> e reasons that we ba,-e such a large out oF-town tr2de Correspondence solicited and re- cei\~es prompt attent1on ADAMI MELDRUM & ANDERSON, :ORY GOODS ~'lND C \.RPE'J:'S, BOOKS, SXAXTO:i.,'\ERY TOYS .AND .J<.'~TCY~GOODS. 496-402 Main Streei, ------------ \PEERLESS\ l\EA1lS 'l'HE 1YORLD. Latest rmplO\ ed cmd cheapest Saw·Nlll on mat ker.. Seud for catalogue to the GEISER nf<HlUFACTUltL','G CO., Wl•.YHES30E0' 1 FRAN!LIN 00. 1 PA. \Ye w unli agents and mYite correspondence. Kemp's Nfanure Snrea.der i!alltn.l)lc lmpl:O>\CJUCUtS f'or :lSSS. The Jiiost Sncccssf11l Rcmeily eve:r dfs;cov. ered, .lS 1t 1s cl'ruaJu Jllrts efrects and do0:\ not b ister Reo.d proof below. KENDAll'S SPAVIN CURE. 0F1l'ICE orr CITb-'lLES A. S.\\\YDXR, ~ BREED~!: 01l' Cr..EVEL.Hm Bu ..!...'iD ~ltO:ITll(G Druro RoJLo::rs EL:.iWOOD, l.LL, Nov.21.1, 1&:.8. D~)e~~ .TS ~i~1'~ ~ 0 alway~ purchased vour :Ken_ ilall's Spa•in Cme hy the l1alf clozcn lwtll~\' J. would 111m prJces In larg,r q1rmt1ty I Llmrl~ h, lS one of the be.stlmlmcnt\- on cu.rLlL l have U;;e~.; 1t en my Btables!or t1m~c ·yen.rs Your:; Lruly, C:rus. A. s~-.::m:r_ Thisis:he 71<>sfJ Gbcnpc~u, il!nst GonucHteJ.t, and onty co·opemttve System of selling watches. The watches are Amencnn I..e\-er Seem Whder:s, contmmng e> ery essentiaL to accurncv o.nd <lura_ b1l1ty, nna 'utve m m1chtiarr, numerous pnlentca 1DlJ?!O> cmcnts found in no othe,..,, 11t~h They a.re ILhsolnLcly tbc only IJu st ~nd lJ atn1JP7\twf ,11 n IJ<'- tnQnt~ made m the ·world, nnd m:e jeweled throughout wu;h UENUI.NE RUBLE~. The l!ater..t Stem J11nd\ aJJCl St:t is tbe strougcs~ aud snn:plest made. 7..'he!J aro flu\ 11 eg:uaL JO~ ap- pearance, accuram!J (lu'J•alnldlf anfl <;l'1 vice, to any $7.J JVatc71 Our co-operrtrre Club System bringstbem wiLhlll the 1each ofel'T!IY one. BROOirrLl<l\, N. \Y , November 3, lSSS. n~e~r ~~~:E~cfc\~ir~~o gh e yon t~st1mom3l f'f TWi gooU optnionor :'>our Keuflall sSpnvh1 Cun•. 1 h:o' o used lt: for J,n.mcnc\''~· Sti.li ,)olnT~ I'IThi S!I•LTlllfh :md I ha,cfonud Jr n sure cw~,l.COlul­ ttiiY recommend 1li to allhorsentell \lOlllS t:ruly, \_ IT Grr:r.F.n1', Jlla.nuger Tro) Lu.undr.r Sta.Lles. KEMDALeS SPA'\!H~ mmt, SJ.~'T, WlSTO!< COU::iTY, Omo, Dec. 1!1, IS..:.,S. DGa~~. f~'cll~m~dnt;,· tf) ;;nv ;\•lmt I 1H'LTC dnM wtth -vour :Kt>ndall's Spu-.;·tn Cme.. Ilm\C Ct ll'lf it~~~l~}nn:~c,h~f~~snln~~eN~~th 1 1~1~llhot~' . ..i se>Pnor Bi~ J nw. Smce Ihil\\Clmd oueu! >N r books and fo1lo\\\ etl tlte dlrect.10ns, I hn:ve ne> er THE KEYSTONE AlllH ClUB CO. lost [), case ot any kind YoUI'S truly, .A.:sDn.EW TUit!-t\'\\'!t Rurse Doctor. Buffalo, Nov. 3oth Th~ stoie catches the carlene.! of the near- be ho 1 iday mus1c, and arrays Jtself m its most gorgeous colors Out of weeks of prepar.:J.- tton there bloom tbe fanctes for Cbnstmas gtvmg atl m grand array. The result 1s surpnsing It's a stght. th:1t's tlue. The store 11as worked itself up to Its full capacity, dtscountlng over and agam 1ts own past. You'll wonder at our fmestg 1 1tedness when yo11 see how far wc'\•e antiCipated your holiday wants Bes1des the many useful gtfts-which hll the store every day m the year, Santa Ciaus bnngs many special things for Christm:u;. Count these among others. Rattan Rockers \Vbite and Gold Rockers Pmk and Gold Rockers Hangmg Cabwets. all ·woods wltn Bevel :1'11rrors) Bam boo Easels Chen y and Oak Easels Three-fold Screens, Antique Oak and Cherry Foot Rests Blackmg Cases Parlor Tables aU vlaods Gentleman's Upholstered Smokmg Chatrs Large Patent Rockers, all $\2 oo up 3~50 H I.5U 5 00 3 so \ r so to S 50 I 50 '' 6 DO I.j5 r< CJ-50 IO.oo \ 20 oo grades, from g oo \ Ig oo Ladtes' Fane) Cbmrs 3 oo \ rz.oo Ladtes' Fancy \Vrtting- Des1.:s 9.00 \ 55-DO Child ten's Rattan High Coa.irs r 75 \ 4 50 Children's \Vood lhgh Chmr:, I 25 '' :,.50 Children's Rocking Cbaias J so '· 6 oo I:.arge High-back Solia Oak Rockers 3 oo l\ledmm High-bad .. A.nttque Rockers 2.50 Htgh back Ant1que Cham; I 6o Music Stands, all \'mDds $5 oo to so oo Shavmg Stands 3.50 \ 25.00 Hat Racn:s, aU woods 8 oo ' 150 oo Stdeboatds 12 oo ' 3Do.oo :Bedroom Smtes 17.50 11 500 oo Dimng Tables 5·50\ 75 50 Di.ung Cbatrs I oo '' 12 oo ~\n endless line of Parlor Smtes mall cm·enngs .15.00 '· 375.00 And we pay the frctght-cbctrge nothing [m bo::-..in~ 01 sh1ppiug. H Jt wLll help you've wtll send yon acttllns- trated camloguc free HERSEE & co., 247 to 255 ELLICOTT STREET. BUFFALO, N. Y. Twa blocks from :Mai.n. A RE~~!J~PJct~oBJlmle~Pc:n~ S A m-eat success. Enc11 is!'lne conlmns e.n!nred lithograp.hic plates of COUJJtry .JntJ {'lt T' r~>,lclt'n­ ce~ or publtc bu1lclm~E. Nmlleroll\' cn~ntT'IilJ!!! Bnd fn}l nlam;: and ~pecHlt:nHun, fur rhe uz;e ~f !!5~g~ 5 u~ ccoonpt:~pJ~ec~ .. ~d_&n~ 0 ~j:.c~~~~~~~~ll', OVER IO,O!lD 2,000 rmd !:MOO \ !lEil.TI~G STOVES WERE SOLD IN 1887. These figures are more eloQuent than Yolumcs 'll'hlcb. mJgbt be wr!Lr;en In prnise ot the peculiar werlt.s possessed by the Magee Goods Ml,;n Pari on. gny~ of the Bnn~:en: 'I 11.se -che!' Magee Range eonstnntly In my Scb.J:~ol.r:; nnd PnTata Kttcben, 1t fulmh every requJrewent for the most exactmg work; I would not excbnnge tt f~Jr nnvra.ngemade '' Send for our Fumace C1rcular and read what Phy!i1cians. Professors, Setent'sts :?tfecbttmc~ aad HercbaL~ts sav of t:ileb1agee lo\uroacea they lla\ e 10 t~if yo~~~-c~~.\~~~iio.:r~~~~~?Ji~~rA{f~~~~ '0111 dOXOTllalftl:!e cost Tbe ~l:uJ[ee RtLnQ'\e~~t FnruaceH, Heutlne: nnd Oookln~ Stovet~ are ~,;o1d eYCry\Wbere by ~~~ta5~ 8 t~ifn~fo~ ~~ i~~rt~;;:.e~t~i! 1 i-.9rl'fi. NA..C:E CO • 32 to 38 Uniol::!. Sn-eet, Do:~ton. 96 Lake Street, Ch1c~tJ\. 926 Cllcstn.1.-:.t St., P 0 Box 9'23 .E?lrll a. Pa. We refer to any Com-~ AGENTS KENDALl'S SPA'IHN lliJRE. merCJalAgencs. \VANTED. Clubs Consta11tly Forming Join Now and Save Money~ WE ~A;~:G~~~~~N ~~E;~ ~~~E E ~~

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