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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, September 13, 1920, Image 3

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am 3mi *Tr*)«Tj(. To, jx. fvxm »»» P»cietl wjis o= s.^^ ' t!i» occniaii hoa, - ' L»dr ot Co™, Ca.,^?^ Hiri. B-^u,. \•-5-r a«aCTiBtion. , 'i™'- «ir«rj- •aa/i? I <mJ- All! ktad, c, • on Inr lie old. Indsidia? teri,^^*! ^^r a • ta reiwt the tliat rurz^t ffXPwTannn-i of the f-liaixH- TJie jrtaadtt arwl r— .If'J .,'V . •I.T';\ •TATE H WLAwk »W W Yetm?~W0»OAY , SEf £EMBE R AFTER UHEF H6HT, ARESWAMPEdifeniiY^ Tnnride for 5 •'\e*^* here 9hic« Jtw .Tee fehewctl at his beat for the Sier* F^lde Out—Fma} i -•«»er3! seasons aco, and !a a^Wl- . tJon setms to he « ban! anrl con-: SfWC 10 to 4 hitter. He accmmtcd for ihree hiia, t»r» oi which were kani UBd bealtliT line ilrive«. Hncth- — I k«l br tae ri.fferror ^ ' TiM. of th«» charrh. ** «-der»aiT Bloc, - Rirlimrnd (\..nncil . i. T r .V -M . hria I>»rtT tm Anilfr^^a T* | aiciimtraiL an S^rurti/^;^\. ' irni nn inKid m to^ iiit=!ie3-» anil their rrtroai'ii an oecTitin-* f t the .-itaift, b^^ Iinn» asa ;::nm;3ar::m» fiT ia evirfrni r aial eajl^^ wit i Ihe fa;r rr:;irin, ^ \ in the lar.- T rfaare lui, a neat spet-taf 194 if all kiads weTp cw^ed , «r«-t and rttre^limret!, .ji^ ^ I .-Tnileil hotne THi^de ab^ J? * I made a hie h.r w.ih a.':. ADVANCE Wmt. ADS. BRING ' RESULTS TH E SKELTGT4 SVNCOPATOHS .n itB -t Land oi Jazz r«r atl mrami^ bv W. M. JOHMSCni^ 215 Jcwett Ave., W. M. 1. By Xi25 FLAT 1 'S-'SUS^^ bn^ii Ji' ^^ for the Ca.cy IgSOA K^^t^ ^ ^he llrM three ra abor a hit more .tr«aoasl y Uiaal lidi -rten MW\ th . founh oa he aasun^ed; J!^ ^ ^^^n-n^n-l or Uie Situation ann was' ft, flra or Baaee. Frawley. Ke m ^ , A DL of ES ZD Park for a score of, M oanser. I 9<to ^ vCaaeya SKtR« antf FNwer at Start' The K^* f<mei»c hard and for a • Th< Uxoa slipped a run acros«, Use had tlt« satissCacxion or, In the cpenios ItaU oC the ftrst. ^lalTir tlnil They were csuia;ns With on« d<Mni. S>ia,fke; iralkc<1 ^earf r S<ta>er an<l biK ca«t eon-, and stole second, after which li^saible worrtment. But for ihe'ma n popped out. SharkfT. frink- ^ srreTch m( the puse Sr wa:i' in;? asannd ^ijm that the Elnu are nor ixp! Fraokie Steers I ^ «ba«puni&h;p «Tar.darfta. \ th« Tery Instant tliai Bryant de- r not just ret. wit h more sea-' Uvered a balj to Voepel. The lat-j Bg, however. j» »• more than i ter fihor the ball throush Jhc sap I fMttle that they will be risht api lor a single to lef.. scoring Shar- JB the forefrtmt o! local 1 key. Kit year. The Caseys came back in their The Elm Ilne-up was UberaTvy > half of the fimt and made it look flprtnfcled with ^ome very rrumu;-! like curtains rie^r off by scoriae ' jb S home talent tlutt ttUfiuId be ^ three run.'*. With one do«-n. Voe- I frnm nest stse^on. In vr»e-| pel saddeniy slipped'on bis control , Blafteid and Wman tbey harei and walked Wenstrom and Taylor. , t^jree hard hittin:; leTt-handed. Bannon then Kmashed a clean •ho step m'tk a ball va', s»inele lo left and on sUnr fieMins I toe «txle Voepel, with the -ex-, both Wenstrom an»* Taylor score«f; Mption of otcaaton streakd of while Bannon made third on the; I »iiaaes«, also flashed, some pteuy throw-in. A long sacrifice fly toj pieii southpaw pUcrin); in sKpots.; rtsbt by Uinny scored Bannon. j «hile Barckehuau aiso displayed I texiaelf ro be a hard hitter. on the play. Bannon eurie second, a wild pitch scored Taylor and put BHnnon on third, and Han canre i home a momeni later on an {nhelil oat. second base, drew' Two more Casey mn.s toward that base ^^^ ia * hit b%tsman. a double by Wen- strom and a j-incle by Taylor, m the fifth. Bill Lunnj connected with the ball for a triple o%er| Total* ticore by mn>ne»: Elms lo;i»«)vt>l Caaeys ;; o 2 1 i i » *— Left on baees—EJmf, «; Caseys. 7. Two-base hiti—Doolan. Wen- tftrwa. Thrre-ijaae hits—L-unay. Boeckelrnan. VoeiHfl. Heme mn — Sacrl?cc htta—Lunny, Kisky-rreld'in \center aod^cored j Uryaat. Fir.«. ba«r on eri^.- r^. nnt Elms, 1: C^asey^. 1. Siohn bases I Steers. Wen«tvom, Bannon. Lon- ny, Sharkey. t.>T»»n. Ease.* on ball.*—Off Brj«nt. 2: off VoPpol. 4. Struck uut—liy Bryant. 7: by on Gene McGraih's lafieid out. Still another came across in the sixth. Steers sincled past short. Linck. baltine for Wenstrom. aenr » screecher to left that looked food The E«m»' B>g Third for the creek, but Blafleld happen- ed to stray ri^ht in lino with ihe -wallop and froze to the ball. t>lrt i Iron3jdei«. uvcideniany, smashed | out another territtc wallop in the eiRhth which went straisht for Voepel: he also froze to the b;iU betause he didn't have time to .U' anything elee. But back to Steers in the sixth. After tnakin? hit. Fi«nkie stole second and rrtced VoepcL t- Hit hy pltchcrs—»y Voepel (MrGrath and l)oo1»n): by Bryant ( L . STURTJ ' . Wild pitrh— I'mpire.-^ Filp^inwnons nd Swansen. Time of s«mo—I h.'. w min. .M.\NY FIKLD WINS CRICKET LEAGUE TITLE BE SURE TO SEE ilbs Saily Aiiucuir? Motion Picture Play FERRYBOAT RoMANcr U»in> 3tars With the Stick | Bat after the opening flurry, the I Op«ya. once tiiey aettJetl down 1 Isie their atrtde. proved tx>o strong, lyt well balanced a baU cIm** for the Elm Park bnys. There were I tliiee new faces m rhe Casiey ijne- 1 «B\Tesrerda.r. and ihe irio just i«aed to c!e:in off the weak spots I tjA^ hare been sivoJ-i Manaser I fi^er no eml of trouble the past I weeks. T.nfiP*^ I yiT.iym'; jui ti all the home when Boeckelman's huck went carrcmlnj; arotind iho to le£t. Kern went oat RteaHn;;| and Sharkey rroundwl ont. bat; Defeating the eleven of the Staten Isl«n»l Critkel «nd Tennis* ; Club by 41 tu.is in a low-sooring juime. the team of the M«n.»r Fi«ld Crirket t*lul> T*oa the de- their one chance of blowtn;? their ^ steam off to tUe limit. BoeckeU man opened this frume with a three j ontfiHri. biMe wallop to riRlit^'center, aa«I! Lunny Connect* Aga.n j Kern sent him home with a single, ^jjj^. gy^t cascy bat- I ter up hi the Mrenth. jrave thel^j^jj^p jjamc Ui tbe animal oom- . bal! another healthy ride, this petition of the New Ynrk and New layman got a life when Tay^\'\ j ,j„je to left and completed the cir-j Criokji .\*frK-JHlion s»t fumblod his j^rounder and | ^-nit. That was the tenth and la*t ; ^vt-st Now Brighton Saturday, tied the score with a lonK ' lallv recorded by the Ca^ieys. therebv i t-ia'niuK the i hampion- ro left. Br.vani finally brougrht the. ^ p^ Elms in a itr'c; ^hjp for anotUe.- jear. Of lUe lulft- rally to a halt b.v fanning M®*^-! ^jetrer humor, the jwkhI a«furea;rorn who weni lo the wJcket onl> Wild cheerins crt-eted the Elm Tommy Bryant lei them one. R. C.. Orm>by. was aWe to themselves to a run in the ei*rhih. eet into double tiaiJ-c!« for Mam'r hen he hit l^vm^a, tollowed by Field. Of the HfTPcn samcs oon- tested by M.^r.or Field otily one lo f ftitl one drawn. team after this bis; splash, but it . . van the la.n ch'-er. for irom then . the caaeya. more than; on the Ca5ey» simply rompe*! off Voepel and GumlH-r. mde pKid. hnin? out a lonj: triple' into the lead while Bryant held the trtsnter In Oie fifth inn;n= and Elm.=5 safely at bay. burner to ieri m tke ^ ca^-eys quickly embbed the steers. -showin g at th« astleton Theatre WEST BRIGHTON ednesday and Thursday. SEPT. 15th and 16th iJfa!.-: J:mmy Doolan sa.-... Man-. theniitel-ve» aaain in tbe»-ft'enstrom. rf . ; a m ?<jaier ih- b«Jt ih:rd basins; pair of tallies. Withj unck . rf I ?mce Ed.l.K- Mnar nz'^, ,iown. Taylor mnsled ro cn-j Taylor, 2b I Wiry made it neresi'ary (or Wtl- Bannon damped a alow roller t Bannon. c I ll#*Jiytar to swiuh tnmi third ihe third base line and; i^ny, cT. lb. . meaaa. »lils.f^ki»» its pulled a Wd bmie when 1 McOrath. l b . . Il£ff to top thia off. Squier seems ^^ jiroopt-d Ihe ball op when it Ryan, cf I IB hare made t:s be^t strike \f , jooked certain to roll fouL For j5.»eeney. If .. . • ten.-.m in sflcnrtna ra n Ban- inwns. the Elm aacker, failed { 31, I of Bavonne lor back-top duty. Bannon at first, while Tay-j u,yaiit. p I Sh^Don nhapfi! up aCf hi«h ^ I lor s-prtnted all the way to third j muSoT. Cashed a whip Uia; - Totals -j] EI .MS Kern, rf • Sharkey, 2b .. . ^ l,yman. lb .... J VoepeU p m Moran, ss •5. Kusky. cf I i;onther, cf -. • BUft'-ld. If .. . *! Blascowit*. Sb ! Braisred, c .. . .VB R. 11 i' I 1 3 r. 1 2 Island Scenes Staten Island Characters Staten Island Production 33: in ih«' Rocky ^loimtahisJt SEE— of O'Doone' s successful novel, stamnff & Miles Welch TOMORROW Tf^c^ir The Bcorc: r. s. I. r. .\Ni> T. c'LrB \ \ W M Kaehorn. i. i>. W-. •>- Miller ^ H. R. C. Jone*. b. Southern ^ I'C. Dewhuryt. c. Irons, b. Mfller . ' \ Brown, b. Southern \1 U VT. De Motte. run out - - ''TO. Groenlncf. h. Southern i> t* 1 •» wic VTatklns. Breiz. b. Southern 1 & I 1 Sr n. Challenger, h. Miller I I « 6 y . E. Turrillr. b. Miller y l» 0 t) H. V> O'Uorke. K Milier ; F. F. KflHr. not out 10 H ^7 17 1 Eiiras STATEN ISLAND ELKS DROP CLOSE GAMETD JERSEY CITY kave tnme d out to be the cream in the NaUonal SIU^^tTth. tbp. Good pltchlns ha . tar^ SUwek for them. Wlti Burleigh Grimes. Rube MarQuard. Jeff 52:0 SilSj «d JU Mmniox a. » nucleu. ther .r e Lir^^^? a^^Mt outSeld and U has a medlocro Infleld. ho there la ^i.1.1. P«.naat ooU^-cxcaieat pllchtos 0 the leaderehio of nndeJWUl^rt . I t F. C. lia!e«. r. and h. Dewburst : 11 J . I-. imii!-. I. I' ».. D'^h\\' S 2'J S. Brctz. not ^ \lEitra s • DEHOCRJUICf CANDIMl JR.STKTE OF THE • SITRE^IE I COITRT O I 10 0 s J I e © 1 I J II » I> Total I MAXOU FIEL D C. C. K. C. Hull, L b. b. IK- Jloac. n D«vicls<.n. <- neMott». b.n««harst 4 Total Do«llni5—Mlllfr S tor IC: Soath- rrn 4 tor 16: l)cv.bi.,r»t. T tor 30; DeMoltr. 2 I\r 4S-. Itacburn. 1 for 2. 3 e (> e O p. c. Tavlor. b. I>iru-hun<t \ 0;TurTille. i-.tiroealBF\. bj^ejlotu; 4 :' t . R. Miller, L b. »-. b. Dewhorsl .•! 11 R. G. Ornllib>v b- Raebarn -S . S. E. B. Southern, h. De»kurst . . 1 ADVAHCE WAirr ADS BIHII& RESULTS PRIMARY DAT, TOMORROW SBTTEMBER 14 ! ' VOTE FOR : George J. S. DowKng j poBtkal , crrk v fratcnal a«r f dmnw\\ g tie is a member of N. ¥. StaU Ba* A»»n. Brooklli. Bar ^.fv Fritmis af Irish Freedom IN PUBLIC INTEHEST Clean, Hafiett, Intelligentj FaUhful, Experi^eed He stands on his r^ord,- LESTER W. CLARK JUDGE of the SUPREME COURT Second Judicial District In public interest, vote to Jiejp fem on the bench, and uMh hitn Judges ASPINWALL, JAYCOX and SCUDOER. BAYONNE TITLE TO BE AT STAKE The mIddlewelKht championship of Bavonne will be the reward for the wlnuer of the bout between Johnny Howard and Dan Lynch at the Bayonne A. A-. Fiftieth sueet and Boulevard, tomorrow night. Both ar« resident* of Bayonne sind the followers of each predict a knockout Tictory for their favor- ite. Seldom before has a whole cltv been stlrrt-d np ovpr a ring «onlest a-'' in this Instance. The bout is scheduled for twelve rounds, but few believe It will go the limit. It will be n meeting be- tween a seasoned rluK warrior against a vlriual ncwcomer in the Ramc. who lacks experience but parks a knockout waJIop In l>Otb .ndw. !lo*ard must dispose of Lynch lit order to remain in the ruoninc for\ Johnny Kllbane*a crown while Lyucb. with, nolblng to lose and everyihlng to Rain, has promlned to mix maltcfH unlU ho or Johnny UBhtwclght Idol of the V. S. S. Kansas, who baa jt«»t relumed from a three months' cruise lo the Hawaiian In- lands. will meet Kddle t-ong. of Detroit. In ihe cightround semi- final. This is sure to be a aluB rine match while It IMIS . Poo r Bas e Running Costly to I.ocaI Team—Score 6 t o 5 Supporters ol the Staten Island of Elkfi ball team whtvhtive been confidently cxi)oci5nR their tavoriies to clinch first place in tl»e Elk leapue received a laihcr tuilo JoU Saturday afternoon, wbeu she SJalcn Islanders went do>Tn to leal before tbe Jersey City LOUKC team at Sisco Field by a store of , 6 to 5. -Vs a rerult. the Siatcn U- Undcrs rou«t now meet the Quem.^ LOiigv team in a play-off ol a 'le giime here earlU'i\ in the aeu!-»n. and win that same in oi-dcr to clmch the title. Heavy hittlns on the i«rt or ihc Jersey Elks and some poorhe ad- work. particularly on the oten- sive. on the part of the Siaten UndetH. was In the main the cause for the defeat. Matty Ca np- bell occupied the mound for Uic local team and Matty was not at- his best. The opi>o»itlon bumped him tor no less than thtilcen faie blows. M that, howtver. had his team mate«« made belter of Uieir cpiwrtuniiiCB they ml^lit have pulled the same out ol ihe I ttre for him. l^reeli pitched lor 1 tie Jerseymen and thou;;h he sot in a numU'r of hole.s. was effcciivu m tlie pinciica. A bis Jersey UeleKaUon actom- p;inU»d the vlsiilns team and hoa-l. ed by a band thoy marched tmto Siaco Field about li o'clock. Iht.y arrived Avith plenty of pep and cn- thutilasm and lettin the spirits. Tt»e Jersey City Blks got off lo a flyinB btart in the first, -nhtn thry blew themselves to ilu*e runs- Tr« rally *4tarled when Gfurge Ncary. alter making a good stop on Fitzpatrick's pounder, threw wildly to lUpley. McCo e m and Petlrick followed vriUi bunts -which tied the Stat< land infield i n knots. HcfTron then smacked a clean single to center, scoring Fltzpatriek. and a two- base wallop by Nagenl scored two more run*. The Staten ijdandcrs came back in their half of thd second an4.. scored two runs on hits by Charlie QuinUin and Eddie Xenry^. , ' Aiter the flist Innlnfi. CampbeH pitched jihutout ball until the-fatal •evxnih ianlng. when ihe visitor* broke in .with two more rtroa Willie in Ihe elpliHt tlwy tallied what pi-oved tu be th*;, .jislnnlm; The locw! lad» tied the score .^tt , the third tnnini: and hud a Kood chance to put the same on Ice tn- ihe tlfth. but iH>or work on the b:iscs cuu^ed them (o thm^ i tlic thnnre. Tliey missed another fine cliance in the t imiffod ny frarc them two ruiw aud they fnUed to brlnKjjltitt tylip^ | run across. JERSEY CITT ELKS . . ^ I A B U H PO A E FiUiutriek. 3b. McGovern. ss . Pcurtlck, rt ... •^V. Uurton. c . . lleffroB, cf .. .. Cassell. 11 Nus^nt. 2b .... J. Burtoo, lb .. I^urccn. p u* I ( a -i 1 2 1 0 u 0 4 2 6 J 0 1 Q 0 0 U I I 1 '2 2 I 1 11 ToUiW 39 6 13 57 13 4 STATE.S ISUVND Ef-KS Kiriat. ^b QuinUn. >>* . Ripley, l b . . Berardinl. If E. Ncary. cf O. Neary, 3b Zitrel, c Camidjell. p . Kelly, ri t ^ > 0 3 1) 0 Tol.la S 51 13 S Jernry CUy. 3 0 u 0 0 « : I O—« u o i cJ I» Lett on haaes—SUtcif Waad. fi; Jersey City. a. T*'o-b«ae llltji— Qalnlea. E. Neery. NuEeat. Purerllj CjuiReU. Stolen bwees—Qulalan, Beranlial. Nusent. J . Burton. Struck out—By fruTOpbcll. 9; br Purcell. 6. Dmen oa 1^8—Of f Camlibell, 3; off PureelU 3. Tima or game—2 iiouni. ~ 'Phone 198 P. K. or 1528-M P. R- Port Richmond Auto Washing Statioif Comer or New Street and Richmond Avuiu* Car s Washed and PoKshe d i^ , OILED AND GREASED. MOTORS CLBANOT Day araJ Night Strvloa \ ' Republicans Remember No. 32 OH Republican Primary Ballot After 6 years' service in State SeMte and 26 years' >raeti<x of the law. Sena- tor Gilchrist respectfully solicits yoar aupport for Justice of The ^Supreme Court To »o U lor Soriator ailchriit plaoe an X In the votina tpM ifi front of hia itatno as ahmvn bolow; Enrolled Republicatfi^ VOTE FOR John P. Dpnohiif For Stale Treastirer PRIMARY DAY Tomorrow, Sept 14, 19^ iijK POLLS OPEN 3 TO 3 P. 1 a John ft. POrtOWtte\ otto 190 P«K CENT. PDKB DNADtnLTEBATBD— For »«ti«faetI»B Try j- , B. a F. Malt Extract. OoiAte Stee^U^ P»die lii fiwlry Ir'-f*-— ' . It will sWa that QU-Umi flivpr m* ia rafraaWri Wf- «ratlna. aaauratf of aiEM W by ualaa tha « . F . Mfl>» «lonta, tha vOry b«a« mimmt w buy. On aalo a t ^ ^ PARK 8POHT »HpF, tW Water Itiaot. Itapfcton J . cAM«Rrrri. ft«>f)> . _ > W . F . KRONOOUJ , Drugsiit. t* * Momlin»r,^ aa< at our rotad Mn at 100 «ch«OfMl^»»i F . f r Tarrltoof »n< JOHolaa*^ •- P . luaix a HOPS sorrLT co.

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