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mrttrmm MLAim. wcw WEDWESDAV, Aucuer «. ^aao TMK DAILY ADVAWCt MS I Fourth Day of th€ GreatFuTEiitureSale Toatk Brashes , SjOO at 25c Romnnts of goods fcr rroncmts oi prices, 25= » SJ^ yd- Ttersday WltT aa; joBt^e. (CoirfaiM Dlr»cU~ •JJC\'\* ^^BUU PnlMc Bmia. iHnrM.1 „ TOur AiwuUoii t» lafonma^B Ito-i \fe V WMIc KnUk BOTM. WulOnstoa. D- C. jSlPnil DITS I HOSTUK SwSEWnES orgahdieiwfall out Ruffled Cnrtains 196 pnrs in nine stjlo— slain white or with borders if mtm or bIne-4 to 33 tnss of each style—Thnrs- Oxj^SU^ to pair- •BM, prim m Kxn WMl m \n in.^ •nAm of curtalM tor «U Kartr tiur^ra !»«»* cSwlc* nf JjtwTi, •rrlm «od mMiTialamtln. Bids. Yfaateas Suits of SakSlBiitiiiisatS25 aHJw Shmimnw—m»l th» ctrtSony •fcantan* iwoaHy AC tSu* pncm. ..... TS mixxm. our •Mlwctjmi. «M«bt tlM airUrtiy oulur*^ ktaO- b^lt*^. with tin:* vmriatumji la cuusr and |M>cli«c: •lars 34 to 44. Th»» mMtrm ar» p:»ln two- p»M»ttlurt« wttb pockcai cor- r«a|Kra«BS Uw of tlM ctiata. tluuMtoj ft. • umJ noT. «iu p«iiun»g The hdpfulnert oF*!!* eccmotniei in die kind dF furnilme-wanted by pifco- ple -who are making hai^y homes, lifts the AugtHt Sale above all otber*. Fmuitme Sale? BECAUSE in At^nst, ai JSVanainakei's UassCTbteda stock of fmuitme repirsmt^ in an grades, atthelcywestpricesfor J- y be bought, at or near that time, any wbtro. Havm YOU •—Bi.J We have done tfefoTT^ in Aagnst hare gTrrw. year ^ iiS^^JS^ more real hotneiato conu: «jd find jo»t to to they want, and pocket the, B^ the Sale opened with a voy taise jncrraseof bnsines»<rrer Jast Angnst. What follows? tare mannfacturers to araU themselves rf [^ channel of distribution. JVe ^ better te^ ^^^^ ^st^for improvement itt des^ adopted. \Vc can serve the peojfc —roaA fretter pamture —and greater. ecouomteSf This we are doing^today. _ . Yon wiU not see good fnmitnrc anywhere rHri^ jOillii *iiil,HB«ii stantial savings. o^,. irfnnHtm<e«aniBto^mo Sxtn rod hall ImiAure. (Inchrfing tphobtETcd pisoessnl sniua}. New Bmldmg. Epilepsy EpilepBy is \n affection ot t»e brain -whith at variable interval* Eives Tine to an attaclc character- i»ed by convulsive movemenls and nnconsciocsness. Snbieets ot this disease are usoaily warned or the approach oC paitjiysms: the lire- moiilione. however, are as a mie or short duration. The person af- tecieil may utter a sharp, pierclait err and fall to the sronnd In a helpU^ss and unconsclons condi- llon. He is often serioooly InSired in Ih..i way. At first there is more or less riridily of the niiiscles; this ;s quickly ancceeded by con- vulsive movements; the eyes are usually opened and turned up- wards. the face becomes livid and congested; the jaws are brought together with considerable force and the tongue is often badly wounded by the teeth. There also considerable foaming and frothing at the mouth. The paro- lymi lasu but a t«w minutes and confrcioosness gradually returns, the patient being m a atnpid and drowsy condition with headache for rame time afterwards. Treatment.—The patient should be placed ia the recumbent posi- uon <on the baci). all clothins being loosened, particularly about the neck. handkerchief knot, a piece ot wood, or some other sulu able article, -which -will prevent In- jury to the tongue, should be plac. ed between the teeth, although not allowed to drop into the mouth. After tie .St Is over no further treatment is usually required, al- though it should be remembered that sometimes a tenyiorary aber. ration of mind may follow. If this occur*, the patient should te wstcied tor .-^ome lime after Ihe seliare. Hot, unsweetened cocoa may be used in place of scalded milk in cup custard. For bedroom and Gallery—for living room. — a wondcrfnJ showing of aft-cwer come to the Fiftn Ganeij—for wit 2,934 pairs of our finer Shoes for Women, $8J7S A price «. low, it should «en thcanJl in* J*/ Tlicy are aU this seasonk shoes—pumps and sizes zylxo 8. i n .\AA to D widths—not in eral choiccs in every size- . , T_.rrr. .l jT^^iaJn There are hundreds of. pairs smtable for •wear'Otit-^Diatooi the Fall and hnndreds of pairs light and Kracefnl raongliferindooiaBtar all thrnitrh the winter. The largest individual groups a^ . • Btack calfskin o^tfords with Cnban ^kin o^tfortls and four-eycirt ties r=tmt leather ami dnll black caltskm hcrl.^BIack suede'pumps with Loui.-. hed»-BnJwnJod»kn» pumps » ith Louis XV. hccl.s—Black kidskin oxfords. ^ _ _ The Shce Store wiH be a profitable place-tolia*omeo»^ I'M Fknc. md MdUtac. Special purchase of Philippine Lingerie 2JSOOtnaeaat$2JSeach-yerymach UtM than I0e hoot been *Mng the aome xrWcs far. XIGHTGO^VNS, embroidered or trimmed with drawn-work in Calado designs; sleeve- less or kimmio sleeve model; necklines are tatmd, «roare or V shapetL atlSES - • CHESI of the envelope type with bodice top. idntiJy embroidered or TtT\\—I with °di:awn-work. Slxmlder straps COTESET COVERS with die rotmd oedt- &ae; simzlxrlj embrtwietcd. jm -c a ~ yoa can find the cxact iatt^ diat rato joar fmpeme* bo* ruin idlka Stmrix $1 to 917^0 jui Smt m time tar my Ftall mw^^ for titm p«ek«ca on t*^ Many men have been on ihe lookout for A sale of fine SILK SHIRTS Thaioffers'somethiiiranMsma \ Tme. fees are b«te. h«vr boaddath silfa. the very fa' SfVi-ttenTt^^ .rfdom seen in the cheaper gtade.. TInndar « —— • - ' 11 • The second lot«ill tower ia ptic^ « These consist of baby broadcloths. h^vT —7 I ^fj gnn ttw Tttiiin vnv • i • — to the cast trf good cottoBfhii Cook cucumbers as you wouia aquasbes- They make delidoua fritlera and pica. • When makins .5w««t sandwiches. »ee that the ielly or Jam is Ann- When beating whites for cakes ase a fiat dish and a wire whip. The egss being sared for match- ing FboQld t>e tamed eTery day. Your cuke will be lighter It you beat rather than stir the batter. Codnsh Ftufftfd and baked is good main dlish for a spring din ner. In the SiK Mret SaTe -AAxlrr- iuMSt lutrtBC I imm- « Bt«re wiml. I» will r*« Mthlas t* tev* mm c^UMMte. » tUju tt^ ThU m-wUbME K^ , . , we wUI h»r»l»« ««»«t; Am4 «»«» - m»k« XbiMisu UcUt t»T y.u- V A Q^^^U Ulectrii LiA 1 \#I1. Contra< a—# ^^^^ 1276 Castleton Ave., West BriRhton When making pie crust add a lit- tle baking powder. It makes the crust roach richer. To stop a cake from bnrninK:. when yoor oven Is too hot pat a tin in and set your cake tin In it- Tbis will keep it from burning n:> the bottom. In baking juicy pies try putting in each pie a spoonful of fine tapioca. It wfll prevent the juice from running over and imparts a rich flavor lo the pie. When broiling a steak take the Bteak on the end ot a butcher fork, plunge quickly in and out of boil- ing water. Thi-^ tends to sear the outside and saves the Jnlce. Then broil In the usual manner. t^ Advanck Wani ^ Bi^ jgg^ Answered Q Pleafe giro me information as lo how long tuberculosis Eerms win live away from an animal body i. e.. how lone will they live after one has died In a house and las left more or less deposits of .K-putnm on clothme. beddinB. furniture, etc.. if Ihe houee h^ closed after the .leath of toe paUenl, . A- The lenKth of time that tuh- erculosi. eerms will li»;e outside of Ihe animal body varies consid- eralily. It depends principally on the kind ot malerial in which the germs are lodped (mucus, pus. feces, urine, etc.) It also depends on the amount ot moisture present, on the prwence or absence ot sun. lieht. temperature, and \'••er fac- tors -Vfter a person has died ot mberculosis. it Is usually advisable to Kive the house in which he d.ed a thoroush cleaninK and ainng, washing down the woodwork and tlie walls. scmbbluK tJ>e doors, rubbing oft the furniture w.th crude oil. and perhaps painting the wiKxlwork. After this, the house should be thoroughly aired. It thie is done, no fear need be felt te- gardin* any d.inger of infection. Q. Can diabetes be cured? It so. please advise treatment, .V The treatment ot diabetes has developed and improved con- siderably in recent years. The bas- is of much ot the treatment at the present time is an tnitlal starva- tion until the sugar dieappoars from the urine. The original fast may have to be from two to ten days in length, but after that no fast need be longer thair a day. You wUl and the principlea ot eiis newer treatment discussed In a book by Joslln entiOed \The Dia- betes ManuaL\ This book can be Obtained OrrougJl any medical book dealer, or possibly in your pidiUc Ubrary. •mine the principle ot this treat ment may be understood by a per. «m having diahetes. It is obrtoos -0>»t it can be succesrfully carried out only under the supervUion ot » competent physician. RadiM Swamp Holy Name* Tbe Kadio baseball nine bad an easy Ume In defeating the Holy Name leMn at staplelon Field to the tune of 11 lo 1. W. Snyder, pitcbilig tor the Rsdlofc h«M lb* Holy Nawes safe throughout the game. aBowing bat four hits, -while his te^mnuites Jen on Ibe offerings of Ket«l. the star twirlef ot ihe Holy N»a>««. tor ninetem safs bin- *lea. including tour dixftie. snd a triple. Tae oBtataBding feature ot Ihe same was m. onejnuid stab oK a terrific Une driw by Cioheasy. tb< star senmd «acli« ^f the K»- dloa. «1M also contributed four bus out of as many trips to the pute. -Clw ntbe teams lined up on the tM It looked m if tbe Heavier Holy Name ortit -would bsve an easy time is detesilnr Ifteir lighter oppoaenla. but beavy wubw ^ t>« Heldlas .ooii pat fie In fnMil sod Omj were sever bead- ed. ' , Tbe scoM by lw»tn*s: O—n Batteries: ror Holr bel uid X Si>T««. Rsdlo-w. Sardet sm «Mt»>aB. -n* .My -When making tea try putting in n piec or dried orange peel .iboiit the site of one's thumb nail into the teapot liefore pouring in the- hoiUn« water. Tou will wonder at the fragrance and taste that it gives the tea. a sssb ot plsl\ ot»a»dis aowuia th«.c<*MM- Two More Cases of Typhus Two more cases of typhus devel- cped vcsterday among steerage passengers on the French liner i5avoie. The patients, hoy, nine and ' len, were taken to Hoffman Uland. One case ot typhus was reported when the vessel .irrlved here Sun- day night. Look at his eyes! He sees the'savings on our men« Summer suits. $50 to $75 now for quali- ties that were considerably higher. Mall Orders Flllctl R ogers P eet C ompany Broadway ®roa<^»T at I3th St. ••Pour at »4t»i ot. Convenient Kroadway Cornera\j-Firth Ave. at Warren at SL NEW YORK tHTT Phone Port Richmond 1600 and your orders n-ill re- ceive careful, personal at- tention. Numerous motor deliveries throughout tlic Island. STORE CLOSES EVERY WEDNESDAY AT NOON DGP aBT&IEMT store Richmond Terraes and TompWns Plac\. West New Brtahton •TBB iTOSB XBA.T BATlBflMar CREPE KIMONAS Beautiful patterns colors; pretty styles. $3.98 others at ?4.98 and SMOCKS .4n international fashion authority says too much cannot be said in favor of the smock^.now in vogue. They are smart, becoming, practical, and so comfortable and easy lo slip on that they save the more expensive garments in your -ward- robe. In a fabric for every hour and oceasion, -with simple or elaborate hand embroidery trimming— voUes, lawns. French crepe, Unette, silk-and-cot- ton crepe—in white and the popular new shades of the season, i^uced .t.% and 50 per cent,, marked to close out at $]l.98-$2.98-$3.98 LERNER WAISTS in an the'Ieiiding styles in Georgette a«d silk rtj $5.50, $5.98, $8.50, $9.9^' BRASSIERES Ihnd BANDEAUS for perXect figure lines, in dainty fabrics. for summer cvnfort; strong, but very light in texture— fa large assortment a 75c to $3.50 'aIso fun Une ot \H. & W.\ Bras- siere^ and Bandeaus. i NET CX)RSETS ' $2.00 R. & G.. American LiJy and Treo Elastic Girdle $2.00 jto $5.00 DRESSPS Fancy and plain ToOe dresses, latest creations; sicatty nduced, $3.^ to $9.95 SKIKTS Beautiful Kaind-Ktma sOk aUrts white, orchid, tmc. aky-ar te- qiMiw Une:. iMnftiMiMy. wcB •iMe: very ifMcMI ' $11.95 Fipecmhardiwairi taitonK mf satin skirts; the MWMt —dfto; w<B fia; -wi^>» Vto to claw Mt ' . $3.95 •• Fan-4arsi.i OVER-BLOyS This decant wirJitoo* easfly •latched'iny;^ cbMpMiiK s JOj^Iy tdoody today nnk tomorrow; i^t^wix:!* <l>ange in temperature; ^^tle, variable winds. ICH mOSPS MASS ALONG RHINE TO ASSIST POUND MMsesinardridoi white) PAJ duMien's ROMPERS 25 per f m d •M'sftd- Beirfi 8«lt«. 1 n— rwwmf!^ jS^ Aa'aJ™^ W— MH-^K toTl* Mjiiw. [•feas' Scouts Only 27 Miles rSoHi Warsaw; Poles Offer , jJttle Pesistance l^wlin. Aug. il. (NlgM).—rrench Imm S» massed alons the Is^ ready to proceed through l^^ta to tbo aasistjuice of Po- ISd. accordlne to reports from iBavsxian-Cltlps recelTed here to- The -French are censoHng laoiages from the occupied tertfc Izm ^onj: the Rhino hut In spite loessacea Aom tiiai district ISaicsle some troops are on the Imive. London. Aug. S.—Premier Uoyd I George annotmced today he -would Iprtsent the enUre Rasslan-Pollsh llMdon to PaHIament thte after. I sons and ask supiion for the nc. Itlu the govenunent intends l«i»e. By -WEBB mU-KB. I Corrc«po«da»t.) Jr,lMdon, Aug. G.-^«us3lan caval- |iy ns nnofflcUlly reported today Ita have actually invaded the \coi^ ISlv\ through East Prussia, con- iMCllng Poland with Banalg and I 'tteses.- One dispatch said the lied ItCDiitB -vers only 27 miles from Lbs |,ectJ o( Warsaw, th^^lr opergtlons • imarenlly beinK nnoppoEed. 1'-Military experts here were avail- Ibv conflrmatlon before accepting report of the Invssian oI the Isli corridor at its lull -fslne. :be atmospbere in London today I bncomiuE increaslncly tense, J there -was inatib dlscusilon.ot t cliuices of BrlUIn beoomlnc In- il in the war. All sorts of re- „„ were circulated. One was Mttbe government:.was.ready to Iblllxe several divisions and send to the front. Another was Ittit GirliCunou'a nou to:tb* So- dUpatched Tuesday night, ii^ a virtual ultlmntosi-thrtafen* l^-wr. Germany in Deal The Times said it Iwrasd (bat like Gcnnans and Bumlant nego- luaud a secret treaty befora tbs be- Ig^iu ot the Soviet oEenslTe. nn- Ider which it was agreed, that Rns- 1 shoald approprtate Polish ums, llDg stock and goods -wlthoat In- feresce from Oemumr. that Rns- t-should be permltUd to control isnd's exports., and -that tbe So- t forces would eT»en«U PalSBd Inter having thorougblr subdued .letting the Cermsns talis pos- ision. The Germans -woul^ bold I country under this' axrment, • Times slid. ,as a gusrsntM for Ills, goods and labor tnmUbed sia by Germaltr. i.lt was also reported bore today ~ tthe Germansand IlusiIsiisJuid i,setiet deal under -wbidi -tb» \corridor\ ibraaiA Xsal nil would be wlpad-out. This rrldor- was esUblilhsd by the 1 treaty. ' ) plain charge wss'-tre^J; that Russia sod Osnhsni ! la a conspirscrtip. nPMiytbs, > ot the VerssUIes trastf'Til* ^ ministry was ,nnai»slood.;t<> llvldcd on tbe-. ^nttsa. \oI her such an sUcRd epnfplrter d tor Allied mUltmy :»«a<m ^<1 «t It beinc cf nstunm^^A.^ I dispatches said tbs coal|ldi^- ««adors had be«n called;; to It as quickly as^p^Ible. Mesil. Premier MlllerSnd of Trsnts 1 been In commnnlcstlon W George urdncJiItn to Join,la; lllary acUon sgsliul tbs BOlWlS- V but so far no deelMaa • reached. .. ...^(f Armistice Daltflites Mslts^\.::; I dispatch from -Wsrssw toi'tlli •Itig News. dat(d:-Iir*«ilWUK I the Polish armlstles dela^tail »Xere to have .vu^ tbs;Blii^si> baader-. at Brsst-Utonk therefore It r Ouin to reach Mlmkim Htlme. -..-,.. i Bolshevlltl sxpi^.to Mdi^: >av on MoudST.rjMSOIjlMLB .ia advices. Their.; •ek pssiUons snmnd as elty tbst it li |M« tbe csplisJiiJ!jjit;<. M and evacuatlaii oMtS. . w to have sUrt*i,.sln#'i > (ast as tbey-adsaiM^ tlui« I boIsieTlslaf :thsK|j * tbun. prt».4w.-, of the inb^Wtiirtii; terrltorj- srbejjr^\- as are belas r •« and drtns«,v- ; ®i«SB rwrnlli MAYOR WOULD REORGANIZE SCHOWEM Scores Gary Program in Let- ter to President Anntng S. Piran In answer to a letter by Anntns S. PraU . president of the Beard ot Bducatlon uking tor appropria. tions- for mote school liuUdlnes. ftUyor ijylsn-yestsrdav gave s*. Buimnces that every dollai- possible would be expended for that vnr.' poeo . • • Incidentally, the Mayor made his reply tha cccaslon for a rcnenr- al of .his attack upon, the fiooke. feller FouudatJ«L and the <lary syst4Mn, dechuiag that the poople had had enough \of extxavsgimoe and visionary experimentsdon In public schools, due to the usurps, tion by the educational ring of functions properly belonging the Board of Education.** At the same time. Cummlseloner of Ac- counU Dsvia A, HlrKhBcW -wgs examlnlnx Euiisae A. NltanMktr, director ot tbe Bumauof Besearch, Heterencs. and «UUsUca of tbo Board of Edtli»Uon lo find out \Just what NUenecker an4 a high salaried force of sasUlssU are dolBg.\ •^e sdueaUonal poller ot tbs Rockefeller Foundation, ^blob familiarly known ss-tbe Gary sys* tern,\ said Uie Uayor. \U lo sdu- cate the children of the masies tor the mill and - tacloiy' instead of nttlng them for the higher piofes- slons. Ukewlse, U poller of certain powerful Industrial In- terests In tbil eonntrr not to edn- cste the people. Thess samo In- dustrial lalsrssts sn-.suklng tbe assertion Jbat br edncstlnr tbe mus« to too blth s dure* v* srs Interterlng vrltb tbe Industrial sys tern ot the counuj. \Those in-control ot Ihe sduca. tlonal poller In our city.tsnd ««n In our state, seem lo be InocobHed and in sympstby wlib suet -jioU cles. The best possIWs svMeMa «l Oikl' Is • that when suy of tbsir agents \or-sraipsthlMrssrt glren s lltus Jolt br,tbs members ot .the Board of Educstlon; -whose sjrmps- tbl«s,Ar«:,i»JUi. lis pooBls. li. trs- mendoos bowl:««»« «p tbst tbs schools. St* ^ btlos. .cobtroUsd Tionnoa jsmo M jOMumi, unar. • puual oat.^ .-Msir intinoss' oC tbs oiiSsf^ nsthm- to' (It rtlMmirw: tSf .^lU. snd .ftewrrjam. b® lUted, an Isstane* l»>s Wiglfot In tbs r«srs gons-by.-to;jma4 s,wtf»olsBt«^ hn «I:S<ih^;-:to, tbs - snissrtlr . ^'towSifig tbs,j«eeisi«r ty , » s^ool \^iSiiM^'V\ ^ iftiiSis' -wlU'^ vole^t Ws ' • '\'Si tslUt-fl

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