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WEOKESPAV . AOCPgT 4. liaO I HE DAILY-: THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY «ti»faw Ho^si: Ijis rapldtr rMOTWliii. < •Km mcmfDSD , SamiU Wrtlht of Wer t iteMduBi l» TiritBie 3lr. ^ Jir. - i^Bl^toi-TBiaBitt at SW rtt—I. 'B. TflfflmriJ c f « T,fTtTHttin' nac. irttli 3t». Comra u tSri r doipaw!. «r » ipmdby their tst aoVm . ts tlia CsUkm M mmtjl m i -aBC •«» tern iwn^ anal , to tarn taw cm liml » atieec to b * «t «w t ma* «•»'=- , Cxilur& w faimr at i3S CiiesidB \and nUtirrs »£ tb e 'liar«ren t sunnwf r resort s to West- cbester. Williani H- DeHar t at Nort h ati-et . wh o Hu l>«ell »»elldliu: « 'moiEt&'B twcxOaa a t bi s taimm, IMS retanwd to TTiir m CItr. Mo, wher e h e has an appolatmen t wit h th « Xac k Aut o TrvA Ca JIrs- I/ewl s J. WrSlilt haj re- tnrae d t o her homft o n Ne w street afte r a Tiii t to reUllre s ta Hobo- hen . Sf. J. Hn. Burr Knta U of a Sinum- plaee. wh o imderweiit an oper- teSdbieaff: snsn' i* REinyBr - — - ^MPIRE THEATRR n)R aimNTi jt WZST KEW'BBIGBTOK ' aisa Tern Simmer s of PhUadel- pbi a Is th e ss«t of Sir. so d Sirs. Rober t 'Wsme r of DoBois sTeooe. Dr . an d Mrs. R . Irrhic Watkiss of Caoneeticiit wer e tlie Kttflets of friend s on th e Islan d fo r a fe w dSTs. Dr . 'WatJctns wa s formerl y pasto r or Trinltr M- E. C&arch. The boncalo w of 3Ir. an d Mrs. Wmiam Rnk ot Eliaheth street is npidl T Bearing campletloii. -w. T . Benin, th e lire ehlel a t Kielumnd . has letatne d Som e af - te r attendin s th e coasentio n of th e Fir e Chiefs' Asaoelation In Toron- to. Cuada. Mrs . W . T. Becti n ha* retnrne d t o he r residence on Britto n stree t afte r > Tlsit to Eeanaborc . N . 3. HI. an d MN . Bnch J- Campbell ot Bemen t arenn e ar e spading thei r Tacation in th e CatsiaU Monntains. 1TCOAY — IMAN AND.HIS WOMAN ' AOOE D ATTBACnON SCTC ; TOCSG BOFFAIX)i» OF THE TIMBEKLANTJS 1 OTHEW a TOaOMiaW nd FRIDAY-J. Parte tM. Jr, prssKtt s LOUISE GLAUM in •y C. Gardne r Sullivan, Dirwas d by Fre d Niblo s,™. an d arifsrin B tha t th e th e heritaB . of all B t Scren . Atts I s I E tha t rrtnes th e Soul of all women . X is the ar«s t U»ta««« . in th e fascinating Bams of Lifs. OTHERS P^^.^rlE YOUR WIFEf \The Haul of Fame\ SCPPlJES\AIii MATERIA!^ A MASON OR FLA.STERER REQtJIRES BUILDERS: NOTICE: We haTe a limited supply of 4x12x12 partition tfle and 8x12x12 hoUow waU tfle for sale. COAL AND Phon e P. R. 121 MASONS' MATERL\LS W . £D. CANNON SUFFRAGE WILL CUT A | COMMITTEES BUSY FIGURE LN PRUiARIEs' FOR SUSIMER FESm AL , , , procra m for both youn s Candidates for Toajor omce s Captur e Shar k in Shatie^', Shor t Beacli. Coaa, , A six-Tooi shark of the j variety wms caplured ^aAitr V'AOVAWC E {ttudiou.cly hav e a\o'.de«J ralsinp suffrage ra.tiflcaiion a s a campaign i isRue and it£ Influence is expected t t o be felt mainly in the thinee n and old. In th e afternoon s o l boUx day s pime s an d other altracUon s will keep th e kiddies busy. I n th e evt- ber e today afte r a sp. tie. Th e sbar k was hi^^J distance frt>m shore ia atoi? feet of -water. Three •with clam hooks, and a.| Traded out and a thrmini^e. e r ensued. Bathing bett vm decided slump followizic t^. tor e of the s e axnonster. BEkCHMOGUL SAILS ABROAD STAPLKTO.N 3C]as Lorett a HsTnlis of Vsn Ouxer street is Tlsltine relatlrea at Far Rocicaway. Dr . an d Mrs . George Mord of Ba y street left yesterday t o spend thei r Tsoation tonria g annmd th e Grea t Lsltes. Miss Bos e O'Brie n o t Jroad stree t U spending a month' s Tsca- tion Tlsiting sdjaeen t spots of in- terest. Jsmes Brow n of Water sfreet . wh o wa s 111 fo r serera l weehs. Is sbl s t o b e abon t again. . Mr . an d Mrs . J. Cowa n hare oc- cupied thei r ne w resident Cent™ street. Alfre d ](artl n o t Broad stmt is spending tw o weeks' tacatio n th e AdirondadL Motmtaina. Sergean t Ueber s i s acting iien- tenan t of th e 6Sth precinct, dnrin g Lieut. lia n Driseoil's Tacstion. J. A. Matthews and Wife Win T OOT Europe and Reside in Paris |'M-\N AND Hfs WO.MAN' ' FEATURE AT EMPIRE Woma n is liie giory .ot luan. Fro m hl3 mu l she spina the heart etrtni a ot his lite an d weave s the m into th e fabric ol his totnre, \Man and His Womat.- starrinE Herber t KawUnson st th e Empir e Theatr e - mCHMOND THEATRE \ ^^ Mm^iBsa THE THE MOUS E OF SUPREKE PtCTy»E» rasr«ro». s . s- r- — TOHAV— GLADYS BROCKWELL in \THE WHITE LIE\ PATHE PICTORIAI From tlie novel by Charles Reade COMEDY TOMOBROW an d FRI^t - -nTCT A WIFE\ A Gemnne Broadw^ Uapted from the play by EUGENE WALTER X Poweifnl Fhotodraro OTHER SCREEN ATTRACTIONS XEXr WEEK „ . „ Monday and Toesday-Tom Mix ^^ TOTTKNVILIJE Joh n B. Wood o t BaOer aTenne ia TisiOng his grandso n at Pitts- burgh. Pa . Owen WssBon of Caddo. Texas , wh o brough t bi s family her e by aut o tw o weeks ago, to Tisit Mrs. Wasson's si.«er. Mrs. Harr y Mc- Conneii. started for hom e yester- day momitig. H e expects to mak e th e trip in abont fou r days- Mr, an a Mrs. Harr y Brow n of Jerse y City ar e spending a week in TottenTille. ReT. Oscar L. Joieph . pasto r ot Bethel M. E . Cburcli. la navmg a vacation durin g th e mont h of Au- gust. Mrs- David J . Williams and tw o jona hav e returned afte r a isuy ot six wpeks a t Lemont, Pa., where she visited Mr. WilltamB' fathe r Jl A. Matthew, wh o for th e past te n year s ha s played an import- an t par t in th e realty market , sailed wit h hi s wif e fo r Franc e Saturday . Mr. an d Mrs. Matthew s contemplate tourin g Europ e an d late r wiU resid e in Paris . The y have planned t o retur n to America ti:.it June . T o Mr. Matthews belcngs th e credit *Jf selling th e Bams estate which wa s divided into buUdlng lots, and tha t trac t of land wes t of Midland Beach an d nort h of Ldn- coin aveuue, in ail comprising mor e tiian a square mile. Th e -Patron Saint.~ a s Mr, Matthews wa s know n to th e children, gave a farewell party to hi s little frtends recently. insu.. ,— - Keep tn e siuuje s ijuaj . •\ - — - t o b e fel t maini y in th e thirteen , ^^^^^ attractions ot all kind s tor leBlslatlTe contests scheduled for'y,^ older folks, including dancing, dectoion In special elections to ^ music for which will be fur- fill vacancies- SuITiace worijets j j^y jj,^ orchestra s of Profes- hav e been bending every enorl in Corcoran and Carry , the last lew week s to Bll the va- j platform is in th e course r^ncies with advocates of imme-j^j( construction on th e lawn and diat e raiittcalion. Thei r eEorlB; ^^ommodate over COO people, were redoubled when a poll ot leg- ^uue a smaller platform tha t wUi islators sliowed nearly th e reQUis- ite majority to pa t ove r ratiflM- ticn. ' _ Chief interest in the primaries wa s centered in th e race between today, show s ho w TWO wome n I Governor Kpherts fo r reelectio n wove th e life fabric ot,a man. U and W . R. Cjnitre e Bol i ttw tells th e stor y of one man' s love raUScaUon. though Rohen s oppo- for tw o wome n and th e dlBerence nent s charge him wit h havin g de- between th e love of each woma n layed caUIng th e special session, fo r th e man . One's love was sel- MUitc a. 1 acixmmodat e 100 will be erected for th e Iris h dancing an d Jigging. The grounds will b e illuminated with large electric colored lights an d decorations of various designs, j whil e the'different stands an d tent s will be arraye d with lights an d banting. ' Knichts on Vficatita Joh n J . Hayes of St. • place, Xew BriKhton. Dijli^j uty, and Michael Kenny (( g avenue. Por t Fliclimona, < of th e Staten Island Knight s of Columbus, aret..,^ their holidays at N'ewptKt,lt^ fish an d th e other's wa s eacriScial. One woma n took all—ihe other gave all. One woman' s love wa s destmcUve : th e other's construc- tive. May acAvoy pUy s th e par t of th e good woman , an d Eulalie Jense n th e wea k woman . D. OP L VILLAGE SMUtCK. pvti: i^RDON , , \i I : nv rtinx^\ . . U.Vll. JACK' ^tH And Other s TG'. -- = WiLLLVJI RUSSELL i n -LEAVE IT TO ME\ TjbJlct JesM r Comedy And a Priim a ^SAIM COHEN m^ 106 CANAL STRKET STAPLBTON an d Ban,-, -d.- „», Carriag-. toCarta an d S-mies: t^ WUIRA __ FIBRE ROCKERS, P a .«-E -pric- Flata Mete r Deliveri M NEW BRIGHTON Magistrate Croak of the CasUc- ton Apartments is enioying a month' s rest fro m his judicial du- ties. 1 Dr. H. A. CAi g of Central ave. nue ha s assumed charge of th e Medical Examiner' s office, durin g th e absence of Dr. George Mord. Edwar d Fredericks ot Tyson street baa returned hom e afte r a week's stay with hi s grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. T. O'Brien. Umis Fredericks of Tyson street wh o wa s ill fo r several days, is rapidly cenvalescing TOMPKIXSVILLE Mr. and Mrs. Fre d Englan d (th e third ) o t 65 Va n Duzer street ar e receiving congratulations over th e arrival ot a baby girl. Grand fathe r Englan d ot Stapleton 'busy entertaittiag friend s in cele- hration of his fiist grandchild. IX».N(:AN HILLS M.*,. E:ia J l . Ho.Jia m of 1610 iL.chmond road, one of the dele- gates to th e Saratog a Democratic ccn.entlo n from the Founh Ward , lias been unable to attend on ac- count of th e Uiness of he r mother. PLEASANT PLAINS Winia m Maltbes. of Wes t Brigh . ton ha s been vialting here, Fran k SaUivan haa returaf d hom e fro m the Memorial Hoeplta>. Emil Trimpfn. superintenden t of th e Princ e Bay postal .tatlon . ba a been a t Newport. CASTLETON CORNERS Mr , an d Mra, Cbarls a H . Dickin- 'uau and Doris Dickinson ot 125 Drak e avenue, ar e spending a few weeks a t Ashury Park- timmfm nnm-m SEA FOODS Special ItaEaa Kdm — < -Walk FORT WADSWOKTH MI M Ros e Meighan of 2® Lyma n avenM ba a been able t o retur n t o he r dutie s i n th e Departmen t of Health, afte r tw o weeks' mness . DONGAN HttXS, Miss Ell a A. Hsliba n o t ](ia Richmon d reed, wh o wa s nomiaal- ed t o go t o Saratog a cimvsntloo, win be anahla t o atten d on acconnt o t he r mothe r bdng ill. KOtPAKK Arrbi e Frfton . <3erk t o th e Medi- cal Examllxir. Is enjoying thre e wieks\ Tacation. •I'KkankaGfcsr Haa.Claa « Call OBwba. Neb. Aug. I -5 Eddie Rickeobaeher. faawo a Afcertean •yin g ac«. narrowl y eacaped serl- oua injur y her e tod* wbe o a plan e ia wblcH h e wa a a paeaewer daA- e d lat a aa d demolidie d a small fran hai». T1» plan wa a oo« • fthe thre e aJUaetal plaM o owne d b y iabm VtnKB of New York , which an WaslBS am aerial mai l raoto tiwa NeirTort l o San Fta» dm JIo»w \ Woodland .Beach Notes Mrs. Gran t and he r daughters. Eta an d Ruth , is visiting he r son a t Por t Washington, L, I., wher e the Misses Gran t will remai n on their vacation tor the next two weeks. ^ Misses Reime r an d Purcell of Tent h street hav e returned fro m Lak e Bomasine. Tt, wher e they enjoyed a fortnight's vacation. Mrs. P. urcell ha s recently re- turne d fro m Pocono Mountains. •Pa, afte r a visit to he r relatives. Jo e Evan s of Jerse y City spends his week-ends a t the -Annex\ , Woodland Beach. Miss Elsie Hyat t and he r fi.mcee, Harr y Gandia. motored to Whit e Rock. Sullivan County- wher e they spent Saturda y and Sunda y visit- ing friends. Th e Tacom a Social Club and guests enjoyed Saturda y and Su n da y a t Sullivan County, .X. T . Sa m Chase and Fran k Davis, w.ho have been vacationing a t Woodland, retur n to thei r respec- tive businesses Wednesday, George Munc e ot Greenville, J. C, paddled fro m Ne w Dorp t o Woodland Sunday . Mrs. Lo u Elde r of ;3 » Sixt h street celebrated, he r birthda y Sat- urday . Misa Sally Moorehead of Brook- lyn plans to spend th e foUowing two weeks a t Woodland Beach. Mrs. Navin an d he r daughter, Jean, -who for a numbe r of year s were campers of Woodland, visited Mrs. Snyder Thursday , Bill Navin, formerly ot Cam p \Knav e Inn \ la t o h e marrie d A n gus t II. Mr. and Mrs. Pet e Jahn and Miss I .Jennie Jah n of Ne w Tor k wer e • the gues u o t thei r mothe r Sun- ' day. Miss Jessie Berse y ot Ocean Breeze spent Sunda y with he r trends of Woodland Beach. Mrs. WlllU m L . Sherr y enter- tained ' Mrs. Willia m Crowe and, Mrs. Norma n Senno t Saturday . | Mr. an d Mrs. Norma n Senno t | and famil y ar e occupying -Cam p Jea n and Jack \ on FitU avenu e this season. Mrs. Esse x of Brookly n win oc- cupy he r summe r cotuge o n Lex* ington avenn e Angai t tenth . Mr. an d Mrs . Langstro m en- gaged a ten t on Lexington avenu e fo r th e summer . Mr . and Mrs, Engan e Crime s an d famil y have take n a bungalo w on Firs t street tor th e tnont h ot Au- gtut . The -Myrocks \ o t Seventh stree t decisively beat th e -Woodlanders \ In a rathe r Interesting hall gam e Sunda y a t th e oval ot th e Utte r teai^ The Dual score -was 14 to «. A retur n gam e If acUednled to r th e nea r future . •g t VfSAt 4a i aw«»» - tlie-second annual block, party and village sale unde r the auspices of I Court Genevieve, No, 87, National GLADYS BROCKWELL orde r of th e Daughter s of Isabella. IN 'WHITE LIES' Th e proceeds of th e .iTair will be Wha t U; described a s a power- used fo r th e sole panose of ^v- m^Ly. -Whit e Ues, \ starrin g tag relief t o unfortunat e famil.e . Sadjl Brockwell, w,,i open at th e during th e coming Schmoml Theatr e today. Tlte commltlee Mort- U based on th e novel by those who desire to help a good \ Picturing the kee n caus e .0 be with Court Genevieve si^etSg anu sacrifice which fol- on Saturda y nlBht, Ausu.,t 7 'r«- deceit and lies, it is said that Ur stree t between this th e strongest production in tleton avenues. Wes t Ne w Bri„h- IwchMUis Broc'iwell ha s starred, ton. if th e night is Btormy the Th e cas t .nclndes William Scott, party-will be postponed to th e first Josephine Crowell, Evan s Kirk. ] clear night afte r Sunday. Liquor Permita Exceed DrooaisU Newark. N. J.. Aug. 3.— Permits tor wholesale liquor dealer s In New Jerse y exceed th e numbe r of SALE SATURDAY drusgist s aathoriie d t o purchase I from «uch dealers. Prohibition Preparation s ar e unde r wa y for i ^.^^njjjjjiioner Krame r declared in ; -,.,... 1 ,f„er received today by Georse i a irir^i ........ rf — W . Va n Note, asking him to shu t down on such 'permits . Krame r ordered Van Note to Invectigaie the business being done by pres . ent irf'rmit holders. JOsepuiu e - Violet Schram , Charles K. French . Hos-ard Scot t and Lule Warren- JOD. ea r lui^i i Tw o l3ands hav e been engaged so tha t there will be continuous dancing; man y spectel feature s ar e being planned for th e amus^ men t ot th e guests. Mrs. Fran k E . Wai l is chairma n of th e commit Euchre Tonight Mary Todd Lincoln Tent . No. 42. , - - D^we.^ of veterans , wUl hold a tee ot a rrangements , euchr e this evening InStarinHose' Hall. Taylor street. Wes t Ne w Brighton. REALT Y NOTE S Cornelius G. Kolff ha s KOlJ tor Minnie K. Young of Manhatta n th e private dwelling, 23 Farvie w ave- nue. Hamilto n Park . New Brigh- ton, to th e Misses Edward s an d Holcomh. also of Manhattan , wh o will take possession at th e expira- tion of th e existini^ lease. Security Value Confidence: s^iiie Sporting iSector— BY TE N FU\T . .(John Drebinger, Jr.) THE DOUB1.ES TOURNE Y ON AUCUST 14 -j^nnouncemcnt^ha^ been made b y the ummament committee ol gi^ieii'Island-Tenni s Leafiue that entries at e beinc teceivwl for Ihf - stnte n IslM d doubles champitmShip tourney whirh will *on \UEUSI n •he Cillton 'Tftmls Club. Th e cnlrles arc bcmit' aEl ed hy Kennedy Randall, ot I M Towntra d avenue. Stapleioii. «nil ^\dosiiis hou r fo r acceplinc Ihem will be at 9 p. m. Ausust 13. '-^^As vras the ca«e last the tournament committee plans to nlete the tourney over two week-ends. Starling on Saturday. Au- wml\^^ ^^ coniinueil on the nest day, Ttien, unless Ihe ficlti '^^tarters 'o® \ '' i^al all roaild« up to and includ- seml-annl round wiU be completed on Saturday. .August 51. Sunday, Augus t 22, the fltval round will be staged. Play will and on SUnuaj, - — •'Sri n on oich.o f .lhe fou r days at 3 p. m. Th e tournamen t la open to all members of all Suten Island clubs, an y resident of Staten Island. The entry fee ii placed three doUars a team . ^Imt this season's doobles tourney will surpass in interest, en. jliusiasm and calibre of competiUon anj thing cver_»een in local com. j^tUlve tennis practically - ' S.\YS CHARLIE SHOULD NEVER H-i^VE JLMIRIED -We ju«t didn't set along WC H ,\ Mrs. Mildred Harri s Chaplin ex plained today in he r contmeut TO tfie suit for divorce filed in Lo s .ungeles against her hufehand Charies, .._ •Ther e wa s no particula r fa m ilv trouble.- ah esaid. \He is ^ ' artist an d naturally erratic. H e is nervou s and irritable and is no t on e of. th e sort of me n wh o should marry. \ Th e store of complete furnitur e aenrico— Heniy A. Sieglc & Co. mumi EXCHANGE SEUUlNQ XN D BUVlNO l CARPETS and RUGS OILCLOTHS ' FURNTTURE Bargalna alwaya on hand C81 and S97 Bay Street Stapletoa Phon e 2a7 Tomp . ROYAL H. JEWELER 25 Richmond Port Richm Immediate EDYTt 111 Jewet t t Phone P. B.^ DIRECTOI AJtOBITMOTB DBUOB lacamox .a™ I lUehmOBd. 684. CuUet m Aw. KEEPYOURaOTHESDll GOOD conmoi Salt cleaned an4 Trmera prme« • OK dry cleaned •IJ® Royal Tailoring Co. Claanlm. Dyelna and Bepal-l\\ of all deaortptloM aoobs CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED, a RICHMOND AVE. PORT RICHMOND KOUIN, Mir. Tslsohene tMZ P. R. A-VTOMOaiLM* I oooxA aToaao* oATiKm * 1 TOB MM—DAT O* 3aO*T-f)*l ^ ! land »ttw» Umonslnes, toorias Awxnros •^egeeiFTlOX B OATiT.»P rnxiriTVBM DismrCTm PHICKS, trtmau* te order; fcalr mattrwee : atoo toTBH'S* .22^ Cel^BM* MMRWTMM I kia<U any tlm»i Ulduaaod, 1 — Cmrr y naa .SSSl, p «t iMCDmona, v. ssf^esr^t^ssa..' fjsttfi ask. o 1 r X SHOCKS. BlCTOlXa rmr JAMXI lac or ie-TO« local exprcaa. ' lOBS^e Fart K— Fare* P U Pert. I I ale\\*\' - S!Si«? bom. that eanrm Releaa e Alleae d Draf t Evade r lUrtford , Conn.. Aug. »,—Ed- ward W , Merrill ot 5«8 Brewste r street, Bridgeport, arreste d heH yesterda y and lield as a drat t evader, wa a released today after It wa s foun d tha t Merrill ha d re. aposded t o th e ca n for men . bad been acwpled fo r th e arm y In Bridgeport an d ha d bee * rejecte d afte r bein g sen t t o camp , aa ment - an y rant. MerriB'a aceoto u of bi s enlMment and ttrrxt a s given t o th e aothortiiea her e le<l lo tha In-1 Teatigalion of h U cue. Llpton t o stay a While sir Tbamas Uptos canceUed his, reservation on the Whit e Sta^ liner Olymp k which wa s to sail* tor England today . H e declared h e woold probably leave on he r next laaaace . atte r a visit .to Cana- da. Th e English yaeitsma n aa d kl a part y wer e givea a farewell is Ceotra l Part tv waaWpal n®\ l l \ The Advance Press \The BtUa Prinlthop\ \ offers its services i n the preparatioB of booklets and pamphlets. S Letterh^ds and other buiiiness statioiiery nf qnaUty. fl First class wwkmR ship in »n we produce. » Send for oor represen- tative or\ telephone Potp- EitAmond 1102. Tl»e Advance Pirew IM. 1267 Castle ton Ave. Wot N«r BriUhton j.Ais*-aorru»—t.adW a~ l Oai Part. 8. L bkaOTT mmn eiala laa t nlckt . it. OLXBS. JKWJtl^ltB KANOS a KXFTET I _ VAUno brr. wllh the Wir-* ITan BJcbn* rjLnmxiaj^ CONSTSt^OTlCH KKTAnixo or nxn.wATonul deeaa aad Jewvliy a SP;;^: elm i SPMial caz« br eeBtnct SMvlee; S BC Ics oM for and drilveretU A. oStTinSCutlMea An^ tT.>t SRLGH- P.K Rlehnaed. MM. Atx Ku(i>s or ooHCBara cow. •TI^CTIO X (.fj^'-'t'^t^\- fSl I Ckait a at. - uiWTSita.. lUVmMtMM wSU a M beoi*. weak te i BaacM ftaead V a r LAUNDRY nuotfisix^ fiS- I-VM'] goes The presen t Bea- tremendons- in- in activity i S^ubs, and th e most interesllng tatute of all is that numerous d^S are reporting t o hav e in Ihelr tennis ^ttoou t saying- ^ lias see n I activit y amon p the vari to journey all the -ray lo l^nc Branch to see t^ u of their leadipi; •battlers RO to IL However, that Is the iray things are at the pr<-»- cnt, and ll'« off for Um g Branch for all thoeo -rho desire to see Bniy Murphy and Willie Curry eeveral J\\ „„n,l o again in the same riti, tbl . Smld maki It decidedly interest jrib tiie coming dottbies tourney Sfd the alnsfes tourney, which is • S follow on Labo r Day. Indeed, Wm this it would not bo surpris- i' ,0 see the tisual local crop of jMlists. including the champion^ iTcawe e and Ke n Fisher, hard pot t o it to petaih their laurels. Tie recent inter-club tennis ujuniey which was won by the WfSterleiBh Tenni s Club , for the ilret time, th e latter vanquishing Se Staten island Cricket dub leatn in the final round, ha s helped to put all th e local players in ^pc, which mean s that there will t o some pretty good tcnnia on tap when the local racque t wielders tet uoinp on th e fas t day courts ot the cmtot i Tenni s Club. This doithlcs tourney, iricldenlal. Jy has becoroe on e or tn e most wpular lorms of local competlUve •ilw. which in itself insures the success of th e comii.s toiirhament. The tournament waa put on a year no for the fltsl time in answer to s popular deman d from local ten- nis enthusiasts, and its popularity .was eetabilshed fro m the iirst. -THE MURPHY-CUHBY BA-fTLE Hiere ai e fitrange. times, inde^. Vhm Staten IslM d flght tans have Friday night. Despite the di.stance, lioirever. the trip should make a rather pioasant excursion, and for one thing, local , fans need hardly he told that they will, see a regular fight, nierc ia always a genuine battle on wheii these two local rivals hook up. Murpliy, to be sure, has gminefl a couple ol i»op. ular decifiions over Cuny , but no one can say that Curry iras not in there fiEhting for all he wa s worth from gong lo ROns. For some lime past Curry lias been keeping rather qulel, lie ha i been llRhting, however, rifht alons out-of-town clubs and who knows but ^-hat ho has tot some- thing up his sleeve whereby he hopes to square acconnta with his great lillle rival. William ihe Jled. for Murphy, the foiiowinc oushl lo tell cieariy how this Breat lim e Staten Island battler \lakes\ wilh the crowds In various parts of the country. Here is a clIppinB from th e Montreal nail j Sta r di.'- Kc'ribins his fieht in Uiat rlly the other evening wilh Voang Ix-wis: \Does anybody hero know .MUI- PM-' , - His (lalr is red and hli^eye^ are -inniimi.*) ! Oianl* M'U tin m <hrn«< M>a«aK >&» 10 ).;>Tifc Mctma^SC l>own~ •lundi h«m FOR RENT^ - (SRANII I^EW • liiit . TYPEWRITER^ •ftli \a4 . word fi StiinBth. puraWlty , .VUlklily i vanlence, EaM.an d ftpiM. •n^aikTw^Wl' S: t . Addreffitejc Co. 100 Riihir rBTERtNE iilD^^EL C Rphber Stopper^ CrowM, hxxxxx^ • - • - - wmmm Td. msnim^ I Af.oiir i pmxm BY , p.''- Onai Ifvl

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