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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, July 09, 1920, Image 6

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VOnK. WEDKESbA^^ Vl!^, TH E DAIL Y ADVANC E I THE BAILY ADVANCE Is*' B li Ws aL Safe Bet •rat ae man w&o to never l)e«i late to wo* has never neen - Jate to snwer—who^ BOTT had. « \ffconch m \HABI^-DAVIDSOIi MOIOBCTCLE The trip to »nd ftom the o£5te m sfiop. is a r^ f —^lUn* that takes a smile and snndioie int o hia home . rnmmum icamliftMei from PBg« »•) IcwamuKvae licmto =t Codow tsen Suhcd the eonti»ct. -WiT ^ a»»l. talk fl*\!\* a«niT« Kamni ^ „ _ Tbel t«l»ed «!•« fl^t Tnider the Coctt -n e con- in^U D«»mp« -\\tld ell .o f the boot will -rated to loiaw- r -BecMM Cirpentier -»o» t ce ^^ ^Itl. Wm. ni be . _ TIAt VOQ. jFraac®. He say* he September 14. .inDUml NAXroXAI. tEAGDB - v» t- fJS. w t. PXl Cinti 39 29 J74:CIii<;. 3S3BJ14 Bklyn 41 11569 Bo^n 29 33.4«a Piva. 3S 31JIS KL Y. 33 39i4M 8t U 33 36 .514 ,Pllil«. 27 43.3» wHI renirn WATCHING THE SCOKEBOAKD Te-rtertay -s hero—TwomW^ Cub gardener hit « homer «» Toner la the «tith with two oa aod save I^rty Tyler an\ 8 to 5 Tlctory OTer the Giants. .JOS. KHXEMEYEK mx mclnmmd TomptlM ' UMOI -EUKVII-LE Ptan W. B.«10 We hare Meyde s too. GAMES TO-DAY PhUadelphia at Pittrtmrjh New Vork at ChicafiO Brooklyn a t St. t-OVia (2) Boaton at Cincinnati Dance tonight at Midland' A B!«aar and ha m dance » m he held at the Midland Bsach Casino; „„de r the ampices oI the J^adies' i AaxlHi.r,- ot the Mi.dlan- Beach, A3IER1CAN LEAGUE w i: PX. w u P.c Cieve 48 25 .658 Boston 34 36 .486 N. y . 49 27.6« St. L. inrrwHu ' 3J01 the hatUei- \\ Keania «hcmle<t Tbe Prenthme n coaldnt find words tor their wrath. M - There ia one lingerioR nij oI •nope for the De=np.ey-CarpenU«- IfTt, Keam, and«- ao con^ '^ns win he so to London to flght liTFtenrflman. There Is ^^ then that »|pme kise the mtht in America wl«> . Cochrane aa a partner. ^ (-.rr^ntier leaves tomorrow tor •ty .i/.ot.. ... ^ 'a 1 to '1 victory. Ch.cf 45 28.616 .Detroit ih. 36 32 .529 ;Phita. 20 57 .260 SAMPLE dresses $5.98 Wondeiitil assortment of finest voiles i n the iiew- est styles and colorings _a inantifactarer's en- tire stock to be closed oat at below cost to maker; all sixes; come early for clioice. amsm waists a t less than cost of cotton waists, to close oat at $4.00 35 38.479 Fewrter-a error in the ninth Inn- ing gave the Tieern a 4 to I wm over the Vanto and shoved H obs men cut of first place Speaker's Indians went hack into the lead by taking a donWe header from the Senators at 4 tu - ana 9 to 6. The White Sox and the Athletics both halted around In the ninth intii,!!! and scored five runs ai «ece but the So* •won. S VJ nahe Adam., shut out \the Phils i and trori'd the ran that guve hltn | . Ump s koie\ Clothe . \ When Umpires BSly George Hiia.biand retur^ d to their drwsin s room atter the Ya^- kce.Tlser game yesterday they tonnd an their ciathes. m^^d Aaxtlliirj- oi build-! valuables—wbrth about J900—gone the benellt ot the buiia , The thieves made a There will be booths ot: \\ 1 various kinds, music and dancing- games to-day [>etroU at New York Cleveland a f Waihlnjton Chicago at Philadelphia St. t-CMia at Boatcn Bachelors vs. Benedicts A haisrbaii came httw.'cn th- murried :,nd single i.Hn of ll>' rkinrun Hilte Club w.:i b. -,!;ige< tills Sunday at the'c.lul.'J ip.iar-d near the IKjagan Iinii? .-.tst'o.n. I I'rhan ShocKcr Klankoir Ihe Rod ; ; Sox aad helped win his own game. i „ 0, Vitlt a double aud l»io,. ' - iIBles. ' The Drnlser. L-k-d at t\Ur ^ Brar.ch Birkcy-s pitchers and lik.^ them all. heating the Cards. U to -. ^ Y -PHONE ;^VEST BRIGHTON 27 7 for the most scien- tific and dependable preservins jars, jjjly glass^. bags, rings, kettles, etc.,\ al lower than Man- hattan prices. We now have what you need for Shrggers Win Two The Concord SlURW-s defeated the O jsoo J s by a \f '' They a! \ ' delentv-fl liie TJongan Ilillj liy a wfr e ot 9 lo U . Stilt Measuring Yachts^ •\lt::.'.nrtnicnts oI Re.iolute and Shamrock IV. necessary to deter- mn.e how nn.ch ot a. time ban. .cap the r.iplon challenger will have to give th® defender In the America rnu rac<!S starUng -Inly 15. will aot be cunspleted before night- Two aavs have already been spent on , the ta^k.^ It is thought that the two 1 contestants may h e ahle i.. leave the dry dock tomorrow. Gr«t redaction „„_ Dresses, Sta^ Coats. Sirits. Hosieir . Corset-H. Underwear, etc. Don t Waate Time. Don't Worry About Getting OFnCE SUPPLIES Do teJephone 1831 W. B. and have your waJits billed. W e deliver the good*. ••Everything for the office StanilanlOffiGeSEfflCisCo. 1 -Phone Wes t Brighton 1831 2088 RICHMOND TERRACE PORT RICHMOND Yankee AUjletci \Win London. July 3 —On the heeLs of the vlctorv In the Witnbledon ten- -lis championships, thn American | colony here had additional ground. . fcr celebrating today over Prlnce- I ion'.i victory ye.sterday In her dual ira' k mt<!t with Oiftird. , The American collegians linl.?hed iirst' In six Out of the ten events. wJnning the 100-yd. dash, the 120- vd. hurdles, high Jump, shot pnt. hammer throw and broad jump. The British star.-\ won the\ quarter. Ihe half, the mile and the three- mile event.\. Qltji^lbitti an Sirhmnnl. Antnur. fiirljmnnl. i Fir e destroyed onr entire stock and the bailding at| 'Richmond ;=rrace. We are MW siting anew a 90 Eichmond Avenu e (a few doors from the Palac Theatre) a convenient location for our former tome,^ and we invite all other s to give us an opK| portunity to ser^ e them. Our prices are al^^^\ low, and wfe give you careful pereonal atteri • tion. Our new stock includes: Important to Rem$ Yardd goodss off everyy Sport skirts, including? Yar good o ever Kumsi Kumsa Silk, alj description. • very low prices. , Full line of dress- Jlillinery supplies making supplies. / trimmed hats. —that \an ounce of preven- tion i s wort h a pound of cure —order now tw o tarce boWe s of TOXICRUM, the best known remedy for ivy an d shuma c poisoning, ctc.,^15c a bottle: keep one at home, take, one away wit h you. —that a Kodak wiU prese^e the joys an d happy memories of the summer; w'c have,a complete stock of ko^?^ cameras, fdms ^.and suppllM. bring us your filT^ if you »vant highest grade work at lowest pnccs. —that to protect your skin and give greater comfort we have surpcrior creams, pow- ders, talcums, perfumes, s-nc- hets, toilet and manicure ac- cessories. —that care durlw days—McCniw soap, bottlc!!, nin^ pendablc.. ; -that promptly Dt i of the finest ill Shaw, Huylcts, Brighton -that delivers fnMi ly; —tw o pi^m iraya In Alteration Free ot Charge 'Phone Wes t Brighto n 585 McCRUM'S PHARM -Th e Better Drug Store for Battar H^ 1051 CASTLETON AVE. WEST ^Rl order early to avoid diaappointment. Materia), are .iant e and shipments are uncertain. TIIONE WEST BRIGHTON 277 HUNSDORFER BROS. GARDEN TOOLS — HARDWARE —' OIL S y Cor. Jewett and Fores t Aves., • West Brighton, S. L • ^ BAYONNE TALKING; machine CO. 5,2-5,'4 BROADWAY. ^ BAYONNE. M. IVt. ISrfl amr S «th TELEPHON E Bayenne 934 Opp. W. B. Pciat Otnca 1191 Castleton Avenue, West Brighton Every Good House= We Cam Regular and Extra Sizes open ev^nST^d we d^cl^ RISKIN'S 421 B'mzy, Bayonne, N. J. Reduction 35 to 50 Per cent Cool Beautiful Dresses SITMMER DRESSES tor women and misses, im- ported voiles. Georgettes foahird.4, taffeta, satin, tn- cotine, serges, in aU colors an d ^es. SLTTS ot quality and distinction for ladies and men. CO.\TS in aH shades and colors for ^ipKnen and misses. \oi^ A CHARGE ACCOLTJT Bo s passes door^et off at 19th St —whether she does he r own work, or can afford l o hir e other s to do it—real- ises that in order to get the most out of life and to make her income go far- thest, it is he r duty to learn the most ciricicnt an d most economical methods of handling the many ami varied hom e routine taslai. For vpur convenience, w e remain open every evening sive >;ot.r ^^ IMng see reveltitions in 1920 Household Sl^hinery, that sense h e is sure, to b e Don t fail t o bring him, because of his mechanical mtuition and keen miMness interested. Telephone and Mail Ordec Promptly Filled COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS The New 88 Note ADVANCE JULl^ WOJIBk« \d MISSES- dresses. Was h Dres^ Silk VoBhs, CW ^ Geweette. TiOTetij 4 woMrats sKnrrs, itor«i»t s»- Un^KoniKaaBaSiSi. WOMEN'S SUITS COATS— GIKLS- aad BOVS\ CLOTHING — jOtVS stns wmi tOPCOATS- atrigUfriccs il^ht tcc^B Electnc Washing Machine , (with swinging wringer ) THOR Electric Ironer .m t™, „rf.«t, S5ml. ir ™<i~ I.»B1- .Sort, ~ —ini-t\! \rf.-\?: to operate. • . • . . . an d w e will te n you more abeat 'Phone West Brighton 1098 this wonderfu l labor saver . A ^ ^ Puts either the Thor Electric Washer o r Thor Iroaer ^XU in yoor home, tafanee a.s you wooH pa y laundress. \SCHUBERT\^ f . • - Player Piano $550 . AND \SOU HAVE TWO WHOLE YEARS TO'PAT Bayonne Talking Machin e Co. stands i behind these Wondferrnl ptetTcir tteBo \WrtH-S ten yea r guarantee. This fact, plira the i aHy low iirice put ui»n them, win sin-a y haust our Slijpply j^pidly. wisi faiflk wif waiti ' . ' ^ I,- And included at this price is i beaftllfifl liMMaa to match th« attractive cas e o( the pta^ »»| worth of music rolls, service for one year aiB®^ deUvery to y<«c home. it yon cannot call HAlL coupon below. < r--------COUFOII—--- ] BAyONNE TALKING MACHINE .512-514 Broadway Bayonne , N. J.,; . Kindly scad me partkrfaM^rf I Fi'iiMTrni: vou cax kk i-iioi'd i>y at riiicRS^tyB rumllur c l>rk-™ lun e ailvnnenl only i-llglillr In^ootainj jW, fact, Ihrrc arc Imnditalp (il arllclcs in iiiir Tlirrt^ Ntn^ n . bcfori- llie vvar. Don't pnl nit huiln g ncnln j IIOM^ IircK'lnn that iiricw alv! nbnomially Iilgli. A vWV Viyw to tJir rontniry. SIrrrliandIsp nooRlit No w Will n o IlrW Itt^pa All Oooda MasksA la Flats ngiiraa—». Four-Piece Bedroom Suite. Adam ^lod. In conslatlng of Dre-er. awr. <»v.r<«l with, geaula. irown Spaalah laaUair, ib i'mxla-.l».YootfOow»m o.st \Ra^Mwlon TahieVwu L'Jilx ciWlr., «ovar«l wtW IrttaUaa llr<mn'8prtlla capiat , .^...i,-,-. I Player Pianos. 1 SlAMK —- \ ADbmsss. —— TT 'J^- OUTFITTER a W. STEPHENS, Statcn Island BnMldyn|1N«t^tH; ' , 129 RichmoncI Avenue » iwl) Pirt^lfc^^ .•.-••mint MHW JBdmnl VE3 g? ® 5 a B -T^'TrtiiilMiiii

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