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^iirattre >A5e|» OF STATEW ISLANO l^ties and tnme Thete i-no necessary conn^on tft^ , crime, but certam P®Pl« ^ b^^Swia one of th« two some tnn^ tod : aS^^t to become connected witt the ^^JoTstaten Island, for example we l^thi^-^Scte of certain district lead^s with the courts of jnsfare S^S their poUtical in^^ce ® an effort ; to .Se ffieir particular friends to escape ( of action cannot ! W contenned; i t discourage the criminals they My ^ be let off because of the ^^.nome third-rate poUtician; i t is rank I g^fe Moreover, and ^tirely \nto^- -«d^^^rai-Vmerican; i t is not m the mter- Ss^ ^^rin the -terests of a^- ' those who are exploiting;^ ! S^'^of^ cwn benefit It must be recent Anson case we \n^e^d trict leader is enabled to interfere wiA the S^rfj^ostice. Wewinhrformafewof S^senUanen unofficially that we ^ a<> i^lld with them: that the fact ttat a to^ with a Hackjack, for inst^, has a fri^ with pun should not ei^le hiin to use the blackjack indiscrin^ately; md on SI next occasion that we hear of p^to^ influence being used in this way we proimse ^Soever is concerned that we publ^ the entire facts m the matter and let tte ™M c know what manner of coi^d ftey haw in control of the petty pobtics of this borough. Expenditures in the Coming Cami^gn ^mical candidates can learn a lot about thr^Sat game of poUtics, bv studymg toe ^^ITSmSL for the Repubhcan Preaden- has been claimed that as m^ a^^.obo,000 is expected to te spent bv ^ P^es and candidates ttis fall, the Srt7 SSgers should call a halt on suA ^dSS?costing about four to SrtTdoW it you can s^ ^;here a big share newspa^rs reSies more people for \ ^t^h\ -torofhTHnTpSn-oS mmms ination. ^j^Ell WtAWP, HEW VOWK. Batlg Vxvxm By OLD ADTASCK MPOKTEB. Twenty-five Tears Ago Simuel I- Roomc. M.D, and Miss LydiA Egbert Slmonson were mar- ried. twenty-nve rears ago jester- day »t the home of the brides parents In Stapleton. The cere- ly was performed by Rev. \W it- bar Flske Wood. the Daily Wants g| STATEN ISLAND I.IST Tiocr. CARS ^^ AVe have oa bsail at {tririMflit lor ny 1 KorJ dclivw- 1 Ford w orm Ocl 1 K..nl tmck. J nnlck tnict. t FrantllD doll^ry. It. ( bn». nrst $120 t^ . t Hv.lrt iriD. A new lodge of Kaishts of Pyth- ias of TompklnsTille was Instituted tweaty^ive years ago today it Niagara Hall. The work was con ducted under the direction of Dis- trict Deputy W. H. -n-hite. At a meeting of court Pon Richmond. A.O.F.of.\.. held twen ty-flve years ago today, the lollow ins officers were elected: Timothy J Murphy. C. R.: James Mullln. Sub-C. R.: Paul Franke. Sr. W.; Herbert B. Mallin. Jr. W,: William Bralsled. Sr. B.: Henry Hohen- steln. Jr. B.: Bernard Mullln. trus- tee. HELP WANTED—FEMALE HELP WANTED—MALE HOUSES FO B SALE J.-1 •HE StandnrJ tnnolf Corop? „„„_, .... .ot cimrKj- Hlehmond l«..l„l.l, EH; iiiiT-nooM iocilon. -VJJtrs. ; Daily Ad Box -^K . - t,nc«a. -WesterVlRb. I OaWUsi- I rasM^niwr > 1 V.rM Es^rt J^d In V-1 Hhap*'-, I^oni l iyiC ilcFarlanC InR car; cau be bo S tonrla^ 1 -Wlaton hlx KcJi fully 'To'ld^Sobne. model 45-n. S ar« »U tbe bijcffst bartalw , llkv I xhta IfVtos^^agtt • mcbt ti * tetj iwr ; txAittlftal or; shoe. TMi cu I bf bouebt »t a TBT . • WorV OuarantMd ito Slorace ,\l,\TO KXCnASGE - rrraw. tv. N. B. MX Sttor. u>e Skq &J5CB1VE PIPLOMAS , „i irom Vagc I t C-aA'rine U Morri.. rie & Wlnlc\^. ralherine •iv John H. DeYouns. flJ^ngton.Mary.va^ ' - Y Mitchell. Margaret M. \•^^e^a S. O-ntlcn. Mil. • sscClaufhr,-. Isabel M- ^Stephen SjUllvM. Fltiserald. CJilherlne M. :J^arie A. T-jer. Helen M«r>- M. Chapman, p DrlBcoll. ElUabcth M Doody. FJlKbrlli .V. Slan. H«l™ ; M, Kleman »nd Ch-rlM V. Ml>V St. M»ry-« A..umpti=n S«h«l • Tie ciorclsri of Bl. M«IT« A'' ,nni,.llon Vau«:l.i.l' School w««> held TMtcrvUy atlemoon »» MarVs Chureh. lUchmond tertmcr •pon Kichmond. An musical ptograra \•\\\Ir,,\' the pupil--. Thu OmpbelU .Misie.1 by Father Sj-nder. award^ «h. dl plomaj and poW medals to Ih ^duatca. OUI of .oven.een g^Su ale, lourtcen of them ed high honors In the Hegent. « itHtnanon. The following reccKed dIplo-Ma md medal ^^^B^^or Democratic Chiefs; . CoUege Girls Usher at Convention ^ _ beea against Seaat\ n^ hast ^ By MAX STERN- 'san^ti.\^ June 0«.-J»my FSelan. Pemiwratic I tram California Is pw The Sinaf.r ha^ sP'Ot a tor^n flxins hi. T'\^' ' r SSI of :he pHde, o( h.s i l«.stl.k e the .l d not , WlHiam Kcnfs men plan It new ^jaW'\ lerre He itio MMRP M,-\do.i-a me»sase. cancelUns his ho'efrcseryations at the St. Fran- was ja.->l as mysterious as his telegram to J»uett Schouse ot Kan McAdoo-s instnictlons were to .•»n.Tl his rooms, but to hold ihcm for a friend. -Mack may be the gue^t of the aforesaid friend.- said fbe »iae ones. I r-.tid on hnilt arouad r the Dem.wrali - -raiUoa lan t gnins l- he a picket to ortinance in San F™ amst nicketias hai da.h'd Vewshonnd? Ilcnred Bryan tried to'slip in.-. San „. ..dere.1 hia re^^vat.on at t« St. Francis as W- J- UD-^. Miami. Fla.\ Thp bl itio • s.->cial event of the c , a tea. glvu bv a i , ;«Klety woman for Vic^ »hi.h all Islttng women delegatesl are in ile,! The society woman ai>keu hat her name be wliihcld until the tea- dsco aeamsi — -i ^ V—ot at lea-st three groups Franclsct S who Plaune,. to storm j President Marshal tie bT armies of pickets. tHe , TOl2i7l»rtT. tie -omen demand-1 Ins ta»r tae blockade be lifted frr-m , ... . .--— and the Ci-ril Liberties 1 shortly bef.Tre X^ui^e who demand the releajw of j , poutmntrttonera- j • • • I Thcr« is a CaWomia fhougixt .hat the E-ust «Ti dolesa!. would nil up 'be unable to o.. aadlr di-sapp-nted. Of »ll th B-eatl yisi'on. 'b' ^ple on record to go l\ chutjh «r.jStr. and Mr.- John T. Bar^tt -«nd they're tr..m r^nyer- The rrat r^tlered to the tour winO-s in min^and otherwise worshipped .n the JI M II .— ' . , , ThI BVsr pie.- or Cmf^lerale money >» be pa-s-d daring th- c.n- \entSn ha. heett di«-P.en^ Iiriaon tn the St. Francis is ^\l Iw- .»« southern delegmte -aHa It ta him for « tip. Bennett—Sweeney The wedding of Mi-- sweenev and Roy I- Bennett took place Wednesday ,\'„ officiating. Ti,e bridal pan. let. the home of the brides paren_.s. —rd ^d rf 2; the main tea.-ur^ ot the The bride and bridegroom mad. deviously arranged to stop at th- Ho.el Eiltmore. ; who ac.ed a s bridesmai d and who wore a dress of torauoise blu and a pink and white hat. ^rrj Tbonuuct or pink roses, ^e b^ man was William F. L>nch. S.e- :rip was postponed un.il a la.er djie this iummer- Mr a:.d Mrs. Bennett w.Il b^ a r new residence. Tompkm! -cnue 3taple >-.n af.et July a- Twenty Years Aso The marriage of Ceorge Harold Armstro.g and Miss Harriet War- rin Booth took place twenty years ago today in -.Vest New Brighton. An interesting game of l>all was plaved at the Butte Field. Elm Park, twenty years ago. between teams from the Ca-stleton iF.eld Club and the Hillside Athletic Club. The game resulted in a vic- tory for the Castletons by a score of 'l3 to 1. The batteries were: Castleton—M. Kearn and B. iCelly: Hillside—C- Perry and W- Gal- lagher. The P. I>- S. Club gave a fare well reception to the Tice^presi dent. Miss Gertn.de Davidson, at her home on Codine street, 'nest Brighton, twenty years ago today. The grand march to supper was l,d by Miss Gertrude Davidson and William Zeluff. Fifteen \iears Acn Miss Silena Hammer ot RKh- ond road. Stapleton. was marrici to Edwin Rabey fifteen years ago todav. at the home of the brides tiare'nts The ceremony was per- f\me.i by the Rev. Dr. James C. Howard. Miss Ida Hammer at tended the bride and Henry Ua iK-y ^s best man- Kit 'ark rllle. eta M. Matr o. NmhOvijSi*! ihur JV. ri^W Icin. OoM tM* ttlne; >«»Tr; r«>M »»«< VeKiol* a«)ila««< CM -M. M*® •j>«M •«« sold lot Ing th« •«>. SALESLADIES Apply TOMPKINS DEPT. STORE West Brighton tf WE .each drlvln dhnrt .Ime. Licens . • ladles' classes- '\'\\\'j\ Cadillac ^ 'S, i.,.!- KJf^a I'v\ N-V-C- ^ 1-laia <018. 30 word, or lest. once... Per additional Insertion.. Over 30 words two centa Poatage atampa accepto<i. PaymenU mutt be In advance. «iu to* ••• J^® wiu*« wtu w.rki«« to ...li h-a. •arTWSBdins*. rootid l»ux»-t r worte: must IranccBM'n'- I'Sn- \iy ShuU AnMMia m C^ WMt Brtybt—.. tf J AMU-V r. J.'l K.t neo Bcs : reaiy fo. Ahb\tl-I>etrolt. 1_1!113 Owrland. i tv. atra Clota ra_ VTnt S w \Sir. sal. stojfbatcr aalon^-- ; .,-ra.s. nsj-r ^ ^ rooola» arte. b^tlu BOTi z ir.1. IM >UJ. « Tontpfe.. • tr . Tur.-Ki OIUI.S f\ e JonKe i S<it>. Simuii Sell. ru,- IMII 'x\\iii\rT (iU*- •,->t lirisbtw. ^462 RICHMOND TEWiACE \\S^ . ^eSTOBE TmT.SAVESyOUMOHEV JlO^Sui^^lolhBalW Smls SptH'ial This Week Value Special $2.9tS Value S7.r.O. Special $5.98 _____ Knee. NVa-nted Fast color, special 98c ;l,l, io.irl.ii Ui-n. .•\<-.-i>l 111 ^.•ll f-r Tbe wedding of Miss May telle Carolan of Hamilton ,nd William J- Smith ot Titus p I was solemnised in SU Peter R c. Church, fifteen years ago t« The Rev. Charles Cass.d performed the ceremony. Mis Elizabeth Marguerite Carolan w= d-of-honor and the best mn^ Morgan U Ryan ot New Br.gh Mis' lary Bruns ot Stapleton •ied to George R- Kirk of Elizabeth. N. J., flfteen years ago today. The Rev.. Dr. James C. Howard officiated at the cercmony. j princ.pa ;«<mih. didn-t « cisco u: tion. ru-h f'T McAd.«> ,d Palmer hut they IcK-ate Thoma.. B. who is Mc.\doo backer in the Solid Love has sent word he ipect to reach San Fran til Just before the conven- car f'T Ml«: rlutrh nffd\ to qalA i-hiaond ter^ ItU-bmuad. W w.vNTKP-.:> Silt, t-*..' r-ru \l-.<14 Itlehmoiid\ ,v- I V i : ovKi: \p^lvjisirC T^Koi ripT.ton fl-cyllodrr. p iu»t VhoM i-all Cf«rtJ«» KXrFUIKNi'KP iu<rf. I'.CJ Ui. Uinw ...uay fo . I-111..! ' A- ItrJyUJ- I Ushir' porcii: •Mitrlfs 1.. 1V.,I Ilrlrli mony. Mi tended th. Winters w! Emile l.rlde a s best mi Schaiterer id Robert MISCELLANEOUS—FOB SAL E lii'l'r\!;^ 1 ISC-W. Mis Ten Years A=o Martha M. Smith and liar- Slack were married, ten go fiday. at the home of the bride's parents. Brooks avenue. West Brighton. Tlie ceremony performed by the Rev. tnoch Meachem. The bridesmaid was Miss Ruth K. Smith and tdwln 11. Slack was be~t man. Th .Mary nual Phoe Xamc s Church gav ouling, a year B lis Hotel. ri'jcif tbei y ot S llfth a. it Gillie Dorp. . iniul liiflt Ire ill Moy .1 l.-t- i llo.i- S-Vio. rii.'n -T iviiril sTft'EBAKE? t.Mirlne car la rtwlleai f ,..itlr,-.v l.raad nr« mj Xmiilctclv ovi-rhauW. \ad Tand '..ov vfFV gao-l t.res .•..M a\ WfS ntUl- 5-c.. l.r\ab.on. IKS-n. tf Value Special $2.98 $1.98, $2.49, ar .c. M The marriage of William Turue of west Brighton and Miss di Butler of Tompkinsville ten vears ago today in St. 1 aui s Memorial Church. The bridesmaid WB< Miss Frances Daly and George Turner acted as \best man. the all E.iith M. eorsou .th received an ctigr ,ld medal a year ago from ithorltles in Northern Ital; •cognition of her work ther CKMKNT Mocks foi r„;u rac-. a. ^ o-;'.'-' — BA1»K» IS CABS I'i^SoLrr .-out- >•••'•''• ^ p. KnUan.Aiit.;,^;; Special at : week in ri9c. Kniian All LEGIONAIRES MAKE MERRY Wuirt. Opei ri-ilutilc tll.T«-llA ,11RA. CTifM Sii:!: TW O lionv^s. Ox-cm • sj) f(. fr< P'-rty . I'' 'itlrUnuKwi. raV.h.fiW: moJcl. plnys all lo ... mi>.llfi%r. Mipi'liJr^ I :fE) Broail . fam ill Impn \REAL ESTAT E FO R r.AU«ATN--TnunK . 107 Ores Specials Ihi: Trunks, Suit Cases and Bags . 10 I.- H-liOOM impbell Donal.l Nichols mndchamplonship. go. at the athletl Sparrowhawk A. C. K. OF C. NOTtSli The res Brighton . held this Bril :oi Audi -We may follow a gram.\ said Chairman -bat 111 venture the will lei the chaplai n w prayer.\ f.ied pro Cummings. Dcmocrat.s ri.e hi.s own g all a completed for in ihe a held on Jul =11 at S. met?; 11 N. ling in tl Lorium- -angements the en.ry o •hletic cam. r 5 by .V- •co Park . >f W will be e Wcs. \t this will b. a reiaj al U. be umption : meet jf We! of th< terlcigh . I rirt. •all t MX: Klclimo Icr's large leadl I.egl. ant urday City ouir. Five years Aeo James Vincent Klein of West ;ew Brighton was married to Miss Helen Marie lloey of Central Park west in the Church of St Matthew Siatv-seventh street. Manhattan, five years ago yesterday. The R. Father Helm performed the cere- mony. Miss Alice Hoey attended the bride and William Klein was he.st man. Council NO. l«9t ncjt regular meeting •\Tcnlng at Columbian \'viblon place. Port Rich \nsn=cn.en.s will be piete,l lor .he athletic carnival ot. jjuly : anl The anti-luxury m by Hoover did i p' Irish politician. rement urged ( b ry CoU John l b. Joaiphus DanieU corner to ttc Pamun. 1= » ^ is th, fir* indie* . to to San Fraacisco. wellknown Californi who th..wed up al the- ronventi™ a. usual ^•r. on his^eck. has maintalccO that ties are a ranity. ,1,, chairman an- several entries have .eluding many of our tcs on S.»'-n island. also he made for .he ,mi' al which wW be one week at Slsco Park pan uf neit mon.lu . that-many . ^^ubiln'-^lln-^et^Jn had j,t Kbtsmiri. sCsynnka. _ ^ _ ir tk.\ OT^'trf \J*\\™ , ff,„ I-A fcacij of » Tman wh» «» ©STSrS. trrmhleJ «' \ ~ ™ U Bohenw. maUlmlHi«>- -^TtMfc^^ tr«n» L\. Anjreles : S STtrSlllSS.-' -Bi. Four-- more .il than m=j in* It , Washington la go'ns to ha ich sa.v-so with the crata. _ _ .bout Demo- Over three hnudred college boy and glrU fmm the t ihe last meeting cf .Manreaa CouncU several new aPPlicaUon- were af.ed upon. Arrangem \e being made lor a show to be atace.! bv the council In the u'^e. in a short .ddre«.. Onmd Knirht Boylan complimented ^ the nne th'y are making and urged a.l to c^ ^ra.e with the officers and com^ and k«.p the good work up. Mrs- Joseph Johnson tendered a graduation party five years ago t< her daughter. Kdlth. at her home 474 Broadway. West New BrlBhton Among the guests were Mr. and Mr^ George Cole. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J- Roach. Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson. Mis-ses Madeline Johnson. Florence Sullivan. Eva Bishops, UUlan McCarthy. Marg»rct Card iner. Sarah Horowl.a. Mtoa Booth Ine. Orasmeyer. Winifred DaWd- son. Margaret DulTy^ Dorothy H^ gan. E.lna Anderson. Vivian Roach. ?„a Natanblut. Lottie Schrae .1- ler. Margaret Hansman. laabe'la ,h Helen Kelly. Dorothy Det. mar. Haael Burke, and Lillian Vi- dom. Al-so Alex Ross. Wlll.am Fil- ter Daniel Roach. William Roach. Warren Johnson. Hov»rd Johnson. Joseph Johnson. Raymond Johr son. John Strohm. Eugene C.11 han, Raymond wlti. Edward Natanblut. Arthur Storberg. Thaddeu. Carlln • and Aloyslus Naah- irge crowd wa.c present at nuhl picnic ot the Frederick Pes- No. SIT. .\nieric:tn Le- evenlng, at Sem- Park. In the ilo ilh.-rinK were noticc.1 roary m.-mbers of the American from all sections of tbe ,d also .several ot the lead- ing poll, leal men ot Slaten Island. Tbe dance hall was handsomely decorated for the occasion with the national colors. The music tor the occasl, n was tumi-shed by Pro- fessor Willshaw-s Novelty Orch tra. After the close ot the I dance number supper was served to the members and their friends, at -which eeveral ot the boys gave vaudeville numbers. The committee in c- arge an- nounces that the alfair was a de- cided success and one of the most successful ever held by this JKjst. Following the committee that had charge of Ihe alTalr: William Martin, chairman: William Cor man. secretary: Edward Weeae. treasurer: John Coslello. John cross. Daniel Marsac and WUllam Costello. I NKW modern alx-raonl ralmor ave.. IMrt Itleli tSTal it;; Bupl.ton. Pho 1300. conNr.r. booae. on Qond; now • and terms ton. sas. U proper a.Ii I itrightt It Illinois i latt-PIKtM--. ri..» walai.i ... ?40. 1 cl»i<-ti<-fTii(| upri ;f,V„ 'law\ '^ West nrlEhtoii. RF-VEN rooms i a..,^.. Inqtiirw O nd l.niti. aU »mj>ror«. coofl io .h. Iialnnco ^ mort vuer. rbone Toinpfc* mo'lern trnpt^JJ TTlttT-^K rfTT fl . lnt« Forr. o i;ol» A COXTRACTOU t 'xr city 1 th..n 14 \AT.ierorTt'iJLrfrd'-i.'u\: rmnnt dowlrVnd f-TO-lO Per \••n.h. N-OW rt-adv for occopancy. lienry i. r^mtoU. oW°r. a--! JVr,., «r..t.^e» firUtbtVi. Tbooe Tomp*. \ „f leaving laland- ton. iiot-s r \Nfitnnit lois . varrt; sul.oble to tlons. Adilres; lElrbino ' ..„r SaolhSeld • tvrma. r. O. nox T O LET—FURNISHED ON FABn R for t Rlchmoi 1 -t , above eras, let on ave^ dT S-famlly houte, all areproot loot and hard- -- driveway. In- rpo — iICt:t.V Iiirnl.t|nl rooii „.„.i. At 5 : lleach St quire Flower Shop. lU W [ileton. Wliile the _ -ick Staal. themselves Ihe membc! James J. .Vmerican BdMrtWe* ara »d»«»el\9 Dally cal acSeace claases \J JT m tUtm to .e. bow O.. foaatxT «»»>•»»» . ' for Eenllf- ipletoii. In- DOGS. CATS. ANIMA1-S JKRSKr rhonf Nrw PorP. ClOKUY inmti. 107 llrl>en^» a iimh*^ roomn. Riiltable or .»Ti»l trflUey; li.'iuln Kichrooiid^ TWO nOOM Adranc*. ton. IW. L mond Kim natbar. or -phone est ur im. ' BAnTCniCKS! . ^ TO LET—UNFURNTSHE D The m^^'ui^-.f^MTa. Louisa Carroll, daughter of Mr. ^ Thoma. MacDonald. ot - C^ atrett. Stapleton. and ,cr». ot Stapleton. X iw>r<erto Churtd.. T^e B^ lembera ot the Fred Post were enjoyi their annual affair and friends of th' Tappcn Post No. 125 ly-gitm. packed Tomp- kins street. Staplelon. at Ihelr an- nual block party, which waa a auc- ces-sful affair In every respect. The avenue and homes were deco.ated wl.h the national eo'^s. and all kinds ot illuminations. The feature at tho evening was contin- uous darcYng, the musle tcr Tihlcli TO fumidied by Protcssora Slan ley and Burgliart. Eootlw aiwi aland, of all klnd^ iret< erected along tho atreet and wMt ta charge of tie Women a AuilUary of the post. At the close of tie oreninsB feaUTltiea It WM Toted by aU present one of fae.beat pttttiu ever conducted on the South Shore in a Ion.g time and the BiTOibeni ot tbe poat Trer» eon- pmtuUtcd over the aJto. IlKAiTIlll tillable for t ••nleul to tri r,«,..nal.lr. > r.rlchtou. I'U larg-. rolMa: VCUXtSItKI. room, u palfu « Town«.ud ave. at.pieio ItgU nve_ cor. I!.-..ale\. nrlgU.on. ..„ ..a.U. -- rt Itlrbmoort. W r 212. rort Uichmo VISK corner apartment 1.. good Jlon- snlla.'.\ '\r dentist. I'aonc tte^, nrlc'liloa. WC-M. WANTED—UNFURNISHED REAL ESTATE WAMT«», XIIK vj. .. KO Btaadwar miscellaneous^war^ FI^T hott*r. il mond. , WfVt I'rlci I'hone \r«»»i room». or yjnan itnn or Port Utch- Brighton S3T.>r. (Tnoni M5-W. 4-Kn<l» «par.n electric light Call Ml Tan Jive. X™ nrlabt i,t. balh. large kit . JUir - formerly Sixth ave., .BOARDERS WANTED .KMAt.I. room, wm man. Tnoulre It nrrhmnnd. FOUND ..d. by lb\ I.akevlew Tompk. \Til. Advance. SERVICE S roNTKACrOlt^eWtrt^aW^^^S Owrnrr jnnj in«0 (TskllH In Wf^t KriBh..— hnT«t tJtmr- bT millnB ml »tr W«.t «rt«htoiK 4«-SI. GARAGES WANTEOr-rUBNIS\^'' TOCX.J married cmiole S^'je t-\ Apartmeut 11. 2! WARNING i^T. tb«> •nurty •wli® of l»te tw \ndlSe Ht iriatrt I|~tal , ,l«.nt a retain jouag lair of W~t iSIS. vSn'brtalU°« tC •TCIU been For but ttniUt lui Socony itnatnt Is your Ki^ andCoinf^ ^^ tor.!»•»««'«• a^eluel-vi\*- ^ For yom Hot cost. AAy\ sttand A i Mi SITUATIOMS W^ EIn Parity eqnatrr

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