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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 12, 1920, Image 5

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THE DJHI-T- UnVAnCE • AOVAMCe .T ^^^^^^^^^ - — . wt.. •^V.Mvl Ut H15C£X.I^>SEaUS—FOR SALE rarri-ra f.t tant 'tnctBdlnc % Urtbc nmm a*. :iJ.r»rT !»««•» fJir»ttu?w » ^msw; lUMiUk*-. Cajj • ttsM>. 2SC p« fiirlM. ,— - n .^aftatiTT • ewl; not Lvtin ^f. i-tirH- , LatMh. T, \THfcl f»r « *»j jw Crtcbia-- jn«l -iwrrT ttusi^ ami . zZ. .^JQI u^ H«rtMr. m rrs-riT* EE. -ir^ antt t t W—Crjfttisitt. p^rfi r-T- 1 :» Insf; Vll intr. kaW-: •rCVEFTT ELCHREt Ry.o. di-u-.. Xnw hrwi*. .INrr (.{HMtn; M. A. fsratt. rhlna dlsb: Mr*. ' ^ i-Qir.H-: Tbom** -.1-.-. Mr^'mrrttT. 1 \i; Marmir** usron. rlitna Krrmiiis ,: mctl^r.tzte' rab«avc ^--.ahtnc TsaeiUDr* \ i... tMrnt mat JWr.V U^rbmntid. Scsu in ti^ r of the SIstem. b . Ii5t cf flie prize a la— «ii«bi r>—Rx ao'l wiiK V-l.itt. nB«» Mr*. I^ttsron. rHinm Mary linrk^-. mfVrr* C ; JwlU n^sST-try. Ira rat; Mrn^ ••Un-^y. n«»-«» b«MrJ: Mr*. I'«t»y. - I • Tha.m** 3 ItOTM •n. »-<t»y. - b«^oty JWb t wbtte €Mit»«; E»<««nor Taffuw. I John ColUn*. 1 p»D- cat*- flour; Mrs, E. SeotM-n. orn«- Mi-.. CosdHL cry-tal cTMim mk; M^ Witfr«.1 Cwrry. hIIw R»*».b b«: Mr«. J. «ialnn — ' K»nr - . -R'. - Krtclit • iXark'-t. ^\•^fd bcnoa.; Al- iuo-^ i-i»v«T. »jiirS.T:/ -iW. » nL. , — -—rr-ilMr wn* S. J*. I«-iaiT*- Thiad. M-n ' nt- '•st-ss -t mt • - /aba Srtrtra t Huira. Uy»'r «>- •W^J^\ tBn.l P-tn'*\' HATES 33 words or letM, cnce JB Per additional insertjon.^. JS Qvrr 30 rv»a cents sack Psistase dsimpm aiXE^te^ PzymcntB mu»t tw m sdvaM^ l.ivi N. - nm IK..---T- - \iT-'ii^^' a-' \r r- li4s-iiun» 3i to t» »>» i. P^tr^ ca. V.rxzu: r-. If .. nt r. Si S.A' •• Virrumr \r n • >'- i' Otim. « tat * »- • • : (nit •• -f mim • ; ..e- TrtoW LusiSMT TzitL t piUS • I'.r^-b. a L - Utwian. tx SITUATIONS WANTED Brron. W <>\«- W •• MaillMirCb. TSH-ferr J\\ * •fi.-'S\ tu Er...... J..1.U Biu.l. pT^or.: Jlrv. T.'Ho^.rt. I tm. MMda«. bindmlt «wr.t.T. n.-MU. rrjfctjil rw«m ; P. J- Krllr. Mr-. C. MrNan^!.™. lln-n mPT IWnp-r. T.t*«lu Mr-. J. \ H^lwyT tBiit\» iiii-i'-\. Mr.. J. -nr^l-li. llo.n -carf: \l\ nr»wi» Ityr-X r.i^ pla'*-; Mm. Uniw. lo\.; Mr-. J. Br^n-^ .Av- Slr^. Siaiil«. 1 pair Kl\**-\ ^ vrf i^i Mr-- J. lU.'.. TbonMw * \f Tracer. ctiM ii i»tt«~<. wrttlnc p«l»r: >!'-• > o™'\. <\\>\S lowrt: cut hu.kft- I* < a'lShUf- i-^rf: S. J\®\ i.:;. Virn^d -t: M- onij; SIrv W. I-ro'^l'. \I-' mrt : Mary Morpby. t-»x caady, fcH-, John A. Barry, one-batf fJ?;^ Mr-. W. EtaJit. niand T^lwln kt^^tI^V M. M. UHd..- irro Mr-. «;i«rk.*ii. • lu.If-dui.'n alo- fpo ; Mr«. e. inu-y. haudtrtcBlTt-; ..Viu.i I-H'\!.' Mr., K M.nlv-. •Tir.l di-h ; .Mr., wni-o. ^Hrd dl.h : William Hill--, f:','\ firlVlV will b^ colleclcd. -My.t'rJ Boi- win b* \\O- ilT Boys- CMllel on Friday inR at T .30 o'clock. ward y. Uani.*-H V'liK^nT. taaiid' dlhli; Brighton Hsigtif Brformcd Corner Fort smd St. M»rk» p-^acM. New Bris!«o». , HowarU BrincUertioH. minuter Sunday Mhoo' 9.<5 »- Mens Bible Cla>5 10 a. m • mominl! ser- n a- m. C. E. prayer service 6.5.) p. m.. evening ser. Ice ,.4o p. m Wednesday eyentos pnijer .enlce S p. m. Topic for lomor- r„. moinlns. \The Greatness ot God.\ and tor the .teniae. Man „u Neighbor.- Iwrint: the .unimer month, the ,ice wm be shortened to quarter. o( nn honr. Tcmorrow aflemoon at 4 o'clock a \Lmmnnlon -ervice will be held tor Who are unable io a.len.l th- ti.nmine service. Unitarian ninlon avenue. Sew BrlKlHon <,ervi°e. 11 a. m. Kev. C-orK' f-rLw-ll <'res>.ey. P U. -ill sl-aK -flrii-rinSter. -U-Olo schoor^l inn.or meetins =.5«'. Christian Endeavor service at T.30. St. Mark's M. E. rieT..<an' riaios. Morning. MP- tlam and children's tl»y eiercisM. Evcn'.nc. senDCn by Ihe Hev. S. O. Bnsbv o! Woodrow Church. Thiirs. Oay eveniiiK « postponed meeiins nt the official beard. Christian Sciencc Firsi Churc!. ot CfcrlBl. Scien tist or Slaten Island, comer Cas- Ileton a^d Oakland avenues. Sun day .-service and Sunday school at 10. Di. a. ni. WtKlOMday at 8 p. m. Readine \room oi>en .lally from 5 to 1pm The Ij-sson-sertnon for to- morrow will be; Sabjeci. \Cnid the Preserver of .Man.\ Oolden ten. rsainw n. Dickinson M. E. <;. Cunn. minister. Children's Day exercL«e» at It'.C. ». m. Jun- ior E. 1.. at 5 p. ro. Epwor.li l,eaKUe ar 7 ,.. .... .s-»Wecl. \<;«.«; ,„,„ .Mislakes in IkiHv l.eajer. Mrs. VouniE. At . V the subject will be. \Our Duly ,«r .Neighbor.- Thi. service' iral celebrate Nelshbors' »>y. St. Simon-sJn-theXIove •.tad Who Is My XeWibor. will be thi topic o: Dav fermon ai U o'clocX. BlAop Arihur S. Uoyd wHl \-ta \iBter cokftm-tlca at S o'clock Monto> The summer v.»ti«. schoo l wil l open in the P^'\ b^ at ihe close of Ifie public school term. summated this week at Wo^lMd the .restricted section ol ^d to tomes S. Orabam hi. rest dene Mid sarden-a plot ot \ '°Cor»eH«s O. Kolff has for Carl F. Grieshaber, two Id's Fourth street. Esbertvllle. to Bru^ nritaEo. who will ImproTe same with a private dwelline. DEATHS Marclmuma Madeckl. Tl.JM^!: 3S Amity place. Jessie K. -MidersOD. Unoleinnville. „ Grace Valoro». 69 Jrt Samner avenue. Randall Memorial Sailors- snug Harbor, ^v. E M Deems. D.D.. chaplain. Services every Sunday at lO.JO a. m. and 3.30 p. m. Chorus choir. Church of the Ascension Rev. Patical narrower, rector. NelBhborhuod Sunday and Flag !>»>' will be observed at the tomorrow. Holy Communion 7.30. church school 9.30 a. m.; morning service wilb appropriale hymns and address, eleven o'clock. Kvening prayer at eight o'clock. Siindav. June 8*: j^^^iri^*^ fcvenue. n> ifciatuUd FOR SALE I CasUeton HIU . , , > ? I 3n fflpmoriam u. irft iwo j.\-\..\ Realty Sales An Important Hal ha* b^n con- immanuel, Westerleigh Urv. Charle.. R. Kinsley. »\ pastor, will observe sunduy\ at Us service al 11 a. n. Mrs. ••„ J. Turnbull. orsani-il and j FOR SALE N..TICK T.. € Kr.l.lT'.K-. 11.T.I.V ^ I, l.jd jThGCoratxGliangGBaiiK CChurrli 2spuia lO.urinW Jrom Paye 4) ; aitr\ T^if M- HEAL ESTATE FOH ZZM n. Add 100 per cent to the Life and Value of Your Car! „ ts en..^.v and ecntH..r,i«. for VOl\ to ref^L-^h any 3..„„..hne.and to d„ a Brst Cass joh «.th SHCRWIN-yi^fLUAMS AUTO enamels the color and .had. ^^^^^ rich »hite or black. ut 1 p m. lV.-.-nine w.-rshli. •: ir. uertnon by Ih.- pn.-tor, l-raver ^..rv ce Wednesday eveninp at s U.=ular mee.mi: Wo- man's Fure'dW Mi.-.»ionary S™-.el> |i „ ihe cluirrh Tl.ur^d.-,y ev^nini!. > Of New York City member Sew York Clearing li n„o«e and Federal It Hunk. STATEN ISUAND BRANCH. Sew Brighton i-iave YOTIR cs I Reliably Eoaippea as a Railroad rhlllp t.icii'-. — 2 GoiBtxchaDgcSateOepositCi , ' Safe Deposit Boxes and V StoragV Vaults for » Valuables Banking Hours: I SatnrS!^. m. I,am. Auto E- „ under the hard.« ^ usage, and the.c unu.ua -.11 not become dull cl by frequent -a,h.ng dreui.ng ones rufcr\-.'— . -.cellent dean- Fla.oap an ,u,os, pot.shed surface. HEAI. ESTATE WAirTOJ f MOBU tar luh. icatin-.'- HOCJrni mm ... ^ . .. , ttW. SHEFMT ^ P AINTS V ARNISHES I c,..r.bu.ed on Stat.n -and - , R C. VAN NAME p„rt Kichniond 6.-; Richmond Avenue. iSioRAGrruiwn*^^ Monday. J\\' ttri- t.>c.ptrdtevi:;>ls'.g- n-l svitcms. \\iiatl-i?tr.rb:itt>-rvcan vol! us'i. for your car. • UtrclulaHc action ot (t,. nrcainavtcht I'Utcs !,eip,ni.ikit:Kiera.lruads '^•'^.i-.J nives ihs UnJ \f i jrarnn^'anJ lis'luiitg 1 t icc vi-.'a ^^ai'.t. i iKwd plates are the C-- stntiaithiniforbothuse-s. liie UrcadnaitRlit; ' Vlat.s are l-ftit« tif.ic y>.\ tMic^f .-.vjr str.ra,T!; baticry, or- t!-.r a GouU. any baKerr THEO.LHERHAim Rlrbnt..w.l Trr. . ..rt.er T-yl-r .vif-c imu.iiTo^ I J. II , llersr-*'. .xci^ii-it'iSw' r^ E'i.U' 1 LOST aT 1 P- „m \iell hy order ..I the Stapleton Firep ^^^^ cood .Vvenue. Stap^\^ f„rnitare. ,i„n of are a prominent among B rui>- ChiHoniers and E*^ Sheet^ ettes. Cot-s. oa Ctoth. Crex RUKS and l,oi«ho»d goods. HEP YOUR CLOTHES W good coNDmon Suit cleaned and pressed...- — Trousers pres.ed Suit dry cleaned » Royal Tailoring Co. Cleaning. Dycng and Repairing of all description. GOODS CAUUED FOR AND DEt-lVEREO „ RICHMONO A^VE..^^^^^ ^ 8. KOLSIN. Mgr. Telephone 1862 W. B. The .tore of complete furniture .ervlc.,. Henry A. Siegle & Co. mmVL EXCHftNGt SEULINQ AND BUYINQ: CARPETS and RUGS 01LCIX>THS FURNITURE Bargain, alway. on hand 681 and 697toy Street Staple ton Phono 237 Tomp. 7 room house. Bush Ave., Price 5 room house. Harbor Road, Pnce 5 room house, Harrison Ave., Price 7 room house. Albion Place, Price 9 room house. Richmond Terrace, Pnce 9 room house. Albion Place. Price 6 room house, Le.ington Avenue, Price 7 room house Post Avenue, Price .••••• e room house. Homestead Avenue, Price 7 room hou.e, SImon.on Place, Price 7 room hou.e, Albion Pl^e Price ... • ^ 9 room 2 family house, Ta,l^.r St.. Pr e. „ room 2 family hou.e, John St.. Price ^ „ room 2 family house, Dongan St^ P\\ '' \' 11 room 2 family house Catherine St.. Price ... — K,.nl^n Ave. „ea; Washtn«-ton Ave., .Mariners Bond and Slort.a^e in amounts to suit. , 'HORATIO J. SHARRETT \ ''••\yisvi.iNx o. i^i^NiSia.. ;L.IU?I l>»i.k llnlWliil!; „ .J sf.plVloii. Sl.lri. l.laiid.N.T. Castleton Hill r-r-u-Tiret^HOME . - If\ '.ii .-a-h .r.t . \•t'l'.fS.ili. I\™ I eMails-\ TNARBH-''- I * * * •r^jl -f i Xt»TtCK TO CRKMITOnS ' lUrbin«'\d. Stat^ oT A«|w ^^wit VNN.K K. .ivs,, ' • ••. • . * — Real Estate and Insurance * , ^T v- , . ..„ Port Uichmond, N. i- 70 Richmond .\veniie. MCTION SALE\ OUSEHOLD F U R NItube ODDS and ENOS FROM fTORAUt -\''\A'jiirj -bJTs r.rmrrl, ^l-l..'- . , . „ 2.13-'21; Taylor Street. West Square D. R. Tables. „ \ Cotton Roll Ed(:e Mattre.ses. a lot of New Suit Case., a lot of Ne c°tt ^^^^ ^^^^^^ set of OLhes. tM ^'chUf of Drav^ers. a lot of Grass Bugs. and Mattresse., D. R. Dome Chest o,^ Congoleum Runner., Up. for Poi^h use. \eater. Pot., Pan., Kitchen o°\ver£nd o~h.,d good. NIC E COO L AUCTIO N ROOMS , REA D THI S ^^ or we will buy rt ^firj^ds mS^t-r .\orand-removed the next day by 1- T. ROUyE. •ROSPECTWEBUHPtRS ATTOmOH n-e ^ » - I—IU\ •• —' .li.n ..tl~ »U « p-r—.... •....di.c lloncmlev. Itoib lIoi».« IW»t Moo... Cent\.\**., n.\..* liwHUsc 1-^o.r BoUdi-a. rsrai DnOdlaa. CaU to see our line monuments and save money. •I'hone W. B. 1988 _ APPEL & NAIMAN •• 952 Richmond Avenue, GranitevUIe, S. XKAR UIL.LJLIO>L CEMMDT trucking deliveries Service prompt • . and efficient. Any kind— Any time— Anywher*. JOSEPH REARIAN . Office: 149 8imon»on Ave^ P. •Phone W. B. 1719.W ««b U wlib B«Ma> •»ltJ yiU' <rtU i: MM r*n>bi«> OCbr« UalMlnca T,»b asd n*tU-r •• T.tioa iw»»»» 141 Weatervell Av«. •Rhon. rompkinaviH. tVOS te msL Rem^TY C O. Insurance Keal Estate eaCO Amboy BMd, Plea»ant PI*Jn« SPECI.VLOFFERS House—8 room^ bath, heat ^iS-SSSriS Apartment, beautifully fur^sb ,X 3 roomk in country home torag. space. »«>0 for Ma«n. Good Wages- Steady Work wanted who can ^ -- ^'ttiJZ p^ralrUvinK wase. «.d th. work I. Apply to C. Steele Corporation of Amerlc throoElioat the ycBT. Chertnut ATenne. 8. 1- OA RACES JCKMS MIS BOAqaEHS WAHTEO OEHVICE3 1 I register »n.ivti^al cash ^^^ Repaired — tha« fae*®** 23 to 50 per «*»*- , sew Dorp 1 SlerUM I A ,.,» urn' -— hieing .UMm — - I -S^sf? BraaWyf. M. Y. Bank Money 33S for cus.fi. lAinas p»iBUr. Decorator paperkaagcr u Jewett A-re, P. R- L. GOREN E.p,H.nc«l Ladies Tailor and Furrier. Suit. (o«n material) $22 op. Skirts $5 \P. drew. »15 UP- FU-. remodelled, dyed equ»« to new. at lo« pricam. A trial will convince you. 1735 Richmond Terrac, comer Taylor St, W. B. TOTTOIVlU.^a COAL & SUPPLY COIPAIY \\ \\ aZ.' Km Road, foot W^ Av.nu. -Phone Tott. 254;. Totte^^ S. - surfu. .et^r — .ARGE Coal Tl-at Bu ns HEfiSY MEYER & SOS TFlfPHOfJE 1<7 W. B. Ysii .1 • <\\\t of North SU POAR RICHMOND SIATEN ISLAND 0 )AWOOOHtlCllTSCOM.GO. IKCOBPHUATEO DIUI.KU IS Coal, cawllne. Oil. Sand, Oraveli Cement. Acc..«>rte. Clndeta and Stove Wood Oakwood Height. Real Ertat. Maiiy Beach Lota For Sale OAKWOOD HEIOHTS, S. I. SEE PIAZZA nm D*™ _ harbor MOVING and TRUCKING Local and lone ^^ tance Bcrvica wholesal. and B.tall ICE DEALERS , . H. PETTTI SOi 252 Harbor Boad, ^ Mariner*' Harbor Pbon. w.a. 140» or 2t« s. HABER COAL and WOOD SatlatacUon OuarantMd. IS N RICHMOND TERRACE 2M W. B. Wnt WW. •rigHttw UMBER MB) HUSfNTS lATERUL Sewer Pipe, Flue Lining and Wall Coping ARTHUR OREYER & SON ^58 ONION AVE, MARINERS' H^BOR. N. Y. T.l.ph«..: Wort ••tead AvMiM.1 •PHONE W. B.96S-J Iw. bee^ lelfc reaiN^ > ESTATE Staten Island Auto MOTIBS and Trucking Co. Local and lonSE [ Spcclal equipment lor ril purposes. ; TeU West Brighton 1127- or call at 253 Taylor SU, N. B. VACATION MOREY . IMMEDIATE CASH liberty Bonds & Instalmeal' Books ,, BOUGHT , AT BIARKET PRICES '1''^ J J •rMM «•\ '••pi'.- , , , M.GOODBIAN |1 opposite MendrlA. AW. a-nlt.- •Pvsaiioo 20 % OFF M. Bar »»« «««P'.«»». B. I- TSPSHS\ r ona Boor twl\ |

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