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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 11, 1920, Image 6

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'i, i^ir; rli'-\- J V-V \ L U ''SAYS - - -. . ! front or lie tccM Bote Kid bm: -too \=ow. T^U. j politics- bot mest md two-real ermwdjee.\ .ad \Sen the andi- • m^wtr Pmitom «!«>« it. 9 * • • • t WTIB. I »rTt»«i oa Hof ' ; 6T boa-, taey botll^ hfirtt- Ir« aniskwd m*^ Bid miae Te > gu:. metal emWen pin. MrJ Brtdjc. Mr.. J:,!. :itU» t.ttinE (est- coosin-\. WTtoT. . \ t Tb, grader. -lU then b«>d for ^^' -bUe U»r nnan^ soft. d»r,W. , \ Mt ot tbes. »re one Beech -bere the Ol.ve t^^\ ^^ ,:cr, will be ttr-ed !o«« on the -;®^,^; j ;hms tbe> ^^ dozeA thereby t==cklt.s .0 g feature.. U. add.tSo.^ P-\- \\ ^la^h bretber-s ^ H a dm-n by fcuT hor^ ==d of tie cam . ^uMtude J''^., °Ster ^BbclotbeV alibi tor a ^^^ driven by Georse Chamberlain «m • ^ ^ainilTiee \ill be held ceit fingers evotve as tno- -oiled counwnance. .:: > prCTldtd for the little one> to. ^^^^ „„„ not. Beedlss fly •tt.d fold^'tt tn<^,.oil« foi:o« the parade. ' captains antl wcrkers «lll — - and in tieir T-relteioarr rerorTi C.\MPAIGNERS ;WilUam E. Smiih. the campaira GROOMED FOR ' \Irettor. ™ thelifd-knltted CON^-KNTIOX DO^P? , . cii! jalid llstealne ... J^epab-1fomsilttctt ^ cottcn and 45 -owsi ^ran \xa'tional C^.ncntion the pU-^ cl.^o-- that their tonsu« ready tor ^t do^n to re=l ^^ Chicago- Jane It.—The /or ,«««<•»•. I SprfnU.\ T»f» / ^ .. s^i.- -!«<' \ -J <<K|-t t«oic ««» jro. do. WUI ^ -.he liTtcit ' rfciai of.\ todav hear nrmlnallne fpteches-, lor lie a-d pcKsiblv start balltinE bv night, j Jtatnrr oj the Since TQMday the de'.eEa-.ea hare.' Ination. SPECIAL SAff BH, r ' \r ,», io.. \Wr \e KIDDIES' DAY AT MIDLAND TOMORROW HOSPrr.\L DRIVE vnd of t:-;f l^:ar:d. tie said hoi^ Ipltala should not be ditcassed -rlih 1 tha:e>! breath and hn.=hed tones and regarded with a sentiment of fear; thiit their province w.-i< really ha . naint'arian and neit !0 \he char^h . ! in n,>nnlnaity serrtre. He rslarrf '[ Lrih- sJory of sereral ca>*r-. i .r^ rrow the voinSsters where de'.y won!.! h^ve r- tne Beach ia d.ath. nr. IVinr- paid h HT' ChHdren-s Uay hija t,:- hi. coSlea^a^v • when the ^ill be on tho h«sr.iial t parade and en-e Ka-.h^r J»=>e ney far i Iminr. W ishedat. nriMed ^ to diaaff! of ••Bie * wc ctroi anjtod^l Ud. '-rho'nsh\ the ^^ than in ftirmer Jea.s. Sr-ha-. J -V Matthews. • ^JXr hav be^n super 5 ind oax -bo ^ w S,cri»e -phones >t to Cticagc^ Europe. IndScat IdaSu. once, the town Be w» ^ - .TOT BcnSfa r:-''®- Mr Matthews Mr,. John McFarlani tour tatibim.;! \knattar csirhose : Ubs • r^eisnt twhethe^ laave baji •h«. f;uei : hn^ pej ' lifv^doaV tioine cA; H**. Father JuJiv*^ f-'- Mall'-r lat«tl b:- p--r.«inal excerivTff-^- «lur- iu? the epidemic nf la: ' wintrr. ; wlis-n phv«.ioiaai5 s.r.t! aar?^ ^ : | ' iMi fjtJSd '.o co?e -^I'h road;-!, n- tins c.n vCii-itru.- ; Tion n^essity T^r a • ;-ni-; hcspiul of the farther 'f - ^ippnr.in^ it in-.ra!!y and fiiuincUi:?-. Fatiwr Mallwy pa^.i h\ Vin:v~ly In'.-T^-^i in ihe s'-zr- -jopltal ana f«r' a :: n-Tor-i*' to Xin' f j-lt ' ai'i iD - . -'.-^x .v. F. Martin. 5up<:rlnt•ind- ent of the hospital, cave a w -rtl ptctTirt? of the hospital s ^ipmeat- '.hf su' irea:s«>nt rf ; -^^.v-il Tfce pati^nrV '•Tidorae- : rr^r-.t ,-.f Th,» Institution. She also OPEN SEASON FORTATFESTS nViiii^ for tJ'-T .i ' - ! • Til*' dear <:rU nf - fc'or June tita-f- rt'creaiicKV.: ;Aad ''-r eari* aartneiit d\.— tear T>« shrel® a r-t -i. The bu.B<ip;'intcd the boaket ar\i! • cavW rT%tonD**i iXir^ - ^ i . r rcMrr. - 5 Tur.-. T::^- ^vr. Jiiw an; v '-u .zizxVT. cr:>-? a-! ' - v-a -.-tk:; an.! Ir. .-.^^-.- t ! .. s-Al.-Ji. TlK\-- to tw a hoineir atu- K-rrs biadiwork the^e rare Jaa« dars. She has var-ed ^a the r,., ber own »1omment she « g vnittias colorlul wrarves o. wool, s briUlant ^ fin^ ^ g o-e tor each day In the wees, ^\ta = i while skirts, white shoe, and .s days. Si-e bas tnr-ea to • ^ad sheers ch.tir.= ot pa,tel . tinted I\'\ • ,hat are Intricately .5 quaint old-fashioned OT.l \ i olab-ratciv hfm»Iitche.J a.so = p.nnnd ..aes. too. »he make,. and ' \ hand, thew 5 S^y and all color eotnbinati^, to ^ he ^^^^ cSet rati are ><««< maJe .colorivi linchatni-- an<l a-e ao er. •^ive ana ahisti.- a.- tt« pro-.-; . . -nal hati.l trsl.'rfd. tns rue, that ar,- .-n^de at dycU. ur.bna. ht?1 nnis- i-r.. . -Ji- t. i .r y '\r •bi's'- • hJ- • - ^brted ras ruKS ha= en t-rl-i into the wtnrotvr eirl\ • > •••.. •-r T.ii-.n o! r-ac ha- tr- «t»i 'fe' Daily of STATIN H car- H XjinOKEKa. MMdr Kfi Extend Murstry The rr-ri.a:!m fnr fund, t> ,, ™ w.rk c: .he § .var-ery ^ •• another wceS. it v: rnhiSm Summ^ Floo^ ' Coverii :rex rugs ' Kn Kicaojui = rf for « UABKIEli oopv w re^ '\.•T^*. _IS-HEL^K Klrt i urnn M J^IM. . IMrt \laM K Jlr S-. Vip. Cliapc. Tin. I pll>), s. I. .[ •..iay, TT.- .-red by iT ;i':l Cdloi-s—Special Svili all cu!(ii-#—~pcciul •-!—<.-«!or>—ripeci.ii i;«id Seal Con^olcunt Uu:.;s. fe \Vi^Brllile\. » IfS' UrliMon. turn • ^ CH-VtrrEUIt. aoK 1 .nt llr»««. 1 ut.»> cm, \IS?' JIOT 3 ^ - ^o \^ota in ie^n AT mTU>T«xT amc» M OmmtM *»« . C*. r*rt Itmt. S. I. LAnOUEBS; ArlUrw iii*»J«?t*i5SS MT; dM. Arpir NKl Atjvlj ICE roU»r. or Jo^ M^ l^o m - von to come here, special, .or Friday and Saturday - 25c: - fo-U S«<* Ssre'ess Baca« Cai. . - 260 Bone.eal F«t raast 30C IT.r^r, ju.cy steak m Smalt je-sey fresn \atrs 32C - --: f ^.Si.ri^^nry a 'pr m:r»-::' part i:^ th*^ cominc t ra3j;.j-i:i> Mr?. Arthur F. rwk M.. r- in..- IWUn. M:'^ W., I? if--- Vr- F. M. V-- ' Mj Pe-sc^, Mrr. J T- w-..?-^ Mr^. G^-f.rce A-^-- MS^ran M; Arthur I-iie. Mr.-, -li Mi-^- Ar.na Uoi5<h- = A^.l- v-tt^. H.^ i Swiit. Mr-. Char>> B <'. Ur^-XT.. Mr^ . C. . X.. %Viacaw~. H^-'ea rir.an. Mr- .E. Mr?. Fraslc ^Vlh- J OTV!-ara. M • V : .•^.ITy Shaaks, M^-- c Mr-'. JiTEos L^in^ r- •h. h. . ijr» mbc Uu The Man's Store nf ^^erit\ SPECIAL 7-PIECK Bl.l KHlUO l.EV.ONADK SKT.S -ii\.Ni) ci T ! LO\VI:K \ asks HOUSES FOB BALE Itia , taa I'bM rinsT C C«f» ffw $u furniture H. Prop. Staten lslr.nd's Keliable FTirnitnM ] 1923 Richmond Ter., Fori Rtr' Phono 1412 ^ r- m-va r-r L^mrsp Ktpp. , A* IcHioa '' nottci:.. - Tht DaUl AjTtnce. ^ niKVROVW, T.-AMH.T ! on every suit in our shop {except Palm- Beach suits, blues and blacks) The same high standard , of quality at three quarters th^ price. STRAW HATS, TOO and everything a man wears imw G. TOiUpKins & Sons 146 Richmond Ave. Port Richmond L„„„. iiici. s-\\\' \\J\.\' , ..r »...r<. -ItscfUrn! oi^^oiuc . Aiipiy LT CTri.<>vM»;NT oi-nrE a X-.rt s. I. S rootn. and on • , ttilfkloa. Ml.} Sbil't-alWluc : ti»tu MSir .tnlH.1. ai'd o< Artfcor M«rit>«r* tf>a anw cainaKU) K, New nt R.\LST0N OXFORDS SOCKS FAIR DE.VU _ J '-piIEY do^ot slip at the hceI,nddiB<^ ^ they bulge at the side. Man 's foot nevur looks so trimly when a silk sock is chumming withlii^ perfect fitting Orford. ; It will be a pleasure to show J™ and most bvcoming stj lcs in Sullivan's Shoe Store! S. BEUt-EZ2A. Proprietor ^ _ , ... 763-770 Bichmord Ave, Port Ritlil»M*: •li'-r ~ P\' t H«rt«f. 1* t tinw, J • iMtlKlU I\\.' ' Ad-ir.-.' \ov r- .-I. ti* fi^ ft' '••\I -t'l\^ roil s.vi.c Iflebu liH|»>rr. .- ^V^^trtIrlsK. . >r«»ni I WAJTT list aiii t!^.^ \o^.-l.-rj SWlIb .rr.. TO .irrX l-Vi-S KOR J : FKID-VV and S.VTI KD.VI . . i I'liir.f Po^t-t & : Smoked l ali Ham. : .. 1 Kier^h Crtli Hair,- .\c.o ; ; WhoK- Jer'fcy Fork t I.<nTJ< •I Lej;-of Uxmh : shotilder of Uimb Uiinb 5 Sasnr Cared Coined - 12':c.bj cured Ham^ 5 tShouldert, ut % eal—--'elp : i Bte.l.-t.of Vral .l -elb I : Orders delivered. Note's ard J : boarders hcuses supplied. F\\ . srocer.es, frxi.t, ar.d . Idles. ^^eves ^ &cuum ;v hlSh irrti^ •i.w'-^-rr.. J line ( > veaeti ecTicv/s lio? 3L5: Soap was tb hsewCi l^.-.mdry soaps ?ri he: da: • She knc^v.-olhsilKirkrriaii's;.? the best iaandri' soap tccliv And she knows too Lc^j Kirkman's improves T^r^K age when dried on ihe she If. I george's!; I MEATS & PROVISIONS 11, t Itichmond Tcrrace j t :\Ve>t New IJrichton. S. l i s ; Tekphone lOS-T \V. u- J. ^ 22i£ lOJUt.AiA'E sm Happy JWomen, ' Plenty of Then, in Th.s L^al.ty.' and Oocd Reason <or U ' W-onldn t ans woman be liapsr. 1 vears .. barkache ,utlef.ns. . if misery, nishu ol unjrsl. m. distress urinary ; When she fn- lom Many r-ad. rs w.U pruflt by the I -.\b<ml two >«rs as\ 1 Irani severe pain« in r.o ' an\ hardly abl<r t . d.. int.. my fbo^jle^. A For Kveryday Carpet Cleanins ALWAYS READY FOR USE Th*^ Reeves vacuum Clean- er is ,o liiht in weielit that vou c.in vacnntu clean your \mrpets. (uraiturf and mat- trt.-s-es every day of thv yifor juickly and easily. The tK>wprrul suction pain- t,l tv a licht ntotlon the «and draws np the dirt from J*, cap «t carl>et» and lumi- lure (not ]n,t tr*>m the sur- face) risht into the hidden bat. It is always ready for tiso -no e-.ectrlcal connections to bother with: absolutely coWelesa; no parts to eel oat M order, and ll will llehten (Oitr hourehold dalles. Vsfrd in Ilif satnmer col- tsee for cr^ninE pirass car- pus, maUins. ic.. H l.ns no leaner \Hie Non-EIectr Noi»ele»» Clean m.50 COMPLETE Look for the Oiamonii- ona buy UvthOTver a broom is »ola [.T,. VYe.l BHcnt.n. Ihfi-p wanted—mai-e I WW- *- MOPEIIK ^rXl ym Always SomethinQ at the •STKTt^Vn Kirln'rr. uVr'bor JSTv? .nd iO .r elrl /Sw (of \I'tlcl^po;!\^ ci f>- •ad lJsl.1 nod It. It- iMtk. f»nUK« 5, 10, 25c. and Used - - Pullman Cars • vjie.' -1, job RStfVSiX TOCK nted . Brtaw™,,. • BM. •••rs SS: oil\ f«r fsrsr*. . ^ .M Wi XR wanUd \nd has S»d I take p!ea«ar»-» reKOT , ily Pills them I tase y.™.—.. — The Reeves Vacutim Clean- er is eiviiw satisfaction in nvrr laO.WKl homes. It hM b«m Ksted and approved by UiKxl llonsekeepins Inst.stuie; conducted by the Oood Housekeepins ilacaiine. and many otter leading tostl- tuletf. See the Beeves Vacuum Cleaner demoastraled and be convinced as to its ability to sel the dirt. 'o„ sale at ^^^rrv^tf ISr^R. Ho,„e Corporauon. 150 West !.7tl. St., New York City. ON SALE *T W. U. McAdamt Tompkinsvill* Meisel IJJtvin > Staplc:ton HARDWARE DRY GOODS HOUSE-FVRNISHINGS t«r a « l BrtKfctttB, ItOO. HATBft UN-rrn—appiT \\ \ 1U Unieati \\rXuM i«>»j \S ^ Hsrman Cohen New Brighten Hunsdorfer Broa. W«st BriShten Dmly AdvanceWant Ads Bring Results WOMEN'S and MtSS^^ Wxsh Dresses. Silfe W Crepe de Chcne, Ge WOTIEN'S SEBGK SKIRTS-i WOMEN'S suns ani^ dRUS- and MEN'S surrs ana ' FRANK M.- UP On. OUTFITTER FPgW : iflsSie ^ lU 8fpVt»a» ^EN .odtid Sia^rd k b«j» ii »» faewo^ Clin^ Wr. A|.HI C J»- tf ^VtOB. —— I RKi.iAni.B \\2?-\ JurrlpS?; i D»ll> Ailvr— —— as L UECUt JOTOl. •t~«T 1 BarteablX »=> J nsnW'

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