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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, May 18, 1920, Image 4

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DBSH: BO! VH wttt Good Wages-Steady Work Mb, waited wt o cm spok and Eiwlisli. We FUfairnTins i wasrea and the «ort is .teady AppiT tn Corporation of America t]ira<«!u>ut tJie yrar. f3iestnut Avenoe, Itosebank, S. L A HEW LOCATION ! On Jcwett Avennp. at So. .t: yoa Snd PH. RAPPAPORT .rd Han- Farr.tur,. C.rp,t,. Stcv.. Oar enl/ store at CsHtgnt* ftt tUTa beugnt »r d to'.O- ^PE.VRL FERRY AND EX-LSWC«TH JONE S WINNING JUVENILES 32 J««*<ett Ave- P. •Phcre W. a. 262 M VICTROLAS PROSPECTIVE BUlLDffiS ATIESnOS ftif-nUh •««« hi Bit* •t MONUMENTS r-T - J MARBt-E SS^\^ \ Cf GRANITE •PI.one W. B. 112 St. peter'8 Cemetery -•ayiTyier r. Brishton ymmr ^mrtf-atmr —~ EDWJaD P. M08R1SET ..r^Kn^.t. ...NiBHi.'U •ftn-ff TompHirffV'i.o 13E2 Can to STP nur linp monuments and <nve monev. Thone W. B. 19-\^ APrEI. & N AIM AN 07,1 Richmond \><-nue. (iraniti-villf. I- nil L-o.i. ' ' \> Dorothy Coretraa - ... IniS KmnjaKtt^n Itla Si»r*n*«a . . . Eltaachfl- Gaif»* . . crJT \ Mayl*!!*' Murray ... ; Conrrfl ... ^ Ma*- \Viarerm»*'<'r ... 4*0 M.iiJfjiH*- . . . A'* - ,'lH»roth«ftt Minol ... 1 ^ \.\nr.a Shlel:is ... 1 '.•» FT!SU-rmTlf JON-ICS ... ... iFRKI» N-ASKI-t^\ ... MAt.roI.M ... I^rr Thfxiiir*' INrinK .... . .Mt:>r ' H. • An >11 Ji-nn r. nn^ii . . . William J. I-Lit - vrnLiirrTK M.M.«».N'I:V .. IIKMMK.S .... s.iLI.Y HTHSi'M ... . !:•-JiUcT 1»'.>- H'- . M-nnhi:; .. .:.:•' ! • _ri s'»iari<<- . 1 - ' ' \f e. . ]»:... Mars'- 0'N>sn f.ti:;i!t«n 014 tM.AS:^ iniaTOV JAMF--; T <MITH . Ml nm.XrJ KKN'NY .... 1' T : .... - Sthauni»>*rR .... ifti'i:; T ;,s ! ian.i»:.i:i - I7.r.' I.ukf rhapprllf' 1 :n • • H - vanl r. Tfill r.'i • ..tf..-i rurk ... . U III --n-' H\ii'-1 . It ) J.,\.. W i.-l.»'* 1 l»r Jim- - \l»--rrn.v«- .. |\V.'ir-r raean :M j LARGEST RETAIL DISTRIBUTORS in 5TATEN ISLAND VICTROLAS and VICTOR RECORDS PAYMENTS as sec PC low as ^^ monl HERRMANN'S VICTROLA SHOP VAN DU7ER .nd BEACH STS STAPl.ETON AUCTION SALE household C.W.. furniture BV^ROVR TP'O^\\. WHO IS \\\\\\ T.K, beginner. 3-pi.ce Leather Parlor B-B'.ssmBMs^ T^r HrK-'Is^rH-. VOO ACXOA..V SAVE MONEY. nv.ln^^O iv nl 1 1' M- • • ' ,„• M i;...\!\ u-....n-.l all.T III.- .a <•. \ '\ J T ROURKE, Auctioneer a, .he -HOB* ^ \el . c H E V R O L f Nash and American CAUS AND TRUCKS - COI-I MEIA TCUCKS (•_1BEHTY MOTOH) West Brighton Auto Si , Tel. \V. 15. 197!l West XnrI TTTsirmmrrrT! iokt Moloney and IM TH E WEATHER rioudy toniRht and Wednes- . piolKibly showers. .•^TRADE BinU»S HOMI PROSPERtn- j THE llOMK N1 ABLE BODIED for l- VSSKNCKlt AND I KKICIIT SERMQf Miwt lit- nliu- to ii-ail and wrili- Knulish. and ' hill, ill lu-i!;Iit. Apply It. r. KK.I.I.V. 'riainmasfiT Stali n Island ILipid Tta^i i'ior n, St. Ciiiiui-. Iiitwei-n y-lU a.m. and 2.31 o pt Sundays and luiliilays. CABBI LUM8ER AND WIASON'S MATEKlAl Sew^r Pipe, Flue Lining and Wall Coating ARTHUR DREYER & SON ir,s I NION -WE.. MAR1N1:K.S- llAItHOlt. n. y. Telephone: West Brighton 1910 Article* Gett.rg Attentiort n-h.T lir, w.: Ma jnib:; NATIONAL CASH RtGlSTIRS 25 to SO per cer.t k-s th in fart.11 ^ piiCTS wnf II ^ UK«.1STKK 1 laS FLATBL.H BROOK L^'u \ . - II iH. PRIVATE — OAY — NIGHT FLUTO SERVICE rtion* TSS-M T«ii»pt- lorilL .\tL. ..\t> ' I.HTF- Wedd.rg Part.e. Tcur.ra cars t f hour or tr,p . . l-ia-r r-rlclH'.\ coaai MM M. ! SERVICE , .jmaN wJiirh r>uF im JU'1-..n IfjniptwiJ. v M. K. <'hur.U r ' hf-.i.lo 7. .>?i - H. »; aii-l rue rhr--' T«-;a . m ut T!..' ar- Th- N'- ai.il llitf ; - | T1:.- . tiillv 12 \Irt'i W«. RilVlS and RSfVl PARTs] Al.i. MAKKS IN STOCK Carry twn extras—\v>- have 111.' l-quipm«il N.Y.WIOTOR SUPPLYu ll '-H Kichmiind Avenue. Purl RichmonJ \Phone °3 First\ store Closes Wednesday at C P.M.—Sunday at 1 f. n | 316=33531 FURL PERRY UNO ELLSWORTH JONES WINNING JUVENILES Ta'tpayers Th^ IVwiw-rr ..r y.f.\\ M 1 • .in.1 N.3ht May 22 own-r^' \ TIRES AT TO r,o oi r Your eho.ce of many wel. knovwn makes J^e in th s B-g now in progress. I- IUSTS—\vi{ \PrKI) Guaranle«rJ for 6.000 miles \ Also Factory ; : Seconds. HOUSE FOR SALE Tv^o family house—lot 25«1C0. located in best res.den of Port Richmond. Pr^ce. $7,500 on terms. PETER LARSEN, Builder JDil.N KAMlNbSK! Tel. W. B. SCS — I'ruslJfPt Tmmi KAMiNSKI & WIOJECKI. Inc. Coal, Wood and IJuiliiini; Material Hollow Tile. Brick. Ctniunt, Siaiil and Gnvd YARD 1 J^l.n Street =r,d Railroad SUlen ima,t| POLICE BLOCK DEMONSTRATION I — ' -Outlaw' Strikers Cannot Oil lain rormit Durinc Uilior 1 Trouliles Tlii-n' uill lie i»o jiaraile niiil ' mrvlliii: of II\' tallf\\'' .inkers lo.ln.v. This «as ..mrialb . aiinounr.-il Ihla niornlni; wlieii 11 i l»H-ame knnwii lh.il llie pnllr.- au Fipt Three in Kach Clas.<i to Place in .St;.ten Island •Movie' ' , ,.|..se,l U- rvinai table ,-v.T h.1.1 i^lii\\\ 1 ,„>lii' \li'i!\'\\'^' '\\• ill The nails- A.i [ •M.ilioii rlriiir e IMiile-l \I | ,„t,ri,ic« wi'UUI iii'l l»f>\' » I'rrnill • .ho «1U appear 111 ill.- •• - ! The ••,.inlaw..\ ron«l.«lliii: ll.,>-,. who l..\li l\i' In f'lva\. LilUe..'\\-\ i\ \\ !:i.!ltU..rul 11... •• K--.::.^ f M.I .;!! Iutr.:.<!! 'il\ < F.ve to : T. r , - in Firvnifi\'- 11- -lapii-i- n. .. »— ' Coal That Bums HENRY MEYER £ SON Joiffl D. IQliaa Ma Co. IN -\iir' ii^.TrTv ji—T-.. r.v V rtrt:' St..:en • - • r.t T-—pUlf..'\- 11.*—-..l.-re\' USEa C.I ft siLIl Overlaed K.-.-..;.ler OaWlanJ Dodge - OldstrrctiTe Crupc M.tchell Sedan FranHvn Tour-e^ Dodge A.let! \ Chandler \ Sr-adehaher Moon (niel.e. plated rad.ator We are r<;uippetl for all Kinil of liatlery ami elec- liical vii.I.. We «ill rent vnn a liatlery -.ihile jours lifin-.. repaired. New ISitlfiics in Stoek. ir.--|!.: Ili.limond Aveniie. Itidimond 'I'hone ylit W . !'•- iTl!5 Goni[xGii2noGBanK| FOR HIRE SEVEM piis.M?n);er LLMOCSENE Far All Occatloni Vorii r\:y V. .1 ' ' - I • ; : • . i: ; apit.ll. Siii plils an:l i:,„,it- sij.iMMumn; , \ ... 1 n.L.inian. STATEM ISLAIVQ BRANCH. w r lahi >n . ... M « •- •• ' 11, .. 1 .n-.M-m 1- HI V/e'come Hrn-c to Kenny En Tim' • hrl.l ^ uiim-Kii * TELEPHONE 1J7 W. B. \ai-.I: Tixit of ?.oi tli St. PORT RICHMOND STATErl ISLAND BUICK part: Try us before going elsewhere for your Buick parts—we have a large stock on hand—it will save you time, money and trouble. I. lulal tniliil\'r w,..^ .a-I \Illil Sallli.lay evi- in-nd. of Vi-'e'l.; .„„,v ,-a»l lu-arls- i-.-ln\! vole. <.••• This pave .\11>» '\>• „M „„ly ol leaJlilS llu- , ,„ lolal mllilher ; . l°,i al-. l!..- h..u.,r ..t l..-i.„. la.ly In il\- \l-\ I.'adliii: .iirike till ihe ^ iM.il wi-ei;.; aKo anil v fu^iHl 1.1 reliirii 111 plaiineil I'l i umll\! ihis allrriimin Iri.ni uit'iiil III Utiiohank. MASONIC NOTES . hr-- .1 I.. Nil II\. 1\. li. nia-Ti-r. hi lil i ••..nm -i: I'iJn i» hall w I ll,i:'il. The w.irk I .teiuni: 11- tfii'.i;im'- >'• .,1 Ma-i. c Vl.ison. Th- ilmv ,r,,11-. i:. \V. Iliii Kil ,1 I M. •• I.ll KNSKI) TO WHO MrWlii. -Ill year?. GMOOD HtlGHTS COAL GO. IV. ,.ur<>i: \Ti i> |.; .\i.i !: l.N Caal. Gasoline. O.I. Sand, G-Jvc!. Cemrnt. Accessories Cinders and Stove Wood Oal<wvood Hc^f^ts Real Estate Many S-ach Lots For Sale OAKVyOOD HEIGHTS. S. I. SHK IM AZZV Itori Op- r, • \ M .• 5 r.M r M. l-^' ' ' 5 ,.,.MrWlii.-Ill year.. ; .-I - • : \mt>.v Ti-ail. .ih,! l.a.-... VU.a.l . I GflraExGlraocSaf6l )spflSitCo.|- : .S.lfe I>r|K.~it r-.\e> and ''years. 4i-. Hnok' j : Stonise VaulUs for t , i:r,>ei.i. -'\ J ValuaWe-;; J 1 •Phone TotnpV. 1T02 W. L . McAnA.\*!. JK. fSSWut. CHUX S U FCVSX. sac ValuaWe- : Itanlilni Il.rni-i: < ; = !• LUMBER .\J1 kinds of new lum- ber for sale. 5»sTi doors, ta-race iloors. Irestfer^. l.TiiIll doors or de^rlpuoa*. I-riee liaO and up- G. R.VDI>H •m Ha. St.. Tompwintville . nvi-nue, U1 irncTiiis .1 JtS^rSi D Ch>ro»r»cl>e 9 Adiustifi*nt» Will Cau»« ot. HARBOR MOVING and TRUCKING Local and long di.s- tance seryice Wholesale and Retail ICE DEALERS H. pnrr & SON 252 Harbor Road, Mariners* Harbor •Phone W. B. 1409 or 2112 . J. A. Bionnsn, l>. o. C-rse. .. I. Tj-ih ADVANCE WAHT ADS. iffifflG RESULT) Getting the Second 5,000 Miles Out of Tires. There's the rub. Because cither the fiirsl 5,000 were not built into them, or practical care was not given them. We have tires—Tire.; you «ant-tlie lai-.;e.sl .-elliivi tire in the world —COODVKAUS. Thev have the miles huill iiilo llieiii tell you the simple rules that will hii II v.iii ilon-| believe il. try us. Niile Ihese lypes and prices. Other ^izes also in .slock. :;Ox:li j (-.midyear SinKlc-Cinc Faliric, Anti-s'kid Tread - When we sell ymi one of Ihem we out the miles, and Ih.- trick is done. :!(l\.\.'. (.'oiHlyear Doulile-Curi ric. .Vll-\Ve:i(her Tread S- l-ah- r.lt RICHMOND COUNTY BUICK CO. 720 RICHMOND TERRACE Phone 740 Tompkinsville New Brighton a L. SPITZER W. OSBORNE^ 468 Broadway, \THE HOME OF We Pay Your Carfar Near 22nd Street > Bus Passes Door J YARD GOODS\ ^Ask Clerks Bayonne, N. J. for it! No! We are not going out of business. Customers have asked us surprised, at the \selling out\ prices at which our goods are marked. A short time r^ mains for you to take advantage of the 30 to 50° o savings on silks and piece goods offered at this sal^ Tt, h.iiiiir ol l.eliin in the Iiniilll. 11011 r .rteil uim-.l Hllum. a l\>t \n kl I.W\ m-ilher ot me Moo'-e .„lly ramen ui hU ..il- tM,, iiOHi-olU k , h liv a l. w hun.lre.1 VOIOH • „ „,, ,„e clause, ht leas, . ,J in .-. anil I'l mt.r,- \t Ihe nlr<l.iiii-- \III III- ill Ihi- lilrliiie. (niiinnell. Ma\-- .iridium la. e 1\ clas. 1 .nil \ .ailliii; ..! ea. h was iineerlai. im Mildre.l Wlneear ivoii ihe ' .lare Iioiii I'-lhi'l Al.rln liv a liar (UK maiKiii in I'lass -. Klule l-..irl 1-erry lea.l, ela»s • h, inaili- hy l-™'\^' ' ,„ aii.1 F.innl.- KmH 1\ '„' itu 1 ,1 oM-r.-oroe Mi«» ferry « le.nl *orlliy of niininenl. Ell.w.i.il. •Kiiiei' \\'1 f\''- , ,laK 4 hail a lively -Irucule 11,e 1..HI 1.111 Ihe friencl.i ot Mr. klri ral;.i.l 1\ him «lth several (imaKaii.l villi'!. Ill Ihe lafl Vd M^ Ihri-aliiieil leailershill Ti. Ihe Mlw>e» Vli.lelle Il,.nfv. Niirma llemmes. t.all> lllrfih'allil Uii-ehuil ileKliel nia.le bill lUO.t fur Ihe lend anil ih. .IMor nn.leel.lc-l until ava- il,. „t viile.4 lor Mifis Mali'\«> i la Mis, llen.nies plaeeil Iheni In tnl anil sen,nil plaees. respi-elive !- , H!l,i,n, James T. Smlllv ,las Hennv, I'alll l.llia!.<l ami le, Sehaunihers all made a cah llsli: in .las, fi an.l trlen.li. ..1 rallieil 111 Iheir support anil \ tk a very .a.elul rounllliK m i''' ae llii-ir re.siMHt Ive BtondlnK!!. , All tli.it is wanllnK now 1» '\r lie J.l,l,;es u, .elect Ihe s.-enari\ rem the seven suhmllleil nml ImlnK will cominenee. The Blan.llnB <>t a\ elosnllled con- Inlanlj. up to noon ot Monday, liav It WO voles or more Is as t.ilH>w»l CI.ASS 1 IIIKIIT O-DONNEU. lAlIlK CAMrllKU. ••• t-sTKii MiT<-nv:i.i. . itaney I.eviiwilx I.yn.-h failer PlaiiaRan iniri^lia Cerstlo iMlor Miller rar.1 N. llonecon - • • CI-ASS 2 in.TinF.ri winecau •TIIEI. AllUIN kobert wv:ic. nice Ilmler aelya Sharrott Heleij Wolto Iniia MrOnally jnlla Knaehle 'lamoprilc KlanBBan . CUASS S im, PKIIRY IS-OIH roLTON \AN-.^JIK ETTITS JohuHliin [Marloii <1111 l»lh Ciheli I'liiHtliiued on rrtffi 11 T .ev ... I li.ivi' re iM-itli. hail para.le lale r.i.l lll.h here u ninsi. turelim til 'le h.^lil Ihi- ere ,,1,,..- ;.l lli-rt.in. Inl i. ravlllui. illnc 1.. Ihe ihalnuiil. 'il 1\\ nrik..™. .'iii.-i 11.-1-''\ ,\'„!•\\;\; ivilv Iiit.inneil him liint m* I' (u'.al to cranl n li.'™.\ ;.,;r.lani e - Ith m H.-r- rivei. eil Iriitn .•on.mli...i<ini r Knrishl lii Ihe 1,11 ,11 rmils ate n. '\- I-'' '' lalii.r para.le-. .liiili.i; the Pi'i'-i lalifir liiiuliles in aiiililio\ I\ i'l\™'\-, \ „,as, tneellni; imiiHil ha. ai-n l\'. railed iilf. lochtebulte^^ GIRL IN WEST lli-nrlena Ihllle. sl.reen yea.• ..III Ne»- V..rli ulrl. \i>''\\' L-,„.„iipeanin,.. .Mnii 1= ,„e ...llee l.i InMilu..' » • \ • i,,,. „.ar. 1. t..r >«•'• >\\ ,\ • ul.-il ill 1..- I\'\\' \\ niitilieil lhi< niotniiia- The S.m.re .It Ihe inliunial n. „„d other pat-tKiiiars •.'ere n..l .H' .he I ..n the • ,.,er • , , : ,..,„1|, lUll'l\'\. BOSS SIT TIGHT SPEEDERS. TAKVi HOFFMAN U Staten liumi now third member tarcycie pMice lor« person Ol r«Un HO Richmond Urrac*. ton, Mc>fm«0 wan ihi» duly al *»• thi« wce»>. The molOKy his been conniC\9 police for«» lor ^ year*, durina thU time t>«>na • duty v<itU th* H«» ment. ANTICIPM REBELF ShYSO Hy H H.' jpnil.'f MvxH'd via tU.ii. Wa (n \tv;ai. Ol.!CRWt iU> nf Uu- M-vohtllolX „f Hi,' r.iiiiint»«ia* liioki'n. c>>K*r itf Un* wv- . Knhiii'v of n riui«iu.a. UM' iiiul «l»'frriU»u A!4 I» WW i',uri»n>l'«tuf» hnvo pu.n - r.tiiiii' tii>U(U>n U.n-if .»!«' hHii, 'Orllfl-Ml OonM li»rnn'»iU«»<l V i-«l rjvtnmiirt Utcw JtiB <'*rr« Slioutil (Uttiknl^'K I bo n««iina hiiiotpi Unit ihi' MiiiiUT* rtmii'lrir im' in« n-HiiMinV Utro ttv. liiiUmlwU' cAVWlr ilu'lr »>im« ot talii'v uiomu\ tW nirmtua. ftcwo Ii, {MiKca loivOl^'r ivtM-j tr«i» iuu\ ti-{H'«' Mva, li.r f<»rcM In ucll HvmiHV CttiauT*' ot muitlUon u^n- UiU»y tw nonr. n-ss ir.no 1041 r.jP3 670 . 400 . m . 18St . 1848 . 1295 , . 49-7 . 421 . 346 .. 310 , 203 j>y tholr wVin'i kIV otit. ,. itriiiii rnti v-t thoro I* no C'\\ remind ih-lr «\\•\• .re.l.<.«t -eery mornin. t\ ••«'• » \ ,ne. P..\ \ at Inr ran h exelllie irs-r;^':? .tosts . 48.ir. . S43S . ISO'J . IMS . 128! EXI'ECT I. IN PK I'ltistiunih, liii; «e«lhM I (It InlewjsV y lUihl ..ml IXimocrs sjlvallla t«l>« ii.a llrliUBUe wim ai»l; .ti \V.««1. flrtt\ n.iy tiencm) AMfl llw* iraUo- !h> «ee)t. floor ot n ^coplwl W Mary Dolls. \ „iln prineji nay. Tllf nro euisiiwl A flu'® up .irltunUnUM halt of ttw Hon of er. wmJ ttolM, Ihd _ (n 111* wlKk.'— M WW- wini»Bt.5 .tS.s L srsiEes^ssratBt^^; r TXT m^' 'c„„nr|t 2017. Itoy»< evcnlnit \I rell\'\ \\\^fafl Tiiyllir Decision Favor. VVork'\ „ J Slarin IIl« hceonauclcd 111* ciillilr«i'» .lolfii Ia-.erpretallnii'.wa8' plven by 'opretue rourt to day to m® -»1 EmBloyer.li t.lalJimy Act. Jir^ Jinc damaees lor all I\ \ I In Inlerslalo commerM- 1\ rl hel.l ih»t ttio l«w «lniHM to _e<iioiis Imllrectly engMM In'>n I\\!!.!, commerce. Tha decision w»m» declslon» ot lower couns. ,,««00M Player.-prewnt |e«nhy.,- muilcal comedy. W«« l«n,h(on Auditorium, Mo* lOucing to toilowy—Adv..

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