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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, May 05, 1920, Image 1

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THH nAIU Y *nv«f,c- ^WEAIHEK north wnnfa- '3 1 staten Isianil's Troiy Senncc | j MUSI Bt RESTORED r- • ov ^t^ten- islaxd-e^-eky afternoo.n price two cen-^^ , the HOME xewspapep. of ST^ Ibl^ IIT p I ges — ^ nan Board^ofTmdef^l C0SFF,.S „„„„«ruTnt li . „ »May=rH,U,, = -..nCOUlSnBUF EART? In newspapers. cooperating in ren- know some- ^ HMHDS 0? LOHNW^S ^...a-et, Clut . .Vpk^ f.. r f^ck nr-ton.t».n \f • - \ TrnlU-v - poi.ice:men confess , STEAI.TNf: Jir..miO ft R:> l-roa^.-. a!r.=ii.ly i- serrinE fro m • , f u •.oar- in Sir.sr. I'^'rol- Urrenv . n.. th » il l f™-'-- nn; M 'n.Inv, is Mayor Hylan going to force tRRLrCnni \ \ UUAA^ staten islanders MM SIGHT I ^^ gy^p BUSES O , WALK? OPPONENT OF PEARLPERRT 'CONNIE' SHEA, ^ SUPERVISOR^ CENSUS, DEAD Francis Cotton Vote i n Class :! of Film : Contest American cities for the domineint in our and program but has it reached have already re- every day, are not connected and Phil- been reached — share to this^ God's heart- to call- You w ill be sufficienL the maximum as you have been ranging from many o S50 a month, $25 the smallest amount of God just and mail the a t .10 denQmmations. AY: vl.Ml I-' HOLD MEMORIAL DAY EXERCISES ATBORDHALL li„n rictorc or Tii.\ t. . annnuEc^.! ri 1 vwo— A.« till- contes' il'-i ; -'fl'\\^ - th,. lan d»y. 'Thl.-U la May . u , Will Re started b^omps m^re an.! m«rf ( elebration \ i\ • , ... s.rt.i,vut unit* it lo -i o f Staten Island , h 9 DAYS Staten Island has been Trolleyless 1' I? Celebration wm Uv Parade o f Staten Island Ci^ic Bodies ,„. h; FJI.H arracZfMi'St- U\. ^ \rwiijislicl'^ K Ih\\ •' J»n«l • Hlt-hr;iT;4»n ad T- . :n • 1 ,„,.n . . . .1 r :uTnr illU.l,- - If. iir a 111'*''- \ I j.r.'ni.n'ii arl (vrr> -.1,1(1 \oti-s ianJ shi- : I diFtanii- o h.-iii th \ 1- runiaitnt- „. l^a.l if Misfi <'n!;oli iiti-'I iH'\ r tum'i l itt in the Iia.-t tfa ivr. y ,I in t,.!;il riitr.bci Th,\ SENATE HEADS , DEMAND PR0BEJ OF WOOD FDND U^OUNCIL i INITIATES FIVE . - it, f<\ ui •Wins (•! orsnci: r'oTi- W- \\:tZ\ I.. ill b\ h,. lu-l.J •l b iTth- \ i n li' : . I\. ti.iii j.-im. of t^'- aiv:vn tjtuf • jn»' i't nwirtii li.. n%-ii rii.ini.'ii •iVlini .1 lan'li' aiii'uni^'S Ihe li^a'. 1 Wa-llinS'iili. ^ 111 l..a,!..r-- lii'lay »<;'' |;„nin.;li i',.iin<-ll the 11 7. li' recci -limiinO al A:- iM-ia ball. W.-s' iiiiaitc . . ,.„ nib. I Circles ' Corne'.iu, Sbea. « - ^ jn au operation _ .couUl .^ncrmc tor , Mayor s ; ,iu. bla.lilcr „u « sorions - Washinsioii. \\L,\\ '•„ ; I 10 110.4- ^S:!;' DAMAGED BANK YVCLT REPLACED V n... ->at<- and deposit vault entry. WILL DISCUSS RESTORATION OF GARS TONIGHT \ - HYLAN PROVES , SPEEDIER THAN THEOIMATROL lyorV Namesake Makes Good Showins on Trial Trip Down Bay postponed Mass Meetins To Be Held in West Brishton Auditorium Till til nm .onsid liglitini; f: land lasl I'-riday nl .-itiirn-^ .n and tinp n^pol j Inr Ptal ™ 'f adjournf-d from hi vlll bi- l-.cld to. and 1SS7 niarc.n. 1 lu . ni-h - 5 ins ^I.l.untn II 1 I-11 111! \••ir.t; b'l- lit thi i.ui.li by .\:l votes I n. ih. ral hund (.1 u „,-fT inclu mdulaies havmi: s nr mi>i<- s'-ii'd 'b. ot all cil. K-ii -r..niinun1 i-..lunibu:i .-tcntna riri-mt-n'a . .Siirtli 1 iifTV II nil I Aniin= ! TV ' I'oun 1 1,\ .\m-ri' l Fdreinn ind .ind 111- iCMl-.nnrd on rune -) d.. .- Ii- in trim i-rmli V. .tl that nill b- ih Hi'.' ...d.rabl.- THi- .1-'1> ,„ thf rt-roi Si.m.- taw.r » \ ....tiliri; 111- \ • ,1.1 T'.t'k, bu' t'.ivi « .Jill -.1 \1 ' ' .„, n n.; ih - LIBE S AGAIN HEARDRILOUX I.i.iti.1 foit v Kichi ,>li. .ian.l • .Mrs. Vr... Vn lir.n..>ni,r.> th.- oth<i srfa l pli-ai. ins I>r. l.-o * aiv. r rich land all,' r.tild WILLLAUNM ^ FRUIT SHIP Iir init v iTS^ nt.in :..,1.1 Ml\!' ,11,in b-i ,1.. Jitftii init'i INTERTSLLS SHOVJNIH S, L.„ HOME EXHIBIT' •,lihnern.s-\ to leave ~.,tnrd;.y at Standi., d Shipyard Thtntsiimli „ v,.poMti..n .Mtracts „^tml>VTom..rro« Is 1l.<-hm..n<l Nicht .'iibii I...,.,. l..»l\i-i 1'\ ... liLind 1' in po.ii..i»ile the en- work of thr movement 1-th tsth. .Ne« ^ork Olr- boolh - ,,nil by 1.1 r 1 - N.ilati 111 111! lid .,.„ .„ ...li-tlJi'\':' .itiuhiti-n. th. . r.iii a . bill what in th .. ,,f th - . fiiiv.l thf ,, „.i-rUav. hardly r ,. tlir ta-t thai o-.niirtl SU-V't'\''^'^- \I'l ..i-vh th.- ^ .frT '-'u' .onip.ini. » \ lih- lllbtli-i-Y , , ,.nnt Th- V.-.-I • .. ,ari=. tiia.itum P-\-;;;. ,„„c. -\\th s'-am.r ..a-l i- -- ^ depth. 1 an.l 1. ,„.rt of thtf Standar d i omt'Kt^ ,(,„r V'»pany. ot l.ttdm. if tlic intercbvur.i • niint. iMi-.ke - n tin to- .,.n rsliiJliill M' l ••'•\h\ Murh of th.- InJtlKtir' . ... ..xist-- b.-'-a-J^i-1 ai.pn Ih'- sP'-r\ _'„ , 'i.l.Slon '1. Ihi- >-\> , , ., .„....- , r vvoiy,lay 111,-. 11- li'itn tti,. conimltt.-. \t l , mt.rprei..^ ihi- political ihr t-r^-n t tlm,-. th,- lli-puhll- ... Sen. \\ .Mnuni. ^ . S-u. In ..d by ,h.. Scnau. - i , ,irlve -his Ord..r , :i,nuii-y ^..ut,. Willlnc- aligned a quota of .m n..nditur. s into tli<- \P\ tha i a l»rsi- r.ti.tih. r -^.r'l'h'--'\' iif 'Xrflhn, h, ,, al. o hi let addi-«.^ to pre™ the Uec-nt s Hi; \ I . b Ill- named killed in . had i-itii liiitli-i . pt lie.ii T<i' haviiiK • lerU lit „r vIllaRO I inie 1 inmilirr \f 1\ .rati.- Oiinitliitt'-e lb.- hi.-i Killh II !UT his uhi'li lat battle. In , -lottenviUe. . resided. , in imial pilu- l e i.-c eU-rted -nville iti llie trrnment . atid d.-alh »a » a Ward i.; last oflielal llj; II,. ,.re fctve d under the ..- orato r Peter ihe allesed ta.l^ \e STILLLT WON I _ CIVIC m SMITH SIGNS iMrii hill- had ihi- vanial ea^r ,< biiih ocean ROim; ,i„ rnite d Statf s Na>y. took \pec Hallock of ihe -Marine Dl V15 5 on. Tl,.. neiv Piitri.i left St. .l.-orai; ,„ „-,.K., k. teturnlni; ,^;;;!j;d'aid tSn^'ll^- boat saU. ,11 t'-e d.-,iarlm,.nl ultli .als on ' b I nl iinKini: ihetn I'-lk e n'tsiiner Karlsht and ^•o,llnu^- iiine t ot rian t and .struelnr.b Tii.ire man t^vlce the power \( ih l-atri.I and Is equ PP. d « iniprovcnicnts In l,n ,l,paraius. vreckini; punllifi be left at St. t.3r duty i»ith the Marine n.j-ht at the West HriKl>ton Audi\ P. S. C. TOLD POWER PLANT NEEDS UEP.VIUS latest and to , tor the noruulth i plans tor thei_ important. ''\\•J'n-^^ ,nc on .lie eveu.n - , .May 1\ » ' l^k\'\ an d Ant, ^L'.,,' v ill ISSey would . f '.,..„„al e.indi N^.l™- ' convemio n many ^bat thr y ari'l -w anie*! Hno* niu r.mr l 11U11-- »it h ^lound\. hav e 1 n • the '-\vhen this -r;.und,n hy -•-f-^, der \•.erntlei \'f • ni.thlni; '• r . .. de-li hole. (.>t™-l_l> ruction ^vas dearlns \\Tb.j'-i'and bw^e'en the ISorouEh rout. ,, .J^l.-'makir T:; t.-rra-e« , „ he knoi^ a., <1- VviT ot the City is to » crrt-^bam^ra^Y^^^^,^ . ^-^ik 1 mmimum^crvic c r^' pof^itio\ ot Ccnfu: nvtirt- was PENSION BILO \Thfjolm F. llyli... n--'^'\; am Thoma s J . Scully. Iiuiinc the «ar th - Nahant ,\ str..nuou. duty alcns .1 coast .Vt the end o! rvlce the boat w.-is • uL-innicnt to the City IM-ice ni :rr J l in r.-copnilion ol .•. -.\\vice which had been len d^ic i over a p.^raM o. yeats b> the St- Gfurp*? cocU Th^^ubllc Siuvicefiuuml^^ ycitetday hear „„ Uie IM- ..neinecrins lie a tuii-it ^ tiSr 0 causl i ot the threo l°rca^rwnsarthe pun. early ^'t\';- nanleh.. an electrical cn- period the company s \ \ '.iTu^pmi r shTutd he rn,l=ccd. I, CQUlpniflU th. MU. t o - Trenton . N. J--'-' at, —- ll:\er-C .md«-rhUa.le 1- ^ St. Vincent's • Th e measur e 1 .errac. .as^^l;-^. mornl^ ,-;; amlnation. (.Ct that she \i'^edicm tntst Jte. Qo^ „ reco>er5- Ki\ measur e i^li') ,..rrace. • ini bond issue lo r >e« . „„spl.. approval o. I,,„„K Jersey » sa«r r i ^^ nex t the voter s of ^niinat * -i^.tion. . - fo r paj'\ ,h. a s passed. ^ niade T-h. tneasur ^ * li^ th e saWect tor P»»- wlll now SO J\ ».i d to- over th e __,„ cnAte D DESTROYERS NFF TO KEY WEST I ot tleslroyers to-\ ^ ^ ,„ hi- to ^ t -e an- '•'••'\Z; TAiaV Th e de^'troyers to start this niom- In;;. . ..recaulionnrj- ^^ Th e rai'e . l^r- lender efll: Mthou. h Se^'unde? ,he S;c„. \ltl a Stat. ..„ ...... livelihood of ts t» tor Mayor f\„';'\he bill. - ihon'u'ciroverhaulltig eated „ ,,„bllc hearlnB pamtcsl h-iacR 'the MaV- '><•\ ';'r;«semont\-;o r the funeral are ' ___ ihE made . , ,niJNSON LEADING I nftTCn IN- CALIFORNIA San rrancisc o May ^l--^-\\'.\!; (or other - plays tor \\V.'ivelv identitl.-d Si^e It oreanlzeil. ,, ^mcliir e wiioe. volunteer -irenien done In ll^tht hnt^ ind otherf. , i,v a widow Mr. Shea ts survl^\; iK-ini: made. 46 YEARS BLIND,, OlES IN HARBOR .,„ Mly Cum. •r. _5\i'-1 lias BUVHV BOYS LOOTED BEACH COLONY Th e of ihp rv ' ViousT It w. \ .nnounce d in • tTthe 1 th e to le r chitee d \ , m a bo* l mijst d by 1>1« I ^ bimdneaJ!. . Be tur e hi m by tw o otl™„eiSoe lime.. „oUBedd \\T^body\T^body beenn « Ubib.^Th..tre, ; nooneed >h»t provide In- most ° MX vear.l. institution IW tort -Jl'- -; „„„ey o. sailnr-s ,.orlc at any \irorJiey eh^fe. Kelly oceupn'ion tlie> „ ^^ n p chair ca^nS and ^^^ „„ark- ahly t»niil.ar ^ msllratlon «n Irfand ^^^^^ mak e his way Jpisilissisi 'vprbo^ril and [AidinK ousl)' B. & 0. DECK HMD DROWNS \^.tlntate. ba.c^ con- lb- pre - Hoover —156.890. at the lofju o™- hmrmen '\ibero «ro ,0 0 pe r cent Dividend W-inston com - -The R. J- r^^Tend ot U\ r,' ,..re e.a.cn In Tak e BrIckUy\ to Ho.pital -nor a bri^V^e. ^^^ ,„ !h e arrest ot Henry S.\^-! tdi o'tb « SU ,nd a ruor. bu t IMt or vtbicii n« in\ ^ tokeu » heard Ihe^tlce^'O ll^ han d in tb e case.^ iu o boy. -Kboiw •'rr^'-^-^- lime „oUBe \ toi, bee rcmme d by „ ^ L s P chUdr.!!- . Court. Tb. H'rbor tor . inleraent ' n ilol> Adv. tound by noon. noonee d in» i — --- tended .1 once t o rr^unl Of th e a^ i anaouaccd .

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