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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, March 12, 1920, Image 3

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THE UXTL-r «av«« FAQE THREE OTATEN lEtAWO. • i -h- JSC ' fffC ' ~ laiBREIlKS UPlNMWWHtM „ RICHMONDS AREDtNeTITlEjL^ .r.4 ' tUfc^ r \r f urniture q ^ H -lAHi'N. P-.» jleliahle Fumitirra Ema» Ter., Port Richmond nc,: ^ B. Featuring Siroilers and Carriages ;.„ UU1TNK-. r\REUr.E V.tr. Favors Brish- I ton on ITote^t Gam e | Cv TEN F1_\T ijk^ ••'I'l'nci- jin; ralter- to\ all .1 .b- - JlT«:tnrB o: tfi* S.» -.mr7t.n'i.= if- --aih^ii lif I>-»ru<- of litaARl'T, Us: lo sustain thf - Council b> mchaonj • ' . TuwUiy nr » •'• im. t^l cli».-=-j| STANDINC OF THE TEAMS West Brjaht3ti 6 5 345 R«J>m<.n< 6 6- Asmumptjon 5 6 (Th.« la tne rtindmo foll«>»in9 the dec.»»oti of the bo^ril to «u»tain the Weet Brighton preteet. LAS T NIGH T S RESULT We«t Bnafto\. 2; Rich- mond. 0. (Forfeited.) Game TomorTT»w Afternoon West Bnohton Council, vs. Assumpt'on Council, at the Downey Club Heuse. Ti.-i<-?i Tinmnv had iiapl-ortt-rs U- $12.50 up an cxcc'ilcr.t line of D.mn- R . Firai- to c»r» »ha! happened- Aiutle tiom one of h!i> players. wHo made a br-.t-f statem^nT. his called no wit- r^sM. Later he remarked: -T^Tial the u.ie? The cards w,-re Ktacned asainst me a!id I did not eive a hoot what they d;d with the clxampionshiB Three Disinterested Wttnes«s Di rt»\ ILchninnd. in the ( fer . had b.en i The tak:n= of .he te.t.tnony o. wa, stand. I some fit'^h \r fo witnMses took .lcn= =.-.1' ot h..iup the better par. ot two - -- -..I bat thr\- openly proIe»=ed tu te Brighton supporters, either as rueaiAwTS or rootera. To rnunril. ti.« | a :n.n. llie> declared the h.^.Ket , . , ot .be Uhot b> H.rraher had been ille,al. • ! although their description trf Ih-- 1.1TV varied Ji many in-^ance-i. \\ \\ n rnrrV: h.d%a, i» the bal • ^ hv \ v i t,„„ b.-.ni: one the nearest .he i^rTiter' -ta;te Their eyesithl Heeme.i to h,- \ M 1.\ r^n.iderahlv keener than Frank.e T.immy * cne mich: easily ...„utnpt„in n • have ,uch very poor • hu. .ontlned • •';. .„, :,. ,,UV »n-. .e.st.niim. to d..M.rlb:t,= a loul he •\•rt.'t Brirht.n-i .aw . arlier in .he tarn- T,t tnr»-»t i-The Sporting Sector If. B, JOH N DREBINGEB . JR. * (\Ten Flat\) AS TO VARIETY ne the relative merH. of the Natio^l tnay. the maior i:!::\\.. Junior c.rcuit ot p-nnam winners in m- la. i. .iirt.-r.nt >mb« v.on il><- ahhu. ,0,1,1..., .-;rrimmace. t m Hie same period, or i,„ the other the Am.nran .e.i 11. in lacl. ..n ,e it.- lnau=u ,a.lo„ in h..» l-\ pennant winnet.-. '^ A TIONAL . 1 f \.1 t'ira:e- into .he tvir.d From 11.11 t.> 1M5. • • rlub in S5 .. oJi3,-r ciumt „„,.• tl.nn on.r In •W - - V. to tub-- tnp of t ni fffH lOw.u: tho an.l Uww par-tiilv icnort-.l balcony »ni! - th^-r h*- v«.a'.t m;«-?*tion li' le SAJil ^ roul Un.- m ; Ill ARiV»Y GOODS SALEI - ^ . , ir.cTiCS, « rtM IE BUCKLE $4.50 SLi3 . ' tvlli'N - 50 \ -uni do?** tlv-- . J- , n .:n 'bat ;.>n Uavma ; will m H E » •• WOOL SCCKS ^ee n.. o.-.ts, Ba.ncaats. !:ti!«>. t:^ going elsewhere pavts-we have a T^- tha: wa.! iml-osfible I ,,t the Ki. only 'htee w..he^^e5 : they w e. e Wholly ^-\t;: I and had ohly been pr^\ . • .,„ Tneeday nijht to see a came o. ,,a-i..-ib..:i vnd even .hc.e three 1,tiered .n .heir evidence. Oue de- ^^Iclan-d the ,ho' was .K-o!utely lair. ne tame IJhe Uichm.iid player t\-\^ ni.L be ,„„, line, another >.-.ld „ , 1.1,ve- ..traddled the line, whi.e 'h. hird w:i. ot the opinion tha. the player wa, very much out of 1 , . n .he matter „.„sation.l __ trom the h i^ lieen the la-i tiaie Uia. an: ,n .inninc the National Le..::.. tor (rotn 131! \o 'he pr'\'' copo- >hili ot i^nnar.. winn. : In 15111- I'-eoiae <ti-ll.ncs i ,:,e Ito-l.in 11..I\ tits, p: . i« I'll. .Mmatl I'ull a niM.i. li landing .1 L| V.ii:. IT' •vr.t oruil 1 eve . cuh ot cettlnn a I.iec\' ot WOIIM- pioduced no • iase Ot 1 they ..n Whifh ca..e . .in .e(r.Je i.^-.-l' won the c ham- 1. n.; or orher. , i majority ot un- •1 .<ir.ow»is- how . a hunrh 'hat the '. „„ will be atuonc . i, rti.l clinched the 1 \-'.nshlp la-t Tue-; ihiticr in Ui' .\in'-i hut lour r;il These have bi- 1. 1\\' IN the AMERICAN Ka. ru: and dried h,.. bi^-h V;; r.he etrruit have known delphia. fhicapi. Bo.ton ,„„. IMJ. .uid II-H fhicalto W-hlte So» proved the clas^ lais put on a lunny one-act comedy sal- re .howlnc the -etern.-.! trUtisle wiih a new twi.,t-the two women tilthti.ilt tor a P«-r. i-ctmnK male •rt robletn 1- handle.1 ih r. humor- lav .,11 thioujh. ridi.ul.hi; the •fani.iy play, so in ^oRUe .n year '/\.-irrirr''ilurke and Jim Tonhey. ,,ie with a llilOTnlau a. t ot sol...\ , „„, J,ike.s. completely in l.» j ' „. Irlsii -hulls.\ I ,.,„.el.e Whiteside a,..l the M'\;; 1,1, ,,a„. ,n« thai h.is - ' ,1,. f.lace s'aco. I'hiicK' ilanre.i • hi; t^^s and does It «ell. hut tor pure trace and pretty steps the - l„iv, h.vv- it all her. : The evelLhC was ol'.-'..^l wHh a ^ ejv pictii.e I,-a,urine \ar.ild rd in'-iiis 11.-1 sivho- ;;»>• „r the IH-St he has V.-. \ • uear \ iiM.j Kini. ^ ...I,ni>-> ant I. . . ivili^'sl -i .y With a sir... ... 1.,,- f.il Kncli-h name are .here, a.ty- .-onterence. with tue only incl.len-| tnl \ Hevdler salil. I Heydler salil Kootb.vll will EO o.i .he ..p. ratiiic table tor the ti.-sl time sin. e 191. toitipht when the rules •-'\-'\I't\- ot the National Intorrnllrsla.e .\th- letic .\ss.icitttlon gathers tor a .linic B K Hall, ot Hart ...uth. 1 Is to preside and rcpresen atlves | ot the fourteen ass.a -lation mem ! i bors arc cipc -tisl- rules to.\ the \s .id-l.il j and ,cvl,.-.l ttula- , , ntei.tiii. .he direct m o th,. Na.|.i..al Ilaseliall l-o.l. a.i.... March i.. -V\\ r a Iiiimle-r ..t citi.-s tor -.Jmit ince also will be ciisldei-.Hl. WEST BRIGHTON AUTO SERVICE 46 BARKER STREET Neat Caillcton Ave .We.t Biithloi Phoac. West BrijWoii 2103 Open and Closed Cars to Hire by Hour or Trip. Experitnce d Driver s Onl y an d Niali t Servic e Wcddinl^ rallies . Fuiier- :ils jjiven spccial ultention. 1 jRh t Tnickinc, Jloyins by hour, day or trip. 1-. ^ v.. U k\yn.. Jersey. Conn, tind I'cnn. Day la.ksonvillc. na -\rrlval ot y ,,h Wheat and Hy Myers .l avos r .,.„.s the ..i.lv missiuc memliei liSdcer t.imily. rmp.re „.„,k ..'Lay airivM > n: .,.s,i..-ii.iy repr.n....... ...r ritih.'r .Mil.hell HT t\.\ tMd.len s.-.ires. s-.„ .\ulo..lo .le\ llarn.-;. .\rt N.:ht Tono an.l llcl. .. 1\\'- ;„ il.e hill v.-sterdaT It. thr l...m.- ..inch .lie illai.t r. tulat. ..o. trom the U.srilits. It . r.Kulars. Il. ntot. •live Th. Be Fas*, \oucdina Out mto H Best Shape. .nMaUmfUt life drpurts. Ue P..-^ ' - ... ,1 llsht that y.'U aim. s. W.S.1 •^'.r. away with It. bu. you have at until weeH lo h.'d on.. ' \ UP-TO-THE MINUTE SPORT BRIEFS rijui Of ««>»• s ' . roKulais :r> !!>«• jo.uU'l Jniilii '. AUTO rcp.i«r work ttrc« jnd acceiftone* battery iecharo'\g AUTOS TO HIRE KUAMKU-ri MOTOl l CA U CO., INC. cor. Richmond Ave. and Richmond Turnpike, BulV» Head, S. >. iy« o. 191T anU ^ 5 ubL -it vvill save .... promise o; doins ;,.cal ba..te.hall. .ap in a prelty , writer, who \at ..„,„n, and even to..k . et..min.nK ihe var. • .e Whol e thins was , , a d.ssu-stlnc affair. „I l«vms the ma'- ...bly and , .U»he.l .„ .-tairman Mheehan s » cororoission ..i.lence. was N'-t H r.rke - . Ilahl ha. Weei Br.nhton had ben ^Ld::. ,:s protest brou.h;_tor^| w;:;rBr..hton iO<Kers XVhen tur \ s.nce,he «LOOKS AND SNRPPnUNES nil I -•am'lda.e ON PALACE BILL th eicht ci.ies so. ,.ie.,- .arlety has ^n - - -- tbe National l^i=ue ' ' \ affair. \\ ^ havr^a-ted anythlnit like voii; the mat- that a ^^ ^^^^ , circuit have T;\t?e • \^imriha they had Istenee = i.he.l to \>.-1 (orthe eveninn. J = — • \ a spicy ex ti.ehftn\ (or the eveninx- 1 \^^e .oliowin. IS rat':ra?plariraMONDSCl.EAN „ eiMbi.l.n fame that was piay j^jpg, tuSSmi. CMIIA* » OOWH A\ — •^F.... HatKerty rrcnlit u G - •• lonier Smith . It a . I*- Held C a llaet.rtc • Murphy -• \ 1. rronln CP Riimo.vEiw' ^::^: K.dUnc three itnmes -ell a^.ve - ... ser es. . . ^^ .Cd'w-'th- e individual lea. tures ot the match, nte scores tollow; RICIIMONU— Wurm Sewlne ™ Murken TncKer >.70 161 .„.l,ew 1/.C1..-.. Columbia f nl- v.„it,siuden.. was held by ..dice ..»uy on a lotmal charge ot hotnl tide ,o.low.n» deaih ol Milto. i^temfeld. ano'her ,lud.-nt. In . friendly boiinc b.mt. IxKikclt Lvnjsc .. ITS BUIGK CO. New Brighton W- 0380BI® u R ^ U. fc^rd .\Composite- «« e^ry 100 me^ J The b^ a:i lU-l E IUBBi>N NO llnmics Tmbsh** Schnlbbe Itoelka .. Mill\ •• 133 ISO 19> 16H ISO ;45 156 i»i =00 S93 us; ;— m lliT lal 1S3 is: 193 230 i;\ 115 • snd I.lCI\ie.»« PUS. II. died at » h.«plt^! shcrt- l , alter. laKkett came here trcm Oeorcla. to Brttl' cAsnJrroN — nj» BartimB cmra . j^kson.llle. K1..-C\' pttched the .rst victory which the ^KAhkee r«vl.r . have the strain on his eyes. llv II <• The las. halt ot 'h'\ l'\'*';- ':'hen a monsler crowd tou.hl to .bl tKe Veser.,..d -ul d be Itu^- ^ImparKon. each nieetlnB with th. Ilan Johnson, president \t -\Lr-jorr-vriVdiir „, ,he National l.eacie ,„lt In an aKr.s.meiit < ...ndlda.e tor the chair ot the ,i„„al eommissW... Johns. \ 1- returu ..\t week, it «a, said -Mr Johnsim-s pi.mary Ims. SOTo SAving on All M^ lorket One Step from . UmUoti J Tiib'tir' |5lh Av. L -^S SIXTH AVE.'. SPECIALS-FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Fancy dry p.eked Geese Dry Picked Fo^-rl Corned Pic's Head 'Chucka of Spring Lamb Oxtail* or Beef Liver 25c 28c 9c 20c 12k Brisket or Plate Corned Beef Chuck! of Poiroast Corned Shoulders of Pork Fanc y Sirloin Steaks zC leleplioiii; 945 TcrapK. WTHORK D StRVICtSUTOl^ IGNITION OATTtRV HAGNCTO SMEN ISLAND 361 VAN DUZER ST. STARTER iWC. IR SERVICE' STAPLETON, S.I. N.Y. Ctt^CRATOR • .'II s— -- rr^rirh . - - Uaajn .-••.• . ZST . IK S« . m lU ITS 1 Ite IMil 1*2 14J! ill IW, 111 XSl! . 1 141 Mt ^r?™™ VO.U U fassehgew car or truck D DON'T BUY TIRES M until you get our Prico» S N Y MOTOR SUPPLY CO. I MHTHEGliaYOURSTMtniHif lExibc'' Satt^rB _ fw^TT STARTING LIGHTING A sure ^lart ^^ ' ^ .taKB FuHyn^ed men.your ...

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