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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, January 26, 1920, Image 6

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THE WBATHKU I oondy and Tfarmer tonipnt m.a ^csday; pvo-^^^-y the home nbwspap^ ;-it PLEASE a. w. AT TE^AS BinvBisrn : * •or • • tlnnr .1- isil ; w.Tii^ • JuJP\. ! iii.! '-.vA • rs\- (-t-lTIWOMKN HEAR EFtlCIENCT TAI-K PHOSPHORIC ACID fektiuzers are most PKOFHABLE —>1 HWM r-». 1 O t^ifmnbl-nM ^e^men Fmdjafe£i^ ^ is 1 roM r \ri~.iV.nie- Tr iTTBar^ OY 1 w V r-^aMt- T Li la-- iir 's«-« • tRV woman ON -PH, ii>»«li«r ot »»• aRKTHJOT, «,iiTnnEH --n •OT^-'ltr .r, ^T.rr \ SPjKHtf rr:-.r 'b-r.-^ ,—Tr^: ot Mrs FrM J Jn il-.nT wife .1 a a- tr. hu- nuw.p.pw\!' for lit Mman \a. !«, tnids to \Ur \ csilra B.o^n- ••ea.UiI - - -..-ir -.h\lK- c-TTT^-ir SttTf--' ; • '. . — - .t., '' -. ^ • Till' - • • • ' —\T —„ ' \ 100,000 Feet of Cscd I lA JIBKR { light on hfavv. 7 Gcvv -rnm«nt. • o a r'\-^orr.Tae7nia- » -..rn-iht foni -- — WESTEKLV.lGilANO FOT R COK- NER^ BUSES LE-VVETUUPISCll-S COKNER. PORT RICHMOND SQ. ^N A ^GILAR lO MINUTE SCIIEDILE. . toe ot tie nmch^r 13 Fr«>k Mc- - __ , )MANO N c«ca<'k the woman\ brother. I'Ja SIURDER CHARGE ^^ „ ,OHOW b^rs. ' an.i T ' f'rxi. CIR' LE 3.V-.ONNF. T'JTi\ A urIlrtiTful 'cof Ig-ST ^by , i-r m. aiWia tj i^xr FTor«l Serine l| CI--T1\. s-'-rll of S'a'cn »,--Tn«i. •• -rt' ' ' rhur'ef. N;n\II- We-it i-nrl'mnj E.. T-n\ Tv E't mnftu; -.-•'I hwl.J at 'h' Iimif ff M-*. 4* J m WiHMlmlt Um-. j. ii to i'fc T . .. • CM a-!\ W a - ,r garages. iraiii for tu.-solowe CHl'.AP frst, and Bave NATTWTED , celavvay After DriUinB Ivo uoles in Safe Con- CAROINAU OIBBONB biSCua» H. c. u. Wathinaton, Ja\. S®--^\\: inal Olbboni tooay th. h^h cort ot livin, in a l.t- .„to th. T^a^M.y, „.nt. in which h. «ld: oaro to con.e^u.nc.. tut a U b. increai.d by U-inO. thoughtlu, .n,..tm.nt ,md wi»e u«c.- ' WBWMKFOR UCK OF BUSES JOI'.N Tr. a:»u.et KAMIMSKI & NIOJECK!, Inc. Hollow TiV. P.UC- . Corner, bund a- YARD J sta'ci •-.'arJ. •.nmra. rX Wooamn um -. j,,,^ 5,r-c-. Tr—T.T —, - - \ - - ^ j , MANUFACTURERS! CLEARANCE SALEi ^ ..r 1 MttnniMriifl Tuesday, 9 a. xn. Oor toa 3a<««-\ r mrtlem rell«»« B, i tn«i Km e» Tecetibka or Csa^ 106 MoK • •''F cam t3>« «»'» «• -J. farntuit. Eenr^ SU<-> & Co- C-VSSETS oiLCi-ung. ruKNmRi- wri Strwt WINTER COATS •m&it fms^Rlow ana ou at pHce. $5.00 VELVET SUITS now $12.98 » ccnf. o.T OJ' . themselves and „ to the chMven. spri:,^ ^erchan- ..Canute. to this disc now on the •> ny. t\\ sa!e. SUU^ Ur^-t. ^d blaclca. oxrovd ^e.. and ^Sill^^ri^t^.c^ of s.cs 16 yeara to -jr. bust, , , ^ aJoacl BLOUSES ^ ^aiaasiBSffl TaBAviaa SERGE SUITS Mwl $.5.1; now $18 t6 $25 HANDSOME DRESSES, $5.00 ^u,^ ^wAicrc <ti nn RRAUTIFUL WAISTS, $1.00 OIL/^V • madras, silks and Georgette crepe; A very terge ^^-rtineatJte . . ^ ta 6-c tadtted styte. a m«Unm weight, soitaMe for nor now sod BP to sammer. BEStEHBEK - FOR ONE that fovntcr prices ..ere 30 per cent Onderwear Bargains^ wnKJOaX.' m CHOICEST BAWmg^b: « 9 A.^ JAIJtFABT SfWH. AND WiESTBRIGHT^ WOOL SPENCERS .V uandier or -ore; comfo^^Ce would be hard jJ'j ^^P ^ pro^tion you ne^ Skttt ^Kt «itah S3 dainty and jSivcs: all « ri-.f Ot\ V,blCh haVO prin\'- \ ,,y fc--\ I -uli ir.orainK. »» Itn?:—,>cicellvi-s \\ •'•' , ru'lin^. •'•»• r.i.hn!.u.l HorwiBl. (liloua.y ^ ^Uiu inio Ihc i,=^„•7caV .. , p^rl.ifmiil to.. Pf-'o rltlo tl\' ho'.r- us plainly intli ..'omblnatlon. * OI\-\ throur,!. • lire. \t or wmia™ fc\. r 7i>r.\' wm, Prr'-adcnt JosUli NN- . ...plrton BUtio\ ^^ lo th\ IvinU to make a tor- . p.acu l,rf.V.hcd <l«WoJl> to any srtat olloat. USESRMORTO m SUiClDE U-o.tt.m.ler8 Complain of Poor Service Ui--t Nicbt and This MorninK COLMlTti H09( i iio (.mfeii liuiinvoivt i^i'i'ctcd liarkt^ry • ta- lur I.I tho Vow li.ul lntl luctjv iho dwi il.al tuUM 1.0«l.lta» Ut. mlin'J -0 ta imj tlil> 1,1 the raw (Illior Leather Manufacturer, Now a Prisoner in S. 1. Hospital. WUl Recover i;;;-;;;;;..'.\....... 1 in U... buthrucu ..t l\- .a, IM..,: i\ » JAIL RECORD Wj^fMOR Man Keturna front Eintira to Facc Anothei^ Theft ^ Charge '••\uoti. yount mon ute Item Man- b&iun. about ft mM^ thl. n,„nt.n„ .;< .\.nm^ VL- 1.0,.-. to ™nnlnr .11.1 - »• ,„,.., Tl.l. n .u\ in , \V1.. U on..' \t ., ' - uiii- I'uni liotih'. ctoatiu... «.>'.ou- ..(jD. ijxnRfril Hon. Il«<!«tV« (.aittMtuV twrcft HA nVtin t.. tuo WIUIRW ninth M .ho Six iin'n lAOKt lu tUo .o the low V UWr lart W .M.OV FO REVISE , I BUSSGHEDUMF dainty and \'tong sleeves; all col^l priccsI ol — TJ L 'aauot or m,mo ^[J^b^ th\ Ju.uce that E bolMlng, „5.inll« had itance ot tio . .i, tho .V., „acal.o fUD- a\partm»nt. A nKommwJf Vrntter cbil\- cloth thrown «rouna j^^^lt on P compartaient. » a. \ oi /^TTC 30 per cjent qrr_ TRIMMED HATS FOR CHILDKiSN to to 98 C Irom .oelnit ley .ere at on Iho tiltlcM cKorta to torcn n t^l ^^ 1 the .ido o( a.c lank Vai>nt. thtrc l«inK fcnt InVirumcnt In the vicinity I the loclc. DRESSI for liri^ tots save a tremend^ ^ Sizes 2 to 5 ycMs: pavy^sei^. ^ ^^^ ouTat $2.98; itid in wade and wWte ritef check, to out . _ $1.98 the loclt. . , 'o;!c« Captain •''nlllvan prnins he avKU fiirthor d«T«l- m.nii la th. ca50 nlsh ll. .ddlne tbat harglM* mly were ol-.hor IrlBhtroert ttW th.y found the job too IBOW » >k tor them lo cany out. jHODEI^D ITESTSVAUPIN * — Wm-MkM liMlli 18 lor me Egiatio bM IJ™. to SS. SBfej-r'\ ol U.0 tounu coutt. FIXSOLBIER'S , BMlhTS2,500 Issrai, jucroobwl. A Plan to •'^\'{oJSSSi Th. Mrrlc. l- SEWBEHKV3 TBIAJf, begins TO^ Oiand n»vM». TM WW ot Tmrornn H, - . V* UltCCvM Ph„a« West Bnsh^ and y.wr orders-will ccavt^tUcntis v^t .•.irc von 'TtU fSno s^datitce^ndEoner saver. ' ^jTOBt THAT SAmsTO? fl. laize «tore mcnt to a., sapretn. SS^iwSh r -— » ooTod to dUmlw S^IM \-T It tuitU tumtt •ion cannot b. -.4U from Ohto. — mxmm gtwiduia am owrtfc t»» GAS JET tBAE^I jianin rl»«i» SJJJKjs

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