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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, January 20, 1920, Image 3

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l^pniinHOUT THE cuurnt — — in ror \ wBsr bkichton COBiln- to w with « .loot. ca TlmradM W™\ J -o old Ba-Jer lio»o>t« a OB » w-'la Boa Ten B»n- 1 mead lead- PU« — 1-, OF A^RRIO U BSR, ^^^ CCNNTTJ 31X3. wmiarn Wa n of Ira » -rli-ias cr-m»ea aTrnne. 3. EBT^ ol oiri4^0ND THEATRE ho JI E^F OT \CrUKES stapleton PKOfii Tom»\>. Today and Tomotrow THE scEEEVi MOST vrr.vL PEUSONALITY THE SCIUUi^ =->1\-' — GURA KMBALL YOUNG -:,nrdinar} . i n the Entrancing DRA- Scpported lir 3 ^'Eyes of Youth i n Eiiih t Utautifal Acts The Mo.t Lavishly yu-^ ,£:irlln and Charl^ ThL-. Thotop'^y w;).EMC WONDEn ,„ VV and TI E-DAV. J VN- -6 and -7 Th« r.rentr^t Picture ..n Earth BLOOSIFIELD C. A- BI.UT. -Sio l^s ^ ^ 'COUNTM COUSiN' SPARKLES FOR ENTIREFftMlL^ -It's oulv s.n-\ - . n R.chirJ- aiakea tie ' , vav m a« Ut r .or vh. ..u-^ bo.u \\ - .or .b« _ , , - M>nrB mnnonl ..rott of tie dwtl\ <\ A asur e KnUht . ot Columbus on^e » u la W ^^^ the \^^VT^t^ii? \t^Te h her look. noser KEU,. .PBERE INTO A1 27Ui Division, who 1« now »» Therein she s«» \l e of the Ainertcaa LeSlo«- ot „ger ol ah ras e of , jear ot hetray -'ha t to ao .^Xt -rtll he best. Clara Kimball Vounf In ^^ ^^^es ^e ^f^rS ahk the Opiate of th e American Lepon- 'EYES0®H'A BIG DRAWING CftRD BTE.P.B . urge enlhosla^tic a<»I-ence= ^ .0 fSS ^hToS^ma ^^S —r!! re-a^-^; .-ranf .-Tn ^e- .^.^CHINERV CKEDTT cS^rv ?bT production -U' JIO.OOO.OOO Ualy ( rf at bo.b bouse, a^aln .MS afiei- ,oou .rd toniebt. __ and Belslum. has been s ^ •• Ey< 6 ct V. utL TU B BO\\ BMTI™' I F.M ^IjHEATREl TODAY \ IIARRY GARSON -vinat Vital Personality Offers the Scrcen s Most ^ A , CLARA HBIBALL YOUHfi \tYES ot YOUTH\ • . .nrnioil midst the heights of happ^ and Belgium. announce d •iranpe and Finance Corporation b of = Toung \ II. rTTTTTTTTTri II1TTITT' — '\ \ •liUllii I . ^ \ T^ X 1 K nV THEATRE P A L A CEj port RICHMOND Tronino's Merry Men A Joyful Joy Act BILLY K. WEU^ ^racrica-s Xotcl Comedian „„ I) WIS & WEST SAM SIDMAN & CO Sayings in .1 Comcay Playlet 5-oiis-. PhotopLiy Feature Extraordinary H. It. WARNEU in \A FVGITIVE FROM MATRIMONX ^ ^^ .H, o, \A . Coming Jan. 26 . 27 . 2S \ELSIE JAMS in \A REGUL.\R GIRL\ I- ,„rmoil midst the heights of happiMSB. The tal e of a sou l ® \'^^.ues of joy and gloom. CAST The depthsof misery, the CXT MILTON SILLS. G .\REp EXTRAORDIN ARY TNC^^^^^^^ COURTLEIGH. HUGHES. LOWE an d OTHERS, aii PAULIN E STARKE ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ the most lavishl y stagea n ^^^^^ ^^ empire comedy ^ ^ ^^^^^ „ Even.n, Ounng tb. . Engagement Evemng LOMLNI. ATTR-VCTIONS PERFECT LOVER-** OUV E //AVBITION- THEDA aXRA in -UUHe. - n.S I I I I I I 1 I I I 1 1 I i L IBERIY T HEATRE PRES. TITEO. ROOSE- VELT S-UUT -Tho.-ovsthlv Tvorth ,,hUc. I cnjoyei l e .sry i3;nalc of the p-iay. Its messa-r e i s real anJ nhotc- some-** Ail This Week THE . COUNTRY COUSIN THE SWEETEST LOVE STORV EVER TOLD. .V p!ay that will lin- j ! j-cr long the memories ot all who le; it. t U. I .WM • 'UBtUrRUSSE' A m UUAL HOLE , i. r v .«t ibe c.unto r; ^.r. a aancer. - he. -\.rirrr -u^irto be dism., .0 Vb. •'\.•.\\'Theretl.^^. lb« •-..r-lu.eiru'ntoldT-n.b.ana I n able .0 I-nve Oial to file success ot me 1.\ \ or cram. n. ^ ' IffJ' in F Vrom •TODAY See the Cameo Gir l DOLORES CASSINELLI \THE RIGHT TO UE\| Murfin Coauthor of \UUt AO A,ber. Cap.- - Co.,. j .. -r —this Heart Drama will Wrt; Uavishi, produced icirt and^MaUe you Th.nK. I ' ' In 0 Acts Cartoon and Scenic de Luxe ar^VANCE IN PRICES IRGK PWORD in iN VfRONd In 6 ACU written and Directed bjr JAWSES P-KIRKWOOD ^^ CHAW CHAW GREEN APPLES l^nan, tied your dothei w I ««1 •M.^ber when you were a ^-It/^'fu'^'ot^Hrn,.and tHou.h -..lUT^J^^ up ycu .icned you. I \ to the old home town. The R>B 0 « This picture will Love. ] O.DDED ATTRACTION . CON-EDR* DAODLINO IN SOCIETY\ .n = ACU FOK 3un.h,ne „ E WS y i„..»rrii ' y u Don't -waU- SATURDAY improvements. Price M.eOO. small is at hand. 6-room cottaoe. payment. ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ monthly. cash and.^ monthly. Price S125.00. ... „„, F.TAIP M^C.'IINE -M S Y,. JAN „.p„n, '-jj'jCi^J ^^CCERR SITUATION 1020 iVIAY iVIURRAY In the \A. B. C. of Love\ In 7 Acts I I SHOULD A..- H„h price levels virtually r;;-;';'/., ^ By IRVING FISHER professor o, PcUtical Econc™. Yale University t'lic't.ai'on o' 'b IP a cau.\!e of pvl's ' on.iri of ibc nn.> wh'cb p-lcei. rif... 1 pn%Tn-bt«—prices re.a'l). in'erfFl .-.r'ce on raoTif-v ard pal- Ey I t has charmed gen- nOOTn T.VR K ..nations it -Eany: A typiol ^NGTO N the spUit .Vmerica a p ay that ^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ j^-Lt-V N STREET ^^ M\NY \ I 1..1 >WV1E PERFORMANCES in e.i=bt acts. S ^^ I Auditrr::n..^nder^e rpU^StheC.^^ \beaths^. '•\S. « years. tlT Abbo.t t- .team . « « lion avenue. \^^J^XLE RL -SSE\ with THEDA BAKA jR0iiuitirntal Horka ll« neh»«Mid Awe. „-r;es\kn;i p'-om. .••o-l.vd every ;„rwcuM he in e.acMv Ibe r^ailvp W.l'n b. fnr- tb- In- Tb'. is. bo^^ver. I.rfr-,, bvine .be even ,be eradual pHc chan.;.- there I, tr^at \oc'il InluM'ce rerpe- ra.eT Tbl . vr,. eVdent durTS .JTe «\od C ta\'r.t ^ r'Z'Z ,„ 1S<.« ar d dttr'ns -h - he'or . the war. \^be price (li.e'ai.1'0- 1« »» rem ..Hon ^rv a. .b« whlrb dc.h'ed our Jim, b'b.nd others prr^ T'^ual r-bbory. C.re'u. Inv-P.'eal'o-, sbo- s wboi-sa.e ri.f of monev mm \. p-al\ pr'ce. 'ac sl'ch.lv beh'n-^ salaries, snd rpr.arA';\^ on.er cr of con-se do fot Keen u \ In th. r».dtn8t-ent which slo^ I . .«<-.. plsee \h-l \ these .\O ^ ,l„^l.h payments orerl.Ve It 'a In'e—s-IB* to And r^ l w .ecompM.h~t ar d most Xled ,dh.,.n.er. . .be the c-mn'a'nta. St^ \l lfr^;. \ l-h-t poraiwmy of occslcna l ren- to say that on the who e 1,-d'o-d. hwe been amen* thosa lairerlnl! the seyerest lo««.s W th.. p-cecl price upheaval. Hents r;.. bou^d -O be h'pn lor some \\ „n,bab!v on .be averas\ («« Mill inore l.ndler.<9 maKe the ad- ';u'!me;t, h'^ber .ban «• Vr-en' '\^rtar'S-ere ha , h...u litt v of a real price r-ce..ion. It ^Wd seem .bat builders need ^o tear a .real f for one. Tbe orly way the price Vul can be ma-erial'y reduc-.l Is « . r?..lc deftMion Sue>. \ s.ep ap^.m.Pts. The normtl a-ou't price of bu'ldins \bO'tT^J^ ill %em.' n b-rt . even thourh This seems to b- home out W B^n-e, ol the nitr-sd I^licr S..Hs>lcs. which shew a increa, . In -hu P-'fe- of bulie-n* n-a-eria's t~r the flr«t H V V n-rmths ft 1919 ••>»\ The m-ral is iPa\ fer lirod •he sake of p-oTld'ne bLt.inie tor the commti-Uy. the Tr^ord or hu'Wer .h^'d r^^ nl«. and accept .he f-c. of a hlih irtc .ev.ras pormsrent end abesd.- The Great Wa' p^^uco d a new price revotnUon. RidCTor- a & .VESumption Coun - cils y-cc t on Floor—Bo..u:d o l nircctni- s Also Mee t STANDING OP Richn..o:.d Cunc-.l 1 West Bfiilhlon Councl 1 1 Holy B. B. C....b 2 .KB ^ G.M«E TONIGHT Rlchmon<l \Council vs. Assum^ Council.- at Downey Club House. By TES FUV*. Ti e Poruc y Club Kc.ii3= promise to ot SrSin -ben the r.lcbmend and , ^^.Snsn ™ council -.esnis clash lb 'learue chOTPionship Esme. . , mrhSl-e^r'^^S-^^i-'occaitics Rtinnin, Thud-High „ . ,. Zt tb=t. =o tar .. the ^^^^^^ Averages Conl inuc t o Hold .. cobccruvd. 1'\\ itan the Sway (Jol«tl ... •vl at pronlses to supply most o. ...e „ tUour.h tbo m is,ui„|,.,... i=,..cral ..--hfr matters o! mou '\^\\\Juut l \ e leaOer. Jlru.Ue. or l.-roll.\-.' puce. T« o Bcl.ni>.bs alrl-.i^. ^ come the ^^f^tm are \b\ Cbam Bu.bnoll \riar -Si the ta\-- concerned bd.iua ibtm are „ brtcv r' . .^nfllrt .r. .he Oacr r. Auroras. rccoK^'brl r unUivi.lcl .-.•-U.nlb.n It \ cerl. lb to tbem .he seyerest losses . ^^ HORATIO J. SHARRETT Real Estate, In;urance, 70 Blchmmwl *»•.. LYON MOHAN COMEDY SUNDAY BESSIE BARRISCAI in r \Beckoning Roads\! In 6 Acts ADDED ATTRACTION ; ADAM and EVE A La Modf In 2 Acts of Mirth ^ Several And the Reel So Dilferent—Slow Motion. WM FARNUM In \Heart StrlrflS\ ^anche sweet in -Th. THEDA SARA in \The Lur . of Ambitioa ; NAZIMOVA in -Th e Brat\ \Uombardl Limited\ with BERT l^ELU ALICE BRADY in \The Fear Market. ^HE GREAT TRAVERSE In -Wha t - GLADYS BROCKWELl. In -Flame , of Fle«. FRANK KEENAN Hi \Brother. Divided oth. ^ J. STEWART BLACKTON -Th. Corcican Brothers- with DUSTIN FARNUM AND NUMEROUS OTHERS \Pl«« 0.t M.rri.d \ y<lth VIOLA DANA MAY ALLISON in -Fair and Warmer TOM MIX In \Th. Dir. Oevll\ ^..^ M .,- MARY MILES MINTER in -Ann. Of ANITA STEWART In -Min d th e Pain t GW -Errtvrhll. Su«.n- vrith CONSTANCE BINNEY IMPORTANT! All M th. \^SSaS tuw Ineoovenltnc. and money—WUF Riilim \^coc^r r.,;, o; the Icbcae, or -ill go tbe u:.dl..,iu..t-. The a- ^^-snbn^— - and-, i-\\ - :Uh ftll jj^j, 1. , rr '.J TO add W the i:l.. ;>bmlnnl t : in a. .„„lus on blpb t fly- \ . Kiivion J-i.s : ; ot ^-est UrUbton Slat™ ^ ,, . E. tbMo shnul.l r . • ibrUliiir b:..s:i<.tball .in -••t vo = cmlbcll. \d Snu; «Uh 190. came bo•.^vccn Assumptlcn am and Mcau t.» . Wc.'t IwiVb.nn ^a s Juot Az\ l.ln<-U ab^ I'\'- wa.d l.rMr. It' - m;.a tic. tltero appears lo ,paie p„r,ult. An- yttuiilon la I .n'el cVoie. Tobisht-sa.uartlo. bowerer in . b. \ to'-l. Ibe banner cro^-1'fia, I TO stiJ nar-^ Vll. Ch.h '' ° .on ' n Dowb.y .ame, ; « \ tram . a.id If , 1,111. >tM ift^i 10 ^cru^e to ci ^ indiridual banots am. I» \ .. . tn nioru 1 ore\ iaCS V day W l.inrV ... llartTnm lloS'\\r . . CowaD .. Blako ... Till' Champloo 111 juot one .t -Isht, «J>4. • i\roir»« ^ - iho IRl'J JR6. BifERT TIGERS ,ame, \\ ira m ^^ team The \^'^^o Xo^ih Bborr dividual „ aatu.a«T lourncy compiloi up standing of Teams \v. tilt 2f. , , , Team ..... s 1: 10 Vrcclabd. Bcrnbord Th i C11««T1» 5B0. awl th* ' itill . »t«<Il* 10 ;.ms. Attar irri J too* liuUudioR OVW ns m-sl .wo AM'1-.II.SC jamo, t.lu cwtuwlwv •y^: mii' liv vt ••jot 10- Liuck also l« -ibesconx ' SS6 II) a , .u-no«A- ibilur JS'J IIM Hllljor^\- 910 tiO S(l1 SH 605 SU ISO 1 ne for nine*..— Tlrcra ^bo outplayed at ^^ ^ staco o! the game. „._,„. Tbo llno-up. Tigers Jrs. (11 •^i'\-''\. I t I-\\\\ \\tncrtwm scoro: CrMCCUl—'Y- :o<,ltT«l» . N-el'f \^c .' Sherwoo-1 \ . Avcr.a..'(ev\-- \O\ . -E, Fl^*. Clarke n Wclnb Indivioua. ^^^ ^^^^ 3<R Mar. Harbor ccnlra l .-• ^^ ^^^ . .It. Name - , 1 G. Shoehan and nlnnlneham roarco ..•• ^^ -Wtlit » '— empirej^^ Beginning Satarday January 24th Scale of prices as mows: Evening, Adults • \ , Children 30c. 2Qc. The abo.« prices include Wor i;«,

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