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The Chateaugay journal. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1896-????, June 04, 1896, Image 6

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t> i> IL~ r *$ - T 'K.. \.MM 8 Sarsaparilla I»th*OwTru*BtoodPuria*r AJlantts**ta. f) Hood** Plll» earn all Liver Hi* » ctatt. The Ylotel Train. Nothing is more remarkable than t&e growth ol the flower Industrie* Jo IaHklas. Not auj yeai* ago lowes t were txvetmn laxrcries, only to be ob- tained in early *pri»g by tfaoee who «oaMaflorato pay fancy priow; now anyone may poreaase is Uw »*r*et* lor* penny tie most lovely flowers from the Seilly Islands, Holland so d , the south of Franc*. Every flower at* its allotted week or fortnight while too rash » on, the jonquil*, the aye* ciotha and the violet*. Jaat now vio- let* ere in fail wing, aad every day- three trains U*ve the *oatn of tranae Cor Pari* laden with them. The tr*ia ernien reach** Paris at 5 o'clock in the morning ia the one whieh eupphe* the French capital; the bardea of the other two train* ia dispersed *B over Europe, bat more especially to Eng- land. The violet* are collected all along tho Mediterrsoeao shore*, are packed ia little wicker work basket* and *ent off by express train. The eu«t of transport is si the rate -of a penny * poaad, and eaeh track •contains between foar and five ton* of violets. Here in London the flower- girl* sell them in the streets from their baskets, bat in Paris they *re sold from little carta at • penny * bouquet, and everybody bays them, heedless of the fact that they are the Napoleonic •emblem. A few year* ago anyone who wore • buttonhole of violet* wooid have been pat down as an ene- my of the Republic, bat it shows how dead the idea of a Kapoteonic revival i s in France when tstetj man in the •tieets wears its badge withooVa&y -4faeega*~of-iilw-pretender across the frontier. Otherwise, the utter dislo- cation into which parliamentary <rov- ernment has fallen ia Franca might, eoapled with the wearing of the vio; lot, have given rise to hopes for the restoration of the Empire.—London Globe. One of the great amusements of Bos- ton in warm weatber is riding on the electric cars for fan and air. The practice is go extensive that the lines advertise their attractions for the par' pose. Eobert Dixon, of New Tork, is the second person rtrthat city who has be- some insane through worrying over the cathode rays. . Iplsg loss of life 19 ill Around SL Louis, MELANCHOLY WOMEN. AFRAID SOMETHING DREADFUL IS « GQfffS TO HAPPOTT~ gUlflBEDSDEIDQRBYIM, A Whirling Cloud of Death and Destruction. Orawt Temadae* Sweep Oot «r ta* Xorth- wast, Craaelwc Lower SI. baals. and FMImM *y naml s*d ttt*. DMrar _ •*** of EM Bt. Losta—Th* MmO* •tttdc* rarttmUjr Wrmtmd— Woe* After Black at B***a* Cnulwl by Ik* Stetm -•flaadxad* a* ramfliea Had* ««•» la a*.aawr. aad ^\^ trmta*(HMHMwse i w«rtlMU«h^BMtm tuaatsa. Ta« -i«ef *f taa as ' ~~\ itewacaaadttonwaWI***** \ • Xtaiv**tb* k*t no*at taa 1 ttaraaf *** «a«a««a»*^*a<tl*aia» T** erowd bad gon* to a* «*a •»«*• W**»*Ky, aad only toar men w*t» killed. Taaars/ory at g*r**t*e*th aadJWa*' strasts waa w**a as **TlS8f p.m.«w la^wlrtshl^esaaa a few a ttaa, heiaa afresh, and Ml iAt*v*nt*. Atao'elocktba ***t*ra say was aisaaawtth taa Ugh* at few* ta Cast HJWh ta a .metal roof of the Mseeaaats* E****«* wa* ratted up like a eeroH and M ] tela the T llllllll»l*|M» l'l I The LootsvlB* and Xeshrlll* «a*t-bouad toeat Bajwsejwr tiaia baa last isaatwdXast Ot, loot* when th* Mom straat. tSectry. The train was overran**}, bat atfi*e*l*a*lr oajy a few paassnger* were injarad. - The Ofem** snJ Alton east-boacd kxfti t^sBtmmk which i#n au i#«**t s clMt wasoo the *•& *t*a ettaa bride*. •^^t-^sy-jM 1 t*»r aattj nana, Mwfsa^ *a4 ****** ***«e** »p «MT, • K*a*»*- CWf. Jfen MagMI.- tmttk, Wg£- aoipa Cesaty, »t^mty»fmmfjm. adwaooa awl ******* nantta*jsawMW. UkbwtK He-, was also o*ftiw|«d.-' Ta* fa*. sea* wwia\'a«i*4at tis* 6p*r .»***•« Cawaao, May «L~Ta* t«i^ naajd taroasA 8oota*ra IOtaots sad «•«-*> •traeaoa e* w a tan** <«t«a* of twrrwonr. 9«w8*4*a 1* i*iw*«saMlw«w**iaa«ai|r desttorad, and s*4*nl Bvai mm J**/?** * paeseaa*** report** UH«1 aad tWrtj to- Jartd at »* » abdrJn, saattwast *l ©satiajto. n« »UJ*«s at Betas a*4 Ota ware^parttat* ty d«#lroyw3,aad wmal p*w«* kttwt It IsaHlaiatadthatl^ravw bar* b*« la* tn Caataa, WwlrtafUw*adJ«ltaria*Co*«iO«, «*d «*«t uaoaat «t lam vtaf^ty destrov* % A <u#p*te* from Ceatiwtl* «v*» a*w» of ihstorasdosoeadtrwortc at We«B*rv«l», which kw>at» ofttMtorovnctl;. Thaeoas- 8t. Locra, Ka , lUy IB—*. Look gmspt la tne sbadow of * aorror naspeakabt*. From end to end it is • ettjr of wreck and rein, from end to sad itissdt r of ta* waaota* wiodfMsedtlwear* ap andt«ra*l May's *tatt«a *»d .taaeste* *«wps irero tsem over <m tWr *«4«i. Ta* Iron spaas t*»wa ton!****, *^, •«*»** SJ*te«» **>tif sad ««**»*n»ldtheeaalifamtep*ttaslaw 1 t*j»andaoa«*tersidowa. Jf*<***$**£.* ta* tt«*, H» fe^t b*W. Tft*pM»ih*t*» wMat ^rf«* *«^**T^ fc ^»f•?& war* throw* into * confused m*as! Ttwwt- *» M\«t. •« * -»t» «*W*w *»ri»a#»y la- work ol wires mad* reiea* dileait aad d*a la»A »n sjf' iwa lp*> cerfios. Tb# «act *p*a of the aaat fcrid** t* | ~»il«~ll»»»j.\ «i«Iw«»* •o t»d*y w^dsed that It w>U tit».»arw d*y* TWO fligVf W^JQPS. tu*Jk.w rmta* (o pa**. _. . ._.'._ •; < CH* P I**« »*Caa* aaa Eart «*t»a*ttt* Ufttaaia* stra«k tae StamUfd <M! Wo*fc» , ca*»«» a* ta* a*ta«ii«t». and flaawa w*re soo* paarUijr f»w**'-do*i« I • < *-«\*\•\ * T ™* \\•\\\• botlatnes. Tb- Ea»t -Hi. J^uUFlre IXrpsn- l Cnsrk* C. UeCtim, D. P., with Brv. Earl Mt tijttttii j j»vtri*i to«i* niiiti w q,^^ ataetwl Wttop of ta* 3B*tfto- area, *ad it was fawad that aaarfy **« *attr» v^-,—-»t <jk*»* « t«u. O«M1 f «a. bartaeas and * jtreat portion of taa r*»td«ae* ^ Ep**wp*l eaarett at ta* Oenewd C«»- •eetlon axakt b# dastmyed bv names, U «o«: f«wo*» ta • devataad, w*s tw a ta atb- afread; rafaad bv tft* wind, amoaa ta» m*. Obto. Oetetw* II, 189*. Hu alma mai»r prto«tpal (wiidtas* Already ia rata* are ta» it th* Ohio V«t*syaa trattwrtay, la 1M9 3iati«B*i Hotel,ta* Standard OU Works, | tsti |,na«<l th»Onto C.)ahi»»a^. Attn* fera**- East St. Loots Wtw Sail work*, tit* CrwMwnt 1 tag t%tn ot in* war a* wa* msdw casptaia o« Bavator, Heart ehrrator, all fr*t^j caput* \ ta* it&S Onto ¥otaat.««r Infantry and want sod ttore* and ratSdeeee* on. tS/t. Cinr **» «ua ht» lagtAMat to Vtrelota At ta* battle »»- •' ef Wiwneswr, in Jan*. l«B. anile carta* Tfte damac to the pttkpettr in St. Lcttttis tot tim Wfjaadad, a» wa* tafcea *rta»*r aad esttmatad at *1,»X>,CP0U, aoJ he to** la East Beloretfe* wartrloMd mm BY wUnuptt tha..Tnwtfiit IVasf* to^Stfi ft* THE OBLIGATIONS IT PORTENDS tm« at tt* .tteaaa. A* Bar*, As* lav ta* Itaaaflt -«* 1-wraV «r rnvata latveast* urt WHM T»»l M nbMkrt* t tMtn ' r»t*r**ti»ta — *at.fc*rt*atta* a* C*m» tns«-* for athMMpi a ITaalaia* \^y- aJwa sHaSHHa ^ _ „„!§#* T*s aaaaw aaifdaiiaiti «» tfca L, yjiJuSL-^MawftS at ta* WilaJfai^ikWww* T |iwai*'l »• fltaanaUt Msml w*y| ST. LOCB AtT>TT0Wt7M. (Bolit for the B«nabl!eaa SatSsnal Oooreotioa woieb wlSl t» a*!*! Jane }«. Dt:a»nl!t»s». , maa Keren* *Bjm the daouwelt bas nwwlT*! wU! n»t lat-irfer..- with tb*«*»*tag.) Bow a LtttU Babf Girt Boiled the Chrada Away. Of coarse a vroman vrill naturally see the 'dark side of everything when tortured by some form of female dis- ease, which her doctor can' sot or does not relieve. N o wotider sh e is melan- choly when head and cask ache, ;yaiBS ran \tnxongh to e whole lod y and loiaa, nerves. ere weak, s.omacb out o- order, di g.stion l»or, «;nse of tullnesa ard near- i-g-down, poo r alaep and appetite, always weak and tired, irregu lar menstruation, whites, etc. She probably is not so fortunate as j to know that all female ailments are indicated by these never failing symp- tom* and are controlled by Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound; all female weaknesses quickly disappear by its use. It has been the thinking woman's safeguard for twenty years, and all druggists sell large quantities •of it because it can b e reliedjupon. Still another woman speaks: \ I wish yon would publish my nama with your testimonials. I want every one to know that your^'egetable Com- pound has made me well and strong. I sing its praises all the time. When I was first married I was very weak and had feaiale troubles badly; Oh, I was so weary, sick and melancholy, but the VegetaWej Compound built nie up, and now I hafe a dear baby girl, and I am so happy.:!!'. No-Koine is complete with- out a deaf', little bkby and Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to roll th e cloqds away.\—MRS.-GEO. CLAUS, 35 Panforth St., Boffalo, N. Y. „ • - x r a t-aa If you\accept a substitute, you nrfjfstno|4|pss because iticoVas good as genuine r HIRES Rootfeeer. dead, A tornado, terrible In Its fury, te- tneastEiabla in its dsstracttTvoeais, struck the ettf at S.1S p. m. resterdny and for .hall an hour it racked and trembled ** M * giant' ear.hqaake wtrre tiutkiag the eartn t«a»a:h tt ft came from tbe. »>«tb, wb«re it •contKed a vm»t extent (if wniairy aad tt wroagnt onpr<»ed«n>ted havo« m,fthta -rity. Two totn-tdoes, one *|re#pins dowa from Mobariy, yn.,totar4Jbp>-Sintth*a*t aad th» otnsr'sweepiaa «ip,frDwi;Hw southeast, met oxer the Hi3^m^^LMvw,M St. I^'jnt*. I^t rtotms seom«d i%$i\m-Mc?ek td4 dnUtttea^ aad destruction. Ssaf jgt, iroaif, on tn» tilt- aoissl<leo(tti*rtr-r,rafwith*«•)»••, a swath sweral blocks witte b-iajf cat thronjcta tho bean ol thai etoj. The lower part ot St. Loali, on tbe w«««m bantofjh* riv«t, wa» swept throaga and gnat baiidimjs w«n> levelled as though thay were built ml straw. In East it Loots there ts 11HM <S&v.bi that the smsber of d«ad was %KI, In St. Louis K resicbed 110. 1100 were hsrt in an 1 near St. Loai*. in East St. Loat« tbe toss ot life wast creatBst ft is fartousiy p!ac»d at from t»9 huiidred to three hondreii. la St. Loots tt is known that many w?n» fcilio.). Latest-reparts compiled from tbe scrim i>l dostroetttHi la tbe tbra* Siajiwjijmt to the Ion* ot over 500 hunan iivws. Tbe disaster appeals to be the jrreatest tn* country fia* fentiwn since tbe Johnstown flix>>1. There are reports that ebrhty ncnool chil- dren were killed at L>rafc«. lit., aad that forty perished at Bush Bill, Ho. ; The property loss runs Into millions. It is placed, from eyoksne, fire and flo^d, ia Ea« 8t\Louts, la, at two adldont an.l » bail ot dollars. In St. Louis it wiil be four miilion^more. TheXiggelt St Myers wreck buried twenty- three workmen utder Its da^rts. Only thru* deaths resulted from tbe City Hospital wreeit. The Bepubilcao ConT^ntlrtn Bdli u injared but ilttie. A week's work will repair it. Seiren steamers were wrecked by the storm. Tbe number ot dead they carried down is not known. Denplte the flood of rain which followed the gyration of the winds, th» electrie Ittrbt wires ignited the rains evenfwbere and the destruction was increased. The sironts were so littered with debrts tbat tbe firemen wens unable to render assistance hi nny dlteetion, ev«-n if th9 water work.? bad not uready been dertroyed by the cyclone. The' great Eads bridge, aoannla# the His- St. Lfsuis tS,0Oi),«3O. Thwre were really two torB»4o«». Oae earae toa-- ih» north »e»t and the othw^from tc«. dirett **sL; pufh met on th« lUlaott *h>» ot th» Mte»a»4p|>t Biver aad Join**) to a wbirlhorrlond of death aod d«Mractijn. Tb'- Ibst »f dead '0 !&. Looi* b beyond prewnt AMaitaladoa, . A iawte se«ioo of °ife* ffjsy J^dl blew down. The two buntlrwi prteoaeis were «x«nt»ta(r at tbe time, but itwy w»re toi» frtjrbfeaed to aitempt to e*eap«. Th« poofheww, »Twal .-ni'.tm from St. Loals, was daouwed by lire and many loTiatia banted. Th« East S*. L.jati Water Work* w«re tkatroywd;. Tbe levee was p*r*\d with rwopte wftt'R the Mora raired Berowt, Kraptag thruusb the tarkne»e aad eapsrly unptttrtoK Jntor- tcation frota U>v&& »ae» on tne river. The Afinoaetatkia Cbttnfh at Jdrth «*i Lasatle streets wa* totally 'Wtroywi, Fatbet Read, the ] a*!or, WHS fatally Injured. Mkt-aei Dawes, a driv.-r, w« biowa (mm bl» watf>ia In the *fetaitf''aad Instantly ksllwl Th* middle *t«a of the roadway above th# rait- roal tracks on the Eads Brldga <ra» blown eoopietely away. The Itaat Sour miiis and tbe work* of the be was asked ti)rfcTtbe Chrutia* Commit- *km. aad otad* the t'«tr of th* cntat rttl»* ef j tne ItKpirMia ptesdlnir\ for th»l unrat m»as». ! lu*l«a hewasaatloanl at P-3rtawo«th,OtU->. In 14K bo wa* taa»i* Oefwsarv Air«ot of fei* • ! <HH>far>-(K* aad (ben ol tW **t», ta S!*S i tJj® Uoart of Chureb Extension eal!«d hi* - tatt. th<ar *tmim. Tbey wwew ta d*^» aad | crt{-pI»«S tor want of B»«»»O#. 0m *t.*!#*«n Irtars sf Bars, bis time and atrNucth to ! rbis* work, and dariot *bat rttn* nearly «*> j kjKKUtHS of worrtslp w»r» »l-5wl Mpfj eststaoe* ) by (tt* Board, taa loaa land trraw lo fcai' • I rail'loo and t h# aanoal l»ec«ie t#«tw vtSO.- •59. la !»• the Ow*prai Coaf*r«ntw *l*jtat j htm MUsrtosarjr S««?r«f»ry, in wkieii p>atttoa j aw did mfmt «(f«ni*« w»rk. la l*«* he wa* _, » , , . ,. , „ . eleetml *wi*sr Sst-wtary ot ti»>» Xi**t<taary St. L»ul» I^>B asd iNw»t Company »H4re4»». t^s^etT 1 *troyei. and thw bi« Cuppi*i bhx't of baSid- T!M , a» r , g,-! Cratwtao, A M , I>. P., i* a ,a g» wa» paroaiiy dem jit*beJ. native of Ath»u, Ofttr., au-l a si«t«i.«»j gr%,l. Tb« flratew-P^roeoil wa w«v» .iottj»>y*.l allB e4 tfef , o»i., foim»«y. H« had an b^o- b* (Ir*. <<a 1 biiUdiop ta atml P«!W>U4^' 0 „ hf# „ lf rn v ,. m th« Fn'«« Array, a»,t !»r city burn*! all night. . t westy«B« year* i*6»^r«i 8n the ttfnaraet , The total numtwro. tatniiha wh\*rewl!&- > a [ ; ,t*tr», itt re*f« of whk»h tvriod h« s»«* out BO-B4S, and \vboweverj\ arllorf ot^b!»uw- hold eff*s*s sn a went *wa» by tbs iter™, U \rartonaly estimated at frosa SOO to W»'. !l : will be s»»erai day* before a complete and j trostw'orthy 11*\ eaa be taal\. ' I The Bataatom aad Ohio sod ttandalia j rottodb;aaeji, the Stan lard Otl Wort*. £**t | St. Locis and Creseeat el«rator»,aa>t* d->*aa ! fr»ljfbt houses were rnajrbt tn tb>? rones ot } the cyclone and rednwd tO'dwbrts. Ftv* ' hundred freight ..-a r» ar» «atd to bare uq^a blown into tbe rsV>T. Tbe great Eadt* brid^w ca.* twlst«d *n oat of shape and mad\ an utter ruin. Pr«Urht cars were toasmi to and trst^itatabiei Ibto ditebes, diitea somstioaes l&tw-Jbw fl#l.w tr.aay roxla from whvre they *ttm>l. Thn prsat Vacdalia rreljrbt ho**n !e:l in a !:*>»(> of utter rata; aad thlrty-fl*e teen wbo had tasen retu«w in I' were baried boaratti the ru!a» and their iivpg crushed out. Horn* of the boilea fcav« b«a got out, I^TO anu tnanjrl''I'beyoni lhe powers ot •!r»rtf>t!<,H. r LlSltett and .W#yer\» bta tobswo tnaaufae- tory. tbe Urjccst in the West, a«njrd>iit to the latest report waa wreokexl totally aad llj^ ftmMt«?. J»»' | . 'T>r*atd«etC1«v«iaad .•tat to ifce B io*? of «>pf««s*!*ttta* a »**- sagflvetotwt tb* ftitr*r aad Harbor MU, ta whtdkB#savs: •Ther* ar* *1T items of approprtwtea ean- iat**T ia'tal* M«, and ***rj part at th* -ountry U r«pres«a:id la the dtttrthotloa wt nttorotf vlt .dtiwrtiy *pprof.rt*t*» eep»«d** l« the taasdtate **p*ndiiar* ot aaarty *!*,- »W,fl«forriv«»*ada*rbor*tjr*i This-sasi is in addition to *i><s»«stt*M«*» eoattttaad t* another Wit for «=».a*r f«rs«Ms» *t«o«atlsf to a Ktiia ami* taaa »a,<K» > a«, whv* haw tinady nara lavotaMy emi*d*iw4 at the pnawnt «««at->a of Cea<ra*a \Ta* retail Is that the «w**»tM**»l bwaa- Siata et f *a<jtnj«v lor the t#set* flmattonad *mo«ot ta afeoat Wf,a»jeR •*A »ofw itartttaiE t«*!aiw-of thf* WU %tt* awaorttailoo of eoatrasts far rlvmr aad tsar- tMrwork**'3uafto*to»fi'raitUMi*«t,*l»,i»n. fhiuah th«f»*ra>»oU!soi!wi*K«satr»et»ara ta *«t «WHW *• dMrt»«i*d thai th*y ar* te- h* mm ttr fatet* approprtettsiM. OMwataaa &jmjmw tMraefrattatatwia^adad lath* lirws* »pt!*oj*rl*rt>.«a» aaww taoatMajnA Ot sa* rwaaataderaoairiy **),«a.«S) will rati «ttt> Jartnjr the a*e».s jrasr wading Jwaw 1KJ. t*n, ind anion*** see****** Nala tb* yaaj* tt*» aa«Wai«lf**««e«diS(if. l> 'A f«rw #oatr**t »* t as* ea.ar»rt«r. aath4rtcj<d catar pmvtam ita«ai*«, *re««!ll .wumfaitJiast, aad m *&#_ ^mati on «b*a» mm* than l&AOMW «arth**^^>pftat*di*ttk*ttBtn^t*s*fatar«< -'tt, therefore, ttl* WM hMKMaas a fc*w,-*fc» ohtt*atiw« ««jeh wtH fc*» te»aoa*4 «* «*<* I fk>v«rn-j>«at, ta£*th«v with «» apj»rij.r»»- Uoa* nad* tout imtswdtjae *a^«adWar«', «a •eeeasi ef rtvet* aad harWm. will aanjatit to about «aB..0W,?«J. Sm «• tat* *B, Th« bill dtrvetp a*!»*r&as »»r**)w and wtaastae- ttoat whtea caanwurt*:* *•« w«rt aad farthwr e^strae!*. aad wfc£*a |«fl*ad lartcvSy Saseeaased «spm4»tare!« aad o*>tl«*tto«*, *\Th*r* i* so «r«»«ad to hop* that, ta .the fan* ol fMcM*t*at and rrowtna d»a*nd«. ta* u»meaM of «pj)j-.:»j>ri«tw>js» tor the «a*8s* *.-b*aw» n« *>T*r>*J by oi»tr»cr» wilt bw re- -taeed er *r»o rvmaia «*«V>aary. for th* &•£*! year eadtac Jo a*- *M*»J, »v* appro- pttsttona, t««*ts»«rr with (h* taatahwaata «n r..tsrr»jw whK-b win tali da* ia that taar, «ta hardty t» Una than t*J.«».«B, aad K raay reariMusMy b» appndMaded th « tb* prwralewt uawwry toward iaenawnd es- l«»dit»re» dT Iht* sort, aad ta« «a«*«l!5>-»c»l whteh p«s«twsa«d payments aftwrd for ertr*»» *«»n>-w, will lKerr«» the bardea* *h.»rsw- able to thl* arccaont ta *a«ec««Hae jnara, \In »{*« of ta* obSigattoa irnmm£ *j»oe « * by the Cosatttnttoa St iwwsss to en* >I»K* eiear that I naiy dlaeitarse a duty t> em* eaopie wft«a I latarponw tay 4»»*f>{>r4.if*l at the s«lirt»l*ttoo i*rctfv*ml . \Maay «f tft* objactji (or whleh JI tpw*- Prttt««, («st«Ho noovy am not r^atwt t/> thr pa&tto wwlhwat, aad asaay »>f tb<m at* -|«l-' paMy (or tfe* heaalt of iimtled k$<safat«a, «* la aid of ladlvtdaai tawrwnv, **1 tiam fr^-m oSelsl ac|ar«M tftat the?* at* aMKoprUtbiti* e«*tata«d ia tho biH :~ pay ww wuf* wfeieh ettvat* partlet &*»« •etaaily «rwl with the> Ooveraatoar r» d-, •a e«»rtd«r*«»6 of thatr wftsttpaaey <s» pwh. dopropertr. **! »sn eacvtawad that ta» hiii ttam aadsw . »u.«f«*»nat^o op«Ht tfe* way to .tss4dt#»» tad InowMrinff aktimk, aad » la Jtwlf m ex. ftarajcafit a* fa be «f-«.-UsJr attr«i««d I,J a«w> tia « »f dryresas if <sa«taawi aad n»«!j#- ttm dtsa|>p«4st8>effit in {bz-tvrtaa-ttt nmtaist*.. Tht* eonstd*rwl(oa t» «Tftpb**u**l hy ttjm pr«i«xwt thai the jcjHi« trw*Mjry WJB twean- (mated with mtmr meptapttKtla®* tsjula at lb* pr«M>w *«i«S«a of CVtajtrra* atwmatlaa ta ssore (ban *5WJ«»,a»? \t batteva a« «w*t«r d*ati«r .enatrtmt* *« as a Stat*»o than <&<• uafcsjspy 4«n*de«ew •toiMi «at psopi* .'>f «»>»u-ia« aad trUK' worthy it.*** and aflWloa tot oar (0-i*«*i>- ta«»s, as tb.* <-3»!;«j.itTD sat ot tbe fetjrheM aiit txwt *»plrats<'3« >.'f btuaaaKy, and imut a* taw Ctrer '-f ifilt*. asd h«ra«M* it* tal*»l>» t* ift* *a**ree»«M ^f »-s*h Jastflme and njualitr. iEd n-it th» aiiowaaee at aaAtlr f»* irtttur.. Merstary Ote*v raessvM tafQnMttQw, 1 iiyt**^ tew**** aittst ta a tits OriT*ri»as>ri i<ia*sf_ Tha i>*w*tal IMMaaew Mil wMt MM th* Won** 'hat b**a anoat isnaJtlaw. ^wa^w* aaM -Mff^R^^Mpat ww»w wai p*fty^wlw*y wf #aopt vt^tii tea*. : '' '•'•_: _. F. Wawh, of 1 ^wiielMi ibn WaKW\ w*jS*ap, ^» j . t» h* «««*»*T ** t»i* fWiei 1 acats* tor aw B*M«ra Oi*tr(« of fililwa fa**, Jnfttt Of dyi5fclNw#|* .Hit ««3 * * M wot* or va* iaawa tmm. CHAa Waa, t*MS. sa fflsraltwd m %t BnMwwaSI It Vtetodat.-tau naetaaatftl U Baston, ...la 1* Ptfl*Nyr«.I* t« ,niir .MI ___ . .nil' ^n Att f'saia«\nM W ' .fit J*w}4H,, Lowia.ll it JM .M* j^MttevOla.i 9 JM Sdwto R. filler, es-Hayae at PMiadsSaMa aad a«*4 el Hi* w*tt<*a*wa in* at aaMagt Bttaaasth Wk Starti, jww*^hif^*jsjaA*iii(^lii' of Oomai Jtafc* Start, d»*4 ta Jtmrn Kata*. •etra, Tt* Jtoajtowm K Harit*. * p»e« heat, wait* Mae tseeslwd at S»*ttK:*t. »*•>*» f*. ta* earn* ammaaajgaaht* and was ****, *a4 twa Ta * ^waiaytiwiaa fiaaaew* ASHMKttary, Is f*nt»t*..*. f. , *4}«ftitMMl alM r adepna*. *a »U»» aad (»<^«nan*ltawa tfcata—.y 4»<ilai .J*TW»JW ta tk* wtwtClJBI* iha f Xotptare* pe«tMt*t*4 ptshtte t (M*aMm *y':'; Th* it*w t«t% itat»<aivtt «**•»!*» Cwawir, *Mm ma thw Mataa* 'i**«4*J wraal* aad whSBt, 9Kt' -•b**jpm*** n ta* ewawaoiv* *ta», * J aafjtaffi^r wa* t»**«»8t*d »aj,\riat»awwl *«Pab4« »I««K>I* a* Jbrsifww CKyhyfti Uoarl of £dw«*XSea by a *«** at t* ta «. TVM^hadMt>XMr*JCd«f»ew»<*laCtMa. i*ad. Ohio, adj-vsr**! itaaily. Swrtd ¥<taa«, of 0**0*4 Ooanty, **l**,lt nia«*y-i*'j t**j»«l4 aad t* »«» eqtttattt aww MI ot tenth. If«i* r«*Hw**l»tir a*\**** aad acts*. isa4tt«..wtia««(ataaM** eadAwHf ' a*A of tb* west* »t»:>*t hat ibrtft, TW* octaMMt •«»{•-r j* th* CinwtJtiii'lea *f the »>;*& at <\«;« w«* «**»»» frosa tt* fait at ItadJava %«*«• Otrdea, !tv» tcw» Ci<v. aad * mrard «•? ttt89 -wa* offwwd fa* »ss» r*et»**tT_ * Tb* Bv»'. Sa»4»-i A. Item was H*mf»< ft»«s ta* T«ft»v*l*# i*«Nftaf*w«tfc!«*! Chare*, «t H^rwtea, C-.-«a , ,'«•» aJMWud *jNt*»ot •» wit*. Tfee flMt par*** ** th * Mm** Oaaata* !>*• partaaat \ws^fe-T* *t ** * T«rk £try was tavtawat by -Maria* Strsaa, _ Ta* Saw.Tort, Caart at Aft**!* at ABwry . AsehktwA la* Kataw* leant* Tax \«*w to a», jwantttntwaiitai. J'.fca Haji, a ««t»s»aa ««IhaWagl *v*aa* ' ' \I M*4, .was kiiW at Jha l»h *tt**t jta» tn-n. l .Xew Tert Cttv. whlJ* amasptts* h» •are a draaian maa's ill*. A toad of tlWi.TV' wa* ratted W Ntaa H^jdtUit Co*wr*y at a av*e*ta« la Batti- tea**, M4, TtB»CaJaa.A»*rseaa ««tr «•> «pm*& *a** ewwfhlbr ta lt*4t**a t^aar* a-»rd*a. Rev t«t%0Ky. • ttr*. HWry»atw-a^^»44M<»w», Co**,, «* «bot t* b*r bwBK tty a uaatp waosa ska aad twfe* ttttaed aw*». tofrf>ntiPi w..rk lo tbe J^}.sy KoantalM be- fore hl» .'l«'ti;.a to the a«en<ryo( ibe finem- Batl M.'thndljst pai.lWiltMr bouw. IJ- ha» bad mti.-b (••> do wttt) plaatins tb«i t< :ac»- tl'iofli W\rk ,(the ehureh la bis <_' fnfer-tvw, and th..\-iiw lor Methodism in its m iua- tains an 1 iti plain*. MURDEflEO SIX PERSONS. -t bop« f tsay b« {Mwiattiad t* *a«r-*; at } tumtitm. Jfesat^po* »#r*fiaie'*t th* Mart® Cam'*, Bavaaa, Cuba. Bp*atshtW{»t»C^&a«r*ai»rs#at «^tser> dettae aur s*vs*H\ -;tu*«u mA (auttit*!- inc tb«tr WJKif ts the prvaeaot o< their a tire* wfc«>a the tew* of Ooverwnt*** hn.t$d* !•> t^atntsfs IS* ?r*tH and StMUxttai «-.»dit.s ot tb«? «.-.aotrf is a **»•}*«« of crttJetiraj tbat the eocimrc* prortdad tor In this S4it re&sui crests ofettgatteas of the l\«s(t«i Ktas\* a»otMatnrfto #**,«»,«», so U-m ht*dm«; than Ms boads for that tuts. \(taaraa Ctrntu*. \Esacrttv* X»5tvM*. Star t9, mm, • Th\ veto »«\*»«»'• wa* r*i4 io t*» S'l**' and referred to th» Cosntlte« *o liiTcre »s. I ftarb>xs. ST. .LOCIS EXrOSITIOX EdLDBt a (The fatnons structure, where many National Conventions have met, tadiy dan.a~« Toraadata Mlawrart. Tweuty-Sve ijv»i» to*t t* tbt? cstiaAt* oft'J* fataiitiej^feiitlsi; frox, a ternado aad «-te«;.$- bnrst which #tru<»k Seneea, It A. Th* tatar ttwnt>er of hniidia^s wiere wreeke^, an.! a number of others w**» *wnrt tenia thHt (ouadattnos by the 4eiu««. The storm a!*> rtKlted Swoaho, Mo., whorw V. R. Wf»d wa» kl!l«l Ail (b* stream* la ftooihweatera MLwourt had been Sited to their rapacitT, and tbi* «nddea mndus wiil rilo tb.vn*su<rt* ->f merm of gtattt. Many tarater* boaw* are reportw! t>V>wa oyer, aod the water co»er» a vast are* ot t*ed~ .\ \Bfi**** romnrn; R«*d. Mark H. (\Briek\) r.^tneroy dle.1. sudden- ly at hi* hoatre la Br wklyn, S. T.. of bears failure. For svr* than tony yars '-BricK\ Potneroy was k&owa ae • newvpaper imo and a poit«<?l»a. Be was bora Mrtydhp^ . vrto* ajfo at Lawren«>Ttlle. Tiotta Count >, P»nn. He w<« *ueeea» with the La Crwinr ~( : W*') I>«co!\rat which, undpr his m*3*r»- (nent, reacaeda cfrrolation o'tX.'KQr->pi—, Be then mated to S*w T^r* and wt>»*t)'«r- ?trtad In variou.*~«chem«'that t?ave bias u\ totiety. - . v . PI SO S CTRL Ban Ctnijb Srros. T««t» Good, la tins, got* by &rvt* 1»t». C o N °-11M aiiifwi FOR OS* sissippl, was partially wrecked and Is Uttered with tbe wrecks ot trains and wagons, with killed or injured men and horses. Hundreds of families are without homes and every article of household use was car- ried away by the storm. The steamer D. H. Pike, with thirty pas- senger* on board, bound for Peoria, was blown bottom side np in the middle of tbe river and a number of persons were killed. The steamer Delaphlo. wtth a crew ot BIS and twenty lady passengers on board, was blown against a bridge pier and broke in two. The ladies and two ot the crew clung to the bridge stonework, and were rescued. The Laclede, Planters' nnd Liodeli Hotels were daiiwured (twatiy. An express train on the Chicago and Alton was tipped over, nod bridge. Oneued's furniture Store, nt Broadway and Soulard, waa .demolished and sis meu are reported killed. A. saloohat 60s Sontb Beventtjjgrteet fell with nine -men in tbe ruins. V 8t. Patrick's ChutcH, at Sixth nnd Diddle streets, tell, and the debris 11 lis the streets. The electric, railway line in Xiiirt^d out, as well sa electric plant. • • » Fourteen fire alarms-weqs> sounded with- IOM of life there was great. Twenty dead bodies and mnuy wounded have been recov- ered from this bulldimt. The scene in the river opposite St. Louis win apphiUnft. Htearolx>ati moored at their UiKiInes\»n» torn away, turned ov»r ftn4 rank, drowhin? u!l on Ixmrd. Many people were seencllnsTitw to Boatintt wreckage and pitiousty opp'.aliug for help. OTHER PLACES STR1CXEN. : The Wide Keaeh of the Storm and Soma of the ratatttlo*. BbooirijfoTos, 111., May38.—Word reached the Ciiicag . and Alton P.ailro«d offjoials that igxnada-had-detaa'dsheil th« rillBtfo of .!»«,« nnnhsni K111, All tli# Adaltiln fit* »\»«h*r-Hi-ttn«'» ItauH.. Colonel K. P^_3Ic01lD!-y and wife, thett inuuhter. MrsTJames Donbata. Jamea Wells, | g^i'.^'»5?r t A cSr ^^ t l\ n . ,l!J;J0 :' ,a > a «>n of Sir*. MeOliocy; a hired womao, Minnie Sheeler, ivnd a hired man, James Briscoe, were killed by James Dunham, a »ort-io-taw of Colonel MeOfincy. .at Cagip- bill, Cal.° A neighbor named fajre hrard sSjots In the direction of the McQilncy home. Entering the house, he found the .bodle? of James Wells, who h*i tj^ti \(shot; Mfe McGltory >ind her daughter, who had bee^i. stabljed to dentil, and tbe hired mail and girl, who been hacked to death with a hatchet. There was every evidence to show that the dead had made a ueajierate strug- gle for their lives. So one seems to know the motlvo tor the fearful crime. CoIoDei McOlln^y nod Dtin- han> were supposed to be on Amicable term.*. The t«uti!ere«l family was one ni the Ixwt known In tho valley, being members ot thr Saa Ji«e Orango and pro»laently Identified 'with the fruit business*. - .'* The only tainsfo ot tho house who e»cape>l alive wa.^ a baby one month old, the child ot Mrs. Uanhsm and the tanrderer. many passengers more or li^aiaiurod on tBe\ Basil Hill, Mo., twelve miles from Mexico, n Aalrian County. Tho tornado struck the town ni few minutes before 4 o'clock, nnd.,- blew down tho schoolhouse, crushing it* In- mntes. tne report wna fo the effect that fifty pupils had been killed nnd » number injured. • f, .*' , - \BTCBOWJJT Mfe* May IS,—A tornauo parsed five milesAorth Qf Sturgeon abont S o'clock p. m. At Jtenick thrfto men were seriously Injured Snd a family ot colored people wore Oarria:! over a,, tallo,, two children being la- t'.ooth - * Captor D«n<l. a B^k<s-, a iioutcnent In the First Dis- trict of Columbia cavalry, -died atewdnys ago at Lnnsing, Micb. He w&<< famous as the msn who captured J. Wilkes Booth, Lin- Coin's aswtssin. Hef was in 6he,wnr detective service, and was in charge of the capturing party. It was he who called on Booth to surrender, and be was with ths murflBret X*.-i<ti<-lry\l» for-Frrf. ailrrr. The.tesuit. of 'ifea^e-nneratie .-HE!)- < v.,n- vepjinns mWifea\it c'iejr that K^niacky W.n swung.into line'foflr»> silvw. Only two Conareastonal dUfrl5t» ia 'the Skate w«aped the wave, tne Fifth and HixtH. The first i.« composed 'rfTjooiSTillo aod J«fT»n«ra Coao ty, which were practically onaotinous; tbe secoad lsthedbnrirt which Secretary Carl- isle »o long reprwwme-1. nod to whi'h b<> was «ustained by ago..d majority, thn gold standard men '-firrylng fifty-one of toe ntno- ty-toar delegalfs. when he died. Baker was' etrv-eis years •? n*ned, diedA few d*r»a«b of; eheam(;b«»- old, and bad lived In Lansing several vears. -. ' - .• — Little filrl Vurdervu. Mamie Cncalaghan], a bright-\AC.^1 little girl, aged thl 11 era. waa found manl-red in her bedr-om, in Sew Tork City, Amc«.1 her were «ndene.«i of a frtghttnl struggle A kitchen knife, with Which she h«! r»»denttv tried to defend herSel', was found el-w,-1 , the bruised and mutilated body. Thopotic,, hava two men under arrest on ,«a»p!eio n ot murdering her. Thev are Edward Metv r - mlck and Francis P. barren. . 0 •' Prlseem Augctlnetafnnd/- •**: - ridneess AngelUie,. daagtrter : of Chief Seattle, aftflj „whoai . Beattie,- wish., There wa* a nrt*h*« eassersa* at lb* *SB»» aw given in I^todoa t-r at) of th* Cnitai iwatta Coa*»l* vs th* Ca«*d Ss»«*«s » Patrtc* a» CrfHs*. th« tJaltud Srjwh* Coasa** 0*CwwaL ft sra* «ma*,ld«r*l * .greet *.i«yw» '-.•at in %» nSbe&tfi dS^iai, sad aft th* Aawrtsan Oetaeal* k»«ri»d is Ot*et Iw*t*Si tad ir*i«n^ w**w Is attrc'taaf*, e»»i^>« lisrs* ^>s*&t trt^ss !fc»>«swjatrt. fh* Cwtr«f Stwri»rr*i>STMtb»««irr*ta*»* tl*sj>, et !or»iea eatvy* In th* Throe* fc-xai of the Krwmtia ftitoee, Bi*?**w. A iant* fore* of Kalabeifts wa* d«*art«l It. rW.qtb Afll4sa with Mrr^r* kmw by C»pt»Ui PiBtser, wstr BelownyiA Tbe Br^drwoe, * Sor*«sgtan hart, *«• wmekod oa at. Pawl* leiaad, ia the QaJf *f St. Lawreocr-, >ts llvas *•**- last. .Tb* Csar aad (Carina t*eeiv«4 th*«<ale grutjlaiioaji ot BuMSaa fa*M>oa*rt*s hi tk» bail ot Mt. Andrew, la th« Breenl-.a Pablas. Wxty-ots* b*0*» bare b*wa rtmtmti -•. from th* seen* of tb* terrfhi* *tn~< est di*-. aster that c*e«rr*d at tletorta, -flrtt*ihO^ satsbia. Maewo'* e»«p, aasr Ottsnlaelo*. Pl»»f -, del Bio, Cnba. «* roared by Spanish, under Oeaeml Taidra. Fir* d«*troy*d twiv4hir't of ih» «ast *id of Dffliefrvnto, Caoada, and oeary a handrei faraUtt* are h«tn*i«e*. Ab»ct cna baad«d dwelling house* burtMhl. Most of tb» boatst w«r« ocupted by worttfeen. Th* lo** wflt exceed (900,0X1. Italian tmop* withdrew frua AdloA Abi'tinia. an<t the eaeapatgs i« eonasdetwl to XM at an end. !>*»th of Kate Tt«M , A eahlewrr.ta3raet Tokoham*, Japan v *tj» IUM Sate PJW'd. the well-aaowa wtttar. dJ** in B'oholttla. ttawati, on May It, fw a pas»- nonu. The d«! b ol Mis* Ptehl was ar wrhtedly d a « to eipature. Kate Pi*W •* i'-irn fa ml -L^nts, Mo., b>t f*th*r b*tt{ Joseph M. PMd, a welMtaosra'*/So* Uf ' jogrtrall.«t . -,*j*a»h*,.*t--4ifc. _ Ijjsrts. The total of the fatallti-* la M. Lfl*W* ••* East St.. Louts it now p.ao~i at «ffc Th* w.-.rk of r«\t\ring bo-ne* slialtvrw! bf *J ifyclotw It being pttsbed vlgorousljr. n * street cart r-womsd running. T»o b«nd**s victiais were liiirie.1 ta one day. illMoareV* rirst r,r*n*s<m. A win was horn to Con DI Witliam Btssoar* ronngwrt son of rnnce Bismarck, and I * wife la Berlin, a few days *«ti Priaeii B * marek ba* four granddangbter*, on* ••?- daughter ot Coant llerhert Btoaareli tm- Ihre* d-vugbten of Count William Bteraaf* but tbe child lust horn is htt \first (tread** • 7 ^,iipriMwr*d°'' a toavirt-ICwUY**s***l> . Th* OIT# moaataeat to Oold*^ '•,&&. 'J^VJhia : f?aacwMa t :Gai.,\\Waf ; \<W&^5* : •tfo-wn. - and a n*sr_psd**rhl wttrht *a»BW' ted for tbe oa« ttaacitad by caatteta. .->•-.• '-<• f WfU^tt^im i «• ' thesis* nt :.'&•'

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