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'•*•**. ' 3 30GEIH-. ^fo^fylfN. T.Ji ^±£SSfubscriber S? |2 &mgi^t of :»e village who ' a> ' •\\\%_ |nd. t« thO.se who re- ffiRg0$&i n ^ leM^hato' ten, $1 Ifelf^fel^tlje papers-are taken* |fer|^»l4fluea-without.payment §§|&RTT.SEMENTS • i a|fh> usual 1'ates: A liberal de- it|Mwho-advertise by the year. lriib$s> Cards, Blanks, and all f jfftjNTlN© executed at the short- l&d,I6west. prices, ' THE subscriber has just receiv- ed a very extensive~kssortment W 'of seasonable and fashionable India and American .s#?n consisting, of' olive,. iimxt, een jrown and k W$P bm? a ft d mi # <l«res ; \ \')ns; gpuredyBbmbalifcWatinetts; $P ISPs' cut and \ uncut 3 plusnes 5 ihnlffite Satins j Sinche v/s; ratines',' plain and figured; Sarcenets; Jde Naples;' gro de Tas fc'IFlorences; S)]net,'-silUand cotton ; Thread; liljppte; Laces; Cord* &Braids; ' tan^white'sHk Hosiery and Gloves; aftjtplain .India, \Swiss and book is#Gymps; black Pliirpes; IVa-fasMoTjable Calicoes; s6m¥§ and garniture, Ribbons; )pmL Caroline Plaids; Umbrellas; \®|hirting$. Checks, and Bed Tick- etings, Plaids, Stripes & Ging- ottbrr if am; if$jl(n;occo & stuff Shoes, &tc. fcc» '*#o—A ckoice' lot of fresh Jewries, % ^Jware, Cash paid for Wheat. THE subscriber having taken the Store formerly oc- cupied by Mr. Bayly, cor- ner of Seneca and Water Streets, wishes to purchase a quantity'of WHEAT, for which Cash will be paid at all times, at the highest market price. He has on hand a very general assortment of consisting of most articles required by the •, inhabitants, viz :, Staple and Fancy Goods, of all kinds; Hyson, Young Hyson & Hyson Skin Teas; Cogniac and Spanish Brandy; Cherry Brandy ; Holland Gin; Jamaica and St. Croix Rum; Madeira, Teneriffe, Malaga > w . and Corsica . \ ww **'> Cordials and Confectionary, of all kinds; Lump and brown. Sugars; Molasses; Codfish and Mackerel; Maccabpy and Scotch Snuff; Tobacco, of all kinds; China, Glass and Earthen Ware, &.c. &c. AH of which will be sold low, and all kinds of .country Produce received in pay- ment— Also, Flax seed, Timothy k. Clover •seed, Butter, pipe* hbd. & barrel Steves. .,: .'.... : ABNER DAVIS. Geneva, November 16, 1824. 5 Fipfware, |dn^ Steel,, -Nails. few^a; k^nfj of new and fashion- pMdsf-conJpr^sing almost everj? article *I4F. whicb'wfll,be-.soiavat the very &&!$ Eggs.'Tallow, Whiskey, •Sqplis ana Q-eese Feathers. palev^O barrels S ALT,sey^aU3?e-4 0T4SILiK3®PSs®6fK \any quan- b^flOTJW CftkSS, of every size, \$Bft«by20. A. H. NICHOLS. December 7, 1824. 94 ®P5kijS and RETAIL. WCSf/Srl &U1V2EER YARD 1 subscribers,have just received and Ifiavejioy opening jfor Sale, at the Store |$pj.tsea>s WJ^arfi'Water-street, a gen- |asbrtmgnt of.\* oods and ^Groceries, pthey are determined to sell as low as i |iepurchase^ in the village of Geneva, HVh, Lumber, Stone or most kinds of u Among their articles may be t nd'LIQUORS of all kinds, L4S, Sugars, Tobacco, Snuff, ..lasses, Beer, Cider, Coffee, |px and keg Raisins, Pepper, §|)ice, Apples, Citrons, Filberts, p 'f >%! s f Al mona ^» Madeira Nuts, f m? Cayenne Pepper, Mustard, W^coW and fine Salt, Mackerel, |W L s «w|ed Salmon, .Herripg,, &c. ! vVf cask best L °HdOTi Porter, ^ t wm < Beeiv Bread, Crackers. an,d Cakes^ ?P> Canffles, Shoes and LeatJier, b- rff allies, tarred &.whiteftope, fc'c. j\ D fed,p00 pounds family CHEESE sf^vW at on%pf the first rate dairies. '\<»sfeailv on hand, all fcirls of Goods. JOHN RICE St CO. at their Store in Tillman's Buildings, Seneca-street, are now receiv- ing their supply of Spring and Summer Goods, which they pledge them- selves to sell as cheap as can be obtained west of Albany—consisting of Dry Goods, Crockery, Hard, Glass & Wares. Hollow Cutlery, &c . Together with a choice and extensive se- lection of LIQUORS, TEAS and SUGARS. All of which will be sold for Cash or most kinds of Produce. 05^ Cain paid for Wheat, Pot and Pearl Ashes. Geneva, April, 1825. ; 79 Geneva Ca^h Store, D. S. KAXX & CO, HAVING taken the Store lately occupied by Ayrault &. Co. are now, opening and of- fer to the public a very exten- sive and complete assortrjbent of Dry (Joods, Groceries, Crockery and Glassware, Iron, Nails, Steely Hardware, <$x. And in a few days their stock will be greatly increased by a very large addition of .Cheap, new and fashionable Fall fe Winter Goods. All of which they now offer and are de- termined to sell at very reduced prices, and for ready pay only. On hand—a quantity of Onondagascoarse and fine SALT. Geneva, August 1% 1825- - ' 45 New Goods, AT WHOLESALE A?fD RETAtL. ' {mm HAS just received, at the Blue iS|L Store in Maln-sfreet, an elegant 1 —™^ and very extensive assortment of MERCHANDISE, consisting of BROAD CLOTHS, CASSIME^ES, CALICOES/ CHINTZES^; ., SILKS, CASHMERE SH&WL.SV • • THREAD LACES,;&C> &?C. . ',',.* • .. , --.-Also- «;•—-•.•» GROCERIES, CROCKEElf, 'HARDWARE, FISH,,fc 8 ;r* ^ The^e Goods were purchased, VAL jhe, autf- tiq%'rooms,for cash, and can be disposed of for cash or \approved credit tg the Merchants of the country at as low prices as they ever purchased goods of the same quality. He requests bis customers to visjt his store and see his assortment. Geneva, June 21.1825. 36 •tfasfey $0«p and Candles. 2,00ftpoundsbestW SOAP?, , 1,500 .« ' dipt CANDLE^;. Just received, and for Sale at the manu- facturers'prices, \ '.',-,.!.- . A*H. NIOMOLS, Geneva, March $%, 1825. • . v „< 24 T Sheet Iron. HREE tons English sheet IRON. 2 tons Russia do. . do. 1 \. Philadelphia do. do. 20 boxes..Tin Plate, 1-3 X 10,00 lbs. Iron Wire, assorted. FGV sale low for cash--—by •«*, Gv STAFFORD & CO. \TOQ^^******^* --*•« |tly on hand, all kr^fffil.s ol mdfcr, --'WJ^Mft and Ik •• *JTpOBN fc PRATT. Bye Woods & Dye Stuffs. . ^. ^ll sc ^^ bas. received and has a»J im 0n hand a large and complete as- fe« of ^ YE WOOB^^ anl DYE lonJ 4 t^ft quality of which is inferior Vh» ? vb m*&& this market. Also ri' a gwfgi assortment pT, ./«M^' mh, • ^HE liiiiiif D-STS WGCOS &x»iras STUFFS. JAMES~CAETJER, HAS just received a large and complete assortment of Dye Woods and Dve Stuffs, warran- ted to be genuine and of the first quality, t which he is determined to sell as low as the same articles of ecfiial quality can be purchased in the state. Al- so on hand, a fresh Stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, &c. which are dffered at Wholesale or Retail much lower than they have heretofore been sold in this part of the country. 10 r'ms first quality assorted SAND PA- PER; LAMP OIL b GLASSES, &c. On Consignment —One Box of the highly celebrated HAIR RESTORATIVE and PRESERVATIVE VEGETABLE CE- RATE, for promoting the growth of Hair and giving it a beautiful lustre. Geneva, 1st September, 1824. ^ 94 MEDICINE AT REDUCED PRICES. THE subscriber informs Physi- cians and the.public generally, that he will in future sell Drugs and Medicine at the New-York prices, adding transportation, having made arrangements in the city this spring for that purpose. He is now receiv- ing an extensive assortment of every article in the Apothecary line, selected by himself and warranted to be of the first quality. FANCY ENGLISH AND FRENCH PE&rtraxxm.'sr; Patent Medicine, Dry & ground Paints, Ground Brushes'and Painters' Colors, Swaim v S Panac%a; James' Dyspeptic Pills; Anderson's Cough Drops; Peleg White's celebrated Salve; Presh Betty Oil; Seidlitz Powder9; PastorellisJ Thermometers; Hull's spring Truss; Olive Oil; 12 doz. lknpia cold pressed Castor Oil; Square hot. Cologne Water; Bottle Corks; Lee & Thompson's Blacking; Spices; Poland Starch; Sealing Wax and Wafers; Smelling Bottles; Otto of Roses; \Too^h hair and flesh Brushes; and A splendid assortment of Ladies' fashionable Fancy Articles: Comprising the best Assortment ever bro't [into the Western Country. All which will be soULfor Cash or,approved credit. WILLIAM HORTSEN. , CWffg? April &6, 1825. ^ s ^!» f :,Efp^«#C f %«*a, *h 3X> »a*a.M,jrriaiitv*»^9 H AS just received at the Store recently occupied by R. &t G.^Mount, an ele- gant assortment Qf GOODS, consisting, of Dry Good$ ? x Groceries, Hardware, Glassware, &c. .which he will sell as Cheap as can be pur- cliased west of Albany. \Geneva May 24, 1825. 82 Looking Glasses. prices, THE subscriber has just re- ceived a very elegant and exten- sive assortment of Gilt and Ma- hogany Framed, Pier, Toilette b Sconce LOOKING GLAS- SES, of thelatest patterns,-which he will dispose of at the Albany without transportation. JAMES McCLURE. Geneva, May 16 T 1825. NOTICE. T HE, subscribersthave purchased from Warner Daniels, the \ Albany Eagle Air Furnace.\ They have constantly on hand, •* • .. g* Caldrons, Plough Castings, BjaA Mills, &c. This Furnace is supplied with ageneral assoruneut of PATTERNS, among which are those of the latest improvement for Mer- chant and Country Mills, Cotton and Card- ing Machinery, La. They have in their employ an experienced Millwright, and can furnish calculations and patterns of any kind at short notice. Orders left at the store of Corning and Norton, 389 South Market street, or at the Furnace, 84 Beaver street, will receive prompt attention. CORNING, NORTON &CO. Albany, July 21, 1825. Sm41 CORNING &L NORTON have constantly on hand a general assortment of J ' Bolting ChtM, Imported direct frorb the manufactories in Holland, of the most approved stamps. REMOVAL. H. IMS. BA/5TLY. H AS Removed his GOODS into the Store recently occupied by £. Colt, di- rectly opposite the Hotel, in Main-st. where hef has on hand a general assortment\ of Merchandise, to vvhich he is frequently making extensive additions, and will sell on the most favor- able terrjns. Geneva, 18th April, 1825. _ .«ft,l ffiljW^y.iM —J ~ ••'-- \• •• • ^ ' STEAM SOW BOATS. Staves & Heading. W ANTED, a quantity of BARREL STAVES & HEADING for which Cash will be paid, on delivery.at Tillman's Wharf. Also, CASH paid for WHEAT, T1MOTH Y, CLOVER b, FLAX-SEED. ALSO, 100 bbls. Salt, for Sale at the lowest price, at the store formerly occupied by R. M. Bay- ly, corner of Seneca and Water streets. ABNER DAVIS. Geneva, Jwfe24, 18S5. 15 Hopeton Mills. T HE subscriber having taken the Mill of A. Dox, Esq. called \Hopeton Mills,\ takes this method to inform his friends and the public generally, that the Bolting ap- paratus has recently been put in complete repair, which enables him to do Country and Merchants' work in the best manner and on the shortest notice: He therefore so- licits at least a share of public patronage. Those Who wish their WHEAT manufactur- ed, may depend upon having flour of the very best quality and on the most liberal terms. His arrangements are such as will enable him at all times tonpay Cash, and the high- est price, for WHEAT. ' AMOS CHASE. Hopeton, October 14, 18S4. 'OStf INCORPORATED WITH A CAPITAL OF lOO^OOO.DOJiLARS. S DI Steam Tdw Boats are now in suc- cessful operation, and form the regular line between New-York and Albany for the accommodation ofWestenr-Mer chants in the transportation \of produce and merchandise oh tBe'Hudsor&ivdr': the/were -construct-*, ed expressly for this trade to pass the 6vei> slanghs at all times. .*'..- ' PrfJpeftv shipped by them is insured to J th% amduift 6f«#$>iT0utf each passage* the days of departure are, From Albany, j From New-York, Monday at 4 P.M. I Wednesday and' ' Friday at 9 A. M. J Saturday at 5 P.M. And goods delivered in 22 hoars after em- barkation. The Henry Eckford is a powerful steam boat propelled by a double engine, working both high and low steam at the same time, .and is handsomely fitted up for the convey auce of passengers only. The charge foi freight is as low as that of the sloops; and merchants through the western country are invitef to call on Charles Smyth\ at Alba- ny, or a t the office of the Company, 77, Washington street, New-York. Passalp^QJkQard the Tow Boats only $\ \ on board tile EcEIbMi Vftli e$Terrj&»«teT»*UG- dation, $3. MOWATT, BROTHERS b CO. Oj^The Editors of the following papers will please insert the above six weeks, and forward their bills for payment :—Utica Sentinel, Ovid Gazette, Penn Yan Dem- ocrat, Rochester Telegraph, and Buffalo Patriot. 6:46 NEW AND CHEAP Hard-Ware Goods. THE subscriber is now re- ceiving a large and extensive assortment of Birmingham St Sheffield HARD-WARE and CUTLERY, which has been obtained from the above Man- ufactories free from duties imposed by the late Tariff, and which he will sell at Whole- sale and Retail, at corresponding low prices. Also, a very large assortment of Philadelphia Stoves; Consisting of COOKING STOVES, of the most approved patterns, with Copper Furniture and sunk bottoms; Wilson's dou- ble back FRANKLINS, with or without brass mountings;-Common and oval Frank- lins, Parlor, Church, School-house, and Box STOVES. Those who wish to pur- chase Stoves, in lots or single, will do well to call and price for themselves. He has on hand and continues to manu- facture Skills; Boilers; Cylinders; Worms; Dyers', Hatters', Wash and Tea Kettles; Stove Pipe of all Sizes, both English and Russia; Sheet Iron, by the cwt. or ton.— A large assortment qf HOILOW-WAHE; Gomprising, American and Scotch Castings; * t • • English Blistered, German, American, and Cast STEEL; ' ' *. English, Swedes', Russia, and American I- RON; Band Iron of all sizes; Nail Rqds^ Mill Spindles, Gudgeons; fee. Tin Plate; Saw-Mill Cranks; Saw-Mill Saws; Cross Cut Saws, of German and cast steel; Nails and Brads of all kinds and sizes; Clute's Patent PLOUGHS; Clothiers* Screws and Press Plates; Anvils; -'Sledges; Vices and Bellows Pipjs Together with all other articles in Hard-Ware Line, all of which he will sell as low as can be purchased in any estab- lishment west of Albany. P. PROfTY. \ Geneva, Augusts, 1824. \ » 98 m,::t. FOLLOW WARE.r~A very large as- sortment of Hollow Ware, for Sale G.STAFFORP & CO. Dec. 183,4. . _ 81 w Samuel Southworth* PHYSICIAN to SURGEON, H AS Removed his office into the new brick buildings on the west side of the Public Square. He solicits a share of j public patronage. . , Geneva, August, 1825. 45 O N consignment LoRittAftD's superior SNUFF\ & TOBACCO, at the New- York wholesale, prices. $0 boxes'Bar Soa^\^*^^^ - 50 \ old Shaving Soap. 20,000 Spanish Segars. * &JI.-QA.YI»Y< 1th Dec. 1824. *\ From thq Boston Gazette. MEMORANDA OP A SHORT TOUR. Letter from ori^fthe Editors ofthejtfoston Gazette, dated Lake George, July-f&, [CONCtODED.] This year [1755,] Abercrombie superce- ded Shirley, and on tajcuig the eomraalrid prdered another company\©/ Rangers tb be raised, the first had been-fpand so useful. This was done in a short tim&i&nd the com- njand of the company giyen ttRiChardJBLog- 3g^£kark wastlnfn *a.a$le fir§fcLfesof the old. Lord Itouden s'o^n took the^p^mand, and $%$$m Rangers in .gmt-es^a^oh; : ph titt3i${stof June, 17.57, Rogfe^«f abM r|Sraer|, fell in with a^ody <j*,f Mftajis |n|t |Prer«5h v amounting to two h^dc^Ja^i- ,ty—a severe contest ensued, and 1,16 of thie enemy were killed, and about $0 of the Rangejrs were killed, wounded;or missing. In the battle, Rogers was twice severely wounded, and Stark, for his bravery, was commissioned as Captain of one of the com- panies about to be raised for the same ser- vice—Rogers had some time before been made a Major. Lord Louden spoke of this battle in the warmest terms of acknowledge- ment, in the most public manner. In Jan. '58, an order was issued for the raising four companies of Rangers and one of Indians, to be put under the command of Maj. Ro- gers, but on the l'lth of March, following, when but few of the recruits had arrived, Rogeis was ordered to take what rangers he had, about one. hundred and eighty, an4 march down Lake George\ to meet and fight a party of French and Indians, then said to be somewhere by the second narrows of Jhe Lake. This order appeared singular to these brave men, as it was generally understood that the enemy was in large force at no great distance; but their duty was to obey, and their business to die, when their coun- try required the sacrifice. On this day, Maj. Rogers proceeded with his Rangers as far as the firstgnarrows on.Lake George, arid encamped that evening'on the'east side of the Lake. The troops were all night on the watch for the enemy. On the 12th, Ihe forces marched at sunrise, on the ice of the lake, but soon went on shore, and were con- cealed until night, for fear of being discov- ered by the enemy. There were manjreir- I cumstances observed,' going to show* that [they were not far distant. The Americans were on the west side* of the kke^andxafter dark they took the ice again, and proceeded\ down the lake.' Several swift skaters were f sent to reconnoitre. On the 13th, Rogers and his men proceeded on snow shoes, still on the west side of the lake, the snow being f ; at least four feet deep. Thi about one hundred Indians, their packs, the Rangers prepared for bat- tle. These Indian were supposed to be the whole body of the enemy, and these were nothing in the eyes of the Rangets. Forty of the enemy were killed in a few minutes, and the rest fled. Rogers supposed he had gained a complete victory, but the mistake was soon discovered ; six bundled Indians and Canadians were instantly upon this lit- tle band. The contest was tremendous; skill and valor were opposed to members; fifty of the Ranges fell, the rest retreated in good order; like the band of Leonidas, the Rangers could die f but could not be conquered. Seising with wonderful skill the advantage of ground, the Rangers re- ceived the enemy so warmly that they re- treated three times in disorder. The at- tack was again and again renewed, the as- sailants and assailed were often interming- led, and fought hand to hand. Had they lived in days of posey, such deeds, like those of the heroes of Homer, would have been immortalized in song. After efforts of incredible valor, a retreat was ordered,* but few remained tc&gvail themselves of this chance of escape. ^The few who returned to the lake were met by'Capt.- Stark, after- wards the hero of Bunker Hill and of Ben- nington, at Hoop Island, 6 miles north of Fort William Henry, and there all remain- ed that night. Stark had made his way there first, after having fought most val- iantly that day. Rogers, with the remnant of his forces, arrived at Fort Edward on the 15th. The enemy counted seven hun- dred—they lost more men than the Ran- gers numberedj If Rogers had been in command of his full corps, he would have given a different account of the enemy.— Those brave fellows have no monument, not a simple stone marks the place of in- terment^ The mountain rock was their death bed, the snow thfyr winding sheet, and the bald eagle screamed their reqitiem. The bat- tle ground bears the name to this day, of, Rogers' rock. It is a \promontory naked and in full relief as you sail down the lake, and the defile or valley in which Rogers and file 1 few survivors made their escape is very visible from aidistance, but y6u pass very •*iear it.„ - - .•« **' : *•• C*» the 30th of; the following May, Ro- #errfoughf &£&B# Hfeflf bafle. with the Indiaiis,,ahdorjfiiele<ie|ith of-July of the same yeWf *he was in thg^atsck made by Abercrombie on Fort Ticonder6ga, ; ananas' before ^Mentioned, took a dtetifrguished part in it; On the twenty-seventh of the, same fftpnth, he, in considerables f0rce;qnet be- tween five %nd six hundred of tlieWenemy ancf gained a victory, and staid %ti the bat- tle ground to bury an hundred of die ene- my, with his own dead, and fifty *ftore In- dians <W6re foundvdeau the next day ortwo. In March, 1759, Rogers was ordered to ularch throttgh.the woods and surprize and destroy the Indian settlement of St. Fran- cis. This was done, and a horrible scene of Extermination followed. The \Indians expired in the flaaaes* of their 5 ? own..^eI-.| lings, and sptflrned at all offers of quarter A few women and children ^fy-weiesav- •eti. Mote than wo huncbedwart'lors wevef made a Halocaust of in a rftifeight hbuf< j'to'satisfy a#irit of vengeattofe%tM*jrfr|o;\ ''••rMt own cruelties. This%^eV^ds# leaSe* of H&e Rangers, alMo^h%M$ was a terrdi m its enemies, a^a'tof ... and;,.puaise tif'-its-fttenas,: toi^llteii Stark and Otliets,'!. In 1765,, R \ presented the nfitffl § i published pwptM&S WeWfeLcan fiMdMi if eterif issued from;« I can dolltscf Jof£h& - EngM«£^ ney^e«nPi|tlii »d vihnihr 111 il )iif r ^ w u Is m stllHfUU ont ** 11 ftp In-his 86ftf(fttijft$1$» 001 own responsibliitf'for. theM<S \Wtitfte property whtcfi Vis Wm that day, was wasted in answer; mfi^ds. *rhe government oJ§ r -~? semt Rogers. t6 MasMoh^w^Op.. arid they sehfrhlhi bj»ck'«S Iff^if eminent. Harra^seclj ve|i^e||*lii5';w>r spirits sunk under the ac6tttt}|u|fli^P\ times* and he appeared arioihei?;lB|Sf-'« r *M v in thi* streets of Loiido% until, f al % «„4>» the officer's who had served in sever|(i < Jim palgns with him found .a way to >th^a«u »»> try, and his services were represent I m their full tight,, arid a pension was'gti\\ * It was stated,\ in their representation,! » I h* Majesty, that U^jor Rogers had slain 11 » of his Majesty's ehemies,Vithhis o\pl »\ 1. than ahy other subject witjbin. thg^uti^li dominions.^-' ' \ % t . ,.' ' ^ We dined sit Ticoftderog;a,.,witnm -i* \»<• three fourths of a mile from t|sj , I<§$' on a scanty morsel of ord|naj|y.fQo^;|,p|( ] r 1 tioh having been mad%|)rxh , aT^e?Mi<« >n %, when fifty were* ffMiii?m-;p^|^l h t > partake of it* IC m^jmk(mm^ titein rojnanc^ %i^r}QU|»>§4§c.|f|»\ er was more huogj^ .;Dmner^|j|iPi u, < but a few minutes, ;ai»|^^^t^f6i|M|u noitre theruins of We^o;#yAfp» tie in this stupid villa^e^a^^nQ^ffl|^>r \ der; but fortunately yeS|daj^&a|;^^1 ^ low traveller, Mn ' t Mi.W>wfMW^^0 iO \ with the activity qf> y%if^^Pj«d *} jfiess of parental soJioituile^MI^I^^^ 1 >* j,tp arrangement for our rasjt,i[« ; M4^#i9 UE -5 Vay fo the steam-boat on l|M^|^P||n, but for a descripjdon ©f T thislM|p^Ki|n t wait until the next opporferifiW^^^&!a^ , hng out my. mmutes, r ^ —• i * atrf! \ nt *'* charnjs of travelling frpm. entire stVangers. wl»c&_ ,„„ __. ness, of pohteness, and fbajmrnaj^ feefion. • \ >^te«asa6 %mm BfjEUT BRpAK^sfs.^Itiftob^iG||liT this parUy accoupts ftj? tbjs |s|e^y|spp||tS|p? countenances that afe;^:Cfr%e^3|^#||w|l| met with. Tea'sho«lCnp^'';b,6:il]^l^>& an article of food,, but merely ^Wef^h%;||i mg beverage; and meat shopa<|^laW*y|p%^ II eaten for breakfast when^S; -.-^^p^ it, except in a few cases^fjwlej^p whose stomaebs canttdf' ^ig\el;^|W latter part of the day^ Tf ;#M|fflr indulging, tie night 'mm%M& i M in the mouth, arid if'he.a1SEIW>f* a currof^ea^4lw4R^feJ^ffi^0eIi •it; butjthen heshoa^a^^^^p^ap^^: his appetite to a smaE;bMp^|^»||| steak, or an egg, if pbsMMffi.;MBgp^ the stomach with so^emv^ip^j&a&j^^m,^-- juices, upon, Let it,^ el^WlI|«l^ of meat in the moiming shpujfbe eateiK.b^yj!® those who wish tttbeMtoS^JM^t^^ rj ly believe, that if men <;djjld|r.j^u^hvtQ^ ancient mode of breakfastin|,*n^iri#j beef, and dried flesh,' Jihey wo'uld:*beH ter race than the\ pf$!^l„$bucfaiai£ * Tea is mucajbeftec-rof an everuhg^b] than for^raorEsng^iiBlesswheH-ttt is under the *efi%*etss*of too niu. Coffee, ifi^tfeetsijiielbwei fluid for breaisfagt, ^irr|fc1 the bowels, it is* t4^of^st.f : tion applies also td%«asted afMWfe** *Mde*them-^^ -* ronsiilt ra- \' boilp<l m».i 'cai'k.'irfti ipjftatiprl> .«s| J Tt-pi »«*, :| tlmm*t. si* \ \ Bow to Ifliil Fotatop^ nicely%, —Seldprp do \v v e «ee-||pr l \ and staU'selo^mWdAwt withon$.wjs|^. * Biptite both ends will i>e att^i* potatoes of equal sizey saucepan or pot with< water than is suffieiel would only spoil thi selves, on being bpi ble portion of wateSff vessel without a lid| v all waste is-prevenfet come nearly to boi£ |Mi the hot by cold.w^ter, il goodpornonofsalfc»^Tj the h^atfrdra the^ap* potato^ and maieW^ vegetgblesthe^lrlfalL ... ed with salV^i^uli be spared. W$pii@H being doneen^Jif* ife& fork- Wher|^he|^ often crack LwheriS|lli|iii quite 11 heart.. Mm0m^m^ Jlii-^.'J shoidd be allOw;e^%j;sBl|rt t»n.nmic the fire m^^MWMMm >'• *»-^ ^<|4 To t(^^X§MMmMf S 1 ^ soap,' a.M#i«Wf||litii J^ cfial^a«pl|^|fc|i, tjp* . T^^fmfmfMMt add phe.;t|feJe^po^™p tv$ kijl,li,iU»,in*.li wffik

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