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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, September 02, 1881, Image 2

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r-^SJPPSSBPSPSEp?^ Tlw lhtftui's* Story. Mrs. im,-e:>Ur inl.-rbch, liaodag. 1 ami bhstei-el from feci tohcao, B»H.1»UM1 s.:id bh-t.-r.-d treiu li.ad tu !«>?, Ml a. J!..,-,-!-.-. wits very low, BouUom-t -aiicei-, s'sx.n am! cup. On the table stoM tw-Uuf. , Phjsie efhigli aii.l lew d.^r-.-; . Calomel, catm;.. hone-.\ tea Everything a ! »- ll!v ''otiM hear, Exci'iitiiivj light ami usivr and air. I .ipom-d the blunts; the .lay was bright, Awl '?<-! travo Mre. Hu-ens t*>m<- light 1 nj»'nc] the window; tin- clay «i * fair, Ami te»l nave Mr-. H«>,„'crs some air, IU .stL- Kind blister,, l-.w<Wi« iu'S jalK Catnip, benestt, scrap ami i-nulls. Drugs ari.tiiieilu-mis, Ss^h ami l..», I threw them a* far »« J \«H threw. \Whalsic you iL'tnK '\ no lalim! • rid . \ Fright,mini; lVatb,\ ! r.H.lty r.-jh.-i. \•Von are cr%/y I\ a visitor sii.l. Itbuv* ft U.»l« at tier U.-i.l. tieMe d before, ami a s I tlonbtUMs often ; wml,\ saya lie, \ how <*anie *»« out 0,0 i At shall *a»iii- Unfh a (furfitS night ? I doub t »he ha* { ui m •Uddi. Deacon It, >e,.r- li e .-uni.- !.> i:e u '•Wife in a C'tmti ' rom i '. '-.ml iV, '\ I o.all y think -.he'll »!•>:( ihrou„ui . -gET»<->'rasTv...' just *- -ii\ i-^ t\-< l » All tin\ !•<•\!.!•• tiav.. nooh. Uii.l sl''inv.i Ami Hie ii. ^liter s all hsv* ba d their wre Twa>s hoto r ' \ [.crisis, ~< in.' ••[\ '>'iu aay. Than cc ^-icot lu such un irrcs-ular way.' <t. * Ifijii I -,i man ft before, l«t htJ was dead, \ JeTime says, as sh e hurries oil' t o fill a tla*k with brandy, and get ready some blankets for tut t o take with us. l u the meantime [ rouse the servants, They are all English, with tin' excep- tion of Dona I'd, the gardener, a,i, l I «•\' se*. that they are *eorthigly sket.tical of Laddie's MHffHcity, an d inwanltv ilw- gustfd at liuvuif? to ttirp out t>{ tt.tir warm bf*lf -Mid fae*' ti».» hitter winter'^ blat-t. \ Diuna troubU- veurseU,\ I iuuroU [>'jutiW my. \The tuisttehN i* ri^L* eU'iilj;li- Auld Ijji'itUi- i< elr^ef-r limn uiutiy « Christian, suul will li«d WIUH- t-h'.u !«i r h«. Minw '!:!•* aii^ht.'' '• ltou't wit up, Jessie,\ I i-ay, i^ «,>• start; \ wi' uuiy be oat luilf ttif m^Lt on tlti.H wilil goose ehii.se.\ \ Follow laddie elo-ely,\ i~, nil the answer she tu»kes. The do g sjiriugs f. rwaril »it h t» joy- t>us hark, e<>!n-tttta!y UvkiuK l.tek tost-e if we lire foliowisig. As » c j.a.si throng!] the uvetiue K*'«'* 'Wi'l eiurrge ,.^ a -44H^-Hi-»-H^r-4Jt^-ftti->rt^f*^rn).;^ie^ for a- Lu ; reeeived & »lii?ek which, ftt her *<{e. An 1 reiar o t o th e hoawe »fi«*r »e#«njr uteri, 1 m«wt Dr . Brae * Imruig lh # hoo»« shpwrttTiot Fji.«ily g*t fw.\ Tb«*y u.iiii*ffe, iiowevtT, to foree a few sp «i:if>il!i ot h.ii brauily aiol wa,t*.f dnwti lis r thrtifct; 'AU d j'.r«-«-ntly a f*iiit eoior Ehekers on' her eheek, and the j.o..r old evelid* UH-I:I to treiubh-. M r ** Jk'«wjr\icrhl mmi,\ h* my*, \ h*'r tiun- b)««jiriB nearly over ; »h« »«*inVmg ***'.. I lUfuout donbt whrthir »h«*wiU hv e isll he r mm cowe*. 1 * •'Ho w sh e eonl J have jweoni|iji-«h*'fl siu-h « j«mra«y » t h* r «g« , I e^ijnut Jl.T the \ Y.-mr »-,f-,\ sai.l I, \ h».t (i-4V tc-xol .' Ami bis r.-mxii\* Ught »u.l watiT it-.l i AU'.I r d.-\torn U>yi>ii.l » .loudt, r<.ia.Ut'tla.v* vurol Mrw. ti.^.-n. »rth. ' Thf^!.*.-i'ti -iiiilnt anO U.».-.! h»i h<-a '•Tb.ii y>«ir \-:\l i* rotlun^',\ h»> Mid. \C.oa's i>.- tb.> nl.iry, a* yi-m «*y; OVKI Mil* vim. ,1.1-t.ir, ic<»«f-Uy- ;i- VllSlv • h. r tut iliac «i>iiiin Aj;-i L!K-U«. mid.- i-v t .Id FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. Th e fire brims eu«-eri]y on the htait h the great logs eraekle iuid Hare u p the wide chimney, tip which it is my wont to say you eoahl drive a coiu-h itid- four. I draw my chair nearer to it, with » shiver. \What a night! \ I say. \Is it still snowing?\ asks ruy wife, who sits opposite to me, her Wok s itad work on the table l*v*ide her. \ Fast. Yon can .scarcely see a yard before yotu\ \ Heaven help any poor ereatnre on the moor to-ritjjht!\ says she. \ WJJO woiibl venture out ? It bejraii snowing before dark, and all the people alwut know th e danger of being be- nighted on the rnix.ir in a snowstorm.\ \Iftti. But I have known people freasew to d*wih hereabouts before nW.\ My wife is S<'otoli, and this pleasant honse in the Highlands is hers. We a<-e trying a winter in it for the. first tiu.e, and I find it excessively cohl and soraewhat dull. >l»-utalljr, 1 decide that in the future we will only jjrace it with our presence dnnni j th e shooting season. Presently I go to the window and look out ; it has oeusvd snowing and thronc;h a rift in th e clonds I see a star. \ It is beifinninp to cb.ar.\ I tell my wife, and also inform he r it is half past 11 o'clock As she lichts he r candle at the side-table- I hear a whining and sc*»tehiutr at the front door. \There is Lsddi e loose again,\ says she. ' Would voit let hip in, dear?\ I did not like facing the cold wind, bat could not refuse to let the[K>or ani mai in. Strangrly enough, when I opened the door and called him h e wouldn't nnif. He runs tip to the door and looks int.. ray face with dnoih entreaty ; then he runs hack a few steps, looking round to see if I am fol- lowing ; and, finally, he takes my coat in his month and tries to draw me ont. \Laddie won't cotsie in,\ I call ont t o my wife. \On th e contrary, h e seems to want me t o tro out and have a game of snowball with him.\' She -throws a shawl around he r and cornea to the door. Th e collie was here before we Here marrn d. and she is almost as t'ond of him, I tell her, a« she is of Jack, \fir eldest IWiy-; \Laddie. Laddie I\ she calls; \come in, sir.\ He comes obediently at her call, bu t refuses toeDtertiiehoa.se, and pursues th e same dumb pantomime he has already-tried on me. \ I shall shut hitw out, Jessie,\ I say. 'A night in th e snow won't hurt him; \ and I prepare to close th e door. \Yoti will d o nothing of th e kind!'\ she replies, with an annons look, \but yon will rouse th e servants at once, and follow him. Some one is lost ia th e anow and Laddi e know* it.\ .f th - -fti-t-H+r- nioiiient through the driving c! and lights u p with a sickly gleam snow cla.l country lief ore us. •• It's like twkmg for a r.<ss!l-. in a butulle of hay. <ir,\ says John, the eom-huiun, confidents*!!}-; \.to t\kjult a- we should find anybody i-n suc+r a tiitfbt as tins. Why , iti some plisces the KUOW is more than a couple »' feet thick, and it goes agin' reason to think that dumb animal would have the sense to emu- home and ask for help.\ '• Hide a wee, b.le a w.-e,\ nays'\ ild Donald. •' I djnna ken tth.tt your Ktiglisli dogs Call do, but a Cidlir*. though it has mi lie*>n pleasing to I'r,^- idenoe to give the cr>ature the gift o' speeeb, can do ruotiy mair things than them wad deride it.\ '• I ain't a deridin' of \era.\ >uy - Jolit:. \ 1 only rays a.«, how if the;, he so very clever I've tie\rr seer, it.\ \ \ •• wull, tln.iU'h, yettTill,\ *: I>o»a!d, is be hurries lorn.ird I^tddie, « h o has now ^eltji-d do« a swinging trot, L m,i i , taking L straight acrf s.s the loneliest I .art bleak mo-r. The 1'i.ld Wltul ..lllliost etlts i n in two, and »hiris tliesr.ow inti. our faces nearly bhtiduig in. My finger tips are U - coming numUsI, icicles hanging frota my tutistache and beard, ami my fj^-t .Hid legs are -.-akltlg Wet, evet! >hj«<ugh my shooting b«s.t« and stout leather leggings 'Ihe moon has gone in ag»in, an d the light from the lantern we curry is lutrcly sufficient to show ns the ine.jiialit.ie- tn the height of the snow, by which » e are gue.ssnig at our j.ath. I Kvm to wish I had staid at henie. •' l.'-'v-im* ^iri.j..*.., m>it* .'•< finm? rir«;»w,\ I sigh X\ myself, and 1 l«'gin to eatisider whether I may venture to give u p the search (which I have undertaken parely to satisfy my wife, for I am like Juhn, and won't K'ii.ve in Luldte 1 , alo-n, suddenly. I hear a shunt in frntit of me, and see I»oiia)d, who has all the time been keeping elo-e to Laddie, drop on his knees and begin digging witdh in the snow with bis hands. ' W e all rush for ward. Laddie has stopped at what ap- pears <o W tile f.nit of u stunted trie. and after scratching and whitutig for a moment, sits dowr. and viu'ches, leaving the rest to us. What i- it that appears when we have shoveled away the snow? A dark obieet. Is it a bundle of r*k's' > Is it <.r, a la* ' was it - » human being\' We raise it carefully and tenderly, and wrap it in one of th \ warm blankets with which tuy wife's forethought had provided ns. \ Bring me the la:dern,\ I s ;i y, husk- ~TTy, and Joh n holds it over the prostrate form, of not as wo might have ejcpeous-l, some stalwart shepherd of th e lulls, but over that of a p..or, shriveled, wrinkled, ragged old woman. I try t o pour a little brand y down the poor old throat, but the teeth are so firmly clenched (hat I cannot. \ \(Jet her home as iplickly as may be, sir; the mistress will know better w hat to do for her nor *edo, if s o b e the poor creutnVe is not past help,\ ss^y-s John , turning instinctively, a- we ifl do m sickness or .trouble, to woman \ aid. So we improvise a sort of hammock of the blankets, and gtntly aid tenderly the men prepare to carry their po*>r, helpless burden over the snow. \ I am afraid your mistress will be in bed,™ I say, a s we begin U> retrace our steps. \Never fear, sir,\ says Donald, with a triumphant glance at John, \ the mis- tress will be u p and wait-ng for us. She kens Laddie dinna bring lis out in the sua * for naethiug.\ \I'l l never say nought about believ- ing a dog agan triking his «i.'e r;ii swallow some cooh has bro.ught with back am i-tig the -of \1 ti.r.k site v.i l»r Bruce, as h- r m..rc regular and -i h.. lit aa d Varm' she has received a >• fe„r, she will to w- .-aymg, lie take-. It :•. • Ky aiid-bye I ^.i tin-1 my wife «-iv: agisi •.UtTerer. .Sic- tears m her «•;. • - si,..- .-,a\s, \ i im J\'.M front the cold and .- 1 gn< rousui to ': lied and look do* r, i face i.siks wan :.i . ; t.u.t;- gray 1, head and makes her UDtlfraUud,\ 1 olj*ene V, 1! r. J . <i inch , aue rt; i ] ll-. ! itltll l Je. frot i .-I. r .he ah, I- a l>r B lav* 1 Hows OW s- l> • N i » r> i u. \ •Ci HI hi At. Hi , by ruc«t her s«*v«* ls,h - •h, I d ,.. Aio l the with wiU: jmige still Wet io •rv littl e v., • f her i n i>-r 1 \hotih l thrik lotted thrt^HM-ore \. . \ Who can si,.- ) dertligly. \ She .i ajiy .f th e villa.;' siVollld know hi r ! msagine what co-u illy .id\ ..f the The a ge d , atid the -r^toTni-- '..>%. Mho \Nothing t* ttajn>s»iibie t<i a BKHIW,\ a!iiwer» l>r. Uroce; \but it b*» kill*«l her.\ 1 go in, but I find I cannot settle to my u»tul uLvamtiotiA. My thoa«h U are with the aged heroiae who is dying up-tairi, Bntl j.reM-ntly I yield !<< the fa^cniaticn that dr»*n n:e back to h«rr ].r«-*I.ee, As Dr. Dr Brace »ay», «he is F1> Is tig fa.it. She lirjv \xtck oti the |>ilbiWs, J;\f ch<-»-ks its ;»«hy t-rrav »•» fo r hair. *sh\ clasjrt my vni.-'n hand iti hers, but !.'•• eyes are v»ul<- ..j-eii, and have an eiiger, eipectan : h-k u. thet:. \A t what tune n.av n > .-ipect llicm'' ' A rhlliDU.ropi.C t MalL Mr*. JiliMlwith Thc£»Ban*on, the r^ihi+dB till opWTJt^iF 1 __ constantly Iwcwt by aj*|4ka«h»tw fof ^ Kixtacise from *!1 |»*rlji of ihe eo«^ga and for a l«-wth1eri8g variety 0 | « ^ je<-t» I n an intemt»w with a ^ York repoit*»i, *h» thu* dewrrtrups | M a:<fnjjii^r*4 m*il : Th w i» my tnm+, ing'a Bkail, you a**, am i she fiM l«u»f o|*!ietl was a re.'jumt to buy a lx-11 {« « ehur. h Siot a huitdr«-«S miU\^ awa*. J am daily »p|»-*b-d t«> for witntrUilinfft churehe*, buy Iwll* and t/rjfaaa,.» assist ci-rgyme n bi mf-an* f«r a tin m««tith>i' vai'aiJon, i»r t.. iss«-rea»e th«a m««agef *alarie<!, id ! i am lo-t in ssaajj. uteta. t wotjd.-r why thr?-e ar* Kg more o.:..l:.at.i. n* in ' •fce, *hy **>&$& ft> e.K , *hi j s o rjjmijy empty |»-w * *& | few p-Ti-'tteai adv4£ltil.\e« ' So* I \„ i 1 b „•]£,. • t . rchet* ari d the R-acratapalf ! that )•» es-*el.tm! tO ti t •laltati'.n of Li'.iuaaib, !.>r iiit N..tWi.r. >»er, the sajae Uui. th e Ulth Make d il ,i s -.l,lp't.:g -nt^Tniru ,he \ I f\»r. lie As ! speak a en.i face, the eyes u:..'l. in i'uri!i,g]y ab<c:t sp>-ak, but is evid.:. »tfe raiMi* her ai.d ; . :\ !ii\uri.shmeiit a., mgiy. \ Dnu't u-v ting rapi.ny weaker .:..u'. a-. Ur as 1 I'M. Hut love n ~'r-..i/--r than .!.-.»!.!., a\,.l \. illib'-Iit l-e-st^.ti, she \*iH IiOt go ';:''!i heT t • -Si f..!l.f • All i.id reacind her al- throug h th e » ti.\« r's day »!«• lie, d- in,r, ».'s ;«..! !e!j. ol>r«l|el]lly laklllg uhat Ill'tj rlshme\ t IS i ' ' 1 ro{-at, won given her, but ni'ii-r s;t*-akir.g ei.-i-ot ',,. t .es ;,..' t .-;,-Lg !o sav, \Mv lad, my lad ' (i-l n^ini, ^ her. .,i... n t-, or we will m-tVt me die till he c .meii^' \ ice. and 1 . auriot And at la*t 1 hear th e ,|.-g,-*r; I 1 br;..g a stranger lay my linger on my lip and teis >|ary to go and bring Joh n Salter up v.-ry IJ 'it my Ciiutit.ti h nmll'M, :*/* heard the n<>rind, and n'h the lust effort of her rem.au trig -trength slie rjix' i herself and strelelje- ml her arms. •' Mv Uu\' my U d \* »h«> ir she i-a\ s, S)M..!h- g»\'pw a-i with a great »..h he *prit..gs Ui iij^-jak.\ Y»>i» *r-e JWw-ard. aJi-1 »i*»*hrt-r *f=nl *-rs *re>H*«f»-d in each - ijo-r'\ ana* oii<>. more. For a moment they remain «... The\ the hltle uom.an sinks b-*-k on n.r g.-l life c-'lMJ.rrht»| o n*ai<y di(Tef*tt at.d hotii'tic^ow •<*»ity of »o Biaat i<**> \ti i- 1 n iiw' t t l-...k will tii • M d-.: RJ'p.le, ji'i;i.er>iU » •hvKd le»ti« ft th e pile .npl>iu'«tf.t, .1 —r,o( t •ra s, .«>ks Mv •nful .juioily 1 the m-'the; djuroh Ui ?' >i.i««-, *h.cl„ if I SM-1 thai the t.at.i.- gu>*T; are t<> )«• »'t'.j ami placed Hi th e c ooileUatlo.Si f,, r [...,. tie .l:.--l h.. »rig«t.ti<' fts.r:. eoh. add »l il ni... all aU.ut y.-e, *• liiei (TV • . 'deep.'\ lr..p ' ! .*el i\i arnv . u » .- ha. o ti.e s.n , (;y li.e r- p.riUr n pa'I. t.t I- a,le*-l Jes- r.iig tor Marv, he Te'Jiatl.der o-f a tender he'art.st will not desert r watching and among friends, tieMef VOU shjj| s* if. Lie <itid IJI The gray head 'he pillow, and !.i.'Mii of h.-a.in puation, >liat o'i \You mtist . • si,-.\ I say. \I and she c&u sit the night\ Hut my wife, •* -oul and a Isam t. her }x>»t, s<> I leai retire to tuy ntjitt,»ry chamber. When we meet ii. the morning I tind that the little woman ha.s spoken a fe«r Words, an d lufi m stronger. \Com e m with me now,\ \.ays my wife, \and let us try t o llnd oa t who sh e is.\ We find her propped u;t \ a reclining p.stur e wtth pillots , and ?i!arv heM,b> her. feeding her. \ How ar» you now,\ beruling over her ' Hotter, ranch U-tu-r. gois! lady.\ »he says, in a tremble* fro» a|{« ar> well \and very grateful to you f k, whi.-h tt bli.-V.O-K! I.at.'-Sal Sgr «ay i \I , the iuinrr ung it U aj.d new i atei hotidr |( \» atU:t>«4 & idiurche* •«*» or work'hflia vt lettef* |«4 f\ir m<«e*it I tig* lief** i eontnt-m-.t, U A»k*.U'aa r-^tiic grata, i am j/rotp. *tot th« attosat r4w-.l oti a UblH' ifircti Thi» w t ey t. . p.-4bu»i % Si n< Tlbb fnc \ir. •r -p' Ud iT»r.l 1 m« ..f J4Jl« I! -r a HJ.reading •, e » oio- which mark-, h-i -crtU-d the word- •ath \ (>ur Li.lh\ • rea»l renown for bt- . I mt tmishing tin* • .b- of Whtcti he Ii f' rite r *j,*% v rk \ Ttw it «< a We»tm re j,.i: to et^__ buil.iu.gqt e.i i • ianpif dir.g w-.'sit y. u a pro» - thc r- uirs*.* • man a.*ifi| • ra.nr.i.J ijr» h-s*- Fai h»i i : g od I.ort : \i. ur } ,*ce ar-. n.ed U: .rk,, ami ,-ord of a }it* I[«*•*. a * faithful •l th 'I hi . impantoii a: ,d friend ll i f to i»o:i; « .ed of' '1 he alth. I he tell me ], • TI are \Ah •WI e, by ti ' Are M ask« less',., thank yo-i, \olC Which as wcajkneivs; or yourg.ssi- <-• \- that she 1 rue land to I*- rich ,•,. bgltimai e Men are urge.1 hy th. :r very r.atur. * «... ii.' pure command o'.er the forc e mb-cit them. Kvery man s» (s-rn for im; r<>\> uietit. tie tnd+atdtial c*n »t*r.d still, either physically, moral]v, or m th e mutters of\ daily'life an I l.ii«n..'sv Th e true man enve x aiLaviseni.-r,t, r.r-t r.e c ejuiarily i*j th e mere |M«*«Mkaioc t%i dol- lar*, but i \ ••nlatife I ktii.wli-iig,-. in i|r*city to grapple with the s.'c. to . n*bi ti\ <*.!.i t'ell-W-. dh,.-, I* L. *iil r.-o.\... b.-: »*Uk >\*g • w-rt;.-, »t, f iw»y« SUt »*> !-• buy « gr-,.'..-y *jS4, • !.a-t •-;. i, a itirt hr. c.-'SM spl-.rt him«-if ai'd Idilxiilr.* m M;s.»o-;f, A p;it«***sas and an inc..me of'«!.* » <i«rgii-al iri*trum.-r.t*, tad ••> « t.d i hem at once. H# h.tm liil of arttejr* that I of l«'f< »e H. re l» .---« :t*» t i ?.dMiTtropy, by ::, worth of illustrated iarru-1 lady fr>.t 'Sate, wnteti to ask. \ v. *t-il her with tm for. 1, t\ 1 el . r.M [ 1 s'r •h of hub man is noli and I wffs wrong; but to should be snch sense \My Lid ;s a soldier at l'^rt lb., .-c... and I iiav,- ,-ome all th - way from Live r pool to se,- him, anil gne him nnoid mother's bb-s-iug Udofc he h ',».. ;, ( the Indies.\ Ami then, brok. nly. wi'h h.ng {••an MS of weariness, the hf* J( . old Wotiian tells v.s ber pitiful -t,.rv. Her lad. sh - tells u,, is her \only re- mainttig child. Shehads;\, ,md this, the yiuingent, is th e only one who did not die . f want durin g the Lancashire cotton famine. |{. grew u p a tine, likely bov. the comfort and pride of his nioth^fTiaeart, and the stay of her de- olinnig year-. But a \strike\ threw hun out of w..rs, and unable to empire the privation .in.1 tniwry, m a h> >>f .l. s peratlon he \disced. \ Ills regiment was .piarter«d at Fort < b- >rge, and he wrote r.-guiarlv to his mother, his },•' tors getting more cheerful and hopeful every day, until »ndd-nly he wr.<te to say that hi» rt gimeii* wa> ordensl !•• India, and begwing her t o sen,I htm her bie.ssiriK, <*s he had not enough coney to I'arrv liim to Liverpool to si r her. Tbeug-.d mother, widow* d and child- I\-- M( v f,.r thi* or., rt niaiiung boy, felt that she must look on his face once more before she died. She Itegged from a few ladies, whose kindness had kept her from the workhouse, sufficient money to carrv her by train to (rhi'gow, and from thence sh e had made her way, says JOIID, gracefully now on fm.t, now l»eggmg a lift in a i. \You were right, passiiiig cart or wagon, to within a few h..,.' part is for main what plish N'a feed himsi dutT. assist work feel rn has cr Jars w man t . withoi proper •ith. \Hi. '• ' h o t'tnr vlll d . los t t ly. ei t h tu If r \\ r c g t - i e s -h t ' I s | r e r s: to 1 sine troii to d »' r. us |, -k he t o i.\ 1. .: '. v g 11 no he bf . s| XL - r . Would Uew. v. aa I -! of th. k nr (.-i *• .(< • tain ! t.au* i»ilv •ei t W* . ird.-M al.trt Ami t «,. i n ib u I U>* to , okl&l r-. t id * er ha»i«|eii XTft\ • -* I , ps \ 1 hi \.at;. .cw.' *._> raj ..'IM S m%:, har :i » H|E£> n here ns ;,-* i.]---* , Tioia* -..tc-i ' • Not hi tilb r *•-- '.d if b.rn i i p a eilll: i!ll|.\ b» .-1 >-n »-l topi* -1. I ••r. « iralgia 1 e and tiler, a-'h cf an e I .in %at si . r * am at .r^ e t o » .fl.i* . re!i*e A p o per-. \ketf-ll inpetiia'i ;.-i'-. is t.. 1-. y,%; bi... a »ecaa •>. * tl.a\ n.iic Lui i,'ter all 1 don... « . 1,,.,-oi-i),. d!*g-ist*d >in<- to ,[., g,,«i, ts-na-i*- lis* ia ' t fit. i is •;(!«. rtl.T IS t\l d.ci'i a w.-rldly cwlcilatioii, th- unj. Hi-». of a gra'e'u l L.ajt, Ml\W rr.M'nri. suffers is -«-kf r,,-ason (>.r u* t o try to aid hi a*. • remembrance of that act ia, e. jcil b- •'Vnn:[,.lni>. bi-ib •ual fe I'e • bb « arise- rd i rea to of to t l chase bum h fying lloris.. Trie wealth roitndyigs. i which seeks rv d-r.i' .'so far from :i >-> far. to aoej - bnrhti- be individual An i'lsoiut.- . uielerlakuiK\ •M->. ami 1 t! Tile Insii.tn ttlio Uii It , in h .rdw.tr. .JetTersj->a «(andic« cast 11 -Is ir i at • : » J j. t... , r-b-.v for . r..'l had c ' r- «|.'r ! •nt .d his •h til', jo •Is t«.:b m >:,! in Grand oppor are not absol who woiihl s. live «\ftis r\\\i ci .T, .d in that slate o < Ji;oy utent and ir ITY legitimate c unities, bnlliant o| itely neces.-»ry to t ek true wealth. S and demoralize a th • mind lproi e l.annel. \•niiurs i\ man f»srula- ou-arid I laugh. \ Really, Jessie, you are parses mi absurd. Laddie is a sagacious animal, no doubt, bu t I cannot believe h e is ws clever as that. How can he possibly know whether any one is lost in th e scow or not?\ \Because he has found them, and come back to ns for help. Look at him now.\ I cannot, but own that the do g seems I say, \but we do not know whether restless and uneasy, and is evidently sh e is alive or dead.\ -uideavoring to coax ns to follow him ; My wife throws her arm.s around m e lie looks a t Hi with patdctttM? .-MiiresiT TO^aSsf^sffTps rite a great hug . -b>.]Uent eyc-s. \Why don't you \To m will find dry things in your As we reach th e avenue gate I dis- patch one of the men for th e doctor, who fortunately lives within a stone's throw of ns, and hurry on myself to prepare my wife for what is coming. She runs out into the hall to meet me, \ Well ?\ sh e asks, eagerly. !>eii«-ve iiK' r ' he seems to asm \ Conie \* she continues, \you know TOTI rnti \d not rest elid e 1 here was a p.i.s>ib)lity of a fellow creature wanting your assistance. And 2 urn certain Lath fie is not decpirinsr u...\ What ns ,i poor hen-pecked man <o 1.' I ctumbje, fliid resist,'uml yi>'l,'i, »s I Lave gftiEibleJ,, and re.sisto'i. iw.d think there miles of Fort George, when sh e was i an animal caught in th e snow-storm, and, wander- ing from tlie road, would have perished in th e snow but for Laddie. My wife is in tears and Mary is sob- bing audibly as th e little old woman concludes her touching and simple story, and I walk to the window and look out for a moment t*efore I aj-k her what her sou's n*rae is A.s I tell h- r we are but We have found a poor old woman,\ a few miles from Fort George, and that I will send o-.-er for him, a smile M f |.j. treme content illumines the withered face. \ Hi s name is Joh n Salter,\ she says. \ He is :i tali, handsome lad. They will know him by that.\ 1 hasten downstair? and write -a- short note to Colonel Freeman, whom I know intitiia'ely, informing him of th \ ci rerun stances arid begtrins.' *hat he will allow ,1- t.t ••suiter to come . o-r at - nee, and I ilispat \h my ctroom ir. the dog- curt that hr, may bring h:ta buck with- enncjied. man has money who is n who hoanis and hides is n f true wealth. They *!, ci have wealth who have the faeultv men to o: Many : rich. H piisse-jised other b ..tinijc nil c .i;5-i find, when .,] ada Indian- with * ttnclsJlni briskets Thev wejew.% nbritl ,'OTi. and when they at work they cam exhibited gTe.g. Ci: the old thing c l n>- dressing-room, dear,\ she says,and fhl the. reveii g»- she takeson me for my si>\ tici'sm. Th e poor old woman is car- ried ^p-tiiirs and placed in a warm Lath under my wife's direction, and be- fore the doctor arrives sh e has shown some fitm: syaiptoms of l.fe. so my wife send- me word. l>r. Iirtice shakes administration, who can lx<netH whole neighborhoods by a little timely aid, who have the power to leati o'.h'-rs to success. Th e truest charity consists m helping our fellows to sustain them- selves, no ' in makin g idle paujiers of them. True content con-is'js in cf>m- paring our situations with those who are worse off than ourselves, rather than irisntufinc enrapansona with TJum* few who have -upeno r advantagi s ami posses.-sions. After alt, true wealth )« commoniy an acquirement p issesse-il only bv those whose at lf-rtmtrol and self-poise are in harmony with nature about them. Th e b&rbiib tree • barked or burn. the tree, ..ui 1 it :o«for-rTiti;e turn of South Africa may d ou t without injury continne« to live an d alt#r it i i ca t down, t | i!l' }••; e *. Prm. 1 feed- i. knife, \ihev^er*. the wl.e.d and Ui* the old p*j*r.. he '•rig came thr*s C-*E- uething b-«» thati * hitched to thcta- • father, mother m& saw the ^irawcat'.et to a d.-«d halt and rnwity to know hew d n p pap-rs in that manner Af'er sonic conversation b#- twe-n them th e Imitan put down hi» basket and n a le a closer im-pcrtinc, ['he K.ys ' fell back to giv.- hi m a .*-•\ show, and a- he picked u p a long strip of [j-.vj.er the n.punw Uigur, turning th* wheel JTJ atsiiit f ti titue. Th e ni*cbinerv worked beautify, ar,d a K rin of .pnet delight had jtui cerumen end to spre&tl I-TT the re-.l man's face wheti tl v end of the paf*r was r.n-tvh.ed ami th e knife sliced otitis* end of hi* foreflnsr. r. There was jsW* , : ot.*. howl, A«v>4->n>'>a«4Mw! hv a Jnmpthf** feet high. Wb»n»i n Indian landed be wus a-s Mlet.t as (he (trave and SM> straight B v ,., i^npole. He looked w>w hi* tinyer to the strawcotter tuid back, t.xik in the general brn. h from th e sidewalk without gir,.-j|j Ititc.sPif itway. nnd-wilo thodignit v el a MiS'an h» walked over io his baskets, resumed his i-»a<T, »«•» ' n t: ,'>;.•,! ,.rl wit'., his wonndeil baml » .j... i»;;..-'5;e? and his ure..- cet on »h«* TaK^ntti O^B* mt Tb«a IHMrrlkra ' l> t*r <* The New York Nm* eomHUiiiifation fr» n Nihilist, nam to thia *» the minin g of th e Ho* ti* »u««mpt to blow . that <rnt<rrprtaehew»* Peror*ky, wh o haa »in< GoidenWrg , wh o eoiai th e Kt. Pelstfaburg for The work *» proaeci difBcultiea, ao a once capeil di««?ov«*rY by th e the middle of th e »tr « rain atorna. The y w« r it aa far beyond th e tm aary; th # aapjdy of dj large aa it ahould hav night l*for« th # «xpl« t«r* ci'lebrmtcKi it with Hart maun dcmerilx* lo»»: \The windona ol o a >ad rovnml hy-thick-i no-chink Ihrottgh whk ray of light night cw •lining-table eight j>er wven men and a yemm lVrov*ky. Tw o taetnb istratirp cotmcil, on t h South to th e capital, ai tonight. I n th e nn eight daggers* arn *tnr (!:<« l^.arda . Light re v math. lly the »ide o tU :.* -*l«v-hol. with >-aj h ghat-tly, Qhi-arthly pule, eisaciatesl figtir til - table. The effect < truly IsscaJh a horrtbl. face a livid htie IU. that ha-l natarally siiff«-ri'< r:dnit.g work. Oa r f- furrowi-d with wrinkl night*, th e tsirmtaut neiiM. had left th<-u m now, Hi that ghaatly -..-eliied t o bs> »urrol»&* U*et;, but b * fs.Tpwst W th\ grave for a midmg .i-jstnimis-uts i.f diiktr. deathly hu e of otir fac< of iheVrav,.; only th»* glitlffsd Wit>J ., gTM'tli alill r-i .fe ghastly to immovable c. rj.se Uki i*r»«». *• Th « flame burned n iotig, daacing *badow» eiliiiit*, ami lia* *•! gLis.\timers .-,f '.be ( jet: I » : » le h I JS !, V' ; tt , d dl.s-c. V .rribbn <-•- th- far. -co . '.;.<!• - ed ut i* 1 • -» top that ng r.: y ai >nu«( •*:.»' . n •:.-,• | n . -iU'ital - l)i.g i e tllas.'U ' -, .si t! fivuim of K ain' 1 •* crt. - nitlar. •sl'uc i > in*: o wit we <i r i,i at. h h,' lei b .,«.,!. I. it •!.-• io n- and r. | \'.•oV..-.e ..!m.,l v t)f >1 nl St \S-doV] •;!, tie \antie t. n.pt a\t..iu-I the life WAS una le to M-e an tt was nn. ui.o.r.iGj v.ly g. orgaiar.od mam At.d y bin almost ntusoti.uier bh'--'l-!;.d in o-der to tnvseif f ma r s'«v ilia shot. I lao'il-sv. ha. »v, rsjon to sh,i.»..;uic arun.at« K-i.-'r. as woU • hues and sin i) like. ]!: and ohevtfuUy ksil a ••mdet his eveerAb'«' (• hnn'r. 1 eintts. bathui 1'or I consider snch a m ies worse and r. than a wolf ..r a ma ui a I can kill live, twenty men , while on, peii«m ha - d.-slroyed tiiou-auds of lives and of liberty and intellig e-oo.iNKI ,',f other lives. tiiotal iittd virtuous ri ;-.-ur attempt to blow n innocent people nugh That I- true. Lilt to i,iis« I T - first, that as u m our struggle tig.litre wh , servo our foe are < ami sece>r,el!y,.th..t eve' Cent hie s should l>eris\ cessi'v which no gr« ino-.enieT.t lor th e fr< < i ••in escape. We dec nieessity. Hut we ; crate fully c .tisciotts until now I ho Hiissim cost much less inn.ice other sii,.:i r> i- rioveiijeti her that durin g th e g.c American ration waged of slavery, General Sin polled, bv th e stent re t sack th e city of Attaut dreals of women an d e h indiscriminately. W e c o happy t biit th e Hnsaiar heretofore not been : single drip of a worimi irinnceiit blood. \An d yet, in, the eye- readers I shall nt-vei tl crimiDal. Thos e reade ».»..,., I7 *». -a^s

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