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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, August 29, 1848, Image 4

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;Hk-.r»~^mUgfU require nearly two. y^ar^ tV-tydDag; tjWn -to '•' perfect ^atuiitjf, for l they are ribt generally thbtjgfit «iifficwatiy mellow - ; fof use until «pnsidfe*ai|ly Secayed; i^rtd ! if\ ojaer to |9^4r<J J%fr ppenessj.-it.-fls ' sM9i4£a.t,K^de&being'placedjn'a8aiap, but warifl cedars, fheystre' somiettrriqs ' _ \wiapj)ed'l!ii\gi^i^''\'feTOW&\p^iw and sunkon a hot-b'^il.\ .^ ••' • - '. PRESERVATION PF ChjprjjpERS,—Ijl^ Germany\ and Pqjajidjit is said barrels* of cucumbers,oEvaribuSslzesj, and ages, headed U P w^ter; 'tight, are presetyed fresh, ftom one year to another, by' im- - mersing theiia, in deep wells, where the uniforxji tettj^tfatuie and exclusion of the air seem to be the preserving \PEOPLE shouldnot atop courting when they getmarned,' 1 says the. editor of the Lcc&tfs' JSeitjspdper ; \ \orfihe contrary, they should learn to court the more. This, layipg^ aside 'the little en- dearments thidf titosed love into being, the very moment you have sworn to live .upon it forever, is alrho&t perjury.' 1 ' BRITANNIA' WASE.—-Britannia ware should be TBurst rubbed gently with a woolen cloth and sweet oii,theit washed in warm suds, and 'tubbed with soft leather and wju&ig. 'Thus treated it . wiilfetaitii>t9 beauty to the last IM-FAOED.—• A. little, child fell into a cistern, at .Albany^ and was rescued by being, dipped up -with a tin pail. Toicnseiid's Sarsaparfylq. , 61 iWz^ received' £of satei and distribtrtiorf to Iu£agehfii. Alt wishing,bt { acllitkro requested to Bend, their orders to mo the only authorised general agent for St. taw- , renco County..'' <:i* •- -•.•;*•» ; JENNER,SPMGTDS&Co,Ag8nt8,WaterSt; O«fderisbn^b ^ 20thN6v ? l 1847^•' 435.tf. . yrf—. t t i.. ...... ;.n i.Jt. i ^ , i . .in—..n ii\ , • n, ,.|| „ , | IMII—j—» Men and'Boy^s cariibe stroplied withnflyinde^ryquall^pftirien^IJrflb, &c. ' suitable for sultrier, wear, by, calling at the Su Lawrence Caslvstore. ,' , , JJBT. GUEST. April Stith,' 1848;,- • • •' • . ' ' ' ' ^HJST BECEM). . ALargeassortnient <jf Parasols andi • Parasollettav ' ~ f ' ,' J. H, GUEST* May 11,1848. -. , 20f-t£ ' • - 'Brdwtt and Bleached Sfieeting & SMrtiggs, datten BaW^JQB \WotMing j>o Vard; fromlSos. 5 to 1^ of every price, and quality, just opened and for sale at ' J. H. GUEST.' Apnl25th, 1848..' ' GCTLERf I NEW. STYLBf\ Tho choicest assortment of Pert and Pocket Knives entirely, can-be fdnndat Ponieroy's. JFresh Camphene, ' Just received and for sale by\ 436tf * H,R. HARE. Wholesale and r 'Eetail, Bealers in Woollen Goodsi a,t their Store,In MarBfe Row, opposite E,B.Allen*S; t Water St! ;0gdeni8burgh. They will-keep constantly on'hand, all ltindsof Woollen, and Cotton and WobllenGoods of their own' mauufiic$ure, consisting of Cassifneres, Tweedsj Sattinetts, Domestic Cottons &c,,&c., and\ will sell arWbQlesale or Eetoil at New Y8rk prices! * M&chahts and others fishing to 1 buy, will do well to examine this stock before making their purchases. , . They will also manufacture Woollen Cloth, V.Sn7tf. either upon shares orby the yard. May ?thj 1848. \ TO MIRYMEN. PA^Jiy.TJS^JfS^TJEBfc, CHURNS. This Churn ia tho moat PERFECT, cheap and, simple, and so constiucteias to bring the Cream to the exact degree of heat required to produce tho greatest quantity and the beat quak Ftyof BUTTER, - For sajoby the subscriber who has purchased the right to tho County of St. Lawrence- - S.B. VANDTJZEE, Grouvornour, March 21,1848. 4 52 6m. BLACK SALTS. E. B. Men will pay Cash for Black Salts, delivered at his Aaheryin Ogdensburg. Aug. 22,1847. -°'v4n22ti, , Woal Wanted. TEN THOUSAND LBS. WOOL; WAN- ted at thlTStrLawrcnce Cash Slort. J.H GTJE5T, ' JaneJ '' 1 8*'?, v , • ' 4 9tf. , Jtemitfauices, S MALL Bums of monoy remitted to any part -of England, Ireland or Scotland on short no- tice. Apply to' . > » ' ' i 4 7 'G. N. SEEHODRj Ogdenaburgh. it. Junt Received. A 25 GALLON COPPER STILL and Pow- fer Wbnn t suitable for dialling;Gamphene, &c^-loi *a1e eheap. Enquire &i Bgrd.& Judd'a, Auction Store, Ford Strcetj OgdenabMgb- Ogdensbnrgh.MayKJth, 1848. ' 5-8tf .WTO*, ^~ T HE SOBSCRIliERS have this day assocls,- ted with them tobuslnessMr.DanifilBing- ham. • The buaincsa will afl heretofore be conducted underthbthrtlof. HUMPHREY & Co. April ^1848.' 6-2u. Heavy Woollen Cloths. Righi EromifoFatiory. \ADJEt expressly for ser- vice to behadtnany quantity from ono to 10,000 yds;,. J. fit, GTJEST. 4 33 U • \ \Variety oFCaliooep 'of ve,ry desirable colors and patternaibom five to .thirty-cents.'' ^d 33tf J. H. GtlEST. Salad Oil, A fine article just receivedandfor sale by 436tf . f H.S. HARE. ATDEN'SNEWPRACTifGE and Plead- ing?, Code, and Forms, at Publishars prices at Aug. 6 3iw POMEROY^S 5? THIS COMPANY has an acoumulafeOund of •550,878 invested, in .Bonds\ and Mortgages oh RealEstatein this oityandBrooklyn, and stocks of the slate and city of New Torkaiia United States Government, which isirapMh/ increasing \by. a^widelyextended and prosperous business, producing an annual income of 9350,000. It has just declared a,dividend of profits,of 52 per, cent on all existing policies on the 31st of Januaiy, 1848. PeJicyholders/ofllfe f otshort terms, continu- ing the insurance till death,' participate in the whole of the profits, The.premUimi are payable cash, semi-annually, or may, if* desired, semi-annually or quarterly, by adding interest on the deferred payiuents. Tho cash principle adopted by this company, secures tojthe parties for whoso protection the insurances are eflccted, tho whole of tho benefits without subjecting tho heavy drawbacks ot accumulated premium notes. Persons may oflect insurance on their own lives, and tho lives o( others. A married wo- man can insure the life of her husband, which will inure to her sole uso and that of hor chil- dren, Pamphlots explanatory of the principles of Mutual Lifo Insurance, and illustrating its ad- vantages,-yrfih forms of npplicauoh, may be ob- tained at tho office of the company, 56 Wall at., or anyof iiffakents.' .- ' MORtUS ROpmsdN; Prpat. SAMUEL HANNAY, See. . STILUTAN FOOTE, Agent, and JDr. B. F. SHKRIdtAN, Medical Exanjraer, Ogdonsburgh, N,Y. i ' B-17-tf \TT.*A.Ta !, n \XT-'A \is in ~ THE Subscribers.aro now receiving an exten- sive assortment of Hard Ware, wh. ch they offer at reasonable prices. They do not protend to sell atcoat,asthiawpnld.ba»Hsquiringa greater stretch of crednUa^nan anenllghtensd commu- nity wonjabpi!fe«u»l- ! 4 ^-~ -*- A...4?. Thoy*o»f f Tu«^;aJi#o^iM^^»bilf Hard Watebf evorydescripubn, also Steel, Nails, Tin plate, Wire, sheet\ Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Chains, Anvils, ^cfiSj-Bands, Carriage springs, and Milt and Cross .Cat saws, Cooking, Plato and Parlor Stoves, of \tho latest and most Im- proved patterns, stovepipc,Hollow Ware, Plain aid Japanned tin ware, Window Glass, Clocks, Mirrors, Paper, &di N. B. ToPedlaratheywouldanerelysayihey Have a large assortment of Pedlar'a goods of ev- ery description, and those wishing toouyPeplers goods will do as well with thorn as any place this side of New York. \ s ' D1X & ROBINSON. Ogdensburgh. 3^34tf Ogdcnslinrgli XsAWD COMFAMY. THE Subscribers being holders, of over sixty shores of the capital slock in the above compa- ny hereby give notice that a meeting. >of the flnnfre holaetaoF Ral3 comnA^y Will b© hfild at the office of A. CBrowh Esq. in Ogdensburgh, on the second day of September next -at 10. oclockin theforenoon.—Dated July 28th. 1848. JOHN d KELLY, 19-Bwv A C.BROWN. •f^D PbMEROYvhas just publish- Jbif* eot aliew aiid OnlSfged edition of tf WdW Litwytr^catd United States FormXiook?' a Book Keeper, containing the Constitution of this State* thetfnlledStales. Price, 50 cts. • Ogdetisburgh, Jan. 26, 1848. V4n44-tf-

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