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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, August 08, 1848, Image 1

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t^^^**t*!^to**>& 7~' ::: '' - '\ '~^ : r • - v!--' l*RIOB 02CBe!E]NT,:. VOLUME 1. ,,:: ; ;*_ ' :;.•*• .;<5 i ••\'\ .;.. '. ,::\:,'v;.::..:i^: .• .- - OFFICE CORNER OF FORD & WATER STREETS. ''\\ OGDBNSBURGH, TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1848. '• •:'•;*:<:• : ..-.\.; • • \ \\\BY SfFDOTE, \- ; '~*', -'•\\ ' DUMBER 90. . i if • * < - * * THE DAILY SENTINEL. This pnper will bo issued daWy, w long as the Proprietor shall bo supported in,, bis experiment •a OOT OBST per numfiOr., tp town nnd county ,. subscribers, andwill bo sent to tbolaUor, as mit- ujr times per week as desired andnnWfor. , ADVERTISERS.' It will offer great facilities to lulvortisers; ns a will insert advortisoirttuus at unusually low rates. \ • TERMS.—-Five lines or under ten cents lor •Ive first insertion, nndono centforovcry subse- •juentinsortion. AH advertisernenta mnrkod nmlpnid«in ad- vance at the nbovomtes, ', ' : : . CONTENTS. . The Dally Senttnol will he> published, every, morning, (Sunday excepted) and contain-ajl-thqi tclegrnpbjo news received at thoPregcotistatiAn, 1 at 7 o'clock thur evening prev3one h imA any other important news thntmny beat linml. • Pnblishod, , at tho office of TH]|i)S0fiNSBURGe: SET?*. TINEIi, where aUndvortfsements must \be ,loft as early as 4 P. M., \6 ensure publication tlic^ next morning. ,.;<», ,„' , ..-., ft \ ,\ This papctwill posqoutipxKsd so.long as It will pay its own expense, and ifdisc'ontinucdjran ad,-i vxmces wilt,b& refunded, • '. , , * . > KpTTIjis paper,will'ofier » copvonleni, mcdl* inrnTbr traveling concerts^ showmen, &c^ ,anft, (brail persons wishing to advertise on short no- • cc, tjio arrival of ne^v Goods, \or articles to Mch dealers vrlali. to tcatt' narlioulrir attentio'n,'* nndtmynumber of EXTRAS wall be ai, any time fnrolshcd to such as wish them, giving the de- sired advertisement the most conspicuous place,. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. \' -'.'St. HitWrcncc Hotel) '. BY JAjks iAHKIN, Cornerof Ford and Siatbxstreots Ogdensburgh, , AWenVil^. ~ WHOLESALE ASDJUSTAUVDEAlSalkB06TSj SH.6BS' •AMD ife&THEB, \ ' the Old Stand, of RV<fcA.YiIit3. sW_pf the Mammoth.Bc-ot, Ogdensburgh, S>T& • ! M. <$. &s« aeWtcj ATTORNEYS, sofi^itons e . qoBNSErjcoRs/ Opposite the Bridge, comer of Ford and Wator StreetBfOgdensbuigh. *. , Drs. AmWcr and. Bloilgctt, StfflagOX BESTTISTS, Office two doors from the St, Lawrence Hotel, State sf,, Ogdensburgh, H. S. HnmpfiSrey & Co., SUCCESSORS TO Ii. S. Morxis, AroTHECARY STORE IU THE MlCKntm.Di}. v G, ^iim Of the 4MdcnHoTto,, Ford. Street,. Og- '- -densburgh r 2*,.lT,. - — — KFrrescriEtioni carefully proJiarqd^CX A. &-TI, jllatliesoii, 'VkM.rt.VCS AND DS,Vf,BB.S ForiTSlrtet, Og«e'nsWrgli. . • OawcgntcHic Honso, UyD. D.T..CARR, At the West end of the Bridge, Ogdensburgh, XT?!. B,—1I6%U3 qml Carriages will bo'.furnished on reasona'ilo terms ami on shoil notice'. ,. • I, * Amm itcca, ATTORNBY, SOMOITpIt JO*D COUNSELLOR, Office in Hopkin's now huilding nt the North end, of the Bridge, Ogdensburgh. ' \ II. I U Hnro. DRUGGIST AND ATOTHEOAEY. Uoator In Drugs, Sleillcincs, VixlxAs, Oils, Py e Stuffs, Sc.,.at OJO Jign ol -tlto Blue Mortar, Font si. OaUensUursh, N« Y. - is-tf . ', Sccly ifc BVcomnJi» t .. i atANpFACTUnEtis o r AUU KINDS OV JEWELBY , ! TarceilooweastofG.N. Seyroapr ami S<>ns, i _' •.FontStreet, Ogdensburgh. ~ti, D. Pomoroy,' . . 1 . noOKSStXER,. 3TATK»IEIl AHD HINDER, Signatlho Big Book, Fqrd St. Qgdonilmra N. Y. Ji ,__, JETA11 orders promptly executed; Trcinont BtonscT^ i B Y J O HN if. BAG d^ETT, Wntor Street, Ogdcbsourgh; N. T., '« ' Near the ^tearitboatlandlni;. ^^^^^ Joiner, Siirnguo &Co. I - . * SttCCESSOBS SO T SEARLK&JEN'NEn. . WltOLESAUE SHO nETTAIt. BBALEnS IK DRDOS 'Medteinei, I'ainLs, Oils, Glass, Putty. Bi'owomls »ye StiiflV, Patent JM(dnc», French Ghcmt- cats. Perfumery &c &c: Ofidtebunjh.N.Y, 5lT. • Xi* B*. &h»egnii, OBOCEtlV, AND PRO VIS tON STORE, Ford Street, Ogtfcnshurgli.S.Y. 3tt North American Hotel, ,_ B3fJA!UE3BEAtt9, ', Oppositetho Post Office ami Custom Honse, P1-cs- cott C. W., will give prompt and every attention to travelers 2tf. Amos Stoclccr, '' ' . .tttBIiOHAJJX.'S'AILpJC. ^Ainj JDRAEEE, - Ford Street Ogdensburgh, N. T. - * .' 2i-tf; Dentistry. D». At)§TIN has this day removed Jiis office ite Street, 2 doors from the St \ Lawrence Hotel. J 'Ogdonsburgn>May 12,1948.' . 2Wf S BlanliS f^P^iti KlNDS^KfePT CONSTANTLY ON v * hand hnd for sale at U)i¥>pffice. ' • • • - .- >i •— •• ' ^o— T ' y . WareWHCo'qso Kcccjpt Boolcs. FOT1 Site at thts OlQceaut^atJ&.n.Pbmeroy's , .Two Doors rcucc Hotel. - N. State Streetj Ogdenshurgh, K. Y. S^ti REMEDY -epv. liicfrHS*.—Aftev the last of ]VIay or fij^Tof-June, the little mill- ers which lay t mpth r el^. begin to ap- pear. Ther6fore,^rasSa|l»^our wool- ens and paci: t^il \awa^ii a dark place covered- twlSTing©'..\. JR^pper,. rcd- cedaf, chips,\ |:obacco—iftdegjl almosi arty strong sj>icy smell is good to keep moths out of \your chests and drawers. But nothing is'as'good as camphor.— SprinWefyour Woolens wjfh Rarjjraiora-- ted spirit^ and., scaftor -.pieces, of cam- phorTgutn among them,, arid-ybtt \wjli never be f ttbubieurath\todt1is'>««- , ' PaESERViNG CHEESES.—If you havo a greater 1 quantity df cheese in the. honseiho\r^is .lilc^ly to be. $Qon- used, cover thenar t^eMy with,,paper, fas- tened feWitb. rtqjpf/. paste, so as to ex- clude the air-\' t Tlley should te kept in a dry, cool place, '• '• k . . EARTJIEK WAitE.—It is a good plan to put new earthen ware into cold AVII- ter.andletit heat gradually until it boils,—then cool again.\ \Brown ear-, then ware in-jpatticitlar maybe tough- ened in this way, ^ handful of rye or wheat bran, thVo\vh in while it is boil- ing, will preserve the , glazing so. that it \Will not be destroyed by acid tn- salt • In a rjjivjrchyafdin the north of Eng- land-is tliis epitaph:— \Hero lies (nlosl) and Jnoro the pity. All that remains of John Newcity.'* To which is attached the following. \ N. B, The man's name was New- fovm but it would not rhyme,\ TPtJlf-ches. *'..-.• They have very hot weather in New OrleanSj.so intengehas been the heat, the Crescent says, that tb.e people there have fon'. eempelkd to draw, their breath with corkscrews. A country editor, in' speaking of a steamboat, says: \She. had twelve berths in her ladies'cabin.\ \Oh life of meP exclaimed au old IadV,ott read- ing the above, 1 'What squalling there must have been,\ . ^- •< <

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