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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, July 10, 1848, Image 2

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.•y-Ti'u-u fi-rtfus- A>^^6:~jiv u* < : 4- ; ± i i DAILY SJBgr^appBgi.-' \\ MONDAYTJULY \10. Ogden»burgl«, St. Jj«wri»ce Connty. .M1VXHTI3EHKKT8 TO lHaOTtEIWiJlTION SHOULD 18 HAN DKDIMAIIAULT^* TOD* 1-. K. - , *PEHM80F ADVERTISING? I OK EVSKV riVILltin OX UNDIK, TEN CKKT1 TOK TRB n wriJWjtivnosijiap oxxonnrWIICTKHY. •UMWUMT-. )HUKT10H. , JjgT Twolives of jG'pn. Cajfe-have been is- sued from, the Globe'office, at\ Washington— -OhVior the north, without any allusion to the JWjlraot ^rpyjsc^the^lheijproves him cgga- sedia that measure. Is b<?trt«J3od JANUS! \ '1 tu, • ^^FO-tt. 1 PRESIDENT, -.. •'•* 'FOR VICE PRESIDENT. MILLARD FILLMORE. • . . \ » •. - •- • / . - , i *..,'. fthe Ontario. This,.by far the most splendid boat that' has,come into our haibor t rri^de her appear- ance atour docks\ on Saturday evening, and e*ciied th(» admiration of our-citizens, by her beantifulimodel, her-fine proportions, the ele- gancenof her furnltare,. and', the convenience ojjhec arrangements. Her saloons are fitted up. in a. manner that does credit to thetosteof her proprietors,-while her large staje'» rooms \ / 7. speak of /n.ease and comfort fo the traveler \ bordering on luxury. Capt. Throop has a a vessel of which he may well be proud, and. . hisgenjiemanly deportment^ and. kind attend tipn tqiravelers, vifill make her a deseryed- 1 • ly ^.popular one.,.She is 343 feet long, arid ~ (I/ hey enginela^.a cylifadir50 inches in diam- eterjandLslrolceof ilifeet,, Twenty one of her, atate/rporns^are filled up for the accom ? J J modflion, of families, in i UstefaLanjl wifh- ' nj aLan.Kspensiye sty\e, ; , / . j T§h& i s designed to supersede the Ro^hester^ y butthe/Jat^ecyessjl^llnol leave the linejj till thftMsgara isrejfly to resume her tri] •which swarerinfocmed'will be *ooh; ^Atjotherboatjinjlendedto. be equal to the •Ontario'in every respect iepnftoe stocks.—* When she ji.completettYthe Qgdensburga attJLewistpuLiine^riay challenge the Hud- , soni aailprayeiaat \the Siberian region\ can build steamboats, as .well aa raise \bears ana ^fe^»^6Bece«.attend Cap> Throop and his*oble vessel!. • ,• , • •' y ' Jitrang«nents>«re!now made sothat the / -hc«ts : ot^u^eioellentline.arriveat fhisptirt * '^verjleveninjg^*t^leaT«*\fexT'mojrning^and •'< in (^nnection wi# tBeiiOieefaand, ^Empire, •f ftmnkdiil]RiflM*fr6A^wi^9*U)h-Montte- at •Hhtate i*adJ)et»eKfiJe; tkerfcate no bet- , - ter coats r or tmti obrigulg officers in the world. „ !5T Gen. Cass was never elected but once, by the people, and then by the old Federal Party. He wears the? Jtea^cockade yet^and has added to it, the AJ«cfc banner of Slavery.. Great Hani of Countexfcitera Three Counterfeiters have been lately nr,. rested at Buffalo. One of th^egang broke loose atter'he was arresfed,and attempted to escape, but fell oyer a/pile of.sione and broke his leg. While the officer was securing him, he threvf a bundle pf bills amounting to seve- ral thousand dollars into the Canal. They were upon the Troy City Bank. s J^* Mr. George Morris, and. Mr. Sam- uel M. flanna,of this Village, were admit- ted as\hat(Qmlta and counselors of the Su- $ preme Ce^ 1 \ -Vthe late term held in Clinton Connty. *'\ ; Iudepcndence at the Ijunatlc Asylum. The following are some of the toasts given at the celebration at the Utica Lunatic Asy- lum. Some of thjsm give evidence ol more leasonthan the \writers have crcdiUor. ' ^ \ By D. Sternberg. The way to keep inde- pendence is to go to the Tavern and have some thing, and mako a noise. (This gives no evi- dence ot insanity as the .world goes.) No. 9. The revolutions in Europe; while in the oldworld the people are trying tomould governments after ourSj may we take care that we do not spoil the pattern. No. 10, Irish straggles,for freedom—a ljt- tle less Harney and alittle more|r«jj«I?nt. The Louisville Journal Clay expressed his intention Taylor.—Oiwigo Time& says that Mr. to vote for Gen, pttJJ^Boys, Pull. The ball Is openon both sides, -»\\ The parties now have made their choice; 1 CassMHi the Loco donkey rides, • The Whigs for Taylor give their voice. / Pull, Jjoys, pull, all pull stoadyi • - For MUlmora nnd for Hough-aruLReady*. From Palo Alto's bloody plain, From Buena Vista's well fought field, A shout la heard, \Behave like men, Liko Rough and Ready, never yield.\ Pull, boys, pull, &c., FromMaino to Georgia comes the shout, Missouri echoes hack the cry; The WhigshavethrowKthls bnnncir Out— \Surrender not, but fight or' did 1\ Pull, boys, pull, &c. ThoEmpireStatawhcelS.intolincV ,' ' With Fillmore in thb foremost nuiksi • His columns steady, true andiwm, ^tj Their cartidges will not he-blanks. y /^ PuU,*oys,pml,MStc - From norilt and soudj|flfbin.ea6t:andW6st, } - Anadon'svoicedeclares'itiightj The Whigs have Tnadotheir; choice the best-^ • The»e Naders can't bufwinfhe.fight! . • . Pull, boys, pull, &c. !'\ Old Zack Ipaylor.; >• jvsE-^oOld Qfin Tuckir.\ .' When rihes crack'and swords^Jtre flashing. And bullets through thti ranks are crashing, -When cannons roar and muskots rutlle. - -^_ Old \Zach\ fronts tho storm of battle. Old Zach Taylor, bold and steady, Sometimes \Rough butalwaj'6 \Ready.\ When old Zach mounts his proud war stei^d. The \Greasers\ run with a wild'elampedi', \• . \Run you rascals,\ do not &)1, or , „ \I'll cabbage you all;\ savsthts old Taylor, •'P!d.Z!(ChTByjpr, cW. ; ( . j .*,,-- When Santa Anna—such n noodle, Heard old Zach play Yankee Doodle, His \cork leg\ tnit with n railroad speed, Andstillkeepsrunning—it does indeed. Old Zach Taylor, &c. ^ \I'm olflna hurry,\ at every peg, \Dot and count one,\ says the old cork leg, \Good bye, Zach, and his cheek turned pa(«r. \I'm not the first who cheated a Taylor.\ OldZach Taylor, &e. ~\— J Our glorious Eaglo never cowers, Our country's foes nro ever ours, Our proud flog floats o'er bravo defender*. For old Zach Taylor \ never surrenders.\ OldZach Taylor. &c. \ Mr. Sawyer intends to resign his scat in Congress. * - • Many murders in toe Chejjrokee country owing to the absence of troops. * - * ^ - Hew York, SvV^ivlii. • Bromond, of the firm of Savage &Co., gold- pen manufacturers, wajMnnrdered last night at the corner oi AwHmd Nassau Streets, bv a girl ol ill-lamefMary Ann •Stewart. His skull was bjcoken with, a jilt'ehcr. lIon<ltu'«*. - .n Honduras the Indians who captured Ba- ^lacar, applied to this British authorities to con- tinue commercial intercourse in that place undoMhe»piotection of the British flag. Th* British auperintejideat replied that the same protection -would be afforded to the Indians of Yucatan in BritishHondnrasas other nations enjoy. They will haveiqll protection oflaw. and must obey it. By Telegraph To Prtscott. MojfTREXt, July 8, 7P. M. Fi.oua continues at the following quota- tions j Fine 24s 6d to S4s 7d j extra superfine 25sto25s <5d. WnteiT—None-ofjbred. OAtMEAt—Very scarce, and i n great di- mandatSls-Cd. ___ PnovtstONs—PORK—Prime 83s \6dj Prim't- * Mess 84s 9d. The stock on market is light, and the tendency upwards. - BUTTER—A mixed lot Of first and second has been sold at 6 l-3d. ASHES—^*9d tpSfelorPdts, and 26s '.Id to 27s for Pearls; * FREIGHTS—Flour to Liverpool 3s. T6 the Clyde, 3 s M to a* 6rf. _ _ _ . ASHES—To LVerpooi,33s Gd. To the Clyde 22s 6d to 23s, - NEW YoRfc, July 8,8 r. a. The JJuena Viita arrived at Boston about noon. ••..•- Ftotrs. 28s to 99s. Cornels lo 33s for white; 3fe foryeUb.WrWitlurgppd ffemand. \Wheat 6s5dto7s;ediorwd. COTTOS-VI^ loiter, (on .ordinary qualities. j Paris more traiiouiL . , . BUM « FI.OTJR is a|nv . The sales eniijrE i.v for goou $4 Wheat is. ill K 1^,000 bushels been taken out o Some; 15,000 b sold yes'erday. ai Prime, Sandusky noon, sJ^OO bush bands at 99c' OATS in steae3 bushels afloat at :ilc. Mi:ssPonKCO; «G 50 t with a i LAUD is soUiu bojders are rathe views. Canal freights wheatj'antiion Hit Fi.ou« is in fa els at 35,12 to $i «0 for favorite b •iomeinaairics,» ttfSOcformixcd; wanted for milli good Ohio at $1 tern at 95c; nnd Po'Rk-^S8,13: itHiuiries. Sales, 2O0 l)bl; Sales, 2O0bbis . lor Ohio. 3Port < July\ 8—PxopclU Steamer Onta 9-Br.Str.Btlti Schr. J. B; ( Rochester, Eg Br. Sir. Britl chMe; Sdhr. . wego; July 8—BatgeC ton; Barge 3 Jttly9-ferrStr. chine; * Sir, 3% lO-ifif. St lain.-Ladlilflc . Lewiston^ KtMk Sails, Oats, |tcf Corn, Ohio Corn Bentis* • Ptoiir t»er Imrr Beer, per tiling Mqtton ptrhe Calves \ Potkp jwrlj)* t*rd CbeMe,\^ Po«toe»p\b Rgm-per do& Salt Vi.w Mil. Jittttf itect A IIARGEBS! w«par»ctl -„ ' * July Id.

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