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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, May 27, 1848, Image 1

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13 '.' >••.' .1, :. > £fttC^ONEC£N'£ ..PPJPICE CORNER Of tOBJD * WATER STREETS.- B^~ST^0OTE, ..'rt VOEtrjttE .mammcmmm OGDpSBURGH^8ATII^OM i -!M'Ay'.£f7 y ,}8 .•,,wl|!Wt J.:- .. NUMBER 34. THE pAlliY StKlTINEL, .. : .* This paper will be issued daily,' BO long.as the L ' Proprietor shali he supported in lib', experiment •\atoNs CENT per number, to town and county; subscribers, and wlUibeusent to, the latter, as ma- • 1 ny' times per vNelc as desired and paid fur. ,'\ .\ -ADVEETISERS. , It will offer great facilities to' advertisers j as ', It will insert advertisements at unusually low ' rates. V .. . '' TER3ffS.—Five (toes or under ten cents lor tho first insertion, Bmrono cent for every subse . fjuerit insertion, . v , All advertisements marked and paid in ad- vance at the above rates, CONTENTS. \A The Daily SonUtjel will bo publisheirevery morning, (Sundayexcepted) and contain all tho tolDgrapnio news received at thoPrcScott station, nt 7 o'clock the evening previous, nnd nny other imnortanriujvva that may beat hand. Published at tho officcoTTBijjCtGBENSBURGH SEN- TlNELj where nil advertisements must be, left m early offtK M., to ensure publication the .next morning. This paper will be continued so long as it will pnyitsown expanse, ond if discontinued, pll ad- vances ivill be refunded. l^'TMs paper will offer 11 convenient medi- um'tor traveling: concerts, shewmen; &c, nnd forallpcrsonsiwishlng to advertise on short no- ' tice, the arrival of new goods, or articles to which dealers wish to call particular attention, and any nurnbet of EXTRAS will beat any, time furnished to such as wish them, giving the de- ilrtd aJdvcrtlsement the most conspicuous place. St. Lawrence Hotel) UV JA1IES LAI1KIN, Corner of frordqud State streets Ogdcnsburgh, ( . Aiavn -VUat, j^U6US3AIX AliD 11ETAII. DEALER HrBOOTSj'SHOES AND J.KATIIEI1, ' the Old Stand of K. &A. Vilas, sign of tho Mammoth Boot, O^densburgh, W. Y. U. G. & *;. Kootc, •. ATTORNEYS, SOLICITORS * catmsEMvons, • Opposite theBritlge, corner of Ford and Water Streets, Dgdcnsbmgh. Dr«. A milter mid Jllodgctt, « ' SURGEON DENTISTS, Office two doors from the St. Lawrerlco Hotel, -* Siatc-st. t Ogdertshtifp'h. il« H. Humphrey & Co., l, ^ BttCCESSOSS TO tfi_|;. Maw ft, • AmnfcCARTBTOttfc IN THE TOICTtBDrtDrKft- Sigh of the. Golden Mortar, Ford Street Og-' • densbnrgB, It\. Y., CTPrttcrijitiolis cjiruftttly piepiircd *£& • J ! lilrmlts . ~ . A*^'?*fcjb§ tf,KJ*'£0$S*J&TJbY ON V-taMaadfSr^SitilSM.dBcfe. ', ... , ' , QsyitgfttslfaJc-.floos?, ' ; ,. - fli.D, P. T. CAI1R,,,; , • ; ,-, At'the West end of the Bridge h Ogdensburgb, ' '' ICTtf, B.-rHbraw and Carriages will be_furnislicd 011 reasonable termsoml on shoit notice. ', ' • • ' Artio* Heed,' ATTOnkETT, 8QMCITOK AND COONSEtH-OR, Office in HoplariW new \buiid'irjg at th e North •. end o f the; Bridge, 'Ogdcnsburgh. .Scoly & Freeman, MANUFACTURERS'oF Ati, KINDS^ pP JEWEpnT, ' Tliree doors enal of (S.N. Seymour and Sons, . . ^ord'Sircotf. Osiloiislwrcb- Tj, D. Foxncroy, , PQOKSELLERj STAT102JER AND BINDER 'Sign of tho Big Book, For* St. Ogdcnslmrfc N. Y. . tor All orders promptly ejceuled. Tromont xiouao, * IT JO'llll I. .HiOOEIT, Water Street, OgdensbnYgh. N. Y\. • -' Kcar'l|» Steamboat ljuiiling, Now Peltier's *E&otiangc<« POnp STREET, ooxiBNsnunbn, u. tj, Jusirecelvetl, anew ami splendid a«sortment'6f Spring ami Suninier Ootids, tvhiih will he sold at mif nsiMily Tow prices. BROiVMER &K RAFT. April 20,1843. \ 2-!iivld. lit It. Bfarc. DRUGGIST AND A.?OTHECABy»<- - Hunter in Dnis!, Modfcihes, PalnLi, ,OU»» T»ye^ SiuCCi, &.C., at ttio *1311 ol ibe Blue Mortar, Ford », OadiilBlJursn, N, Y. ' 13-tf •_j—: ^ . ) _ Jcnmr, Spr3*sao ft Co. SUCiESSOJtS Tj) ', SBAIthl.i&^BNNEtt,\ irnOtSSACB AND RETATt, DEAfcEns IK DS0O3 Modlclnes, Point?, Oils, GIJSS, Pully, Dycwood UycBluiTd, Patent Muil««-IncS, F/pncU Clieuit- •! . cats.- Perfumery *& ac. Ogdcnsburgli.N.Y. ' ,• ' k \ 5tfi i XI, lif. tfiniegan, ,, * , -1 aROO^RT, AND JROVJBION SSf.ORE, ^ Ford Sn?pltOgdensburgh, N. Y. Stl KortU Auioilcan Hotel, .\\' 1 *, . BYJAME? BEAI.UI, • ,\\ OpposilMbe-PostO/n^ ana Custom Hnnsev Tojrt '. \' —«i-!... ^ aud(vcty attenti-i^aj at cott U W-, will givo jirompl travetefs , ., Antoi Stocltcr, •• •- , MERCHANT TAILOK. AND DnAT^Ii. ' PordJStreotOgaezisbUrgIi,N.Y.* •'•••' •• . '• ^21-tf. ••-. . ••.•-,;, • •••••: '\ -''•\< _. , - •L.jDqittistri...'.,; ,•,:,:,. ,, . Da, AtJST<|N h?a (Ills day removed his officp to State Sired) gjaoors •fruMatjhJJt- ' 1 •',. . ,. •* t Lawrence- jHoiil. . 1 • ,' '• 0$et^nrgly%.J.$ t 1848. ., ,.-,' 21-tft ' FerdSltoct,. 0«dembnrihr^ •_:• \.™-' Hovise%'^rm0JUgJ itele^aph. The'iin^ betwees'th'jVcity ahd^hik: t?el]^ii84s np\v ir| Wpr%gt^JI#jj3E6o ''nevv'sree'eiyed by'lhe,steamer. Srjtanoia -on thernprning*bf .the 'S'th^l^ijr in^., -embraciHg; 2^21 \tvpfds was V'a'nsrnitted to Philadelphia, accbrdiijg to the. certiit- cate orthe-CIork irrthe New-\otic qffiqe, in the.'6|)ace ef one hotfrahd'SO hlinutes, •b.e|ng ttbbut-20 words'pr J8aletters' per 1 minutes,' During an experjineiitat trial * •a short'time since, repeating' a -single _ sentence e( some 80 pr mofe'Jetters, there werer printed 170 letters, per irJinute, the, , .impressions .being otear/ and distihdt. The advance in\ telegraphing wllich Mr, House has made is among olher' inge- nious contrivances due te hisiriventibri'pf the detaining key Uard, pr, he inere- erf* plicit, the invention of a set of* Iceys which will arrest the motion of the raa. chinery employed to bronk and dose the electric qjreuit, nnd enable the operator to rrrainjain the circuit broken or closed at his pleasure, . But important as the transmission of intelligence, its valuers still farther increased by the dream* stance .llitit the niiissnge is recorded £»*• priniedj.us the name given t o Ihe* inve*n^ ! tion i#',cates, in the ordinary hltetsaf' ihe alphabet This and the key board,\ in' its peculiar combinations which makes it necessary to*use but a sinSle wire to ! form, the talegfaphioline may perhaps b e considered the most important features* of tho:ii.ivention.v \ > < f \A part of*the.-pachinery consists ©£*•: wheel, upon the/poiiphery ofwhioh aiTe • 28 types 5 26 of these are tho letters of! . the.a,lp1lJ8ibet, < qnejs'adot p^ period, and* the Temniiiipgjone a hyphen; this wheel is caused to revolve by-mechanifjal force, but itsLmotipri is controlled by ,t]ie mag- net, so that by keeping the eleiitric cur- rent brolcon-jor closed it enn be'stopped .by the eperator who is sending the mes- isagc from ihrelBeVefidMjf the line. Near the-itftfpe wheel -is ;a Cylinder with paper aj-pund il, and\ waen-|lie-type iwheelslops jh'c cylindnf—beingt moved • a fiaedbanieafc fbrce which is= 1%gulatsd by ihe motiorroofathe f^pe ! S)ieeI— is •\brought against it and the pap.erjcceives an impressia^'from one*.\ofr4fi? types. tFhe mognetjpontrols the typ^frjleej by See fourth Page.

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