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Hammond advertiser. (Hammond, N.Y.) 1886-19??, December 23, 1886, Image 8

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Is 8:1 ! CA iS: I m m l y IT ABROAD! Of Fancy Goods, hi Both \m I IK Willi 3< mi BUY COODS Stores, for the (IllfilsrUAS TRADE. LOOk tfiroiigli IBIJ SMM k BEPOltE timfeiiig svelte. D^f MORE NOT *THKS!!! CALI AND BEE THEM, jgft A, MeGfttTER. MORRISTOWN.. Dec, 20th.—The steamor .drmstrotig left MoiTistowo for Ogdeusburg at 6 a. m. to-day, to. ferry, there duriug the day and return at right, and. do, up the work here. She will coutinue this routine so long as the river is free of ice. The Cresco will run on the day ferry here as long as she can, then we will have to depend on the old time line, of Wells & Ayers, better kuown perhaps as the \Water Police\ qfMorristown, who are said to be well up in their business. The woutfded man passed rather a restless night, but the Dr. docs not think it anything serious. Capt. Wm. Wells returned on Satur- day night all right, after ono of the most severe seasons on record. Henry 2Pbkey, car inspector, was transferred to Caffnage some time since and to-day is irnovipg; his household ef- fects; to that place. . £ater.—The Armstrong returned to this place, aud will ferry as usual till farther notice. There is a rumor that we aire to have another railroad to this point some time in the near future and in connection with a line of fast steam- ers riming to Oswego and intermediate points. Prof. Phillips will probably givo an- other series of lessons hero after the holidays. There seems to be a grout variety of opinions, as to the probabil- ity of the removal of the steamer A rm- strong from the ferry here, aud giving her a place at Ogdensburg. The facts are, so far as can be learned, that Capt. Lyons wants the change made and has caused the great amount of talk in order to give MiG'arthy Brothers 'owners of the Transit) a grand bluff, in order to effect an early purchase of the Tr.ansit. The H, W. & O. have been ready for the change for some time, but the C. P . R. people stepped in with a message, saying that they had better be eonsnlted before the Armstrong WAS taken away from Morristown. It is very generally conceded that as soon as (he Kemptville branch is completed and the other ar- rangements made the change will take place, but not before the C. P. R. is ready for it. The importation of poultry lias not nearly come up to the big day of last year, whieh amounted to 21 ear loads, containing 367,360 pounds, and 1,100 oilSU^HS,^^' toMr - an \ rra ' This year there wus received at tlie cus- tom house the following amount: 16 cars eontaiiuujj 266,662 pounds, 815 head live fowls,valued at $21,995 leuvo- itig thousauds.of pounds iti the hands, of tlie prpducer.s tl*at t would not bring any price they would accept. The prices aiked in the morning was 15 cents pur pound and at noon the selling began at 9 cents and gradually fulling off to 7 cts. when the sellers withdrew the ballance of stock unsold. There was quite a sharp dispute over three cars of poultry in Hrockviile one day last week, the owners wishing to transfer it to tl.e 0. & L. O. at Ogdens- burg. Mr. .Houston of the C. P. R. tried to force them over his connections first by charging 10 cents per cwt. wharfage if transferred, thereby threat- uing the Belleville and'IVatifit with a withdrawal of the C, P. bu iness_ if eidi- er of them handled the freight. The result was that the 6. T. R. gave a rate to Boston, and guaranteed'the arrivi.l, on time, and the goods went by Mon- treal. There is nothing 1 ik.- having your own way. x. B. c. It. EDWAfiDSViUE. —.-Ilniost good sleighing — '\he weather is mild, —The little village was somewhat excited over iiu elopement, whi.-.h occur- red a few days ago. The parties are Miss d/aggie Fieldson andayoung man by the name of .S'imons. —Henry Levya was kicked by a horse last Friday. It seems that kicking among our blacksmiths is catching. — Wedding bells are begining to ring. If they keep on they will ring the old year out before its time. —iSo-nic of the older people are mak- ing it interesting for the young people here in the Lutheran church by trying to keep the young people from attending the dance at Demott's on ChristnSiis. They would not let them have the Christmas tree on any other night than Friday. —H.J. Perry is goinf to have a party on New Year's eve. His fame as a host at parties is high. So come everybody and don't forget to give Jim- my his shilling. HAMWST. •CWE. m Gm • I GIOOERY AT Pk LMER'S S Aim YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT. —zrWijYBoiYz:— • is invited to call and sample Goods and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. Mv stock is completely new and embraces CROCKKRY, GLASSW A-RIK. &c... STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES,! • DRIKD FRUITS AND CANNED GOODS, BKST BRANDS OF FLOUR, COFFKKS AND TKAS. • • •, All the leading brands of TOBACCO, in fact, everything usually kept in «' GROCERY AND CROCEERYgSTGRE. Give me ,a call. . . & *jk. (-«•»)• k R.JP^.M«B^«fflmoyT* J ¥;— m CUTTERS 1 Tlie New and Fashionable Albany ..Jumper.' jnst received, \Takes tlie Cake.'' The old SStyle Swells and Portlands must head of live fowls, valued at $44,918, I Eldriclge.-On/nturday. rani mat,.\ to Mr, I Mrs. Jolm lildrldge, of niueic Luke, a son. and 26tf. Hammond, N . Y. <J* 15. Oct. 21st, 1886. at the Low Prices of CITTTER&! SWELL BODIES, .«1*JLV if)19.0W, PORTLANDS, OSJLV «SO.OO, To Compete with Goods ' /,/ Same CVW. ELLSWORTH. more money. Hum at anything else By taking un agency tor u>e best, aelllnE- book out. Iieglnners succeed grandly. Nonouill. Terms, free. HAM.ETT BOOK CO., Port- land, Maine. 2«niy. CHEMICALS, gMndl/mrrfb Patent MetUeines,- FAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, AMD TOOTH BRUSHES, tOUE'J ABTIOllSS, PEWUMMRY, SOAPS, $l|.ortl(ieiS.bra(<(M, truj&eji, jfpoflges. -find all Varieties cf Dr>ug-. gists' Sundries, School boohs, Blank Books, and Stationary, go to- D. K WILSONS \sff'Pltymci<tiU< Pmcriptioiifr Oarefii % CoMJWltlldC'l: iy .FULL LI^E OF .ORDER pHOM IMMONf .BoSTPW-M/vs^i (AN BE FOUND JvR'rtHAM'S, Hammond, JCf. Y. .Send six centsrorpostage, and receive tree, a.c6st,)y,ljox,offfqcfiK wideli will lifclp yoU :lo more . j<noney rlcrlit away t,ban UBY- i-lvirjf-eti o in ti Is world: At', of o'clier'sex, am ••osa from first Hour. The lm> flroadtitS fortu-o ».'ens-iieforo the worKersi alisolutely sure. A THUB'rfoMre-B 'TiujiiiGo., Aumf.ta, Maine, atinr. -., ^^L.„^-. .^.'.

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