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OLEOJpBGfoBINE.. Figaros Showing tlie Operation ot the New Tax Funw. The Secretary of the Treasury ha'3 trans- mitted;fo the Senate a report prepared by Mr. Miller, ^Commissioner of internal Reve- nue, in answer to Senator Ingalls's resolution calling for information-about the operation of the Oleomargarine law. By tkis.repprfc it appears that since Noveia- fesr!, thS'date at wiudhthelaVir went into oper- ation^special taxes- proyide&for therein have been assessed on thirty-four manufacturers of oleomargarine, on 20i wholesale dealers, tuad on 2,415 retail dealers. The number of pounds of oleomargarine assessud at two coats per pound was 4,480,174. The principal, collections were in the First Illinois district, •where 2;<31o;7<)3 pounds were taxed; The pther districts where the collections were above the average were as follows: Colo- rado, 101,951; pounds; Kansas; 278,55 L.pounds; Third Massachusetts; 155,8!M poiiuds; First New York, l\Ui pounds; Second New York, 255,454 pounds; Ehode Islnhd, 2S4,r SiOppunda Of the hianufa\ttiring establishments ten are to the First Illinois district, five in Kan- sas, three in Second New York, three in Thirteenth Ohio, and .five in Rhode Island. None of the other districts contains more than two factories; The wholesale dealers are confined principally to the following dis- tricts: First Illinois, Third Massachusetts, First Michigan, Rhode Island and Louisiana. There are not-more than four wholesale deal- ers in any-one of the otlier districts. . \In the retail business the First Illinois district heads, the list with 416 dealers; the Third \Massachusetts is next with 834; the Twenty-second Pennsylvania, 181; Rhode Island, 177; First Pennsylvania, 157; Fifth New Jersey, .SU;. Connecti.-ut, 87; Twenty- third Pennsylvania 85; Third New York, 81;, First Ohio, 75; Kansas, 72; First New York, 65; Eighteenth; .Ohio, 57; Colorado, 49. In the remaining districts the number of retail dealers range fromone to thirty-one. KEWSI SIMMS. SEVEN oil of birch distilleries in Connecti- cut are making wintergreen. THE 1,600 convicts in Sing Sing-prison eat twenty^he barrels of flour daily. THE estate left by the late Charles Francis Adams is estimated at $1,250,000. EDWABD GOT/LD, the younger son of Jay Gould, is<ah expert stenographer. LAST year more than 100,000 emigrant! went to the Argentine- Republic from? Italy. STAMS^OOI/LKGTINQ cranks pay 1400- for a f .osteite stamp of-the Island of Mauritius for he .yearly A NATIONAL military drill and encamp •'ment is announced ,to- take platietat Wash; ington nexifMay. The prizes to 1« offered wffl aggregate $26,500, Does ran a flue deer into the yard of Ed. Cole, on Big River,, Missouri. One of Ed.'s dogs caught it, -and while he held it Mrs. Cole killed it with an axo; A BOTTLE of purple ink was mistakenly opened for port wineat a Detroit supper.ahd fourteen guests filled their mouths with the liquid i n pledging the host. . THE MARKETS. NEW TORE. 50 Bsef cattle, good to prime... 0 @ S Calves, com'n to prime veals 4 @ 9Jj Sneep SK@ 5tf Lambs —• @ 5% Hogs^rLive — :® 43? ' Dressed; 5%@ 5% MouivJEx. St., good to fancy S 50 @ 4 00 - West, good to choice 8 40 @ 5 15 Wheat—Mb; 3, Red. 90® 90# Rye-Estate....;;...; 57«@\ 39 Barley—State..... @ 70 Corn—Ungrad. Mixed 46 ® ii% Oats—White State 8BV@ 89 _ Mixed Western 84 @ 37 Hay—Med. to prime 85 @ 90 Straw—No. 1, Rye... 60® 64 Lard—City Steam.......'..;. 6 35 ® 0 75 Butter^State Creamery-.... 28 -@ 2S Dairy...... ;-. 26 @ 28 West Im. Creamery 22: ® 24 _ Factory. is @ 16 Cheese-State Factory — @ 123i •\ Skiins 9K@ 11 Western... 11 @ 12 Eggs—State and Pehn...... 27 @ 28 BUWALO. Sheep^GoodtoChoice...... 8-75 @*4 35 Lambs—Western „... 4 50 @ 5 60 Steers—Western.; ,.. S 03 @ 4 00 Hqgs^Gqodfo Choice Yoflis - 4 15 @ 4 SO l?r°u Ur V • W '. w........... 4 75 @ 5 15 Wheat-jNo. 1 ^ @ 88 i ^ Cora—No. 2, Mixed — @ 44 Oats-rNo. 2, Mixed..,.,.. — @, 80% Barley—State ... 63- ® 65 „ M • BOSTON. Beef—Good to choice;....... — ® 7 Itf Hogs-Hve. ..; . gi^O 6 _ , Northern Dressed;.,. 6U@ t\i Pork—Ex. Prime,per bbl.,10 50' @11 00 Kouf-Spring Wheat pat's.; SflflO 0, 5 25 Corn—High Mixed — @ 51 Oats—Extra White...,.....;. 41 @ 41Jtf Rye^-Sfete ,.,. 60 @ 05 WATEBTOWW (if ASS.) OATTLE MARKET. Beef- Dressed weight....... 4 00 @ 7 GO Sheep—Live-weight......... \— m 5\i f£ m6 V'»>- ; \•••'•• 4«@ « Hogs—Northern........... .„ — @ oj^ m , PHILAD'ELPHIA. Flour—Penn.extra fainUy... 8 00 %.%%VA Wheat-No. 2, Red..;...:... 88>*1 92 Rye-State \ -, ® 58K Corn—State Yellow . -~ ® 47 Oats Mixed.....,., , 84 @ 88V Butter—Creamery Extra.... 29 @ 80 Chee3e-^N. Y. Full Cream.. — @. 1SJ£ The Most Effective and Popular Remedy Ever Discovered. WHY IS IT SO EFFECTIVE IN SO MANY IKFFEREWT DlSElAg^Sr W HY one remedy can affect so many cases is this: The diseases have a common'causa, and a remedy that can^affect the cause,-perma- nently cures all thediseases. iTnlike any othor organ in the body, the Kidney when diseased, mayitaolf be free from pafii, and thoyoiyfact that it is not painful leadsimany people to deny that it is diseased. But Medical Authorities agree that jit' « m be/tor gone with disease ana yet give forth no pain, bocause it lias few if any nerves of sensation, and these are th« only lineahs.of con- veying the sense of pain; thus unconsciously diseased it affects the entire system. We do hot open a watch to see if^^.itisgdineorii in goodoi-der. We look at the hands, or note, the accuracy of its time. So we need not open the kidney to seeif it is diseas^^We ifady thecondition of thesystein. Nowthen, KipjfUXDISEASE produces Any of the following Common and 'Unsuspected. S V-lId HTftTVTS • Bapkache; Unxisual desire to urinate at nioftt; Fluttering andpainin the heart; Tired Feeling*; Pii- „ ^TTi \? a ' maal Amount of Greasy Fi'oth in water,- Irritated^ hot and dry skin: Fickle Appetite; Scaldiag.ssasa- Hons; ^nd,.bitter taste, with furred totsguo in the Morning; niiulacheandNoUralgiaj Abundance of pale, or scanty jtow djf Aw*^ ' colored water; Sour Stomach; Heartburn with Dyspepsia; Intense pain, uponsiidden excitement, in the Smallof ths Back; Deposit of mucous some time after urination i Loss of Memory; Rheumatism.jchillg and feveir and Pneumonia; Drop3ical'Swellmgi; JEtstl; or White brick dust, albumen and tube casts in the water i Constipation, alternating with Looseness; Short-breath, PleunKy fed Bronchial affections; Yellowish palsekin, etc. - . » < ......,?.-, m L .. ^, ,.....,„._,.. . , _ .„ . . .. . (jie . r the -, ,- , , •„ ^.. „ .. ---.. —.- -. —, — iy bad states oi tnesyitem preeisely as we have indicated. Now when.the kidneys are diseased, the albumen,, the Mfe prqperhfof the'blood, escapes through their walls and passes away in the water, while the urea, the kidney poison, remains, and it is this kidney poison in the blood, that, circula- ting throughout the entire body, affects every ornati, and produces all the above symptoms. Therefore, we say confidently that \Warner's SAFE Cure\ is THE M.O.ST EFFECTIVE MEDICOfE' EVER DI8COT- EllEV for the human race. Itis the common remedy which, overcoming the common- cause, removes the greatest possible number of evil effects from the system. Let us note a few of these diseasesand how they areaffcctedby Mdneypoison/ted'ctuedby if WARNER'S SAFE CURE.\ Burned. Wash the finger every day in acid and it soon becomes a festering sore and is eventiialfy destroyed: Thekidriey^poison acidiS ttie blood has the same destructive effect upon tlie lungs: For this reason awysoh whose kidneys are ailing will Have j^av*f4ttack» of Pneumonia in the Spring of the yeaiv Lung fevers, Coughs, Colds, Bronehitis,.Pleurisy,.oic.,at all seasons- of the year, RSetifytue; action of the kidneys-by \Warner's SAFE CurCi\ as many huhdl'eds of thousands have done, andyou'will be surprised at the•$&* provement in the condition of the lungs. * ' .-.\'-- IMPAIRED EYE-SIGHT. Sidney acid, with some persons has an es- pecial affinity for tlie optic nerve, and though we have never urged it as a cure for disordered eye-sight, many persons have written us-oxpresslng surprise that after a thorough course of toeatment with \War- ner's SAFE Cure'\ eye-sight lias been vastly improved. In fact, one of the best ddnhste in the, country says that half the patients that come to him with bad eyes, upon examination he discoveraare. vtctinis of 1ei4ney disorder. We have no doubt that the reason why so many-people complain of falling eye-sight early in life, is that, all unconscious to themselves, their fcld- ney8 : h^vebeen6utofm-derfm\years, andthe. kidney poison is gradually ruining fheBysfein. . . , O^liUM HABITS. - It is a. weii-knowh fact, recentiy shown anew, that opium, morphihe, cocaine, whisky, tobacco and other enslaving habits capture their victims by their paralyzing effeots upon the kidneys and liver. In these organs Wie appetite is developed and-sustained, and the best authorities state, that the hubttB cannot be gotten rid 'of until- the Kidney sand liver are restored to: perfect health. For this purpose, leading medical authorities, after a thorough exam- ination of all claimants for the honor of' being the only specific for those organs, hove; awarded the prlie to \Warner's SAEE Cure.\ RHEUMATISM. Every- reputablephysician will.teilyouthat; rheumatism is caused, by ah acid- cbiiditionyo'f the system; With some it is uricacid, or kid- ney poison; in others; it is lithic acid, or liver poison. This acid condition is caused: hy- inactivity of flw Kidneys: -and \ liver, false action.of the stomach and. 1 . Sola 1 pei$le'motb'iSEaltt«young people because; the acid his-Beeh collecting^ in the system fcjr' S sars and Cnally the system beeoines eni-l rely acidified: These acids produce all the various forms of rheumatism. \Warher'S:^ 66 SAFE Orire\ actinglipbn the HdheysiMid liver,, neutralizing /the jacid and. correcting theirfolse.fejtiqrivcureagmny.cases ot r)WJ= jjiatism., ,'»TS^raer's.SAFE Rheuniatlp Cure\ alterriirtjnfe.with the use of VWarnfrt SAi«iCin^V rampletesi'the work. BLADDER DISORDERS. Grosi and other high medical authorities say that most of the bladder diseases orig- inate with false action .of |7i« kta- •tfeys, ahdui-inary tract. TJrlc acid constant- ly coursing through these organs inflMnjill and.eventualiy destroys the inner membrane, •pi;6ductag-the intense suffering, J3oiaei tiines this kidney acid solidijlles .to;fli»Wj* neys ih.the,-form'.of .Gravel,- which invito;-|S«-.- fsceht:!tb:th:e ibladderp^uoeslcWneM ooUes :S6mfejeimesftheacid soHdiflei:in-'the Baatte;, producrngvOtti^Xd^on-SfiittpM TW\~^ ; of c««e«'Of inflamruatmh Ai^ «terrh:of fai» bladder and . has ; «ff«(;tifdy,: cbrroqted^ais, iSjjndency to\;\the*jfognatibii: fit ^grayel oM rtohe. It challenges comparison yrVai all other remedies inthis work. Buy to-day, lawiHnHsnwHi WARNER'S SAFE CURE.\ CONGESTION Congestion is a collecting together of blood in any one place. If there is loss of nervous action in any organ the blood vessels do not allow the blood to circulate and it stagnates. If this condition exists very long the collect- ing blood clots and eventually destroys the organ. Many persons are unconscious victims of this very common condition. The heart, determined as it is to force blood into every part of the system, has to work harder to get it through the clogged organ, and eventually the Heart breaks dotvn and palpitation, excessive action, rush of blood to the head, distressing headaches, indicate that the Congestion, has become chronic and is doing damage to the entire system. Congestion of tho kidneys is one of the commonest of complaints and is the be- ginning of. much chronic misery. \Warner's SAFE Cure\ will .remove It. FEMALE COMPLAINTS. Whatwe^iaye said about Congestion ap- plies with particular' force to the above complaints. Thoy'are as-common as can be, and, as every doctor can toll you, most of them begin in this congestive condi- tion of the system, which, not being regularly corrected, grows into disease ana produces these countless sufferings which can be alluded to -but hot described in a public print, Thousands have been peVma- nsntly cured. their attention to a thorough reviving oi kidney and liver action by the means of til* only specific—\Warner'o SAFE Orire. \- BLOOD DISORDERS. ', It is hot strange that so many, many people write us that since .they have given themselves thorough treatment with \W\ar- ner's; SAFE Cure\ their thick and tur- gid blood, their , heavy, blotched, irritable skin have disappeared under its potent in- fluence. Th6 Icianeypoison in the blood . thickens it. It is not. readily purified' in the lungs, and Hie result is the impurities IL. __„,„, „*.,i„i„ „ „„„J.I„„J.^J \,„uiL--m.(£- comooS of ihe surface of the body, and i/i *^„??,^2 gStS^ SSHftB thereis any local disease allVlie bad- 11\%$% tS^'^-fe^fe^SH?? nesa in-thi blood seems to collect K,!?,^!\^\,\^*i?£m 'SaSTi^aS there. ouV experienoe justifies us in the breaktagdownof the system. Remove-tha- statement that^arner's SAFE Cure\ »Sfhv' fi^L**? ^rnL^A^ is \the greatest Wood purifier known.\ The S^^S,^ *2&£ff SJAff CONSTIPATION, PILES. These distressing aiiiaentt, more, common, among one 'class than the other; are not original-disorders, but are secondary to imperfect action of the kidneys and liver. The natural cathartic is bile, WhicB is taken from the blood by the liver. If the liver fails the bile is hot forthcoming and the person gets into a constipated habit. This, eventually followed by piles, is.almcwt always vindication of congested liver, and * treatment must beyery thorduglj, STOMACH DISORDERS. Many people complain more or less throughout the year with stomach disor- ders: Dyspepsia, Indigestion,, Waterbrash, heat and distress in the stomach|.,Bharp pains, frequent aches, want of appetite,, lack of en- ergy. Now, these are exactly the condi- tions that will be produced In the stomach when the blood [ is filled with kidney poison. People dose themselves with all sorts of stomach reliefs, but get no better, They never will get better until they give Cure,\ and these constitutional secondary diseases disappear.- HEADACHES. Many people suffer untold agonies all thsJr lives with headache; They try every remedy in vain, for they have not struck the cause. With some temperaments, kidney*acid in ths blood, in spite of all that can. be done, will irritate and inflame the: brain and E reduce intense suffering. Those obstinate eadaches which do not yield readily, to local treatment, maybe regarded- quite certainly . as.of kidney oirtgin. TWinffU! AS1H \Sr'TlT'lSCT'TU'Tlf* WAf tr PS and: from the way we have setthem forth, it wittjpjainly be seta, ' XOEiOXl J&MJBl allliUSt llSl*J SlXXfXtSi, thai the statoroentwe-make, that \Warnor'jj-SAIHB Cure\-'isa«! ''most affective remedy ever discovered for the greatesfc.number of human disease9,\\isjustined. It is hot a remedy without a reputation. Its sales for the past year ihave been greater than ever, and tho advertising thereof less than ever, showing ihcontestibly that the merit of the medicine has given it a permanent place and value. ,..\'!• Pooplohavo a dreadful fear of Bright'a disease, but we can telltliom from our experience.that it is the ordinary kidney disease ' that produces ho pain that is today the greatest enemy of the human race;, great and all powerful, because in hins casts' out of ten, its presence is not suspected \by either the physician or the victim 1 The prudent man who finds himself year after yoer troubled with littleoadaohes and aifinshts lihat perplex him, ought not to hesitate a-moment as to the real cause of. his disease. If he will give himself thorouaMngtltutional'treatment wi& \Warner's S*FE Cure,\ and \Warner's SAPE Pills,'!, he will 1 get: & new lease of life and-jusofy in his own experience, as hundreds of thousands haro done, that 93 per cant of humau diseases are really attributa- ble to a deranged oonditlon of iha kidneys, and that they will diss^pearwlwa those organs'are restart ASE YOFE NEIGHBOBS MD FIMENDS WHAT THE!^ fHME QP : PENSIONS, Onloers' pay; _ cured; deserters relieved, -' •'---- \ilir- - bounty pro- _ _ , irs relieved, . .„,.,- - »» Slyears'.'iproqtI'ce.,'Budoess'or • no fee, write for circulars and' new laws. • AW. M«nA.~f-\ \- \ j ™- — A,W, aicCbrBiicK<fe8on.Wa»hlBEton,P,C', S5 to SSrulay. Samplei worth MUD FaSB Llno» not umlor ths horso's fsst. AddriBM BKBWSIES'S SAFXTT BSIH Hor.Dsn, Holiy.siio.-j Wm v.iluilble,, informatioilii BNCYOJEOEBDIAA FOB.. -T - .— ^. - --. —. ~—^-. Address for- I v.iluilble informatioil ENCY.OJGOBEDI FOB • .UBHIKro CO., 3< Wooster Streot: Now York; ' llnTeators'-HmMiMbfrtt. 16rn. k.o'EpQrlQnco. PLSNN^R' efc'OO., t AUora07«, WMUIngtoOi D.'a aiv'* DSIIA Great Etiglisii Goiitirii SHI 5 rillSa \ \.PHenWatle: Remedy. Oval Box 81.00) roiind, 50 cm. iVfS.P Vpll^O^AGKeatKlojxneot Fitrins, _. Mills, Storos,Jiotols,:etei,.Ior SAliB'mild ES. 'VHA-lSOtik ^Heiitlba. thlaT paper' and 'edclORe stamp. W. S. Hotclikln, BSK^HAMTONi S. Y ;

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