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FOUND GUILTY. The \BoQdlo\ Alderman's Second Trial Results i n Conviction. It will be remembered that the first trial of Alderman AlcQuade, charged with accept- ing a large bribe to pass the Broadway horse-car charter in New York, re.iulted in no verdict, notwithstanding that two Alder- manic accomplices testified to the illegal acts of bribery in order to save themselves. Be-' cause no oorrobbrativo evidence was offered at the first trial, the Judge's charge wai favorable to the prisoner, and the jury was discharged after bein-r outa long' time and beiug unable to »'. o a decision, nine standing foracquit- tal and three for conviction. At tho second trial the testimony of the two accomplices, with corroborative evidence, was again offered, and the result was reversed. We give the closing scenes of the ti ial from the Sew York papers as follows: The second trial of ex-Alderman Arthur J. McQuade, op a charge of receiving a bribe in connection with the grant of the Broad- ,way franchise, euded eariv last evening fa the conviction of the defendant. The result was quickly reached when the tase was once submitted to tho jury. The trial occupied nineteen court days, twelra of which were spent in obtaining a jury. The sessions yesterday were occupied by the clos- ing address of Colonel EellSws, Assistant District Attorney, and a strong charge by Recorder Sm., tb. The case was submitted to the jury shortly before 7 p. M., and the jurors.retired to the Grand Jury room.adjoining the court room, uhder'the Charge of the iCOurt 'Officers. In less than fifteen minutes the jurors informed Couit Officer Curry, who was prepared for a iong vigil, that they had agreed upon a verdict. Tho information was im- mediately communicated to Recorder Smyth, who liad just sat down, with the counsel and attorneys for the people, to a hastily pre- pared dinner served in the District-Attor- ney's office. Without waiting to finish their meal the Recorder and his companions hastened to the court-room. MoQuado, his brother and his lawyers were already thore occupying their accustomed seats, Thoy were\ evidently prepared for the worst, believing that if a verdict had been reached so quickly it must be against them, .since they pinned their only hope upon a disagreement among tho twelve jurymen. \Ha\ e you agreed upon a verdictf\ asked Assistant Clerk Moser whou the jury wore seated.and tho crier had called tho assembly to order. '•We havo,\ responded• Foreman Houry Ottenberg deliberately. \What is your verdict!\ asked the clerk. . \We find that the prisoner is guilty oil tho charges contained in the ilrst count of tho indictment,\ was Mr. Ottenberg's firm and distinct reply- < At-Sbe word guilt,;- McQ—SSOJ oho up to this*moment 'had retained the perloct com- posure which marked his course throughout the long trial, placed his bands on tho railing in front of him and drow himself out or his chair. until he almost stood erect and then sank back again, The color rose to his cheeks and he looked straight ahead of him for a moment as though stunned. Ho quickly recovered his self-possession, how- ever, and when he turned arouud tosjioak to his brother he appeared as UtUo ' disconcerted as the most (lisintorcstod spec- tator. G noral Tiwy, Mr.. Now. oinbo and •ex-Senator Grady, tho prisoner's lawyers, sat as stolidly as though thoy wore not con- cerned in tho ease. Afterthankiugundcomplimenting tho jury the Reoordor discharged thorn and Mcljuade was taken back to the Tombs to be sontoncod later on. Tho maximum punishment for his crime is ten years' imprisonment and t o cay a Hue of $5,001). INDIANS _AS_OITIZENS. Substance of tlio Bill \Which Gives Thorn Individual Kcsorvntlons. Tho House has raised a bill authorizing tho Secretary of (ho Interior to allot reser- vation lands in sovornlty to the Indians. Following is tho Bubstance of its provisions: It provides for the allotment of reserva- tion lauds in sovoralty to the Indians located thereon, on their application, in quantities as follows: To en h head of a fnmily, one-quar- tor of a section; to oa'A single person over eighteen years of age, *j>ne-eightli of a sec- tion; to ench orphan child under eighteen years, one-eighth of a section; to each other person uuder eighteen years, one-sixteenth of a section. If there is not 'Sufficient land on the reservation to allot to each indi- vidual tho quantity as abo Q provided, then the land shall be alloted to each Individ.ial pro rata, in accordance with the provisions of this act. It further prohibits, f \.v the period of twenty- five years, the conveyance of any such al- lotted land: ma!;e3 the alottees S'lbject to State and Territorial law, an.l prohibits any Territory from pass'ug any law denying to any such Indian within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law. The rights and privileges of citizenship are conferred upoa every Indian born within the territorial limits of.the United States to whom allotments have been made and upon every Indian who has yoluntarily taken up his resideheeapart from any tribe of Indians and adopted the habits of civilked life. The.provi^ons ;of.fhe billcS^npt extend to the territory\ob-upied \by the'-Cherbkees, Creeks, Chbstnws, Chickasaws, Se.ninoles, and Osages, Miamies and Peorias, and Sacs and Foxes, in the Indian Territory, nor t o any of the reservations of the Seneca Nation of New Yor:c and Indians in the State of Now York, nor to that strip of territory in the State of Nouras (a adjoining the Sioux Ration on tho south. An Interesting IMick Shout. Puring th e twenty years wijich Dr. . Ackloy practiced in Northern Oiio his reputation became very great. H e was a man who Was very impulsive in his actions, as isshown by th e following in- cident: One day while put duck snoot- ing ho was accompanied, by a favorite dog. Another hunter was on th e oppo- site side of the stream, and a s th e ducks which he shot fell into th e stream Dr. Ackley's dog, would swim i n an d get them. The man objected to this, bu t Ack'ey told the man he should have all the ducks retrieved :by th e dog . Th e man asweiod that should th e dog re- trieve another duck bo would shoot him. Ackloy replied if the man shot tho dog he would shoot the man. Another duck was shot and in sprang the dog, and was as promptly .shot. Ackloy reciprocated by filling the man full of shot from his fowiing-piecej after which he immedi- ately left tho scene and returned rapidly to the city, tome time later a man came into Ilia office complaining that someone had tilled him full of bird shot. Ack- ley proceeded t o pick them out one by one, at the same time condoling with the man, and at the close of tho process charging him a good bill.— Magazine of Western History. In tho United States Senate, during a ro-ont debate, Senator Vest, of Missouri, paid a high tribute to the merits of St, Jacobs Gil. Other prominent men havo also found it prompt in its tui'ooti'houmntlsmand noaralgla. Price, fifty conts a bottle, Dn. WAiiiiKN, an atisoolnto of tlio Washing- ton urnltliolotflcal Drpartinonl of tlio Agri- cultural Hiuoutl, snyn ,h.it Jnuvks and owls food on mlco and iunuots, and not on poultry, as has boon commonly supposod. In examin- ing a number of tho stomachs of those birds ho found no poultry. Throat troub on yloM promptly .o Red Star Cough (Jiivo, in vo'iohad (or by U. S. Arohitoot Olarlc. Its ingredients are purely vogotablo and fi'oo from opiates. &> coats. AxBorlln, Germany, about SIX) workwomen are employed In iho pi'oiluc;ion of Bhoo ro- soltoHi ihu sale amounts to about a million yearly, and tho re»otua are exported to all tlio ifiuropoau countries and North and South America. COCKLE'S AMTI-BILIOUS PILLS, ^HB QBE AT ENGLISH BEMEDY For Ltvor, Blto, Indigestion, eta Free from ilor- oury i contains only I'uro vegetable. Infn\<ulents. Agouti O. N. 0R1TTKNTON, Now York. Dr. Par dee's Remedy IBS GREATEST BLOOD rTJIIPIEE KHOWK. A Specific for Rheumatism, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Neuralgia, Ring Worm, And «ll SKItt and BLOOD DISEASES. It R.gulat.s thi • LIVER AND KIDNEYS—— Our.s IHDlaESTIOH, and all Diaeaiea arising from an Snteablad Conditio* of the Byittm. ^P\Send for our pamphlet of testimonials, and read of those who'have'ibcen cured by its use. Ask your Drugeist for Da. PARDBS'S REMEDY and take no other\.. Price $i per bottle, or six bottles for, $5, ladies irt'feeble'health should not fail-to try it Manufactured by the PARDEE MEDICINE CO., Rochester, N. V. DO NOT POISON YOUR SYSTEM with m-.dicincs you kngw nothing about. Nearly every so-called remedy for Rheuma- tism and Neuralgia now offered to the pub- lic contains powerful and poisonous medi- cines that injure the stomach and leave the patient worse off than before. Do not heod them, but take \the old relia- ble\ dnethafc has stood the test for twenty- five years. One that is free from any.tuing injurious to the system, composed wholly of roots ahd herbs, the medical properties of w.hieh- are particularly adapted to blood disease!;. Dr. Pardee's Remedy is safe and effective. Can be used by both old and young with beneficial results. Five hundred dollars will be paid for any case where the use. of Dr. Pardee's -Remedy has in any way injured the patient. EAISDEE MRDtciNE-CO. Plso'fl Remedy for Catarrh Is tile Best, Easiest to Uso, and' Cheapest. •CmMMMMA Something About Catarrh. | A great itiany people are afflicted with ca- tarrh who do not know what ails them; and a grant many mora continue sufferers who , might be cured, | Thickening of the membrane which lines - the nasal passages, thus making breathing difficult; a discharge from the nostrils, more or less copious, watery or thlok, according to the stage of the disease; a sense of fullness in the head; a constant inclination to spit; and, In advanced cases, a dropping of intensely dis- gusting matter into the throat, are a few of the prominent symptoms of Catarrh. Deafness, inflamed eyes, neuralglo pains, sore throat and a loss of sense of smell are very often caused by Calarrh. All these troubles are eured by Piso's Rem- edy for Catarrh. Relief is had immediately after beginning its use, hut it is important that it bo continued without Interruption until tlio catarrhal virus is expelled from the sys- tem and healthy secretions replaoe th« dis> eased action of the mucous membrane. Man- ifestly it is unreasonable to expect a cure in a short time of a disease that has been progress- ing for months or years. This question of time is provided for in tho putting up of Piso's Remedy for Catarrh. Itis so concentrated that a very small dose Is di- rected. The quantity in one package is suffi- cient for a loitg treatment, consequently the expeiisa is a more trifle, and there is no excuse fornogleot nor reason for it but forgetfulness. A.cold in the head Is relieved by an applica? tlon of Piso's Remedy for Ca'tarrh. The 00m- fort to be got from it in this way is worth many times tlio cost. Tho following lottersare specimens of those received every day, tesiifying to the worth of Piso's Remedy for Catarrh: ALLEGHENY, Pa., Sept. 26,1886. Piso's Remedy for Catarrh is doing wonders for mo. Ibolieveit will cure any case of Ca- tarrh, if used according to directions. SU11S.P. JOHNSON, 49 E, Diamond Sfc SrniNG HILL, W. Va., Oot. 20, 1885. Enclosed And one-dollar for two packages of Piso's Remedy for Catarrh. The sample package, received in June, gave perfect satis- faction. GILL MESSER. HAIOTOBD MILLS, N. Y.,.Ang; 8,1885. I havo used a little over half a package of Piso's Remedy for Catarrh, and it has helped mo more than any of the different medicines I have used. I feel confident that it will cure me. lean and do recommend it lo others who are troubled with that disease. RBV.A. DAMON. A Guilty Sacrifice sfcould never ho made, but ambition and en- terprise dese ve reward. Wherever you are located you should write to Hallett & C, Port- la. 1 d, Maine.audlearn about work that you candoiind Hveathome, earning thereby from $5 to 825 ard upwards daily. 'Some have earned over &50 in a day. All particulars free. Both sexes. All ages. Capital hot heeded; You are-started free. All is new. Those who start at once cannot help making snug little fortunes. ._ . . . ... ,.. ;vb Opium-ih Piso's Cure for Consumption Cares where other remedies fail. 25c. SETH TH@SfiiS WATCH for the Price. ¥ Alsogood for, Gold' In >thcHead,, Headache, Hay Fever, <fcc. 50 cents. fifeahlnory for Wellsof any depth, from SO to 3,000 feefc for Water, Oil or Gas. Our MountetVSteanuDrllling and Portable Horse Power Machiueaset to workinSO minutes. Guaranteed to drill faster and with lewpower than any other. Specially adapted to drilling wells In earth or rock 30 to 1,000 toet. Farmers and others axe making »85 to 940 per day with our nianhlnerr.and tools. Splendid Dimness for Winter or Summer. We ara.the oldest and largest Manufacturers in the business- Send 4 cents In Stampsforillustrated Catalogue H. ADDRESS. Pierce Well Excavator Co., Now York. BOOK AGENTS WANTED for or LTVXNQ f&VTHS JFOB HEAD AND HEART, By John B. Gough. ths Elf t and Deith of Mr. Goughi by . _. ^-r^ BOXT. lOOO Agent! Wantca.—Men and Women. #100 totSOO.ft inblitu made. QXDUtanci na Mntfrimea MW. lire ft«-« Term and PatTrelgtu. Write for drcplan to A. D. WOISTUlfiUTON Jc COi, Hartford, Conn. M .»»7J^Cords'of.BcqohharolieenSawed'bTonoRiAn in.0.1iours. Huridreds^have sawed 5 & C cords dally, \fix- aetly\ what.ovory Earmor and Wood -Choppor wants. yirat order from your vicinity secures, the' Anencyi Illustrated' Ca.ta.ldz FUSE. Address FoldlnR 8o-lni Macblac Co., 801f % Cohal St.; Ci.kT.sc. Ml- r 'OlVORY' 1 IpEARl-J Keopino; Teeth Povfect.and'Gmnfl Heitlthy. | and Morphine IlRbit cured In 10 to'30 days. Bef or to lOOU.patients cured I In all parti. Dn. Minsn,Quinsy, Jllch. Asnperlor preparation for all diseases ofirttr- hail'or sculp. HiiUls Hair Keheiyer. May always be' relied upon for-oaring colds or coughs. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. THB Spanish. Cortes has authorized an outlay of $«iO(iO,(IOO for new war 5 vessels; \I do not like thee. Dr. Fell; The reason why, 1 cannot tell.\ It has bftetitoeen wondered aVthe bad. odor this oft-quoted doctor was in. 'Twas probably because he, being oiie of the old-sbhoordootors, made up pills as large as bullets, Whlph noth- ing bat an ostrich could bolt without nausea. Hence the disiike. Dr. R. V. Pierce's \Pleas- ant Purgativo Pellets\ are sugar-coated and no larger than bird-shot..and are quick to do theirwork. IWall derangements of the liver, bowels and\8toniach they.are specific. THERE are now six butter creameries in Mississippi, tlie first of which was started eighteen months ago. Dr. Pierce's \FaVorito Prescription\ is not extolled as a '•oarc-all,\ but admirably f ulnUs a singleness of purpose, being a most potent specific iri those blironio weaknesses peculiar to Wi.men. Particulars in Dr. Pierce's large treatise oh Diseases Peculiar to Women,.160 pages, sent for ten-cents in, stamps Address WOIlI.D's.DlSPENSAItyMEi>I0ALASSO0IATW», 663 Main Street, Buffalo, y.-Y- IKSANITV is said to be increasing among the colored, people of this country. Rupture, pile tumors, fistulas and all diseases of the lower bowel (excopt cancer), radically onred. ^Sehd 10 cents in stamps for book. Ad- dress, World's Dispensary Medioal Aseocla- tio-., 663 Main Street, Buffalo, ET, Y. FLAX is raised for fuel iri Dakota. A ton of ftaxis esteemed there better tjiana. ton of soft coal; \ ~^_ If afflicted with sore eyes use Dr. Isaao Thorao- son's Eye-water. Druggists sell at 35c por bottle) LYDIA E. PINKHAM'8 VEGETABLE COMPOUND, iBaFositlraCnra for ALU. of those Painful Delicate Complaints and Complicated troubles and Weaknesses to< common among ourWivai, Mother*, and Daughters. It Kill oure entirety all ovarian or vaginal trouble*, Inflamtn a* Hon and Ulcera* tion, Falling and 'DitplactmtnUi dt eomegiient tpinal Weaknt*9,antH* s-^^j, particularly *i- i » . - &****'adapted to thi Tho Woman's Sura Frlond , € jiange of life, (itolErJi—ITWn^HOTf£KTbSU STOGICA* OrKtaVTIpHa OB oDiiB CAKOBH, sttfrxr traxtnfDBR iii caucawsrxHca, ACT ^ILUUIO^'WXXriXBBLliradlfHATUBB. Er«HlT»ilLIK« b? aniBiHO now, CATJSWO PAIH, ynaaat. AM> Bi.cgi.qHBi MJUiTTAT*^BMliTraitTLY CT7MU) BTtT»VBS. Ja-,*»oldby Droi;sUt«. Price $1. pe r battle . Mtt. PinMiam'sXifer PIHa cnroconBtlpation; SSa. \'KT : N/TJ-50; •„ GET THE BEST. HOP PLASTERS Are superior to alSibOier.plajjterra'be. caiiae of their Bdotnlnff uul pain-lclU- ihff properties; virtues of frethbopa, ;balaami^dheinIook.Woaolie*t«tiain, rhexmiatlo, nauxalgiopite, uttrTtauieleaa ewliine badcorside.criok.'kiait^ trouble, Boro chest or midden^ sharp pain oanlonff resist their magio no- tion. AwonderflilBtrenffQiener. OfdrugfiiataSno, 5 for $1. ICailed&ee. Hop Plaster Co.. Boston. CLAIM Sal! KINDS pvosecuted _ _ — %vithout fee unless •nccesslul. TWENTY-TWO YEARS! EX\ PEIMENOE. jarooRUEsrosDENCB SOLICITED. MJLO B. STEVENS & GO. WASHINGTON, b. C. cLBVKtAND.'OHto. CHICAGO, HiL, pgTBQ[T,MICH. Ho Rope lo Cut OR Horses' Manes Oolsbrateil ?E'OCI'PSE> HALTEIt, y miid 1 BftlDIiE Ooutbinod. caanot b». slipped by any bo'rje. Samplo Halter to any part ot U. 3. free; on- recelptotjl. Sold byallSiddlery, ' Hardvraroiand HarnosS Dealers. Special discount to the Trade. Bend for PrlooLi-it. __ ' J. C. 1.1UHTHOUSB, 'BoohegfeyiN. Y«. A STHMA CURED!! German Anthiria Cure n'erer faUito iglTci immediate rtUtfia tho'.itomt cuei; Insures com-r forUiils \rteep! cffoati eur«a whoro »11 ^therifatl, AL trial 'tor,cinces„the maul ikeptical. Prloo COoU. ted! •l'.OO.'of Dru«iit» or br. mnil.. Sample FHEE fori •tump, PR . K.SOHIPFMAN, St. VtiuU Minn. | . _. or woman needlni profitabto employment to rbpronoht us in ovorj, county. Salary $75<per month arid oxpanseB, or a largo commission on sales It preferred; Goods ntopla Btery one buys. 'Outfit ixntl partiuulars Free. sfAJtJDABD SILVERWARE-CO., BOSTON, MASS AXLE BEST IN THE WORLI>! jW^ot tho aonuino. Sold Evorjrwhore. Will q'uiekly curu iiuy ense ot hernia or rupture. Explanation and testimonials free. Address _ O. yitlN:K|,saa4 JRi'jp«Mi:>>;a(Yj New Xork. Obtained. ..Send stamp for _ Inventors'Guide.' I^lhtto^- .ttwyer, Washington,_p.O r to Soldiers & Heirs. Sehdistfimp for Girculars..v COL. ,1*.' BINGJ- HAlf, Att'y, Waahlpa,fcon, Di O. ADIIIU irabltOnrotl. 'fraAtmeni'sanfi'on trial UrflUffl HUMANii REMEDY CO., LaFayotto, lad PATENTS • a.shi. Patent Lawyer,'

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