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Hammond advertiser. (Hammond, N.Y.) 1886-19??, October 28, 1886, Image 3

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•ijir W » T». nTtunm » rvr ri. An Alarming Situation .of Affairs in Bulgaria. Sow a Enssian Minister Turned Ds- feat Into Victory* Since tiie recent forced abdication o t Prince Alexander, th e ruler o£ Bulgaria, brought about by Russian intrigues, rumors of impending war have been frequent and thick. A dispatch froin Sofia, the Bulgarian metropolis, no w states that the chiefs of the Bobranje have decided t o send t o the Czar a deputation consisting o f Slavikoff, Gueschoff, and Metropolitan Clement They will bo in- stuucted t o complain of the action of General Eaulbnrs a s Russian agent i n Bulgaria, and to ask the Czar t o name a candidate for the Bulgarian throne. A cable dispatch from Edwi n A . Perry t o the Boston Mevald regarding th e Balkan situation takes-tha ground that war i s inevi- table. The correspondent writes: ''The arrogant policy which s o signally failed a t Sofia wa s dictated from St Peters- burg da y by day, aud dictated, not from the Foreign Office, but from th e Imperial Pal- ace. I t is well known that General Kaul- bars's overbearing proceedings were neither planned nor approved b y M. d e Giers, th e Russian Foreign Minister, who . i n th e futile attempt t o bully th e Bulgarian Regency Into postponing th e elec- tions,as in the kidnappiug scrape tw o months ago, sa w the cards played counter t o his ad- vice, and no w i s called i n at th e eleventh hour, after his master has spoiled thegame . I n the matter of the abduction o f Prince Alexander, M. d e Giers, by a miracle of di- plomacy, turned tlio impending defeat into a victory so signal that if it had been properly improvod.Kuisia would have Bulgaria a t her feet instead of openly defiant. \The story, which comes t o me from a n authentic quarter, throws light upon \the mystery o f Prince Alexander's strange ab - dication. When the Prince, after his release from th e kidnappers, emerged o n Austrian sofl a t Lemborg, th e first efforts o f the Russian Foreign Office were di - rected t o prevent hi m from going back to Sofia. M. de Giers exhausted every re - source t o that eud, aud wa s repulsed a t al l poii ts. The Prince proved deaf alike t o threats and persuasion. Austria an d Ger- man y refused to interfere with him. Count Ealnoky declined t o close th e frontier, and Bismarck, when pressed to coun- sel th e Prince against returning, re- plied that h e could not advise a German soldier t o play th e poltroon. So Prince Alexander started, for Bulgaria an d 4P\ £& -SP&Sf^.??-.-* 1 ^ Esjssian .cake was . dougn; but M. d e Giors had still a n arrow i n his quiver, and h e shot s o dexterously that he pierced the bull's-eye-with it ' \He asked Bismarck and Kalnot y t o cau- tion the Prince against executing the .Sofia conspirators. 'Yo u wan t peace,'his argu- meut ran, 'so d o 1 sincerely.' Bu t a t St Petersburg they feel very sore o n this mat- ter, and I have my bauds full t o avert th e occupation of Bulgaria. I f Prince Alexan- der should g o t o work hanging and shooting' the plotters, it will be impossible fo r m e t o restrain the Car.\ \Bismarck and Kalnoky fell into the snare, and admonished the Prince to adopt a merci- ful policy. M. d e Giers felt sure that Prince Alexander would regard such counsel a s proof that Germany aud Austria had come to an understanding with Russia t o pre- vent hi m from remaining a t Sofia, for unless th e ZankolE conspirators were summarily punished, n e would have ho security fo r his throne o r even for his lite. The ruse turned out a s its con- triver had planned. Recognizing that to stand out against Russia with Austria an d Ge m au y o n her side would involve ruin to Bulgaria, Prince Alexander \laid down hi s seeptre. Thus, by a master pie-e of .finesse M. de Giers wo n the first game in spite o f the C/ar's cl jmsy play at the opening. \As the Russian Foreign Minister is really anxious to keep th e peace, his diplomatic adroitness i s a faulor o f great value i n avoidiu'g a collision. In spite o f th e troubled aspect of affairs the chances favor an avoidan:e of conflict this winter. There is very general apprehension that wa r will come i n th e spring. I had a conversation to-day with a war corre- spondent wh o is thoroughly acquainted wit h the Bulgarians, fo r he accompanied their arm y in th e glorious campaign against gervia. He feels sure that Russian occu- pation will no t b e deferred beyond nex t spring. H e believes th e report that Gen. Gourkee will succeed Gen. KaulLars, should the latter fail in his mission, a s no w seems more than probable, an d that th e silent work of the Russian political emissa- ries will be followed b y the thunder of Rus- sian guns. H e declares i t i s impossible for the powers t o silently acquiesce in this move- ment, and stales his professional reputation o n the prediction that war i s inevitable. \Russia has sold n o more wheat on th e English market this autumn. This ma y be owing t o a short crop, but i t is the belief o f a majority of people acquainted with th e facts that th e grain i s held back i n ex - pectation ofwar.\ ^ JUSTIC E STANLEY MATTHEWS delivered the memorial address a t th e final burial o f the remains of Chief Justice Chase; which have just been conveyedfrom Washington t o Columbus, Ohio. ONE of the curious features of the f-rui teu- ton along the Hudson-this fall is that ripe' strawberries were gathered a t thirteen di - ferent points between Marlborough au d CatskiU. THOSE BEAUTIFUL DREAMS OF VOUTH, Where are all those shining dollars tha t w o dreamed of by and by?— Scarce are they a s modest lawyers wh o ha d never told a lie. Where ar e al l those stately mansions wit h their porticos of pride?— Absent still, and non-existent a s \th e little boy that died.\ Where is all our sceptred power that should shake the earth with fear?— Vanished i n Canadian distance, like th e modern bank-cashier. Where are those deep-fronted islands, groves of spice and banks of flowers, Where the turtle-dove and bulbul sang auii.: the citron bowers?— Still they're i n the magic distance, far be yond the setting sun I Waiting their realization when theKeol y Motor's done. Where are all those young ambitions, hopes so vast and undefined?— Gone off with some other fellow, like \the girtweleftbehind. \ - Oh! these fleets of youthful ventures freighted with their hopes sublime, Thick a s Grover Cleveland's vetoes, \wrecked upon the shores of time.\ How 'those young ideals have fallen that 'once fired oivr youthful blood, Like the captured Texan horse-thief, with a \dull and sickening thudl\ Where are all those fond ambitions beating; : 'gainst the gates of doom, Like a wild Montana cowboy shouting for \.more room, more room?\ Where are al l those siren voices, mellow- sweat as raspberry jam?— Silent now, an d non-committal, a s a glum Rhode Island clam. They have vanished i n the distance, all these hopes that once could thrill, Like a debtor when yo u ask hi m \Will yo u pay that little bill?\ They have gone-^those dreams of morning, built of unsubstantial air, Glorious, purple, nymph-like figures with their sunlight-tangled hair; Gone where stalk the apparitions of man y a dead delight, Through th e shadowy dominions ruled by \Chaos an d old Night;\ Wherethe wave s of sluggish Lethe through phantom meadows flow, To Oblivion's misty limbo—where rejected , ._, poems go. r -'''-\- -\••' -^SrW. Foss, fit TiS-Bits. The farmers, in their stnunw, wejw> ran, ' Conld find tho roots an»,,j!!ants-l!!at c GB«S Short, shar p and decisive—A tack . Curiously enough when autumn comes th e result i s autumn leaves. The lion's share o f anything i s usuall y the mane portio n o f it.— Merchant Traveler. Twixt bishop and granger the difference is— As perhaps all the world understands— The bishop is givea-to laying on hands, The granger t o haying on land. — -Yonlters Gazette. The world i s filled with men whose chief occupatio n i s parting thei r hair aud arrangin g thei r neckties.— New Haven, News. It adds nothing t o the self respec t o f John L . Sulliva n tha t he ha s t o get be- hind a one-cen t stam p in order t o lick it . — Fall River Advance. The festive cackle of the hen Sounds ever light and gay Whe n e'er she lays a h egg, 'tis then She carols forth her lay. — Merchant Traveler; St Jacobs Oil i s pronounceda most extraor- dinary cure for rheumatism bv Hon. James Harlan, ex-Vice Chancellor, Louisville, Ey. AN oak that wa s out before Shakespeare's day furnished a bit of timber now i n use a s a bench in a n English farmer's kitchen. Th e timber did duty as a roof beam in a church for 604 years. I t is still as sound as can be. Mr. J. Howard James, manager Stnokert's Livery, 619 N . 6th street, Philadelphia, Pa,, says: After trying all .other remedies without' relief, for aheav y cold o n th e chest, accom- panied by a severe cough, I used Re d Star Cough Cure, and i n a very short time was en- tirely well. IT is\estimatcd that 200,000 pretzels are de- voured in Ne w York City daily, or 780,000,000 a year, costing the saloons and stands over $160,- 000, arid the public twice that sum. A Hard Fate It is indeed, to always remain i n poverty and obscurity; beeriterprisirig, reader, arid avoid this. No matter i n what part you are located, you should write to HiiUett & Co., Portland, Maine; and receive free t ull particulars about work that you.can do and live at home, at a prbfitof atleast 85toSiKiiiud upwards daily. Some have earhed'bvor 850 i n a day. Al l la new. CapitaLnotrequired. You at e started free. Eithersex. Allafees. Better not delay, Hall's Hair Renewer never fails t o check ' falling of the hair. Gives universal satisfaction A s a; remedy for throat and lung tr6ubles,we recommend Ayer_'s Cherry Pectoral. A s on Oils remedy yon can rely. jyoQptuntin Piso's Cure for Consumptldn Cures where other remedies fail. 25c. Distress After Eating Is one of the many dlsa3ree»ble symptoms of dys- pepsia. Ho»'.l»clio, heartburn, sour, stomach, falnfe nesa and capricious appotltoaro also caused by this vory widespread' and growing dlsoaso. Hood's Sar- saparlila tonos the stoma.hj creates an appetlto promotes bealtKy .digestion, relieves the headaclio and cures the most obstinate coses of .dyspepsia. Read th* following: \I lmvo been troubled with dyspopsta. I had but Ultlo appetite, and what i did eat JiatroMf d mo or did uio little good. In nil hour after eating I would experience a raininess or tired, all-gone feeling, as though I had-not eaton anything. Hood's Sarsapa- rllla did me an Immense amount of good. It gave mo an appetite, a~d my food relished and satisfied tho craving I had previously experienced. It re- lloved me of that faint, tired, nil-gone fooling. I havo folt so much better slnoo I took Hood's Sorsa- parilla, that I am happy to, recommend. W—O. A. PAGS, Watorfcown.'SfiHS. N. B.—Be t ure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. »1; six for»3. .Prepared only by C. t HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Eotreu, Maw. IOO Doses One Dollar COCKLE'S ANTI-BILIOUS THE GREAT ENGLISH BEMCEBY For Liver, Bile, Indigestion, eto. Free from Mer- cury; contains only Pure vegetable Ingredients,, Agent: C. N. CltlTTEN'TON, New York. SUCCESS. ECONOMY IS WEALTH, Al l that you wish, to.use during the year, by subscribing fo r Demorest's Monthly. 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I t dissolves Gall-Stonesond Gravel. SBIFfOKSaacL CONDITIONS ofTTrine for which this Remedy ffbonld be taken. Scalding: Stoppage Blood-tinged DinbeHo Albumen Briok-dust Dropsical DribbUng Jlilky-pink »I T IT- - Headache Frequent Cosfivencss r inhttXi Boneache Nervous Redish-dark rjrics-aeid Settlings Catarrhachc Backache Norveache Phosphates Bdd-taste Poul-Breath Gall-colo: „ IX.1 S A SPECIFIC. iEvtry 4o8t grotttoth* «pof. Relieves and Cures internal Slime-fever Canker, Dyspepsia, Anosmia, Malaria, Fever and Aguc.Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Eiilargo- ment of th e Prostate Gland, Sexual Weak- ness, Spermatorrhcea and Gout. It Eliminates Blood Impurities, Scrofula. Erysipelas, Salt-Rheum, Syphilis, Pimples, Blotches, Fever-sores, arid Cancer-taints. It Is at most Wonderful Appetizer. Builds np Quickly a Run-down Constitution. ^~ Tell your neighbors all about it. |PEICE 25C, $liQ0—6 bottles |5.00, ^PTPrepared a t Dr. Kilmer's Dispensary, Binghamton, N . T., F. S. A . 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