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Hammond advertiser. (Hammond, N.Y.) 1886-19??, September 09, 1886, Image 3

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mj.¥ ttltLw^r-, ; v '^cg Pffs??* u ?&• 'm- ': ::f £•!> • £\.: * • V\ LATER NEWS, OtotWHAK & BINGHAM, shoai manufac- turers of Boston, have failed for about $1,- 000,000. • A PIBB in the Erie Railroad yard, Jersey City, Ni J., destroyed property valued at $185,000; LEVI At. BBO?ST, a young, bridegroom from Nebraska, committed suicide in pres- ence of his bride b y leaping from a train near Reading, Penn. He was insane. LARGE labor demonstrations took place on the 6th in Mew York, Brooklyn, Boston, Newark, N. J., and other cities, In New York the parade was participated in by about 15*000 inen, and was reviewed by Mayor Grace. THE trades unions of Connecticut have placed a full State ticket in the field for sup- port at the coming election. THE Bliss Lumber Mills, at Milwaukee, Wis., were destroyed by fle, with a loss ap- proximating $150,OM. CHIEF GBBONIJIO and his band of murder- ous Apaches hare surrendered to Captain Lawton and been conveyed to Bowie, Ari- zona. THE eastern end of the Northern Paciflo tunnel, under construction through the Cas- cade Mountains, in Oregon, caved in and nine white men were, buried under the st*JM* r and earth with little chance of any of tnSm being rescued alive. THE Arkansasolection has resulted in the success of the Democratic State ticket. Large Prohibition gains.are reported. THE President has sent the following reply to Queen Victoria's telegram of sympathy with the earthquake sufferers: \Tour Ma- jesty's expression of sympathy for the suffeiv ers by the earthquake is Warmly appreciated and awakes grateful response in American hearts.\ BJOTING again broke out in Belfast, Ire- land, on the 5th, and the rioters had to be put down by thomilitary. Renewed earthquake shocks have occurred in Greece. PRINCE ATJEXANDEB has publicity an- nounced his intention of abdicating. He says he cannot remain in Bulgaria on ac- count of the objections of the Czar. Before leaving hewill.establish aregency. Ijte was. enthusiasJapaUy'received iii'Sofia, the 'Bulga- , rian'caHitalV and'Issued an address to the IfiWsS^ggfrs^lSjo^ ^ \ ; ^* r ')^'\]ripioiStc&- : t9' be.; very, .fncttgnai^t j?fc 1% Char's action in forcing Alexander's second abdication. AGEnaAir warship has destroyed numerr ous villages in the New Hebrides* Islands, and killed hundreds of the.natives in retalia- tion for the murder of German subjects, MCTSIOM. AMP DBAMATI0. SOME of Shakespeare's plays have been translated into Icelandic. MtLB. AIMEE, the well known actress, wears rings on her thumbs. SENATOR VOSRHEES'S :son will presently be seen on the dramatic stage. MINNIE PALMES, the American actress, will spend the season in Australia. MR. SOL SMITH RUSSELL'S new.play, \Pa has been well received in the West. MK GEORGE VANDENHPFP, well known as an actor and reader, died recently in Eng- land. HENBT IRVING and Ellen Terry have re-, turned to England after a brief visit to this country. \MAGGIE THE MIDGET\ will be the chief feature of Mies Maggie Mitchell's repertory next season. JENOTT 'LIND'S daughter, who is spoken of as having a marvelous voice, is coming to this country. - .• ' A LABGE arid handsome opera-house build- ing is being erected at Lo3 Angeles, Gal., at '- a cost of $150,UOO. ° > Dism-is to be given a dinner in London before he sails for N-Jw York, and the Prince; of Wales is. to attend. HENRY M. STANLEY,,^ African explorer, ; has signed for a leoture tour of fifty nights in America this season. NEW YORK city will have twenty -i even - theatres (counting the opera houses and variety show placesjjnext season. DAVID AND MILTON HIGGINS, of Chicago, have written a play called \Our Bich Cousin,\ which J, H. MoVicker praises highly. • . WiLHELMJis going to make f a concert tour of Europe, and is organizing whatiit is prom- ised will be the finest string quartet ever heard. \LUCRETIA BORGIA\ will be in Mrs. D. P. Bowers's repertoire this season. She is probably the only American actress who now assOmes this intensely tragic role. MLLE.. DEOOA, an American girl, known : in Washington as Miss Johnson, announced to sing lately at Covent Garden, London,, is credited with having made a great success. CHIEF JOHN SMOKE JOHNSON died at his residence on the reserve at Brantfordj Ont,j recently. Deceased was Si years of age, be- ing the oldest Indian of the Mohawk Tribe; He fought in the American war of 1812. The agricultural statistics of Ireland for 1885 show that the total acreage under crop was 4,937,127 acres; of which 1,594,903 acres were under corn, beans and pens; 796,29G acfe3 of potatoes; 296,984 acro3 of turnips; 108,847 acres of flax; 2,034,768 acres under meadow and clover grass. The total produce raisod was 1,467,423 bushels of wheat; 80,222,695 bushels of com; potatoes, 8,- 175,788 tons; turnips, 8,531,788 tons; beetroots, 499,7B0 tons; cabbages, 397,,- 708 tons;*meadow and clover grass, 4,- 156,095 tons. They even gossip about the Queen in conservative England. Her dislike for Gladstone is said by the St. Steplims's Gazette to date back to the passage of the Irish church disestablishment bill in 1868. The Queen expressed to Glad- stone her aversion to the essential prin- ciple of the bill, and he replied: \Sue madame, you must sign.\ The, Queen flushed and rejoined with indignation,: \Sir do you. know who lam? \ \Yes madame, the Queen of [England But does your Majestry know who I am? I am the people of England.\ Everything is done on a large scale on the Pacific>coast, according to the dwell- ers thereon. But the biggest load of sawlogs ever hauled over a road in Wash- ington territory recently arrived at Seat- tle. There vvere eighteen logs, ranging from twenty-four to 120 feet in length. The longest ones are intended for ves- sels' masts, and one has a diameter of thirty-six inches, and another forty-eight inches in the middle. The latter con- tains 1'SjOOO feet of lumber, and the total measurement is* about 100,000 feet. Their gross weight is about 650,000 pounds, and they arefo be shipped to the Atlantic coast. --; Twenty-five years ago there nyas-prob- ftbly;not iJwoman in JPhiladelphia worth.. ijig $ 1,000,OOpana more areb'eingflettleol^ up almost evary week or\'t)5fe6 the- list of women who ovsrn millions is by'-no' means insignificant. A gentleman pretty thoroughly acquainted with the financial standing of Philadelphians whose for- tunes are noticeably large, said: \I think that I am pretty safe in saying that there are not less than fifty women in the city worth fortunes of $500,000, and I can count my fingers full of women who are worth $1,000,000.\ Barbed wire for fences has for some time been smuggled into Canada from Detroit, Mich., and the loophole of the smugglers has just been found out. They would load a wagon with barbed wire carefully tucked away in barrels, and drive north beyond the city limits and down into the river as if to. fill the bar- rels with water for the neighboring gar- den patches. But the barrels were quickly sunk out of sight in the riven When night came, two schooners would sail out from the Canadian shore and beat down by where the barrels were sunk. They were then loaded on board and the boats would then put back to some neglected spot on the Dominion shore to unload. Team after team loaded with the wire in barrels had been\ daily driven down to the shore in this way; and the wire afterward fished up and' taken to the other shore under the noses of the custom officers. Important to merchant Tailors. M. von Keller.& Co., successors to Keller & RUM, at the old Oloth House, corner Ann and William StSi, New York city, are doing an ex- tensive business.by means of furnishing to the Merchant Tailoring.tradethroughdutitfie Uni- ted, States, complete sample collections of their Woolens in season, arid.receiving and executing orders received through' the sam- ples; Whenever a.style has been sold out,, they notary their customers to that effect, so' that.theparfclesholding\ their samples are al- ways properly informed as to which' styles they can offer to their patrons. The Merchant Tailor is thus placed in a position to show a large variety of styles without encumbering himself with a largo stook. We understand that any Merchant Tailor desiring such colled* tionof samples' oan haveisame sent free of charge. Address Messrs. M. von Keller &'G6i GEMM Zftaife usedtuto bot ties of Ely's Crcati JJalmand consider my self mired. I sufferiii] 20 years/rom catarrl and catarrhal head ache, and this is th<\ first remedy that a/, forded lasting relief.^ Z»._ T. Bioalnson, US Lako St., Chicago, HI. A. nartiolo is applied into each nostril and it aareesble to una Prlqt • «»--. N> ots. by.inail or at drugRUts. •FEVER JHJ\B» or, ac arugRists. Sand rorclroular. ELY BROTHERS, Druggists, Owogo, W. T. DR. KILMER'S Oa» of every Ave wo .^^ ^^ meet bos some form of HeartDlEcaso.andislncon- OCEAN WEED HEART Priced stant danger of Apoplexy, Bhoplc or Sudden Death 1 This Kemcdy regulates, re- lieves, corrects and cures, . Wtfwpared, at Dr. Kilmer's r _ Dlspzmuuiy. Blnfthamton, N. Y. w 'T&\$T, I^tt«rnorlnqurrriuisworc<i. tK io GmdptoHeaWSentRroo), ASK FOB THE W. L. DOUGLAS Best material, perfect lit, equals any 15 or |6 shoe, few pair warranted. Take aono unless stamped W.X. Douglas' |8.00 Slioe. Warranted.\ \ -— Button and Laco. Boyg ask for the Wi X. Bouelat* SS.OO Shoe. Same styles as the $3.00 Shoe. If you cannot net tliese shoes from deal- ers, send address on postal card to W. L. Douglas, ^jj \ & ' Congress. Brockton, Mats, WRIT! FOR ruui. PARTICULARS T.6 BEIN BROS. aCO NEWARK, N.J . A STEP IN ADVANCE OF ALL OTHERS). rr,ER INSTRUMENTS. LOWER PRICES. EASJERTERM*} Pun. gstifloi . .Tub; n£exicnn.Res)nrrectSon.FIantt, apparent- ly deaa,,when'plaCodflq; water soon comes to life,, •icursnicall tlie tints or the rainbow J? to, f4, per (daiaiaMOKinaae^as itraella — '- -— ~—~ — t6,Ioar.ou(; of' a?8r.3HIC.%o>*1 ;.fe£^a,6USg^iro,w^nSi«|!S«^:iSai*S^«Sferci; '•n«t(»o.bnJer,tWB';6a>fewpii^%W^t:i.B^ imenHonlnnrtWsvDaiwfc <v r- ~V: :•.• • - •feyprVif flr»tB0o.< .. . . 313 31alii Street, Fort Worthj Texan. Ho Rope to CutOff Horsss' Manes OelebM'-ed *ECLTFSE' : U'A'XiTBR. and BR.TD £J£ Gombined, cannot bo slipped by_ any horse. Sample Halter to any part of U.S. free, on recolptof$i. 8olfl.bya.lSaddlery, Hard ware and Haraess Dealers;, Special discount to the Trade. •< Send for Price-List. . J , G. LIGHTHOUSE, ^ Kocheateri IN. Y. •r P- SO:.' S CURE F.OFT•• ,. CuntS iHhtut Ail' (Ul FAILS. _ , ! Seat OOUKII Syrup. Talltes Boocl. Use In time. Sold'by .druggists. • ] CON SUMPTION-: ..-•/•. I'hara 9t pQSlttre romtdy for th« rtore dIi«Ri»; br.ltt ^•a thdaflandtofOMeiot th« worst kind itiid of fonr •Undlnff h»T« been cur*dt Indttd, loitrong l i mrfaltb lniti*ffiGEcr,thittZwm nndTtfO BOITX.EB FKEE, f toctthcrwIthaTiliUABI.KTIIEiTISIonthUcll.Bui to.aay-SDff«rer. Oirssxprs.sandP.tO.sddrcif. . Pit. T. A. SLOODa, 1S1 fecrl at,, Hew Yore. ERMANK™ A L „,. I k 11 III fl II 634r r»A,GES mm FOR ONE DOLLAR. B, • A flrsfc-clasu Dictionary gotten out at small 'W^m price to encourage the study of the German ^^^ Language. It gives KngUsh words with the German equivalents^ and German words with English definitions. A yery 6heat>' book. Send $t;OU to BOOK PUB. HOUSE, 134 Leonard St;, N. Y. City? and feet one oftnese books py, return mall. BEST IN THE WOBX.P < pr~.0)et.thfi Genuine. ISpldEverywh«e. AXLE GREASE pinug Hotels,.StoresiHills. Allkindsof Real r.Allifla.Esciite for.Sale or Exchange. Enclose stamp lor list!. W.S. Hotchkin.Farin & Exchange Agenoy, BINOHAMTON, N. Y. Mention this paper. ''0.IVOR.Y4 P.EARL-J Keeping Teoth Perfect n-ad Guini Healtliy. •V A• ••• B MT <S Obtained. Send stamp for DAT E'lV T8 Inrentor'. Quid., u&xa- i HAH, Fatentl^twyer, Wasttlngton, P. p. UICKI<Y CURED by „itrNK'S BUPTUBE BEM- EDr. Explanation and testl- monlals free. Address O. FBWn:iie3 Broadway,H. Y. BxmmB .'J!'! 0 ,?!?;! 8 •?..twenty mlnutea, nerer falls to r» llove PAIN with ono.tlioroUKli application. ; JJomat. niatle, Bedridden, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous, Neo> wIvisVvA'i&tf&Vfii (i \}!\¥ W suffer, itAJR WAY s KliAUY BELI1S1'' will afford Instautease; BOWEL COMPLAINTS. DYSENTEBY, Diarrhoea, Choisra Morbus. .J™'!! 1, '\» f«w .mlnutos.when. taken internally, SffiSTili? 3 ta<*«rcpUons, c-jre Cramps, Spasnui/Sour ?.!?» ln S?'irxKfWf , ,) . u P> , slck HeadaohoT SUMMER THE TRUE RELIEF. RADWA Y'S ItEADr RELIEF Is Hie only remedial agent In vogue that will instantly atop paiii. It in.-. stnntly relieves and soon euros Headache, whether slekor nervous, Toothache, Neuralgia, Nervousness nnd slnr-niessneM. Khsusutlsta, EumSagOj Ksiui and Weakness in tho-Baefti Spine or K dnoys. Pain* around the Liver, Pleurisy, Swelling of tlii ioints. Snran;, Bruises, bites: of Insects, and Pains of alt Kinds, RADVVAY'S READY BELIEF will afford Im- mediate ease, and its continued use tor a few days effect a pamiemt euro. MALARIA IN ITS VARIOUS FORMS, FEVER AND AGUE. There Is not a remedial agent in the world that win cure Fever and Ague and all other Malarious,Bil- ious. Scarlet and otherFevora (aided byRADWAY!3 PILLS) so quick as RAD WAY'S READY RELIEF. Price Fifty C'enta. Sold by Di'umclata. DR. RAD WAY'S (The Only flenulno) SARSAPARILUAN RESOLVENT! The Great Blood Purifier, , For cure of all cnronlo diseafios, Scrofula, Blool ' alnts. Syphilitic Compliilhts, Consumpciou, Gland- ti'lar piecaso,, ITlcers^Ohronio lliioumatlsm, Eryelp- elaSi'KIdney, Bladder and liver Complaints Dys- pepsia, Affections of t»o LuriRfl and Throat, purlues 'the Blood, restoring,'health and vigoi. ' After a Tew days' use of-.tho Sarsaparllllan,:bBcoiuQ3 ; clcarantlbeautlful. Pimples, Blotches, Black Spots and Skin.EruptIonfi.sre'removect;. Sores arid Ulcer* .xoontcured. Persons snirering from -Scrofula, Erup- i tlve Dlseaaes of the eyes, mouth, ears, legs, throat and fflandsy that have accumulated and spread, •cither from unoured diseases .or mercury, may rely upon a cura If the Sarsaparllllan. is continued a sufficient tune to make Its iinpressiptt on.- tht> system. Sold hy bruirffliitH. $1 pei* Bottle- f)JZ cts. BUYS A EQME ^y Tl BoofctelllneyouihowtoDB'l'EOrai* •• *s# CURE DISEASE in this valuable ani- mal. Do not run the risk of Toslnp your 'Horse f oi want of knowledge to cure him, whenltSc nil Ipa* for a Treatise. Buy one and ihforih. yourself. Remedies for all Horse Diseases. Plates showing how to Toll tho Ace of Horses. Sent poitpllafer S5 cent* in stamps. N. T. HOKSE BOOK CO, 184 Leonard; St., M, Y. City. HYK.TJ-35 'PjAdPartteFREICsHT S Ton Wacon fScalen, :Irtn Levari, Steel Benrinji, Brui •\areBtlMm i»a\:Bckm Box for' $60. I Krerr •Izo.Sesle. For free trie* Hit I'airitloB'thfs paper'RDd'Bddreis I0HES OF I1N0HAMT8K. BINGHA1WTON. rf. V. , .JPACEiHAJiDSySEET-, and .nil, their : !mpe>fecUoni, \includlnr Facia], DerelDpemettti^upeTntioui Hair, -BlrtB afarki, Molee, WafU, Moth,. Frcclilei, Red *to\i Acae, West H..»i. Scen.'Plltlec and Ihelp.lreataeiii, „„. Dr. JOHN H . WOODBURY, 37 »..PearI«(.AIIri»», K.T; Ejt'bM 1870. BfBdtOe ; forlieoJc. DIASHI A DSIIA Great English Gout and Dial\ S rillS* Rheumatic Romjdy. OT.H1 BOX, Sl.UO; round, SO eta. to ^oldlers'&.Helrs. ,Sendstamp 5 lor Oiionlars.. COL. X. BINO- t HAM, Att'y, Washington, ,D O. to SSudRy. Samples worth »1.S0 FKBE Lines, not under the horse's feet. Address BREWBTtn's Barmy mm HoiiDEn, HolIr,Mlon. P hotos for gents only. Sur> to suit a for 10c.: 18 for50o. HovoltjrCo..Drawer 180,BayShore;K Y. I' NOR* t«aula* nnltn HttlQlped Vlth ^l;'*l»Yji have the-'yiga'inAi llelst dL III lit II BreW , Don'tjmiste) yowraoney on srgura orrnhtfer-ooat Tho WSHBItATO SUoraj ia»b»olutelyBO(«r'and mind rROOf, and will keep you drr ill the. hardest storm SStSorihe^PIBH-BRAND!'suoiaaandUkonoother,, If your^storekoopei^doei ^^lennforde8crlntlYeeWoiP'lLt»A^I2!^ ^4ii The Grtaltiver «rtii'$|om?stf Kenedy 'Sdrtiio'eurd ofili oUgordero o£ ihe,».Sfe > of..;th:#Iu'l»)ffiK%»Se^|tSSSii deloterlonHdnigs;:-'. 7. J ;'\... : -.-•..-7?v.-v. ; ^..—:'• • 'VM-', JPrice fSS e'enB.per.B6j.'.-*Sbia.by.SU!'6Kgljist»i ''•• '•••' ^^Bend^ A }oUer}UiimpJb3M^Miyr^y^: CO., No. 32 Warreto Street, New.tfork,' for \False and True.\ ... '• ,, , VBE SURE TO GET BABWATS, .....' 5&a'*':; - J 7-»^r^HY^?'-fH-r-rt-*'

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