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Hammond advertiser. (Hammond, N.Y.) 1886-19??, April 29, 1886, Image 5

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•&l~~~ws$kp •i * VA'/P V r*«M»VWW»»ft«*J**<iWr> i^Mswiui*.., i r«nwuw»v***rt«(ft«iw^ '^fte««ai*l' 1 ^PWM*:aMt vices Mil t\,,M, , *\...• yfcervteesatli a..m;., ••TTOiVBnsMilSiDi- •IV. m. , •. -<B%jt».Kii A. Fergusonpastor. - ..,!>'. , • ,, ••• '• \Suppll^a.\ • Services at l i ~iHm#Dl$, ~APR.ru ,29~ 1 SS(r.,r '.isocAJc. wg^wts- *&-.: II' ife'-- 4*U'<V .. . .. : MS- -s : * Jijl .*$•' \\\ Ah' —The spring showers, this .Week, hiwe given, vegotatiPn. a. vigerPus'start. -T-1?V: T; A. Ken:, of Rosaie, has been quite ill for the past week, but is how re- covering. —Farmers have been ploughing all week. The season this year is much earlier than last. —Mrs. H. E; Phyall, lately owner of the Taylor House, Hammond, is suffering from cancer, in Toronto; Oiit, —Workbiiiym. MeCallops' new block is being vigerously pushed. It will be a handsome building when finished. —It seems as though our dramatic sea- son was over. Are the clubs to rest on their well earned laure Is until another fall and winter? -^At first-class-barber located in Ham- mond, on Tuesday of this week, Jledoes excellent.work-and does'nt talk you: to, deatH,;either. •• \' —r-K you want to bring your business prominently before the public; advertise •in THE ADVBKTISBB.- The first issue, will'! • he read by, at least, 8,000 people. '—. E. E. iPalmer has repaired the old. sidewalk in front of his store with a new one. It WPuld'nt do any harm if some pf liis ! neighbors would \go and 4& like- wise.\ . ' , ) : , • •\ t^rWili...Lypn,! son pf Harvey iiyon; ifiiSq., whoihasheid a position fpf the, prist two years in the Rock Island dpppt,,,„ph?- cago, has been prompted, to th^'iJiplHcei&j' 1 freight collector, t < ', ,.;fe!; v '; : %.([ ,-:'; ^ —Peter Ferguson fthdR^erfejfei '- #-chased lots ,la«t^^Kf| to be opened a^n exjtlf|lbn^fa58lMjJL, * This locality will affOi$jthfe.. m\osf IfesiraV ble sites for private re|iaences in. tpwnt; .J. „ :. '••' • —The PrimaryJ.\/p*jpils 'if,' '• thfe|!|£adSi|. ^school are deiigKtfea'.mth.ai^etotejr-'s uh- !'.--. abridged dietia^^^rmt Tvks'wn^tj'ith the proceeds of th'elte^ter^S.nmenCgiveniat the end of the winfeR^rm'.,: .Thej^ cr^out ,*to the advanced pjipijs, ' r 'ojU£ dictionary' is better^ ypurn. \„ t i .#. I , iii'-his^ine a good ^deali! ibrisker ::thj|, 'year .than. last, jri^e. .eitja-- expense S¥li|rgely MivOrary. <& <an Efficient., officer, who guards with^carethe^ui».ds'. pf the tpWn, but never let's..the npl^'suffer. ' . rriLnst Weekfiie'-'^eachBrjin orj'%of our .\.district schqpls, wa\S^Tbvig^dri|| the class ' in jimi'pf' go'Pgraphy,. •The subject under eonsiderafiPn^vjis Bp'Ston,-,and.ahrJght- lit-' tle : _girl L was'asked:,tP^nilme the historic^ relicts that /still remained \in or. ; argund .' th'at city. \After a iripnieut's : a:eflactipijthe child's facC/hrightened up,.-^^he/ans'wer- ucf rt ba:ked hearts.\.- •,-•-' \• -M:.s.',';!''*•''$.. —flamnipntVis waking, upJ'f.'tfro^reSs' • is gradually,gaining' ground, pve'r^ta^jna-* tien ftnd;,uecay;.'.;..A\ .stranger,, yjpuMhas nPf'i i b 4 6en here;|pi\;thr^S, pt four- yearfy, : .rgmatje- \ 'ed fch> othes£dayj. ;, ' ! th'at he WPiiKl Sparcely/ , reeegniiie'Mn^ipiacei'\ , Let hljii'icoihe back ' af&J^efi^j5' , ijQtir \nigre yKirs'i.'SaT!d' see w^at#fffi\..^|gtus. a**liw3 •neVfep^liS' scan: gjye;:'tp'^n;^|i|ii]ii5d tp^rii.''- ' J-.^'i^.'/^ ' ,.f!\ ^^f.'f^'ni^ . i..'-^5pi^,jj8dW;P^|ii>ble coydjtjflnv-.ThcJhjfg.e! ^'^Ili^Uldprs^ha^la^ '^'IrjigTrierfts^ A^^pU' '^S.tJg'^kyW'ff'^'i ' ; ;i;^wJthp.ut\%&ci8;~ t '''^ ,; '\\'\^ -, ? 'i^aShbp.ara, r ^-•Adv.e'vtijs^' .. •' V » -^•A, McQ-jjuev has T)n.rehasou v\ fine new safe, ••.; •' •' ' —A full-lisfe'flf'roefi'S' i>otB''Vf)ul shoet at E'.'E. Palmers,' — 'A ppmf)leto stock • of rneu'a ready made shirts, pants, and overalls, at E. E. Palmer's. —&orr|»towii is, soniewhat itlarnied over the prospect'of the ferry Mem a ro- 'moved to Ugdeiisbiu'g.. i\iiss istellic JJ.odcs retu.-ned home from the Fotsdain r 1 br.nal : Suhopl a few days ago. -B'. W. McCullough, who is spending, the summer in Oardiuel, Out., v,us Jr Mantiiio-id last W£eK. .* -^4N'e>:t week's^BVEHTOhEn will mhku extended reference to the leuuiag'business houses; See their advertisements- this week. , • -^Ijiext Sv'ee'k's, Ab^BitTrsEn will .con- tain the commencement pf an historical sketch of Itossie, to be continued through several issues. —Next week THE AnvEiiTisEK will con- tain hiteresting correspondence froiu Jlor- ristown, Brier Hal, Jiidwuiiuvnib, itpssie, Redwood; Pope's .Mills and otl;ur point*. T-rif the party wno lound a lunlein on the ioad from Brasie Corners tj xlossif, spniewhere near Air. Cfary's,. on Wenhes-. last, will return it to the owner, Auidsi., Brasie,, Brasie (Jorners, they Will conltsfll fiivor. •I'-'T ^-^E,-J. Murphy will' erect a - an so;.; e residence on Alain street, this ; siininier. $he maspns aire commencing tp build\the ceilar walls, Mr. Miiipiiy intends bitiivi- ing a business blcck between his: slip. store and McCall'jp's ueyv hlock, Mier completing his house. .. , A new groeery nl Oliippewa Bii^,. \..*. . ' • ' • ' . , \ • . Re.vi.J. K., June is iii towui tlie, gttes: ;6f'jl!fy4i*rt>iJW Nfepli . ,'.•,'!;'•;-.:,\ .,.-,.' i : ';• '^'. ; JJV '.-'tilenite'k: ili'a's/ i^fiffa- '';t«i-'A!!^.|i ; ii'iudVia Bay »tt.4>clet'!. 1J K>V\ !;S^8«t*i^ ;pcietor at Cmppewa feaj*, \.is'ffi'ti'iig.?i(|i- ; IVis^hpuse in goodistylej ''j' '1'here is iiiVk of a, daily iriail^tvitli teleplioiie commuuic»tion between Ham- mond and Chippewa Buy this siim- m«r. V ,-Frank Mpy^t: lias 30 hens, Vfrom :#liicli-he iias r realized ]§S\ dozen'eggs since Junuary 1st. Who can report'*\ better record? ' . • •. We regret yery vatich ibiity owitj*® the haste .and confusiofr of gettiii*W the first issue, the proof rtniding 'li^ been very 'imperfectly \done. : Any- mistakes,, noticed in either th.fe. reading^ matter' or^-a'dvorlisehients, are dne to, tliis eaiise. , They will not occur ugi'tiu. • • \ ; - - ''• - , . *IJB#iQ^IE HC3TESY 0X.&A1EB TJf! •Q/'Uhm iMh/ Fmiml in tfo Uwtn ~-lf/»« ir/('J()(K/MI // tl Did -Vita Duirn„ thi part ^oil oui nugibonng mrt IMIIII (met Mlia^t of Ro^sie, has been thi ran into excitement o\ei the whi'iitibouts ol Mie ael OS i a man /ver f)0 uns old who asided wifun a mnlc of the \i!l i^( On lucsdii of lust wcel Mi OMKH attended an auction at MCTIM'*. hotel, Rosaie and dian) mou i lc H IKJUOI dm ing the dirt tftei makmj; some pui nliascs at Gilltn & Qnlnok s 10CU^ he started about tlnik foi home [Tt AMIS ovenlij <n b\ i man nmucd McDonnld, with whom lit lode toi about half a mile, and tien id luni onee oi twice onfJie wa^ ''Shea, got off the waggon ai the turn o1 tUVci'ioid h din., home litre nh M'.vMi nii\pitr',p TIIBUB, On' Wednesday jnorning a hat, oil onn iiiid spnie tea were found on the bank •lenr the entroncc to n, bridge pver indiiiii fiver, aboiit 2.T rods .froni the turn of (he rond; TV.Y w'ere-sopii identified as be- longin'j to the miimihg man. A Sr;,\WII FOlt TIIR BODY WAS MADE, which proved uiiKl'Ccessfui until Saturday evening, when it -was 'recovered by W. f. ,ir;evinev. \ ' '••//ComMiWiteoft was notified and held ''Si,in(pi«Ss6n ; : Sunday afternoon, T'hefnl- ;TpWing Verdict was rendered:—\That dc 'eeafjednpame.to his death by nccidentnlly I'alliiig into the river while under the in- fineiicepf jHquPr.\ The funeral took .place on Monday las! • Ind was'largely a'tended, Mr. O'Sheii ••vas a tailor by tiade and was well thought of by his. neighbors. The family has Hit sympathy of the cornnuinity.. • NOTES. j......'A^.!0JShe8, ; >vaiS!,''iknpwn tp-hate, ajbout t^iO^jlil'iifs.ji'obliejki;; at 'th,e'nnc,tipBf'yR^Jpuf'S ; MfBbrs \was' afloat lis 'to. foiil tAmk' Tw ! |fe \WAS' nfljoiit. lis 't^.-ffftt'l^^. Titt; ; E.J.MTOP1T liIanniAj-'txnei IIH' lh i\er m ,_ANO VT X CLOtfEN (ofUut.t,) Ladie«> ? Fine Shoes .i bpetialt^ IT'ltllOM) » T ( f mm*? ^pBf^a;fr(ii^'ai^:^^^:|^^tja wag^a: ttt the'; ; r)ridgg*as•« dangenSus one. ftls fflrtiifpw,.a|id windingf with ; Sn : alriipst 'Pt'%( ndicnlar-bank on thenfgh^Hidi;. , 'it is, hot safe for -hn^p^ln-fniok-in^aaTk .nigfit W^t''',piit a-Iiihtem'.' ' V-. \£JS'& : ;j|''Shea's body WaS^n^Sjust off the bink where:h<S feH^inV J|is head and shoiildbr wereispiflegrhaib injured -by strik- ing nn the -rpcfcs in 'she1'af!! • - ,.-.::.•, m '%)»«'%:'/': ' -*-$1.00pays'one;yea't's, 'Subscription to ;the H.«niioijp ApvEiiirrsEB'.: \ ';.vH. F. Pike, the'new propiletof Of the i%>$sje,Jfipuso, -toplC'PONSossipn ,1'ast w^eek. jMiv'Slcieap,intends tp try his hanfl- at :famhing : ; this Slimmer. He wil) erectiares-' dcleiipe ad;joining tlje liaidlow Hpuse. . i. M-. and Mrs. A- E. Helmer, aridfamily, 'of RoKsie, returned honfe, iroin O^dons- bixrg Inst week; ,/. •• George feackus, agent'and •Ipearsecfei- aipy pf the ttechost&Mlitualipurance^ is xlvcsecutirig' the w'oik.vlgerp\isly' iri ; 'tMS' ' vicinity. .t>.f. !T.,'\A. feirf'-is the. Medical :Exairtiaer fpr^'Rpssid^ts;'' ,.; : ,- & ' An,Enster','Cbticert,'.§;as given at.'the ,PresbJ|tc)riai'-•»^\4.r«S• OwVBunday even ! 'ij3gj,- ' ' '*' '^-''\ '\ TwoFiipm Wagons for ;sal,e' fcheaj?. -JOail and see tUp tt - jAiME'S. FArCHKEif.\' •Call and see baggies. Ellsworth's , -El/AdtSMITH, . tfarw-tilwGiiifi a Spr-ciattu. .^•A.:iMC3VEg>3?irj3 ) , 3KT.\5 WtfT, MCCALLOPS, |SNUFACTURPR SND DEfiLER IN, ••• '\'She ropf'of!»|hj jjlast fui^i^ce, in this ;oing re|«ifSr j« A. B HARSKSSFS, SABDLIfS. BWDM'S, # '> tASS, WHIPS^ &6. goL- p ,*A Z — f * i He'-?* /* LINE OF \\ ' (' CLOTHING J _Bos To^. /AA55 o E. S KFTCHAV'B, Hammi nd, N Y. 'DR1W STOHE. HAMMOND, N. Y,, Is the place to buy yonr Urugt. and Medicines, Paints, Oils and Vai nishes, Dye's and D„>e fetufls, AND TOILET ARTICLES. THE i;)($t4j>s » genera! Une of Groceries, which will be sold AS CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. Your patronage respectfully soKeiteJ. M. W. MOYEK. OEQAN 00. S&TABLfSHBB 1S52. Write a Posttfl Oat d to i II. IL ST&VENSOJJ\ I * and leai P how you may save from $10 to $2j> in pmeTias?- ing.\in OrgdJi or EJjario. Goods fresli fi ora the factory. , i §0°Instruments sJiown at your own lioma. OVER 114,000 Qjflith Alil0l»iPQU Owrana ; IifiUu,fiJiuiiuuu,uigttf nDw in dailjr usef Organs ylth. wbiiili ''set^' pf rei,dt and splid \w#ju1rfc&es • fetfrjYKtfJsON, Hammond, m, T?L ' » i V ^ * *-. * JS. * i * ! ^' J* £* ^ ' >.

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