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The Lowville times. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1876-1884, January 04, 1883, Image 1

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a : -Maedoliar ' andahattper' year, .If-paidita . *a.vance;i£'r ,»af;p^ within ttte veai,-- fifty -• .^o paper discontinued except-at :tb,P. op-> • ttoau of .'t^ttptetuslier->--irtft. ail;*H;eaTsges; ^jpaidi.•'.--\.- '• ,- ' - _•. - -• ;.•.••-.• • '- .' iMsiriatfe-aaidl>6atfe.'Ko&6eS free; .poetry scad? obituaty. rfc-sffifcswBl b^ehaigett; -five •;. • Twetv&}iflefcca : .lessiriafi:e.oneiiqii, iSEAcS, j I wk^B W...Hm^ 3:gt -l 6ia- h j-yr eoWjaitt] JOohimp. •«4Hrt e'wilsooiaot} BOO ISCKf 23:00 So'W 55-DO M003 .. lesifpperyear for every additional ime., - \\'• Kiiricesji i^ttng-watter;-2«cejitsper liner • • firs! pse4I»4»i?*? 'eachsahseanent i .WU:¥mj$o> LowTiiiiiB, :isr. •MM ^^isEBaBT: ;4; Ms; -.$i»v Great chancers make'money. Those who always take ad- vantage of the good chances -formaMfigmoneythaiareof- . Glared; generally become weal- thy,, wlilia those, who do sot improve snob chances/remaln to poverty; We Wan*.Jhany men:, women, boss and girls t o work us right In their own jocitUties. Anyone can dothe -wor&prop.erly from, the first start. The hnsl- ne^s-wlii pay more than ten times ordinary •^ageslBxpensSyeotttBt furnished feee. No one who engage* fails to malse money rapidly. You can:devoteyour whole time -to- the w&rk, or only your spare tnomen tsJftiU Information and ail that is needed s«nt.ftee. Address, ST£NSOI!«,& Co., Portland, Maine insisrtiahv -••'siir>i&«ewi'atestis-Notices\. %eei Boetvy:| : *iA a»Il331*-ie?BW^ -*»!•*«! charged SyeI jsfettisper'toie. ••\_'-. . :. • ',',\ • S*edta^oUces (teatled; nPnparel) win bet «iii^UBpex cejit'itr-adtaaoR to-J^gniar ^ \ lefties, :':.'.\.;. .\'•--. •Ba^laess ^irectQrjr* ; ^nSsta»iAPI fc'caTy.sBiaGetteralPeal- §yatatagtr^^^offlfa?tUe t M. x... • ,-..-•-.. W^aSied- gflloA fttaooa Slock, Mawt St. : :36 \ Mid ete&eral Insowracse-. 'Agent...Speola,l : - : at- tolti^C^-ft^' 1 '^^ 0 ^^ ^-^ '••••• M*'*»*styles, .fexms llberall,... SUoto.and ..Cfcwwih-; V^jartinsLlW T.. ; ; J. •; •-^ •--, •-- /, i. 'JF'-' :-lSBBSK3 l FreiK( : -.-- •-•\ -^.- - : ...\ -. ',.\ : -. \-aiid • . '• •' • • > :•'/: J.T JmBfiOW&SF-^TESt ... - • . ITotlce. '4a*t«a to-isall weetc. tiay^and nofe St&dayis -rJEwfjrTie,^a?* t ^/;. / .^- ;/ .'; ^ ; ': • ^QT&WXM : XT afAS-.iJOIf feBB®. JtareobteiaeSleKers-psteatof our- aeleprafc : aT ^4nir))-fiT 4 \'f^ A ^\^-T\ \* ><,al ' v •oimv»hie not fee thai fiiKtogerffents, ^tn#;aU -peraon? •TOWittAotwaJiK: ve asiagtfae-atove,patent-; wmi»a«atwiiai^cot6^agte;lJHr.:. AiLp^-. •\• tteSTrlio h»^ethCTetofore ittBtlnged paw sata. -Wilan.t»ah'er ky maSa»^tt«ltig areopafl^tt to; Si*nd»e*t& ^^^iwyfiisrfei • ••-;• : BOOK3, ^iaaaaSEBs;' IssmB^A.vM'SS, • yA3iyHEBIS.Q3S SKT^ia,.;.\-; - - •.. '. ..-. ; - -/#*-i»*e A'bnalnegs • israajf e^tit.. 7 YliBl.'£t« * laUthm,WtQatwe»reaWetOKeVft«blTi.Uiig Workm*tu*tik« Manner^ \;•:• \ are aleo fcbift — »* «M lowe«t business now before thepnbtie You caa niake money faster ai. woi'kforus llKtii at attytblug elst. Ostpltal. not; heeded. We will start you.Sffis day and up- wa... - •thom^bytHsintasi'-wus.-.vCfth., women; boys and e'lrls wanted everywhere to isotk for^is.'.tfowi'a the- time. Yon Can work in spare ttme onty-or give yonr-whole time to. the busteess^VoxT can live at home a d do the •worlt.'fo othei'hnsiaess will pav yon nearly as well.Soons' can fait to make enormous pay by gngagine at o.nce. Costly Outfit ajirt terms tree.... Money made fast, .easily, ah«i honorably. -Address \fiOTB & Go;, AugnSta Maine. OI,I> WIKFTER 1 HE NEW YOEE WOELD A Live Daily Xewspaper for the Peoi)le» ' A ri« THE STEWS, 2 CtS. The Only S page IVeTrs- States Sold at 2 NEW PUKSSKM, NEW TYPE. BUILDINU, NEW APPLI-^ ANOKR ANT) NEW LIFE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. THRWORT,T>(»infainsHipfnll(><!t and fresh- es.! JL,t>«AL, - ami KOItEIv5X N««» and is a leoo^ize I authoi-ity on jtAS'tNTIC. Mlhl. T\RY\ S:!\)RriN«, and SO.'I'EfY mutteis. Wpe-i.-tf at'enti >ri 1M ,C tf'tM *o the NI i^onii 1 nml Military rteras in f lie sirTOATWORT.n. Tt.E S' : MV \miii . syuKLO lias no siu$rtTf«r on either -idt'.of the water a* a Live, Brilliant, pert'ee iy Appointed, ProgreHsite Newspaper. 1 v IS. COMINK* I ¥ AJW&ESfiNQ GOTINEEIES, .\ \WTio . 3SSSSaS3S3SSSSSaS333SSS8SSSSSSSSSSSa sasssssasssssssssssssssssssssssssssia *» »•» €5 O -ft PS Rheumatism, Weur^Idta, Sciatica, i lumbago,'Backache^ Heatlacne,. Taothache, - ^ Sore T&roiil 9 Knoll I iur« , N<n*«Xa«tf JJraf*e«, 1 BUIIIM, S*;*1<1^, Frost Bit^tc* • ti^dbii Urugglatsai.(J OeiaerBtTyyywiiere- Pifty-CentaahottlB Directions m II Langtiusea. THE CHAItT-EH A. VO«EX£ R CO- (Suece^ora jo A. VU<JM.£H^Ct>.) Bivliliagre, 3Id,,C.S,A. TERMS—POSTAGE »»AI1> ArO«tli5K»0to- crapber, . over ;• «f flwoet, easels, «to„ for - • : S4yl And. .other 'Vehleles, ara requested to. call at heir ' '•..•\' '-. Mammotk Manufactory • ©Kner of laflll anft Main streeta, (down to'wot) To., ef^aEQiae , tlteir, Iitipense .Their vrdrk IS. Rot. Eastern trash, but »11 •HO^'MAJ)Ji t .fiaishea ifirpni lop to potibni in,.their own shop ,.'-\\ .. j-Bjfihe Sest Workmen, .Blae^imtiting.bf all Mads. d.o?ie - :.ta oxfiei- at ^riees to suit iSls deparliaentiiEi aow.ln: readiness to do %1^jiindapr^.isiiaingjby the best of WoiS- JBMLY ASD SUNDAYS, one year, $7.70: sis months, $3.85;. three months, $1.95; one morith, 65c. .DAILY WITHOUT SUNDAYS- $6.,50;. six months, . $S,25 j three months, $1.65; lets t^an three months, 55e. per month. : THE AEW YORK SUNDAY WOBLP, oneyear/Sl.SO. 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D* DHCOVERER OF ' eOMPiETE FElffiMEBYr The Only Medicine ant! Treatment that is XSrAERAJfEES TO CURE FEMAZiE tfEAJCSJSSSJBS, C7ce»-«#ow, Mailing of the /IFomb, Vtevine Xnmors, Garme-r of the tFonib; Chronic \Uterine Catarrh, Ovarian an<i Abdnmintsi Itrop- «i/,Paiiifiil rind JrregularMeiistvilationy Change si I^lfef Vteviiae \Plooamg r lSSxl^ •neyantt Madder Troubles, Etc.' , In using my S0»PtETE FEMftll REMEW, : ,. iaaiES secure ss. special trtataitsut au.il ths means to remove tlie cause producing the . dison.se , a s follows:. OtiejUtftteFemale'ReiAedy fdrth'eBlood ' and y-stem; Owe Battle of -Auiiimn Jbeaf JE2ih<r;:ri:, for Uterine Injection which, stops alll inffammBtioii). ulceration, anu'miBat> hral discharges, deposits, growths, etc. } One JS<m <if liter ine aiul Ovarian . iA-tinointiiiemt, for esternalaiiplicatitra. • f The ABOVE THREE SEMEfifES-are put up in one package, price$2.B0. Sold separately, price w follows : -Femate Remedy ?l;, Aatumn-Leaf Estraet SI; Ahnaihttnent.51)cts. Sy Remedies are purely vegetable, and used by the most deli- cate-Without harm. , ' - Dr. Kilmer treits patients from all parts of the woirtd,. afflicted Wiih UTtertrie lunibr,. Cahcer Oftlie Womb, Ovarlin. Tumor, Ova- rian Dropsy, <66. Lei terS-of inquiry prompt- gS^Send lor Descriptive Circular. : Wdress, DR. KILMER,- Female Dispensary, Bingbamptoh, IS, Y. Boa m:m nmm% Eviirybo'dy bik-f|iwida6itflii-*6 ; »ay about^^coii- srtihlrtiou', • •W;i>:»H.\tl^K»re:M* tembie rava- g»Kibut-<inij?a:f« w i6sf fle^eK* tjtVhav'e enongb- roffl-wii' 5-eB.se. MtasaOw..^OpecmeaTis a r .pKeViiii-tflJgftic lulls'-a*swpie:a»\.\t-wn -and tw.Q are-four.?;'y&.r..flttlii'!«. a tl0ijpy of Hore- boraid ?«j'-t\T>ir HSIKKU ivz A i-fltjed-y.*}r -jtav sb#, 'co'iu<'dinaenltbreathbtg.-h;i.3.^eh.ess/pr'ilsiy oC the sj'iuotonis- *wntcli ! '^ave, t ; he' -way , for i hp't tefrjljile aestr-OKejy .-Svili cttect•'a- radical. and rapid'<iore of the allme'rvt, atrd avert ail eianeer. Whoever^ under taese,.eii.'Cu'm.<-tan- ces. n°glect to report to t'h'e trae specific, as-: wrnes a te-->rfal respo>-siblJttv. Ot drnggjsts. Pik«'s Toothache Drops cure in one mibtite, \Wteeii obaMnate sxires are oleaaed ,witin Gl-nn's sotphur Soap.. '.'. .\ • -SilPsilair and Whisker Bye.SQ.cents' . Opinion ol I)rrv**m;Br.Stol£es, Ph.vsi''iaii,.Mt. HopeB:etre«t, Baltimore; \I havp great pletsure In addiiter mv testtnioii.y to the virtue of Coldeh?s Liquid Beef Topic as tbe very best proration used for depres- sioi^weaknessiattdindigestion r '.ahdl therei fore con-fldently-recomhletta It-to the medical profession;\ Remember the Panie, Coldea's —takeJIO other.' Ofdruggiatsigenerally.. Dec, • THB1S MEANING BY EJJ5AHOR SIBK. * —1^-. To iivein shad.9, yet t» ust tli« sun ; To bravely creep WIIHP others ran ; \Co suffer pain, and xtiil believe That Just, enough, one.,will receive ; To feel uo.euvy thtt!th» best Of precious Rifts are-given the -rest— Persuaded tliateaeh lot must be ' The best for each eternally-^ • Is.trnest faith.. To bear with wrong, and wait for right, BelleHngtbat the darkest night JVfeans onl*r ssr.iwth for 'ti'mnrous sesds ; To see Bphie good in '.ankpst weeds; Td feel jthe loye that .waiiches.o'Cr •Tip.-6.left .behiui}^. those so?'' iiftore. To i>e bereft, yefknow no losji And thus the highest faith indorse, Is true content. GEE&ii$S:.~-!I?he sufierih^ in Germany for laok' of emglpyjcaent is' gteai, atfa 'lie natural gain in; popttlation fe about 50Q,000 a .year.;\ tiader.ftich circum- ^tancesj ffer^af' 0'e*Hiah Btatesraeri' are convinced that.eai^'ation'\'i8 inevitable^ but thbyhaye began to argiie that the gr*iat stream of\ people pouring <>ttt might better be utilized for- tbe benefit of GeriDai'r than' in enriehing Ataerieaj England aivd ihahy-ether, eoimtries all- over, the wojld... .'But coiohiz'ation bas not yet been favorably lookea'upon by the Gerfnin Government,\ 'whose tarn is the concentration.of. its powers -within ifca awheompagfcdpmspii .. : CATAltllll Of -Tim JiLAM>EK. •'LoWyiile-,^. SMi. '.rn^^nw^- IlwSuSSoriberB w»uid «iv* aoSce.;:.tff *he «& Lewis county, ^tSat ^Ifey iave all ip«rt«nui<Ses imd tnAohlhery .for the •\ '\'\\ -at'- \• •-.-'. -\- ••...-•-; . ';•-.--.. >r BASH, KLXS^, . 2>0OBSi SRAGKETS ^ : 3fa0t*IsrO8,*O^:*e,s :; : - Andean Supply them wlthanytnlng tn. their line on t*rmi to pompete with anr.'.othpr' \ Bnllden will find the* mouldings flnished - : »trieb«rtTaartOBrv »nd srtf.jprlaeSi-tliaJt\will '^fwr Ihern; from •^•ip\' v S0_ %er ; eeri£,. -•-.-_-'^. S^*tlw**^^^TSy;l^ctr .•.-\; '..\•'•:.•/- 'B*m^r'*®uabi$ l ^toWjafc-:\- \ »nd»ny other igadtrt bon-n;e:otf^oiv \ Wittf tife bnsiness perforihelto tha m.opt ; coattptebe: ••lliftu-ittnri •-•\'- \\• •-.; ' Owiaop;I»wpitItaa-Mtli\t&*-'bigEt.-cl»SB:Joi SKMibln«rS r *Ji4faftittpi.t mmpeiexti'•' W6X3L? S.ting'lrig,.-smapting, ifritetion of the arihaty. passages,- diaeased . dhs- cbargps, cured.by, Buehupaiba. S.1 «t druggists. Pi-ejSai'd by expres.?. $x 25j •6 for go, E, S; WELLS,' Jersey City, EJ. -V-.- - .-••-,•_'• \ . S4w4, t.lBtagliiaBtoit A. •soman ^aa bitten ; by a dog io Faris^ • She %eiit at o*iee ai.d had &e wouhtt cauterized at the fioteHJieu, Slie eontinued Vperfeogy 'weh.jnitii due d&y, whea she : ^?as passing the h&spitai, she was reepgnized by one 6f the stu- den% who (SaiUed out to her, \Hello 1 yon ase.not. dead yet, then I $he dog. %bich Mtyon »aa downiight madias, they found oat afiertyatdi\ d?he wontaa -#'aer ^i8ed : : finHieiaiately • •with ift\ tioleht iipaei^ and In :*; few hiourfe died *ith *ywjit»^ of. hycltbphpbis, .* •:**»' tostapasaed_. . •We;eaift our bread ^yrtie s wsat «t ouKbro-w *&feby \sSysteHng.» Oarmottols-'^Iyeaad 'letlij-e;;' 1 ''.' '.' .-. --: -\ : .;.-. - '•\•SrSTp tipitble to-.fihow. goods wHether-you b.uir:or not ':,.-. :'•-.-\->*• : XGiSUTOatN'SAgOlit .;LQWViIle,JiSfOT, lS,'J88Ii \ : :- ..... g&rs & JFItofe! tlieriewg ran-fwiee o w*-ek. T-SC* JtKttTPr»tf0BAi». IRtXASrCIAI* - itS.««S^ I*\ 1 A*0 fJ-P^ERAT. 'SrWSI'N\TEFB SE3n-WTBEE» iy ^••Kt.'B' is tfsBXcismiP. • • :Rn^crlbers to th- HEMT-WE-FKLY •WORLD free one year are entitled to R choice rifftlarsre list of ponularboo^s, a.ll.prin*pd in i&rse. dear type and ttea+ly bound. List ituf- xtislied on-application; or ..THE.WORLD MUSICAL ALBUM.. SUbseribersto THE*UNX1AY WORLD are entitled to the Rime premiums as those of the SEMI-WEEKLY W0RLT>. Are. opeiting tfal» week and IftejEt an immense stoelt: of JS^TT Cioods^ dii-ect from JSetr Tfcorlt, _ A.U fclnda^ of. SanelanQ:. Cttapboabcd. Sscw~ : '•imum ireUas OirdnIa*aaa:.'^Ser»tt:^a?«tng': 4oneon snort notice,.': '-••\-• • _JTos>»*«ui* Fiate'd 'Banisters .and: Sfewel*- BoWbdastaa^ly.op, &,aud,,or mafte to-order, C;,K y.JMi\M:SFXi0T^^.-i6^s* • ; ^^f^B©^'S1^' n ew.DQdfc J ^ntaiea '- '\ jaj^iarirottTU 4t\.cnc« oaissffijeS for By presi-jent . .Or«tt,-Cleli. SHtr^qOt'^etk JSonjWc^.sna.YAtiilj^M^-of-^m- .' K«So*^5iiBsra^;a?t«.\: -'RfellBi mfy antbenHe-acconnt ...eTofflf ftffi^\W^BttblisSeai.fti!Iy'rcvdaii!5fBi!ir \inae*. • .Bfe/'Mcwt.adtiig*,. «iplojts;:ti6s_ -J*is-«pK-K-Kiai.'attaHog - *»p«He**5pf ; teA-ntKdr.ana-Qr-feowm Seoai*,'TriiiBOT, • . .Orx-i),?*, Sttnirt-.' Boidet #iifff fl Tiii, etitiTteiaiyportraVKiir • -^\^^^w^^it M»a,. «a mwhia i^ptm. • T*itfc.J8ie« .^tmifg, ^d.'Si}Kr>-.'Chr6ra^K«hoghipS ,«rt«iB.l».<pJiio( ( ^B»;pho!(%M£6 e jniij-ij.-t6a Ui a.\ V *•»»»»*)«Wi^^^&s«(ifcfcprifc''- : :.•..•-'••- -. - ..»»ap;tt; 'pbgfriaitiookte Sfswoiit-ielling an'othtri : .•*•»•*! •$<> WMpettSe*.', igoitfjiveisge 10 fo Z6>t>ifair: .^ia-jiiitteaKr* '-lirit- '/tie,-, A, jfee -grwetaftat rate. jUat:fl»' . .«<iWr«it»c »-8-ewit itwiig. AiiaasttfterBijiMnMisiieiSi \ : •^RweK'r^pg'oy-tsci:;, n^i*aEp^coirtr. • : mt \ -:-4im4BeII^4k«lo^egthyin^;px}<!ef;i '; ; : : ^ 5*fa?t increased the capacity of their store •tprtwice its tormer stze,. they are prepared to ;ahow a.J5plendidllne'of\ e^re\t8 : Olpaks, \-•-••'•;\ ;-• - Sacks.:and-:p.Qlmans v • . . ' -,-.'. ./• - C3iothhig, <Oyercoats,. ; '.\'.•' .. :: , Snderwearf ,'. . \;• . - - • . Woifand3nffaip.R6p.es , •:.••• •'.;--'• L>p R^l).es,-Xiry : Qobas,. .. ,.\'• ©tocerles, ifPHohs,. Etc' TTapsrallM Offers to Club Aerents. Any one may Tjeeome 11 ctalb asrenti The la^eest oopiml'ssibns ever paid arid somepremirimoin sdditliin, THE WORLD Win 'give to fbe person sendihsf iw-' the la.rgpf;fc number of ^ubs^rip- tiops. to' THE WEEKLY-WORLD- up to May 1,18S3,.a .- IAIPWE OR^AM, -With OUB-AK .BEJrCH: and 5TUSI0 BOOK, worth S'12S. This Is a ning^iiflcent iustvu- toe t ItiseTeeanflj caspd in b'ack Walnut and has twenty .seven stops and ten full sets Golden TonsneRpeds. It- can he appu at any- time in T'HE.WQH.LB Pub'icatlon Offlcei No .person can compete, for f*e organ who send« in lesstbati Sit c nb»cri0tiobs to the WEBKE.T <»r SEMI-WEEKLY -WORLD up ; to May 1. 1883, \ THE \WORLpwUl give a m? NEVILLE, or MARiCTi m mimsB. (Continued,} \ByJove!\ wagalithethor&ughly roused i^feville eohld utter. u, I?hfia which was whreh ?\ he went on, us Coinptoh conMnued to laugh, and re- read the letter. . \Did your Miss Del vigne give yoti: any ele w ?*' \No she was rather silent, partic- ularly after she found I was not Cap- tain Neville. I suppose she did not think it was neeessary to do much in the talking ljhe, Qhf yes-Hthe littlt'j quiet, pale thin^ mast be the Jreneh teaeber-^she is a sweet girl, though, Neville f I took a fancy to her rather,' and would like to meet her again,\'-' \ • \ '\Pshawl-^staffl—yon could not murry a Preneh teacher I\ . said his more wordly, friend.- • \Why not?\ refuraed the young Baronet. •'• '. .'\•-•• \Biit I do not want to marry any one at present,\ • \There Is no doubt the two girls weraplajrtng into each, other's hands., \resumed Neville, returning to the more interesting question; \fornay partner thought I was Sir Frederick Cornptbn, and then, when she found; her mistake, cross examined me pret- ty closely as to your dispositioa,Fred, ; yonntemper, etc. Oh,yes! it is clear ehpagh; and I. am confoundedly glad your old\ governor has given us a hint, for it would never do to get into the heiress* bl9t'k_bpokq; and I would :t& Baarry a foreign nohnrly care for money, but Hike h If I ever met a girl that jt man's head, and make his resolutions, that git! hero as ours made ho Impression oh her mind. To tell the truth, this specimen of mankind, so different from all she had hitherto .known, had scarce left her dazzled'eyes since they first met. He'was the \ocean to the river of her thoughts,\ and; studies and exercises had alike been obscured by constantly pondering tbe question-^\If after all, I were to meet hiui la the Park ?\ T'i.e encounter was such an unex- pected . fulfilment of her resisted. hope*) §.nd imaginings, that for a moment. her heart was still, arid'her cheek paled—then the color, .flushed quick over her cheek and brow^ and her heart beat vehemently. ./The- sight of s > nautili irrepro i-nble emotion gave JSeyilie a-sudden b-nse of his own importance and superior-. Ity, like a true man. as he''was, bev cause the fiber of brain and nerve in- Mm, of stronger and eoaraer textiifeV vibrated with less defic«te aeearaey' to the promptings of the spirit j than in woman's finer organization.. It was therefore with tolerable self-pds v session he raised his hat, and throw- ing away his cigar smilingly address- ed her-*- - / ' • \You. have -chosen the hottest part of the day, .Miss. JDelvigne. ' It was, much cooler an hour ago !\ \Ah Captain Neville! -Xam. sur- prised ! but it is a pleasant place to lounge in with a eigar on,.so lovely a motnine;\ \is it? Well, I never found it oat before. Let me carry thvp for you—music, I suppose. What a thick roll—youdon't intend-to sing it all to-day? You'll be frightfully done up.\ - ' , ;. \Oh na! 1 could sing more than\ there is there without much fatigue. You see, a. good deal of it is the aceompaniment.\ \Is it really ?\ as if she bad an- nounced a wonderful fact. \And when mu^t you be with the singing feliow?\ ' . ' .. • '•Athal r -past two,\ ... \Well it is now only two—so you need not quicken your pace—yon are aot afraid of a rowing, are you ?\ \A rowirig ?\ repeated Maryj puz- zled. '-'\'''.• \\' • • \A Mowing; up!\ explained Nev^ ille. \He would be a flinty sort of a fellow that could.be down.on'your mlssdeeds?\ And he glanced .tenrierly into his companion's eyps. \Ah! you mean that Signoi Qar- rara would scold me. Yes, indp.ed! he would; his. minutes are very oreeious; but, on the whole, I am a favorite with him—he is very yorifj to iap,\ —™- ~~-^-'— \lahould think so,' : said Neville quietly, with another expressive look froui When, With^^ hrtchnamon asfcut&pess for a John Bttlt,.' : h«'.';^BBt©d : -.^|(M--\it might pain her to say ^he inust n6t be seen with hina,\. and he was silehi.; She '.held Qdt hex ^haud^a little', daintily gio'ved hand-T^and feok.it \in his, where' it lay, Jost tosight, Jbut c'ertainly \to memory dear,\' wh^n, a moment after, Neville stood .alone,' the last wave of her : dreSs;floated round'the ttiEh into' Albany'Street,' oat of sight. ^He stood alohe, and furious with hiniseli for losing her so soon, .Wlt'hout'so'me- a^MhgemeiHi?: for' a future meeting, without sOtoe'llnk being fastened in the citiam which was to bind them together. What a sweet, frank ereatnre! \What a gracr* ful, lithe figure? ' Surely she.' was not indiSereTit' to hitn? and thi^'added'. the natrit -of diseiliidriftatipii .-to• heir/ other c&aims> t v •;••-'\ : ^'\-; !: '.';:-;:\: .. ....... ' A second' fnffir^ew.to 6h^/^e;;pto;iH^^ locality ;on.'..^^the followiDg.Thursday r \ x ~ 1 \ ---'-\• ---» •MH>- '.ihe^d|^iujl|y : : j a.a5 j&m. it thts «end)|^g .64^.0^^ Mh&etyBs* :^eafcreineta»ie% it) coni'promise K SHss^Delyigae -,in 1b»^ ^y^^:ahy;^tvanfc- ; ^' ; '!> --'.-.\. - **$t*£: «.«iul^ iodnc'^.J^r;t-.» i*?& to* '«flgtfcfe'w fo-.;gul|le fts,.'-^l^t. J 1 *? sjtoft ;«iIl3Q:p35*' ; : ^d«fty' i tr«1h ; i''J. kp&z±&&<&_•• •Wi^-^c?fJ-^ : y/-\yj : iK^_.i \ - -. - '. ' J fAfeaMlrB^w4?ttt\;to:^:se^ Simmon*&jref^iinc^teri'? - ':\-./• .• ; \ : ; ^.•wonjf^^th^-g^-»^ -tn^^.;3Steyijtte/;.: ,-•;= :-i- : >'. : ^ ; -V.\\-'. Y- : -Y~ 'y^0o)x •> look:', ^hfou'sdedly: j 'BaBr : ., ^I^L6U^, J V;-'-;---C-\--':\ '•'' '-^---. ; •'•• ?V-. .-:.\*•-••\.:•' . '\-\ ; --;• ; '^'^wlltha^;k-^.^0^gh^'^;•s^,Ifjt ^mrhBfo.^ Si-Z;XY,Y ':'- : -V : ^\:;^'-v:- V/ '-''. AecoMlhgl^ At ttidday, when aflit\ St*' John's- Wstia r; was ftt'.Taaehfe»ni,»:' •• taHv' mustaehed - man',aight:^hsyia.'.-;. heeh' ^h&itahterlfigj' iaia pofpaaei -':' |ess ^ayj'-iin-arid deijie|fis idByious -. tarnirj^sSJf that xeftrferl^lofiaiitry.^ntt i :hRirjaateiy;- : pa«sing'-at;fc^ Warrlfig.t<?!j-TerrAce\ ; a>jd 6arlingro»i.. ' • Viilas; ; Hei looked^^fonndjiftnCstcioS 'as'.if ''%JB% In '• thopghl, $$k the soniict. '. of' a' W\heez'3r*J ':n0mmii^g-iioii^^[ mnghtias^ttentiba.\ M& thrhed;ansj Y - sa^vy i^ch^ihfe- afctoTenfeht edif'-'j hef,,a. gr4yiShVhrQ^ tolpr;kble.dime^siahg^^r surr^phhleii by V % crunched bahnet,'. under VhicV.;far* :'• \. ther ihspeetioa elaeidated a* withered'.._ russet fJicei with\ twinfepng watery ' ^yesi:. and a\.big h*ipffi3s-Idokia$ - .ntbuth. Tfaefeet. of th&; flgiite' ««*» ' propped r -1ip «h a,'. y^Meh Ifeptsfe)^; ,. findbfstde;&*ryQn^small, low table, wfis^^ fth^gkefCof.brahgps and som» \M But every article soli at a very small mar- gin from its.actual cost. I run a lulllineof *»*a\--may : have iiad.:#- i ei; i - „„„;^-__ »n-. .._.*.« „.., rugs Crockery^ Patent Medicines, Glass, and Stone Ware, a full stock of Groceries and Provisions, Toys and No- tions, Tobacco, . Cigars' and Pipes, Fruit and Confectionery. ja&&OT^aoasB- AE-thensvelties of-the'season at _B TEXT BEFf ; : ,--'-,PEHTK)N;,.' And t6«. trad*: are cordially iuvitied to #*xamliie ouif stock l»e*omlin^fog^ ; ;>: -,; .-..,.-,-•- ; Kp.5tMaiasteeet,-3Wwviii.e', :fe Yi': .• '- : ' ' ; '='\ : \ - - ;' -BdgEB,S&FCT0H,- ' atito ftoundu <>t otiO inrp'B' fo Baboitt-Metali fo* sale at the T3fiH5J3«:«J»r«, , to the!person's sending in the seconds third s.n:d-f-->u-rtlilargest-jinmber\of suhscrlpMons to- -tie WEEKLY or SEMI-^WBEELY WORLD up..to.May i: .ISSS.-: \ - •••'.\ . These premiums are-all IKF ADDITIQISTto the large cash commissions paid by THE WOB3MJV -. ..-• • .-. \. -•• -'••-• tn.competing.'for tlie cash commissioins and premiums, w subserintldn - to the SEWI- WF-EKLY' w^ORLD. wi-n' be considered ss - ecjniv'ilpnt to-'two snhsortpiiops to THE WEEKLY -WORLD; • . .- THE WoRtD talreHt-his.occasion-topuKiCr ly thanlf all thekind Mends who so promptly, fnrnis&ed it with names and -'tBforrriaU-oh. re\ent.lv -and It-bess.t-hem tocotisidor thpm- pelypa-nitib- Agenttsfor THE WORIJD. and --o remember that tbePremtum,offers £,nd hand- some cash' eommisifAns apply to them as well -ON -to. other agents, . . . • SECRTCTARres OF MAfsONTC LODOF.S wi'l .seethead-<»antag«-of getting ni> clubs. . Sample coples.-fr.ee . Address the NEW YORK WORLD X. Y. :. -- • - \ 25w4 Mrs. Sarali C. Miller hastakeh tbe rooms lately occupied .by Mra.- Geo. 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Forty years ago, it Is aaidj the wife-was \bequeithedasui'aillsuhi^i-money by a relative! which her husband desired : to use in -puiqhasing 'farming, implenients and otherwise hxigiroying. the. property! Bhe said no., He vowedthat uhl'eas he was- given the. •Hion'ey'. he' would never .apeak anotherwoird th-her. '• This \of he steadfastly kept, to the end. of his . life. .The ttoee.daught.ers , then, quite -young,' ttfc'iiisji -tried -toi'seQpnieaie, their. ' parentis, but' fafl^iv^iiiSft;a{ie'--jMded ; : with-:th&' fatbeiy. i-uiother ••- with-. the ,lh'othe?,.a^d'the#Mrdbeoatb,e dfeheartr ; ened ,with : the'-, whole '-left, .\Stir -.thSy quarrelled^\ the \tt7o-;sohB died,' and never again aword. Jwas'-.spoken in. the- household^ save, to visitors,. .The. death of. the husband ahd father has made ho ohange in the\ situation, and the suryiv- brs 1 ' inoveabbuli.thehquse.ss'if. utterly' .obilyious of eWh other's proaenoe. pOULTBYMSN, - ATTENTION 1 ISwIlihave for sale thisifali alimited num- ber of\ ..\'' •\-•••• ; . '.'.'' ; ;.MM^M:'.'^^B '•' '.*•' OOBM^&Mm^QVED Plymouth All warranted tt'ae to name; ' Early orders \ • - .secure first .choice,'. i am agent for the following -Mpntbly Poul- try magaiiines, postage paid, at the following prices: ; - • , ' . ' -' The American Poultry Jonrual,: „^IS5 The poultry World,.^.;.^.—!_«_. -. l.as Th? Povtltv .Monthly .—„. , „.-,. — i •«.' The'Poultry. Mo-nltor.--i-._-- .; _-_^i-^ 1 t'O ThePoultryKat-lon„-,^-^-- r ^.-..----i.-^'.l'.75 andaweeic'iyftejvspapei, '• The A'merican Poultry Yard ... ._-. 1»60 '8m3. BU 0. tEON^BI)^ I l O-)VyiLI I E, : ilT Y.\ 'yimm : wm$M •- •• 3a»pi) Ashbacftj. State Sn . 3SBS^'»00BaOTIt»PO'ST!Qi> i b'IOB,., has consiaatly on hand tiife'choicest :-\• ttiflt can be procured; ' Beiftf. L'wk, : • Slutton»Suftsagf.s, Baiiit*, tar<i. . Ppultiry and fish. may always be'fouhd^jaiihls popularmarSe't. : £'-'i0jiffi ^^^ife.a'gfafidrhother' • Britt^t lookglumj old feliow. But what do you Intftttfi to do nest-?'' ' ^Gh! see her\ as soon and as often as lean.' She goes to Albany street every Thursday and Saturday for a musieJesson, and the day after to morrow I'll waylay her In the Park. If-she has an old screw.to accompany her, I will merely bow. If hot—and probably : this ftuend of he^s -will be with her—I will feel my way,' She is a charmlbg cteatiife. : Heiress o? no heiress I should' feel very much inclined to pin away with her. By the way is 'she a-, ward .of Charktery That would complete matters.\ - • \No;.my grandfather, is her only guardian^ and J trust when the old bay returns be will find ail thiBgff progressing to ouf satisfaction.\ \How soon after a first tneeting ought.-a fellow to propose?\ asked Neville thought-raHy. .\ .'. \Can't tell I Suppose it depends. Never proposed to-any one, Neville?\' • \No not marriage,\ said that gen- tlemam.gravely.' \I feel.aa if I could ask Jffary (her name is Mary, she pfonohaees. it Marie) -to-morrOW! You see: If I was rich, and she h^d not a penny, I would-marry her. I -wbuld;by Jove!\ .\ • . - ,'\%f she was realty the French gov- erness \That would not suit. Buf'itis absurd to talk in that way. Look at the dit&f- etice. of the two-girls—one had de- pendence stamped On her whole bear- ing,\' ' ; ' ' ' \Yes poor little.soul,\ said-Com'p* ton kindly. \I suppose she hasn't an easy life of ft. 'io-ad I'd like to take care of her,\ \' '- ' *''Fat« forbids such -things to be,\ returned his meator. \But'le't' u-3 to bed;':this is a capital hint of your grandfather's.' ' I'll not fall to profit hy-it.^ •'•'';-• ' ' -' - f?\ put in Sir Frederick, slysty. is a different tdatter, and - CHAPTEBIY. ; The anticipated Saturday rose clear and fair. It was an exquisite. mprn- 'j'ug, worthy' of 'the mpnth'of May,' with life and fragrance, and verdure, and- all frteh loveliness lending beau-. ty eyrih to what had none In itself, Neville,..after looking -in^alldifecf tions in: vain, took refuge in a cigar, and placed- hfraself under., one of those islands6f : stripling tree3 which dot the Regents Park, hear the' broad Walk.. It was .now .eloae ori two b.'dock'~-wbat if she would not co ale ! or come escorted by some duenna-like governess! perhaps the awful.Be.- doubt herseli!' -As these uneasy thoughts' perplexed him, a light, active step approached.; he turned sharply- round, and she.was before him—herselfr-^fresh - and • bright. as ever.\ Her cboi-looking muslin dress\ an;d.scarf;, ap- esrqaisitely beeOming and ' appropriate—the ' qhiet .bonnet' 'with its delicate white;, ribborjj. bou- quets pf wild -roses- and artistic m ihg- ling of black lace was. enchan : tingly becoming. and •'. \coquetf ; from, the neat parasol to the. dainty boot-she. ^W89 every inch a woman to be^loved- -r-^a lady to respeett'd.. And Marie Del vigne wa^marvel-. \ounly moved. :She. would have been' scarce mortal, and eertainlynot an | interesting mortal, had so buiUannt a, , his'grave, gray eyes, which suhfc/futo his hearer's heart, and called -jjfj C rflor t<> her eheeks. h the? since* \fhk. previous. Thursday evening, Then, he was the humble, confused suitor, almost trembling, watchful f rtr every eturab of favor; now,, inform-, ed by.the treachery of aspeakiug face what was the real .condition of. the besieged, he was more in love than every it is true, yet conscious of. a lordly certainty,.. a- 'mastership' of the. position thatiftnt a sort of asaur- ed-tenderness • to ijisminner, which nevertheless was profoundly respeet- falv ' ' - - -.-.-•:•,- '- So it Is ever!—in the struggle \be- tween man and Woman, -there as a. perpetual .ebb and flnw^-a constant. balanee—one cannot descend without elevating the other. Marie felt this, though she could not explain it; and .womarirlike, was all the more fascin- ated, because Neville involuntarily exercised a sort Of .power by his very composure, • She-fought bravely for self-control,. and with feminine in- stinct o hansred the conversation. \What a dreadful-Iorking jnan !\. she esrelaimedjas one of those ragged, dirty, sulien types of\• .huraanity, vsbich too.often com& \between- .the wind and Qhr hobiiity/'inthis. lux- urious city, passed them after they had walked some way.. \ .; \Xes said Neville; \an ugly cus- tomer for you to. meet alone;' by the way—though I, am deucedlyglad of it—why do fhey let .you. walkall this way by yourself?>' .-.\•• \Ah !\'said Marie, her heart sink- ing so low-that she. thought -she felt it bPating in the soles hf her fept, \You think. I am somebody! You jnlsrr iake.Tpe for my-friend ! I am but.the French .teacher—nobody at. all ex-^ nept to myself!\ and. she trembled, -\Oh! you.are..th© French teacher, are. yo.u ?\ said. Neville, • quite «n- movedT-^wlth a kindly sort of smile in.her eyes, you could not see much of it. on his lips, for,, like pah, .he wasa \hairy man\—\but that .is ho .reason why you are not to be taten care'of.'?. . - : . - \Perhaps said Marie, laughing, while her heart sprang back with a flash of electric joy -then, he*did'hot care—It. was all the same to him— \but you know it is.nobidy's busi- tiesa,\ she cohflnued aloud.\ \ .'•Will you.'let it. be' mine?\' asked Neyiile,. half' in jest, astonished at lii« own fluency ; but. this, was going too fast, and Marie began. to..wish Mm a^aj'—to- have 'time to recover herself and .think. ;.\ ;' '\. . . -• \l^ouhaveplenty to do,.Tsuppose; you-connot'snipke\ cigais here every^ dayi\ she said. .. . \I can always manage one in this locality on Thursdayq and -Satur- days,\ returned -Ne-yilie. -\ . \No no; you must hot!\ Blie ex- claimed.hastily,\i| ^vouid riot do! it would, not be. right I\. and she stop> ped .suddenly, her. cheek .hushing', and feettng.reaily anxious to get tid orhimrifor.. they were. nnw\ almost at the. entrance to Albahy Street, and. Maria-felt: ..she could hot be seen ait was secured by;\ Nevlle's'.-Watchful^ hess; it however.- furtheEedvpis pio- feets but little, for \Miss Pelyigne was less at her easei inore timid,-\and ap- parently anxious io get;rldo-. hei: aStnirer,. even while' She ti'etfayed her growing 'ihterest.in him;- -- • l^ey-- Ille, fearfal. of startling her'by too sudden ah advance, was'left\ in pairi^ ful state of perplexity >•? to' his. next step. 'Time was pressing, fob,, .and to-stave off preseht necessities he was obliged to let his friend lend higa. five- hundred pounds. * How. he,chafed\ under this complicatiph. of'.', worry may be imagined, with his; .sirongV impatient temper, and proud, un- yielding nature; for Neylile,: though popular amsughis comrades as a! fine fellow, was.not an anilahle-man.. ' He followed up-;the game, hciyp- ever. with so much-skill and perse- verance that- Marie Belyigne-Seldom left the house withoat encountering him. Were she. accompanied by any of the governesses or..young: ladies;: he merely lifted his hat with graye courtesy; were she-ajone, he;man-: aged to join hex, his qui#, Respectful manner, puplhg.-herat -her .ease'foip. the moment, yet riot hihduigner'M the Indiscretion, • of which she : yjai guilty, Ih ilstehing to' him,, and al- , 16 wink herself, tononfxaet^a. certain; degree of fa'mitiarity ipth a man. of whose antecedehts she Was ignprafit. She knew she ought tootto let hiih : assume a sort of right' to'meet hef, and yet it soon came tO'be'a.saeififiG.e too great for her strength to bid hlni : farewell..- - ' ....' : ; '. ->'.-..'.\' \Yet if their conversation >had.beeii reported, very little that could be defined as love making would' have •••.Sli louad lh.ereih. ' NeVer.tiVeJfesS:, day after day Neville parted from her with mire, and more rejueianee^, ad n ronstantly ih.creasiug ^cohyfe- ti -n th-it he wai gaining grpnhii, ; ; tl, uj-ii Tlarie iafe very shy, ahd Ha* rti'e in paniCHi and flts : oe.«&l43es« tl\*t a.j tv r from allaying her.Idv^fc : \jSgh •'ligW?^ ;:g«ped '•; the.; JSM' Wonpfani.v'^Say a;phr^pdsy;Jfrbini * poor, widdy, \whoses. heart Is. \briioi^ wiih;.;tihe;eou^h,;and the^idrd,-wfl3t x^^rdybto^tiayh^sol^a ha?pJEtf9!it^ this bl^ged;v;day//... '; \:_• \y' ••..'.';\; ''^hyfoyou sMefc to; 30 Hofayoiy able 4 «?ItuftMoh-?^ saiS Ne^^^ \enteripginto^t^^ithhe^ -:'\\^;- ' •..*?'0h'i' J.^.iji^--Qiiiea.'I;|[aM bet- * teic iiiek, \ The' young hiViieB^ \<^od . bless themi! dhbe ahdet heatted tr>; a poor wiUdyi <3o<i bless^ ihOrit> But none of tierii- gi*e nas a penny lo~ 'Mf-K: \';i ; :; '.:': \-\ KY'^rYy-^ At|he.paehii&n:of theyohiigladlei; Neville prieked'hp-his earSi-^: - .\What youhgladies? J} hea^kedin ; a*a±eles3 tpire. '•'.'.yy ;.'-. .,-\-. :..., - \Sureihe-ypungjlfidiesrat;fee Sim- ; •.minaries-5-.'..'they:;. d.o-,'i)e.'i»ar..jhing.\ : • down-like;regiments ofipldi^rf'iVi^t' rhointhg, anti fhey giye;apo.o$^iii4.ft' : eopper howiand .ftGraihi : Btit j;i:c ; it r a one oVfem^-rthe %rd'- in 'Heai^a h'ik. \ do^noiu'hejeiShefeay^^meB.flrvy.^ • jsiirj; spakes._-' like-' ah angeL'' -!:' jy$:i_ S: , the rich aWayskne w;the: valley i 3^:- kind\^\yord^ughfUgh:I^0i!^IJ*:i«f:! ; ; '-\iAnd;#B0:3Vthi$angelof aywrig-:- •Iady? , ?-\Sg^-'l^ai^-'-5a^y : ^sp ; .-i? f ----:.. ing.to;\hea^;thebelO-ved.ni^njsr\\.v^ \=..'•-•-.\•; :••:-\;.' -.XTp; be : coEtihned.'j; ••'*'• y~y -Ty •^m.Mm~m,pmm- worn. A: SketcKr.of iate : jfoted Pirite sii& :-:.. •';: : ; \-HSs-^feirki -;.-r -•'-';-'-'-. fPvwrUh- impatiencej added fuel.to (he fire. Sometimes, too, shehaafpeh- sive, almost melancholy moods,.that nearly sei him* wild with ah.\'oyer-- poworiTig desire ;to.fiiasp-Ker;tp his heart-, - and i na'plore her to \trust h\e>- «o?If and her fiiture. to his gatdailce..: To Marie it was • a. rh.ost trying; ti me. she never bid-Neville good' bye without. telling herself,'It\ wasmost probably forever,, as the.Whim'whieh' m (le him sesk her haight.\ait \:ahy moment either fade, a-way.orhe^rf*!-.' placed by a fresh fancy. .It was-this:- ever recurring doubt which gaVe.a% uncertainty to' her ; mahherj.her»?ptla> tem, tha,fr Neville did hot' understapdi and by' which he .was at times chill-.\\ ed e-wd repulsed ; still she grewevery diiy more dear, more neees§ary,;'&ud; in momfirits of excitefhetit he.eoufd.\ ie«,!-<'-9 kf\ep back the deeiaratioh he tefirod to make, prematurely». \_ .'. .\'•' 3lfe5 D.oivigne has. aiready-s^vetfv me\ some' hundreds, .1 fancy, \'^said. he\ to I' ?«. friend, as they sat at diniier .a few wpfifcs after Mrs, Coleriian^ par- ty;;, \for since. i : have;', entered' iatp' : this scheme^ it;seem^ to.have left/hb: rooia or time to care for'sjuything' elye ; and as I. really-do ipye the girl, I am fighting a. perpetuui menK tal battle, I want her—I aih de'ter^ minM.' to have: her;; hut-'then my very first move must\.be''to\get hold of her mob^y as soon as she is \piy wife, and if she knows my.;ueces«. ; sitieg,- she will distrast my . motiyes.. Poor little soul! She played the goy-r. erness triek very transparently—was. all in. a ri-embie, aad evidently, ex- pected I would politely say gbod-: morning, and leave hey. AJyComp; ton, what alight came Into her eyes When she saw I' was lindi'sitirbed by the unflo'uuceraeht.' By' Jm6, 1 feel' like aregulaf ffwliidler. . But If she wiil have me, she shall'heyei 1 repent it.\ '- •\'.'\/'• ' .\' \-. '.\' .\ .'-'• . \No of eourse not; and you.. njust never: let her find out that you knew she was thehfiiress/tiii; you-haye been married agpodjong while, and fheh. get over it.the:best way you can'.. % really see no .olher line open for you —I mean.as regards : hei.-. After all\ . / &t>t?; are a m.We.tfifle : compared to her fortune.. However-! doh*t grpw ; sentimental. Whatshall.we,'db:next'?. I think y''.)u had better, at'.'the present stage, sheil. the foriTess;.. with a f©^\. rounds:©} fiery.love-letters.' ; ' • - •. '_•• \I do. nbt-faaiey I. should do' that sort of'thing well, Gonaptob.' . I/dor not mind wrifmg straighir-ferward*V a'aking hex to be-njy;wffe,-'aaft.:h?liing . her I am a poor deyfl in debt and diffimlty-^oggnsting- that we-shonid • fight tho battle, of life side by-side— fhaf*s-fe good.ideH; but then we .-must reconnoiter. the : premises, and- see. how we eo.uld.get;a letter, conveyed. We-must be oareful. .. ji Saturday, is tolerably fine, I sha'E.endeavor- to see her once raQi'e.before I : open the bat- ' teiy.'\. • '-.•-.-'•\. i ..' .\_ . : .;..-;._ .'_/..• \Pei?haps.it would be .as well, 1 ', re- turned the stanch .eon8^ior; : .\bat-.i as captain of «lawfrll privateer, to e^. pr(^.:;.pireay.v/.-; : '-Thia:-'5n^s fii;. Oetobat^ 1695; •/• ^er'e he/tejpd^d pirate Mi&aeli; inakifig Ms jcehdezyons 6tt. ; the co»at of.•-. ,M^^ajS?ar/i^d,^tTiri^ - h^dv^rm^'y •B^y,J^r)i]^e1he Tethmed &yJBi*r paniolajr^ryheie':^e deft jkw sfep:. ^d;; name to STew Ibrk fit. a slodpyVhenoej he -projeeefjed.\tfi '••_ itostoh. m June, 1699. iSfter^^toexiipma^ph^e?wii* obmmitted a .eiose-priiioiiier with diyera pi Ms oresr^'' Sew^Lhas-ieteprSea that by-.the «dd-trjf^r a ssoman.tWo 61. ^eseiE^eh-es^ped-iii-' ..if Tide and^wei# tepaptui^i .in Otitor**. . Benonion^ says i6at * '* he fotodthat; thi ' jailsi'; waS; pradighe^^; l^Man^n, «id iwi coiii^sedlttiat he and :bne of %e OT^W ^r^ out pi-, the^^$HBOB Soot,^'.:JbL Noi; yember^ .ip^^Beiiomonl; ^Etgfe. home j '! Th(ese* piratiBfr-t.haye. m>-jail ; make ima r \ •y«ry TiheaAy if6rdfe^r;|hey nhonld ««S»J^ I wbuid-gtve *i#'iiheywOTe:-:iE.Hl|rew'- •:--.; gate.*\ At his tequeet, asthere was no ' pioyinpiaflatw forpuhishihjj piraoyiidfl|. '- ;;d6ath,:a-; ; frigate: ^was'jBfeht' for^M piimja:- ;er#,-ahd: they sailed Ih.'J'ebrutsry, ITOth' . Eigd;was .tii«d\ : fpr '-piracy : sa3...idi \the. murder pi fta& ©f-Ms- orew, andjfee&i^•;• ifptodguiltyj.iKas execntei The wht.le: - affairTyas -brought;- into pblities; :• Kot\ only was'BeilGmpn^ ;ohe of the original:' :Pw£eiS: ;of •.'•^aa'syeBselj.-mew M M^y Ipbsiilph,' but;:iiord ';OhahceMsE 'Saiaers - • and some QthBf ^^'graahsdhphfeiacn were; shareraJin 0e eiifepfisej.'saC\ 1 .*; Eihg-.hunself wafr.tpltavehad® : *e;Mt. --.- of theprofits.: \^henlSda was ca^tar.a,\- • as-Bpskm the searcher^-ibunS it. l}a;;- el gold- aha^goisrwprth j£i,fiP0-£ai4 & h^S- : of shteri- ;'0ai»foriiafiioh-tfey timi ta V Mr,' -^ardhijir^of .foferSirier's -MaM^ t% ;' Xiohg island\'Sound ahd-obta^ied gsKlj.V: silver- and jeweitewor&;*i,5M,'4^'S^ • bales ipI.-^oodSf one -yalaed at'- iSJ.PKjU -\-\. T3ie total -'.capture ' was;. thougM to'lsi . . r Worth.' £}&J38oy.\ . ^dd' afterWaM toid : Xord Belibtoont '\flia^lE:hewas.:afi0s&i torgo'to the piac%whera heief t Ms'ship^ ; arid;to \St.-^o|aW'*nd'. Guracoa.'hs ' would xecpyer\ : ;i5^0u0 ;to 460,fl.iiQ &t : :: by \huhself jnp pne^elB'e; ceaidi^,, cover;' ,;.'Beferrfog-fe|h^ . \with- .JEidd, •Jndgec Sewall'-ittbtiBS ih- hiii...; d jaryj .nader.rdate' of February '28 -f-j : *^W. - - shipoff |he Iron Clieli ef -^bldi Pearlei,;; ete,,=-forty. \BMs'-'-pl-'Jlast feidia Gcoad% \•;. thirteen hogsheadsj -phe^^ \ahd *sase f .-'- piie Negrd'Jtf ahi: and ^enturo Beeail, aii\; Eaiat' ;'IhdiaB,;hor]a--.at. ^ilp:n,.i.'We%e»./ wias-jdonbtfni. in ife;^orhh%;.whioh.:-._ ;mife'is. irreso|n|^ About' ^V.ahd^ft\c^om^ished;i| te^? h4p pily; : .' ripple npbn-; : ibti$ a great ®.ercj;' -of '-Gfofji'that -the' ^ior^hbuse: has ,;npt- ': been' broken;'-npi«jmd,, n b fires has hap- V peaedj''.\..-'\-.'•.;\•v-.\./.-''.\.*••'••/•;'-; \. •.,:••-',/-:,'' ''\•\ :?PieV^B'^^\Sfl^\ : ''-''';'; ; ;r'- Signbr Carara's door with so distih^ ' shr)U i.j n^ B toliave theJSpAtter iiTiish- gulijihed an escort.- • •• ;| e a and'you away on your wMd.ipg\ : : : \Good-by -Captain Neville,\ she expedition, before my• grandfather said .with sudden deeisioh, and pahs-' ietutns. it will be a; .treat to see: the- Ing^bruytly.. \.' ! old genllenian open his eyes when he \Mustitbegood-by so soon?\ he hesrs the news.\ ; \\.' ; \ . ' . replied. • '\ \ - • How to open^^ commupica,tion.-wlth-. t,y es H' some of the-functloparies.pf,-Miss; \But\why?\ he was beginning, Kedoubt's establishmeht was Sow; ' John geMns^j'of tBfe pomrfyi say*-.\.- the Paaupah,'; Ky.,' Jtfeway 'who.'.is.' ; lamih^Iytoowhas the'^'f-SCaiiEiiitteff,^' was' jn : ;thft' oitylately* ; Mi, ^ehinslq'; • hasainahia'f6'r : khit^i'g,;and ik\~w.«^-\ IhefirsifihiBghe,.dries.\in^ the^onung;- |stp.gethis^MjieSand-yarn iha'cibia.- me»be;s^ttm^.and : h^sp-'<^nlTO*eaaii . day.-\ Se'irehjiientiy:, after:lrelMhg.*tv: pight> will getttp.atidknit- lor. fthhonr pr two.*t* ih^i - •£*t* ) ly, wjdle hiiyin|;,; a bai of drygobasj he^^ 'fitttiBnaeul: fe Ida;. \• knitting '* sitd\ purphk^Chisjgtooa« '^ -.' ffie Sjiinei tipiei4He;pxait€^ sohMdeeable : ehriosi^f; SB '\' lie;'passes -. throngh - .th* • Streets and'in -ahd nst-do^iknlifeig; as if; for^^ life^^^ and;^^har^y;. jipp^r^ifiyi with any knowledge of lie employment •-of tda hfthdii.;\ •;';;-{. ;.;.-.''-.' \•; -;;\.' '-vj--r •'-. »nrl..a«kedan'8: haw1t^it>ijafer%'. r.ioia.:,' himlhad-spniedbleithere early that mbrningi and^heh prpceed«d.4o-jj^N- Mm^a-gketph. pthiy.-adtenftirpui.loni« • pey: pHhe'highlr \b;e?oi^8 M^'-Vwij^:: '•• JtotSiiiiU '••'••'•• - ' ] y -••'•• ;.-..; 'A^-y^^y •••w. ..The ^bphd.ybintiie of' the diary Pt Samuel Sp#a$;.,pnblfehea'^^ sachftsetti1\; B^tpirfpal^opfe^i €^ve#\ua an acopunt of <3aptaid. Badd] the phites : whichiifl inteiesting. K appears^ fcosv some; facts: ^ogeoted^by thepdibit ot?; this Tplhiii^: tfiat Kiad wsia. uptfis*d May^%#69i,'^fe ^Wcibrl^ M jnteiry : &*&: m&if of John bdx% mi fl»i a1w«t':;^iBe\ we^ks afterward he «ni ponimif^iea hjr.Braasfeeetr toattat* » rprivateer then dn par ooaat : He prob- ably'eailad . he«5reea- : -,lfe'#yTor*/'ina.'•\' EnglandfwBomp-years, *nd,b«X^^ Lord Bptntim layqthaw, Ia>; a^reem^it togo out to fhci Tiiif TiMllti1 \* ©-:•

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