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Local, Sodal and Other | W. S. Hdland Victim of iTai Ratio Fixed by . p Actives About Town Shock, Funeral Saturday ! . Otsego’s Swervisi^s. Miss Pauline Bouton, twin daugh­ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bouton, underwent an appendix operation at William S. Holland, 63, died short-] Adoption of the reports of several cj,n after a stroke which he suffered • standing committees by the Otselg^p the Pox Memorial hospital in One-1 Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock. H e ! county board of supervisors Thui^r onta. The operation was performed | had been ill for the past week, and ' di^ afternoon brought a busy legibla- by Drs. Latcher and Devitt. Latest jqj . jjjg gj.g^ S . , ______ \ New York State “ 1936 WiU Approo- V|^J!pUO,(XX>,QOO. Official An- Old Sidney Bridge Dismantled. ; old river bridge over the Sus- ’^uehamia* dt Sidney, which was built reports are that she is recovering. i x Mrs. Cora Herring has been called, tp the home* of her brother, Anson William S. Holland was born July Bouton and family, by the’'illness of 24, 1876, a son of Howard C. and their mother, Mrs. Hannah Bbuton.l^ary (Hboper) Holland. July 27, spenTng a lew 1 a?“ S tep^nta^ he married MlesUIlian Diggan. Mr jmH Mru T IT A lion Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Allen. Mrs. Clarence Smith spent Monday in Binghamton. , - Mr. and Mrs. Robert I^wton of Oneonta called at the home‘<?T Mx. and Mrs. Neil Lasher Monday'Afternoon. Mrs. Ethelyn Brown 'Vbf Cestite spent the week with her fri’dndj Mrs. Flora Chase- ’ • , Mrs, Flora Chase and B. Reyraore spent Friday in !^rwich, The family moved here from Mc- Sarryatown, Pa., about 36 years ago. Mr. Holland was a cigarmaker by trade and was employed by Mulford & Son of this village for many years. For the past few years he had operat­ ed a filling station on lower Main street. iHe is survived by his wife, two tive week to a close and the en^'^of , ^ the fall meeting in sight. Two or three days of hard work mostly 4n connection with tax extension', :ar,c|; 'e»i?ected to bring final ad|ournmM; The report of the committee, vpn\ ratio and apportionment giving amounts of state and county be levied against the various ■tricts'was presented and t l h a n i i p ^ ^ adopted. Tax Dist. Gen’l & Poor 1 Purposes Burlington ..... 12,095.26 Mr. and Mrs. , Irvin ^ l is o n of j sons, Lorenzii, of Syracuse, and Aldis Treadwell were callers lUj'ijpwn Mon- Mrs. Brayton Hoyt daughter Joan returned to their hoi^^,^Ujbaday from Jefferson. Joan has ji^n ih the hospital there the pMt Mrs. Anna Hunt left to spend the Christinas ^jeasMs^ith her niece. Miss Nettle Alta- mont. , • ^ s s s - i k » * s s . a g K ' Otego OoQitral School Honor &H. The honor roll of the Otego Central schoool for the past five weeks ap=* pears as follows with 32 names on the list of the first to six grades and of this village, three half-brothers apd a half-sister. They will have the sympathy of many friehdsi The funeral was held from the Ihte home Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock.. Rev. John T. Lyon, pastor of the Fed­ erated church offlciate^^ JJptermeht “ ^ ade in Hvergreen lAl^il^nfiietery. ------ Dec. 24.—Money paid to iffi|piers of New York state for in 18Q4, is now just a memory. Dur­ ing the past several days It has been' dismantled and dropped into the riv- fer>, :l^prk^en with torches burned their wity' through the vital girder on,.- the downstream cornel* of the Sidiiey side of the bridge Tuesday, causing the skeleton frame to topple, crumple and fall with a rending of pteel a ^ .a^ipdlng crash into the ' icy watere. ‘ , . i Preliminary work^had cleared away all railings,'-h^direjnpved the hooring, ligna and^^ppi^rteniimoes, leaving, only 'the;^rois8p^e^A wfhiah had supported, year of service are provided, however. Buttempts ... ChOrry Valley Edmeston .... Exeter .......... Hartwick....... Laurens ........ Maryland ...... Middlefield .... Milford ...... . Morris ............ :>Iew liisbon.... and* fiuid cream delivered lO^^M Hapts during all of 1986 will ^*\^'*ni|^'r^proximately ?110,000»- \fettiiiig to an official an- by Director Ken-^sigha ahd:ihp]^»rteiiiimQe8, leavl^ j^^^e' Sf'the Division of Milk total,\ Mr. Fee saldi, estimate for November but the figure has l l l i r ’^poBsible to get it.” Peter G. Ten Eyck ,Ja f ^ ^ f it Of Agriculture and . the announcement ipei^jl^Tisimas news the milk psloftli|^'york state have re- ^ i i ^ '^ y e a r s . ” g 'i j s r is;; Pay Schedule Revised for Otsego’s AppdutiTe (Mfieors A revised salary schedule for ap­ pointive officers of Otsego county, es­ timated to save the taxpayers at least $1,500 within the next three years, was announced Saturday by the board of supervisors. The schedule which will become effective January 1, 1937, cuts the palary of the chief investigator for the old age security program from 12,000 to $1,620 annually. Incre­ ments of $90 for the second jind third 6,461.82. 5,092.03 2,309il2 * 3,504.60^ -------- 2,247,^8 ^ ;0neottta town-.. >14,.07L2’2 ^Qneonta city .... 90.3d4.87; Richfield ........:: ■ ' iltSf Roseboom ........ 1,269.62 1,100.8^ 5.0^6.37 the floKfixing, a'nd'the necessary fraijiie- work itself. The dismaut.Uns Job, which was called for in the contract of the M. R. Ingraham Co„ builder of the new bridge, had been sub-let to Leyine & Co. of Binghamton. With the.acitual toppling of the span into the riyer, little -remains to be ,done except salvaging the heavy girders from the water and cleaning; up what little debris, has not already been re- movejd as .the work, proceed.od. And shortly, all that wHl be Iffi .as <a .rek each end which supported.-lpl-ii 5- **Gaintat,g,, impetus under more or- derlF; xpUke marketing, conditions, the 1934 total went to approximately $90,0005-0(10, and in 1935 to $08,- 000 , 000 ., “These figures relate to both milk and cream: delivered to plants and should not be confused with the total value of milk produced, which for 1935 was $128,000,000, or approxi- town; Mr.,^ahd Mrs. Lorenzo Holland i Springfield ..... 5,809.55 and sons, William and Denald^ iStud [ji^padilla ............ 11,607.13 i0,099.00 Mrs. George Hess of Syracuse. |Westford .......... 1,971.11 1,712;75 ---------^ --------------------------------------- Worcester ........... 8.406.81 7,311.52 12 names on the junior and senior i h . Veterans’ association and!.?gtthhcl- Due to the fact that the assessed high school list: i ed the Baptist church of Otegb. ’ ‘ ■ valuation in the townshin of TTnadilla been dropped several thousand Miller, Jean Tpsk. both at home; a brother, Charles l ! tloHars and that $11,740 has been Grade 2—High honor—Meryl Her- 1 Browne, of Carbondale, Pa.; two sis- taken off on tax exempted property, ring. Honor—Priscilla Bailey, Cora- | ters. Sister M. Clearita of Saline.' Taxes are ten cents a thousand lowar lie Fooote, Irma Fuhrer, Kennetk | Kan., in the Order of St. Joseph, and L , x ^ I , f I matelv 33 1/3 nercent more than. Gardner. Myrtle Howe. Theresia Mrs. Ralph McAndrew, of Carbondale. the high- “ ^ e ly 33 1/3 Krause, Wayne Lawrence, George Pa. , way department budget was increas-| 1932 and which will undoubtedly ex- VanHousen. Tlie funeral services were held ed approximately 80 cents per thou-'®®^^ ^40,000,000 in 1936. Grade 3—Janet Bush, Elaine Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock ’ ganjj 1 “During the first ten months of Houghtaling, Marjorie Moser, P a tty, in the Baptist church following al ’ iqqr r^^pivod so fi*on ooo O’Hara. Joyce Sloan. Honor-David! prayer service in the home. S e v e r a l ' --------------------------- 7 fiv T I o ^ Beil, Teddy Dart, Marie Hamilton, favorite hymns were played by the i C7 i A l 4 a delivered to Anita Raynolds. | organist, Mrs. R. E. Redington at the j vUCUilltt 0 f J l f l V i 1110110 plants tbau they did for that deliver- Grade 4—Honor—Dorothy Harris.' opening and closing of the service. n c». i i r i ed in the first ten months of 1935. Gra<ie5A--Honor—Marian Bundy, The pastor. Rev. Carey ' r . Moser,; DO 013^160 JaDUaTy OuT “DiiiSng-the^.; first 11 months of 11936 dairymen received $10,802,000 Joyce Burnside, Bryan Burtch, Edna chose as his text, John 14. Alton Jones, Ellen Phillips, Helen Setor. . Wilbur sang “The Old Rugged Cross,” Grade 6—Honor—Jean Diebali. | This was the third death in }A y . Grade 7—^Honor—^Edwar.d 'Mowr, Browne’s family within a week) an Rowland RedingtQn,.’Aieeh 'V(Idg^. ; unde and a cousin having also passed Grade 8—Honor—j^^th Gborgia.- ‘ away. . . ,, Freshmen—Honor—Eleanw - .^Tfie bearers weyei;, Ernest- RptllM ^ee, 'hlax^ AHller.* ■ \ ** -o'—! Tmii^xx »i_ •»» t. ■«rrTXTM_. SophOtoOxea Honor In the'same ir«|lfext'ment the salaries of two clerks are cut front $1,080 to $960 yearly. The salary of the county com- mis^oner of welfare remains thp same, but provision has bebn made fof*, increments which will make the yearly salary $1,800 In two years. The salary of the turnkey is i»- crea6ed $60 yearly while that of the deputy bounty clerk is decreased frcmi $1,800 to $1,500. ' T|je coniplete schedule; “||trrogate’8 office—biie clerk a t 1 1 ^ 5 annually, no increment; exie $1,080 annually with inere- sportsmen and the state have-spent much time and money in an endeavor to Incxesae- the'wild'game life in the fields and woods—^with small success. It appears tha,t noxious animals, such as fTOces and hob cats have captui’ed and eaten birds in season and out of seasom This created a condition, not a theoryv .•‘^Accpi-dingly, the Delaware county hoard' of supervisors at its last ses^ sion- authorized a bounty on foxes and bob 'cate, giving $2 for the former ahd $3 for the latter. Hunters, must take.the^skin to a justice of the peace and that official will slit the pelt from below- the. eyes through the nose, to warrant, that that, pelt would not be increment; one index clerk at 31,080 annually with increment. “County treasurer’s office—One de-. puty clerk at $1,500 annually, no in­ crement; one clerk or stenographer at $1,080 annually, with increment. “County auditor's office—One clerk at $1,080 annually, with increment. “Sheriff’s office—One under-sheriff at $1,620, no increment; one turnkey at $1,260, no increment; one matron at $300 annually, no Increment. “County home—One county com­ missioner of public welfare a,t a sal­ ary of $1,620 annually with incre­ ment of $90 after first year and 39(1 additional aftec.^ second year; one able to secure, another bountyi and ; clerk at $1,080 annually, with incre- ^hen the: i^h,w ill be forthcoming to ment of $60 the second year-and 330> the third year; one stenographer at |500 ahhhaily, no increment;, one -keeper at'^$1,080 annuaily,.no fnere- . -ment;. one engineer at $lj^fi20 an- ■■ - liiincr^ent; one matron at »o increment J one » - - jaistan^^atron at $480 annually,, no increment; two cooks at $600 annu­ ally, lio increment; one farm foreman a t $900 annually, no increment; one Mrs; Katherine-Elizabeth Crandall wife of*'Ghristopher Crandall of Wells * Formal approval of plans for One- | their milk than they did fn onta’s proposed municipal swimmingmonths of 1935. pool in Neahwa Park w a s’iW v e d | “Ouir-reiwrte indicate, clearly that th^ye Monday from the State Depart- inontfa^Of this y a ^ New ..York 4.^ ^ ^ n - ment of Health by Roger T. tJoyie, ( s t a t ^ i l f e ; p i ^ w r 8- l ^ e been* p o i d v i i f f i ^ P | p n | ^ , Doris Plabe. | .'There were flowers from, round- Arrangements are.no.w being madjB' *'fiC Seniors—Honor — Olive Crandall, house supervisors and clerks of One- i to start the construction work Jan. I Aware of the fact that Brwina Tilley. , onta, Richfield Springs Central school g ^ . x j ^ . . ' g o w o r k i n e ' of the increase in milk prices The Christmas program of the ()te- junior class, D. & H. craft of machin- shifts Placing- of arade during-recent months has been re- i ‘ S t r r n i h o T F r e n ^ r e r s iLd m tncreased feed priced. | f ^ ' ^ w r e e d r - r n i t aT n , inere- ing program was presented: of Richfield Springs Central school,' already done. Comparing avferage feed ^or 9 . ment; one. extra assistant engineer -r.__xa_x , ............... . ................................. ' . x o 1 When necessaiT, $528 annually, nu Mte. Crandall was born August 3 ,|. # a /, a ^ XV. J v_x X. T V. I Increment; one nurse at $960 an- T „ a a “O inerement: two nureea a t and (Christina Ma.*eI) EadclW a n d , ,„ „ increment,- had always resided in that immediate : ^ one extra nurse when needed at X-.X1H*,! 372a, no increment; one hospital cook Her first husband was Castler Moak . ^ ^ lat $240> no increment; one seam- of Otego, who died within a few years 1'. . „„„„ n„ , r -oAc V .stress at $240 annually, no incre- after their marriage. In 1895 she „ ^ ^ ;ment; three farm laborers at $300 was unrtrt in marriage to C h ^ o p - . increment; one waitress her Crandaii who survives. She is annually. „o increment. 1935 v^th average feed prices for 1936, however, will doubtless produce results- which to most people are somewhat surprising. Many of us ............department's approval foi- Flag Salute. ' Among those from out of town who ^°wed a conference at Albany Satur- I—“Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing, attended the servicb were, Mr. and day between state officials and Leigh Sullivan; “Silent Night, Gruber— , Mrs. Wallace Martin, Miss Ada Day Holdiidge of Oneonta, district state high school chorus. ^ x n —“O Gome, All Ye Faithful,” as­ sembly. I J.VXXJS. .£x.iixjLxc xTxcxx XXXI cxxxu xvxxas xvxcxx^ax ex - ----- ----- ----- --------- ----- i , , _ _ . -u r. j III— Scenes from Dicken’s Christ- ' O’Connor of Carbondale, Pa.; Mr. and of the pool. Originally plans for the | high as they have been dur- mas Carol dramatized by eighth grade , Mrs. Blaine Wakeman and daughters, pool had been rejected by the State recent months. In the first three English class. Shirley and Joy of-Sidney; Mr. and nenartment on tPchnioai around.* 1 months of 1935 feed was $1.95 per I V - \Chrlstmas Festival,” high Mrs. Dwight Sanley and daughters. ,s fig u ref to L t ' ” Wsher. - It reached school orchestra. Maraaret and Jean of Franklin: also piojeci is ngurea to c o s t ------ Sanitary engineer, and Matthew Has-|«>..y forgotten that feed Prioes , Mrs. Annie Martlnand Miss Margaret Piouck of New York city, designer Her to ed through the general fund and with ^ Prandall o f Onaonta and three ‘ second year and T h r ™ \n\:fs% 7 n ° ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ F.-a^d rZ % e T l e c V d T h ; a $5,000l,eauesrieft ^.95 on ______ ’ following officers: Master, Douglas purposes by the late William E. Eg- up to $2 ( Oteeo Masons Elect Officers. Last Friday evening Otego Union November 1 and J Z L “ Z **® additional, the third year; four . W U liin E.'ilg- «<>''««p to ?2 on December 1. | grandchildr^ , Zlda. Estelle and assistant investigators at $1,200 each H. mechanic, passed away at his home here Sunday mofiiing at 11:15. F>; L. Palmer; delegate to district the new Death was attributed to gas poisoning .convention, Charles Bouck. The reg- through a f'nntvQrtftofl iat +'hto\n jp, TJ aivauca ular m e e t in e n i e h t h a n 'hp.cn rhancAii t l o T a f t e r u r n L S I i aPttog 1935. was J1.75. The average' \'y*' sei^yices^ wlll be held from modern purldeatlon > • contracted at the-D. & H. roundhouse plar meeting night has-been ebanged' . montb during 1936.is »l,67H—i ; iu-Oneouta where he had been, em- ftom the 1st and 3rd Friday aigSta “ abating of- sly. y f ‘J«al; Pre^ure, ^ ■ a - ployed for'26 years. He had been to the 2nd and 4th Monday nights filters seven feet in diameter..-Water ® ^ o i ployed for'26 years. He had been to t h e '2nd and 4th Monday nights confined to bed since Sept. 1st. ; beginning January 11th. 1 will be passed through the filters Mr. Browne was born at Carbon-1 ---------------------------------- three times daily. In addition to nnd®’ filtration the water will be dlsinfeet- and Wilkes-Barre for about 14 years nhareed with larppnv hv AhAov * and came to this village in. 1909: He' ^ chlorine. married Miss Lula Martin of this vil- Maxim, 41, of Albany, was j ------------------------ - — ------ lage who survives. He accepted'apo- sentenced to 60 days in the Otsego! Stores Oueli Tonight sition with the D. & H. railroad as county jail at Cooperstown when h e ! Last minute C h r is tas shoppers mechanic in which capacity he served arraienAd <?atiirdav nie-hf a i t x snoppers over a quarter of a century, when he y ^ ^ ^ r a i ^ e d Saturday night before wUl find local stores open this even- wEs forced to retire a- few months the Peace P. A. Murdock at ling (Thursday), and all will he able ago. He was a member of the D. & Bast End, Oneonta. to complete their Yuletide purchases. ad e - popular belief that the/ednfranrhas been true. “There is still another encouraging note in the milk news. In the two years just preceding the passage of ment each year, the second and thir^ears.- “B < w rd|of3i^ green cemetery at Otego. th^ Milk Control Law> New York Buadilla Glub Sponsor Feeding Pro- State producers lost 6.1 pen cent of I grant thsir 8 l ^ e of the New- York, metro- ^he local sportsmen are sppnsor- ? ^ r s ^ supply in this Vi- survlvedrby two sons, Henry and Em- • Jvcinity. ^ .mett Stratton.'- M rs.;Sutton-Dies at Oxford. Mr A Mary'G: Stratton, widow of B^w^d.L: Stratton, died at the Strat- tpn homestead on the Oxford-Greene Mghway:?MOriday- morning. The de- (Continued on page eight)

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