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Rural Times. ^^OL. XXVIII, New Seriies No, 29. OTEGO O tsego C6.,'N. Y. ________ ; ________________ - ii . / WEDNESDAY, JAN. 27, 1909. W hole N o , 143S R iir a l Y to e s . t. 8 . rULLER, Editor and Proprietor r i m i . I 8 H E D E V E R Y W K E K E B D A T H O B K IK G IH T H E T IM E S B L O C K ,,R IV E R S T R E E T , O T E G O , OTSEGO CO., N . Y . ■ D E V O T S O TO LOCAL AND FAMILY READING A N D TO T H E N T E R E S T O P A G R IC U L T U R E AND FARM • fhe Onlj Agrricaltoral Paper In the Second as* eeiubly District of Otsego County. In Advance, Not In Advanr.( dvance. Not In Advance One Year, ................. $ 1 ,2 5 .................... $1 SO S i x M fmfhs, ..................... ■ ,0 5 ........................................... 75 Three M o n ths, .......................... 3 5 . .............................. 4 0 At the right ofthe name stamped on the paper is the date to which the 8abscnp;ion is paid. N< paper stopped until all back claims are paid up unless at the option of the publiehe e paid up, Correspondence on all matters of Local or General Interest solicited. The names of correspondents must, in all cases, accompany communications toto insureure theirheir insertion,sertion, notot necessarilyssarily forr pub- ins t in n nece fo pub­ lication, but as a guarantee agains mpositinn. The failure ofthe notification ofit^ . tlntan'ce wlU be considered a renewal > criptioc. | CLASH AGAIN WITH OSCAR. Press Forces and Those of Impresario In Fight In the Courtroom. New York, Jan. 26.—After ’ two • en­ counters between the pugilistic forces <if Oscar ITammerstein' and those of the New York Press, in which the cas- iialties were about equally divided, the combatants have withdrawn from the field of carnage and are patching up the wounded and polishing their ac- ATLAimC LINERS GOLpDEINFOG. Baltic Saves ttie Passengers o: Republic and Florida. RESCUES IDUE TO WIRELESS Sinking'Liner Told of Her Plight anc Called Other Vessels to Her Aid or 'Ocean Patliways by M ysterious Pul sations—Cslptain of 111 Fated T o u r­ ist Ship Stands on Settling DecI* Until She Takes Final Plunge Undei the Waves. New York, Jan. 25.—The - liner Bal tic, having on board the 800 passen gers and crew of the White Star lint steamer Republic, sunk in collisiot with the stealmer Florida of the Lloyc Italian line in the fog southwest oi Nantucket lightship, has arrived here The Florida’s 1,100 passengers had also been transferred to the Baltic. Following the arrival of the Baltic the battered , Florida crept into port with her bow warped and twisted by the blow which sent the Republic to destruction. The Lucani'a, New York and Fumes- sia, all of which answered the wireless calls for helpii^had arrived earlier. Last of all cai^o the government derelict destroyer- Seneca with, the brave captainj.of the White Star liner. .Captain Seailfy: and,, the crew of the ^Republic, W ich 'foundered while in tow, were, t^finsferri^--from^^^ rev- •eni4 G U ttef,'^ OSCAR h a m : m e r s t e i n . 'Couterments in'anticipation of the next struggle, which is set for next Friday afternoon in the Jefferson Market po­ lice court. The scene of the opening battle was the sidewalk in front of the Hotel Knickerbocker, in which Fred W\ M. Hall and James J. Doyle ambushed Os­ car Hammerstein and decorated his countenance with blood and bruises. This was .followed by a general en­ gagement in the Jefferson Market •court, in which the operatic forces, ap­ peared to have had slightly the better of the exchanges. Oscar Hammerstein after the first -conflict had Hall and Doyle arrested, and Magistrate House of ‘ the night court declined to hear the case and left it for “Battery Dan” Finn to handle, tlVSBS LOST IN GREAT STORM W estern Colorado Towns Are isolated and Trains Stalled. Denver, Jan. 26.—The storm which: has been raging in the southern and' western part of the state for four days has put telephone and telegraph wires. land, -twenty ^ Mlhs i ndithwestvdf-’.the^^^^ lighi^ip, li lies the R^^blic. under, thirty fathonois * bf water qix the oc.ean’s bottom. She sank after the Gresham, Seneca and Furnessia had made a vain start at towing her into port. Floating dn a Grating. Captain Sealby and his chief officers were the only living persons on hoard the doomed liner, the crew having.been transferred to the Gresham. There wks one small light on the Republic’s bridge, and jwhen it suddenly disap­ peared the fleet knew that the Repub­ lic had foundered. Captain Seilby was picked up from a grating, but was not hurt, and none of the others was injured. ■ The wireless telegraph played a wonderful pai*t in the thrilling marine drama, calling for aid from vessels within a radius of several hundred miles and telling the shore stations all the details of the collision. Bit by bit it told the tale, first an­ nouncing the news' of the collision and the plight of the liner Republic, which news came jdirect from the injured ship itself. Then It told of the pres­ ence of the other steamer in the col­ lision, the^Fl'orida, the rescue by 1;hat vessel of the Republic’s passengers, the conditionl froih time to time of the supposed sinking ship and finally sum­ moned from Jthe adjacent seas the sis­ ter White Star liner, the Baltic, the French steamer La Lorraine, the Cu- narder Lucaiiia and the revenue cut­ ters Acushneit and. Gresham. Guided. Her Rescuers. The Republic, through her wireless !'■ ■ ^ ceived both here| :and in Boston. The message received here read: “When twentyj^six miles south of Nantucket lightship wgs run down by an unknown vessel. Engine room full of water. Can remain afloat. No dan­ ger and no lives lost.” It caused the keenest anxiety, and the greatest tension prevailed as the story of this latest sea tragedy unfold­ ed Itself. D isaster , Is Averted. It appeared from the messages sent by the faitl^ful wireless operators that in groping her way through the dense fog off Nantucket lightship the steam­ er Florida, bound to New York from Naples^ dealt a death blpw to the out­ ward bound steamer Republic. The Florida, less injured than the other steamer, took aboard the Republic’s passen.gers almost immediately, later transferring them to the Baltic. While the fact' that the Republic was sinking 'wasj being spread broad­ cast over the Atlantic coast, the mystic Marconi waves also touched the steam­ ers Baltic and lia Lorraine, on their way to New York, and brought them around to the aid of the sinking liner, and the steamer Lucania, four revenue i j cutters and a naval collier were alsi notified of her plight. Her stout watertight compartment, prevented a. repe’tition of the La Bour gogne disaster ;of ten years ago ano kept the Republic afloat. The‘ water tight compartment installation als( kept the Florida not only above thi water, but enabled her engines to worl and return to tlie apistance of the Be public after the! fearful recoil of tht collision. -I During the anxious period of waiting ashore the frequent messages' stated that the chances! p f saying the Repiib lie were hourly! [diminishing, that tht Baltic, La Lorraine and Lucania were nearing the scene and then came tht word from the'jjBaltic that she wa& alongside the ’stricken vessel and friends of those! aboard the^two crash lug vessels breathed eas|ert .............. coinpartmenfs^ on board the Republto filled^ as the bulkheads gave way Un, . , .. der the pressure, but not before the wh triumph of their power to save lives had been demonstrated. The transfer of the passengers, whe had rushed to tlie decks as the gbngs clanged out the signal to close the compartment doors, only to be reas­ sured by the officers, was- made undei unusually favorable conditions. In the meantime the operator on the Repub­ lic stood by his tpost and flashed wire less rays asking! for aid. He heard hif- fellow operators} on board La Lorraine, Baltic and Lucania speaking words ol encouragement a;nd telling of the has tening assistance and of the revenue TAFT ON HIS WAY TO JUDGE GANAL Approves Measuro For Fewer Courts on Isthmus. SEES KNOX BEFORE SAILIN8. DUt ire cut off entirely., slble' to determine the number of lives lost for some. days. Searching parties will be organized as soon as the weather will permit. At Telluride falling trees and snow slides endanger the lives of those who. venture out. Trains are. from twelve hours to three days late,, and traffic [isj at a standstill. The towns beilow TeK lurlde are completely cut off,, an^ no; ?stimate of the damage deme ; can. W obtained. Mrs. Caleb Coliinsv-wKo was; saught in the 'slide at the Mammo% which kiUed'.her ;hxish^^di an child, is not expected to live. D o n 't G et a .Divorco . HMU iBg^p$dt]br99tinruni^f^ the WoRifufl^s. put telephone and teiegrapn wires, outfit, directed the movements of the of commission, and many towns, ^gbips- of rescue. oui nfr pniirpiv It W ill be’impos-. . resiling liner approached port a harbor steamer, the General I^tnani, steamed to sea to meet her andVtopk^ off' the shipwrecked passen­ gers, The port, authorities lent every aid to,, the. steamship company in sp^dily landing passengers. Tte!>steamef Repiiblie, a tourist ship, f e f l on I^idaK ah? unlucky, day, accordffig:fo^:|he^traditio the :M edt^ri«n^n ports,- There were. on. bpai^ '25d; first •elassr; passen- gersi. ,2ai.,te the-st^rafe. and crew of 300K Cai^^alh SeSlby, a veteraic';sea- entlae^ bad- attracted among:: them coast. But the: dense fog hampered considerably the oncoming vessels, and it took the Baltic four hours definitely to locate the sinking •ship. In the meantime the wireless storage batter­ ies had become exhausted, and signals wore sent out by means of the subma­ rine bells, which could be heard fre­ quently. As the Florida’s prow tore through the side of the Republic crushed six people to death—W,. Mooney, Langdon,- S. D.; Mrs. Eugene H, Lynch, Boston, and four members of the crew. Eugene H. Lynch ot Boston and Mrs. M. J. ^klnrphy ol Grand Forks, S.jD., were injured. PANAMA INdjjIRY RESUMED. Evident Effort* to. Have Grand Jury Return iindictments. Washington, Jan. 26.— The federal ?rand jury resunjed its examination of witnesses in connection with the al­ leged libels of the^ New York World and the Indianapolis News affecting the Panama canal purchase. There aow seems to be!|jno doubt that an eL fort will be made bo have the jury re­ turn one or morej indictments here. It is believed t ^ t District Attorney Baker is hoping jfor such an outcome because of the fajit that he would have readily at hand during the: trial all of the official documents bearing on the Panama canal negotiations and pur- 2 hase. I Pavid Si!r;Cowlea, Count Respdnl and^ achesj-. conquer fiiiSli:new^|bf the -dls^st^^ camW In the forgrbo^a- w l^^ s _ measage re- — ...I.,. ^ Run O^er ]ln. Outdoor Bod., Latrobe, Pa., Jan. 24.-siaklng thelK B ittU w ih la'iD s f i^ig bed on, the warm top of a coke oven, .;^o unideiffified ,men were , m u over for h r a .charging engine and killed.- Charleston Made Doubly Happy by Visit of President Elect and Because Cruisers North Carolina and Mon­ tana, Which Are Escorting Him to Panam a, Have Demonstrated Her H arbor to Be Safe—Stops Special Train to Play Golf. Charleston, S. C., Jan. 25.—Charles­ ton is happy, for not only has Mr. Taft been her guest for two days, but the big cruiser North Carolina, which started with him for Panama, has demonstrated that there is at least “thirty feet of water over the bar.” The Montana, a sister ship, is convoy­ ing her. The tw o . big warships, the North Carolina and the Montana, as they}, swung out into the harbor and passed out to sea attracted considerable at­ tention. Aboard the cruiser North Carolina were Mr. Taft, Mrs. Taft, Wendell Mischler, his a^istant secre­ tary! and-the engineers. On the othei cruiser was the party of newspaper corresponclents. The chief feature of Mr. Taft’s visit was a banquet, when his hosts were 175 of “his friends in Charleston.’ He spent several hours Sunday ad-j visiiig . w i t h - ^ and Hitcli-i cock. Mri; afl ,;the the isthmus. -This-measure is calcu­ lated to place'in statute form the pres­ ent machinery /of government in the zone.. It reduces the number of judges! there, which also meets the approval of Mr. Taft. Mr. Taft predicted that if a different judgment on the .plan of building the canal was reached the present presb dent and the next, he believed, wouldf not be bound by the pride of opinion’ but recommend'a change. The;...Cost^ he asserted, must hot stand ih/fh^' way of the completion of the p^oi^ct. AH most all the'm o fi^ alre^^^ spent has- cutters Gresham and Seneca running ex<iaVation, ^ ^ i c h would, at full speed frjom the New Bnglaua no matter what th^j * R n f f h a ' ■ r l a - n o n -^r\rr H o m r v £ iT * o /l ' HINDOO TRIES TO KILL KtTGHENER Tliroat Gutter AttackHGeneraf^ in Private Gar. SEIIVEI) AS HIS ATTENDAHr. Fate of the Man Is Unknown, but-AIf^ Other Servants ' Have Disappeared From the .Train and May Theniselye* ' Have Been Slain—Revengeful At-* tem p t W as Averted by Activity di Bodyguard—Government’s T r e a tm e n i, of Natives Given as Probable Causer Calcutta, Jan. 26.—An attempt 'oil the life of Lord Kitchener by an at­ tendant, a throat cutting native, in Kitchener’s private car at Lillooah, was frustrated through the activity'oJj other attendants and his staff officers. The authorities J refuse to make known the details. The would be assassin of Lord Kitchener, whose fate is unknown, was a Hindoo, who is supposed to have been actuated either-by the gov- emnaent’s -treatment of Hindoos in the Titaghur troubles or the Nationalists. The other attendants are missing from Kitchener’s car, and it is not known whether they were Implicated in the attempt on K'itchener’s life and fled or were themselves victims of the murderous attendant. NO VANPERBILT; SEPARATION. Former Miss Virginia Fair Denied Leaving W illiam K., J r. “• m w York, Jan. 2§;4fMrs. W, K. Van­ derbilt, Jr.-, who; it is rumpr!^,^la4iYinS- apart from her husband, \heniies that there is any truth in th^stor^^,. The tyiie; ‘Tt Is 'gbihg to b&%i%robably more than! ^300;0l^.l)00, but%e^!hre going to build the canal and do % '\fe^itious- ly,” he said. As to t^\ time; be­ lieved the engineers had hopes earlier completion than they had timated. . ' l| “I don’t count on its completion i n r | my iterm of office,” he said. ' ^ “Not in eight years?” he was askedi- “Well,” Mr. Taft replied, with his broad smile, “if I can count on a con-j| tinuance of the vigorous opppsitloh ofjj the Charleston papdfs I think I ihay safely predict that it will be finlshedj urider a Republican kdministrntioh.” | Negro Bitjiop flavors Lynching. Franklin, La., Jan. 24. — stand ready to go . with the whites rl^ht int^| hifees to protect a woman, white or biack, against a dend/ said Bishop EJ W! Lampton of the African Methodist Episcopal church, in his charge to the! Louisiana conference, of . his church! “W(imahlipod.. niust be protected. Le^ us do our part.^' | W ILLIA M K . VAN DERBILT, JR . report of an estrangement between Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt, who was Miss Virginia Fair, has been in circulation for several months; emanating from more or less responsible sources. «We should i l l ; atriv^;id:fp^^ our enemies^” remirkOd tSO-pte | :«Yes; apt to get back at us|*i added this Hundreds : h h s v e b e e n Wipty E iop I om 4 « . c « p . From Fir*. , ,:;frp8toni: .Tan. ^ of the: iifew England Bedding company was iwept by Are. ’About - fifty eniployees; got'out safely by flre>scape3. _____ ' Ti&.v MEN ON FLEET DEPLORE LOSS Will Try to DupFfcate Stores T h a t W ent pown W ith Republic. Nice. Jan. 26.—Sixteen thousand sail-* ors of the American battleship fleet, now scattered at various Mediterranean ports, are deploring, the loss of 050 tons of fresh^ provisions which were part of the cargo of t^e Republic. These stores were to have been landed at Negro bay. •Fleet Paymaster McGowan of the flagship Counectiemt! has left Ville- franche for Maraeiiles to duplicate the stores, if possible, or purchase a suffi­ cient amount to last the fleet on the homeward trip to America. B raye Fire Leddiee .Often receive severe burns putting out fires, then use Bucklen’s Ainica S^ilvo ind ’ fdrget them I t . spun ?drives out i'pyin. For Burns, ^ I d s . - Woi^nds, Guti and Bruises its < eisrth’^ greatest heeler. Quickly cures Skin Erobt-cms. Old Sores, -BpSls, Ulcer^, Felons; best

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